Monday, September 08, 2008

Like a virgin

I'd like to take a minute to say that I think that Russel Brand is HILARIOUS.  I think his brand (not a play on words here) of humor is hilarious.  What I saw of the VMA's last night, he was the highlight of the night...he's funny.  Really funny.

However, I would like to give props to my girl Jordin Sparks for standing up for what she believes.  For those who didn't see it, Brand made fun of the fad in Hollywood to wear purity rings.  Jordin came out and said something to the effect of: not everyone, guy or girl, wants to be a slut...and that's okay.  I'm assuming that she doesn't mean that simply having sex before marriage implies slut-dom...but the thought behind what she said is great!

Hey, personal choice is personal choice, but I can say for certain, I am incredibly happy that I waited until I was married to have sex.  And I think my wife would say that same for herself.  

There's no judgement here: everybody has baggage to deal with.  Premarital sex is no worse than the next person's baggage...but it's nice to see Jordin take a stand on one of the biggest broadcast's of the year.


risalea said...

That is great for Jordin to make a stand, and at her young age, even more courageous. When Linds was in 9th or 10th grade, our church youth group went through a program called "True Love Waits" and the kids received TLW rings in a very special ceremony at the end of their study. I think it's important to let kids know they DO have a choice....99.9% of what they see on TV or the movies tells them that abstaining from pre-marital sex is abnormal. So again, yea for Jordin, cause kids are more likely to listen to someone like her than adults that they may tune out.

Rebecca said...

This may sound ODD, but Jordin popped up in a dream of mine last night... and I'd not seen the VMAs...

I am so glad to hear her take this stand. I, too, waited until I was married tot have sex. I was 31. It was absolutely the right decision.

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

Actually, a quick search reveals that Russell Brand is a confessed former sex addict. This doesn't put him in the best position to be joking about how other people conduct their lives. He probably thinks the rings are a fashion accessory not a true symbol of belief and choice.
It would seem without his personal history, it was bad taste to persue this topic.

Still, somewhere Hugh Hefner is frowning about what he would regard as loss of ground made during the sexual revolution. Poor Baby.

Links to relevant articles

Badpacifist said...

Isn't MTV that channel that used to actually play music videos? I can't say that I saw any of the videos that were nominated on MTV. I saw them on other channels. I had a choice because of my DVR and I just watched the performances and fast forwarded through the rest. I wonder if the future will be more like that? Yes I may miss some stuff culturally that before the new technology I would have seen. But I may be the better man for it.
Of course I have been wrong before and if I delete it without seeing something important there is always youtube.

xangelglitterx said...

PEACE & LOVE...........
ONE LOVE.........................

D. Hamilton said...

Chris, Have to say I'm disapointed that you think Brand is at all funny. I didn't watch the VMA's but from the transcripts I read, there was absolutely nothing funny about what he said about God, our country, our president or for that matter, the Jonas brothers. Seriously, you should think about that.

At least Jordin Sparks had the courage to stand up to him.

DJ in AL said...


Hmmmm...I'm actually fairly surprised that you thought Brand was hilarious. Ok, so there were a couple of funny moments, but, and it might be the age gap here, but I was actually embarrassed for him, or maybe just embarrassed about some of the stuff he said. It also seemed to me, and I could be way off here, that he actually made some celebs in the audience a little uncomfortable. I don't know maybe it was his style, or the pacing, or the repetitive way he delivered, but dude, I think you are funny, Brand? Not that much.

Now I totally agree with you on Jordin, I thought it was very brave for her to stick up for her beliefs in such an incredibly
public way. You go Jordin!

And finally, I'm with Randy. The MTV I knew and loved (again, I'm old) is dead and gone.

That's my 2 cents, and maybe it's not even worth that:)

Glad to hear from ya Chris, hope you are finally home and resting up!

rosalee said...

I say to each his own. If someone wants to abstain from sex, abstain. If someone wants premarital sex, so what. As long as no one is getting hurt by it - physically or mentally.

Well, I’m sure glad we didn’t go to the Ledyard show on Saturday. We would have spent 3 hours driving back in hurricane rain. Instead, we averaged about 1 ½ hours each way to the Hamden show and the weather was bright and clear.

The show opened with a folk singer named Beth Colegrove. She played for about a half hour. Several of her songs had bird themes and so were right up my alley. Afterwards, I told her that she hit a home run with me because of my love of birds. She has an album coming out in November called Ornithology (of course)….
Her Myspace site:

Also on purevolume:

Chris followed with a very informal solo, acoustic set. He played the set using one of the custom guitar picks I gave him. He had no predetermined set list for this appearance. Afterwards, he talked with the audience members, and signed some things for them. He didn’t have any CDs to sell because he sold them all out the day before at Ledyard. He announced where they could buy the CD online. I gave out paper with listings of all of Chris’s sites to the people that he talked to. Suddenly, Harry became the “photographer” taking photos of some of the people with Chris, which we will email to them. I did end up with one of those new red t-shirts, and like Risa said, it is very cute! We got to chat for a while at the end, but then the venue closed up and chased us out. I’m sure that Chris was glad to leave and get some rest. At least now he can stay home and recuperate from the last few weeks.

