Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I just listened to Archie's entire album streaming on the Z100 website.

I gotta say, they knocked it out of the park with this album.  My concerns on him being a Rick Astley clone are now completely gone.  The dude sounds GREAT singing really good pop songs.  There's nothing ground-breaking here, but the pop songs are well-written and he sounds really, really good.  

The guy deserves major props.  Er, well the songwriters and producers do, too.


Alexis Jacobs said...

I am excited to see this. Can't wait to hear it myself! I have already preordered it, along with 2 copies of Cook's.

Anonymous said...

The music from both Archie's and Cook's album have been leaked, but I haven't had much time to listen. So far, on the "Hands" song argument, I much prefer Touch my Hands. The other one sounds a bit like a Crush clone. Crush I like, however.:-)

Going to be buying Archie's I think, as he is more up my alley. Cook's, I dunno yet.

I'm glad you had a listen, and can appreciate it as it is. Thanks for always being so honest and candid in music sharings!

Carrie said...

It's funny because I did NOT like this kid on Idol at all. I skipped going to the tour. Yet every time "Crush" comes on the radio I sing along and it's funny because I'm not a big fan of his or the song, but it's SO catchy.

I heard clips of Cook's song. He has some pretty good ones, some all sound alike and mediocre. But I liked Cook better. So I wonder what his will sound like and if it will be a success.

julie said...

I always liked Archie's voice- something about reminds me of Paul Young's- but on the show I often found his material corny and his style too florid. "Crush" is a great fit, though, so if the rest of the album goes that way I think it will be a success. (But I STILL don't see why radio picked up on "Crush" and "Time of My Life" and Jordin's songs but not Blake's "How Many Words," which is just as catchy and airwave-friendly.)

Cook was my favorite this season and "Declaration" on SNL has raised my hopes very high. We'll see...

Carianne said...


Radio stations have an agenda and choose to promote some artists and not others. At least that is my belief. I agree that How Many Words would have done just as well if the radio stations had given it a chance.

As for Archie, I will buy the album cause I freakin adore this kid to death, and I hope I'll like it! LOL
Since Chris likes it, I just might like it too :)

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~have a safe journey to Florida today.

EmilyBoo said...

I was not a fan of Archie during season 7. Crush has grown on me, but so far, the rest of the clips I have heard have not really impressed me. Meh, just not my style.

Heads up all: Itunes currently has the book of John on audio book for free... not just read by one narrator, but with actors for each par, and a musical score. I haven't listened yet (it's close to 3 hours long,) but it's worth a free download!

EmilyBoo said...

oops, I meant actors for each PART.

risalea said...

Changing the subject...Chris, when do you expect the "Empty Me" video to be ready?

Carianne said...

oooh good question! I can't wait to see you guys in it! :)

Cathy Storms said...

Rosalee has put up some videos from Murray Hill on the fan site. Good videos.
Thanks Rosalee

rosalee said...

You're welcome, Cathy.
There are some very nice photos from the event up there now as well.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of new music, and time telling the tale-- I found an old People magazine that had it's album reviews in it. They gave Gavin Rossdale's new one 2 and a half stars. I remember thinking, Whaat?
I think after it had a big hit, people were far more likely to call it a "good" album, and not so mediocre. So many labels and qualifiers get slapped on stuff, trying to define it. bleh.

You never know how things are going to shake out when it comes to music. They might be drawn in by one song, and end up loving something else even more.

I wonder if that is the case with Chris's album-- esp after hearing him Live. Empty Me is only the beginning. :-)

risalea said...
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risalea said...

Hey, guys....Amanda's mom, Tammy is participating in the St. Jude Walk/Marathon on December 6th. This is an event that meant a lot to Amanda, and she had planned on walking it if she had gotten better. If you would like to sponsor Tammy in this fundraising effort for the hospital, use this link to get to her page:

Thanks, friends, and I know it will mean a lot to Tammy to have some Fro Patroers support her in this endeavor.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Hey Chris & everyone,
I haven't posted in a while. I loved Chris's post on Obama becoming our next president. I thougt the comments to his post were very classy and tasteful-it was nice to see people act like civilized human beings instead of a bunch of barnyard animals. I, like Carrie and a few others, am a democrat and am proud to be a part of history in the making. We broke down a major barrier and as Americans should be proud of this.

As for Archie, he was my favorite person on season 7. I loved the night he sung "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I was in awe! Haven't heard the album yet-thanks to DIAL-UP it would take too long to download it!
Sorry guys, I was not a Cook fan. I guess that makes me that the black sheep of the group!

My brother said he put my CD with pictures from the concert in the mail. I'll believe this when I see it since he's always pulling pranks or pulling the wool over your eyes!

