Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Official

"Empty Me" is the #1 most added song at Christian AC Radio for the week (well, tied for first with a group called 33 Miles)! Radio stations are excited about the song and from what I have heard recently from radio guys it seems to be testing well (i.e., if a song "tests" well, then a radio station will continue to play beyond the 6-8 week test period).

Anyway, being tied for first and having double digit AC adds is a huge step in the right direction!

This is all incredibly exciting!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coupla Things

A couple of things...

1) I found out from my radio guy that calling and requesting the song is actually a bad idea. Stations actually do not appreciate it. They have their ways of deciding if a song will be thank you for those who have been calling, but it is unneeded. Just so you know, it looks like (fingers crossed) "Empty Me" is the #1 added song this week (we'll know Monday) and from what I understand it may be enough to actually put us on the charts first week out of the box, which is UNHEARD of for a new artist. Everyone thinks this single is a big one.

2) I got the master today. All 13 songs sequenced exactly as you will hear it in a little over 2 months. It sounds incredible. 13 songs for your listening pleasure. I am pumped, people. Brown and crew knocked this album out of the park. People are comparing it to some of my favorite records of all time and one key person who's been in the industry for 15 years said it may be the best debut album he's heard in his career. Wow. I'm humbled and blown away. Obviously I love the record, but it's always worrisome to finally let other people hear the album. Thankfully, it seems my instincts on this one were not wrong!

I can't wait for you guys to hear this album. Let's make history!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Entertainment Weekly

Hey guys,

If you go to my review of last night's show is the lead story.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


You will rarely see me say anything political. And this is not necessarily political, except it involves a political figure.

But this is great.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Josiah Leming

Another shameless plug.

Nigel screwed up. Big. Freaking. Time.

Josiah Lemming should've been in the top 24. He should've been in the top 10. He should've been in the top 5. The kid is seriously one of the most original contestants ever on Idol and is one of the most original songwriters I have heard in a long freaking time. His stuff is really acoustic and the recordings aren't great. But when you listen to those freaking songs...holy cow. The dude is good.

I seriously have not been this electrified by someone this young ever. He's good.

No. He is great.

Go over to and buy his tracks. You won't regret it. I want you to trust me on this: this kid will win a Grammy within the next 10 years. He is incredible.

Keaton Simons

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up on a friend of mine that I met out at the Hanson songwriter's thing. Keaton Simons is the first artist CBS Records signed after reforming...if they're gonna put that name on the remake of that famous label, he has to have some skills. And he genuinely does. Great writer. Great player. Great artist.

So, check him out. He just had his first single come out on iTunes. It's called "Nobody Knows". So throw a great guy some support and buy his's only a dollar! You can also check him out at


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Melinda Doolittle has released a single of "My Funny Valentine", one of her signature performances from the show. You can download it at iTunes now! Go buy it and leave a glowing review.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Initial Response

Just a quick note: we're getting back the initial response of radio programmers about "Empty Me" and it is overwhelmingly good. Program directors seem to LOVE the song and the vocal performance on the song. Obviously, it's encouraging to hear back these initial reports! So much hard work has gone into this album that to have a number one would be incredible.

One industry veteran wrote, "This is one of my favorite songs and vocal performances of my whole career...and I have been doing this a long...long...long time."

Another one said, "If this song doesn't chart within 2-3 weeks of release, then I've lost touch with the industry I've been a part of for over 20 years...this is a huge hit!"

And finally, a program director said, "This song is one of the best I've heard in years. The vocal performance on this one is incredibly powerful. If I don't add this song the first week, call me out on it because I've gone crazy."

These are just a few of the seems like every day more and more programmers are getting excited about this song! Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but the signs are looking good! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that more programmers catch the vision and like the song!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Studio Update 10

It's been a while since I posted an update so I thought I'd give a short note on where we are. I'm deathly ill with the flu so the last couple of vocals will be done by the end of next week, I hope...and we'll have to hire out the bgv's...but...we're almost done!!! The album will be mastered February 19 and from there I hit the road on my radio tour. And in a little less than 90 days you will have this record in your hands (figuratively of course, if you get it on iTunes).

There are now 13 songs on the record. Brown is producing 7. Steven & Brown are co-producing 3. And Will Owsley is producing 3. Of course tracking was done on everything by early December, so it was just overdubs and vocals. I'll kind of go through all the songs and give you guys an idea of what is done.

Arise (Running Back) (Brown) - I did almost all the guitars on this one. I already talked about doing vocals earlier on. A few days after I did vocals, Chris Rodriguez came in and we teamed up on some background vocals. Everything on this sounds incredible. Basically, it sounds just like the demo, but it just sounds better...but most of the parts that I came up with ended up staying the same. Blair Masters came in and did some keyboards on this one and really took it up to the next level. This one is completely done and mixed.

Cry Tonight (Brown) - this one is the one from the HPF album that has changed the most. It still has the same basic arrangement, but the addition of acoustic guitars and a different guitar riff at the top of the song and on the bridge really take this one even another step up (and this was one of my favorites from TACOSB). I did most of the guitars on this one, though we did keep the new intro riff that Jerry McPherson came up with in tracking. We also added an acoustic guitar part that I composed, but had George Cocchini actually play because we had limited time and it was a pretty difficult part. On Tuesday, Don came up and we recorded strings. We basically used the same arrangement that Don had on HPF, but he fleshed it out a little more and the real violins take this one up a notch. I still have to do vocals on this one.

I'm Clean (Owsley) - This was one of the first 4 songs we mixed, so it's been done for a while. Owsley works a little differently than Brown in that he plays most everything. We tracked drums and then Will went and recorded bass, guitars and some keyboards. Jason Walker played piano on this one (actually on the original demo) and I did some synth stuff as well as a string arrangement and midi string playing. We used only snatches of the string stuff, but where it comes in it's cool. I pulled off the vocal on this one in about 2 hours. This one is all done and mixed.

Empty Me (Brown) - Obviously, it's the first single, so it's done and mixed already. In fact, it's already been mastered. Blair Masters added a bunch of cool piano and keyboard stuff that really took the song up to the level it's at. And Chris Rodriguez and I tag-teamed on the bgv's on this one.

