Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

This is not a movie for small children. I'm not even sure kids younger than 15 would be able to understand and process this movie. It is dark. It is violent, though not gory. It is emotional and sometimes hard to watch. It also happens to be one of the best films I have ever seen.

I don't like the "Superhero" genre. Men in tights, wearing underwear on the outside, doing outlandish, unhumanly things aren't really my favorite things to watch. I like reality. I like things to seem real life. Super hero movies never seem to be rooted in reality.

Then "Batman Begins" showed you could make a movie about a normal guy who becomes a vigilante with outlandish toys, yes...but still rooted in dark reality. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale made what seemed like an odd combination to make a Batman movie, but when it came out, I was blown away. I have said for 3 years that movie was the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

Until now.

But "The Dark Knight" is more than that even. It's one of the finest films ever made, in my opinion. It has everything: drama, action, emotion, humor, and that slight bit of zaniness needed to root a superhero movie with super men and super villians in crazy reality.

Christian Bale gives a multi-faceted performance that is one of his best performances (coming from a HUGE Bale fan - I've seen nearly every one of his movies). Aaron Eckhart gives a remarkably strong performance as Gotham's White Knight Harvey Dent. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine give inspired supporting performances. Gary Oldman is at his best.

But we land on Heath Ledger.

If Ledger hadn't died in February, I believe his performance in this film would have still put him in the running for an Oscar. He is that good. One of the creepiest, scariest, zany, chaos-inspiring performances ever on film. I think that other superhero franchises should simply shut down, because there will never be a villain that rivals what Heath Ledger did in becoming the Joker. His death, however, should seal a posthumous Oscar.

This movie will break all kinds of records. And, for once, the movie making records actually deserves it.

Well, done Mr. Nolan...I've been a fan since Memento. You have made the greatest superhero movie ever. Thank you.


Audra said...

I am glad you liked the movie so much. I am having a hard time deciding to go see it or not. I am a huge Heath Ledger fan and it saddens me so much that one role could send him into such a darkness that it would have cost him his life. I guess what saddens me the most is that nobody noticed he was in trouble and needed help.

Badpacifist said...

My youngest boy 22, went to see it midnight opening night. He never goes to a movie twice. He is going to this one again. Last movie I went to twice was Gladiator.

Chantessy said...

#3 on For the first time ever, a top position on IMDB 250 is deserving.

Carrie said...

I seriously agree with EVERYTHING you said in this post. I saw it last night and WOW. I've never been big on superhero movies AT ALL. Heck, I don't even really go and see action movies. I wasn't sure if I'd even like "Get Smart" because while Steve Carell is hilarious, it was based on spy an action films (wasn't bad, wasn't great, btw. It was "cute.")

But WOW is all I can say about The Dark Knight because Heath Ledger was AMAZING in his role. My sister and I actually ended up liking the Joker better than Batman in the end, but that's another story. All I could think when leaving the theater is that it's such a shame Heath passed away, but I also know that perhaps this was in Gods plan.

I also heard that people think Heath deserves an Oscar and the critics are saying it won't happen because people only want him to have one now that he's dead. Not true. I remember he was supposed to have one for Brokeback Mountain but because it's a controversial film it never happened. Dead or alive his performance was FAR from any role I've ever seen him in before.

And badpacifist,
My sister and I were talking about seeing it again earlier. I NEVER see movies more than once in a theater. Actually, the last movie I saw twice was "The Notebook" (girly, I know) because after I saw it, I brought my mom and grandma to see it... made them both cry lmao. They were kinda mad when they left, crying haha.


*I* suggest this movie. The only other action movie I really liked other than this was Transformers and this was a lot better than it. (I can't even believe I'm saying that...)

DJ in AL said...


I've been having the same issue, trying to decide to go see it or not. Not a super big Batman fan, but like you, a huge Heath Ledger fan. I didn't however realize this movie played a part in his death. Guess I better Google that.

