Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coming Up!

So, it was great to see Risa and Candy this weekend!  Seriously, we've gotta get to Little Rock because it is not fair that you have to drive so far to come and see me.

But then, Carmen has driven way further...so, you know what, Risa, quit your complaining!  LOL

Seriously, though...Candy and Risa, thanks for coming out...it means the world to me.

So, coming up is some cool stuff:

Thursday, is Bowling Green...that's gonne be a cool show.  I think some of management and booking are gonna be there.  Plus, they have sold a buncha tickets already, supposedly!  So, it should be a big ol' great show!  And...Jason Walker is going out with us for like 10 days!  This will be the first show he'll be playing with us.

Then Friday we travel to KC, MO!  I'm pumped!  I haven't been to KC in about 10 years...it'll be cool to see friends again!  So, we'll hang out on Friday night, then Saturday is the KC Royals game.  I'm doing an acoustic opening set in front of Natalie Grant...so that'll be awesome.  Plus, I get to go to a Royals game.  I used to go see Bo Jackson and George Brett play!  It'll be cool to go see the Royals again.

Then Sunday, I play a church in Lenexa, KS.  We are playing at Lenexa Baptist Church.  I'll do a coupla songs in the morning service, then a show for the evening service that night at 5pm.  Then as soon as we finish, we load up and drive 14 hours to Greenville, SC.  Fun!

I have to be there at 10am to do chapel for North Greenville University.  Then that night at 7pm we do a show for the students.  So, that'll be fun!

Then, while Clint has to go back and practice with another artist he's playing with in October, the rest of us get 2 days off in Greenville!  It'll be great to see old friends and my brother!  

So, that's what's upcoming!


chamilton said...

You are so welcome. Thank you for having shows close enough that I can come and see you because it really is cool to get to hang out, listen to some great music, meet some great people and have the chance to make new friends from all over the the country via the blog. Take care and safe travels.


rosalee said...

Little Rock? What about New York??
(I see New York on your calendar maybe in 2010, or whenever your next CD comes out.)(lol)

Christian Family Radio has been giving you a nice promotional boost for the Bowling Green show. It must be paying off.

Well, I guess Rollie Fingers won't be at that Royals game. Have fun with Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato.

NOW you mention Lenexa!

While you're in the Greenville area, wanna pay a visit to Harry's son and our grandkids? (LOL)

gdahimself said...


I trust you meant New York city, i.e Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn.
NJPAC in Newark would be great.
Maxwell's in Hoboken and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park may be to small for a club date.
Connecticut is rather a long trip for a three song set.
The prospect of travelling to Buffalo (Sorry Carrie) or Rochester being the nearest date puts rather a damper on things.
I'm not exactly the globetrotting type like Carmen or Risa.

rosalee said...

I meant metro NY/NJ/CT.

We will have to check about that original statement about three songs. The Ledyard Fair site says that Justin, Diana and Chris will be there from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM with a meet and greet to follow. Sounds like more than a 3 song set to me.

Badpacifist said...

Cool Lenexa Baptist Church I'll be there too for the 5:00 show! Have to go to my own church in the morning. For Clintster the address is 15320 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219, or the website is


DJ in AL said...


Bo Jackson, man the early 80's were the days at Auburn, you have to know, Bo Jackson is a hero in Auburn and incidentlly from Bessemer, AL which is "right down the road". You see, I knew you were an Auburn fan long before you said you were in your B'ham interview. Course at the time, you probably were thinking, hmm....how do I answer this loaded question? In AL it is all about college football, there is nothing else (literally).

BTW you just made Candy, Risa and Carmen's day, you realize that a shout out in a blog post from you is like, I dunno, winning the lottery? Ok, so well, not quite that great, but I'm sure on their top 5 list!

See ya on Sept. 13th! I am borrowing my friend's Youth Group and hopefully can get them on board and down to the concert too. And this should get Risa more recognition, she is driving down too!

Man, what's up with your fans dude? Seriously loyal.

risalea said...

