Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video Reminder

Just a reminder that your videos are due November 2nd!

If you have a Halloween party or something of that sort this weekend, use it as a great way to get a funny video of you in a costume singing "Empty Me"!

Now, get those videos in!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video Extension

Hey guys, over the past few weeks, we've received enough video submissions to make a great video...but I feel like I've kinda failed in keeping everyone's attention on this.  So, we'll extend the deadline for the videos for another week or so till the Nov 2nd!  That way you can get in some Halloween stuff!

Also, we're changing the requirement slightly.  We'd love for you guys to make a video for the whole song, if you're up for it!  if not, just go by the alphabet (I'll reprint it below) like before.  If you have time and courage, film yourself doing several different things for different parts of the song!  The more you film, the better chance of you being featured for more time in the video! 

So, go make a video!

A-C - 0:00-0:35 (start of song until "to see how it gets in the blood")
D-F - 0:30-1:05 ("I've tasted my share" until "Empty Me" of 1st chorus)
G-I - 1:00 - 1:35 (full 1st chorus)
J-L - 1:30 - 2:05 (full 2nd verse - "I've seen just enough...")
M-O - 2:00 - 2:35 (full 2nd chorus plus 1st "everything is a lesser thing" from bridge)
P-R - 2:30-3:05 (full bridge - starts with "everything is a lesser thing" - plus guitar solo - DO A CRAZY AIR GUITAR SOLO!)
S-V - 3:00-3:35 (quiet chorus until 1st "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus)
W-Z - 3:30-4:05 (first "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus until the end of the song - MAKE SURE TO MAKE THOSE HIGH NOTES AT THE END LOOK AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Empty Me: VIDEO!!!

Hey guys,

So we need your videos in ASAP!  We've gotten a few in already but we need more, more, more.

So, even if you did a 30 second clip, you can do something else for the whole video if you like!

So, go and make a video!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another couple of Christmas tunes

I just put all 4 Christmas tunes from the EP over at!  Go checka-check 'em out!

By the way, the EP should be out by the beginning of December.  Just in time for my stint on the NewSong Christmas tour.  It will only be available nationally on iTunes and in concert.  On iTunes, I think it'll be $2.99 and in concert, you get it free with the purchase of Running Back to You.

So, you've heard all the songs in demo form....are you guys excited to hear the final versions?  I go into the studio this week to record drums and then, with some newly acquired recording gear, will be finishing up in my home studio!  Then it's off to mix then to master, then from my studio to your ears!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gina Glocksen

So, this week, Gina Glocksen is in town, staying with Sarah and me.  I've been on Gina for months to come into town to write songs for her record...she finally had time when I had time and she came Monday night.

Tuesday morning we wrote with Jason Walker.  We got a great 70's vibing modern pop song that is really cool.  Then, Jason came up with a cool piano riff that Gina and I took after Jason left and made a great song.  Both songs are great, but the second one we wrote is freaking awesome!  It's just nice pop piano ballad, but the words are pretty awesome...she really dug inside and wrote some great stuff from life experience.

Wednesday, we wrote with a new friend of mine, Adam Smith.  Adam is, in my humble opinion, one of the most talented people I've worked with in Nashville....or ever.  He is a great musician who knows music and loves music and has a ton of knowledge of how to get great sounds and write great songs using those sounds.  We wrote a KILLER song with Adam.  Really cool synthy pop rock.  

I think you guys are gonna be blown away with the stuff Gina is doing.  It's edgy, different and rocking - but rocking with other words, it's not JUST big guitars.  It's got cool keyboards and interesting stuff going on with the guitars instead of just stacking a bunch of guitars in order to "rock"., we wrote with Jeff Spence, who wrote "When Did You Go" with me.  Gina recorded that song, too (and she sounds GREAT on it!).  She loved "When Did You Go" so it was natural to get Jeff over to write, too.  We wrote another killer pop rock song.  It's a party song and it sounds great!

Tomorrow, we are writing with Clint Lagerberg, who of course wrote "Empty Me" and "Here Comes Goodbye" with me.  I expect that I'll have another song or two to talk about!

So, look for new music from Gina Glocksen very soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Child

Moved all the mp3 over to

Go listen to all 4 Christmas songs!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Music

So, I wanted to give some real quick thoughts on some new music I've been listening to lately.

First off, Downhere's "Ending is Beginning" is seriously wearing a hole in my iPod (if that were at all possible).  I've listened to it a ton and I'm more impressed now than I was when I originally posted about it.  You have got to get this album, then tell a friend to - after they've bought Running Back to You - buy this album.

Secondly, Ben Folds' new album Way to Normal came out this week.   Be warned...there's a Parental Warning.  Apparently, Ben's recent divorce and remarriage unleashed his ascerbic wit, and from an artistic standpoint, amazing creativity.  He's always been a favorite of mine, but this stands up with any work he's done in the past, if not surpasses it.  It is a GREAT album.  Not perfect and there is some language to deal with, but if you can deal with objectionable elements, this album is his best easily since Rocking the Suburbs.  

Thirdly, I'm still chewing on Bebo Norman's new self-titled album.  It's good.  On first listen, I thought it was his best in a long time.  It definitely holds up better than his last album.  But the more I listen to it, the more I kinda feel like it's uni-dimensional.  The songs are well-written.  The production is competent.   But after listening a couple of times, you've got it.  Or at least I feel like I got it.  I'm a huge Bebo fan.  But this album may need a little more time in my ears for me to just LOVE it.  It's a good to very good album.  I don't know that it's great yet.  More to come on that.

Fourthly, I'm in love with Darius Rucker's second solo album.  You may remember him as Hootie.  Hear this album and he'll just be Darius.  Great country music.  That's right, I said country music.  Haha...check this album out.  For sure.

Lastly, I'm really enjoying Kings of Leon's Because of the Times.  This ethereal garage rock album (yes, I put those words together) is fantastic.  It's probably not for everyone...there's a lot to dig into...but if you can dig it is GREAT.  I like their past stuff, but this one especially is great.  It's kind of earlier U2 meets Nirvana meets southern rock.  Weird mixture, but it ends up really great.

Sales Report

By the way, guys, I haven't given a sales report in a while.

2 weeks ago was the first week we dipped under 1k sold (983) in the over 4 months that the album has been out, and this last week it popped back over, slow but steady. 

For the year, we're at a little over 33k.  The label and management thinks that by the end of the year, we'll be at 50k!  And "Arise" isn't expected to make significant headway until after Christmas!  When "Arise" takes off (hopefully) and then the third single comes out, it will (again, hopefully) continue to drive sales.  By the time, the 2nd album comes out, I think it's comfortable to say 100k will be a great goal and 150k isn't out of reach!

Also, we're still neck and neck with Tenth Ave North for best-selling new artist in the Christian genre.