Monday, February 11, 2008

Initial Response

Just a quick note: we're getting back the initial response of radio programmers about "Empty Me" and it is overwhelmingly good. Program directors seem to LOVE the song and the vocal performance on the song. Obviously, it's encouraging to hear back these initial reports! So much hard work has gone into this album that to have a number one would be incredible.

One industry veteran wrote, "This is one of my favorite songs and vocal performances of my whole career...and I have been doing this a long...long...long time."

Another one said, "If this song doesn't chart within 2-3 weeks of release, then I've lost touch with the industry I've been a part of for over 20 years...this is a huge hit!"

And finally, a program director said, "This song is one of the best I've heard in years. The vocal performance on this one is incredibly powerful. If I don't add this song the first week, call me out on it because I've gone crazy."

These are just a few of the seems like every day more and more programmers are getting excited about this song! Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but the signs are looking good! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that more programmers catch the vision and like the song!


Cathy Storms said...

I am so excited for you. It actually brought tears to my eyes.
This is the most amazing news. Way to go Chris....

rosalee said...


I'm so happy for you!

We all knew that we had good taste!(lol)

Kevin said...

Good luck with the new single! If the radio doesn't start picking it up, then there's something wrong with music today.

Carianne said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that they love your song so much - It rocks. 'nuff said.

EmilyBoo said...

That's so great! I can't wait until I hear it in Detroit and on Sirius! Until then I'll keep listening on myspace!

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

That is GREAT! Here's to all the haters who thought you couldn't do it. :p

If you don't receive a Grammy next year, I'll have to make you one out of cardboard.

HstryQT said...


We all knew you could do it, but it's so great to hear such validating comments coming from the people who have so much say in getting your music out there to the masses. :)

Rebecca said...

That's so awesome, Chris! I'm excited for you. :)

debjinal said...

No surprise here. Like Lori said, validation is awesome isn't it?

Go Chris! Go Chris! Go Chris!

risalea said...

Well, duh!

: )

(my shortest comment ever. LOL)

Jason said...

Well of course...I have know you had great thing instore ever since i first heard you back in the day at NGC...

Jason said...

Any comments back from K-love???

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are amazing responses, hopefully the positive energy keeps up through the album release.

Lori-We have some progress! lol My sister is 1 cm dialated and 60% effaced. Hopefully her body will naturally go into labor this week but if not she has another ultrasound this saturday, if all is well then she'll be induced monday night. So at the very LATEST Amelia will be here next tuesday. It feels good to now have a final date :)

Kristi Mantoni said...

Good for you!! Keep it up!

risalea said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We love "Empty Me"
And the programmers do, too!

(you knew I couldn't stop with a two word response, didn't you? LOL) more!

There once was a singer named Chris,
His first song we knew couldn't miss.
He wrote "Empty Me"
We all said, "yippy!"
Cause a song from the heart is a gift.

(I know...I shouldn't give up my day job.)

Nique's Nana said...

So very proud of you Chris!

Carrie said...

Hahaha, Risa. A+

Badpacifist said...

I have never listened to so much K-love ever. I just keep missing it.
When I do hear it on the radio I will be lifting my pipe wrenches and doing a funny little dance in your honor. Now just so you don't get the wrong mental picture my shirt is always tucked properly.

Nita said...

I wish we had a K-love station in Vermont. I am very excited for you Chris. I know you will have a number 1. You are gonna be a big star.

I can't wait to have my first Chris Sligh cd.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, oh man! It's great to read those comments! Haven't heard it on KLOVE yet but the day I do...well...let's just say I hope I'm not driving! :o)

The world is about to discover our diamond in the rough.

here i go with all my thoughts said...

Chris, this is such amazing news! I keep reading wonderful comments about your single and about the interview you did in Nashville. Quick question- has anything been discussed about you touring? I'm anxious to see you live!

Anonymous said...

hey chris!
i'm loving the new single! it's greatt! makes me more excited for the new album. just wanted to tell you melinda's new version of "my funny valentine" was released to itunes today! i'm sure you already know, but thought i would tell you!

Carmen said...

I am not surprised that you received this kind of feedback. Empty Me is an awesome song.
I know it has to feel good to get those kind of reports back after all the hard work you have put into it.
I see only more great things happening for you Chris.


Jason said...

Has anyone heard the song on klove other than when they played it last friday??? I keep requesting it, but i guess i miss it everytime?

ChrisSligh said...


Don't worry if you don't hear the song a ton...they're mainly playing it just on the morning show. Feb 15, they are adding it to rotation on KLOve then it goes everywhere Feb 22


Tom in ATL said...

Hey Dude -

Congrats - glad to see the world waking up to what your bloggin buds have seen for a long time.

Flu has knocked me out too for last week or so - lots of bad stuff going around -

No Klove in ATL - can I request the single at any other Christian Radio stations? (In ATL it's 104.7 - the FISH)

Peace -

Tom in ATL

risalea said...

Hey, Chris and friends....Please continue to keep Amanda in your thoughts and prayers...she's back in the hospital, again running a fever. I got a text from her mom this afternoon. She has been back and forth with the fever thing, and has recently had to be in isolation due to a stubborn infection. It's been about 4 months since Amanda started this transplant process. That's a long time. She's very excited about the picnic, and I'm praying that her health will allow her to attend. I know a card would encourage her. (She has had computer issues the last few days.) You can write her at Amanda Jones, St. Jude Childrens Research Hostpital, Target House II, 1811 Poplar Ave., Rm 515 Memphis, TN 38104
Thanks, friends! Risa

rosalee said...

