Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Sligh Stripped

So, I'm doing a mini-tour in November called the Chris Sligh stripped tour with special guest Jason Walker.  

We'll be going out as an acoustic 3-piece, with Jon Skaggs on percussion/drums, Walker on keys, and me on acoustic guitar...should be fun!

We've got 8 shows up on myspace...check 'em out!


risalea said...

Well, I know someone's day you will make with this show list! : ) Still looking for Arkansas. : ( I've been putting out some feelers. How much play are you getting on Spirit 93.3 here? (KKSP)

And what is it with Chris Sligh concerts and car trouble? My engine got hot today and I had to be towed to our friends' shop. So I'm renting a little car to get to AL. Car trouble, hurricanes, bad hair (crazy humid today!), nothing's standing in the way. LOL

Cathy Storms said...

I don't see California on that list...But yeah Risa, someone will be totally excited.

risalea said...

Oh, I forgot....Chris Sligh is going to Sweden. Magnus's brother, Stefan, is here visiting, and I gave him a copy of the CD and one for his parents. Spreading the love to Europe. : ) And I apologize for whining about AR. At least you've been in driving distance. Rosalee, how close is the NY show to you? Cathy, we're gonna' get him there! (or get you to a show!)

chamilton said...

okay that's not even right...That is no where even close to Kansas. Safe travels Risa I will be thinking of you guys and how much fun you will be having and wishing that I could be there. Maybe I could get you guys to sing Happy Birthday to me on Sunday.. Ya think? Take care


Cathy Storms said...

I'm sorry for whining also. Wait..No I'm not. Whatever it will take to get you and your band in California. I know, I got to see you in Lake Arrowhead and that was awesome, but you and Jon and Jason.That would be awesome....
See Chris, if you do a show in California, I have been told that maybe the picnic girls would come to California so we could all go together. Now awesome would that be?

Carmen said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
Finally Chris Sligh at Murray Hill in Jacksonville!!! Bring it on!!! Yes I am so pumpoed!!!!!!!

Cathy plan to back your bags girl!!! You need a trip to Jacksonville and I know someone you can stay with!!!

Dude I seriously thought this weekend in Alabama was going to be my last concert for this year. Even though I know Risa did not believe me when I told her that.
You have so totally made my day. I have a ton of people who are going to be coming with me. We are going to pack the place!!! Doing the Happy dance!!!!!


Carrie said...

Anyone up for going to Erie, PA with me? It's about 2 hours from where I live.

DJ in AL said...

Chris Sligh Stripped??

Way too much to think about? LOL

Ok, so Chris, just so you know, I am missing an Auburn game for you Sat. night, and look, you know what that means in the state of AL! College football is to AL what politics is to Washington. So feel honored!

Battling insomnia tonight thinking of all the things I still need to get done before Risa gets here tomorrow! Not totally sure the state is ready for Risa but guess it's too late to worry about that.

Safe travels Risa and Carmen and Chris see you on Saturday!

Cathy, we'll work on getting Chris to CA, you are just too far out there girl!

...dragging back to bed in AL!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Chris, from reading about you - I'm guessing you're the same Chris Sligh I met many years ago when I went to EHCS in Kansas City. I went by Bess back then. If so, I wanted to say hello and wish you good luck. I never saw you on AI, but I wish I'd made the connection then. If not, just chalk me down to another random well-wisher, and no harm done. :)

Hischild said...

WELL! You're not in AZ BUT Albuquerque MIGHT be do-able!! So Yay!!! And you'll be at a GREAT church, Calvary Chapel Alb.
The pastor, Skip Heitzig, came to my church many years ago for a concert. He and 3 other associate pastors had/have a Beatles tribute band. They dressed all in black (the turtlenecks)- sounded and looked amazingly like them. They sang Christian lyrics, of course but I have NEVER had so much FUN in church before (and I usually REALLY enjoy my church).
Anyways, Chris, be sure and ask Skip about that if you get to meet him.
I hope and pray I can get myself out there. Would hate to miss ya!
Bringing up Jordin again: Did anyone see her on Hannity & Colmes last night? She was in studio and they were discussing the VMA's. She was her usual sweetness and I was happy to see her get the exposure and a better chance to explain herself. It was, as I thought, a completely spur of the moment comment and I applaud her bravery. I had just finished reading a cover article on her in the new issue of Christian Living magazine where she talked about purity there too.

Gotta run!

Cathy Storms said...

I so need to move closer to y'all..
Or y'all could move closer to me. Then at least we could all travel together to Chris's shows.

Jacksonville in November. Very tempting.

Carrie~sounds like fun, but I think thats just a little too far.

Cathy Storms said...

Carmen~none of us really believed that Alabama would be your last show.
We all know you too well. lol....