Badpacifist said...

Harry is a rock star! I miss him already.

chamilton said...
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risalea said...

But that's the problem, people do get hurt, especially teenagers who don't have the maturity to know the difference between true love and sexual feelings, and often face lifelong consequences of their actions. I think a lot of times, young people don't feel like they do have a choice with all of our societal influences out there. That's why I think good role models are so important, now days especially where entertainers like Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan seem to outnumber the Jordin Sparks of the world. OK, 'nuff preaching. : )

Hey, Harry makes a great photographer. It sounds like it was a fun, intimate venue. I'm so glad you and Harry got to go.

And finally, y'all say a little prayer that old Ike doesn't send a bunch of hurricane rain between AR and AL this weekend!

chamilton said...

Hey Guys,
On the MTV thing.. I didn't see it. I quit watching MTV whenthey took Head Bangers Ball off the air and started playing music and videos I couldn't watch with kids in the room. I did hear about it on KLOVE this morning on my way to work. I have a teenager, I hope he waits. On KLOVE today I also heard the "Inside the music" with David Pierce that featured our guy Chris Sligh and he is talking about "Empty Me" "Arise" so I am hopeful that KLOVE will not take as long playing Arise as they did to play Empty Me. Chris if you thought the gut was funny then I am glad that you had a good time and got to blow off a little steam. I hope that you are getting some rest and having much deserved time with Sarah. Take care everybody and I hope to blog with you soon.


chamilton said...

I have already started praying for a hurricane (or anything else) that gets in the path of you and DJ going to see Chris.LOL I might need some prayers sent this way if my family tells the resturant people that it is my birthday on Sunday. Last year I had to wear a sumbraro while every person there sang. So not sure yet who the prayers will be for, me or them. I am excited for you two. You are going to have so much fun..can't wait the hear the stories when you are done. Take care


teek said...

i didn't see the show. it came to my knowledge through the wonder of internet.

my tremendous respect to jordin sparks for not only voice out her own belief but, to say it at the event of an industry at which it is expected to practise sex! to say it to the faces of those people plus the millions of tv viewers.

Very well done Jordin Sparks!

Carrie said...

I didn't watch the VMAs because I'm very busy and just wasn't interested in it this year. I hate when people make fun of virgins. I mean, 40 Year Old Virgin? Kinda funny. (To me, anyway, I mean I love that movie haha.) But kids shouldn't be having sex so I'm glad Jordin said something -- especially since a lot of kids watch MTV.

Anonymous said...

I was SO FRIGGIN PROUD of Jordin yesterday, when I saw the vid. (Honestly, how much as she grown over the past year??) She stood up not only for the Jonas Bros, but for the right to wear and believe in those purity rings, and I don;t think I've ever been more proud of her. She took a big step forward as a leader, because there's a ton of kids who look up to her. Seriously.

Some people are bent out of shape, saying that she is calling other people sluts or whatever for their choices, but that wasn;t it at all. She was defending a stance, and she wanted to tell kids out there, that it is OKAY to wait. How can we expect kids to wait(even delay) if we won;t back it up and support their decision?
As popular as the Jo-Bros are, if they can honestly make and try to keep a committment like that?? More power to them. They shouldn;t be shamed for it.

I thought the guy and the way he was teasing was deplorable. I'm glad he apologised, in a way. Think about it--an 18 yr old girl fresh to popularity made him do it.
I was proud of her, for real.

Badpacifist said...
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Anonymous said...

The worst part IMO was the guy crossing the line, and joking how he himself de-flowered the Jo-Bro during the break, and waved the ring as a sort of mock-trophy.(commenting maybe there'll be more rings liberated, later) I would think a christian boy like those would feel violated by that sort of "joking". I think too, that's why Jordin got out her mama-in-training voice and said what she did.

I watched the tape last night, just so I could see the context of things. meh.

Badpacifist said...

If people really love you sometime the best thing you can do is pop their bubble...thats real love. Granted I am watching clips and not the whole thing in its entirety because me and the wife have a constant battle over DVR hard drive space. I just saw clips of that twit. Let me ask you would you let that guy be around any of the people you love? You can be seriously funny without being a total jerk. You are seriously wrong on this and although this is just some guy from Europe it is pretty much a statement about youth just having him as a host. If the people around you say this guy is a good thing, you need to get new people. I certainly am not lilly white myself in the humor department. Just the other day I laughed my self silly watching a South Park called Die hippie die. I won't watch it on a regular basis but that at least shows you my glass house. So feel free to toss a stone back at me. Of course that is just one mans opinion.