Well, it's Hollywood week. And one year ago.....

risalea said...

AH, memories....that was so good, this year's contestants will be hard pressed to beat that Hollywood performance! Thanks for the link, Rosalee. Risa

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Chris/Blake/Rudy/Tom the other day, they kicked @$$. I actually didn't really like the format of having them be able to play an instrument because no one really did it well so it was pointless. My favorite tonight (not surprisingly) was David Archuleta. I've loved his voice for years.

HstryQT said...

Watching this year's contestants get to play instruments just embitters me. We all know Chris would've rocked out even MORE had he had his guitar; why'd they have be stingy on our Season 6-ers? Has me wondering if they'll let them have instruments in the next performances too. *Grumble*

debjinal said...


I'm sorry to hear about Amanda. I will drop her a card in the mail today. Poor kid.

As for AI, I actually like quite a few of the contestants this year. I didn't expect to and I guess in a way didn't want to, but I do. Like Lori, I am more than a little ticked that they are allowing them to use instruments this year but hey, maybe Chris is the reason they allowed it this year.

I firmly believe Chris is on the path that God planned for him so I know he will do spectatcular in spite of AI's attempt to stifle him.

Happy Wednesday!

rosalee said...

This is for anyone who is interested in finding out a little about how radio listening is measured.
The reason Chris said that his song is being played in the morning is because that is when most people are listening. The 6AM – 10 AM time slot is the busiest time - when you get the most exposure.

Arbitron American Radio Listening Trends reports the radio listening habits of people in 94 markets across the country. They use 230,000 people as “diary keepers” and then project those habits onto another 141 million people age 12 and up. Approximately 2500 radio stations are involved in this Arbitron research. Measurements are summarized quarterly (spring(SPYY)/summer (SUYY)/fall(FAYY)/winter(WIYY)). The reports use a mix of Demographic (sex/age), Format (type of music) and Daypart (time period) parameters to create their results. (Warning – this topic on statistics can be very dry):

Read the FAQS section for background and look at the three reports listed (Format, Audience Composition, People Using Radio). You can change report parameters in the drop-down boxes to obtain different report results. For example, with the Format report, you can compare how many people listen to each type of music. Results are either in a percentage (AQH Rating) or number of people (AQH Persons – add 00 to get the correct number)

Radio and Records Statistics

R&R has some general Market statistics that you can sort by rank/population, state etc.. Just click on the Ratings tab to see this:

If you want to see how a specific song is doing, for example Phil’s new single, go to the Charts tab and click on Country from the drop-down box to see this:

You will see statistics for song ranking, number of plays, audience, as well as other categories such as most increased number of plays, most radio stations added, etc.
Of course, the song has to be high enough up on the charts to make these lists.

Well, that's it. I hope I haven't bored everyone too much with this.

Carrie said...

As much as I would have loved to see Chris playing his instruments on AI, I believe that everything worked out the way it did for a reason. For one, I can't really see him as close to anyone from this season as he was from the last. He was able to play guitar on the tour, so I find that a blessing in it's own because it showcased his talent pretty well. I guess for me, I believe that things happen for a reason and thinking too much about changing the past isn't good. Chris is ready to show us that it doesn't matter if you place 10th or first in the competition as long as you have the skills to succeed. Also, sure, they used instruments this year but they only showed them sucking so it kinda takes away from the whole point, don't you think? Chris would have kicked everyone to the curb.

rosalee said...

The last part of that last link is


risalea said...

Rosalee said: "The reason Chris said that his song is being played in the morning is because that is when most people are listening. The 6AM – 10 AM time slot is the busiest time - when you get the most exposure."

Makes sense...that's when folks are in their cars heading to work, school, etc. I would think that the 4-6 pm "afternoon drive time" slot would be pretty busy, too.

And on the instrument thing...while I think it would have helped Chris with his stage presence in the beginning, because he was used to singing with his honestly distracted me somewhat last night from the singing itself. Maybe because it wasn't stellar, as Tawny said. I liked the little David guy, too. And I have to say, Josiah didn't do much for me. I think that's one of those AI "keep him on because his story is good ratings" things. I just hope this AI exposure gets him out of living in a car!

Like DJ, I didn't really want to get into Idol this year, and here I am watching away. But, I really haven't found anyone that has wowed me from the get-go like Chris did.
Hard to fill your shoes, Mr. Sligh!

EmilyBoo said...

Agreed, risalea! I've been watching AI since season 2, and with the exception of Chris, I've never had someone who has knocked my socks off in their audition and remained my favorite throughout the season.

I emailed the host of the praise music show at our local Christian station (which is not KLove,) to tell her I hope to hear Chris on her show as soon as the single is available to her, and she wrote me back saying she forwarded my request to her music director. !!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear Empty Me over the airwaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandmoran said...

arise. something beautiful
waiting for you, are you pleased?
love is raining down

potential vessel
empty me in a moment
let you know I'm clean

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think I just heard that song on your myspace, it's beautiful! We are ready for our next Chris Sligh CD, we've worn the the other one out! I haven't visited your blog in awhile, but it looks like everything is going beautifully for you guys! I am so happy and proud of y'all!
Blessings & Peace

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS SONG! Im so inspired by it, and im so happy to see that Chris's amazing voice will not go unheard, Im a huge fan. Congrats Chris!!!