Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fro Patro'

Well, this weekend was awesome!

Friday, Sarah and I got to hang out with DJ, Risa, Carmen and Cathy at breakfast (at IHOP). That was a treat. Everyone chattered away until I had to run to sound check for the show that night. Then, probably 50 for Fro Patro-ers joined 2000 or so others at the show in Mt. Juliet. That show was fun...I thought it was one of our better shows thus far.

The picnic was humbling, moving and fun all in one. Amanda's family decided to make the trip up to hang out with the Fro Patro', so that was incredible. The picnic raised $1225 for St. Jude's the hospital where Amanda was treated up until she went home to Jesus. And, though Amanda was definitely a huge part of the Richness and the E-train, I realized this weekend how large a part of the Fro Patro' she was! Rosalee and the blogger girls put together a little tribute to Amanda that included some quips she had left on the was so cool to read what Amanda had written along the way. I sat with Amanda family, reading these incredibly kind things Amanda had written about me, choking up that a girl so strong in her faith and so at peace with whatever God had for her could ever possibly look to me as a hero...I am still blown away.

It was great to finally put faces with names, and I think everyone there enjoyed finally meeting the people they've been cyber-talking to for so long. Over a year now! Wow.

I had a vision pretty early on for what I wanted this place to be. I wanted it to be a place where Chris Sligh fans could congregate and hang out online. It would be couched with news from my life and what was going on with me, obviously, but with every new blog, it gave another place for my fans to simply hang out, get to know each other online and form a "core group" (LOL) that would be the foundation for making new fans.

Boy, did my plan come to fruition and some! I think my fans are closer than any fans I've heard of. Gosh, we had people from San Diego (pronounced San Di-Ah-Go, of course), Kansas City, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Phoenix, Birmingham, New Jersey and more! Not counting the people who came from Tennessee and surrounding states! Seriously, 10 states were represented!

And the show last! I think the band was in top form, my voice was in tune all night long and Jason Walker kicked some major bootie! By the way, (for those at the concert last night) did you guys enjoy Jason as much as I hoped you did? I love his voice. I love his songwriting. You don't have to like him as much as me, of course, but I just wondered what you thought.

So, to those that weren't there...plan on coming next year! This is going to become a yearly deal...every year, we're hoping it grows. And since we have the best party planning team in the world, I know it'll go off without a hitch!

So, thanks to all who came! Thanks for making the weekend great!


Erika J. said...

Hi. This is Caetie's aunt, Erika. I just wanted to stop by and say how very cool it was for you to take the time to look her up and comment on her blog!

Bette van said...

Hi Chris - I;m so glad the picnic was a success and that it will be done again. Hopefully next year you'll have some Canadians come as well (myself)! Your fans, family and self are truly blessed.

And you have a cruise coming up soon I believe?

Bette vann

GirlyGirl45 said...

Hello, Chris and Fro'ers (and welcome, Erika j and bette van). I've been looking forward to this report, and it sounds like a mellow, wonderful time was had by all. Something Beautiful kept popping into my head yesterday, so I was with you in spirit. Glad to hear this was the first of many--hope to catch one in the future, although this one will always be special for all of you. Looking forward to more reports and pics :-)

Jane said...

I'm so sorry I missed all the fun, but I did order a picnic tee shirt and wore it everywhere I went yesterday, so at least I felt connected to the event even though I was eight hours away.

Next year I plan to be there!

Sounds like a great day for all; can't wait to hear more!


xangelglitterx said...

ONE LOVE.........................

here i go with all my thoughts said...

WOW, sounds like a great weekend. It's so cool how laid back you are with fans. Chris, you better schedule a Detroit or Grand Rapids show in, because I really want to see you perform live. Thanks also for those touching words about Amanda. I miss her so much...she was one of my roomates best friends. Glad you had such a good time!!

robyn said...


Jason is very awesome! My daughter liked him. She said he reminded her of James Blount a little bit. She was surprised to hear that song he did that was on "One Tree Hill" last season...she likes that show.
I was blown away by the concert...I have been waiting forever to be at one of yours and an intimate one like that is so perfect! It was SO worth the drive from Raleigh!!
I can't wait to tell my neice all about Compassion...she & her husband have ventured into missionary work a few times and want to make it a part of their lives. I am very touched by your continuing commitment to this part of your life too. I wish I had the means to do as much also, but for now I guess I'll have to stick with sponsorship.
Anyway, it was a very memorable experience!!! I'm glad my son & daughter got to meet you too! Now when we listen to you in my car we can talk about the "Nashville experience"!

Luv ya!!


Deb in TN said...

Wow...just got back from Nashville and wanted to make a post here before I take a nap...And when I saw wow, I really mean WOW....All of ya'll that couldn't make it to the picnic this year, you MUST come next year, even if you have to take out a loan, use up all your vacation time or call in sick (lol) will be something you never forget or regret doing....

Chris is totally, without a doubt, the sweetest, most down to earth, loving, feel good person you could ever hope to meet in your lifetime....seriously...I just can't say enough good about him....ya'll already know he has the voice of an angel so I'll just add that when you talk with him, he gives you his undivided attention, he's so warm, friendly, and everyday person....just all around some kind of wonderful to his fans...what an amaaaazing person he is and Sarah is right up there with him...she's so gracious and sweet...such a beautiful couple...

Chris and Sarah, thank you so much for giving up your weekend to spend time with all of us...that speaks volumes...(oh, and Sarah, thanks for letting me steal a little kiss off your, I hope you enjoy the MuteMath gift...Thanks for the laughs, the conversation, the pics, the great show and for introducing me to Compassion International...I hadn't heard of them...I chose a little 7 year old girl from Ghana who has no Father...I'm looking forward to helping her find a better life via Sponsorship and letters of encouragement...thanks for expanding my heart and what a fantastic thing to take away from the Fro Patrol Annual Picnic...

Thanks to the organizers of the picnic...great was fun and I enjoyed meeting you all...loved the goofy awards could go on and on, but will shut up now....just thanks for was nice to put faces with screennames...hope everyone arrives home safely....

p.s. Really wish DJ would've table danced, though....maybe next year. :)

Anonymous said...

hey chris!

DJ in AL said...

Dropping by to say a quick Hey! Just walked in the door so I'm still processing everything that we experienced this weekend but I wanted to send Chris and Sarah a heartfelt thank you for sharing your time and yourselves with us fans this weekend, you both ROCK and you should know you are loved!I also wanted to tell the picnic committee that I am missing you guys already!

I have so much I want to say, but I want it to be meaningful and frankly I'm exhausted. Having your face melted off twice in one weekend was just a little too much for DJ in AL!

More later, but for now I will just say it was an awesome weekend and one that I will never forget!

