Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Sorry I've been disconnected...been busy and have family in town.

But I wanted to take a moment to say thanks and merry Christmas.  You guys have made my year awesome!

Peace and love!

Monday, December 01, 2008

On the Road...again

I'm sitting in the green room of our first Christmas show here in Louisville, KY.  We were picked up at 5:30 this morning in Nashville.  Early mornings are not fun, people.  Especially when...well, let me tell the story.

We had a great time over Thanksgiving...we went to Greenville and saw family, hung out with friends that we haven't seen in a while, etc.  It was great.  We were going to go to Seacoast on Sunday, but then figured out that with leaving at 5:30, we were going to have to pay for another day with dogs' kennel stay, so we decided to leave in time to pick them up last night.

We gave ourselves six and a half hours to get to Nashville, what is normally a five and a half hour drive.  Then, we lost an hour and a half on I-40.  It narrowed down to 1 lane for literally a quarter of a mile.  A quarter of a mile cost us an hour and a half.

Then traffic was pretty incredibly high volume.  That slowed us down.  All in all, it took us almost 8 hours to get home.  That kinda sucked.  We didn't go to Seacoast and we didn't get the dogs...lose-lose.

We stayed up washing all my clothes and getting the merch ready for the tour, etc. and finally got to bed about 11:30pm.  4:30 of sleep later it was up and to the buses downtown and off to Louisville, where I'm sitting now.


The Christmas EP is out this week.  It'll only be at shows.  So, contact those members who are going to shows and have them pick one up for you!  It's the 4 songs that I let you hear the demos for earlier...all mixed and mastered!  They sound really good!  In fact, it's encouraged my label and management to be okay with me producing the next album.

Speaking of that...this year has been pretty remarkable for a new artist: January and the beginning of February were spent finishing the album.  Mid-February, I finished mixing the album 1 day and drove out with Jon Skaggs to start the promo/radio tour the next.  That lasted till April.  Then GMA week.  Then, more promo.  Then the first leg of the tour.  Then vacation.  Then touring, touring, touring!

This year will end with me playing 117 real shows.  On top of that I've made about 150 appearances on tv, radio, websites, interviews, etc.  That's the ones I can count.  I feel like there've been more that I just didn't keep track of.  I'm tired, to be honest.   But I think the NewSong Christmas tour is going to be pretty restful, even though we're playing almost every night!  At least I get to sleep on a bus every night instead of trying to lay down in a van!

Next year...well, next year is looking to be pretty crazy.

In January, I'll record the majority of the 2nd album.  What?!!!  I know I haven't even let you guys know about this yet!  I have 13 songs that we're going to record, plus the Requiem and there may be more later!  But we feel like we need to be ready to release in September of 2009 if we HAVE to, even though we probably won't release it till some time in early to mid 2010.  So, I'll be hitting the studio the first 2 weeks of January to track the songs.

Then the next 2 weeks, in between weekend shows, I'll be producing a band out of Colorado called Rough Draft.  We're gonna be doing an EP of 6 songs or so to try and help them get signed.  I'm excited...I really like their stuff and I think they have a great possibility to be great.

Then in February to the beginning of March I'll be hitting the road on a headlining tour with Meredith Andrews and possibly Phil Stacey (depending on his schedule with recording his new album and such).

Then in March I hit the road with Natalie Grant.  We're doing 35 or so shows through April and into May a little bit.  That'll be fun.  We're doing 1500-2500 seat places and I'll be going on right before Natalie every night, doing a 35 min set!  So, that'll be really fun!

Then in May, I'm working on a couple of bands with major labels...I'll be producing them hopefully around that time.  

In June throughout the summer, I'll be headlining the faith nights at about 35 minor and major league baseball parks before games.  I'll probably have an opener, though I'm not sure who that will be.  And that will be booked around festivals all summer long.

Then in Sept - Oct, I'll be hitting the Back to School tour again!  I'm excited about that.  This time, we have a lot more time to organize and we'll make it an actual tour with an opener or two and it should be really cool.

Somewhere in there, I'll be finishing recording the Christmas album, doing auditions for tv/film (we just signed with a new agent in NY) and producing as many acts as I can.

Next year is going to be busy, busy, busy.  

So, all that to say this: thanks so much for helping me have the year I've had.  It's been really great and you guys have had much to do with my success this year!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back

So, I've been conspicuously away from the blog for 12 days.

Hey, no biggie...I'm back.

The Stripped Tour went well.  I'm hoping to make this a yearly thing.  It was a lot of fun - Jon Skaggs, Jason Walker and I bonded and became closer and truly had a great time.

All the shows were cool and I think the story-telling/stripped down arrangements work really well.  I still am in love with the rock show we normally do, but once a year I think it will be cool to do a stripped down thing.

This weekend, I do the gig in memory of Kelsey in Virginia.  She was the girl that passed away in a car accident on the way to our gig in Fredricksburg, VA a while back.  Obviously a sad situation.

I sent the family an mp3 of my song "Faith Begins" and told them the story of how that song came to be: I was in a band called the Chris Sligh band back in 2001-2003.  Joseph Bunn was my keyboard player for the whole time.  The band broke up when all of the guys went to college and at that point I started Half Past Forever with 2 new guys and 2 guys from CSB.  Like 3 months later, Joseph was on his way back up to school at North Greenville (where I finished up) and apparently fell asleep at the wheel.  His car went off the road, he was thrown from the vehicle and was killed.  It was the first person close to me that I dealt with the death of, and I just could not understand why this was happening.  For the first time, I was struggling with questions with God and as I worked through all that stuff, I wrote "Faith Begins" (which is on  The family has asked that I sing the song this weekend, so the band is working it up.

Anyway, life is good.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I just listened to Archie's entire album streaming on the Z100 website.

I gotta say, they knocked it out of the park with this album.  My concerns on him being a Rick Astley clone are now completely gone.  The dude sounds GREAT singing really good pop songs.  There's nothing ground-breaking here, but the pop songs are well-written and he sounds really, really good.  

The guy deserves major props.  Er, well the songwriters and producers do, too.

Hail to the Chief

I congratulate Barack Obama for his win tonight.

God is in control, and though some might disagree with certain beliefs he holds, let's not forget that God isn't surprised by this.

I believe Obama could make a great president.  

Join me in praying for him!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video Reminder

Just a reminder that your videos are due November 2nd!

If you have a Halloween party or something of that sort this weekend, use it as a great way to get a funny video of you in a costume singing "Empty Me"!

Now, get those videos in!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video Extension

Hey guys, over the past few weeks, we've received enough video submissions to make a great video...but I feel like I've kinda failed in keeping everyone's attention on this.  So, we'll extend the deadline for the videos for another week or so till the Nov 2nd!  That way you can get in some Halloween stuff!

Also, we're changing the requirement slightly.  We'd love for you guys to make a video for the whole song, if you're up for it!  if not, just go by the alphabet (I'll reprint it below) like before.  If you have time and courage, film yourself doing several different things for different parts of the song!  The more you film, the better chance of you being featured for more time in the video! 

So, go make a video!

A-C - 0:00-0:35 (start of song until "to see how it gets in the blood")
D-F - 0:30-1:05 ("I've tasted my share" until "Empty Me" of 1st chorus)
G-I - 1:00 - 1:35 (full 1st chorus)
J-L - 1:30 - 2:05 (full 2nd verse - "I've seen just enough...")
M-O - 2:00 - 2:35 (full 2nd chorus plus 1st "everything is a lesser thing" from bridge)
P-R - 2:30-3:05 (full bridge - starts with "everything is a lesser thing" - plus guitar solo - DO A CRAZY AIR GUITAR SOLO!)
S-V - 3:00-3:35 (quiet chorus until 1st "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus)
W-Z - 3:30-4:05 (first "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus until the end of the song - MAKE SURE TO MAKE THOSE HIGH NOTES AT THE END LOOK AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Empty Me: VIDEO!!!

Hey guys,

So we need your videos in ASAP!  We've gotten a few in already but we need more, more, more.

So, even if you did a 30 second clip, you can do something else for the whole video if you like!

So, go and make a video!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another couple of Christmas tunes

I just put all 4 Christmas tunes from the EP over at!  Go checka-check 'em out!

By the way, the EP should be out by the beginning of December.  Just in time for my stint on the NewSong Christmas tour.  It will only be available nationally on iTunes and in concert.  On iTunes, I think it'll be $2.99 and in concert, you get it free with the purchase of Running Back to You.