Carianne said...

I was so, so proud of Jordin for saying something. A lot of girls her age would have been too nervous to "go against the crowd". I'm glad she had the courage to speak on behalf of people like me, who also believe in waiting till marriage

Cathy Storms said...

I can't really comment on Russel Brand because I only watched a small part of it. The VMA's are not my favorite award show to watch unless Kelly Clarkson is on it.
But, I have to say I am so proud of Jordin. To stand up for what you truly believe in front of all those people takes courage. Good for her. Young kids need more role models like that.

gdahimself said...

We're in a culture that over emphasizes and overly fixated on sex. Some people seem to live theirs as though their priorities are their sex life and someone things.

I’m seem a professional on TV, counseling women not to start having sex early in a relationship because it makes them blind to their partner’s shortcomings and faults until their over involved.

My Father read an article in the newspaper about a fourth grade teacher, who had students after school for detention, was called away for awhile to return to find them engaged in oral sex. It doesn’t help to have people like Bill Clinton to publicly maintain that oral sex isn’t really sex.

My sister, a nurse, during the last two years working in a city hospital, was aware of five girls, ten years old, who were there because they getting abortions, this was inside the last four or five years.

Obviously there isn’t enough education morally to discourage sex as a purely recreational activity and a decidedly questionable subject for humour.

Anonymous said...

I know I wouldn't have been brave enough at Jordin's age to go against the flow.

Speaking up for what you believe takes real guts. Even for us adults.

gdahimself said...

Regarding Jordin Sparks.

Having read the transcript of her remarks, she was defending the Jona Brothers, hers, and other people who regard their stance of abstinence as appropriate for their lives and the lack of appropriateness as a subject for humour, or more accurately, ridicule and by extension their adherence to their religious beliefs.

Given the lyrics to “Like a Virgin”, it may not have been the best choice of title for this subject.

ChrisSligh said...

I would like to point out that: A) I pointed out that I hadn't seen the VMA' my saying that Russel Brand is funny is not based on what I saw on the VMA's. B) Nor does me saying that I think he's hilarious mean that every single thing he says is agreeable to me and that EVERYTHING is funny. I just think he's funny. C) I saw an interview on Letterman with Brand and he was hilariously funny.

I think Brand is going to be a star. point of the post was NOT Russel Brand. It was Jordin Sparks.

Though I think she could've worded it better, perhaps, I do think that in the heat of the moment, it's tough, in front of that many people, to say it exactly right...but the heart behind it was what I thought was great!


ChrisSligh said...

Oh, And GDA...that's the point of the title!



Cathy Storms said...

So I just went and watched Jordin's speech. The look on John Legends face was priceless...I wish I could of seen some the faces in the audience. I even read this morning that Paris Hilton is defending the Jonas Bros. Oh my...Now that's a role model I want my grandkids to look up to. lol.......

Anonymous said...

"Like a Virgin", and the context of the VMAs--
That's what some critics are saying, is that "geez, it's the is known for being pretty racey"... BUT. I think it goes to show, that none of know where and when we may be called upon to stand up for something that matters.

Jordin I'm sure had no plans other than grin and bear it, but ya know! heh. People get mad, even a fluffy-kitten like her.:-) Personally, I like that she can get her back up! Makes her more real somehow.

Kacie said...

Chris, you know I bet your sense of humor is pretty influenced by your time in Europe. My husband (also grew up in Europe but is an American) thinks so many things are hilarious that a lot of US conservatives find sorta offensive. Having married him, I respect him, and I really think it's partly just a different type of humor!

I respect what Jordin said. To be fair, teasing isn't necessarily bad, particularly if purity rings are a fad in Hollywood that tends to be an outward sign rather then an inward conviction. If that is true (and I don't know), then it's definitely tease-worthy! Remember, Brittney also once said she was saving herself for marriage.

Lets not be ju

EmilyBoo said...

I had to do a bit of research before posting on this topic, as I had never heard of Brand (though I see he's in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I've been wanting to see,) nor did I watch the VMAs. In the VMA clips I watched, I found him to be crass and not at all funny (This includes all the cracks at George Bush, Sarah Palin, and the Jonas Bros.) I really cannot speak to his career as a comedian as a whole, since these are the only clips I have ever seen of him. (DJ - I also thought it looked like he was making the audience uncomfortable.)

As for Jordin, I admire that she stood up for what she believes in. I've seen a lot of people criticizing her, saying that she's calling everyone who has sex a slut. I really don't think that's what she meant. She probably should have chosen her words more carefully, but I could see that she was rushed and probably did not have the time to come up with better wording, nor the time to convey what she truly meant.

Props to Jordin. As for Russell Brand, I'll have to see more of him before I can decide if he's funny. I can certainly say for a fact that I don't like ALL of his humor.