EmilyBoo said...

October 24, finally a Michigan date! And according to my calendar as it currently stands, it looks like I should be able to make it, it's not a school night or anything! I don't know when that date was added, but it wasn't there last time I checked. I see it's not part of the Stripped mini-tour, what will it be like (how many songs, how many band members? Acoustic or no?)

I'm really looking forward to this!


HstryQT said...

Whew! Where have I been? I'm back in grad school and have been busy balancing student and mommy-dom. Didn't realize I'd missed so much over here!

How cool that there's an extended Sligh tour :). Not coming back to Indy but I'm not stressing because I know you'll come through here again eventually! Looks like Carmen will have lots more shows to add to her list! :)

FYI: Teddy's surgery is next Monday. He's having his ureter and part of his kidney removed and he'll be in the hospital for three days from Monday Sept 22- Wednesday Sept 25. I'm trying not to worry but it's really hard not to. I just keep trying to give it up to God. I'll try to keep everyone posted. I might do that by sending messages through DJ. Is that ok DJ? Thank you all in advance for your prayers. We'll be glad when this is over.

I'll try not to be a stranger as much :).

Cathy Storms said...

Lori~glad to hear from you. My family will keep Teddy in our thoughts and prayers.

chamilton said...

Please let us know when you arrive safely in AL. Thanks


Cathy Storms said...

Safe journeys to Carmen & Risa.
Also to Chris and band while traveling to Alabama.

gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...

Chris Sligh Basic may been a better or more accurate title.

"...Not totally sure the state is ready for Risa..."
Given past history, the state of Alabama may not be ready for the combined two of you, but more on that later...

Carianne said...

Why is Southern California so hard to come to? Okay, sure, Christian music may not be as popular here as in other places, but is one show really too much to ask for?

haha okay, complaint over :p

Joe Fleming said...

Yo Chris,

How about seeing what you can do to get a ringtone for the Something Beautiful song ? I can't find it yet. My wife already has Empty Me on her phone. You gotta help me out dude. BTW, I was the first to do a post on all of Facebook for that song S.B. must be a fan, huh?

thanks and God bless your ministry!

DJ in AL said...


I'm sure you are right....not sure I understand your reference though, 'splain!

.......Risa should be about an hour and half away, she got a very late start.......

Oh, and we had a run on gas today, at 9:00 a.m. gas was $3.55 by 4:00 it jumped to $4.19 and some stations have run out. Gotta love hurricanes.


Badpacifist said...

Hstryqt ....please do keep us informed about Teddy and his progress!

risalea said...

I'm here and Carmen has made it to Sylacauga. DJ better never come to my house, cause I feel like I'm in a bed and breakfast, with chocolate on my nightstand, no less, and I'm afraid I'm not nearly that good of a hostess!

I'm beat, off to bed, night!

chamilton said...

I am glad you made safe and sound Risa and you will have to let us know when Carmen gets there. I am so happy y'all get to hang out and see Chris and the guys. If youthink abut it and Chris has on the grey jacket with the sparkles on the back can you ask him where he got that. Looking for Christmas for my 16 year old. Be safe and have fun. I think we all want to come to DJ's house. Take care.


Cathy Storms said...

Now I'm really jealous..Chocolates by your bed? I'll have to take note for when y'all come to California. Glad you made it there safe and sound. Also glad Carmen made it. You guys have fun and I want all the details.

Anonymous said...

We keep hearing about the "effects of the hurricane" up here in the mid-south, but we haven't even any rain to show for it! The little that swung thru here neatly us. What we *do* have though is increasing gas prices...and there are rumors saying that they could be at $5 a gallon by the end of the weekend. Already, they anticipate shortages and make jumps in price by leaps and bounds. bah.

Still, we can't let little stuff like that keep us down! You have a nice concert planned by you, and we have a day at the horse races planned here! :-) It'll be a nice day, if warm. Tailgating FTW!

Carmen said...

Well Risa & I both made it to Alabama safely. Gas was scare and expensive along the way. Hoping there will be enough gas to get home. I always say "It isn't just a Chris Sligh concet, it is an adventure!"
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Saturday All!

Risa exagerates, but hey, if you can't spoil a fellow Fro Patroer, who can you spoil! Thought she'd never get here, but she finally rolled in late last night, weary from the road.

We think Carmen has tracked Chris down at the hotel. Well in her defense there is probably only one decent hotel in Sylacauga.

We can't reach her by phone, so Chris, look out dude, she's probably outside your door! (she's gonna kill me for that remark).

Cathy, we miss ya girl, we will call you aferwhile when we are all together.

Hope everyone is safe and dry this morning and has a great weekend, details to follow!

Chris, you better melt our faces off tonight!

Happy in AL!


Cathy Storms said...

