Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Anatomy of Broken

So, for over a year the planned name for this second album has been "All the Angles". I think I've even mentioned that title several times here on the record.

Well, yesterday, I was making a disc of all the songs that will be on the record and as I was listening through the songs, I realized there was a common theme throughout the entire album. Nearly every song spoke in some way of being broken. In fact I think there are 6 or 7 songs that actually have the word "broken" in the lyrics at some point. But it's not just saying "I'm broken" or "you're broken"'s looking at brokenness in every way possible.

For instance, "Only You Can Save" tells of loving the broken because God loved us first. "In the Weak" speaks of reaching out to the broken because God lives in the broken. "Our Love" talks about the fact that we are all broken people because of the sin condition, so why would we not love the world around us, when we have been forgiven much. A new song called "Scars" takes a Brennan Manning quote that says "God will not look you over for medals, diplomas, or honors, but for scars" and talks about the fact that it is our scars that speak to grace. And so on...nearly every song speaks of brokenness.

So the new title of the record is "The Anatomy of Broken"

I'm so pumped for you guys to hear everything on this record!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lyrics to the New Songs

Our Love (Chris Sligh)

So where did we go wrong that it's common place
For the world to think we stand for hate
One too many picket sign
Has deflected one too many times
The fact that all our lives were simply meant to give away
Oh, we're all messed up
Oh, but isn't that the point of love?

We are, we are
We are all broken people
But we've been set free and loved
We are, we are
We are the chosen people
Forgiven much
So where's our love?

We come into this mess, sin upon our heads
Born equals in a race that ends only with death
But we've been running in reverse
Since love conquered death's dark curse
Shouldn't we reflect His love to a world hung by a thread?
Oh, we're all messed up
Oh, but isn't that the point of love?


Gotta give, oh
Gotta give, oh, gotta give all our love
Gotta give, oh
Gotta give, oh
Gotta give all our love to a lost and dying world


So reach out, there's someone you know
That has never seen God's love
Reach out, someone you love
Feels like they've never been enough
Reach out, the untouchables
The un-reachables, the never-thought-ofs
Are in need, they're in need
They're in need of our love...

Sunny (Chris Sligh)

Well, you bring the wings and I'll bring the flightplan
Cuz you're an angel and I am just a man
But I've been a better man since you got here
And life is better, too, cuz my world revolves around you

Clouds are gone and skies are blue
There's nothing to bring us down, whoa...
Things are looking sunny
Things are looking sunny
Things are looking sunny since I found you

All of your skin looks good touching my skin
You're so pretty, I just fell in love again
It's love at each sight, over and over
My heels are over head, now it's me revolving round you


Everything's bright, everything clean
Everything's like my favorite dreams
Cuz my favorite dream is you
The turn of your head, the flick of your wrist
Everything about you, you don't need a list
To know my favorite dream is you, you, you, you...


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Tour

We're putting together our Spring Tour and would love your help. We have quite a few dates coming together right now, but are trying to fill out a tour and want to go where the fans are, not just where we have gone before.

So, here's the deal....

The Spring Tour is going to be a virtual smorgasbord of what I think is cool music.

Opening up the show will be my good friend Andrew Witt.

Then (if everything gets taken care of contract-wise - I'm about 95% sure he'll be coming out) will be one of my favorite new artists, Danyew. This guy's music is incredible. And I've heard his live show will blow you away.

Following him will be a new band called Satellites & Sirens. Cool synthy pop/rock. Great guys.

Then we have a comedian called Brother Preacher. Look him up on YouTube. Hilarious.

Then I will close out the night.

Sound like a fun tour? Does to me...

So, here's how we need your help:

In the comments section below, leave me your hometown (where you live, not where you were, the church that you go to and a list of a couple of other churches in your area that are known for doing shows. We want to come to you. So help us do that with just a little information.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's been almost a month

Figured it was time to let you guys know what's going on.

The deal is still waiting to be finalized. Gosh this thing has taken forever...I mean, it makes sense when you look at when it has been done - everyone has taken vacations while negotiating this deal, we finally get it done and then Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays happen.'s almost laughable how many breaks have come along during this negotiation. It is almost as if God is simply trying to teach me patience through this whole process. I mean, think about it: Originally, I was supposed to start recording January of 2009. It's only God's grace that I haven't gone insane.

However, to look at the bright side: the album I would've made in January of last year would NOT have been as good as the album is now. I think it would've been a good to really good album. But over the last year, the project has taken focus, I've figured out what I think I'm supposed to say, how I want to say it musically...and the songs are just better than they were then. Really, almost half the album has been written SINCE we started negotiating this deal. The album is a completely different thing than it was in May or June.

The Record Company I'm signing with has what many consider to be the best radio department in the CCM business. They've broken several acts in the last couple of years and have had great success with newer artists at radio. I am PUMPED to see what they do with my singles.

2010 is going to be busy for me, but not as busy out in the public as the last couple of years have been. We will be recording as soon as the deal is finished and will probably spend 3-4 months working on the record this time. The single, though, should come out in March or early April. I'm doing a small tour in March and April - probably 15-20 dates in 2 weeks spurts - with Andrew Witt, Satellites & Sirens, Dr. Preacher (a very funny comedian) and possibly Danyew! I'll have more on that tour to come.

Also, this year I have several tv and film possibilities coming up. My agents have been working hard and once I have more definite info I'll give it to you, but there are some cool things about to happen in that arena.

The summer will be a busy time of writing. I'm planning on being out in L.A. for part of the summer, writing with a ton of writers out there, and of course I'll be writing with a bunch of people here in Nashville. Since the album will probably be done at that point, I'll be able to relax a little leading into the album release and the Back to School Tour III.

So, the album will come out in early September, I think....obviously nothings definite until it's definite, but according to when the single will hopefully come out vs when the album will be done, etc...I'd guess early September. Just in time for the 3rd Annual Back To School tour.

The 3rd Annual Back to School Tour will go out in September/October again, then we will be doing a cool acoustic tour in November and then (hopefully) my 1st Chris Sligh Christmas tour in December. We'll probably only do 7-10 dates, but it will be cool to play some Christmas music.

So...that's how the next year is looking!