Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Entertainment Weekly

Hey guys,

If you go to my review of last night's show is the lead story.


Carrie said...

I was waiting for this! I hope it's better than last nights show was.

Carrie said...

Danny and Colton were both better when shown during their auditions than they were during their performances last night. I think if they step it up they will be fine and I hope they aren't compared to Sanjaya. And it isn't fair to say that they aren't better than Josiah. Either way, all three of these kids will end up in the same place in the end, doing music if it's what they really want. Josiah wouldn't have won. Danny won't win. Colton won't win. TPTB are pimping Michael Johns, who rumor has it, lip-synched last night. But I guess the entire Top 24 also had the flu so... who knows.

Also I REALLY DON'T LIKE DAVID COOK. He's a smug dbag. No offense to anyone who likes him, but I get that vibe. Then again, I get that from a few of them... but mostly him. He's like Daughtry Lite and his performance was WEIRD. All I can think when I see him is "TOOL!"

Most of the guys were SO BORING. They said they were going to focus on everyone more and so far, I was left pretty bored and not feeling connected to any of the guys.

Go easy on Brooke White, Chris. I love her. :[ And she's one of the only blondes imo that actually stands out. So if she tanks it tonight and you hate on her tomorrow, watch out! j/k

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are pretty much dead on with your review. The one that hurts personaly is Luke were right, he was just off pitch and picked the wrong song. He is from Crawfordsville, IN as am I and he is a wonderful Christian guy. I don't look for him to stay another week but hope he does just so he gets the chance to show his real stuff. He has an incredible voice but true to your words, he is one that no one even heard until last night. He definitely did not get "pimped" and I am sure that will hurt his chances.

risalea said...

Too late, Carrie...I already heard someone at Curves today refer to Danny as "Danjaya." Except I think that's a huge disservice to Sanjaya. Danny is in danger of spontaneously combusting at any minute.

Dusted off the VHS tape (yea, I know, we've got to get DVR!) to tape the first hour of the girls while we are at church.

Oh, and Chris, again at Curves, we were talking AI and I had to mention you, and the girls I was talking to said you were one of their faves and they were all excited when I told them about your CD and the picnic. Who knows, maybe I'll get two more in tow! LOL Your column online...very awesome!

Later! Risa

HstryQT said...

This opportunity on EW really is perfect for you - you're a great writer, as we all know, and spot on in your review as well. I love how you're so honest (but of course you are!) about the judges odd-ball comments and the obvious "pimping."

I read somewhere that you're sharing the reviewing with two other Idol alums - does that mean that you only write an article every third show/week? Or each week? I wasn't getting my hopes up for this week bc I thought you might not go "first." But maybe Im confused :).

Also, in their little bio at the end they say that Running Back To You is your "first album" - incorrect, no?

PS: *Wave* to Tomneyhart - a fellow Hoosier! Cool :). They're all excited about Luke Menard here in Indy, of course, but I find him quite weak.

tartaneh said...

Agreed with most of your comments. I found 3-4 forgetable.

Congratulations on your record signing.


Carrie said...

I think anyone who is young in the competition is going to be compared to Sanjaya, unfortunately for them. And when people do that, it's negative, which is unfortunate for Sanjaya. So these younger kids really need to prove themselves. If David Archuleta can do it, I'm sure either Danny or Colton should be able to just belt it and not try to be overly entertaining on stage. There's nothing wrong with being an entertaining performer, but they should at least be able to sing well when they do it.

debjinal said...

Spot on Chris! I absolutely love that you are doing these reviews. It's so you!

And IMO this is not the most talented group by a long shot almost all of last night's performances were forgettable. No offense to anyone and I'm open to changing my mind somewhere down the road!

Lisa said...

I didn't think Danny's Elvis was all that bad, and I love his feisty attitude. That look he gave Simon ("Some people weren't liking it!") was classic. I hope he stays on the show for a while to add some comic relief. The fact that the kid can actually sing is a plus.

Chris, I hope you do a lot of these kinds of reviews. You're a good writer and tell it exactly like you see it, which is really refreshing.

-Lisa in Pittsburgh-

-Di. said...

There are those with potential but overall I was disappointed. Last year I already had favorites.

BTW: You totally hit the nail on the head with the EW interview.