Anyway, like everything else, I hate to be left out of anything, so I guess I better go see it.


Tatch said...

Good Movie but I agree Chris about the kids, I called my friend to tell him not to take his kid.

Heath ledger owned that part..

Audra said...

DJ the news said that he became one with his part and he went to a dark place to get into character. Not sure what else was going on in his life, guess we will never really know.

Hischild said...

Nice review, Chris. I may change my mind and see it now. I'm also not into superhero stories or science fiction stuff. BUT how can I skip the greatest superhero movie ever??
My kids saw the first midnight showing at a theater complex w/30 screens. They said it was showing in all 30 theaters!!! Crazy!


LOVED tonight's concert, Chris! Thanks again for the "extra" song. I was pleasantly surprised by how much you talked to us (the audience). Bebo HAS been a big influence on you. :o) And I dont'think you need to apologize for your verbiage. That's a big factor in what makes a good concert great, IMO.
And if you're still up, you'd better get to bed! This heat can really ZAP your strength - like a really bad sunburn, you don't realize it till it's too late.

gdahimself said...

For the benefit of the Heath Ledgar fans, the Film.Com profile.

If you copy this from the green page you can copy this in one pass

If you copy this from the white comment page hear it is in segments.

Carianne said...

I agree with everything you said, Chris. This movie had it all. And it was definitely hard to watch at times, it was fantastic. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted when I left the theater.

Carianne said...


Friends of Ledger and people who worked on the film have all agreed that this role had nothing to do with his death. It is just Hollywood/Internet gossip, just like the suicide rumors were.
What happened to Ledger was tragic, yes. But it was just an unfortunate accident.

risalea said...

I am a fan of Heath Ledger's work, so was not surprised to hear of the power of his last performance. I think he was a bit of a tortured soul, who had difficulty overcoming his addictions, even when it meant losing his family. I think some actors use their inner demons when perfecting such a role. Perhaps the role reflected his personal turmoil, rather than the part causing his issues.

We'll be seeing it, as hubby is a fan of the genre. Indeed, my husband's TV could get only 'The History Channel", "Sci Fi" and "Outdoor Life" and he'd be perfectly happy. Glad to see you gave it high marks, Chris and others who saw it.

robyn said...

Chris I couldn't agree with you more. I saw it last night and was blown away. What an awesome movie! I did not feel like I was in the theater for almost two and a half hours. the story and the acting kept you mesmerized throughout. I also am a total fan of Batman Begins. I also agree with you on the whole superhero in tights genre...this is a whole other level. It is superb, grownup, oscar worthy entertainment at it's best...

Carrie said...

I saw The Dark Knight today.



risalea said...
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risalea said...

Thank you, Randy, for your info, and the first clip from 3rd and Lindsley is finally up. Man, it took forever, I finally left it and went to bed. Here's the link:

Thank you, sister, for videotaping so I could concentrate on being a slighette! LOL

Anonymous said...

My 16-year-old super hero loving son went to the midnight showing of this movie. He had been looking forward to it since Batman Begins came out. He's going to see it again and may take his mama with him! I've never seen him quite this taken with a movie.

Anonymous said...

I thought you liked Iron Man as well? That's a 'superhero' too.

Dark knight freakin rocked my socks off, though....I'm going again.

risalea said...

3rd and Lindsley, "Vessel"

risalea said...

3rd and Lindsley, Jason Walker

risalea said...

3rd and Lindsley, "Loaded Gun"

risalea said...

3rd and Lindsley, Eleanor Rigby.

risalea said...

3rd and Lindsley, In a Moment

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~Those videos are great!! Thanks for putting them up

HstryQT said...

Cant wait to see it! Im going w/ Danny and my brother when he comes into town and seeing it in IMAX too!!

So youve seen almost every Bale movie huh? Does that mean youve sat through Little Women for his cutie-patootie performance as Theodore Lawrence? Hes such a great Teddy, partly the reason for my choice in the name :).