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

I still cannot access my Blogger account-it worked once, but when I tried it today it said I had the wrong password. Maybe it will work this time.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...
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rosalee said...

Amy's Purple Poodles -

You are not the only Archie fan. I, too, liked David Archuleta better than David Cook and still do. I've only had time to listen to about half of it, and so far, the album sounds quite decent.

And I'm also a Democrat.....

HstryQT said...

My friend back in Virginia said you're doing a Charity concert in Culpepper called Kelseys Mission and asked me about it. I was thinking this is the teenager who passed away in a crash on the way to your Fredericksburg show. Im so glad you get to go back and help out that community. I know it will mean a lot to them, as well as you! Wish I was going to be in Virginia, but I of course will be stuck out here in the midwest as usual :).


Anonymous said...

Hi amy-- I loved your post today.:-)

I liked babyDavid quite a bit S8. Cook has such a nice voice, when he uses it, but the raspy/growly thing is a bit overdone.Phantom of the Opera was his "Wow!" moment for me. Having said that, I still haven't got the gumption up to listen to the spoilers that are out there.

It's funny what will make someone a "fan" of either a performer or a political candidate. People really fell in love with Obama, and this was amazing to see, for me. I appreciate his charisma, and while I didn't vote for him, I'll be interested to see where this leads us.

Normally I do not go off the deep end for people, so I find the polarization this year of fans and politics sort of odd. At least in fandom, I try not to ever be against anyone else's fav. It's subjective, after all.

Being here, I couldn't participate if I didn't see Chris as being a person foremost. Being a person counts most, IMO.

risalea said...

I think many of us who grew up in the time of the civil rights era, (I was born in '57, the year that the National Guard had to escort the "Little Rock 9" into Central High School) are proud to see another barrier come down in this country.

However, as someone who is more conservative than Obama with his stand on abortion rights and other issues, I wish it had been someone with a more conservative bent and with more experience, such as Colin Powell.

But, hopefully, Obama will govern from a centrist viewpoint and remember that many young evangelicals are among those who helped get him elected. We've got to give the guy a chance...Lord knows as my mama would say, "he's got a long row to hoe." Many challenges, and he needs all our prayers.

gdahimself said...

Obama has proven to quite a performer who can play an audience, but with his decidedly slim political resume, as a leader I’m not particular confident.

Having a Democratic President and Congress, one is rather left with the suspicion that governing from a centralist position is being overly hopeful. We would have experienced change regardless who was elected. I hope the change with this administration is a real improvement over the status quo and is agreeable to the greatest number of all the people. The risk remains that for many, particularly conservative, that these may be the good old days.

Prays for wisdom and equality, not partisanship.

Anonymous said...

Well-spoken, you two. I agree.

I guess my freudian slip in saying S8(above) just shows how we all look forward to new seasons in some optimism.:-P

risalea said...

Amen, Bully!

risalea said...

What are you thankful for this year?

I'm thankful my son is a senior in HS. There were days when I wondered if we'd make it this far. : ) He's a good kid, and I'm glad he's a charmer...I'm sure he has a sales career ahead of him! And I'm also thankful for his brother who is now a senior in college, something we always told him he could do if he'd put his mind to it. Our wonderful daughter in law helped him find his way there.

I'm thankful for my darling daughter. She was invited to sit in on a panel discussion at PTC last night, advising students looking for their first professional positions, and one of her points was recommending that the students find a mentor. And my proudest moment? "It doesn't have to be a mentor in your field. For example, I ask my mother about a lot of things. I think she knows something about everything." Now, I knew I knew everything, but I didn't know SHE knew it. LOL

And I'm of course, thankful for my super husband, my wonderful friends, and the blessing of good health.

And here on the blog, I'm thankful for all of you, for the wonderful friends I've made and especially thankful that Rosalee is back! and very grateful that Chris is giving his time to help an organization that I love in January.

What about you?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's changed your mind. I know you started to "get him" a little more towards the end of this season. Archulta* by the way. I'm sure it was just a typo but I'm just letting you know incase you didn't notice.

I just finally got to listen to Archie's album because I avoided spoilers (other than clips of My Hands & Touch My Hands) and it didn't come in the mail until today. I've wanted a full album from him since his days on Star Search.. and the wait was well worth it. I think his album is great, I have a few stand out favorites after my first listen which are "Desperate", "Don't Let Go" & "My Hands",which I had already loved from the 1min clip I had.

HstryQT said...

Hey Chris!