So, you've heard all the songs in demo form....are you guys excited to hear the final versions?  I go into the studio this week to record drums and then, with some newly acquired recording gear, will be finishing up in my home studio!  Then it's off to mix then to master, then from my studio to your ears!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gina Glocksen

So, this week, Gina Glocksen is in town, staying with Sarah and me.  I've been on Gina for months to come into town to write songs for her record...she finally had time when I had time and she came Monday night.

Tuesday morning we wrote with Jason Walker.  We got a great 70's vibing modern pop song that is really cool.  Then, Jason came up with a cool piano riff that Gina and I took after Jason left and made a great song.  Both songs are great, but the second one we wrote is freaking awesome!  It's just nice pop piano ballad, but the words are pretty awesome...she really dug inside and wrote some great stuff from life experience.

Wednesday, we wrote with a new friend of mine, Adam Smith.  Adam is, in my humble opinion, one of the most talented people I've worked with in Nashville....or ever.  He is a great musician who knows music and loves music and has a ton of knowledge of how to get great sounds and write great songs using those sounds.  We wrote a KILLER song with Adam.  Really cool synthy pop rock.  

I think you guys are gonna be blown away with the stuff Gina is doing.  It's edgy, different and rocking - but rocking with other words, it's not JUST big guitars.  It's got cool keyboards and interesting stuff going on with the guitars instead of just stacking a bunch of guitars in order to "rock"., we wrote with Jeff Spence, who wrote "When Did You Go" with me.  Gina recorded that song, too (and she sounds GREAT on it!).  She loved "When Did You Go" so it was natural to get Jeff over to write, too.  We wrote another killer pop rock song.  It's a party song and it sounds great!

Tomorrow, we are writing with Clint Lagerberg, who of course wrote "Empty Me" and "Here Comes Goodbye" with me.  I expect that I'll have another song or two to talk about!

So, look for new music from Gina Glocksen very soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Child

Moved all the mp3 over to

Go listen to all 4 Christmas songs!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Music

So, I wanted to give some real quick thoughts on some new music I've been listening to lately.

First off, Downhere's "Ending is Beginning" is seriously wearing a hole in my iPod (if that were at all possible).  I've listened to it a ton and I'm more impressed now than I was when I originally posted about it.  You have got to get this album, then tell a friend to - after they've bought Running Back to You - buy this album.

Secondly, Ben Folds' new album Way to Normal came out this week.   Be warned...there's a Parental Warning.  Apparently, Ben's recent divorce and remarriage unleashed his ascerbic wit, and from an artistic standpoint, amazing creativity.  He's always been a favorite of mine, but this stands up with any work he's done in the past, if not surpasses it.  It is a GREAT album.  Not perfect and there is some language to deal with, but if you can deal with objectionable elements, this album is his best easily since Rocking the Suburbs.  

Thirdly, I'm still chewing on Bebo Norman's new self-titled album.  It's good.  On first listen, I thought it was his best in a long time.  It definitely holds up better than his last album.  But the more I listen to it, the more I kinda feel like it's uni-dimensional.  The songs are well-written.  The production is competent.   But after listening a couple of times, you've got it.  Or at least I feel like I got it.  I'm a huge Bebo fan.  But this album may need a little more time in my ears for me to just LOVE it.  It's a good to very good album.  I don't know that it's great yet.  More to come on that.

Fourthly, I'm in love with Darius Rucker's second solo album.  You may remember him as Hootie.  Hear this album and he'll just be Darius.  Great country music.  That's right, I said country music.  Haha...check this album out.  For sure.

Lastly, I'm really enjoying Kings of Leon's Because of the Times.  This ethereal garage rock album (yes, I put those words together) is fantastic.  It's probably not for everyone...there's a lot to dig into...but if you can dig it is GREAT.  I like their past stuff, but this one especially is great.  It's kind of earlier U2 meets Nirvana meets southern rock.  Weird mixture, but it ends up really great.

Sales Report

By the way, guys, I haven't given a sales report in a while.

2 weeks ago was the first week we dipped under 1k sold (983) in the over 4 months that the album has been out, and this last week it popped back over, slow but steady. 

For the year, we're at a little over 33k.  The label and management thinks that by the end of the year, we'll be at 50k!  And "Arise" isn't expected to make significant headway until after Christmas!  When "Arise" takes off (hopefully) and then the third single comes out, it will (again, hopefully) continue to drive sales.  By the time, the 2nd album comes out, I think it's comfortable to say 100k will be a great goal and 150k isn't out of reach!

Also, we're still neck and neck with Tenth Ave North for best-selling new artist in the Christian genre.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Empty Me: the Video

So, for a while, we've been trying to figure out what to do for a video on "Empty Me.  The song is a special song to me, and as we've been out on the road, we've seen how special it is to so many people, that I knew the treatment of the video needed to be something cool and special.  We've finally figured out how to do it.

You, my friends, can star in my first music video!

We want for you to video yourself in an interesting situation (in front of the White House, in the airport or on a plane - be creative) lip-syncing to "Empty Me".  It doesn't matter the quality of the video: use your cell phone, or use professional quality stuff, if you have it!  Just make sure you have the actual song playing either through headphones or over a sound system to make sure your lip syncing lines up with the actual song.

First off....because we want to make it as easy as possible for you guys, we are asking (depending on what letter your last name starts with) you to do 35-second clips of the song.  Secondly, we're doing this because it will make file sizes smaller. can totally do the whole song if you'd like to, but it might make more sense for you to do a couple or three 35 second clips.

So, here's the breakdown of names and what 35 second clips you'll do:

A-C - 0:00-0:35 (start of song until "to see how it gets in the blood")
D-F - 0:30-1:05 ("I've tasted my share" until "Empty Me" of 1st chorus)
G-I - 1:00 - 1:35 (full 1st chorus)
J-L - 1:30 - 2:05 (full 2nd verse - "I've seen just enough...")
M-O - 2:00 - 2:35 (full 2nd chorus plus 1st "everything is a lesser thing" from bridge)
P-R - 2:30-3:05 (full bridge - starts with "everything is a lesser thing" - plus guitar solo - DO A CRAZY AIR GUITAR SOLO!)
S-V - 3:00-3:35 (quiet chorus until 1st "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus)
W-Z - 3:30-4:05 (first "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus until the end of the song - MAKE SURE TO MAKE THOSE HIGH NOTES AT THE END LOOK AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE!)

So...the key to this is going to be your crazy things and you WILL end up featured in my first video!

To send it, you will need to use a website called  The site is pretty self simply upload your file and send it this email address: 

You need to have your video submission in by October 24 to be in the video!

Now, get to work and thanks for your help in this...I think it's gonna be pretty awesome!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Colorado, Colorado!

We spent 3 days in CO.  Actually, I'm still here...leave bright and early tomorrow morning.  I'm an idiot and still awake.  Been suffering from insomnia lately.  Not sure why.  Just can't sleep.  Feel like crap all the time, but still can't sleep.  Hopefully that passes soon.  I've been told that sleeping pills are an artist's best friend...I might have to go to the doctor to see.  I'm so freaking tired, but can't sleep.  Got so much on my mind, trying to process.

So, what's been up?

Let's see...of course, I did the Requiem.  Been listening to that a lot, trying to figure out ways to make it better.  Also been discussing out how to get the Requiem out there.  I thought I might like to put it at the end of the next album, but I'm second guessing that.  The next album is kind of going in a very poppy direction ("Hands Up" and "Love Remains" prime examples) and I'm not sure Requiem will fit on that record, even separated at the end of the album.   So, we've talked briefly about possibly releasing Requiem as a separate EP on it's own.  I mean, it's 6 songs, 26 minutes...maybe throw a couple more sacred songs on there and it's a good sell...maybe something to tide everyone over till the next album...which may be a while.  Anyway...that's one thing on my mind.

So, not sure if any of you ever read or heard about a novel I was writing long before Idol happened called Locks, Stocks and Sylvia Romero.  Well, it has sat untouched for almost 2 years now.  I recently started working on it again.  (For those that don't know)  The novel is probably going to end up more like a novella.  It's kinda like a bit like a Chuck Palahniuk novel (Fight Club) or like a novelized version of a Coen Brothers movie.   It's zany, weird, character-driven, funny and, in the end, will (hopefully) have gravity to it.  Before Idol I had written 12 chapters (short chapters, but I digress), so I recently started working on chapter 13.  Soon, chapter 14 will come.  So...that's been on my mind.