Something Beautiful (Brown & Stephen) - I talked about how this one changed a lot. Some of the first vocals we did were on this one, so it's been done for a while. Stephen went back and re-edited the bass so it's a little bouncier than the original tracking session, but it sounds great. This one is all done and mixed.

Let You Know (Brown) - The basic arrangement and most of the parts are completely the same on this one as the HPF album. On Tuesday, we did the strings and the real violins added a nice touch. Don's string arrangements are really fantastic. I did the vocals a coupla weeks ago and did all my own bgv's. I did all of the rhythm guitars and some of the lead stuff on this one. Blair Masters did the keyboard stuff. Paul Moak did some cool Edge-like guitar work on this one. This one is done and ready to be mixed.

In a Moment (Brown) - this one is basically the same, though it is a little poppier throughout. I gave one of my best vocals on the record on this song. We kept the key change but changed its placement a little bit. We did the strings on Tuesday also, though the string arrangement changed a good bit from the HPF version. Blair, again, did keyboards. This one is done and ready to be mixed.

Are You Pleased (Brown & Stephen) - this song took a HUGE step forward when we got into doing keyboards. I had done the vocals a while beforehand, but something still wasn't quite clicking. So, Blair literally did like 6 different piano parts plus a bunch of keyboard stuff and it ended up having a very, very cool Keane kind of feel to it. This one was one of the first four songs up for single consideration, so it's been mixed for a while.

Potential (Brown & Stephen) - This was the song that changed the most from my demo. I was surprised at how close many of the songs ended up being to the demos I did out on the Idol tour and in my house. But this one took a surprising turn in tracking when the bass player came up with a cool different bass line. The vocals on this one ended up being really cool, too. This one is basically just needs some bgv's.

Loaded Gun (Brown) - This song started off as an in-your-face rocker complete with almost screamed vocals and raucous guitar riff. Then I had the idea to turn the song on its head and do it completely different than anyone would expect...just strings and vocals. And it worked! I am so pumped about this song. We did vocals last night and it sounds incredible. Don took a string arrangement I did and made it 100 times better and on Tuesday we had 3 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and a double bass come in and record it. It's so different but still rocks your face off. I can't wait for you to hear it. It just needs bgv's.

Waiting For You (Owsley) - One of two songs that still need vocals. Owsley did the bass and guitars and I'll be adding some synth stuff. It's basically the same as the HPF recording...just sounds better. Owsley and his 10 year old son did the bgv's! They sound great.

Love Is Raining Down (Owsley) - This one ended up exactly like the demo, including my loops and synth parts. It sounds great and I gave a great vocal for this one. I love this song. It's all done and ready to mix.

Vessel (Brown) - This song was on my first solo album (in fact the title song) and we felt we needed one more "change of pace" song. I did a little demo of it and everyone flipped for it. It's very simple...two acoustic guitars, string quartet and vocals. We did strings on Tuesday. Don's arrangement on this is seriously one of the best things on the album. He seriously knocked it out of the park. It's just a simple prayer that will close out the album. It just needs bgv's and it'll be done.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Empty Me Hits Radio TODAY!!!

"Empty Me" hit radio today on the K-Love network, a network of over a hundred stations. Jon Rivers, a famous morning show host played the song several times and I did an interview with him this morning. Jon is also well known for his show "20 the Countdown Magazine" which is the top 20 in Christian music.

Anyway, you can check here to see if you have a station near you. If you do, then call in Monday and request the song!


The blog looks really different, as you can tell.

I've consolidated quite a few posts together to make the move from here to in the near future a little easier.

The blog will be moving over there and will be free to take part in. We will also have forums over there, so more of the open heart discussion stuff will take place in the forum while the blog will be more of a place for entertainment/fun. Don't be sad, people! Over there will be much better and easier than blogger.

So, since it's kind of a blank slate, maybe give ideas of what we could do over there better. I'm not saying we'll take every idea, of course, but you guys might find something very cool.

Career News

February 5, 2008

I'm currently co-creating a reality tv competition that I'll have more news on later. It's a very cool idea that I think will have its niche, if we can get it picked up. Who knows if that will ever happen, but we'll be pitching to networks within the next couple of months.

I'm also currently co-writing a couple of screenplays that I'm hoping to finish while I'm out on the road.

February 4, 2008

Every year, the Hanson guys bring out several songwriters varying from popular indie artists to established mainstream artists to up and comers. For 5 days, they split the singers up into groups of 2 or 3 and they write songs together. The songs then can go on the artists' records or can be used to pitch directly to film/tv or can be pitched to other artists. It's a very cool concept that happens to work extremely well.

I got to Tulsa on Wednesday night. Because of my schedule I could only work out going for 2 full days of the 6 (they started on Monday). I got picked up by Hanson's assistant Rebecca. We had a nice trip out into "the boonies" as Rebecca referred to it, talking about how she got a ticket driving out there the night before. We finally got to the house/studio and the guys were working on recording the songs they wrote that day. Hanson has a 2 studio recording complex that is part of a ranch-style house. They have room A and room B. Room A is an actual studio, Room B is really part of the house, but they have converted in nicely into a very nice live room.

When I walked in, the studios were in a frenzy because both of their engineers had falled down with the flu. So, no pros recording, and some of the audio setups within Pro Tools are pretty complex, so everyone was doing acoustic demos. The songs that I heard seem to lend themselves to acoustic demos anyway. I walked into studio B where Jason Mraz and Pat McGee were working on recording 2 songs they wrote that day. Jason sat down and played and sang the song in one take. It was amazing. The song was great and Jason sang every freaking note in tune. Amazing. Then Pat sang some bgv's and threw down another guitar part.

Several other songs were recorded, but the first night was a blur. I was just meeting everyone and trying to process everyone's name. Kate Voegel who is an artist on myspace records was there on Wednesday but left Thursday morning bright and early, so my time meeting her was short-lived. People kept on working until about 1am when I finally headed up to my bedroom and got some sleep.

I woke up the next morning about 10am and went down, got some breakfast and started working on a couple of ideas I had on my own (everyone else was either not up yet or eating breakfast. Then they broke us up into groups and I was put with Pat McGee and a guy named Kai Kennedy from a band called Locksley. I'll give more info on everybody later. We got to working and worked through 3-4 different ideas before settling on a Counting Crows-like alt-country song. It took us a long time to perfect it, but it turned out very good. It's called "Wait for Me"...the basic premise is a guy who's going out on the road and he and his woman are struggling in their relationship, so as he leaves to hit the road, he says, "I wouldn't wait for me...I'm done making promises I know I can't keep...I wouldn't wait for me...but for once I'm hoping that you don't agree." It was a nice little lyrical turnaround.