Brad T said...

Chris, "personal choice" may be personal choice alright, but it can also be downright wrong - and it is in the case of sex outside of the marriage bond. I don't know if you meant to be flippant about it or if your initial post was just accidentally written that way, but we need people in your position to clearly stand up for what is right and denounce the wrong. Sin is never humorous to God - it is what nailed his Son to the cross.


DJ in AL said...


I hear ya. I'm gonna guess Brand reigned himself in a tad on Letterman for the censors. Let's face it the VMA's are not exactly known for their discretion so it didn't surprise me that they would be pushing the envelope, again, that is afterall what they are known for now. They used to be known for awesome musical vids. That said, there are all kinds of funny, and while I like to think I have a fairly decent sense of humor, based on Brand's VMA's schtick I just don't see myself becoming his number one fan. No biggie, I'm pretty sure that my not digging him will not stand in the way of his career. I'm also pretty sure my age plays here. Besides I can only be one celeb's number one fan at a time, so this doesn't create any problems for me. LOL

As for Jordin, I don't think she was trying to start some moral revolution, I think she was just spontaneously weighing in on the subject that became the "theme" of the entire evening.

Oy, it will all be forgotten by tomorrow's headlines.

It's all good in AL!


rosalee said...

Risa –
You’re right – Teenagers do need more “guidance”. It depends on each individual’s situation. I don’t know if someone would say “I’m glad I waited” if they were getting married at age forty...

I just saw the MTV clips. It seems to me that Jordin could have just said “it’s okay to wait” and left it at that without adding the “slut” line. Of course, nobody's perfect.

Sometimes I like raunchy humor, but I didn’t find Russell Brand’s attempt at humor to be that funny. Maybe you just had to be there. I prefer Lewis Black myself.

What people don’t realize, or maybe the malicious ones do, is that words can hurt as much as a physical punch and can do grave damage to one’s psyche. But when words come through a TV screen, they’re less personal than when said by someone that you know. There’s a limit to how far one can be offended.

Sometimes people use certain humor when they are uncomfortable with some aspect of their own lives.

ChrisSligh said...

Brad, one thing that you have to know about this blog that I ask the readers to take it word for word.

People make wrong choices every day. Sex is just one of them. It's not any bigger or "wronger" a choice than selfishness or pride...there are different ramifications and consequences with each different choice, but sex isn't the "end all" of choices.

And, I think I've "made my stand" by actually being a virgin when I was married. I didn't go around talking about it beforehand and I didn't wear a promise ring, I just attempted to make choices that were right. I personally don't think that personal choices should be made a show of...BUT (and it's a big "but") I can respect those who do. But I made mistakes that have had affects on my marriage that had nothing to do with sex.

My point in saying personal choice is personal choice is this: it's not my place to judge. It is my place to love. I am not sure I have one unmarried friend who is a virgin. In fact almost every one of my married friends was NOT a virgin when they got married. If I judged or looked down on those who didn't wait till marriage, I would have no friends and for every "confrontation" there would be an uncomfortable feeling between friends. Soon, I would have no friends at all.

My choice to stay a virgin in no way makes me a better role model than someone who didn't. So, you may take it as flippant...I chose my words perfectly, I believe. That would be the opposite of flippant.

I know this sounds like I'm just answering Brad, but I hope it comes across as an explanation of so much more than that!


Anonymous said...

Heh-- the opposite of flippant.;-)

I personally don't care about the whether someone wears a ring, or not. Heck, I never even wear my wedding band....doesn't mean I am not married. What I admire are guts, and integrity.

risalea said...

No one can ever accuse this blog of being boring. : )

And hey, xangelglitterx, long time, no see!

Don Chapman said...

Russel Brand, funny? I thought he was disgusting and obnoxious. I turned the VMAs off after 5 minutes.

ChrisSligh said...

Read the comments, Biff.

I said I hadn't seen the VMAs. The two times I had seen him before I thought he was hilarious.

Peace and love,

julie said...

Chris, I have a lot of respect for what you expressed in the above comment. I have made a lot of old-fashioned choices based on my faith, and I'm glad of that and stand by them, but I think it's a big mistake to assume that makes me less of a sinner than anybody else. There is a tendency among some Christians to treat sexual sins as worse than so many others, and I think most of the time that's just self-aggrandizement.

I also think Russell Brand is hilarious, but cheered for Jordin for coming back at him. She's a terrific girl. Do you ever think about telling the VFTW people how disgusting their attacks on her appearance are? I'd like to think they might take your opinion into consideration, but then again, it might backfire. Anyway, thanks for your always-thoughtful posts about faith.

Demi Eliese said...

Uhm, seriously...Russel Brande is a crude, disgusting person. His humor is nothing without sexual exploitation of women and men. Gross.