P.S. I agree with Simon on most of the evening's performances. Except for Alexandrea Lushington. I don't know what he was looking at. I enjoyed what she did.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Luke was a bit weak...I know he is better than what he showed! I thought Amanda did well tonight. She seems to be her own person and I am a fan of classic rock so she hits me in my favorite style of music.

Emmerlou said...
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EmilyBoo said...

"seriously, Randy, Jason Castro was just okay?!? Michael Johns is like Michael Hutchence?!?"

Ha! LOVE. I agree with you on the top three performances. I would put Jason Castro as my first place, (as an aside, he has really nice eyes, in case you didn't notice. :P ) and then David Archuletta. Michael... his performance was pretty good but, eh, there's just something about him I don't like. As for the rest, pretty much forgettable, except for Chikezie (who I really wanted to like, but I thought his performance was awful,) and Danny, who was pretty bad last night, but is really entertaining.

There's really nobody from this group I feel strongly enough about to actually vote for.

I love how Ryan opened the show with something to the effect of "they say this is the most talented top 24 ever," when he's really the only one I've heard say that.

Tonight, I only caught the last 4 girls. I thought Ramiele was pretty good, and that Syesha and Carly were overrated. When I watched the clips of everyone at the end, it looked like pretty much the whole night was a big train wreck. Did they choose the absolute worst moments to use in the clips?

risalea said...

Well, after watching the girls when I got home, I liked Alaina (she's got some AR ties, so got to go for the "hometown" girl), and I still like Brooke, Alexandrea and Ramiele. I did feel for them singing while sick. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you're nervous.

rosalee said...

First of all, congratulations on the EW commentator gig, Chris! Good Job!

I have to agree with you on your top 3 choices, based on what I’ve seen so far…... I would rank them as David A., first, Jason C., second and Michael J., third. Although you really took down Luke, (and he was weak), I would give him more of a chance before forming an opinion on him. He has his own style, and we haven’t heard much from him yet. Jason Yeager – I remember him only because of the song – I hate “Moon River”!!! My mother loved Andy Williams so she played that in the house a lot while I was growing up. (lol) Many of the male performances were just average, and some were below average. However, on the whole I thought that this group of guys was stronger than last year’s group.

For the girls, I think that Kristy Lee, Joanne B, and Amy D should be the first ones to go. I thought that there were many above average performances tonight. Based on these two nights, I agree with the judges that the girls as a whole were stronger than the guys (just like last year). I still wasn’t crazy about the song choices, but they were a little less cheesy than the guys’ choices. And speaking about song choices…..I can’t believe that “Happy Together” was used AGAIN!!!! I wonder what Mark Volman thinks about this! (ROFL)(You all know that I am obliged to bring this up).

EmilyBoo said...


I have yet to watch my recording of the girls that I missed while I was at church tonight. I did hear that all of them were sick, and I feel for them. I sing in a choir and it's bad enough getting up there and singing with a group when you're not feeling well, let alone going solo! But it seems like all of the clips that were shown at the end of the show were of bad moments. The producers could have at least picked their best moments to show at the end. Just mean.

I have liked everything I've seen of Brooke up through Hollywood, so I look forward to watching her performance from tonight. I don't think I've ever seen Alexandrea, other than her intro video where she compared herself to Chris. (That was her, right?)

Nique's Nana said...

Loved your review - you are right on. I'm looking forward to your future reviews.

Ian said...

I honestly don't understand why everyone's saying Luke Menard was off-pitch. I'll agree he missed a few notes, but overall I actually thought he was really good. Everyone's saying that David A., Jason C. and Michael were the three best, but Jason is the only one from that group I really found interesting.

Risalea - Alaina really surprised me. I figured she'd be a nondescript teenager, but she ended up giving my favorite performance of the night.

EmilyBoo - Yes, Alexandréa was the one who compared herself to Chris.

Carmen said...

Congratulations on the article for EW. You are the perfect choice for this. Way to go.
I think you hit it pretty much dead on with the guys. I have a feeling though, that Michael Johns is going to go really far this year. The judges seem to really favor him and David A.

I really don't like watching Danny Noriega, but he probably will remain.
I didn't watch the girls this evening but I really like Brooke.

Badpacifist said...

Remember that you are only seeing what 19 group decides to put forth. Have compassion for what we might not have seen and take with a grain of salt what we have be manipulated with so far. On the boards last year many people liked Chris but some got attitude about him immediately due to the way he was presented. Due to that, his talent never mattered from that point on. The show can give you a false attitude towards people you don't know the same way as posting on this blog can. We all have good and bad days, and sometimes our sense of humor or compassion or even fear doesn't come across the way we would have wished. I am just saying it is too early to really go after these guys and it simply is not fair. What if it were our boy on there again trying his best in front of millions for the very first time?

