Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another New Song... up on

I really like this one...we have a big artist interested in doing it...I kind of hope he/she doesn't because I really want this song on my record...but, then again, money is good.

The song is called "When Did You Go?"

ETA: Lyrics

When Did You Go
Words and music by Chris Sligh & Jeff Spence

Oh, I hate it here without you

I guess I made it all about you

London’s cold and dark ‘cause you’re not here
It wasn’t long ago, I held you
Right here in this room, I felt you

Slip away, without a single step you disappeared

When did you go, when did you go…

When did you go, when did you go…

When did you go, when did you go away?

Was I careless, did I break it?
I always thought that we could make it

Was there something that I should have done?
If I could start from the beginning
Just rewind and know the ending

Would I see you leaving long before you were gone

Chorus x2

Whoa, I won’t come down until I find you

Whoa, are you looking for me, too?
Are you looking for me, too?
But if we’re really through,
Please tell me….



Hischild said...

I like it! (Haven't heard a bad one from you yet.) But I think maybe this would be better suited for a female to record. First time I've felt that w/any of your songs. Maybe because it seems it gets close to the top of your range in places.

It has that flyin down the road in a convertible feel to it.

Hischild said...

Ya know, Chris, I'm wondering if, at the end of your career/life you will end up having made more money as a songwriter or as a performer and recording artist. I think the future looks VERY bright for BOTH.

rosalee said...

Definitely let whoever you think can bring in more money record it.
Now who is the co-writer on this one? (??Spence)

ChrisSligh said...

A guy named Jeff Spence.


Badpacifist said...

Chris I like just hearing your voice but your songwriting is on fire both solo and partnering. You are going to have to share some of your babies with the world because well your're just kinda fertile and there will be so many more. I sure like the whoa oh ohs.

Badpacifist said...

This is kinda a private question so please delete it if you don't want any part of it here. Sometimes when you ask God for help it comes more like a fire hose than a trickle. Is this one of those times? This productions page is really become fun for me.

EmilyBoo said...

OK, I do love the song. But I don't feel like it's suited to your voice. So, since you are writing so many fabulous songs, I think you should share the love and let this one go to another artist. I certainly understand your love for the song though, and if you found a way to make this work better for your range, I'd be all for that, too.

And as always, thanks so much for sharing this part of the process with us and allowing us to share our opinions!

Cathy Storms said...

I can't listen to it till I get home from work but I was wondering how other artists hear your songs and put them on hold? Does it come from your publishing company or do you send it to artists that you think might be interested? How long can they keep them on hold till someone else can have them?
Ok, so I said one question but I was just wondering how that whole process works. Do other artists send you stuff (not that you need it)?

risalea said...

Another good one! I think it might be a little high for you to hit the highest notes in concert, unless you could put it in a lower key. I bet it is hard to give up your songs...they are your babies!

BTW, I am trying to upload to youtube some video from GABelleinOH (that would be my sister Cindy) from the 3rd and Lindsley concert. It seems like it is taking a LOOOOONG time, but I'm a newbie at this, so what do I know. I apologize in advance for the snippets that younger sister took of older sister trying to be the next Slighette background singer. LOL We've got 7
different segments to put up (thank you Lennon for getting these in the right format for sister needs a new camera!) I may just get one up...I've just been home a couple of hours and i have to leave in a couple more to hop on plane to Dallas, but if I don't get them all up, I'll get at them on Mon. Risa

Carrie said...

I really like this one! I'm trying to figure out how it would sound if sung by a female and I keep picturing Leona Lewis -- if the song is REALLY important than you, I'd say keep it, otherwise, let it go and know that you'll always get credit for it regardless and you can always write new songs.

Cathy Storms said...

I really love this song!! How soon will you know if the person who put it on hold will take it? It must be hard to let songs go after putting so much time and effort into them.

HstryQT said...

finally got a chance to listen when teddy wasnt sleeping right next to me. i like them both, too! definitely fun and different :).

i was confused at first because I was Chacha-ing (Im a Chacha guide, text 242242 and ask us anything and we'll answer you) while I was listening to them and I got a question about a band called the Pink Spiders and I had up their myspace page and I was like "This doesnt sound ANYTHING like Chris..." and then of course realized I had their song playing over your song. Silly myspace. But luckily my duh moment ended and I was able to listen to your songs for real :).

Cathy the pic of you and Chris you chose for blogger is so cute!

And in other news, sorry that Branson wont be working out :(. Im surprised they said they didnt have enough interest in it. Weird.

Cathy Storms said...

Thanks Lori~I love that picture. Your picture is too cute.
Have fun camping....
Chris~happy travels to Arizona...

Carrie said...

Hey Chris, I'm gonna be a pain now haha but um, lyrics, pls?

rosalee said...