Ok, ok, point taken, but I hate to have to borrow from my CD account to pay my gasoline bill! And I've decided friend Carmen has an inheritance stashed away somewhere earmarked for Sligh concerts! : ) It actually wasn't a bad drive, I got a chance to see the extremely moving OKC National Memorial, and got to meet and spend time with Candy. Oh, yea, and then there was that awesome show! And I am going to B'ham to visit sista' DJ. At least there I won't have to put up with hotel proprietors trying to regulate my breakfast menu! LOL

Randy and Clintster, have a blast at the shows in Kansas City and Lenexa. Chris, enjoy your time in Greenville with family and friends. Gosh, that's a bit of a drive...at least you have some North Little Rock, AR cookies to snack on along the way. : ) Take Care!!

DJ in AL said...


Ha! Not to worry, I have already begun stocking my refrigerator with bacon, sausage, ham, grits, bisquits, pancakes, eggs and .....did I forget any other high-fat food group?

If I'm not mistaken AL, was in the top 5 "fattest" cities in the USA, last time they did that enlightening survey. Big shock around here, I tell ya! LOL

Cathy Storms said...

Hey what about California? I realize how far they have all driven, but have any of them flown 3000 miles for a concert? No, I don't think so. lol..
Yep DJ, a shout out on the blog is so very cool.
Sept 13th? Where? I go back to work on the 15th so maybe I can come also.
Now how cool would that be?

DJ in AL said...


Chris is playing Sylacauga, AL on the 13th. Come on down! You know you are welcome!


Hischild said...

Man! Lots of faraway shows coming up and I have to tell myself, DON'T BE JEALOUS and remind myself how I had my weekend in July. I *do* get some satisfaction reading of the fun my friends have had though.  Thanks for posting your experiences.Randy, glad to see it's your turn! Enjoy!  Clap and sing along for me!~clarissa

risalea said...

You might want to check out Chris Richardson's latest blog on myspace where he talks about a fulfilling trip and he mentions our dear Amanda at the end.


Carrie said...

Eh, I've already kinda accepted that it's more than less likely Chris will be playing anywhere near me anytime soon and have stopped asking as well. Maybe in a few years I'll get a concert here. If not, that's cool, I'm glad to have gone to Nashville.

Carmen said...

I must admit that I have racked up the frequent flyer miles to see Chris in concert. For some reason after 19 concerts, I still have not gone to one here in Jacksonville which just so happens to be the largest city in Florida! Of course with hurricane Fay looking like she might grace our fair city, it is probably a good thing to avoid Jacksonville for now. However, I am working on something to get Chris here later in the year.

I wish I had a big inheritance to fund my Sligh travels!! Actually I am going to have to cut back due to lack of vacation days. I think Atlanta is my last concert for this year unless something comes up a little closer.

And yes DJ getting a shout out is pretty cool. Now if I could only win the lottery. Then I could quit work and just go to Sligh concerts!!! LOL



risalea said...
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risalea said...

Yum, DJ, can't wait! : ) Cathy, if you decide to come, we'll make space or you and I can get a hotel together.

GDA, you definitely should go to the Connecticut show. True, a limited set is not quite as awesome as the full one, but he's that close and Rosalee is going...I think you should go. I know Chris would love to meet you in person.

And Chris, I obviously am a little slow on the uptake. I read that you leave KS and drive 14 hours to Greenville. But I totally skipped the part about having to be in chapel in Greenville at 10 AM. Oh my! You guys be careful!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa & DJ~I am seriously thinking about it. I'm already checking airline tickets. lol...Thats the weekend hubby is going to Kansas City for the linemans rodeo, so who knows..it really all depends on what the doc has to say on monday.

GDA~You have to go. I recently saw Chris in Lake Arrowhead with a limited set, but it was awesome to say the least. And I know he would love to meet you in person. And you get to hang out with Rosalee. A total win-win situation.

Clintster said...

Well I have sure been lurking around here for way to long. Thank you to those who were able to find the info on the Lenexa, KS concert. I hope that I am able to go. If I am able to go I hope that I am able to meet Chris. I am sure they will have to be out the door to get to Greenville.