When we finished the song, we headed over to the studio,but someone was already working on their song, so I went over to Studio A where Isaac Hanson, Jason Mraz and a guy named Zac Malloy were recording the song they wrote. It was a song called "The Story of Your Life"...cheesy title (but I don't know that another title would work) but seriously one of the most genius songs I've heard in a long time.

This is a little side note...I've never really bought into the whole idea that certain great songwriters are on higher level than other great songwriters. I think once you reach a certain level as a songwriter, it's tough to be consistently know, you might throw out the occasional "incredible" song - we all do at some point - but it's touch to be consistently better. Well, with Jason Mraz I saw my first instance of a writer being incredibly greater than me on a consistent basis. It's so fluid for him. Not to take away from the guys writing with him because Isaac and Zac are incredible in their own right, but I heard 5 songs that he wrote and all of them were "next level" songs, especially from a lyrical standpoint. Incredible.

Another side note is this: people are stupid who diss the Hansons. Seriously these guys are some of the smartest, savviest, most incredible musicians I've met. They are serious about their craft and they have serious skills. Don't diss Hanson.

Anyway, we laid down our song. Pat played some acoustic guitar and tambourine, Kai played electric and bass and Zac Hanson played drums. And then I sang the song. It ended up really cool.

We all hung out talking and listening to each other's was this great communal atmosphere of just everyone cheering each other on.

Finally, about 1:30am I went to bed. I again woke up about 10 and ate some breakfast. Apparently several people were up till 4:30 so we didn't get started until about noon. This day, I got to write with Isaac Hanson and Jesse Laz-Hirsch, the lead singer of the band Locksley (Kai was the guitar player for the band). Isaac had taken Jason to the airport and crashed back at his house, so he was a bit late, so Jesse and I started working on a song. It started off with me just playing a wurly and it slowly morphed into a Justin Timberlake-type song. We wrote the song really quickly. By the time Isaac got there, the song was basically complete, as far as form and basic lyric content. So, we headed down to record.

I played a wurly loop and then Isaac went over and recorded a drum loop with live drums. We basically found a couple of measures that worked for the loop and them looped it over and over again. Jesse had a very clear vision of where he wanted the song to go, so he kind of drove the boat on the production side of things. I laid down a guide vocal. After that, we began working on recording the instruments. I wasn't feeling well - I think everyone out there was fighting off the flu - so I took about an hour nap. When I woke up I felt much better and went back down to the studio where the song was almost done. It sounded great! Isaac did some cool guitar stuff and Jesse had layered acoustic and bass and piano on top of the track, as well as some bgv's. To end up, I laid down the final vocal as well as some bgv's. It really turned out cool...just a vibey, jammy track that starts off kind of Timberlake-y but ends up kind of funky pop/rock.

After we finished I again went to check out other guy's stuff. Zac Mallow, Taylor Hanson and Andrew Finn wrote this great song that was somewhere between Gavin DeGraw (it's a rhodes-based song) and Marc Broussard. They worked on that for a long while and it sounded great! In the other studio, Pat was working on the song he wrote with Stephen Kellogg and Keaton Simons. Another great song...very Counting Crows-like. Very cool.

While they were working on that, I went down to one of the writer's room and heard Zac Hanson messing around. I went in and we just jammed for a little bit and then really started writing a song. We took this idea of a train ride being a metaphor for love and wrote this beautiful, hooky song based on the idea. It ended up being my favorite song from the week. We finished the song about 12:45am and waited a while to see if we could record it. Finally at 1:30, I decided that sleep was vital, and Zac said he would get some of the guys to help him record the song the next day.

I woke up at 4:30am to head to the airport. Stephen Kellogg and Pat both had 7am flights. The studio is about 40 minutes from the airport, so it wouldn't make sense for someone to have to drive me separate for a flight an hour and a half later. So, I just bit the bullet and got to the airport 3 hours before my flight left. Unfortunately Southwest didn't open up till 7, so I had a good hour and a half to waste, so I went up and got some Starbucks (venti White Chocolate mocha). And I listened to music for an hour and a was nice.

I am in the midst of creating a reality tv show that I'll be pitching to the networks very soon. So, I spent some time when I got to Kansas City (a 2 hour layover) to really work out some of the finer points of the treatment, how the competition will work, how the shows work, etc. I can't give more details right now just because it is in development, but I've shown the idea to several people in the industry and everyone thinks that it's a viable idea that could get picked up pretty easily, with the right people attached. So, we'll see.

Here were the people involved at Fool's Banquet:

Isaac Hanson - the oldest Hanson (the guitar player/singer)
Taylor Hanson - the middle Hanson (he's the guy who's voice you know)
Zac Hanson - the youngest (the drummer and singer)

Pat McGee - Pat's a solo artist with a band. He was signed for a while, but now does the indie thing. He is an incredible writer/singer. You need to check him out.

Keaton Simons - this dude is the real deal. He is an incredible musician, an incredible singer and an incredible writer. He has an album coming out in May and has played with Josh Kelley, Gnarls Barkley and several others. You will want to buy the album. Check out his music at or

Jesse Laz-Hirsch/Kai Kennedy - lead singer and guitarist of Locksley, a very popular indie band. They've been featured in Rolling Stone, Blender, etc. and are one of myspace's top bands. Their music is kind of like the Beatles meet Nirvana. Very cool stuff.

Stephen Kellogg - a singer songwriter who was signed for a while to Universal but recently went indie to work with a label attached to Red Light Management. Very talented, quirky guy. He was my roomie for the two days. Check out

Zac Malloy - he came a day after I did, so I didn't get to know him that well. He was in a band called the Nixons and is now a producer. Great writer, though.

Jason Mraz - of course, you must know who he is. Chris Rich sang his song "Geek in the Pink" on the show. He is a remarkable singer/songwriter. Check out his myspace (

Andrew Ripp - Andrew has a cool story. He was working and decided he wanted to be a musician so he wrote some songs that fell into the hands of Joe Simpson (yes, Jessica's dad) who had Ryan Cabrera record a couple of them. From that, Andrew has moved into music fulltime and has an album coming out late-spring or early summer. I'm not sure of a website for him. By the way, this dude has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time.

