Thursday, July 08, 2010

Way too long

Hey has been a while. Sorry I haven't been more active. I've been crazy busy and the blog has suffered.

So...wanted to give an update on what is going on.

Just finished my album. It comes out September 14. The first single is "Only You Can Save" and it hits radio next Friday (July 17). I am super excited about the record, obviously, and will be posting a song by song exploration very soon.

I just finished producing Andrew Witt's album. Thanks to those of you who were involved financially. You don't know how much you helped. We literally couldn't have made as great an album without your help. If you haven't heard the songs yet, check out The 2 EPs should be available for purchase by mid to late July.

I start this week on Brian Bortnick's record. I'm excited about this one, too. The songs are really good, interesting and different. Yet, very commercial. Brian is recording some of ya'lls favorites - like "I'm Ready" and "I Am". Can't wait for you guys to hear what we're cooking up on this album. It will be fantastic, I promise.

In August, I will be spending 8 days writing in Los Angeles. So, that will be awesome. Then I have a show in NM and then Sarah and I are taking a much much-needed vacation for 6-7 days. We need some rest and relaxation after a long year so far and with the baby coming. Gosh, I feel relaxed just thinking about that week of doing nothing!

Then in the fall I head out with Downhere for about 20 shows. I'll also be doing some spot dates on my own, so look for those dates to come up.

And hopefully we'll be doing a Christmas tour this year...we'll see what happens.

I'm excited to be working again. Last year was difficult. I feel useless/worthless when I'm not working hard. It's nice to feel useful again!