I'm still working on the screenplay idea I talked about a while back.  In fact, October is a slower month for me, show-wise, so I'm going to spend a good deal of time working on the script.  I have finished the treatment and the scene outline it should be easier to work on a script now.  I think this script has real potential to be really funny.  We'll see...

In October, it looks like I'll be meeting with some new agents for the acting side of things.  My management and I think that tv/film could be a great avenue to put me in...but we need an agent to work for me.  CAA was the agency I was with, but as I started to book shows, we realized quickly that they simply didn't catch the vision for what I wanted to do, so we moved over to Third Coast Agency for my personal booking.  They are so great and they've worked their tails off for me...but they don't have a theatrical/movie/tv side.  So, we're looking at some agencies for that.

In October, Gina will be coming into town to stay with Sarah and me for 5 days.  We'll be spending every day in writing sessions with some of the guys I've written with over the last few months.  Gina's finally beginning to work on a record.  I'm hoping to be able to produce some of her record, we'll see what happens with that.

We're still working hard on the tour for next year.  We're looking at a 5 artist co-headlining tour.  5 artists that are up and comers will go out together, and change off every night who closes the night.  If we can work it out, it's gonna be cool.  Really cool.

In November, of course, we have the Chris Sligh STRIPPED tour.  If you can make one of these shows, make sure to make it...they're gonna be cool.  Jason, Jon and I will be doing a stripped down acoustic show that I think has the possibility to be really, really cool.

The day after Thanksgiving, I start out on the NewSong Christmas tour.  It's NewSong, Rush of Fools, Ayesha Woods and me!  Should be great.  I'll be sleeping on a bus again!  Thank God!  I'm so tired of driving in a van or SUV!  That tour is 15 dates up until Dec. 21.

So, because of the tour, I'll be going into the studio in October to record a Christmas song or 2 to sell out on the road.  So...another thing on my mind.

So, life is busy.  But life is good.

And, we're back to where we started.  I'm in Colorado.  And it is freaking beautiful.  How anyone could believe this just exploded into being, I don't know.  I look at Colorado and know that there must be a Creator.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Downhere - Ending Is Beginning

You must, must, must check out this album.

Downhere is a Canadian band transplanted to Nashville.  They're one of my favorite bands of my biggest influences.   You'll hear that immediately when you hear this album.  It just came out today and it is their best work yet.

I was up till after midnight listening to it this morning!  It's melodic pop/rock with inspirational, well-written, non-cheesy lyrics.  If you like Chris Sligh, you will LOVE this album.

Go now and you can thank me later!

State of the Union

Well, the Chris Sligh First Annual Back to School tour is coming to a close.  We've had some really, really good nights.  We've had some okay nights.  We made some brilliant decisions, we made a few rookie decisions.  But...overall the B2S tour has been a HUGE success.

It will end up being 30 shows.  We've averaged about 350 a night, overall (about 250 on ticketed nights - some shows were given free).  We had some really big nights, attendance-wise.  We had a couple of nights that were less than 100.

What I have to remind myself is that I'm a new artist.  I'm on my first headlining tour...though I'd love to see thousands of people flock to the shows, I simply have to be patient as I build this thing from the ground up.  However, management and booking and my whole team is extremely encouraged by how well this little experimental tour went.  We definitely will be having the 2nd annual Back to School tour next year!

One rookie mistake we made was putting the tour in August and September.  Apparently, the Christian music industry has a couple of dead times - Christmas (unless you're on a big Christmas tour - more on that later) and August.  Oops.  Little did I know.  So, I booked 21 shows in August - 17 of those headlining shows!  Haha...rookie mistake.

Another rookie mistake was taking crazy-butt drives between shows.  Kansas City to Greenville, SC?!!!  Stupid!  We will try to keep those shows to a minimum.  When I get no sleep, my voice sounds like poop!

Overall, though, the band played GREAT every night.  We had Jason Walker out for about half the shows and he killed it every night!  We got tighter in friendships and that was great.

So...what's going on in the near future.

Well...first of all, October is a slow month show-wise.  But I am writing a ton.  Along with the 7 shows on the books right now, I have 8 writing sessions, and will be adding more.  I have about 20 songs that I've written that have not yet been demo-ed, so I'll be, hopefully, getting a lot of demo work done.

November is filling up.  We have the Chris Sligh STRIPPED tour, with me, Jon Skaggs and Jason Walker that is up to 10 shows now.  We also will have a couple of full band shows.

One exciting bit of news is this: I'll be going out on the NewSong Christmas tour!  It's NewSong (of course), Rush of Fools, me and special guest Ayesha Woods.  We'll be doing 15 shows starting the day after Thanksgiving until December 21!  Yay!!!  I get to sleep on a bus again!  No driving ourselves!  Roadies!!! YAY!!!

Seriously, though, it's gonna be awesome...more on those dates later!

Also, it looks as though in January through March I'll be on a massive tour for like 35-40 dates...we're still working on details, but if it works out...this tour is going to be awesome!

Then, in March-June, I'm working on building my own tour to own, featuring myself and 3-4 other up and coming artists.  Not sure how this will work yet, but if it works out like I have it in my brain, it's going to be cool.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, I've been a little vacant from the blog.  There's no reason to send out search parties or anything.  Just very busy.

Even when I'm home, I'm working a lot.  Though, I have taken some time to catch up on some of my favorite tv shows, as well as discovering some new stuff.

However, the real reason I've been absent from the blog is I've been working on songs for the next album.  Specifically, a song set called Requiem that I think will be at the end of my next album.

When I was in college and studied music, one thing that almost every composer of note worked on was a Requiem mass.  Schubert, Verdi, Mozart, Beethoven...the list goes on.  All of them worked on Requiem masses.  In the 20th century composers like Rutter have composed their own - more modern, albeit - versions of the Requiem.  So, in college I always had my sights set on composing my own Requiem.

As I've become a composer of sorts in the pop/rock genre, I have been mulling for a while over the idea of composing a pop/rock Requiem set in English instead of Latin and combine it with classical elements.

So, I took the Latin text, found the best translation of the text and then either adapted the text to being a lyric or wrote a song based on the text.  I've spent about 3 months mulling over how to pull it off, and then actually started writing the songs about a month ago.  When I got home, last week, I went to work in earnest on the project.

The hardest part was trying to figure out how to adapt the text.  The Latin text is all Scripture, so sometimes it worked well to simply use the text.  But sometimes the text was obscure Scriptural references to angels and crazy-named places in Palestine...obviously the average listener isn't going to get the, taking the ideas, breaking them down to their basic concepts and then forming a song around them, well, it was difficult. I finished the basic demos for the song set.  The 9-part text turned into 6 songs.  When they get produced they'll have boys choir, a chamber orchestra, full band, a full choir in places, and much more.  It's going to be a massive production.  But it's gonna be really, really cool!

I can't wait for you all to hear it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Sligh Stripped

So, I'm doing a mini-tour in November called the Chris Sligh stripped tour with special guest Jason Walker.  

We'll be going out as an acoustic 3-piece, with Jon Skaggs on percussion/drums, Walker on keys, and me on acoustic guitar...should be fun!

We've got 8 shows up on myspace...check 'em out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michael Gungor Band

A new album came out yesterday that you need to check out!

Michael Gungor Band's "Ancient Skies".

He's actually a long-time indie artist who wrote the title track a while back and it was cut by Israel and New Breed and was nominated for a Dove Award.  The album is a mixture of U2, Coldplay, John Mayer and more with great inspirational lyrics.

I think you'll love it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A year has passed

I spent a little time tonight going back and watching old videos from the Idol tour last year.  The tour this year is coming to a close, so a year, how life is different.

I remember the tight pants I was made to wear for "Thanks for the Memories".  Not cool.  Chubby guys and tight jeans.  Not cool.  But Gina and I had so much fun with that song.  

And the Boy Band.  Wow.  That was awesome every night.  I know we weren't the tightest band.  That wasn't the point.  The point was that when we got to the "Nah-nah-nah-nah's" on "Hey Jude" every night, we had every single person in that stadium in our hands!  I don't know if I'll ever experience that again...10k people singing along with me...hopefully, but you never know...if not, at least I got to experience it once.