I became a Chris Sligh fan the moment that I saw him on AI. I talk about his music a lot and my wife can verify to that. I also got to sing "Empty Me" last Sunday at church. That song ministers to me every time I hear it. I try to check Chris's blog daily so I will try to comment as often as possible. I hope every one has a fabulous week.

DJ in AL said...

Clinster-welcome, and stop lurking dude, comment away!


Cathy Storms said...

Clintster~welcome..You must try as hard as you can to get to the show. You won't be disappointed. You'll get to meet Chris I am sure....

chamilton said...

Hey DJ,
If you are stocking up all that high fat food and there is a concert and getting to hang out with Miss Risa and meet others... I might have to come. HA HA. Take care everybody.

BTW, Huge thrill for the shout out on the blog. I have printed it out and hung it next to the pictures of Chris and I and the pictures of Miss. Risa, Chris, and I on my office wall.


rosalee said...

Welcome aboard, Clintster!
Gee - I can't help thinking about Chris's guitar player every time I see that name!

DJ -
Here's a promo for Sept 13th -


rosalee said...

Oh, and DJ -
Congratulations! (LOL)


DJ in AL said...


Come on down!


DJ in AL said...


Thanks for pointing that out, I had not noticed.

Cool, very cool!

risalea said...

Clintster--welcome to Fro Patro central and looking forward to reading your posts. Do go see Chris if at all possible...I bet you can meet him afterwards at his merchandise table...be sure and tell him you are a blog poster. We hold a special place in his heart. : )

Nique's Nana said...

Still nothing in SoCal - what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

*dances in*
The BowlingGreen show WAS great! :-)
I was there, close enough to pelt Chris with jellybeans if I'dve wanted to, and we had a wonderful time. The music sounded so awesome Live, I just really loved it. I felt very lucky to be there, and have such an opportunity.

These small Tour stops sponsored by ChristianFamilyRadio.com are really a nice thing. It gets the stations involved on a state to state level, and in our case at least, local TV stations too. I was terribly proud of our friend Chris, but you all must know that.
Good times.

Anonymous said...

PS. Pictures are up at MS--


We have small video too, if we can figure out how to do it...

rosalee said...

Bullyse -

That link will give us the error message, "Invalid Album id for this user".
(I think you were in "edit" mode - not "view" mode when you copied the link)

I did find you on Myspace, though, and got to see the pics. Very nice.

I think that this is the correct link:

Glad you had a good time. He puts on a great show, doesn't he?

risalea said...

Bullyse,thanks for sharing your pictures. Chris really does do an awesome show!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all--
Sorry about the non-working linkage. My mistake, but the Albums are all available at MS. I hope they made you smile.
Here's an interesting e-mail I got, thru the ticket sales people. It's something to consider, both for Chris-Promotion, as well as personal excitement:

"Did you take any pictures at the Back To School Tour? iTICKETS.COM is looking for pictures from events and we are even giving away a chance at some cool prizes for your effort. If you took some pictures tonight on a digital camera or your mobile phone and want to share them and want a chance to win prizes go to:

http://www.itickets.com/gallery/ and click on upload!

If not, that is fine, feel free to stop by the gallery anytime and browse the pics!



This e-mail was waiting for me, when I got home, that night! LOL. Talk about on-top-of-it! So, today maybe we'll get some of the photos sent in. Yesterday, I was all about the getting the news shared, and piccies uploaded for people to enjoy. :-)

I really wish I would have been able to make the Picnic this summer--would have been great to meet you all face to face. Since this will be a yearly thing(we hope) I do plan on coming next year. Surely the log-jam of obligations won't be with me again then. I really hated missing out.

Still thinking of you all with fondness--

risalea said...

I have a feeling our little picnic gathering is definitely growing next year. Definitely hope you can make it, along with our other blogger friends who couldn't come this year.

Cathy Storms said...

Bullyse~Thanks for sharing the pictures. They were really good. Yes, Chris puts on a really awesome show.