Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back To School!

The Back to School tour just did it's first 3 shows in Southern Illinois, and they went great!  We saw great-sized attendances and the show went great.

Here's our set list:

Intro/Hands Up
Loaded Gun/Eleanor Rigby
Somewhere/Living on a Prayer
Cry Tonight
In a Moment
Something Beautiful
Broken (beautiful)
Something/I'm Clean
City of Blinding Lights
Potential/Interlude/Empty Me
How Long
Let You Know

So, it's an exciting time!  Thanks to all who came out for the first 3 shows.  We have a bunch more to come!


Hischild said...

Congratulations, Chris. SO glad to hear the first 3 shows went so well. Looks like the only song I'm not familiar with is City of Blinding Lights. Is that yours? Where can I hear it?

Good Sunday morning to you all!

Audra said...

Congrats. That is exciting. I wish you were coming closer to me though. Keep up the amazing work.

chamilton said...

I am thrilled for you and the band that the shows are going well(why wouldn't they be? You are great!!!) I got my tickets in the mail for the Ponca City show so that's very cool still trying to decide if I am going to catch the one the night before although I did see the church were the concert is going to be (weekend end get away with my husband). I hope in Ponca City you can add a song... This time for car windows I am thinking "Hey Chris, ARE YOU PLEASED? Three shows in four months"


risalea said...

Arkansas, which borders TN,TX, and OK, would be a GREAT stop on a concert tour, especially with a free meal for the band thrown in (in fact I'm thinking you have to CROSS AR to get into TX and OK!)

Just a thought. From your friendly nagging supporter in Sherwood, ARKANSAS!

p.s. But until then, I may be catching you in Talledega. (Oh, yea, DJ, did I tell you I was coming in Sept.? LOL)
Have fun, Candy!

risalea said...

I'm sorry, I neglected to say congrats for a great start of the tour! I know Lori will be excited to see you in Indiana shortly. Y'all be careful out there. Dang, it is sooooooooo hooooooootttttt! I hope your shows are indoors!

Carrie said...

What a cool set list. Makes me sad I probably won't see it. Oh well, good luck on tour!

Clintster said...

Awesome set list Chris. I live in Kansas City. I was wondering if your set list will be as long when you are in KC. You are supposed to be opening for Natalie Grant. I can't wait to see you there.

HstryQT said...

I can't wait!! I get to see you next weekend - woo hoo! Looking forward to the official "Back to School Tour" set. Although it'll be sad without the N*Sync cover :).

Glad its going well so far and see you soon! *yay*

Badpacifist said...

Hey Clintster see ya there
Section 220 Row D
Probably have a black Sligh shirt on cause my wife says I am too much of a slob to wear the white one.

rosalee said...

Nice set list.

Here's a couple of things from my internet wanderings today:

A unique portrait of Chris:

Here's an Ebay auction we missed,Carmen:

However, I did find this snippet of a song from the album:(wait a few seconds for the QuickTime player to appear)

ChrisSligh said...


The KC Royals show is an acoustic set and it's only 30 min. However, the next night, we're playing at a church in the KC area (badpacifist, you'll need to come to that, too!). I'll let you guys know exact details when I know them. But that show will be full set list.


Anonymous said...

Taking it to the next level!!

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris -

Long time no chat. So glad all is going well - thrilled to see "How Long" in the set list - still my all time favorite.

Hope to catch a show on the tour!

Peace -

Tom in ATL

ChrisSligh said...

Tom...good to see you.

I'm sitting in DFW airport, bored. I got on the 9:25pm flight, so I've got 3.5 more hours. So I have some blog time!

I'm listening to music, typing.


Tom in ATL said...

Ugh - I've been stuck in DFW - not the most fun place to hang out. Just checked out your schedule - looks like you'll be building up alot of Frequent Flyer miles over the next few months - either that or wearing out some tread on the tires.

Safe travels -

Had a chance to catch Third Day's new album yet?

Tom in ATL

chamilton said...

Hey Chris,
I AM PLEASED that you are in the home of my most wonderful DALLAS COWBOYS HAHA. Pre season games on today so I am a happy camper. Are you catching the hints that I would love for you play my favorite song wel one of them at the Ponca City show? Have safe travels. My mom was just stuck in the Atlanta airport for two days because she missed her flight so hope that makes you feel a little better. See ya soon.


DJ in AL said...


I CAN NOT believe you are playing Talladega, AL, it's about 45 miles from my house! Unbelievable. Ordering tickets today!

Risa do I need to order a ticket for you?


EmilyBoo said...

Sounds like a good show, Chris! Will there be any more dates added, or is the schedule pretty much set now? I'd like to try for the Mason, Michigan show, but it's very doubtful since it's quite far away for a school night. I'd LOVE to see something for the next night, perhaps a ways farther east than Mason. But I see you have to be in Connecticut the day after that, and I've nagged you about working too hard. Hey, I have a friend in Connecticut, perhaps I can get him to go say hi to you! (Haha, he'd be like "I'm here to say hi for EmilyBoo. You know Haley, right?") Will that Ledyard State Fair show be a full set? It's not listed as back to school.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I'm so excited the tour is going so well.I love the set list. Still waiting for a California date.
You don't want to disappoint your best friend Deliah. Audra & I will throw in a dinner for the band.

DJ & Risa~Not giving up hope that maybe, just maybe, I can join you in AL.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I was wondering how Hands Up went over with the crowd? It's such a cool intro song..Will get people up and moving thats for sure.

kooshes said...

So glad to hear that the shows are going well, Sligh! The set sounds great, as does your music. Much continued success to you. Have fun!! All of your hard work is paying off.