IknowIam said...

I can't agree more about Jason Castro. Personally, Chris, I thought he was the best of the night.

For some reason, I'm the only person on this planet that actually liked Danny's performance!! Why is this?!?!

WHY!!! I ASK WHYY!! He's not the next Sanjaya! He's much much better a singer than him, and if anybody deserves to be labeled as "the worst", it's that Garret Haley kid.

I think having Danny on the show will be fun to watch. He seems like a pretty funny kid and I think his singing isn't all that bad...

Yeah, Lori. I noticed that too. In fact, I've been listening to TACOSB for the past two weeks non-stop! Haha. I'm really falling in love with "Convenience".

Also, I think most the girls last night were pretty bad. I mean...I don't think America needs another generic pop voice from some good looking blonde with thin, smooth eyebrows. It's been done to death...I really hope the winner in this season will be one of the guys because the girl selection is just so GENERIC!!!


Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Loved the article. Can't wait to read more.

rosalee said...

Ok people, you can stop listening to KSBJ. I got tired of listening to all of that talk about prunes. I called the radio station to find out about Chris. Chris is in the studio today, but it won't be aired until tomorrow. The person answering the phone said it will probably be aired twice - once between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM CST, and again between 9:00AM and 10:00 AM CST.

HstryQT said...

Glad I wasnt going crazy Rosalee listening to that station for forever. Thanks for calling.
And no need to apologize! You're doing awesome keeping us informed - good to know that it'll be aired tomorrow.

debjinal said...


OMG, too funny. Who the heck talks about prunes on the radio?

rosalee said...

I figured I'd better check on the KLOVE broadcast scheduled for tomorrow. I was told by radio personnel that it will be LIVE. So now we have to juggle two shows tomorrow.

Carrie said...

I'm glad I slept in, then. Prune talk isn't exactly on my list of morning activities haha. I hope someone can record tomorrow's stuff. I'm still sick, so I don't know if I'll be awake to do it.

gdahimself said...

I had touble finding the EW article.

The is the url to the start:,,20007164_20171835_20179067,00.html
as usual the green page shows the complete address.

The white page cuts it off, the url segmented

Keri said...

A short comment on David A. I genuinely like the kid but SOMEONE PLEASE teach this kid to back off the mike when he inhales - that noise is irritating and distracting from his otherwise wonderful voice.

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...

Rosalee said,
"Ok people, you can stop listening to KSBJ. I got tired of listening to all of that talk about prunes."


The on air banter must be positively riveting. My life has been greatly diminished by missing such an illuminating discourse.

Tomorrow Imodium?

GirlyGirl45 said...

Hi, Chris--great EW column! I'm trying not to watch Idol this year, but I'm checking out clips here and there on rickey. I like the dreads guy and the young squirt. Also Amanda (who probably has no chance--she just doesn't hew to the applie-pie demographic for the show), Rabiele, and a couple other girls.
I've been on the west coast, visiting my brother, so I've got some catching up to do; he'll start chemo in a couple weeks, but I had trouble keeping up with him on our hikes, and he's back on the soccer field.

rosalee said...


Try Rotel-Rooter....

Yes - and the off-air bantering is also positively riveting. Here's another exciting tidbit:

gdahimself said...

To Rosalee,
From GDA,

Concise but it still could use a little pruning.

rosalee said...

Chris's EW review on the top 12 women is here:,,20007164_20171835_20179260,00.html

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Do you think the top 24 would have done better if they could have picked their own songs from anywhere rather than AI having them pick something from the 60's? I always liked that part because it showed more of their personality and you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Personally, I can't say I have a favorite yet. Usually after the first night, there is always at least one or two that stand out. Not this year....Truthfully, I have trouble even remembering any of their names...
I guess I just got spoiled after last year. The chemistry between the new top 24 and last year is not even close. Last year, from the first show, you could tell that you were all friends. Can't sense that at all this year...

sandmoran said...

i like all of them
but i do have favorites
love the aussie guy

love the rocker chick
love the smiley face dreads dude
would adopt danny

waiting to hear more
especially from carly
cutting her some slack

as far as the whole
i think it is a good group
got my interest

but too bad so far
none have been nearly as fun
as our own chris sligh

Carrie said...

