Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video Extension

Hey guys, over the past few weeks, we've received enough video submissions to make a great video...but I feel like I've kinda failed in keeping everyone's attention on this.  So, we'll extend the deadline for the videos for another week or so till the Nov 2nd!  That way you can get in some Halloween stuff!

Also, we're changing the requirement slightly.  We'd love for you guys to make a video for the whole song, if you're up for it!  if not, just go by the alphabet (I'll reprint it below) like before.  If you have time and courage, film yourself doing several different things for different parts of the song!  The more you film, the better chance of you being featured for more time in the video! 

So, go make a video!

A-C - 0:00-0:35 (start of song until "to see how it gets in the blood")
D-F - 0:30-1:05 ("I've tasted my share" until "Empty Me" of 1st chorus)
G-I - 1:00 - 1:35 (full 1st chorus)
J-L - 1:30 - 2:05 (full 2nd verse - "I've seen just enough...")
M-O - 2:00 - 2:35 (full 2nd chorus plus 1st "everything is a lesser thing" from bridge)
P-R - 2:30-3:05 (full bridge - starts with "everything is a lesser thing" - plus guitar solo - DO A CRAZY AIR GUITAR SOLO!)
S-V - 3:00-3:35 (quiet chorus until 1st "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus)
W-Z - 3:30-4:05 (first "empty me of me so I can be" of last chorus until the end of the song - MAKE SURE TO MAKE THOSE HIGH NOTES AT THE END LOOK AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE!)


risalea said...

Ok, Chris Sligh, I'm gonna' throttle you, cause do you know how difficult it is to get 7 women together in one place and have someone who has good equipment to videotape it? That's what I get for following the rules...we should have done the whole thing!

Now, I'm whining, Carrie! LOL

Ok, trying to think of other ideas.

risalea said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to add, thanks for extending the deadline. Picnic girls, get on the stick!

HstryQT said...

*sniff* Still don't know if you got Teddy and my video. I hope you did. I might send again just to make myself feel better so I can stop whining.


ChrisSligh said...

Do it, Lori. Just to make sure. We've had so many submissions I don't know how to check with Ash.


DJ in AL said...

Ok, ok, already, I'll see if I can get something put together, Halloween might just give me the opportunity to hide behind a disguise, lol.

Risa you will have to help me figure out how to send it in!

Chris, you made alot of people happy by extending the deadline, so thanks dude!

Carrie said...

Oh man. Well I looked like enough of an idiot in my video that I'm not making another one because doing half of the song was embarrassing enough! lol. I didn't even watch it back before sending it because I knew if I did, I wouldn't send it.

I did more than my part -- I just started near my part and did the rest of the song. Then I cracked up at the end because I felt like a crazy person and am going on no sleep! haha.

Hischild said...

I know exactly what you mean!! I didn't want to see mine before sending either knowing that temptation. But I looked anyways. It was a victory to not back out afterwards. I'm glad you did it!

So glad to read of the extension and glad to hear you're getting a lot coming in. I'll concentrate on making a much better quality video. Didn't make it to the desert today. Surely there's something better around here.

I didn't even THINK of the car stereo! There I was cursing Hello Kitty unnecessarily! I'm *such* a numbskull.

BBC said...

Halloween??? Does that mean singing in costume, really? Because I bought my dd a Minnie Mouse costume for handing out candy to the little neighbor kids. It's the dress and ears - no name or Minnie's face on the costume.

The big question is: does it matter how close or far from the camera we are?

HstryQT said...

ok cool I resent it; thanks Chris!

Cathy Storms said...

WhooHoo!! Maybe now I can get mine made. Not maybe, but yes for sure!!!

Thanks Chris...I can't wait to see this video.

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, Bullyse!

And thanks for the Parrot video on Myspace. Youtube has a lot of clips of well trained birds.

Emily the Magnificent. said...

Ahhhhh extension, me and my work, school, and homework thank you for an extension.

I'll get it done. Really.

BBC said...

My dd taped me singing the 2nd verse and chorus today. How embarrassing! We went to Nantahala State Park (I think) this morning, it had been raining and was cold and breezy, so I hoped no one would be around to see this. We set up so you could see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. I saw a couple give us a weird look as we set up the tripod and CD player. Then my dd started the music, and I was waiting for the second verse, and here came the park ranger! OH NO! I thought I was in trouble for filming in a government-owned park! But he wanted to tell me that there were prettier spots for photos, and I shooed him away, "No! This is a video! It's about to start!" So my video starts out with me being all flustered and worried that I hurt the nice man's feelings! LOL

(I'm beginning to think that singing under the bad, my original idea, was the best and least embarrassing!)