Doing "Typical" every night was so awesome.  I know most people didn't know the song and there were times on the tour I wish I'd done a different song.  But to sing one of my favorite songs ever in front of that many people was great.

I miss my castmates.  I miss being in the green room every day with them.  I miss talking about useless information and getting on the bus for a few hours every night heading to the next city.  I miss Blake and his craziness.  I miss Sanjaya and his young messiness, his silliness.  I miss Rich and his kindness.  I miss Phil and his baldness (though I did just hang out with Phil last night).  I lived for almost a year with those guys...and though we're still friends, I don't know if it'll ever be the same.  

I miss the girls, too, don't get me wrong...Gina was one of my best friends...but it was different...the guys were together a lot.

My season got the short end of the stick in a lot of ways, I think.  But here I am a year later doing what I do, my management and label are pumped at how things are going and I'm building something.  Life is good.  

A year has passed.  

Monday, September 08, 2008

Like a virgin

I'd like to take a minute to say that I think that Russel Brand is HILARIOUS.  I think his brand (not a play on words here) of humor is hilarious.  What I saw of the VMA's last night, he was the highlight of the night...he's funny.  Really funny.

However, I would like to give props to my girl Jordin Sparks for standing up for what she believes.  For those who didn't see it, Brand made fun of the fad in Hollywood to wear purity rings.  Jordin came out and said something to the effect of: not everyone, guy or girl, wants to be a slut...and that's okay.  I'm assuming that she doesn't mean that simply having sex before marriage implies slut-dom...but the thought behind what she said is great!

Hey, personal choice is personal choice, but I can say for certain, I am incredibly happy that I waited until I was married to have sex.  And I think my wife would say that same for herself.  

There's no judgement here: everybody has baggage to deal with.  Premarital sex is no worse than the next person's baggage...but it's nice to see Jordin take a stand on one of the biggest broadcast's of the year.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hearts go out

On Friday night, we played a fun, fantastic show in Fredricksburg, VA.  The show was used as a fundraiser for the Christian school there and in return we had over 900 kids and parents show up to support the school.  All profits went to the it was really cool to help out the school.

I was struggling with sickness all week, but we went out and rocked it!  And the crowd was INCREDIBLE.  It hadn't been since Blake performing on tour that I'd heard so many little girls scream that loud.  It was crazy.  And the boys put on a great show.  My voice was cracking in and out, but it's nice to have the band steady behind me.

It was a great show.  

After the show, about 400 people stuck around for autographs and pictures.  I was wasted.  I went back to our green room to get some rest before we packed up.  As I sat in the little conference room that was acting as our green room, I heard sobs and whimpers coming from what sounded like teenage girls down the hall.

I wandered down to see if whoever was crying was okay.  As I asked, an adult came up and whispered that a senior girl was driving to the concert and had been in a two-car accident and was killed instantly.

My world nearly caved in.  I can not imagine what that family and church and school are going through.  My heart breaks with every thought for the family.  

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is in control.  But sometimes it's hard to reconcile how God is okay with taking a girl so full of promise, so great by all accounts.  It echoes the sentiments we all felt with Amanda leaving us far too early.  I don't understand it.  

Call it naivety.  Call it faith.  But I choose to believe that God is in control, somehow.  I don't think God was surprised by this, nor do I feel He finds pleasure in our pain.  Yet, he uses our pain to build our faith and His kingdom.

But sometimes I can't help but wonder why.

But, ultimately, my questions are irrelevant.  My deeper thoughts on God and faith mean nothing.  All that matters is that a family is hurting.  Deeply.  And my heart...I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb to say, our hearts...go out to them.

Please keep the family and friends in prayer.

Her name was Kelsey Orndorff.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daylight is coming/here

Remedy Drive's new album Daylight Is Coming is out today.

Please support these guys (if you like the music, of course).   They're a great band, and Jason Walker wrote with them and has gotten to know them and really thinks they're great guys.

I'm hoping to do some shows with them at some point...I really like them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

David Cook

I hung out and wrote with Luke Menard today.

He told me a story that I got his permission put on here.

Luke Menard found out he had cancer the week of the finale.  2-3 days before David Cook performed in the finale, trying to win Idol, he took time to come to Luke's hospital room in L.A.  I can tell you from experience that the final 2 don't have time to use the restroom, nonetheless break away to see a friend in the hospital.  So, that sacrifice alone says a lot about the dude.

But this story blew me away:

Luke recently did a fundraising concert to help pay for his mounting medical bills.  So, his hometown put on a concert to help pay for said bills, and Luke performed.  David Cook sent a signed guitar as a donation to be sold in the auction.  Nice enough, right.

Then, as the concert/auction/fundraiser was starting, David called and told Luke to let the audience know that whatever they bought the guitar for, he would match personally dollar for dollar.  And he did.

Now, David didn't pay off Luke's bills...he still needs help...but that act of sacrifice was pretty incredible, and, to me, says what kind of guy David is.

Hey, in my first EW blog I questioned if he came across as cocky.  But, speaking as someone who is misread a great deal, I have a feeling David is misread also.

So...just a little story.

Coming Up!

So, it was great to see Risa and Candy this weekend!  Seriously, we've gotta get to Little Rock because it is not fair that you have to drive so far to come and see me.

But then, Carmen has driven way, you know what, Risa, quit your complaining!  LOL

Seriously, though...Candy and Risa, thanks for coming means the world to me.

So, coming up is some cool stuff:

Thursday, is Bowling Green...that's gonne be a cool show.  I think some of management and booking are gonna be there.  Plus, they have sold a buncha tickets already, supposedly!  So, it should be a big ol' great show!  And...Jason Walker is going out with us for like 10 days!  This will be the first show he'll be playing with us.

Then Friday we travel to KC, MO!  I'm pumped!  I haven't been to KC in about 10'll be cool to see friends again!  So, we'll hang out on Friday night, then Saturday is the KC Royals game.  I'm doing an acoustic opening set in front of Natalie that'll be awesome.  Plus, I get to go to a Royals game.  I used to go see Bo Jackson and George Brett play!  It'll be cool to go see the Royals again.

Then Sunday, I play a church in Lenexa, KS.  We are playing at Lenexa Baptist Church.  I'll do a coupla songs in the morning service, then a show for the evening service that night at 5pm.  Then as soon as we finish, we load up and drive 14 hours to Greenville, SC.  Fun!

I have to be there at 10am to do chapel for North Greenville University.  Then that night at 7pm we do a show for the students.  So, that'll be fun!

Then, while Clint has to go back and practice with another artist he's playing with in October, the rest of us get 2 days off in Greenville!  It'll be great to see old friends and my brother!  

So, that's what's upcoming!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Empty Me to Arise

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Empty Me finally fell.  Back to #8.

Hey, it had an incredible run, but great songs coming up the charts and the fact that I've been on for almost 6 months takes it's toll.  

However, I am proud to announce that, though "Arise" has gone to CHR stations (more rocking stations), it will hit AC (where Empty Me has lived) on August 29!

So, be excited.  One single down....1 to go...after that, let's hope we get 2 more...'cause that'd be great.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

David Archuleta - "Crush"


So, all season long, I had my doubts about Archuleta.  I thought he had a fine voice, all right, but I just thought he was boring on the show.  On top of that I had real concerns of how he would fit into the landscape of today's music culture.

I just listened to his debut single "Crush".

My initial thoughts are that it is a fine song and any concerns I had about his fitting into today's music business, have been relieved in spades.  He sounds great and I think this is a genuine contender for a hit single!  

If you've known me for any certain amount of time, you'll know I have no problem admitting when I was wrong.  On Archie, I was wrong.  

And, honestly, I'm glad I was.  I wish him all the luck in the world.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Number 7

We moved up once more, probably the final time, this week to Number 7.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Remedy Drive

I try to keep my music recommendations to a minimum so that when I do tell you that something is great, that you believe that I'm serious.  

Remedy Drive is one such band that you should take me seriously on.  They're a new band for Word Records and they are one of the best new bands I've heard in a while.  To me, they're a mixture of Switchfoot, piano-based groups like Keane, Coldplay and Jack's Mannequin, with some Relient K influence in there, too.

They're a brothers group that is incredible and Ian Eskilin produced this record to a tee.  

Check it out August 26.

Back To School!