Chris, I think the girls were by far better than the guys, sorry to say, but this definitely is NOT the BEST TOP 24 EVER. I think they say that every year just to keep people watching. I'm glad you were easy on Brooke. I was hoping she'd come out with an instrument but didn't, so maybe next time. Syesha isn't really one of my favorites because to me, she tends to "shout" when she sings. I really like her personality though, so I won't mind if she sticks around, I'd just like to her sing more than yell.

Maybe it was just me who noticed but Kristy Lee kept making weird faces when she was singing... opening her eyes really wide, kinda like the one guy who auditioned and looked angry/possessed when he sang. Sick or not, I think she is pretty much only able to sing "Amazing Grace."

I don't get the Carly love at all. TPTB just want her to make the finale so they can profit on her, apparently. She was pretty bad last night so when the judges were all OMG CARLY YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!! I had to walk away from the TV because um what?

If/when Brooke goes home, I'm not even going to be excited for this season anymore. At least with last year, I had a few people I was excited to see every week. Brooke is my ONLY favorite this season. If she doesn't make top 10, I won't be going to that tour.

Amy Davis needs to go home.

Carrie said...

Also, Chris, I know you said you liked Brooke in the beginning. She is a mormon but said in an interview that she doesn't want to discuss her religion on the show because she doesn't want that to what people focus on when viewing her in the competition. Wasn't what that you said last year?

ChrisSligh said...


I think the girls were not as good as the guys. The guys at least had 2-3 standouts. Not one of the girls stood out. They were all either bad or just bleh...At least the guys had some standouts, which makes it a better show.

And kudos to Brooke.


Carmen said...

I couldn't agree with your more about Brooke. I love her. Just for your info, David A. is also a Mormon.

I find it interesting that if someone is in the public eye and happens to be a "Mormon" (it is actually called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints") that there is something said about it. This was the case with Mitt Romney when he was running for the Republican Nomination. The guy could not hardly ever talk without someone asking about his religion.
You hardly ever see folks bring up the fact that someone who is in the public eye is a Baptist, Luthern Episcopal or Methodist etc. I really don't get what the big deal is about someone being a Mormon. It is not like the religion is obscure. It is the 4th largest religion in the United States and is one of the fastest growing religions world wide. There are a lot of famous people who are Mormons. Some that you might be surprised by..Ever heard of Gladys Knight??

I am glad that Brooke took the stand that she did. I just wish people would not make such a fuss out of whether someone is of a paticular religion. It really isn't that big of a deal nor should itever matter--- be it politics or American Idol


Keri said...

It is stated that someone is Mormon for the same reason it is stated when someone belongs to the Church of Scientology. Compared to the traditional religons they are both very new and both keep a lot of their practices secret to outsiders. Some of their ideas are very different and if a small group of people came up with these ideas today they might even be called a cult.
I don't say this to dismiss or degrade their beliefs - just my opinion on why it is an issue with some people.

risalea said...

I think a lot of the girls have gotten close...there sure were a lot of tears tonight. I had been thinking a kinder, gentler Simon had emerged until I heard his parting comments to Colton. How mean can you get to tell someone to go home and get a job right before he has to sing?

Starting with 60's week was dumb. I, too enjoyed watching performers do their own thing. Good grief, we wouldn't have heard Chris sing "Trouble" if he had been slapped with a theme from the get-go.

And just a side would be a wondrous thing to me if all those who believe in Christ could just be called Christians.

IknowIam said...

I was 100% accurate with my predictions as to who was going home tonight!! ISN'T THAT EXCITING!?!? (not really. lol)

I'm so excited to see all those go home (with maybe the exception of Joanne since she wasn't bad AT ALL).

Anyway, I have a question for you all. Can you see any difference between Kady Malloy, Kristy Lee Cook, and Alaina Whitiker? They all just seem like another face in the crowd and very typically blonde with that typical singer voice going on. I just don't see how they differ from each other as far as personallity, singing, and character.

Unfortunately, Risa, many people who call themselves "Christian" will end up going to hell. Matthew 7 makes that very very clear. There will be people who did so many good and wonderful things in the name of Christ, and yet God will say to them on that day, "Depart from me, you worker of lawlessness. I never knew you."

Believing in Christ isn't enough, sadly. Even satan believes in Him...