Sending exhausted love from DJ back in AL!
P.S. Audra........remember, "It is what it is", girl!

Nique's Nana said...

So happy to hear what a wonderful time everyone had. Hopefully I can make it next year.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris & Sarah, thank you so much for everything this weekend. You two are the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. Spending time with both of you is something I will never forget.
Also getting to know all my picnic girls has been awesome and can't wait till next year. Ya'all are just like family to me.
And Chris we loved Jason. He has an amazing voice. Next year bring him to the picnic.
Well some of us are still in Nashville and we are all going to the Loveless Cafe tonight for a final farewell dinner.
Chris~I thought of a title for a song you could write about our picnic experience."Tears in Nashville", because we are leaving some here when we all say goodbye. It truly is like leaving family behind.
Thanks for an awesome weekend.

Karen said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the comment. We enjoyed your show at Mount Juliet last night even though that might not have been clear in my post.
Your music was great we just thought it stunk for you that the fireworks started during your last song and everyone turned around.
You are doing a great job and I am sure you are reaching people for the Kingdom! Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Caet said...

I loved the show Friday!
It was awesome! Very good!
Alot of my friends went that night too and we all agree that everyone did amazing!

HstryQT said...

Although I couldnt be in Nashville as long as I wanted, I of course was there for the picnic and concert and has a BLAST meeting the Fro Patro and seeing Chris again. It was great finally giving the scrapbook yo Chris after so long - thank you again to everyone who helped - it turned out fantastic! Luckily Teddy is a social guy, because he had TONS of people to meet! - cute pics abound! :) I also was thrilled to meet Sarah, who's just plain awesome, and Jon and the rest of the band too. Chris I'm so glad that your blog has become what you set out for it to be - the picnic illustrated just how special YOU are that you can attract such an awesome group of people. The most special moment for me was at the concert, looking around the room at all of these people who I've known for a year now and who have come from all over - for this - to enjoy eachothers company and a wonderful day with you. It was just awesome. This was an unforgettable weekend - thank you for being the reason for it! :)


And to answer your question: Jason is awesome! I got his cd (thought it was funny the check was to be made out to you ;), and got it signed, got to chat with him, and we listened to it on the way home - I was trying to convince him to come to Indy with you when you come! I'm definitely a new fan :).

HstryQT said...

Oh I forgot one of the main reasons for my post - here are my pictures.... aid=2149453&l=d8d15&id=15605387

make sure you re-connect the link (there's a space after the question mark).

Nique's Nana said...

Lori, great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

risalea said...

Well, I was supposed to head home today, but needing a day to decompress and finding $50 left in my purse, I couldn't meet my goal of spending all of my money in Nashville without staying one more night. LOL So sister Cindy split a room with me and here I am.

This weekend was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. Chris and Sarah, you made the experience a wonderful one for everyone. Your graciousness and embracing of your fans is awesome. Tammy and family were moved by the love they felt from the Fro Patro and she has posted her thoughts through Jan on Amanda's caringbridge at The amount of money we were able to raise was awesome and the generosity of all was just heartwarming. I am stopping at St. Jude on my way through Memphis tomorrow to make the donation for the Fro Patro.

I can't say enough about the girls who worked so hard on this project. I love them all so much and they are as close to me as friends I have at home. DJ, Carmen, Cathy, and Lori, I love you all. Rosalee you are a gem and so is Harry. Everyone who came was just wonderful and I can't wait to see all the pictures and get my own uploaded!

Chris, thank you again for making this possible. The concert at 3rd and Lindsley was spectacular (and yes, we loved Jason Walker)and I can't wait until the next time I get to see you perform. I'm now working on sharing the love with more friends with my latest CD stash :) AND I'm directing them first to some stations in central AR to encourage some more airplay! And loving the fact that I have the best, most patient and understanding husband in the world. :)

OK, that's it for now. I'm off to the pool, still feeling that "Fro Patro Love" in NashVegas! Risa

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could've been there this weekend :( but I'm glad knowing it'll be yearly because I really want to meet everyone. Carmen, next year I'll definitely have to get to Jacksonville so I can come along with you. I know you offered for this year but hopefully the offer will be there for next summer as well. :)

Lori-I love the pictures of Chris & Teddy, so sweet! Thanks for sharing your pictures, it looks like everything was so fun.

Victoria Sandberg said...

Well done, Fro Patro!

I'm glad you all had a such a great time. Maybe I'll make it next year.

Thanks Lori for sharing the photos. . . they were great!

BBC said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to come. I thought my son was going to have a job by now and would need me for transportation! But sadly, no job. I also thought I might stop at the picnic on my way to visit my mom, but I didn't work the details out on that idea. It's just as well, because I've been sick all week with a virus/cold combo that seems to have developed into bronchitis.

I'm excited that you plan to do this every year. We'll try to get there next year!

Badpacifist said...

What a wonderful experience it was to meet the Fro Patro. My family and I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make it happen. Rosalee and Harry sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye but it was great to get to know you and all of the other Fro's.
Our personal journey took us first to the top of to the Gateway Arch. 630 feet up is pretty good for someone who won't ride a ferris wheel. Our Garmin GPS kept trying to drown us in the Mississippi by telling us to take the flooded streets near the Arch. We have programmed in the English voice and so we call our GPS "Simon" and pretty much ignore his advice. In doing so we ended up going south instead of east so we thought we might as well go see Elvis at Graceland. We finally headed to Nashville and it was so wonderful.
Great hotel pick by the way. I missed the concert on the fourth but I had my little grand daughter and the pool and fireworks were her priority for the first night. Nashville sure puts on a wonderful show. We finally got to meet Chris and Sarah at the picnic. What a wonderful patient and gracious couple you two are! We couldn't have been more thrilled. Then the fro patro concert...when I wasn't standing I was just sitting there with this goofy smile on my face. It was complete bliss. My little camera couldn't capture how wonderful your voice is in person. You know it was always your voice first but then it was that personality with that special sense of humor that got us all. And Yes Jason Walker what a special talent to share with....maybe potential was not just a first song together but an omen of the "potential" of the both of you to come, maybe some of that will be teamwork on more songs too.
Finally to an unexpected part of the trip but something that will be with me for a very long time. For me the little ones are always special if you knew me better you would see it colors most of my decisions. I slipped over to the Compassion International table when Jason was singing. I went to grab his CD. Something caught my eye. There was a photo of a little girl from Brazil named Ann wifes middle and most favorite name. As I looked closer it turned out she had my wifes birthday which is also our anniversary. Now I am not the smartest man but I know when God is talking to me. This will be the third child we have sponsored so maybe it is a way I can give back for all I have been given.

Badpacifist said...