January 28, 2008

I'll have more info later, but I just got asked to be a part of a songwriting summit with some of today's biggest songwriters! They are flying about 10 of us out to write and record for 3 days and they picked me to be a part of it. In the past, this writing conference has had Adam Schlessinger (Fountains of Wayne), Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Hanson and many others. I am not sure who all is coming this year, but just being included is a huge honor. I leave Wednesday and will be back Sunday, so I'll give more info later.

Another cool thing is that it is being filmed for a big series on A&E this being involved really is a huge opportunity.

I'll try to blog every day to let you guys in on who all is involved and what is happening.

By the way, the final mastered version of Empty Me is up on myspace. It will begin to be heard on radio very soon...the official add date is now February 22, but some stations will be adding it on the 15th.

January 15, 2008

The first single is officially Empty Me. It hits radio on February 22, though some stations will be adding it beforehand.

Also, the official release date of the album is now May 6.

January 6, 2008

Or if you can't get it here then...

  • Click Here To Watch

  • January 5, 2008

    Well, after a while of thinking it through and trying to figure out if I had the resources to pull it off, I finally decided to start my production company. Obviously, I've self-produced my stuff for a long time and from time to time have done other artists (3 so far to be exact). As I've worked on my records I have watched and learned from pros and I finally feel confident with my body of work to be able to offer good production skills to others.

    So, if you know bands looking to make an album or an EP or a solo artist looking to put something together, then have them check out my new myspace - I have 6 songs or demos I've produced. I also will be putting up several songwriting demos and other things I've produced as I go along.

    Obviously, as an artist I don't have a ton of time to devote, but any off-time I have I am hoping to be in the studio with other artists. In fact, I'm looking to fill up some time during the summer in between weekend gigs. So, send people over there.

    November 25, 2007

    So part of what I've been doing over the last couple of months, along with writing for my album, obviously, is writing with the purpose of getting cuts on others people's records. A few weeks ago, I wrote a song with 2 guys, Tony Wood and Chris Rodriguez called Within These Walls that we are in the midst of pitching for a country cut and it looks pretty good for that one.
    All in all, I have about 60 songs that we're going to be pitching once I sign my publishing deal.

    However, this post is about a specific song that I'm very excited about. I wrote a song called "Can Do Man" with a new friend of mine name Clint Lagerberg. Clint and I hit it off at a writing session a coupla weeks ago (and re-wrote "Empty Me") and have gotten back together twice now, and in our 2nd & 3rd sessions, we wrote "Can Do Man" and recorded the demo.

    The demo is just finished. And I thought you guys might enjoy hearing some of the other stuff I'm writing.

    Click HERE and click on Can Do Man.

    November 11, 2007

    Well, last night I played a show with 2 other bands (The Lasting and the Josh Campbell band) at Rocketown. It was my first performance time since the AI tour and the first time since April performing my own material, so it was a nice beginning to my official solo career.

    We thought about bringing my band up, but it was a small industry show, with several record label and publishing execs there, and since both of the artists playing with me on the bill were bands, my management and I thought it might be fun to do an acoustic show.

    I was the headliner of the show, which I'm not sure how that worked out, since they added me to the show last week...but hey that's cool. I got there for soundcheck to find everything running behind, so Mitch and his family and Sarah and I went and grabbed food from a place downtown.

    We got back in time to catch both acts and I have to say that the Josh Campbell band was incredible. Really good songs and a tight 3 piece...Josh is a very good guitar player, too. The Lasting was incredibly don't see a lot of bands with this good of chemistry. So, both bands were very, very good.

    After all the rocking out I'd seen, I felt a little weird getting up and just strumming an acoustic, but that is what management thought would be great.

    Now, I haven't played an acoustic show in probably 4-5 years. I'm a band guy. But now that I'm a solo band guy my management may want to send me out on acoustic tours, just because it's easier to make a profit if you don't have to pay 4-5 other people in a band. I was obviously kind of nervous about that just because it's been so long since I've done the acoustic thing. So, this show was a kind of test for Mitch to see if my acoustic show sucked or if I should do more of it.

    I performed a 7 song set (30 minutes) and just played acoustic versions of the songs - nothing special. In between songs, I just kind of bantereed with the crowd and told stories...I just basically had fun on stage. And I think it went really well. Mitch came up afterwards and said that he thinks we'll do a lot more acoustic stuff just because it worked well. So, though my guitar playing is nothing to write home about, I guess it's good enough to carry at least a short acoustic show.

    So, the 1st show is out of the way. Many, many more to come.

    October 24, 2007

    Well, the last 3 days have been great.

    Monday, we met with my agent at CAA L.A. and talked about where we wanted to take the career on the acting side of things. We came up with a game plan, and she in return set up meetings with several casting directors. I was encouraged because of her excitement as she realized that I had the energy and excitement to pursue both music and acting. We're working on getting me into guest spots on existing tv shows, once the strike gets figured out, we're going to be putting me into auditions for new shows, and we also are going to work on the film side...thus, the meetings with casting directors.

    Yesterday, I met with 2 casting directors for major studios. That went incredibly well. I seriously could not be more excited that I will at least have the opportunity to audition and be considered for movie roles. Both of the casting directors commented on my look being quite unique and that, in this case, unique was good. In fact, there are films I'm already being considered for. That, to me, is exciting.

    I mentioned this in a former post, but I'll re-interate and expand. Most actors and musicians who never quite "make it" never put the blame on their talent, but usually put it on the fact that they never got the chance to prove their talent. I'm in a very unique position that it looks like I will get the chances in both arenas. It's all going to come down to my talent. At least at the end of the day, if I never make it in acting, it will not be because I didn't get the chance but because I just didnt have it. I can live with that. When I'm old, I'll be able to say I gave it my all and got the chances.

    On another note: it looks like the winds are finally dying down out here Cali. For the first time, where I am staying I see some ash in the air, but I don't see any smoke. So, I don't know where it's coming from. But all reports I see on the news show that the fires seem to be closer to being controlled. So that is exciting and hopeful.