The Back to School tour just did it's first 3 shows in Southern Illinois, and they went great!  We saw great-sized attendances and the show went great.

Here's our set list:

Intro/Hands Up
Loaded Gun/Eleanor Rigby
Somewhere/Living on a Prayer
Cry Tonight
In a Moment
Something Beautiful
Broken (beautiful)
Something/I'm Clean
City of Blinding Lights
Potential/Interlude/Empty Me
How Long
Let You Know

So, it's an exciting time!  Thanks to all who came out for the first 3 shows.  We have a bunch more to come!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Alog Heart

A fan gave me David Cook's album Analog Heart from 2006 a while back.  It got tossed into a bin after a show and I didn't find it until today as I was unpacking stuff to repack for the tour dates upcoming.  Anyway, I finally got to listen to it.

I was David Cook fan while he was on the show.  This album, if I weren't a fan wouldn't do anything for me to become a fan, if I'm being honest.  The albums sounds great, but I wish they had spent more time on the vocals...David Cook proved this year he's a fantastic vocalist, and unfortunately, there are many times on here that isn't shown.

However, with that said, this album actually makes me even more excited about his upcoming album.  Why?  Didn't I just say Analog Heart wasn't incredible?  Yes...but overall you can hear his ear for a great song (though the songs weren't all that great here, they were awful close), great arrangements and good production.  The thing about indie albums is that it's tough to find an indie that puts everything together right...on this one, David put together a great album with good songs, and really good production (for the style of music he was going for).  I'm not sure who produced the album or who played on it, but everything sounds really, really good.

So, for those who haven't heard it: you're not missing a lot - in fact, I think that, for once, 19 entertainment got it right, in forcing people to wait for the "real thing".  But trust me (and tons of others who have heard it) in saying that David Cook is a star and he shows great promise of it on this album.

I hear he's working with Rob Cavallo...that's freaking awesome!  Rob produced the Green Day records, the Black Parade album for My Chemical Romance and, most importantly to me: Goo.  Rob produced the greatest Goo Goo Dolls albums...if he can pull the same vocal performances from David that he's pulled from tons of other singers, then this album is going to be a winner.

I've learned my lessons on predicting how many albums someone might I'll save it.  But I will say this: I think David Cook has every tool he needs to be a best-selling artist.  Doesn't mean he'll be it, but he has the tools, and that's a start!  Now, let's hope his label continues to pour money into radio promotions!

ETA: So we're clear: I am a David Cook fan.  I like his music and this his songwriting shows incredible promise here.  I think that this album is in the 95th percentile for local indie artists I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot).  So, please don't read into this as me trying to bash David Cook or that I'm jealous...I am doing neither!  Thanks for checking out the blog.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Up another...

Empty Me moves up to #8 this week!  

Just be warned though that it may not go much higher...the stations who added 6 months ago when the single first came out are slowly coming off of it, so we'll be losing plays steadily until we drop out of the top 15.  So...we had a great run and we got in a top 10 single!

Just confirming for you...just looked at the R&R Charts and I'm #8 on the main Christian AC chart, and #9 on the Indicator chart, which is the secondary chart!  

Just some little stats: of the 82 stations that are counted, I'm only on 55 of them...yet, I still am in the top 10.  Apparently, the stations that are playing the song are playing it like crazy!  Thank goodness!

Just a note, though.  On the main AC chart, it's my first week without a bullet.  In other words, even though I moved up on the chart, I actually lost plays compared to last week.  Don't get me wrong: I'm hoping it continues to move up the chart, but chances are we've had our run!  And it's been a good one!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've got a new song up on

Just a rough demo. The song is the first one on there...called "Finally...." It's the first song I've ever written with my good friend Don Chapman. We cowrote most of the music then I wrote the words.

I'm pretty positive this will be on the next album.

Words by Chris Sligh

Music by Chris Sligh & Don Chapman

I am just light cast on a curtain

Traveling light, still heavy of hurting

A speck of a second of day

A soap bubble floating away
I’m just a guest, passing through slowly
I’ll never find rest, there’s no one that knows me
I’m just a thought, passing on

A steam burst that’s here and then gone 

Felt the sun rising
Just on the horizon

And with it the graceful skies came dancing over me

Favorite childhood games

Memories feel the same
Life in a flash flies by with light that sets me free
I am not of this world

I am not of this world - I can’t see

Follow the light, like pouring rain
It washes over me the same
Wiping every stain

Running down streets, echoed light
Pouring down, chase away the night 

And suddenly it’s right

I’m home; I’m home

Finally home - home

I’m home; I’m home

Finally home - home


I’m home; 
I’m home

I am just light cast on a curtain

Traveling light, still heavy of hurting

A speck of a second of day

A soap bubble floating away

Oh, by the way, it's 7 and a half minutes long.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Top 10

"Empty Me" is the #5 most increased played song of the week, jumping up to #9!

We have a top 10 single, ya'll!!!!

I told you to wait and see.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

This is not a movie for small children. I'm not even sure kids younger than 15 would be able to understand and process this movie. It is dark. It is violent, though not gory. It is emotional and sometimes hard to watch. It also happens to be one of the best films I have ever seen.

I don't like the "Superhero" genre. Men in tights, wearing underwear on the outside, doing outlandish, unhumanly things aren't really my favorite things to watch. I like reality. I like things to seem real life. Super hero movies never seem to be rooted in reality.

Then "Batman Begins" showed you could make a movie about a normal guy who becomes a vigilante with outlandish toys, yes...but still rooted in dark reality. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale made what seemed like an odd combination to make a Batman movie, but when it came out, I was blown away. I have said for 3 years that movie was the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

Until now.

But "The Dark Knight" is more than that even. It's one of the finest films ever made, in my opinion. It has everything: drama, action, emotion, humor, and that slight bit of zaniness needed to root a superhero movie with super men and super villians in crazy reality.

Christian Bale gives a multi-faceted performance that is one of his best performances (coming from a HUGE Bale fan - I've seen nearly every one of his movies). Aaron Eckhart gives a remarkably strong performance as Gotham's White Knight Harvey Dent. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine give inspired supporting performances. Gary Oldman is at his best.

But we land on Heath Ledger.

If Ledger hadn't died in February, I believe his performance in this film would have still put him in the running for an Oscar. He is that good. One of the creepiest, scariest, zany, chaos-inspiring performances ever on film. I think that other superhero franchises should simply shut down, because there will never be a villain that rivals what Heath Ledger did in becoming the Joker. His death, however, should seal a posthumous Oscar.

This movie will break all kinds of records. And, for once, the movie making records actually deserves it.

Well, done Mr. Nolan...I've been a fan since Memento. You have made the greatest superhero movie ever. Thank you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another New Song... up on

I really like this one...we have a big artist interested in doing it...I kind of hope he/she doesn't because I really want this song on my record...but, then again, money is good.

The song is called "When Did You Go?"

ETA: Lyrics

When Did You Go
Words and music by Chris Sligh & Jeff Spence

Oh, I hate it here without you

I guess I made it all about you

London’s cold and dark ‘cause you’re not here
It wasn’t long ago, I held you
Right here in this room, I felt you

Slip away, without a single step you disappeared

When did you go, when did you go…

When did you go, when did you go…

When did you go, when did you go away?

Was I careless, did I break it?
I always thought that we could make it

Was there something that I should have done?
If I could start from the beginning
Just rewind and know the ending

Would I see you leaving long before you were gone

Chorus x2

Whoa, I won’t come down until I find you

Whoa, are you looking for me, too?
Are you looking for me, too?
But if we’re really through,
Please tell me….


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Song

I just put up a song I wrote with Jason Walker on

It's not what you're expecting, I promise. That's all I'll say.

But...I think it may be on my next album, strangely enough.

Song is called "Hands Up"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The weirdness of radio

Well, I'm tired. Really. Really. Tired. I don't really know why...maybe just the last 6 months of work finally catching up to me. Maybe the fact that even when I'm home, I'm working too hard on demos and new songs and cowriting. I keep telling myself that I have to strike while the iron is hot. I need to work my tail off while I'm at home. Then I realize that I'm slowly burning myself out with 11 hour drives to Traverse City, MI and a week later getting in the car and driving 10 hours back up to Lifest in Wisconsin. Those trips in a packed SUV with 4 men is fun...but tiring.