To anonymous poster...tee heee
I have been getting Rick rolled for months every time I called my son.
Finally Carrie explained what was going on to me after I heard someone at the picnic singing the song. I am so slow sometimes. BTW Carrie one thing I will always remember is you and your friend having such fun. When you were watching Chris at the concert your smile would light up the whole room.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Lori, those are beautiful pics. what fun you all had! thanks for posting.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Monday Fro Patroers!

So I'm well rested but have no voice this morning. I know what you're thinking Risa, why couldn't I have lost my voice this weekend:)

Anyway I'm dreading going back to the real world tomorrow, but since I have a mortgage to pay, guess I'd better.Before I plunge back into reality I wanted to send "love notes" to some of the folks I got to know a little better this weekend at the picnic.

To the Picnic Committee:
Risa-lots has been said about us being sisters or related and while I see we have lots in common I have decided that you are the grown up version of what I could be. You are a kinder, wiser, better version of D.J. -and I love ya and should strive to be more like you. Thank you for making this idea come to fruition it would have not happened without you.

Cathy-you are one of the sweetest, kindest hearted person I have ever met. I love your ability to embrace and see the good in everyone. Your heart is so big. Stay positive and be strong.

Carmen-you take alot of kidding about being Chris-crazy, but I believe you just genuinely believe in him and love everything about him and "put your money where your mouth is". Nothing wrong with that, every artist should be so lucky. You just keep being Carmen.

Lori-I wish we would have had more time together! You are exactly as I imagined you to be, and that's a good thing! Teddy is precious and it's easy to see that your family is important to you. Your quietness should not be confused with a lack of enthusaism for Chris, for your admiration for him is as large as anyones!

Like Risa, I consider the girls of the picnic committee my friends and I thank Chris for bringing us together. I love you all!

Rosalee-though you don't say alot (unlike motormouth me), what you say is meaningful and worth listening to. I enjoyed meeting you and I love Harry. I think Harry could be a Southerner at heart.

Carmen's Chris-your "watermelon" candy was very interesting! Your traveling priate chest is the coolest thing.

Randy-I enjoyed meeting you, I hate to admit this, but I didn't realize you were a dude.LOL Don't feel too bad Chris thought I was a dude for a long time. You are the coolest plumber I have ever met:)

Carrie and Brenna-so,I just have one question for the two of you..... You wanna go?? (sorry, had to say it)

Tammy-you are a special woman and it's easy to see where Amanda got her beauty. I pray that your pain will ease one day soon. You so obviously raised a beautiful young spirit who I know will always be looking over you.

Audra-an unexpected surprise for me is that I think I have found a new friend, at least I hope so. We seem to really "get" each other. It's not always easy to find someone who gets me LOL! I hope we will be friends for years to come. I expect to hear how you are keeping your Mom on track. Give your beautiful children a hug for me. And always remember, It is, what it is.

Sarah-every time I turned around I was having my picture taken with you! What's up with that? I atcutally think I have more pics of you than of Chris. As has been said, you were so gracious and giving of yourself and time this weekend. I thank you for that and for sharing Chris with his fans. While it's no secret you are physically beautiful, more importantly you are beatiful inside. Chris is blessed to have you by his side.

Chris, dude, what can I say that hasn't already been said? You are the real deal. Sat. night's concert was stellar! Your voice, IMO, was the best I have ever heard it! You are the face-melter of all face-melters! Loved Jason, no surprise there. You deserve to make it big and I am praying that you realize all of your dreams and reach your full potential! Unfortunately I have turned into a dreaded fantard and I can't help myself. Oh well, there are worse things right? Keep doing what you do Chris!

For those of you I didn't have an opportunity to talk more with, we will always have next year right?

Ok, so I told Cathy it would take me at least 1000 words to express myself and you should all be thankful that I can't seem to verbalize all the stuff in my head this morining plus I don't want Rosalee to scold me for hogging the blog!

So I'm outta here for now and when I am asked how was the Fro Patro weekend in Nasvegas my response will always be..........

I had the time of my life!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed it, but sounds like ya'll had a good time. Next year perhaps!

Cathy Storms said...

We are the last ones to leave this beautiful city Nashville. We leave at 6 tomorrow morning. Yuk!! What was I thinking? I am already missing all of you so much that my heart hurts. I will never forget this wonderful week in Nashville with all of you.
DJ, Audra thinks of you as a friend and as mentioned more than once how much she misses you already.
To my girls on the picnic committee, you all hold a very special place in my heart and it was very hard to tell you goodbye.
I can't wait till next year.
Chris & Sarah again, thank you so much for everything. You both are so special. And Jon, you are also so special to us. I really had fun hanging out with you.
Nashville will always hold a special place in my heart.....
But now, its back to reality. Time to pack up and go home and start saving $$$ for next year.

HstryQT said...

DJ I miss you already!! Thanks for the sweet notes, to me and to everyone!

Im glad everyones enjoying the pictures! I was surprised to be the first one to post them - but then again Im not all that surprised; I can be a bit hyper-active about getting pictures up. I cant WAIT to see everyone elses pics!!

DJ in AL said...


I think alot of folks are still on their way home or had to go to work today so that's probably why no pics yet. And yes you are OCD so that is why your's were first:) I just got back from Target and made a CD. Course I have no idea what to do now. Hoping my son will help me, if not, I may overnight them to you or Risa so you can download. Hey, I know I'm technically challenged but I excel in other areas:)


Cathy Storms said...

I will upload my pictures and so will Audra when we get home tomorrow. Ok, so it might not happen tomorrow so maybe Wednesday. I can't wait to see everyones pictures. I know Audra got some great shots and I hope I did also.
Randy~I didn't get to tell you and your beautiful family goodbye. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you but loved the time I did. Next year right?
Hope everyone had a safe trip home.

Victoria Sandberg said...

This is really funny. Did you know that there are 2 Jason Walkers? I was just checking out the music. . .

You must be talking about the NASHVILLE Jason Walker. Yes. I liked him. :-)

Hischild said...

Hi everyone!
Just in from the weekend now too. What a blast! It was SO wonderful to meet you all in "real" life.

Thanks for hanging out with us at the park and putting on TWO great shows! I thoroughly enjoyed both!

Thanks to the picnic committee. You all worked SO hard for the success of this picnic. Nice to know so much was raised for St Jude's. At Saturday's concert when Chris was singing "Love Remains" I couldn't help but watch Tammy and friends (from above in the balcony) and see how touched they were by the lyrics. Where's the Kleenex?? I will always think of them and Amanda when I hear it. Please, record that on CD some day Chris.

It was great to finally meet Sarah, see Teddy, unveil the mystery of Badpacifist, ride w/ Carmen in an exhileratingly scarey rainstorm, meet Jon & Clint, hear Jason Walker and sing along live w/Chris on every fantastic song.

