Friday, February 08, 2008


The blog looks really different, as you can tell.

I've consolidated quite a few posts together to make the move from here to in the near future a little easier.

The blog will be moving over there and will be free to take part in. We will also have forums over there, so more of the open heart discussion stuff will take place in the forum while the blog will be more of a place for entertainment/fun. Don't be sad, people! Over there will be much better and easier than blogger.

So, since it's kind of a blank slate, maybe give ideas of what we could do over there better. I'm not saying we'll take every idea, of course, but you guys might find something very cool.


risalea said...

Hey, it would only be sad if we had to leave anyone behind, and since the blog will be free, there's no reason for anyone to be left out.

This wouldn't really be on the blog per se, but Amanda had posted up a link to a mapping site where her friends can pinpoint themselves on a map. I think Melinda D. has a version of that on her myspace. I think that's a fun way to show your widespread fanbase, and would be great somewhere on the site.

Other ideas...a place for fans to post their Chris Sligh photos and contests for points to get prizes (stole that from Chris Young). OK, well none of that has to do with ideas for the blog/forums. I think it's great to have a place where a reader will feel comfortable posting prayer requests and other such things, and then also a spot that stays fun and informative.

The blog really has become like a family, and I only see this move as helping the family G-R-O-W! Risa

Cathy Storms said...

How about a store where we could order shirts, CD's, anything Sligh..
A pre-order for the new CD would be cool. Maybe if you order early, you get an autograph. (I stole that from Graham Colton).
As Risa said, a place for Sligh pictures, with a tour and the picnic coming up I'm sure we will have a ton of pictures to post.
I feel like were moving a new house...
I love it...

Carrie said...

Well I hope we have a forum and stuff to talk about things other than you, Chris. I mean no offense but I love talking about music and other things as well so that would be fun. I'm sure there will be a forum, though.

I'm just glad I won't be left out.

debjinal said...

Cathy fab ideas, love the Sligh store. I don't care where we go as long as everyone is there and we can still post.