    September 5, 2007

    s of today, I've officially signed with my management company, Blanton, Harrell, Cooke and Corzine.

    Michael Blanton and Dan Harrell are two of Christian Music's pioneers. They were the dreamers of the early days of what we call Christian Contemporary Music. They were two of the main men who pushed CCM to become better art, enhancing production values, bringing the "show" to Christian concerts, and encouraging artists to not only reach out to the church, but make music that could be accepted as art in the mainstream while presenting truth.

    Michael Blanton and Dan Harrell have managed both Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith since the beginning of thier careers. The management firm now includes Jennifer Cooke & Chazz Corzine, who act as the personal managers to Amy & Smitty respectively. The firm now manages Point of Grace, Bebo Norman and Aaron Shust as well as some newer artists that will be announced shortly.

    Basically, these guys are some of the most powerful men and women in CCM, but they also have proved themselves on the mainstream side of things. So, it's with great excitement that I look forward to learning and working with this company. I think that this is the first step in a lot of really, really great things to come.

    September 5, 2008

    In the 90's there was a popular Christian band called DCTalk. If you remember, the last week of the semi-finals, I sang "Wanna Be Loved" from DCTalk's album "Supernatural". Anyway, the band was made up of TobyMac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max.

    In April, I got to meet Kevin at GMA week and he asked me to be a part of his new album "The Blood". Kevin had decided to make a personal record on his own, with no label, just distribution, that would be an album of Sprituals, Black Gospel and such. He asked me to be a part of the song "God's Gonna Cut You Down". Johnny Cash did a version of the song on one of his American Albums and the Blind Boys of Alabama did it also. And for you AI nuts, Sean Michel did it this season for his original audition in Memphis.

    Anyway, the version that we did is an upbeat, almost fun version of the song, which is interesting since, lyrically, the song is anything but fun.

    I recently went into the studio and recorded the song with Kevin and just got the master back...guys, I am so excited about this. I went in early in the morning and was worried how it would turn out, but I think I did some of the best singing I've ever done. The part of the song I sang afforded me the chance to really just sing, so that was a lot of fun.

    Anyway, the album comes out in January, and it looks like, at this point, that my song is going to be the 2nd single (the 1st single is the first DCTalk reuinion since like 1999 or something like that).

    How cool is it that I got to record with one of my "idols"? And it might be a single?

    It's pretty cool.

    September 4, 2007

    If you remember, back in May, I mentioned something that was huge that I couldn't talk about. Well, the day has come to let you know:

    Some may know, some may not know that Dreamworks Pictures is taking Shrek to broadway. It is going to be absolutely huge.

    I was asked to be Shrek. I auditioned for the director and casting director, then I met with those guys again, with the composer and lyricist, as well as Jeffrey Katzenberg. They asked me to be Shrek and management and my agent tried to work the schedules out, but too many schedules would've had to change for one. It would've been great for the role to work out, but unfortunately the cast went into reading at the end of August, and I was, of course, on tour with American Idol. I would've loved for it to be worked out, but the timing just wasn't quite right. Everything happens for a reason...but I can take pride in the fact that I was asked to do something so substantial so early in my career.

    Anyway, much more career news to come soon.

    And I hope you're like me: looking forward to seeing Shrek on Broadway.

    June 12, 2007

    Last night, we had a get-together of friends from church, my band, and some of my closest friends in the world (who don't go to our church). It was fantastic to remind myself of why all of this dream-making means so much - the friends back home supporting us. The people who I knew and loved before all this are still loved, and they love Sarah and I no differently than before...that means a lot.

    It was a great night, as we said goodbye for a while, some till September, some for longer (our friends Will and Alison Gray are moving Scotland 5 days before I get back). But we'll keep in touch.

    Today, though, I'm off to La La land.

    Then it's off to the tour.

    Life is good.

    March 30, 2007

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say thank you for helping put Half Past Forever's album up to #22 on Amazon yesterday. Please spread the word. I wrote these songs and long for many, many to hear them. You guys can act as my street team.

    Once again, thank you for all the support you've give me over my time on the show. I am undeserving.

    Notes on the Music Business

    The Future of Music

    Hey guys, check out this video HERE. It's an interesting view of the future of the music business.

    I agree with much of what they say. The goal for me isn't to sell 2 million's to sell enough records to make a healthy living as an artist and ultimately that comes from more than CD sales.

    It's kind of many of these things they talk about are things that I've talked about on this blog. That's right! I actually know what the freak I'm talking about. Sometimes.

    And here's what I talked about originally....

    The Music Business

    Over the last few weeks, I've been doing a lot of reading and research and seeking counsel. I thought coming out of American Idol and having labels after me that it would be easy to choose a major label and make a record. However, as I have moved through the process and had time to process a lot of this STUFF I have come to a place of really wondering if a major label deal is what I want or what I need.

    Here's a little bit of how major labels work today. Chris Jones is an up and coming artist who writes great songs...sure they need some work, but he writes great songs. So, Major Label signs him to a deal. As a part of this deal, Chris agrees to get 12 "points" per record sold. Each point is worth 8 cents, so Chris will get 96 cents per album sold. Not a lot of money, right? (This is a pretty normal deal for educational purposes...the deals I'm looking at are more like 15-20 points, but I digress). Well, Chris signs his deal and gets a $100,000 advance. He also receives a $250,000 recording budget. This will go towards producers, studios, studio musicians, production coordinator, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, etc. If Chris doesn't spend $250,000, he can keep the rest as a personal advance.

    Now, each song is worth a point. Usually a record budget has a budget for 10-12 points for publishing. However publishing is split in half between the writer(s) and publisher(s). So, if Chris writes half of every song on the record and there are 10 songs, he will make an additional 20 cents per record sold (the other writers gets 20 cents, and 40 cents goes towards publishing. Now, the nice thing about publishing is that publishing in most deals is NOT recoupable. So, Chris will get paid his 20 cents for every album sold from the beginning.

    Chris makes a record and it releases, shipping 50,000 copies off the bat because he is a new artist and no one knows who he is. He owes the record company $350,000 (advance plus recording budget) that he must pay back through record sales before he makes another penny. Now, remember he makes 20 cents per copy of the album sold no matter what, so he's making a bit of money but not a lot. Making 96 cents a copy, he will have to sell 364,583 albums to make another penny on top of his advances. Now, just to put it into perspective, Elliot Yamin is up to 399,000, Bucky is up to 274,000, Katherine McPhee has actually scanned like 330,000 (though she shipped gold). These are American Idol alumni...think of being a new artist no one has heard of...selling 364,000 copies is no easy feat. Granted if he sold 364,000 records, he will have made $72,800...but that is hardly crazy money.