Getting back to who records his song:

I feel that Chris has got to get practical about the money in order to reach his end goals. An established artist will get the song more exposure, having it played more often, and generate good royalty income for him. Then he can risk some PROMOTION money (for videos, etc.), (not to mention supporting his family and future little Slighs)... If he has one or two special hits as a songwriter, he could be sitting pretty for a long time to come. Then he will have the luxury of being able to do what he wants.

However, having an established artist perform a less established artist's song might bring pressure on him to give up some of his publishing rights. This reminds me of a story I heard while in Nashville on the RCA Recording Studio B tour. The Tour Guide (who, btw, is also a fansite admin for a couple of country music people) told us a story about Dolly Parton. In 1974, Dolly had a hit with a song she wrote, "I Will Always Love You". Elvis Presley wanted to cover the song, but demanded half of the publishing rights. Dolly refused and gave up that opportunity. However, in 1992, Whitney Houston covered the song with a hit that has generated 6 million in royalties for her.

Another article about performers demanding credit for songwriters’ work:

ChrisSligh said...

Hmmm...this is an interesting discussion.

I'm not against a larger artist recording a song. I'm for it. In fact, I'm really hoping that "Here Comes Goodbye" gets cut by an artist or two. I feel like that song, especially is a massive hit.

However, on the other hand, I would hate to give up a "career song" that could've been the one to take me to the "next level" for the sake of a little (or a lot of) extra money. It's just trying to find the balance of what is what.

Let's be honest...99% of people who listen to music don't care about the songwriters. I guarantee you can't name the songwriters of Daughtry's "Feels Like Tonight". It's the only song on the record he didn't write. But I best most of you didn't know that or even care.

So...having a hit with someone else won't necessarily raise my profile in the industry - AS an artist.

However, with that said...Ryan Tedder of One Republic is a perfect example of a songwriter/producer whose career has been aided by high profile cuts of his songs. So...who knows.

Let's be honest though...if a Daughtry or Leona Lewis or Kelly Clarkson or Hannah Montana wants to cut a song of mine, I'm not gonna turn them down.


risalea said...

Notes from Dallas that I think applies here...success does not bring happiness. Happiness brings success.(And a little money to go with that is lagniappe) Writing from the Mary Kay bubble, Risa ; )

DJ in AL said...

Ahhh...a question for the ages, this, do you do it for the pure love of it, to feed your soul or do you it for the money, to feed your family? Do you live to work or work to live?

A crazy balancing act this business you've chosen Chris, or did it choose you?

DJ deep in thought tonight in AL

Happy Weekend!

chamilton said...

Hello everyone,
I like both the new songs. I hope that you will add one to the stage show as I will be seeing you again in Ponca City and possibly in Moore, I haven't made up my mind yet. I am flopping back and forth between a full Sligh weekend or just the closest show which is Ponca City.

I have a MK question. Should I ask it here or do you have a different place that I should put it? Thanks


chamilton said...

In the words of the wonderful Steve Miller Band... "Oh take the money and run." It sounds like you write a bunch of songs. Share the love. It would be a tough choice to make but you seem like a smart guy who has a grasp on the buisness that you are in so I am hopeful that whatever choice you make will work out for your family and career.


DJ in AL said...

Chris, just listened to WDYG, dude I thought you handled the high notes beautifully, and you know I wouldn't lie about it. I listened with a super critical ear particularly after I read some of the comments, I thought you sustained the high notes beautifully.

Just sayin.

Badpacifist said...
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Badpacifist said...

LOLs Hannah Montana ...Listen I just sat through five HM's shows this very afternoon. Don't you dare or next picnic you will be the babysitter!

risalea said...

Dancin' in the aisles in the Dallas Convention Center--oh, if it was only Chris Sligh onstage!
Candy, my email is

Carrie said...

Chris, thanks for posting the lyrics!

Just got home from seeing The Dark Knight.

All I can say is if you REALLY feel an attachment to a song, keep it, otherwise, let it go. I think I said that before already though.

Caet said...

I Like it!

Audra said...

Chris that was a really good song. I love you singing it maybe just a little lower, I think you would strain in a concert. Although I could definitely see an angry girl singing it, Kelly perhaps.

Cathy Storms said...

It must be a really hard decision to make. Wondering if this is a career making song or not. I'm with Audra though. I do see Kelly written all over this song. She would do it justice and after seeing her in concert, she would totally tell everyone who wrote it. Hmmm...grammy for her for best song, grammy for you for best songwriter. Now thats a win win situation...

GirlyGirl45 said...

Is it really an either-or decision, Chris? Aren't there lots of songwriters whose songs are hits by big artists but the songwriters go ahead and record them on their own? how does that work? I'm thinking of, for example, JJ Cale, who has written a lot of hits for Clapton (e.g., after midnight, cocaine)and others.

P. said...

Chris, I saw you here in Phoenix at the Valley Catherdal church. You are great! God Bless you. You will find balance between work and home. God has great plans for you my brother. Take care!
Your sister in Christ. P.