You know you were my answer to prayer! :o) Thanks to you and Rosalee for blessing us so!

THANK YOU for suggesting and taking that pic of me and Chris! I was so in the moment I hadn't even realized I hadn't done that. Great photography skills for a plumber! Who knew??? I will be using it here from now on - soon as I figure out how to get it changed.

It's 3PM and so much more to say but we got less than 2 hrs sleep last night after a 2AM call from our son at camp in CA. He needed to be taken to the hospital. He's gonna be OK but of course we couldn't go back to sleep. Needed to be up at 4AM for the airport anyways. Zzzzzzzz. Good night, good friends all over the country.


Hischild said...

Chris, I took a Compassion package without reading the sticker on the front of it that essentially said "don't take this packet". I will complete the necessary paperwork and bring back to one of your upcoming Phoenix shows. Hope that doesn't cause a problem.
I'm so glad you're supporting them. They are truly one of the best, most integrous organizations I know of.

Deb in TN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJ in AL said...


Glad son is ok, scary. I totally forgot to say it was great to meet you and your husband, so sorry. Like I said, so much in my head.


Carrie said...

Hey everyone, I'M HOME!!!

I'm going to leave a longer comment later -- gotta recover first! Haha.


Also haha, Rick Roll. I'll explain that later, too.

Cathy Storms said...

Carrie~glad you made it home safe and sound. I so enjoyed you and your friend this weekend. Can't wait to see your pictures.
DJ~Audra will be blogging when she gets home just for you. She is sounding just like you. It cracks me up. I think she also has found a new friend.

risalea said...

OK, DJ, are you saying I'm the grownup version of you because someone asked if you were my DAUGHTER?! Obviously, I need to start ordering my Mary Kay eyecream in the gallon size. LOL My dear friend, you kept me rolling all weekend, and best yet, put Gaylon in his place and left him speechless! heehee I don't think he'll ever go the wrong way down a one way street again without thinking of you. : ) You are my dear, dear friend, and I miss you terribly already. Now I know why you didn't email me weren't at work today. I was feeling neglected!

Did I say that it was wonderful to meet everyone? I'm sure I did, but it's worth repeating. Randy--just a wonderfully sweet guy. Deb in TN--I'm so glad we emailed you and you didn't miss out on the fun! Clarisa--I loved your gentle spirit. Robyn--thank you for coming and you made it just in time! Jan and Nancy--what beautiful ladies you are. Carrie and Brenna--you are brave girls to leave Rochester and Chicago to come to Nashville. We are now waiting for the publication of Carrie's photojournal--"What Carrie Ate in Nashville" LOL Chris M.-dude, you know how to entertain by the pool! Audra and children--Cathy is so lucky to have such a precious daughter and grandchildren. Jason--you should start a babysitting service...I've never seen anyone so good with the kiddos. Rosalee and Harry...I loved your "Weekend with Bernie aka Chris Sligh" LOL Carmen, besides biggest fan, you deserved the biggest heart award. Cathy, you have stolen my heart. Lori, the scrapbook will no doubt be a cherished treasure for Chris. Your Teddy is a doll. I know I have left someone out and I apologize, but I am pretty brain dead, despite my extra day layover.

OK, to end this novel--I stopped by St. Jude, made the donation, got a photo op which I'll post with my pics asap, and will send picnic pics to them that they said they will use in an article on the picnic.

Chris, I love your music, but I love you and Sarah's hearts even more.

Love to all, risa

DJ in AL said...

Risa-you know I wouldn't neglect you girlfriend, I knew I would need today off, figured I'd need a day to decompress as you said. And NO, I didn't say that bc someone asked if I was your daughter, obviously that person has never seen me without makeup! I just agree that we are alike but you are a much improved version of me.
I meant it in only a good way, and you know that.

I totally forgot to tell Gaylon how happy I was to get on the road before he did on Sunday:) Did he tell you he saw me right before we drove off? He said "Don't be going down no one ways the wrong way!" to which I replied, "No way Gaylon, I'll leave that to you, you're the expert". That ride home is one for the memory book to be sure. Risa, Gaylon wis a great sport and great fun to be around and needs to get the Patient Man of the Year award.

Anyway, I'm off to bed but expect emails galore from me tomorrow!

So glad you dropped off the donation to St. Jude's-you remain awesome!

DJ in AL said...

Hey Cat, forgot to say, Audra sounding like me? Oh dear lord, that can't be good:)

Safe trip home in the a.m. according to Audra you should have already left for the airport. LOL

Love ya'll!


chamilton said...

Hello All,
For those of you who got to go to the picnic, it sounds like you had an awesome time and I am so glad for you. I am thrilled that you all made it home safe and that you are recovering from your weekend with the Sligh's it sounds like so much fun. I was just looking at the tour schedule and I am so sad... no more concerts that are close to me so it looks like my summer of Sligh is over.Bummer!!! So looking forward to more stories and pictures. I will be there next year. Take care everybody.


Hischild said...

Don't worry. I forgot to mention you too (along w/so many others). We didn't get much talk time. :o(

And I guess I must admit I was the one who asked if you were Risa's daughter. But that's just because you were all in the lobby and I was meeting you all in rapid succession and I was all excited and the sun was in my eyes and did I mention those DARNED shoelaces????

DJ in AL said...


No worries! It certainly didn't bother me:) I don't think it seriously bothered Risa either, cause who wouldn't want to be my Mom? LOL

Those shoelaces can be a real problem.........

EmilyBoo said...

Well it sounds like a great time was had by all, and I really really wish I had been there to meet all of you lovely people! I don't currently have time to read everyone's comments, as I shouldn't even be online right now. I'm running around like a madwoman making sure I have everything ready for VBS next week. Meanwhile, my 6 year old daughter started piano classes at a music store this morning, and while my 3 year old son and I waited outside for her to get done (he was sooo bored,) the poor boy fell in the parking lot and scraped up the whole left half of his face. (Hopefully soon enough my daughter will decide that she loves piano enough to take private in-home lessons, and my son can play... and hopefully not get injured... in the comfort of our own backyard!)

Off to do some lesson planning!

Carrie said...

Okay, PHEW. I'm 99% recovered! Just need lunch haha.

The picnic was a lot more fun that I had expected. I'm not going to lie, I know that I'm younger than a lot of you and was afraid it would be awkward, but you all made me feel VERY welcome!

This is in no real order, just random stuff haha.

Picnic crew, thank you for all of the hard work you put into the entire event. It was a great turnout, no fights (other than DJ, Brenna and I throwing it down haha), good food and just SOOO much fun!