I'm trying to find a balance. Every person that I'm working with right now says I'm the hardest working artist they've worked with. Ever. I can't figure out if that's sad or awesome. I don't feel like I work that hard. I feel like I do what I need to do to make a living and to try and build something that on the other end of this career will be worthwhile. But literally every time we get together my team breathlessly talks about how hard I work. Artists must be pretty freaking lazy, I guess.

By the way, Lifest and the Cherry Festival were GREAT shows. The band is starting to gel. Well, we still haven't settled on a full-time bass player. Walt, our main guy, is playing with Jeremy Camp right now. Jeremy is big right's a big gig. I'd love for Walt to play with us, but from a financial standpoint, it makes more sense for him to play with Jeremy right now. Down the road, Walt will be my guy again. But we've had a revolving door of bass players. You guys met Tommy. Besides the two of them, we also played a few shows with a guy named amazing bass player out of Dallas who played with Jon for Nichole Nordeman. It looks like we've settled on Tommy, though for the Back to School Tour, which is in August and September.

You need to find a way to come to a Back to School date. The show is going to be incindiery. Your face will melt off and your heart will be melted. We've got some big plans

By the way, I put up a bunch of dates for the Back to School tour on myspace. I'll announce the opening act very soon!

Anyway, back to the weirdness of radio.

So, we released "Empty Me" back in February. February 11, actually. We went for adds and have something like 40 stations in the first 3 weeks add the song to their rotation. Then we slowly worked our way among the Third Day's, MercyMe's, and Casting Crowns' releasing big ballad singles. Then in April, the adds just stopped coming. We knew we were connecting in a big way in the markets that were playing the song, but KLove hadn't added and we could not get stations to add the song. It was amazing.

Suddenly the song that we all thought was a top 5 was stuck at number 18 for 8 straight weeks. On top of that, we went 7 of those 8 weeks without receiving a new add from a station. Then, the kicker. In major markets, we were kicking butt in testing, but 1-2 stations nationally had mediocre testing. We only had 70 or so stations spinning the song, so mediocre numbers from a couple were schewing the national testing number down. We were in the top 20-25 in testing, but in order for a lot of radio stations to take a chance on a new artist over an established artist, they have to see at least top 10 testing and usually top 5 or top 3. So, while I was out at the finale for Idol in May, my radio guy and I had a sad conversation talking about giving up on "Empty Me".

I was pretty sad. When we released that single, a lot of people thought it was a top 5. Maybe a number 1. Hearing all these long-time pros get so excited about a song got my hopes up...only to be dashed. I was sad. Not because I want a top 5 or a number 1...but because of what those numbers mean...when you have a top 5, 3 times as many people are hearing your song than where I was at number 18. I just wanted the song to have a chance to connect. I was getting testimonies almost daily on myspace and elsewhere from radio station guys and from listeners whose lives were being touched by the song.

But slowly over a couple of weeks, I gave it up. Without sounding cheesy, I simply gave it over to God and realized that the places where the song was playing, it was connecting. We were selling extremely consistently when other new artists weren't. We were selling tons of downloads of the single. We were connecting. And that was all that mattered.

Then...the weirdness of radio happened.

Klove finally added. And when they added, their however many stations started testing. And started testing very very well. And suddenly, the numbers were schewed their way. 3 weeks ago, national testing came out and I was #2 behind Chris Tomlin's "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" for women 35-54 and women 35-44. And BOOM!! Six months late, the song has new energy. I don't think we'll have a top 5 (because stations that added 6 months ago are coming off of heavy rotation to what they call recurrent - that means we lose 5-15 plays per station that does that), but stations that have not added the song for 6 months are suddenly jumping on the band wagon and being excited about the song!

It is looking like "Empty Me" may be one of the most played songs of the year, whether or not it ever reaches higher on the chart. However, it looks like we'll debut in the top 10 this week, though. It really is amazing. I finally give up and let go of "Empty Me", we decide on a release date for "Arise" and all the plans are moving forward and boom! everything changes.

So..."Arise" is going to CHR (more rock oriented) radio August 1. We're looking at August 29 or September 5 for AC...but if "Empty Me" continues to explode, it may be later than that. It is possible (and this sounds so freaking crazy) that it could be after Christmas before we go for adds on "Arise" at AC. is so weird.

Monday, July 07, 2008


So, I've been dragged into this thing called "twitter".

Basically, it's blogging, but I can do it from my phone and you can receive a text message from me whenever I blog. Twitter's'll only get twitters from the people who you sign up to receive them giving away info...very private. So, make blogging even more fun!

Go to and sign up.

It's gonna be fun.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fro Patro'

Well, this weekend was awesome!

Friday, Sarah and I got to hang out with DJ, Risa, Carmen and Cathy at breakfast (at IHOP). That was a treat. Everyone chattered away until I had to run to sound check for the show that night. Then, probably 50 for Fro Patro-ers joined 2000 or so others at the show in Mt. Juliet. That show was fun...I thought it was one of our better shows thus far.

The picnic was humbling, moving and fun all in one. Amanda's family decided to make the trip up to hang out with the Fro Patro', so that was incredible. The picnic raised $1225 for St. Jude's the hospital where Amanda was treated up until she went home to Jesus. And, though Amanda was definitely a huge part of the Richness and the E-train, I realized this weekend how large a part of the Fro Patro' she was! Rosalee and the blogger girls put together a little tribute to Amanda that included some quips she had left on the was so cool to read what Amanda had written along the way. I sat with Amanda family, reading these incredibly kind things Amanda had written about me, choking up that a girl so strong in her faith and so at peace with whatever God had for her could ever possibly look to me as a hero...I am still blown away.

It was great to finally put faces with names, and I think everyone there enjoyed finally meeting the people they've been cyber-talking to for so long. Over a year now! Wow.

I had a vision pretty early on for what I wanted this place to be. I wanted it to be a place where Chris Sligh fans could congregate and hang out online. It would be couched with news from my life and what was going on with me, obviously, but with every new blog, it gave another place for my fans to simply hang out, get to know each other online and form a "core group" (LOL) that would be the foundation for making new fans.

Boy, did my plan come to fruition and some! I think my fans are closer than any fans I've heard of. Gosh, we had people from San Diego (pronounced San Di-Ah-Go, of course), Kansas City, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Phoenix, Birmingham, New Jersey and more! Not counting the people who came from Tennessee and surrounding states! Seriously, 10 states were represented!

And the show last! I think the band was in top form, my voice was in tune all night long and Jason Walker kicked some major bootie! By the way, (for those at the concert last night) did you guys enjoy Jason as much as I hoped you did? I love his voice. I love his songwriting. You don't have to like him as much as me, of course, but I just wondered what you thought.

So, to those that weren't there...plan on coming next year! This is going to become a yearly deal...every year, we're hoping it grows. And since we have the best party planning team in the world, I know it'll go off without a hitch!

So, thanks to all who came! Thanks for making the weekend great!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Idol Fav

When You Come Home Again

When You Come Home Again
words and music by Chris Sligh

I’m here, you’re there

Is it hot outside tonight?

‘Cause Nashville’s cold and the streets are turning white

I’m here, you’re there

But I know what’s on your mind:

Christmas memories from a different time

I’ll be wishing you were here

I’m sure you’re wishing you weren’t there

Peace on earth, may God be near

Another Christmas and we’re praying 

That you’ll be home with us next year

It’s the holidays: good will to men

Just be safe; just know we’re here

And Christmas will be waiting…

When you come home again.

I’m here, you’re there

Are you dreaming like I do?

‘Cause Christmas doesn’t feel right without you

We’re covered up with snow

I’m sure you’re covered up with sand


Hoping all our love gets through

In boxes wrapped with “I love you’s”;

“We miss you here’s”; “Just come back safe’s”;
And all the “thank you’s” we could ever make

I’m shivering in my coat

I’m sure you’re sweating in fatigues


Friday, June 27, 2008


So...I spoiled some of this in a comment below.  But...

Yesterday was spent in a 10-4 meeting with management, dealing with every aspect of my career and how we can do things better, what we're doing right, what is wrong (if anything) and how to move forward.  It was an exciting time!

The main focus of the meeting was to discuss mainstream possibilities.  We feel like Christian music is our home, definitely.  And we will continue to build my career in the CCM industry, even when we're focused on mainstream conjointly (like the big word?).  But, at the same time, I was recently with a large group of radio consultants and program directors for some of the largest mainstream radio stations in the nation and several stations sought me out in a large party to tell me that they would support me and give any song I brought at least a chance to connect...and if it didn't work, it didn't work, but at least I'd have the chance.  