Brenda said...

Luke was safe! Woo-hoo! I was not sad to see Colton and Garrett go home. I won't miss Amy either. But I wanted Joanne to stay, so I'm sad for her.

I have a lot of favorites, but those 3 out of 4 weren't them.

-Di. said...

First off I'd like to say that I am shocked that Joanne Borgella went home. While her performance was underwhelming I would have liked to have seen what she could do. She was one of my early favorites.

I am not as impressed with the men as I was last year. I found your audition on youtube and was reminded why I became a fan. There is certain quality about your voice that is amazing. I think you could sing the phone book and I'd buy it.

I'm just happy that the women made things exciting for me. It would be interesting to see your take on the women. I think the stronger vocalist are the women. It will be interesting to see how they all develop.


Badpacifist said...

My wife says I am insensitive because I said there are actually eleven women and nine men. Maybe I am. Was sad to see Joanne go, given the right moment she could have been a sight to see.

Carrie said...

I don't really get what that last comment meant about the girls and guys but between that and another earlier one on religion I'm kinda uncomfortable with furthering much discussion. I'm not being insensitive or angry or anything, I just think some things are better left not brought up because someone may be insulted.

All I can really say is that I predicted: Amy, Joanne and Garrett. I had expected Chikiezie instead of Colton, but when watching his sing out, I can see why he was sent home. The first time I saw the guys sing I was pretty sick.

rosalee said...

I was satisfied with the contestants that were eliminated tonight, but I think they were the obvious ones to go first anyway.

Yes, the guys have the 3 standouts, but the rest are just average. I feel that the girls on the other hand, have many above-average singers, and that's why it's harder to pick one that stands out. I liked Alaina, Carly, Asia'h, Syesha and Ramiele. Brooke was "pleasant" and probably has more potential than she showed last night. Amanda is okay, but she may end up being in too much of a niche. Alexandrea was also okay. She had more showmanship than most of them - she sort of reminded me of Stephanie Edwards' performances.

My husband thinks that Alaina and Kady were separated at birth...

I'm also glad that Luke is getting a second chance - not that I expect him to get to the top....

Anything can happen. These contestants have to prove that they are consistent, and that will be proven or disproven in time.

risalea said...

Oh, now, let's not hold it against these girls just cause some are cute and blonde. I just hate when people do that to me!


IknowIam said...

To be fair, I'm kind of glad Luke is getting a second chance too. Same for Jason Yeager. They seemed to have had a bad night..which we're all entitled to now and then.

You know?

IknowIam said...

As for the girls, I'll just say it right here and now to let you all know where I'm coming from.

I'm not a big fan of blondes. In fact, I can't stand most of them. (Brooke is an exception because she doesn't look like shes the type of person who would lay down with her boyfriend the first chance she got.) Kristy Lee Cook and Kady Malloy are prime examples. Like I said before...America doesn't need ANOTHER young blonde with thin, smoothed out eyebrows and a generic sounding voice to be at the top, influencing children to become the next generation of prostitutes. (Christina Aguilera).

Carrie said...

I'm glad you left Brooke out of that -- Brooke is a married woman and stated that if Idol doesn't work out for her, she's going to start a family of her own. I really don't think hair color has anything to do with a woman's "morals," but maybe that's just me.

Not all blonde singers are inspiring "prostitutes" either. Carrie Underwood seems decent. Taylor Swift is another one who comes to mind. Sure, some other celebrities are iffy, but there are a lot of brunettes etc who are just as bad.

risalea said...

Gosh, Norm, don't be afraid to give your opinion! LOL

I'm sure you didn't mean that as harsh as it sounded. Obviously, the color of someone's hair has nothing to do with the state of that person's morals.

Britney is a good example...she's been blonde, brunette, and even bald!

You may not like the singing style of the AI girls you mentioned, but let's not judge them based on their looks!

gdahimself said...

To Norm,
From GDA,

It is supposed to be about talent, poise, and the ability as performer to entertain. Comments about appearance come off as being superfical at the least, sexist at worst.

You probably lost some standing with present company.

Cathy Storms said...

Hey Chris~They played Graham Colton's song again at the end of idol. WooHoo!!!
What a great start to a rainy day...I'm listening to Chris on KLOVE..It doesn't get any better than this....

HstryQT said...

Random off topic question...

Have any of you been bombarded by people asking you about this AI season, "because they know how into it you were last season." ?