Cathy and Audra, I had a lot of fun getting to know the two of you and the kids! I'll never forget them singing to Kelly and how cute it was! Thanks for making me try okra and bringing Brenna and I to Mt Juliet the town not the church! haha.

Carmen, you are SO kind and giving to everyone. Your family is also really nice and rock on the flame socks!

Risa, you are just as sweet online as you are in person! I'm glad to have gotten to meet you! As soon as I saw your blackberry I was like oh no, there it is! haha

DJ, YOU WANNA GO?! Seriously I'm kinda gulliable so you scared me at first haha but it's okay because now I know how you met your husband ;) You should totally dance on the tables next year at the picnic since the sign says "no skateboarding on tables" but nothing about DANCING!!

Rosalee, You and Harry are SO sweet! I had a blast with you two and thanks for waiting for us on the way back to the hotel. I think I know my way around Nashville to Brentwood now (of course now I'm home, figures haha) but that was so helpful. Oh and running into you in town! Haha so you have proof we could get somewhere on our own and not get lost.

Deb, thanks for sitting with us at the table during the show! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we could share that with someone who frequents the blog. I hope you get your Daughtry picture sometime soon! I saw you got one with Chris! Oh and a David Cook one someday, too.

Lori!!! I'm glad to have finally met you! Teddy was just adorable and I couldn't get over how cute he was in his little Fro Patro shirt. Next year he's going to be even bigger wow.

Clarissa, we didn't talk too much but it was nice to meet you as well! It's cool that you live so close to Jordin, even if you used her to get to Chris... haha just kidding! :p

Though I didn't talk to Amanda's mom too much, she was very sweet. I don't know if she reads here but I guess Risa will pass this on to her if she doesn't. I'm so proud to have helped raise so much money! I couldn't say much to her because I didn't want to cry or anything, but I hope she likes the Elliott bracelet. I originally wanted to give it to Amanda but it's just as perfect being handed to her mom.

If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry, my brain is still tired but I enjoyed meeting all of you! I can't wait to do it all again next year. Better start saving up!

Sarah, I think you read on here so I just want to say I was SO glad to finally meet you! I missed you by one concert date last summer so it took me a year, but I'm glad it happened finally! You are so sweet and I love your clothes, not gonna lie haha.

And of course, Chris, thank you SO MUCH for being one to come out and spend time with your fans. Not many artists these days will do that or even can because many fan bases just don't get along together. I'm sure all of us can be competitive at times but in the end I love everyone I met through here!

Carrie said...

OKAY here are my pictures;

I'm not done uploading, but the rest of the stuff I AM uploading is just random Nashville sight seeing so I think everything that will interest you guys is already there!

risalea said...

Here's some more:

Carrie said...

oh haha I almost forgot...

Badpacifist... You've been rick rolled!!

Risa, great pictures! I love the St Jude ones.

risalea said...

Carrie, I bet yours are way better! I've got to leave the house, but I'm gonna' look at them tonight.

HstryQT said...

loved loved loved looking through your pics carrie - i saved about a billion of them. the pic of you me and teddy is just cute as can be, i love it!

DJ in AL said...


I'm so glad your post was long like mine:)

I actually wish we had spent more time together! I seriously mean that, and everything I said was in fun you know that, ok,well everything wanna go?

LOL, just kidding.

DJ in AL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJ in AL said...

Nevermind, I got it to work, very good pics Carrie, not surprised, I mean that is what you do right?

Thanks for sharing!

Deb in TN said...

Hey Carrie......great pics...yours turned out better than Tim's, of course--he was shooting from the table....lazy photographer he is! LOL Thanks for sharing yours...

And I loved sitting at the table with you and your was good to laugh...I may be a mid-lifer, but I'm always gonna be a kid at heart and cut up....and thanks for the Cookie meeting wishes...I hope I do run into him one day....will try to see him after he finishes his AI tour...he needs to meet all his WordNerds...

As for Daughtry, me and that Chris have already smooched and done the cheek to cheek, huggy bear thing at least 3 times now...I've gone to 8 of his shows in one year...I'll have to share my pics with you one day...but you're right--maybe Tim won't cut our heads off in the next photo we glad he didn't botch my Sligh moment...I would've died....

But, lest ya'll have any doubts--I loved, loved, loved my kiss on the Sligh just as much as CD's...I don't kiss just anyone you know....They have to be named Chris (my son Chris, Chris D and Chris S)...LOL.....I've been showing my Sligh pic off to anyone who'll look...LOL....I'm so proud of it and still just want to hug and squeeze Chris S to pieces....he's such a teddy adorable! Sarah is so lucky to have found someone like Chris and vice versa...great couple with so much love and happiness....

Risa, again, I thank you for sending me the last minute email so I would know what was going on...will try to pop in here more often...feeling pretty good lately so you may have to put up with me a bit more often...maybe we can talk more at the next event...

And, of interesting note--today, I had the Pest Control guy at my home for the monthly spraying....I had my music playing on the computer and he heard it in the livingroom (yes, I was booming the Sligh)hee, hee-free advertising for Chris....anyway, Pest Guy walked in and asked, "Who is that and what is the name of that song? I really like it and want to buy it." It was our Chris singing, "I'm Clean"...and you know what...that is the very same song my hubby likes and asked about....all the guys seem to love that song....Go get 'em with that song, Chris! Anyway, he wanted to buy it on the spot but since our town is so small, I doubted he could find one here so I gave him my CD as a gift....Time for me to buy myself another one and stock up for Christmas gifts. :)

Cathy Storms said...

We are all home safe and sound. Can't say I've recovered, that will happen after a really good nights sleep. Can't wait to go see all the pictures. Whew...what a week...

Hischild said...

Hey Cathy,
Glad to hear you got home safely. You all had SO much time there I'm sure you're our Nashville experts. I got a quick overview of the lay of the town. DROVE PAST a lot of interesting places that I've heard of forever. I really must come back w/some time and money and DO the town.

Gotta tell ya, I got an ADORABLE pic of Delilah. That girl really knows how to pose for maximum cuteness. Will try to get it to ya somehow. Need my daughter to help me and she won't be home till next week.

Haha. I didn't go on to tell that I was able to profusely thank Jordin's mom in person that night for the M&G's & for the chance to see Jordin again AND meet Chris for the first time. So, yeah, my conscience is clear in the matter. :o)
And you know what? I have the Minneapolis auditions on tape! Haven't looked at it yet but I will. Was really good getting to know Brenna and you.

Loved the pest guy story. I got to talk Chris up to the EENT doctor I saw this afternoon. Wishin' I coulda had his tunes playing in the exam room somehow though.

Audra said...

Well here I go, you all have sucked me into your crazy cyber world. Breaking all the cardinal rules and meeting in person, you are all so lucky that everyone of Chris' fans are just about the worlds nicest people.