I'm missing y'all also. Have fun and I want all the details...

Anonymous said...

Grr, why is Florida such a long state? I saw that there's 3 shows in Bradenton, FL but even that is over 4 hours away. I guess all that means is I need a car! Carmen, I'm glad you finally have a show in your city after all this time lol. I've only been to Jacksonville once but it's really nice.

risalea said...

Great show tonight and we had tons of fun! Happy Birthday to Candy! T I'll have to "sing" my b'day song when I'm off the Blackberry,

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday to Candy and Clinster.

Wishing all a safe journey home....

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Sunday. Safe journeys Carmen and Risa. I will be thinking about you all day.

Hubby comes home today from Kansas City.whoohoo...He was there for the International Lineman's Rodeo. 27 people from Southern California where we hardly even have rain in Kansas City where it rained the whole time they were there and even had tornado warnings. Needless to say, they are glad to be coming home.

DJ in AL said...

Just a quick fly by to say Risa and Carmen are on the road back home. We had fun last night, Chris was in top form as usual, as was the band and Jason. Since there is only one nice hotel in Sylacauga Chris, Sarah and the band ended up at Carmen's hotel, too funny really. No place to hide in a town that small.

I'm a little sleep deprived, heading back to bed for a while....thoughts on the night later today.......

Chris and Sarah, thanks for chatting with us last night, and have fun in Atlanta. Sarah, Chris told me about the new keyboard he bought, make sure you spend as much on your clothes!!

Carmen and Risa call me when you get home....

more later.........

weary DJ in AL....

Cathy Storms said...

Carmen & Risa~call me also when you get home...

chamilton said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am having a pretty great day so far. My family and friends are going out to dinner later tonight and my very manly wonderful husband and sons went and got me a Dooney & Bourke wallet. I think my favorite thing about that is imagining them shopping in the purse section of Dillards. So safe travels to all on the road today. Take care everybody and Happy Birthday to Clinster.


Clintster said...

Thanks to everyone for leaving the Birthday wishes. Just enjoying the day with the family and trying to relax a little before Monday gets here.

Candy, Happy Birthday to you as well. It's always nice to have a friend with the same birthday.

Cathy, we have had some yucky weather here in the KC area. At least today it's finally not raining. We are having a cool October day in September. And just to let everyone know that the church I attend had an opportunity to minister yesterday at the Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest. My music Pastor asked me to sing "Empty Me" since he knows I love that song. It was great to look out while I was singing and see people stopping by and listening to the song. A few people were singing along with me. How awesome that people are aware of this song of surrender!!! Thank you Chris again for such a great song.

On another funny note, since we saw Chris's show here in KC a few weeks ago, the only CD my kids want to listen to is Chris's CD. And their favorite song is number 4. When we get in the car they want to hear "Empty Me". I am so glad that is what they want to hear. Well I am going to go back to relaxing for now. I hope everyone has a great day!!!

risalea said...

OK, got home safely...made excellent time, better than Friday night. I have a lot to be thankful for...including that my car issue on Thurs. happened then, and not halfway between here and Birmingham on Friday, and that Ike blew on out of AR and other than a little rain in Mississippi, I had great driving weather today.

Please keep Carmen's mother in your prayers....her home suffered severe damage in TX, (she was not there), and Carmen and her family as well as they head to TX later this week to be of assistance to her.

I'll just have to say DJ is the hostess with the mostest...the Martha Stewart of the blog. I got treated like royalty this weekend! Thank you dear friend. It was wonderful to see Carmen and for the 3 of us to get to spend a little time together....just makes us anticipate next year's picnic even more as we get together with old and new friends from here!

It was great, as always, to hear Chris and the guys, and once again, thank you Chris, Sarah and Jon for making time to chat with us afterwards. I'm also now the favorite aunt, having bought a T-shirt for my niece's birthday for Chris to sign. She has a little friend whose family has some sort of connection to David Archuleta, and she's been hearing about all the meet and greets they've gotten to go to, but now to go along with her picnic picture with Chris, she will have her own "trophy" to share at school. LOL

OK, I'm to unpack, run to church, and do paperwork for my job I should have done on Thursday when I was dealing with the car! Take care, friends!

Cathy Storms said...

Clintster~great story about you getting to sing "Empty Me" at your church. very cool..

Risa~glad your home safe and sound. It sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. Next year or maybe Jacksonville. I'm still keeping my options open.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Sunday Afternoon All,

Happy Birthday wishes to Candy & Clinster, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Risa, I dunno about the whole Martha Stewart thing, but it was my goal to make you as comfortable as possible, if I did that then I am happy! I was thrilled to have you in our humble home.

I echo Risa's comments about how great it was to meet up with her and Carmen again so soon after the picnic, it was unexpected and delightful.