It's like this year my opinion is golden. And everyone wants to talk to me about this season because they KNOW how into AI I am. And last year I knew every little back stage tid bit and interesting detail.

I've had to explain a bazillion times already, "Last year I was super excited about Chris Sligh. This year is different. I'm not as excited." And people are like "WHAT???!!!???" Sorry to disappoint folks..

I end up just rambling on about how Chris' career is taking off and they really need to check out his music. hehe :).

Cathy Storms said...

Lori~I thought it was just me. But yes, people ask me questions all the time about the contestants and the show this year. I tell them the same thing. Last year was special. This year, not so special... They ask me "so, who is going to win"? Then I tell them about the picnic coming up and that Chris will be on this radio station or that radio station. To funny.....

HstryQT said...

Haha that's SO what I do. Too funny Cathy.

Oh yea I also direct them to Chris' EW articles if they want a good opinion, rather than mine. That's good Chris promotion too :D.

Crystal said...

I'm living overseas, so I've been YouTubing every American Idol performance since this season began, and I send weekly commentary to my sisters who are watching at home.

After the top 24 performed on stage for the first time, I commented on all of them before I read any other articles on the nights, and I was quite pleased to find that my opinions matched those of most other critics, including yours.

For ONE thing, I think that last year's contestants made up the best Top 24 the show has ever seen. Last year's contestants displayed unparalleled talent, personality, and humility (with the exception of a few, perhaps). I'd give up half the girls this season to have Melinda back, and Blake's creativity outshined almost all the guys this season, barring Jason Castro, and heck, Josiah Leming who is in the Top 24 (Top 12, Top 8, Top 3...) in spirit in my book.

And I'm sure you're getting this a lot, but let me say thanks for your unashamedly Christian attitude and lifestyle even during all of your career success. It's truly refreshing.

Cathy Storms said...

Just heard Chris sing "Empty Me" on KLOVE...Wow....

Anonymous said...

I just heard it too, Cathy.
And I am still hopping around with a goofy smile on my face!!

I was in and out of my car so missed a LOT of the interview. Drats! Am rushing off again right now but was wondering if anyone knows a place online that I can hear the whole interview. I don't have time to peruse KLOVE sight.

What I heard was him doing Empty Me live (SO BEAUTIFUL) and a little talk afterwards on BJU and then I heard much later him doing Are You Pleased (again, phenomonal) and then they played the recorded version of Empty Me.
I just hate that I missed so much talk. But I was having breakfast w/my lifelong best friend who was visiting from Maine so I can't complain TOO loudly. But as always I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Now we're off to a day at IKEA!
Fun, fun, fun.

Cathy Storms said...

Slimpickins~They said they were going to put it on the best of..

I am so pumped!!Chris was awesome on the radio today.....I had it turned up really loud at work & made everyone be quiet and listen...

IknowIam said...

Carrie, I'm glad I left Brooke out of that too, mainly because from what I've seen and learned about her, I can discern that she's not 'that' way. Good for her and her good upbringing.

GDA, please. I can not be held responsible for how you interpret what I say or how I say it. "Sexist at worst"? Give me a break.

If you would simply take a look at what the younger generations of kids in this forsaken country have been influenced by, for what they REALLY are, you'd understand, at best agree with me.

For one, I'm appalled at the life styles most celebrities live by (blondes included). Just take a look at Brittany's life...Lindsay Lohan (even not a blonde), Christina Aguilera, Hillary Duff.. And they come from the Disney Corporation! A business that is determined to be affiliated with something called "Family Values".

Ever take a look at Christina's lyrics? I've seen children as young as 8 years old dancing to that filth that promotes sexual intimacy.

So, I can say that after taking a look at where the media is (and it IS going to get worse), I'm at a good place to judge every celebrity (or soon to be celebrity) by their characteristics and by the reputation that proceeds them. Just take a look on youtube of Kristy Lee Cook's past.

I do apologize for sounding sexist to you. But keep in mind that this is a superficial country with superficial ethics. I give it 3 years before churches are being led by strippers.

Too late-

I'm not interested in defending my "standing with present company". I let the media and all its filth speak for me.

Jason said...

Chris was amazing on Klove today...Having the backing of John and Sherry will really help him go far, they are pretty much the who's who on what music is big in christian radio...John said they were going to do some interview material after they went off the air for 20 the most likely they will be playing "empty me" on that show too.(which is played on almost every station that plays CCM music)

Carianne said...