    Right now, I have deal on the table from an indie label that is a 50-50 deal. I'm also looking into starting my own label with major distribution where my cut would obviously be even higher. I also have deals from major labels that are in the works...the question is what's the best option. So, let's talk about where a lot of people think music is going.

    One thing I'm really passionate about is being at the front of whatever is the next "trend" in music. Right now (and for the last 30 years or so) the major label way of doing things was the best way, if not the only way to do things. However, because of digital downloading, cheaper recording costs, the internet, myspace, etc., the major label way is on its way out. A lot of insiders think that wihin the next 5 years the music business will have completely changed. Honestly, it's a scary time to be a music artist right now. 2 weeks ago was the lowest record-selling week in Soundscan history. There are things that will change, I think, to help record sales...for instance, when consumers download an individual song, it does not go towards album sales at this point. A lot of people think that eventually 10 single sales will be worth an album's sale. For instance, the Afters only sold 100,000 records but they sold 1.5 million downloads of "Beautiful Love"...if they were given 1 album for every 10 downloads, they'd have sold a respectable 250,000 records. Anyway, I digress.

    A lot industry insiders believe that within the next 10 years, albums will simply be used as promotion for their tours. There will be no need for a label...distribution will be all that is needed. Very soon online will be close to the only way to buy music. Right now, for 90% of artists, the main source of income is touring. Many people think that when the industry finally goes belly up, touring will be the main source of income for everyone.

    So, within the next 5, maybe 10 (if they're lucky) the major label system will be done. Most record deals are what is called 1 record plus 4...this basically means you are guaranteed 1 record with the label's option for 4 more (notice it's the label's option, not the artist's option). If I sign a deal, it will be for 5 records, if I'm successful (here's hoping). That's 8-10 years. I sign a deal now and I'm stuck in an old school way of doing things while the success and money is coming from the new school of thought.

    So, to my STUFF.

    I have the labels still interested. I have indie labels interested. But I might have the possibility to do things a little differently. We're looking at possibly doing a direct deal with a retail chain that would be exclusive for a short amount of time (3-6 months). The albums would have a very low price point (like $6.99), so I would make similar money to a label deal, but it would help move units. We would do a large amount of albums non-returnable (this is important) to the retail chain and really push to that chain (playing the album in the store, doing in-store appearances, albums by the registers, etc.) At the end of the exclusivity period we would take the album to every retail chain, via major distribution, a la Elliot Yamin. We will have already sold a large amount of albums (the numbers we're looking at now are between 1-200,000) with the exclusive deal. This whole time, we would be working to radio, since ultimately singles will sell the record. However, as we go to distribution, we would still keep the price point low (maybe $7.99).

    The goal through this is not necessarily to sell records (thought that is how the endgame happens)'s to put music in people's hands to push them to buy concert tickets. The focus would be touring. I am a touring musician. I hope to play 200-250 shows a year over the next few years. Radio is important to moving records. But I think that touring is what will allow me to have a career.

    So, here are the questions

    If I go out and give a consistently low price point, does it cheapen the music, or is selling albums selling albums?

    Is it radio (i.e., hits) that cause you to buy albums or is it the artist? Do you check out myspace, iTunes, etc. instead of relying on radio?

    What causes you as a consumer to buy concert tickets? Is it the fact that you like a certain song or because you think it'd be interesting to see them or is do you have to like the whole records.

    Okay, discuss.

    Consolidated Music Picks for 2006-2008

    Feb 5, 2008

    Until June - this band was unexpected for me. Brown took a break from the studio and I was bored, so I went through iTunes of bands that he had been asked to work with or he had worked with (interesting I got to hear some Mercy Me demos before they were real songs...very nice). One such band was Until June. Apparently he wasn't as much asked to work with them as asked to give them some advice. Anyway, he had 3 songs in iTunes and I thought they were pretty cool, so I bought the album on iTunes the next day and literally have listened to nothing else until today. On my trip to Tulsa, I listened to them the entire way there and back. It's catchy, well-written brit-pop/rock. They have shades of Coldplay and Keane, but to me their stuff has too much great guitar work to be truly compared to those bands. One of the first CDs in a while that I listen to every song and love every one. You need to check these guys out -

    Chasen - these guys are from Greenville, SC. I've played in the same circles as them for a while, and we played a couple of shows together. They've been working on their debut for a long time now - they're singed to OMG, a local label in Greenville that Edwin McCain has a hand in - and they've finally finished it. I got a copy from my radio promoter (who is also their radio promoter) and I was blown away. The last time I saw them, they were not capable of putting out what they put out now, even with studio tricks. They have improved greatly, they have a top 10 CHR hit under their belt now and another song that's going up the AC charts. They're gonna be big. So check them out:

    Civil Twilight - This band reminds me of my favorite things about bands like Coldplay, U2 and Muse, with shades of Radiohead, perhaps. Great songs, great performances and great voice. Very Brit-rock. This is one of those bands that, given the chance, could be one of the more influential bands of our time. They're that good. You can actually download their album for free at However, I would encourage you, if you enjoy the album to go back and buy it for something.

    Air Traffic - just discovered these guys...very Brit-pop/rock. They have great hooks and it's all piano based, so I think you'll enjoy it's a little more laid back then some of the other bands listed here.

    September 27, 2007

    Here's some new music for you to check out that's been burning a hole in my iPod.

    FROU FROU - "Details"

    Frou Frou is an electro-pop band that features vocalist Imogen Heap and producer/arranger Guy Sigsworth. If you like Bjork you will LOVE Frou Frou. Imogen Heap has a voice that I can't get's incredible. And the songs on this album are some of the best-written songs I've heard in a while. The setting is very electro...programmed drums, keyboards, well...programmed pretty much everything. The sounds programmed, though, are what sets the music apart from other wanna-be electro pop music...Guy Sigsworth knows how to put together a beatiful soundscape. Seriously, buy this album today. You will NOT be disappointed.