So, we're trying to figure out how to go to mainstream radio as smart as possible.  We feel strongly that you don't have to spend a gajillion dollars to make a record work.  It comes down to the song.   So, the plan is to spend the next several months with 5-10 radio stations that will give the first mainstream single a full cycle, giving the audience a chance to know the song, feel it, then they will test it.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) the song tests as a hit.  That testing can then be used to entice other radio stations to take a chance on me, a new artist.

It is not failsafe, by any stretch.  Pop radio is HARD to break into.  So, there is a touring plan in place that I won't give all the details for yet...but it will involve 20-25 cities where we will hit the ground running and build a following that will (hopefully) spill over to radio in those markets and spill over to other markets.  This touring plan is grassroots at its best!  I'll have more details down the road, but the plan is pretty darn cool.

So, mainstream is going to be huge.

But for the Christian market, what's up?

First off: August 1 is the official release date for Single Numero Dos: "Arise"!  Everyone feels strongly that "Arise" is a song that will make an impact at radio.  "Empty Me" was an introduction to the market, and radio stations are already giving excitement for "Arise".  So, that will come out and we'll probably work that until Christmas time or so.

Over the next couple of months, I'll be recording a digital 3-song Christmas EP that will be available exclusively online.  We will be releasing 3 singles to radio at the end of November for the Christmas season.  CCM radio is strange in that it literally shuts down current music for about a month and a half for Christmas and plays Christmas music.  So, in order to have a toe in the market, we're sending Christmas music out!  Tony Wood and I wrote a song called "Comes From the Heart", I might be doing the Harry Connick, Jr. tune "I Pray On Christmas" and some well-known Christmas song that hasn't been chosen yet!  So, look for that stuff soon.

Touring the CCM market is going on throughout this year.  Then in 2009, we'll be doing a tour here and there.  We're working on a co-headlining tour with a major Christian artist that would AWESOME if it worked out and we're still working on the God and Country tour.  2009 will probably be spent mostly touring mainstream, but we'll be doing several small tours in the Christian market and a couple of larger ones.  

So, that should get everybody up to date!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Blake Lewis announced recently that he was dropped from Arista.  From what I understand in talking with him at the finale this year is that 19E is still on board and are very loyal to him and his I doubt you've heard the last of Blake Lewis.

Blake, in my opinion, made a record that was just enough left of center that it didn't quite work in the mainstream, though I still think this record could've and should've been one of the bigger records of this year.  If "Know My Name" had been the first single, I believe it would've been a smash and then "How Many Words" could've been the hit it deserved to be.  But Clive, in his omniscience decided that "Break Anotha", my least favorite song on the record, should be the first single.  The moment I heard the song, I had a feeling that A.D.D. probably wouldn't recover - bad first single usually leads to the album not doing great...and unfortunately, I ended up being right.

However, let's put it in perspective.  He has sold close to 300k.  In today's music culture, that is fantastic for a new artist.  I think he'll end up with an indie label, making great records for years to come.  And from what I've heard Blake saying, it's where he'll be more comfortable.  If he can put together a hit for his genre, I think it's gonna be great!

I'm excited and disappointed at the same time for Blake.  Blake is a good friend who got screwed by the major label system.  Say what you will about the guy, he's a talented musician and is remarkably creative.  If anyone deserves to have a career in music, it's Blake.

So, rest in peace, Audio Day Dream.  Blake, here's to the future!  It's looking good!

ETA: By the way: the way that record deals work, is that every album is an option.  A normal record deal is 1 option + 4.  Each option is the label's choice.  An option can be a year.  An option, if an album is ultra successful can be 3 or 4 years.  Most of the time, an option on a new artist comes up right at a year from when they first signed, which was the case for Blake, when the artist and the label decide on if they're going to make another album.  It was also the case for Katherine last year, as well as Taylor.  Though news didn't filter down until later in the summer, Kat knew in May last year when I saw her that she was going to be leaving her label and going fact in May of last year, she already had an idea of where she was going to end up.  It wasn't announced until August-September that she had been officially dropped.  Blake signed in June of last year.  It wasn't announced until September.  You'll notice you haven't heard an official announcement from Arista yet.  Why?  Because it takes a while for a record label to get around to that stuff. make clear...Blake did NOT get dropped sooner than any other Idol ever.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul

I meant to do this "Yesterday", but I forgot, so I'll just "Let It Be".

Happy one day belated 66th, Sir Paul McCartney.

You have influenced me as much as any other person if not more as a musician.

I think that you are a genius and 100 million people who bought your records can't be wrong.

Plus, I can't be wrong.

Thanks for all you've done for music.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 more new ones....

....are up for your perusal at


The titles are "Simple Love Song" and "Love Remains"

Yes, I know "Simple Love Song" is similar to "Poorly Written Love Song".  

Sue me.  [insert smiley face here]

Here's the lyrics:

Simple Love Song

Words and music by Chris Sligh

Sarah’s got a way of shining

Like the sun in mid July and

She’s the woman they all wanna be

She’s got my heart all tied up in a knot 

‘Cause she’s center of my thoughts

And she’s the only one for me

This is just a simple love song

‘Cause being honest with my feelings

Never feels wrong

There’s no other high intentions
Just a way to mention

All I have inside my heart to say
So it’s just a simple love song today

All my life is wrapped up in
The girl who made me love again
And she’s the reason everything is good
I know I’m taking all the easy ways
To say the things I want to say

But I don’t feel bad, even though I should


...the truth is, I’m done,
The best part’s to come:
I’m irretrievably hers
I know it’s not vague
Or poetic, okay?
I’m just trying to get across

My heart to her
That’s all that really matters to me...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Record

Life doesn't get much better than this: I'm sitting back at home - MY HOME!!! - and I'm listening to the new Coldplay album (which, btw, is fantastic), getting great news about what's going on.

First off, let me be clear.  Me talking about the next album or showing you guys new songs should in no way be construed as "moving on" from this album.  It will probably be at least 2 years before another album comes out, maybe longer.  This album has a ton of life left to it.  We're the best-selling new Christian artist of 2008 so far and as I mentioned before we're finalizing booking my first official headlining tour, promoting the album.  

However, because of the way my schedule is looking for the next few months and even years, the label and I have decided to take a different approach with the next album than with this one.  Instead of spending 3-4 months straight working on a record, I'm gonna be recording it off and on for several months, perhaps even over a couple of years.  The plan is to end up recording great songs as I write them and when it feels right to make a new album, then we'll figure out what we have, who we need to bring into finish the singles and then the album is already done.

So...these 5 songs I recorded last week are simply the first batch of songs that I recorded.  It may be a direction for the album, it may not.  We've got a long time to come to that conclusion.  What I do know is that the next album will be different from this album, and it will be better than this album.  This album is the peak of who I am creatively at this point...but with every day, I'm growing musically and lyrically and creatively and the next album will definitely explain and inform that growth!

Anyway, on to this album.  Remember a while back I told you to not worry - that the Billboard chart is just a waiting game?  Well, after I think 8 weeks at #18, last week, we jumped to #16, and this week, we gained more plays but moved to #17 (MercyMe's new song hopscotched from #21 to 16 - hey, it's MercyMe - they're bigger than me!).  However, early indications for next week are looking like we could be #12!  The plays are so close between #12-16 that it will be hard to tell this early, but we're moving up.  On the other main chart, AC Indicator, we have a top 10 hit!  So, "Empty Me" is by no means done at radio.  It just takes a long time to move up the charts, especially as a new artist!

We finally got the 2 biggest Christian networks  - KLove and Salem -  to pick up on the song!  These are 2 stations that several other stations watch as an indicator if the song should be picked we may get a bevy of adds in the next few weeks!

I think I'm finally allowed to announce that "Arise" is the second single.  Depending on what happens with "Empty Me" it looks like it'll be coming out some time in July.  We may have to hold it off, if "Empty Me" picks up even more steam - but for now it looks like July is launch for "Arise".  I knew it took time to move up the charts...but to put it in perspective, Matthew West recently had a #1 with "You Are Everything" - it took 20 weeks to reach the top 5 and another 5-6 to reach #1.  It's number 8 this week and it's been on the chart for 36 freaking weeks!  The Robbie Seay Band has a song at #9 that's been on the chart for 42 weeks!  That's 81/2 to 10 months they've been working their way up the chart!  So, my measly 14 weeks on the chart is nothing.  Believe me when I say that the Christian chart is THE hardest to move up on.  It just takes time.  But "Arise" is the next single.

