Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back

So, I've been conspicuously away from the blog for 12 days.

Hey, no biggie...I'm back.

The Stripped Tour went well.  I'm hoping to make this a yearly thing.  It was a lot of fun - Jon Skaggs, Jason Walker and I bonded and became closer and truly had a great time.

All the shows were cool and I think the story-telling/stripped down arrangements work really well.  I still am in love with the rock show we normally do, but once a year I think it will be cool to do a stripped down thing.

This weekend, I do the gig in memory of Kelsey in Virginia.  She was the girl that passed away in a car accident on the way to our gig in Fredricksburg, VA a while back.  Obviously a sad situation.

I sent the family an mp3 of my song "Faith Begins" and told them the story of how that song came to be: I was in a band called the Chris Sligh band back in 2001-2003.  Joseph Bunn was my keyboard player for the whole time.  The band broke up when all of the guys went to college and at that point I started Half Past Forever with 2 new guys and 2 guys from CSB.  Like 3 months later, Joseph was on his way back up to school at North Greenville (where I finished up) and apparently fell asleep at the wheel.  His car went off the road, he was thrown from the vehicle and was killed.  It was the first person close to me that I dealt with the death of, and I just could not understand why this was happening.  For the first time, I was struggling with questions with God and as I worked through all that stuff, I wrote "Faith Begins" (which is on  The family has asked that I sing the song this weekend, so the band is working it up.

Anyway, life is good.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I just listened to Archie's entire album streaming on the Z100 website.

I gotta say, they knocked it out of the park with this album.  My concerns on him being a Rick Astley clone are now completely gone.  The dude sounds GREAT singing really good pop songs.  There's nothing ground-breaking here, but the pop songs are well-written and he sounds really, really good.  

The guy deserves major props.  Er, well the songwriters and producers do, too.

Hail to the Chief

I congratulate Barack Obama for his win tonight.

God is in control, and though some might disagree with certain beliefs he holds, let's not forget that God isn't surprised by this.

I believe Obama could make a great president.  

Join me in praying for him!