    BRANDI CARLILE - "The Story"

    Brandi Carlile is one of the few female artists that I really enjoy. For some reason (my guess is b/c I can't sing along as easy) I don't really enjoy female artists as much as male artists. I have to get past my want to sing along with the music for something very special to really enjoy female-driven music. Frou Frou & Imogen Heap give me that incredible voice with gorgeous musical setting. Sheryl Crow gives me that voice and such great songs. Brandi Carlile is like Sheryl. She's a fantastic songwriter and her voice is a special voice. I hear hints of Sheryl, but the power of Janis Joplin. She rocks but in a very classic sort of way. Her music is mostly acoustic-based, most of it is quiet and reflective, but Brandi's voice is striking.

    MAT KEARNEY - "Nothing Left to Lose"

    Okay, so I've been watching a lot of "Grey's Anatomy" lately. They play a lot of Mat Kearney music. I had downloaded "Nothing Left to Lose" the song, but after listening to clips decided to not buy the album. Then I heard like 5 songs on the show that I really liked, so I buckled and bought the whole record (side note: it's awesome that on iTunes if you buy 1 song then decide to buy the whole record, it'll take .99 off the price...good job Steve Jobs!). I was not disappointed. It also reminded me that, though 30 second clips allow you to get a basic idea of the song, it doesn't really give you everything you need to make an informed decision. So, this album is part acoustic folk singer/songwriter, part rap (over acoustic folk singer/songwriter) and, weirdly enough, part Bruce Springsteen (yeah I know, but vocally Mat has Bruce moments, in my opinion) it's an interesting mix of influences. I think you'll enjoy the taut songwriting that Mat writes.

    PSAPP - "The Only Thing I Ever Wanted"

    Okay, so as I said, I've watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy. Well, you know the them song with the cool electro clicks and's a band called Psapp. So, I bought the theme song and liked it, so I took a chance and bought their latest album. And it was worth it. Psapp is similar to Bjork or Frou Frou in that it is electro-pop, but it uses more real instruments, acoustic instruments, so it's an interesting take on electro pop. The voice of Galia Durant isn't quite as interesting as Bjork's or Imogen's, so this isn't quite as high a recommendation as those artists, but the music and vocals are quirky and interesting enough that you should check this band out.

    September 1, 2007

    VHS or Beta - okay, so the other night at about 1:30 in the morning, Phil, Kendra, Sarah and I went out to get dessert and hang out and talk. Phil needed to get some Eagle's records for some reason or another (I've stopped asking with Phil - when he wants music, he gets it...ask him about his iTunes bill), so we went to Virgin Megastore Times Square. I decided to see if there were any cool albums on sale and Sarah found me a few Beatles t-shirts, which was cool.

    As we were leaving, suddenly a song came on, and I stopped everyone and said, "I have to get this record." Phil told me to go ask who it was so, 10 minutes later a kind employee (after some research) found out who it was and I went and bought the album. I have listened to it almost non-stop for 3 days now. It is fantastic.

    The band is VHS or Beta. The album is Bring On the Comets. The song that stopped me in the store is the title song.

    This band is freaking incredible. You MUST check them out. They have an anthemic, arena quality to them that no one has really pulled off in a while, outside of U2. Where Coldplay's last record and the Killer's last record failed, these guys succeed. Ranging from synthy pop/rock to straight out anthemic rock, these guys seriously kick butt. They write great songs and they play great together.

    Pianos, synths, incredible guitars and interesting vocals take this album from being a good record to being a must-have, in my humble opinion. So you must have it. Go check it out. Then pull out your credit card and buy it. Then write it off on taxes as a work expense.

    I think this is my favorite record since MuteMath.

    So, check it out.

    August 11, 2007

    Okay, so one of my favorite bands right now is a band called Mae. Great, great modern rock/pop band...they write great songs and really try to do things in a new and interesting way. This tuesday, 8/14 they have a record Singularity coming out. They recently moved from Tooth and Nail Records to Capitol Records, and their record was produced by Howard Benson, who produced Daughtry's album. I think you guys will love this album. They actually have all the songs up on their myspace for you to listen to, so go check them out -

    Anyway, Tuesday, go buy this record or buy it on will not be dissapointed. I just finished listening to the entire record and it is a GREAT record.

    You've been given the the door.

    June 8, 2007

    - or music that is currently filling the creative vacuum created by the last several months (because I was incredibly busy)

    MuteMath - Self-titled debut

    Muse - Absolution

    Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

    Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

    My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

    Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

    Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

    Mono - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined

    Sigur Ros - Takk

    Sigur Ros - ( )

    Radiohead - OK Computer

    Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

    May 21, 2007

    So here's some new music I've been listening to. While I was on the show I simply didn't have time to listen to a lot of music, and new music is my creative lifeblood, so it has been awesome to discover some new stuff.

    1) HELLOGOODBYE - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

    This band is really cool. They basically take synth pop to a different level for me. If you like the Killers but want a little less rock, these guys might be cool for you - they really are just awesome synth/dance pop. Very cool.

    2) Circleslide - Uncommon Days

    This band used to be called the Gabe Martinez band...Gabe and I met at a festival a while back and got to be friends, back before they got signed. They were the best unsigned band I've ever seen and their debut LP doesn't dissapoint. It is awesome! Great U2 meets Bruce Springsteen meets Coldplay kind of vibe.

    3) Maroon5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

    I love the first fact, Matt Wallace is one of the producers that I would love to have the chance to work with if I can. This album the 5 decided not to use Matt. I think the album sounds really great and it has some of their best songs. I'm not a huge fan of the 80's funk/pop vibe that several of the songs have, but overall this album is a great album. There are going to be some huge hits - Adam Levine knows how to write great hooks. I give this album props.

    4) RelientK - Five Score and Seven Years Ago

    I have never been a HUGE fan of RelientK - the lyrics were always a little cutesy for me. But this album Matt Thiessen, the lead singer and main songwriter, really turned it around for me. He wrote some freaking great songs and some great hooks. Capitol has dropped the ball on promoting this one, 'cause there are some huge hits that aren't getting airplay.

    5) Sherwood - A Different Light

    This is a band in the same vein as Sugarcult, Relient K or Switchfoot - power pop with pop/punk influences. These guys are on myspace Records I think. The album sounds a little small, but overall the songs are really, really great. The band writes great hooks.