Anonymous said...

I really need to get working on something. Lori-I wanted to know how you included Teddy in your video? I of course want to have Amelia in there if I can think of a good enough idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks rosalee! (and y/w for the parrot! The smiling little birdie face made me think of you!)

hischild-- cursing Hello Kitty unnecessarily... heh! ;-)

Hey Chris! I am trying to tempt the girls to videotape(on PURPOSE) some sillyness for your video, but suddenly now they are camera-shy! LOL. We'll try. Meanwhile, I did send some stored up sillyness I had, just to make you smile. (Maybe some of it is useful as snippets, IDK. Consider it Extras.)

I had a good Birthday, between spending it with the family, HSM3(which was awesome *sigh*) and Chinese buffet afterwards. :-)It was a treat, and simple maybe, but appreciated. Thanks so much to all of you for remembering my special day and sending love.
((Hugs back to All))

HstryQT said...

Please pray for Jennifer Hudson, another member of the American Idol family.

risalea said...

Lori, I just read about that this morning. How tragic!

I'll add Ann Pressley to y'all's prayer list. You may have seen this on the news where you live as it has been on CNN, Fox, etc. She is the 26 yr. old news anchor in Little Rock who was brutally attacked in her home in the early hours of the morning a few days ago. The feeling here, is it was a targeted attack, but as of now, the police are being very quiet, keeping information to themselves, as they should, to protect the investigation. She is a sweet, outgoing person (actually had a small uncredited part as a conservative pundit in "W") and this act of violence has shaken up the whole LR area community.

Darling daughter Lindsay and I are off to Springdale tomorrow to catch Chris and company. Oh, I think I may have another group to do a video for Chris...I won't spill the beans here, but it involves a classic movie cast of characters. They are dressing up for a Halloween gig and I'm going to try and convince them they need to do this, too!

Have a great weekend...the weather is gorgeous and cool here today.

risalea said...

I am heartsick for Anne Pressly's family--she passed away tonight. Please pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl, that Anne Presley. What a waste and a shame. :-( My thoughts are with her family, experiencing this incredible shocking well as with J Hudson. Terrible.

Badpacifist said...

Chris have you seen this mutemath performance of the Ray Charles classic?

risalea said...

Another great concert by Chris and company. I'm posting up a couple of youtube videos tomorrow. Needless to say, my plans to do a classroom review in the AM have changed! Night, all!

risalea said...

A couple of numbers from Springdale.

Cathy Storms said...

Great video Risa...Thanks for posting

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~so I hear through the grapevine that you have some new shirts for sell at your concerts. Where can we buy them? Are you going to put them up for sale in your store on your fansite? Please....Please....

rosalee said...

Hey people(especially Randy) -

Chris has a video giving a guitar lesson on playing "Empty Me".

And thanks again, Risa for your videos!

Badpacifist said...

Rosalee thank you so much favorited!

Messiah's Muggles said...

This is a fun little blog you've got going on, Mr Sligh. Two tidbits of info:
a) Did you know MuteMath has a song on the Twilight soundtrack? I thought that was interesting, and exciting for them. That movie wil get a lot of press.
b) What is your opinion on Harry Potter? I know that is random, but we have a great site on how our Christianity colors our love of all things Potter. If you have a second, check it out and listen to our podcast.

EmilyBoo said...

Hey all,
Remember Josiah from AI? He has an EP available on itunes today. There are a couple tunes that weren't available previously when he was selling music on myspace.

I'm still hoping to get a video done this week! I have a good idea and may be able to shoot it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

That Josiah Lemming is going to have to prove it, to me. I felt for him, on the show, but he is a pouty head. He is awfully smug for a guy who hasn't acchieved a whole lot. It bugs me, his attitude in the face of so many wonderful idols who are nice, and working their butts off. Just my opinion, of course.

Kevin Max had a little concert this week in Nashville, and I had to work. Bummer. I would be really curious to hear what he does in concert, with that voice of his.

Weighing in Harry Potter as a Christian, for the muggle who asked-- well, I think the magical world is always fun to play pretend about. Some of the darker stuff in the latter releases does cross the line on what I want to see pretended about...but the movie where they showed the kids that they could turn a Bogart into something not to be afraid of at all? I thought that was brilliant. It was also encouraging for the rest of us out there, too.

We need to be careful of what we put into our minds and hearts, especially our young ones. Playing pretend with fairy tales and far away magical castles is okay I think. :-)

jennoaks said...

Wish I had seen this sooner. By the time I found out about this both deadlines had passed. Bummer for me. :(