First of all, I am thoroughly disgusted that someone would judge a persons morality on their hair color. Like hair color really has anything to do with how slutty a person is? That is the most shallow thing I've heard in a while. Secondly, I think Alaina Whitaker and Brooke White both seem like really sweet girls. (I can't say anything about the other two blondes cause I haven't seen enough of them)... and yes, I can tell the difference between Kady, Kristy, and Alaina.

As for the top 24, I think the guys were much better than the girls. Maybe it was because the girls were sick, but there were only 2 performances I can even say I liked. The guys seemed positively scared stiff, but I at least thought most of them (goodness knows not all of them!) sounded better than the girls.
Also, I wasn't sad to see any of those 4 go home(although I was kind of rooting for Jason Y and Amanda... Chris, I think I might have a problem reading your reviews if you keep complimenting her LOL)

debjinal said...

Personally I think a person, male or female, short or tall, thick or thin, blonde or brunnette should be judged by their actions and not by their physical attributes. It's prejudice in it's purest form to judge anyone based on the color of their skin, eyes, or hair.

Just sayin.

rosalee said...

Gee - I'm glad that nobody is saying anything about redheads.(lol)

Today is the day that "Empty Me' is officially released to all Christian radio stations (not just K-LOVE). Please urge everyone to call in to their local stations and request it. Again, here is the link for Christian radio stations by state:

IknowIam said...

You're absolutely correct, Deb, 100%.

And I apologize if my comments and opinions came off to some of you as down right wrong.

See, I do not judge people by their HAIR COLOR, because that would be silly. Sillier than judging by the color of skin or shoe string.

So many people are afraid of being looked on as judgmental when the cold hard fact is that everybody, regardless of political standing, judges. Yes, we SHOULD judge people by their actions and their words. Because the words and actions of people are the perfect barometer of the condition of one's heart. And maybe I was a little TOO hasty in talking about Alaina because I haven't seen too much of her yet. Nor have I seen too much of Ramiele either, or Asia'h.

So many people will say, "You can't judge me according to my actions because you can't look into my heart!"
Well, we don't really HAVE to look into your heart, because your actions and words (referring to those to like to use swear words) reflect what your heart truly is like!

Anyway, I like Brooke because she doesn't walk around in tight clothing, causing men to lust after her like Kristy does (again, referring to a video I found on youtube of Kristy Cook). I find behavior like that offensive not only to my eyes, but to my conscience. And that is what we should be aware of.

And Carrie, I just read your early comment to this post, and I agree. After watching an interview of David Cook, he does seem to be quite smug.

Badpacifist said...

smug (smg)
adj. smug·ger, smug·gest
Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one's situation; self-righteously complacent:

What an offensive word to be throwing around. The reason this word offends me is because that is exactly what a few on the Idol boards were saying about Chris last year. You see they made a mistake because they didn't understand his wit or humor. Don't make the same mistake.

IknowIam said...

Chris? Smug?

WHAT?!?!?! I never heard anything about this. I should slap those people on the AI boards. Geez.

Personally, I think humility is a wonderful thing. But I don't think people should be so humble as to ignore their own stature. Being too aware of ones self worth is what I consider to be smug, which seems to be pretty close to that definition.

Some people would say Danny is smug, personally, I think he's just trying to stand out and be noticed. But time will tell. I might grow to dislike him. Until then, I don't see why people pick on him so much.

Carrie said...

Chris and David are nothing alike. I still think David Cook is a tool, sorry! And some people hate Danny because he's openly gay.

IknowIam said...

But that would be judgmental and superficial, Carrie. Nothing wrong with being openly gay, now!! We don't like that. LOL jk(sorry, had to add that in)

So anyway, I thought you were saying that he sounded like TOOL..the band. haha

Danny does seem to be too much in tune with his feminine side. Has he professed to be gay or something?

debjinal said...


I had hoped that was the point that you were trying to make, I think it just came out wrong.

BTW I am blonde, but to be fair, it's just covering the gray:)

gdahimself said...

To Carrie,
From GDA,

Please define j/k

To Norman,

What do you thing about how the media covers celebrities?

Carrie said...

j/k means just kidding. :)

And yeah, Danny is openly gay. I guess Colton is, too, but I didn't know that until I read his forum. Not that it matters to me, anyway. I like Danny. He isn't the best vocalist, but he's entertaining. He made what was a sort of boring night to me more entertaining, anyway.