Let me send out all of my thanks as well, first to you picnic committee ladies, you did an awesome job and I think next year is going to be even better.

Mom thanks for being so obnoxious and dragging me to the other side of the county to that foreign place called the south. I had the greatest time even if I was crabby, next year Chet is coming so I won't miss him so much.

Sara, thanks so much for putting up with all these crazy fans, just kidding. It is so great of you to share Chris on one of his days off. You are just about the sweetest people I have ever met. You will always hold a special spot in our hearts.

Chris thanks for taking the time to meet with all of us. My kids just loved meeting and hanging out with you and your puppies. Delilah will never be the same, she may just be your biggest fan, watch out Carmen you may have some competition for next year.

Risa, a special thanks for all you did. You ROCK that blackberry. You are such a sweet person and just so much fun to talk to.

Carmen you and your motorcycle just cracked me up. You are so much fun to hang out with and your family is just amazing. My kids are still talking about Jason and how much they like him. I know I will never forget you guys trying to teach my kids obscene songs.

Carrie and Brenna my kids sure had fun singing with you all in the car. They love to sing and will sing anything. It was great to meet you guys and I hope next year we can hang out even more.

DDDDDDJJJJJJJJJ, I have to write your name like I would say it. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have definitely found a new life long friend in you.I get you and you get me.It doesn't get scarier then that. Next year you better come earlier so we can cause some trouble in NASHVEGAS! It was to quite without you around. But it is what it is. Can't wait for next year.

Cindy- I don't know uf you blog but I am sure Risa will let you know. You are wonderful. I guess we can't just be along for the ride. It was great to have a nonblogger to share my perspective. Rebekah is already missing your kids and wanted to email them as soon as we walked in the door.

Rosalee and Harry you guys are so sweet. Delilah just loved Harry and looks forward to seeing him next year.

For those of you I have not mentioned but hung out with you are all wonderful and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

As for Jason, I LOVED everything about him. Chris thanks for sharing him with us.

Ok Dj you are not the only one who can be long winded I guess. Talk to you all later.

DJ in AL said...


Consider this your official welcome to the "dark side" lol! Can not believe you posted, unbelievable! All my non cyber friends said I was nuts to meet people from cyberspace-eh, what do they know?

I am so definitely coming earlier next year to hang out with you, and I think I'll leave the guys at home next year. You better start saving up now! Seriously with gas prices the way they are it will take you that long!

It's crazy how you meet a lifelong friend just like that, crazy stuff but and I promise not to say it again for at least, um , a week,... it is what it is! (we might have to find a new mantra every couple of weeks or so)

Later girl!

Squeeze the youngins for me:)

GAbelleinOH said...

OK, you asked for it, and here I am with my first blog entry. I must admit I wasn"t really excited at first when Risa told me I had no option but to go through Nashville on my way to Little Rock and attend the picnic. But after hearing one of the thousands of copies of Chris"s CD's that my sister purchased, meeting the picnic committee girls and eating lunch with Chris and his band, I completely turned a 180.

I LOVED my NashVegas weekend. As little Delilah would say, "Chris rocks!". An added plus was being able to hear Jason Walker.What a great voice and how exciting it was to find he had a connection to my favorite TV show, "One Tree Hill.".

Audra, you'll have to join my family and I the next time we go to Wilmington. Tell Rebekah to be looking for an email from Madeline very soon.

Thanks to my wonderful sister for turning me on to Mr. Sligh. Can't wait till next year. Cindy

DJ in AL said...


You rock!


Cathy Storms said...

Cindy~I loved hanging out with you. Your kids are so cute and so sweet.My heart still hurts from having to say goodbye to everyone. I can't wait till next year.
Audra & Cindy~I am so glad you both are now "blogger girls". Carmen will need to make more shirts next year.
Yep, next year we all need to get there earlier to hang out before the picnic.

Carrie said...

Hi Cindy! Glad to see you posting here!

rosalee said...

Hi guys!

Sorry I took so long to post. The trip home was longer than expected and they lost Harry's luggage. He just got it back (from Chicago)(lol).

It was great meeting everyone in person! Carmen I already knew since we spent a few days around New Year's together at Chris's Westerly Rhode Island concert. It was nice meeting her husband, Chris,for the first time. He seems to be well versed in the cooking dept.

It was great getting to know you, Clarissa. And with Ted, Harry had a basketball buddy for the weekend.

Randy (badpacifist) - Nice guitar. Your wife, Vicky was also very nice. Had a good time chatting with you around the pool.

Risa, I think that your sister Cindy, looks more like DJ than DJ!
After all of the emails and phone calls over the past year, you were exactly as I expected. DJ, too.

Cathy - It was great meeting you, Audra and the grandkids. They were really very well behaved for their age. (especially in the restaurants). And although those trophies were really cute, I'm glad that Harry didn't walk away with "The Oldest" award.

Carrie - You and Brenna were a lot of fun to be with. I hope that you've conquered your fear of planes.

And what can we all say about baby Farley - OOPS I mean Teddy! He was so cute! Lori - it was great meeting you. I wish you could have stayed longer. And that scrapbook you created for Chris was super!

It was great meeting Tammy, Amanda's mother, and also others from the Caringbridge site, such as Jan.

So, I finally got to meet Jon Skaggs (Chris's drummer) and Clint (Chris's guitarist). I found out that Jon had lived on Long Island for a while. I also got to chat with Chris's manager, Mitch, and Caleb, his assistant. That Gospel Music Channel producer was a blast, too.

Having not one, but two concerts by Chris plus the picnic was fantastic! I think I spent more time talking with Sarah than with Chris, though.

We also got in a bit of sightseeing around downtown Nashville, with the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum and a tour of Music Row and RCA Recording Studio B. Another day we went to the Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

A big thank you goes out to the picnic committee (Carmen, Risa, Cathy, Dj and Lori) for planning and coordinating the event and to Chris and Sarah for being there for us.

I have put some of the picnic photos in a new photobucket album:

Here's the link broken up:

We almost had to miss the trip because Harry's mom fell and was hospitalized just before we were set to leave. Now we've got to run back to the hospital to see how she's doing.


Carmen said...

Well I made it home to Florida after having one of the best weeks of my life. It didn't start out too great (dropped a transmission in Georgia) but ended up being one of the best vacations ever. I finally got to meet all the picnic planning girls at the same time.
It was so great to finally meet so many of you who post here regularly on the blog.
The thing I am most happy about is that we raised over $1200 for St. Judes's due to the generosity of so many of the Fro Patro.
I loved the concerts and was tickled to watch the faces of all you as Chris performed. Everyone around me was smiling and had this look on their face like kids on Christmas morning. It was priceless.