Also, this summer, we'll be taking a couple of songs to mainstream radio for testing.  The basic plan for the mainstream songs is to get a few stations to add the song, give the song a chance to get tested and if it comes back from testing as a hit, it gives us a chance to use that data to build a story in the mainstream market.  The plan for now is that starting in January we go for official adds en masse in the mainstream market, about the same time we take our third single to the Christian market.  We're not sure what the first mainstream single will be but it's between "Let You Know", "In a Moment" and "Cry Tonight"....I have a feeling "Let You Know" will win out, but you never know - if our mainstream radio guys really dig another song?  Well, we'll know more about that soon.

When we go mainstream, we are already working on relationships for tv stuff, for me to make appearances, etc.  Again, it has to work at mainstream radio first, but we have people interested in having me on tv shows, etc...we just have to have a hit.  That's the hard part.  I have no idea what works at mainstream radio...I mean I look at the charts and every week a new song jumps to the top 10 and it's something I had no idea would work at radio!  So, maybe we can get lucky and have a hit!

We've sold about 11,000 so far.  We sold 4,100 our first week and this last week we sold 1,500.  We're selling steadily, which is a great sign for our industry.  The more exposure "Empty Me" and "Arise" after it get, the sales will build.  The more I tour, the more sales will build.

Sales are obviously important because they are what keep me going as an artist...but the most important thing to me is the fact that people are being changed by the music.  I get testimonials almost daily from people who have been touched by a song or their lives reflect a song like "Empty Me" or "Potential".  So, no matter how many records are sold, I know that people are being touched...I hope a lot of people are touched, but whatever number it is...I'm totally okay with.

This blog is the perfect example of people's live being changed...friendships have been made in a virtual world that have transferred to real life, all because of some chubby kid who sings songs he wrote!  I don't understand it, but I love it!

So, that's the update!

Oh, yeah, I've written about a quarter of the script for the movie idea I was talking about last week.  It's a first draft, but I think it's pretty funny.  It'll only get funnier as I hone it, but I think the idea is good.

Thanks for being the best fans in the world!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Vacation was beautiful. 

It was probably a beautiful thing, but the internet went out 2 days into our trip so I just got home.

I would like to take a moment to say goodbye to Amanda.  She was beautiful, she was perky and I feel as though I am better for meeting her.  

I met her twice.  Once at a show when she was backstage to meet Chris Rich, her true fave.  She came and told me that she loved my singing and that she thought I was funny.  Then I noticed she was posting on my blog.

Back then a lot more people were posting and many times it was hard to keep up with who was who.  I didn't know that the "core group" (as they became known) would become the "core group" till about 3/4 of the way through the summer.   I mean, for goodness sake I though DJ was a guy!

Amanda had posted about her disease and the kindness on the blog touched me, as I'm sure it did her, too.  I came out of my hotel in Little Rock, AR to film an interview with Ash Grayson for his documentary Bleed Into One and there was a girl waiting in the middle of street who looked oddly familiar.  She had cut her hair since the first time I saw her, and she came running up - quite scarily, I might add - telling me I had to wait!  I had to wait!  Risa from the blog was coming!  

I signed a few autographs for her and we talked for about 5 minutes and she told me more about her condition.  I was amazed at the strength I saw in this little girl.  She was far stronger than I could imagine being under the same circumstances.  She smiled and had fun and actually tried to talk me into waiting around to meet Risa!  It was a joy.

Those few minutes left an indelible mark on me.  She would stop by the blog and I think became accepted as part of the Fro Patro'.  You guys treated her so well, and my heart was overjoyed to see that.  

I didn't get to see Amanda again.  I had hoped to make it down to St. Jude's while she was there, but stupid things got in the way.  I wish I was not so caught up in my own world...I wanted to see her and Sarah and I even talked about going to see her several times over a weekend, but a show would come up here and a dinner would come up here, and poof! time slipped by too quickly.

So, regrets will be regrets and life if full of "what ifs" and "if I's".  What I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Amanda is far, far away from this life of pain!  She is able to breathe freely!  She is able to run!  She is able to bask in the glow of our Savior!  She is where I long to be!  She is worshipping as pure a worship as there is!  Simply worshipping our Savior for eternity is beyond my belief and is completely my expectation.  In a way, I'm jealous.

But still my heart yearns for the family.  Gladness is found in mourning, but the loss of someone so young...I don't understand it, and never will.   I hope and pray that Amanda's family will know that she was loved - beyond a doubt, she was loved!! 

Here is a song:

I'm Ready

I'm halfway to nothing,
Walking this road, making my way
So tired of the running
Why is every day as long as today
Should I long for all I long for out loud?
Today I'm praying todays the day
You come split open the clouds!

I'm ready to walk, I'm ready to run
I'm ready to find my way to the Son... walk beside that glassy Sea
Hands lifted up for eternity
I'm ready

It's not that I'm unhappy
But nothing could ever compare to You
Forever stands waiting
A life stands beyond the one we dance through
Call me crazy, say my thoughts are strange
But I am dying, I am crying
For something to change!


All eternity spent in worship alone
I can only imagine my eternal home


Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Song Lyrics

ETA:  Poorly Written Love Song is up on's the 2nd song.  It's a rough demo that was recorded live in the studio with no editing yet, so know that going in...I was sick so my vocal's not great.  But I'm really excited about this song and I think you'll get the idea!  Hope you enjoy.

Poorly Written Love Song

Words and music by Chris Sligh

Everything I say
ends up sounding so cliche’

It’s all been said way too many times
Everything I write
ends up sounding far too trite

Love can’t be conveyed with word and rhyme

But I guarantee I’ll try

I - I love you

I - I love you

It’s just three words

But it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard

So I’m giving it to you

I’m screaming it to you now

I love you

You’re worthy of
the best things I could say of love

But everything I say you’ve heard before

As phrasing fails,
I hope your heart’s not underwhelmed

‘Cause words are just a part of something more

So, here goes my best tries:


I’m trying for metaphors

But my best tries still leave you bored

And I’m out of similes

So, I guess you’ll have settle for this, baby:


You Are the One

Words and music by Chris Sligh

All I need is to believe we can be free,

But life is moving on too fast 

Love won’t change anything but who we are

And who we want to be

Why do we pretend we’re doing better than we are?

I guess the act we put on makes us feel

Good or bad, the feelings make us know that we’re alive

Even if it isn’t real

All I need is to try and see on through

But the pain we feel’s not passing

We try to change everything but all we really do

Is try to change our futures

Every move of queen and pawn 

A desperate chance to find 

A way out of the maze
we call a feeling 

But feelings make us feel 

Like life is coursing through our veins

Yet leave us reeling from all the life they’re stealing

You are the one

You are the one

You are the one

That changes everything

Change my everything


All I need is to see the way we were

But life flies by with every blink I’m taking….

Comatose, I’m sleeping through
the best years that I’ll get

And every smile from you that I keep missing

I’m waking up, I’m coming back to life
here in your arms 
There’s something shifting

Something’s shifting in my heart, baby…


New Songs

Hey guys...writing from Cancun!

Wanted to let you guys know that last week on Thursday, the band and I went into the studio and recorded 5 new songs! We got a really good deal on a studio/engineer, so Jason Walker took a day and I took a day. Jason did 4 songs on Tuesday and I did 5 on Thursday. Jon on drums, Walt on bass, Clint on guitar and Jason piano. I played acoustic on a couple of songs.

We were mostly recording to pitch to tv/film stuff, but we got a couple of songs that may be on the next album...they ended up sounding so great. I'll try and throw a couple of songs up over at the production myspace. Right now, they're still rough, but I think they're gonna polish up nicely.

As a side note, I knew my band was great live, but they rock in the studio, too. Skaggs came up with some incredible drum stuff and Walt and Clint rocked their respective guitars. The surprise of the day was Jason Walker, though. I knew he was good, but he blew my socks off! He was channeling Ben Folds and Freddie Mercury in one song and then playing some tasteful licks in some other stuff...really blew me away.

I can't wait for you guys to hear this stuff.