IknowIam said...

GDA, depending on which media reference you are talking about.


Personal media (concerts, shows, albums, E! Interviews, etc.)??

I think it's quite obvious that the vast amount of celebrities under the spotlight don't condone themselves the way they should.

However, I find it much more mind numbing that the news media don't cover the good actions in celebrities like the numerous contributions of Denzel Washington to charities. From what I know, his own money goes into those charities..and the most news coverage he gets is the local paper of whatever town he's in. I don't think that's right. But I don't think it's wrong either because if he went out of his way to let it be known that he's doing those good things, then it would all be in vain.

Like I said before, humility is a wonderful thing. Just too much of it can hinder the power behind the message.

gdahimself said...

To Norman,
From GDA,

News in regard to celebrities, seems to be increasingly following much in Confidential traditon, which largely exist for entertainment.

From Wikipedia: : “Confidential was a magazine founded in December 1952 by Robert Harrison. The magazine was a pioneer in scandal, gossip, and exposé..."


Which, unhappily as you observed, makes "good actions in celebrities like the numerous contributions of Denzel Washington to charities" to them of minor interest.

I don't believe just because your a public person all aspects of your private life should be invaded under guise the people's right to know.

risalea said...

Dang it, if y'all want to have a busy day on the blog, just ask me to go to work. I've been in a meeting since 10 and the blog has been a hoppin'! But if I was sitting at the desk with the computer open--nothing! LOL

I hope to catch Chris's song on the radio this far, I haven't heard it, but I'm sure I've just been listening at the wrong times. I am in the midst of finding contact info for all the local Christian stations, as not all have websites.

Hope y'all have a blessed and wonderful weekend. Risa

IknowIam said...

I believe quite the contrary, to some extent.

For me to be a devoted follower of any celebrity and their message (for singers, its the message behind the lyrics, for writers, its the message behind their novels, for actors, its the message behind what movies they choose to be a part of), I'd have to know nothing about them. Cause if I was a devoted follower of, say, Harrison Ford, and he was a member of a cult that sacrificed 3 year old children to appease the god of chap-stick, then I'd be crazy to follow him knowing this information.

Now, granted, not ALL private, personal, etc info is needed. But just take a look at Bill Clinton for example. Many people considered him to be a relatively moral fellow. Then the whole thing happened with him and that intern and it all got turned upside down for the most part.

So to be a bit more specific in explanation, we only need to know the basic truths about a person before we can decide to follow them (whether it just be listening to their music, reading their books, or even watching their movies/shows). I, for one, would no longer even have any respect for Chris Sligh if I found out he was some drunkard at night, beating up homeless. And I'd discontinue listening to his music because of it.

So I guess as far as celebrity knowledge goes, ignorance is bliss. lol

But sometimes you just can't help but notice things like Christina Agiulera's lyrics and how they are filled to the brim with sexual sensuality!!

And it's a SHAME that parents let their little children listen to it and then those same parents wonder why their daughters grow up to be pregnant teenagers, or why their teenage sons are now fathers at the age of 15 (sometimes younger).

Everything in the media (Especially the Disney Channel) is based around sensuality that is sickens me. Ever watch The Sweet Life of Zac and Cody? Sure, it seems innocent enough, but the character level of the characters in that show are morally repugnant. Kids as young as 13, making out with each other is just wrong. Some of the things we see on the Disney Channel would be considered pornography by the secular demographic 50 years ago...

And I refuse to be behind anything that has such a destructive message, especially when it's wrapped up in such an innocent package. Because then the people who buy into it are led astray and are ultimately destroyed.

IknowIam said...

Also, I have a new photo of myself.

ENJOY IT!! lol

gdahimself said...

To Norman,
From GDA,

The first two hypothetical examples cite criminal, if not felonious behavior that would be reported in the press about anyone, which wasn’t meant.

What I had in mind was more along the lines if, Madonna goes into hospital to have a cyst removed and elected not to make it public then it shouldn’t be splashed on the news. Or if Kevin Whoever is unable to father children… Our lives gain nothing from such information.

In regard to Christina Aguilera’s lyrics and Disney’s products having such overt regressions of propriety then it is up to the parents to check out and, if need be, to censure what their children are being entertained by.

There has been criticism that homes that have both parents working full time, that children aren’t likely to have enough guidance or monitoring of activities.