I can't wait until next year when all of us get together again. Already the picnic posse has ideas to do it bigger and better.

Randy, Thanks for the David Cook CD. I listened to it all the way home. Like about 20 times. I loved it.

Harrry & Rosalee it was good to see ya'll again. I hope your can of Rotel got to New York OK amd wasn't in Harry's lost suitcase.

Carrie & Brenna it was great to get to know you both. You rock as Chris Sligh fans!

Clarissa so sorry that you had to ride with me in one of the worst storms ever.I am not at my best when I have to drive in that kind of rain. But it was fun to get to know you.

You are as sweet as your Mom. I enjoyed solving all of our country's problems with you while folding laundry. You & I could so totally run the country!

To my picnic girls, Risa, Cathy, DJ & Lori: It has been so great working with you on the picnic all these months. I love all of you like sisters. Enough said.
Last but not least:
Chris, thanks for giving all of your fans a place to gather and become friends. What you have created here on this blog & through your openess to your fans reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intellingent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded."

Chris you have succeeded.


DJ in AL said...


The same could be said of you.....what Emerson said.......


Carmen said...


risalea said...

That was great, Carmen.

Rosalee, I know all these names can get confusing. Jan is from AZ but wasn't at the picnic. She posts for Tammy on the caringbridge site right now, as it is too hard for Tammy to go there. You might have met Paula, her best friend, or Barbie, an e-train member who knew Amanda from that group.

OK, we have already had a protest over a trophy. My darling daughter says Sweden beats CA for distance. Her friend, Magnus, was there. Of course, she overlooks the fact that he came from Sweden TEN years ago to play tennis for the U of A and now lives in LR and works as a bank manager there. So, I don't think coming from Sweden by way of LR qualifies. LOL Good try though, Lindsay! Even so, on a technicality, you can add the country of Sweden to our list of ten states represented from the USA. (AR, AL, AZ, CA, FL, IN, MO, NY, OH, TN)

Also, if you were at the picnic, we'd love to have your feedback. The committee has already been brainstorming and has come up with a few ideas for next year. Please send your suggestions to We want this to be even bigger and better next year!

Carrie said...

One quick question:

Who were all of the people taking pictures of everyone with Chris and their awards during the "Award Ceremony?" I haven't seen any of those yet! I can't even remember who was taking the pictures, just that I was stopped to pose haha.

Also I love coming on here every few hours and seeing the love fest. It's so great.

risalea said...

I think Audra was taking most of those, but she hasn't put her pics up yet.

Carrie said...

Oh okay, thanks! Brenna still has to put up hers, too.

DJ in AL said...

I'm totally bummed, I don't see a pic of me accepting my secret trophy(not that I'm dying to see another fat cow pic of me.

I am coming up with new trophy ideas for next year!

Carrie said...

Oh whatever DJ, you're a hottie. And I do have two pictures of you getting your trophy, but it's from a side view.


Carrie said...

Or did you mean another trophy? Haha.

Cathy Storms said...

I think there are a few pictures on the Walgreen's site of trophy give aways. Audra took some but the poor thing had to go back to work today. She must be hating life right now...
Hopefully she will get some up by the weekend. I will try to get some of facebook of the trophys today or tomorrow...

DJ in AL said...

Yea right Carrie, and purple poodles fly too!

rosalee said...

Risa -

I was talking to a woman at the picnic who had a name tag on that said "Jan". I had asked someone (I don't remember who) if that was the Jan from the Caringbridge site and that person said yes. I guess she was mistaken.

BTW, my Sligh handbag just made a hit with my mother-in-law's social worker...

chamilton said...

That's because social workers rock!!! I love your handbag and I am a social worker !!!!!

risalea said...

Oh, I bet that was Jan from CA, Cathy's friend.

chamilton said...

For those of us who were not at the picnic. What were the trophies for and who won them?

risalea said...

Candy said: For those of us who were not at the picnic. What were the trophies for and who won them?

Biggest Fan-Carmen
Brought the Most People-Risa (I think I had between those I invited and myself and a couple my sister invited--15)
Most Missed Opportunities (to see Chris)-DJ
Oldest Fan-Nancy (don't know her last name)
Youngest Fan-Teddy
Best BBQ Sauce-Carrie
Came the Farthest-Jan from CA

If I missed any, folks, correct me.

Audra said...

I took pictures of everyone getting there trophies. I started to put all of my pics but my kid got sick and it was going so darn slow. I will try to put up more tonight. I have some really good pics, and yes that even means you DDDDJJJJJJ!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,Sarah and All,

Loved reading the stories and seeing the pictures. You are all very beautiful.

Individually and collectively, you seem to be exceptional people.

Am truly happy that this event was so joyful.

You blow me away with your kindness and generosity to each other.

You do personify a "family" in all its' finest qualities.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Shalom

Carrie said...

Hey everyone, I took my concert photographs and am working on "professionalizing" them so check here from time to time;

DJ in AL said...


You may have pics of me girl, but I can promise you they aren't good.

Sorry the kids are sick, poor babies.

risalea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
risalea said...

Shalom, I hope you can be with us next year!

Carrie, thank goodness we had at least one pro photographer in the bunch. I don't know what it is...I ALWAYS have camera issues whenever I am within 10 feet of Chris! LOL

And I guess my twitter is twitter pated, cause nothing is showing up on my phone. I just want to know, Chris, when you ate last night with Jon Skaggs, did you make him bring some BBQ? : )

chamilton said...

Hey Guys,
I know you are all probably still trying recoup from your awesome weekend in Nashville but.. When are we going to try to chat again?

Hischild said...

Hey Carmen,
No need to apologize for the ride. You were an expert driver in bad conditions. As for the family tension I was privvy to, I've been there SO many times w/my clan. Remember we are all more alike than we are different. And look at how different we are!! :o)

I was just glad to see Chris at the breakfast table the next morning all dry, happy and gauze-free.

Safe travels to you guys forever.


Audra said...

All my pictures are up now and DDJJJ I emailed you some good ones.

risalea said...

OK, so this was hard, deciding what pic to put up for my avatar. There were so many good with Chris, me with the blogger girls, Tammy and friends, Chris playing, our group photo, etc. so I'm just going to surprise y'all and change it out every few days. I'm starting with this pic of Sarah and I, breaking my rule of never standing next to the skinny girl in a picture, but oh, well, sometimes a sacrifice must be made. LOL Sarah is not only beautiful on the outside, most importantly, she has a beautiful heart.

DJ in AL said...


Actually my pic with Sarah is much better than mine with Chris, and I also have that "no standing by skinny girls" rule.

Oh well what can you do?

Happy Friday!

risalea said...