I was so excited on Tuesday KLOVE had a commercial for your album & had you talking about Empty Me AND Arise - must mean they won't be hesitating to roll out Arise, huh? I was so excited! I'm sure you knew they were doing your commercial but I wanted you to know I heard it and it put a smile on my face.
It was either JD Chandler or Jon Rivers talking about it in the commercial, I think. Either way - it was a thrill for me :). You're such a star - like we all knew you would be!


...Now to get you on WoW 2010! :)

rosalee said...

Today is November 13th. It is also the 40th anniversary of the US film release of "Yellow Submarine". So, to pass the time and commemorate the event, here are some excerpts from the film:

All Together Now:

Hey Bulldog - synced up studio version:

Hey Bulldog - Film:

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds:

Nowhere Man:

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

All Together Now - Reprise

Hischild said...

Whew! Haven't checked in in a while.
Risa, since you asked about what we are thankful for here's a shallow one.
I am thankful that this is AI Hollywood week and the spoiler list is out and long and full of links to these people!
I've been having fun checking out the prospects. If anyone is interested you can go to:

I'm really excited about Ryan P.A. Johnson. Good to see Chris' friend Brandon Greene again too. He's got really good music on his myspace.

gdahimself said...


Should have included, "All You Need Is Love"

TV special performance:

as per usual, it is easier to copy url from the green page.

I hope the audio is okay, I'm at work and can't check the sound

Anonymous said...

(yells in)"We all live in a yellow submarine! Hey! A yellow submarine! A yellow submarine..."

I love a sing a long! :-D

What am I thankful for? My family, of farm, which houses so many animal friends, and is so filled with natural health, and my robust nature(which some get and some don't, and I guess that's alright)...and mostly, I feel thankful that life has been allowed to evolve in a way for me that allows love, and grow, and to be open to new wonders even as simple as music. I wasn't sure for awhile, growing up, but Life is Wonderful.

Risa--My eldest is a Junior, and learning to drive. People tell me how wonderful my girls are(in some surprise?!), but some days I just see they are growing away from me. Time goes by so fast!

rosalee said...

And I am thankful for all my friends on this blog and my supportive family.

Bully -
Here's your sing-along:

Anonymous said...

See what you started rosalee? I have listened to 6 different versions of Yellow Submarine, and now moved onto Lucy in the Sky! LOL. The kids think it's wierd.;-) I sang along to them all!

risalea said...

My family may come looking for you, that thanks to your link I've discovered karaoke on youtube! : ) Bully, let's do a duet for the picnic! LOL Time does pass so's mind boggling.

GDA, thanks for your links, too.

risalea said...

Oh, and Clarissa, nothing wrong with being thankful for shallow things...I've got a bushel basket of them, like I'm thankful for eye cream, anti-age moisturizer, and microdermabrasion! : )

Tatch said...

Where is Chris?

risalea said...

I believe he's on his Stripped Mini-Tour doing some dates in the northeast. I'm sure he'll pop in when he gets a chance.

DJ in AL said...

Hey fellow fro friends! It's a gloomy, damp Friday in the deep south this morning but I couldn't care less because I'm off! Yipee! After 5 brutal weeks with auditors from another country I was in desperate need of some down time, so rain or not it's a good day! So I'm grateful for that to be sure! I am most grateful for the relationship I enjoy with God and the fact that I know without question that he is guiding me through my life, every single day. I'm naturally grateful for the things I most often take for granted which would be my sweet natured, kind hearted, defender of mankind that is my son. Of course my loving, dependable and beautiful husband. I am grateful for my family's good health which is no small thing. I am so grateful for the invaluable relationships with those I call friends which include many of my fro patroers that I have had the good fortune of meeting in the last year. I am grateful that God is protecting my family during this financial crisis we are experiencing. I could take up miles and miles of space listing the things I am grateful but they won't be anything you haven't already heard.

So happy, happy Friday from a grateful DJ in AL!

P.S. I'm grateful for a place to come and chat about what I'm grateful for:)

Cathy Storms said...

It's hard to put in words all I am thankful for. This has been such an amazing and terrifying year. I am so thankful that I have a relationship with God. He has been so amazing to me this year.
I am thankful for my beautiful children and my grandchildren. I am thankful for my husband who has been so good to me these past few months.
I am thankful that Chris has given us this blog to be able to meet the most incredible people that I call my friends and family.

gdahimself said...


He's in Horseheads, NY tonight

Cathy Storms said...

GDA~Are you going?
Rosalee~How about you, are you going?

rosalee said...

Cathy -
I'm not going. Horseheads is upstate - close to 5 hours away. It's closer to Carrie (Buffalo) than to me, but even for her it must be close to 3 hours away.

DJ in AL said...