    So, go check out these 5 artists.

    October 8, 2006

    Music you should like....

    - Or renounce your relevance

    I first heard this band while I was up in Nashville in January (during the fated trip that broke up the old version of Half Past Forever). And I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed. This band is literally the most over-the-top talented band that I have heard come out in the last 10 years. I mean, there is literally nothing like them out there that is current, outside of a band like Dreamtheater or Opeth or other metal bands that take way too much thought to even enjoy.

    The album that I have really gotten into is the album Absolution. From start to finish this is one of the best albums that has come out in years. Every song is amazing and is complex and is lyrically smart. I mean, I don't know how much more I can say about this album. I also think that Absolution is the easiest to get into of the 3 that have been released in the U.S. (Origin of Symmetry & Black Holes and Revelations being the other 2).

    The band writes catchy pop songs while using medievil and romantic classical chord progressions. It's crazy, and if you are like me, it will take you a while to be able to digest their music. It's just so different than any pop/rock out there right now. The lead singer/guitarist's voice is hard to take (at first) in large doses, so it may take some time to make it through an entire album, but if you are like me, soon you listen to Absolution almost constantly.

    Read the album review I posted earlier and it should tell you exactly why you need to listen to this band. Their music, like Muse's, is fresh and interesting without quite being self-indulgent. They write great pop songs that you can sing along with without writing cheese.

    Ray LaMontagne
    Ray LaMontagne has a great story (he was a working stiff who decided one day that he wanted to be a songwriter) but writes even greater songs. His debut Trouble is amazing from start to finish, and should be your starting point with this singer/songwriter. His music is definitely squarely in the acoustic singer/songwriter genre (his album was produced by Ethan Johns of Ryan Adams Gold fame) and he has the feel of a newer, better Van Morrison. He has a sweet raspy quality to his voice and his songs of addiction, love and heartbreak resonate with anyone who listens.

    This band has been a favorite of mine since their debut in 2001. They are from Canada, now displaced to Nashville, and they have just put out their third record. Start off with their self-titled is still to this day one of my favorite albums of all time. Jason Germain and Marc Martel trade off lead vocals. Germain's voice is deep and resonant and is a little easier to listen to, but Martel is the star of this band. Martel's vocals a reminiscent of Freddie Mercury and a little Kevin Max, and he handles the duties of being a front man extremely well. Their new album, though very squarely in the CCM genre, still hits hard where it needs to hit and is a great album.

    Gnarls Barkley
    I know, I know you didn't take me for being a hip-hopper, but this music is different. This band, or group, or whatever it is is made of former Goodie Mobb member C-LO and DJ Danger Mouse (who is best known for the mash up album he did of Jay-Z's black album and the Beatle's white album appropriately titeld The Grey Album). This music is pure pop R&B joy, but there's something deeper than that. Both of the members of the band are fantastic musicians and writers, and the whole album is an experiment on one-upping each other. And they did a great job, putting together one of the better albums of this year with St. Elsewhere. "Crazy" has been a huge hit, but the album is shock full of great songs.

    Imogen Heap
    Imogen has an interesting story. She started off as a solo artist and actually saw some success in Europe. Then she took a position as the lead singer of pop/techno group Frou Frou and saw a great deal of success with the band. Then she went solo again, and her new album is critically and commercially acclaimed. She has been featured on such hip music spots as The O.C. and One Tree Hill on television and her music has been licensed all over films. Her music is one of a kind and her voice is one of the more interesting voices I've heard in a while. Her stuff is definitely in the euro-pop arena, but it's well produced, sounds good, and she stays away from some of the pop conventions that make that genre a little crappy.

    Great band from South Carolina. See the review I did of their album.

    August 4, 2006

    New Music I've discovered....

    -or music that you should check out because I recommend it
    -or music that you listen to if you are cool

    Here is a short list of some new music, as well as a short description of what the music is.

    This is a band from Australia that sounds like Led Zeppelin came back to life and wrote catchier songs. The riffery and blazing guitar skills, as well as the tight rhythm section give the listener the distinct feeling that they have been transported back to 1968. The only negative to this band is the same negative I have with Zep...the lead singer's voice CAN become a little annoying after about 7 songs.

    Jack's Mannequin
    The story of this band is a little interesting. The lead singer is part of the popular underground group Something Corporate. He decided to do something a little different with his side project band and started Jack's Mannequin actually as a solo project. As this project was being completed the lead singer found out he had acute lukemia and underwent chemotherapy, losing his hair as he was going through all the promotional stuff for the album. The album has a hit single in "The Mixed Tape" and fans are starting to embrace the band. Overall, the songs are all catchy, piano rock/pop. As a warning...this is not Ben Folds, but if you like Ben Folds at his rocking best, you will love this band. The piano is used mainly as a rhythm and percussive instrument here, but when it comes to the forefront it is exhilerating. The only negative with this one is that the lead singer's voice is a lot like Ben's - you either love it or hate it.

    Panic! At the Disco
    Panic! at the Disco is actually one of my favorite new finds. I am really enthralled by bands like Fall Out Boy who can take the punk & hardcore elements and make really catchy pop songs while still holding onto their punk cred. Panic! is similar to Fall Out Boy, but with more jazz and electronic influences. Panic! really has some great stuff. The negative with this guys is that their lyrics can, at time, be a bit ribald, and there are several misses in their attempt to be musically different...but overall, this band is great.

    The Fray
    This band is what I refer to as a "chill" band. Their music is really, really good, and they have a huge hit right now with "Over My Head (Cable Car)", but for the most part their music is the kind of music you like to put on while your driving or working on the computer. The songs are very well written and put together, but it's the kind of music that you don't have to listen to in order to enjoy, if that makes sense. It's just great music to chill to.

    I have actually known about these guys for a while, but you need to know about them. The band is from Detroit, MI and are an indie band. They actually worked with the same producer Half Past Forever used up in Nashville. Their CD is doing very well independently and they are starting to make a great name for themselves and they deserve it. You can check them out at

    So, now you know the music you need to check out...and knowing is half the battle for coolness.

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    The Album Cover


    Also, this year, I'll be doing a blog for (entertainment weekly) every couple of weeks about the show. I start with the top 24, so look forward to reading that in a couple of weeks.