I like the one Lori got of us together, too, Deb. I've got that one earmarked as well.

Carrie said...

Haha ALL of my pictures with Sarah are better than my pictures with Chris. What can I say, two hot chicks make one amazing photo. ;)

HstryQT said...

Hey dont descriminate against skinny people. We (I) can't help it! :) And you broke your not-standing-next-to-skinny-people rule because I have pics with both of you!... good pics too! :)

DJ in AL said...


Um whatever. What did I tell you about that skinny talk?

You are however right. And actually our pic is very good. My smile seems somewhat normal!


Our pic is also good, course I'm about to spit coke through my nose bc I'm laughing, but whatever, typical DJ pics.

I think I am going to do the same thing if you don't care and switch mine up from time to time.

and, please, no bragging on yourself, not cool. (kidding)


DJ in AL said...

oh and Carrie, man, did you and Brenna take enough pics of ya'll and Chris? I was trying to be cool and not bombard him, but not ya'll but you and Brenna have tons and tons of pics! You camera hogs! You just wait until next year!

Carrie said...

The 50 million pictures of the 3 of us we didn't even plan. the gospel news people were like "oh let's stage photos of you two getting pictures with Chris" and we just laughed the entire time because it was ridiculous. I think I have enough pictures for a few months. ;)

DJ in AL said...

mhhmmmmm, I noticed they picked the youngins to take pics of, whatever, I'm not hurt, not me, no siree.............


Carrie said...

Oh whatEVA, DJ. You got breakfast with Chris and Sarah and I didn't. It's so on next year!!! haha

risalea said...

The youngin's? I just they didn't interview us because our natural beauty would have been too much for the viewing audience.

Yes, I'm serious. Stop laughing. Right now.

DJ in AL said...

Oh Carrie, it is so on next year! Man a year is a long time you know?

Risa, I know you are serious, that's what's so funny. lol

Audra said...

Haha you ladies are cracking me up. I think it is lucky anyone was interviewed.I think there is way to much personality on here to fit into an itty bitty tv camera. You all have me in stitches. Next year can not come fast enough.

DJ in AL said...

Audra, dude, where you been girl?
You are so right, too many A type personalities!

Chris, throw us some love man, I know you're all into that Twitter stuff but don't forget us!

risalea said...

OK, I think Twitter got my BB twitterpated. I thought I had the thing figured out and just about the time tonight that Chris sent out his last one (saw it where it comes up on here, but it never appeared on my phone), a bunch of my emails disappeared from the BB. Very mysterious.......And my printer quit working. Except I don't think that was twitter. LOL I'm looking at new computers. I figure I better do it quick before the NashVegas bills roll in. Thinking about a laptop.

Do you notice how we are reluctant to stop posting under this blog? it's like we don't want to leave nashvegas behind!

gdahimself said...

Y'all got to stop scrutinizing the photos of yourselves with magnifying glass, remember, they are supposed to be candid snaps, souvenirs of the event not studio portraits. Edit out or delete the particularly unflattering ones and lighten up.

DJ stop anticipating that the photos are less than satisfying/flattering before you see them.

Carrie said...

Alright, that settles it. Chris, next year we're all getting glamor shots with you and Sarah.

Deb in TN said...

Happy weekend.......and, after catching up on my reading here and noticing the part about a patch of ground, I'd like to say I love Waldo. I'd also like to say, "Where's Waldo....aaaaand Chris Sligh."


risalea said...

GDA--you said y'all! I think hanging around Southern belles on this blog is rubbing off on you! : ) You must definitely come next year!

Cathy Storms said...

Well it's been a week now since the picnic and I am still in such a Nashville mode. I don't want to give it up yet. I miss all of you and this year can't go fast enough for me to get back to Nashville. I loved all the pictures but am totally bummed that I didn't get one of me with Jon. Man, next year he better look

DJ in AL said...


I don't hear from you in months and the first thing you do is scold me, not cool dude:) We missed you in Nashville, maybe next year?

FYI, I've been hating pics of myself for many, many years now.

Audra said...

Okay besides the fact that you had your eyes closed in some of my pictures, I think they all turned out really good DEEEJAAAY. It is what it is and if you can't deal with that I am just going to have to come all the way to Alabama and make you see the light. So there ( you can see it but I stuck my tongue out at you :)) I think I got some really great pictures of everyone, I was really happy.

DJ in AL said...


Hmmm...I'm tempted to keep saying bad things about my pics just to get you to AL.......
but I'll be a big girl (no pun intended) and get over MYSELF!


Badpacifist said...

Chris this is
My favorite Jason Walker
"solo" song

You’re Missing It

Its cold again and I do not know what to do
I need a friend but all I really want is you

Well how’ve you been?
I haven’t seen you for so long …..I guess you’re gone
You’re really gone

So long ago…you told me you’d never leave
What do you know
Things have changed so suddenly
And here I am
I am moving on without you….without you

And now the years have passed us by
And I still do not know why
Before you tried you chose to quit
So where are you tonight
You could make everything right
But instead you’re missing it…’re missing it

You’re missing it
All the things that I have done
You’re missing it
Everything I have become
So wave goodbye
‘cause you can never get it back
No you can’t….you really can’t

‘Cause now the years have passed us by
And I still do not know why
Before you tried you chose to quit
So where are you tonight
You could make everything right
But instead you’re missing it…’re missing it

There’ll be a day
Where you wish you could go back
When your mistakes will catch up with where you’re at
Before you know…all your chance will be gone
They will be gone

‘Cause now the years have passed us by
And I still do not know why
Before you tried you chose to quit
So where are you tonight
You could make everything right
But instead you’re missing it…’re missing it

Carrie said...

Probably a no but do we know anything about all the footage fox news and the gospel music channel filmed during the picnic yet? I figured if anyone knew anything it would be Rosalee and on the site, though. I told my grandma I was interviewed and she was like WHAT CHANNEL? WHEN? WHERE? LOL Honestly she wants to see it more than I do haha.

risalea said...

We tried to hunt for the Fox footage two days after the picnic, but didn't find it. I've been so busy since I've been back, I haven't had time to look. My guess is, it's not up if Rosalee hasn't located it.

I'm off to Jonesboro, then Dallas for the week. I will give Tammy a hug from all of you, and of course, bring back lots of beauty tips from my MK Seminar. LOL

Y'all be good and I'll check in as I can. Risa

rosalee said...

The Gospel Music Channel footage isn't supposed to air for 2-3 weeks(from July 5th). I haven't had time to track down the FOX video yet. It hasn't appeared on the website. I probably will try to find out about it tomorrow.

Carrie said...

Ohhhhh okay. Thanks, Rosalee! I knew you'd know the answer. ;)