Since Archie is the reason for this post, just saw him on Ellen, he's still the cutest kid I ever saw and well, now, I um, have a tiny crush on him. Strictly platonic mind you, as in, I wish I had a daughter his age and he could date her kind of crush.

He is a doll that boy. I hope he is as happy as he seems, that boy's smile is something else.

Ok, is Chris ever coming back????

DJ in AL said...


5 hours to Risa is nuttin:)

risalea said...

Especially now with cheaper gas. $1.74/gal with the Kroger card. Gotta' love it.

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

The short answer is no.

Horseheads is about 4 hours northwest of me in the New York just above the Pennsylvania border.

Tomorrow night he's in Milton, Delaware which is about 4 hours, 40 minutes away slightly west of due south. I hope he has a delmarvelous time.

Both are two states away.
Is he every going to appear somewhere close to here, like Midtown NYC, Newark, or Morristown?

DJ, apparently, we all don't have the stamina of a Mary Kay Lady to make these, for me, atypical kind of solo trips.

DJ in AL said...

I hear ya GDA, neither do I.

risalea said...

Carmen has me beat on the long distance trips!

DJ in AL said...

Well that's true. I don't know where either of you get the energy!

Anonymous said...

DJ-- You're too cute. :-)
Paula Abdul was right, Archie does want to make you squish him, I agree.

*waves at Chris, wherever Horseheads is*

I told him recently I discovered a music group by accident that while now defunct, when on to become one of Chris's favs, MuteMath. They didn't catch my attention(thank God) the way dcTalk and TobyMac did! I was posting some stuff for rainy day fun, and found this 1994 video for "Luv is a Verb!"
It can give us all something to get up and shake something to!:-)

It got me thinking, what is a group that someone like Chris introduced you to, that you love now? Mine would be dcTalk and then TobyMac--- and yes, I blame Chris for the addiction! What is your's?
Maybe share a video?

Hischild said...

Well, Bully. I don't know if there are any GROUPS he has introduced me to that I love but there are PLENTY of solo artists. I am thankful he turned me on to:
Ray LaMontagne
Sufjan Stevens
Ben Folds
Jon Foreman
Ryan Adams
Bryan Adams
Kevin Max
Rick Astley (HA, HA) just kidding question, Bully. Wanna see others' responses.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Hischild said...

Oh, I thought of one group.
Maroon 5.

Carrie said...

The Erie, PA show was closer to me than Horseheads but I couldn't make it because I had no one to go with me and it was on a day when I couldn't get out of classes earlier enough to go there. It's okay though, I'll get a show sooner or later!

Anonymous said...
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risalea said...

I'm excited...a little lagniappe came my way--a friend called with two floor seats to the Reba/Kelly Clarkson concert tonight. She bought them from a co-worker who couldn't go at the last minute. Should be fun! This has been a heck of a week, so I'm looking forward to a girls' night out.

Y'all have a great rest of the weekend!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~I am soooo jealous!! I love Kelly Clarkson and have seen her 13 times. You are going to have a blast.
Kelly & Reba, man you are so lucky....I want all the details.
The closest that tour came to me was Reno which is an 8 hour drive. Would of done it if I hadn't been in the middle of chemo. lol......
Have fun and I really do have to move closer....

risalea said...

Reba and Kelly, in a word....


And the four guys who sat in front of us? Let's just say Reba has an interesting and diverse fanbase!

Great show!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. Kelly has a very interesting fan base also. It's always fun to people watch at her concerts.
Did you love Kelly?

risalea said...

They were both great, Cathy. It was my first time to see either in concert. Both have such strong voices, amazing ranges, and the harmonies were superb.

Anonymous said...

My mom surprised us this year-- she actually bought Archie's album for Youngest for her birthday! She did GOOD!:-)
Nice to have it, and MJ wasn't kidding when she said he had a big Thank You in his liner notes. It was very sweet tho, and very much in his own words, which was nice.

We get to be a part of the first week sales wave! Yay!

Claudia said...

I came here because a web site posted Chris's comments on David Archuleta album. I liked Chris on AI and really respected his music. I was sad early on when I saw he didn't like David and I felt like he was buying into some of the unfair negativity. It seems like someone I respect should see what I see (even though that isn't always the case) you know what I mean? Any way I still liked, Chris just felt a little sad. So I was so really happy to see what he said about the album. Now I respect him even more because some people get so stuck in their prejudices that they never allow any new ideas in, and Chris is obviously better than that. So THANKS to Chris, you still ROCK. I read the other posters comments here and you all sound like a great bunch of fans. I bet what Chris is thankful for is you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris thands for the kind words about David Archuleta's first album. I really like his music too.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you will be critiquing David Cook's album.