A couple of things of interest to note from the weekend:

1) Chris Sligh can still sing like no other, no matter the venue.

2) Risa needs NO sleep! She is literally like the Energizer bunny!

3) Carmen and Risa should never buy the same electronic toy at the same time. They had a "camera" smack down. Meaning they both bought new cameras and a) neither knew exactly how to use them, and b) drove me crazy trying to figure them out! P.S. Risa needs more practice with "framing her subject", I wish I could expand on this but it will embarrass her too much. (I apologize for the inside joke)

4) U turns are not only apparently legal in Sylacauga but encouraged.

5) It's probably best NOT to ask your Walmart cashier which restaraunt to visit in a strange town if a) she looks 14, b) she is underweight and c) needs extensive dental work.

6) Follow up to #5, don't eat at restaurants that are directly adjacent to gas stations.

7) No matter how many Chris Sligh T-shirts you buy it will never be enough for Chris.

8) Follow up to #6, if you like gardening you will definitely like Chris'latest idea for his next T-shirt.

9) You will miss Cathy if she doesn't join you for your concert experience.

10) If you have Fro Patroers for friends you are blessed.

Chris, again, many thanks for taking the time to chat with us.It was interesting and enlightening to hear about how your career is going and it was clear to me that you know precisely what you are doing. (never doubted that for a minute).

Another Sligh adventure in the books....big sigh.

Sending you all love from DJ in AL!

risalea said...

I know you've all been anxiously anticipating.....

Happy, happy birthday,
On this your special day!
Happy, happy birthday
Is what we've come to say!'

Happy, happy birthday,
May all your dreams come true.
Happy, happy birthday
From all of us to you!

HB again Candy, and to Clintster!

And on the subject of photography, ummmm, yes lessons are in order. 'Nuff said. : ) I did get a couple of pretty good videos, and if I get out from under my mound of work tonight, I'll try to get them up a little later. I wanted to get "Hands Up", but they didn't do that one this time time!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Candy and Clintster!!
Hope you have enjoyed your special day.

I am finally home. I got a later start than Risa and my GPS could not find the local Bank of America in Sylacauga which did not help.

Risa & DJ it was great to spend the weekend with Chris Sligh's other #1 fans. I am still cracking up over the shirts!!! Too funny! Risa we have got to practice more with our cameras so next time we don't drive DJ crazy. It also might help you with your video
"framing" abilites. Car karaoke was too fun. I think Risa & DJ are ready to make a video!!

Chris thanks for an amazing show and taking the time to chat with all of us afterwards. After 20 concerts you think I would have had enough but I am anxiously waiting for Jacksonville in November. Hope some of my fellow Fro Patroers can make it. Hint Hint Tawney!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, sounds like you all had such a good time together at the concert! It's nice to hear all the happy chatter. :-)

Good luck to Carmen's mom in TX-- and any touched by the path of Ike.
HstryQT-- You and Teddy are in my prayers.

Cathy Storms said...

Thank you for adding me to your list. It makes me feel very loved that you missed me. Next time girlfriend. Just wait till Nashville next year.

And yes if you have "FroPatro'ers" as friends you are so blessed....

risalea said...

Hey, I just wanted to throw this out there....I know there are many other Chris fans lurking who read the blog and just haven't jumped in the conversation. We want to encourage you to take part. We love when new people join in, (and I know Chris does). Please don't be shy...we'd like to say welcome! We had an awesome fan gathering with Chris in July of this year, and we're planning one for next year. Hope you'll join us!

OK, back to to get a MK order in tonight. Later, friends!

DJ in AL said...


I don't know how I missed your question about Teddy, OF COURSE you can email me, I will happily serve as liason. I know that everything is in God's hands.

To jump on Risa's bandwagon, all you lurkers come out of the shadows. We get tired of talking to each other, we need some new perspectives around here, so come out, come out, whereever you are! We don't bite, promise!

Rosalee, where the heck are you?

a "bashed by Monday" and weary DJ in AL...

Cathy Storms said...

I'll join in on Risa and DJ's bandwagon also. Please join our blog.

We all love hearing about other fans Sligh concert experiences.

The more fans the better for next years picnic in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

That is nice of you, extending an invitation and welcome like that, you guys. It can feel very intimidating, joining a group who is already in-progress. (Even I still have moments of feeling like the pig at the tea party.)

Chris is very amiable, as are the people here. :-) Come on in.

EmilyBoo said...

Bullyse - The pig at the tea party, indeed. :) We all may feel that way sometimes, but it's really not like that! So everyone join in, and if you see something that confuses you, don't be afraid to ask about it! And on that note, something newbies might not know about: Our young friend Amanda, who left this world a few months back.

I believe today is Amanda's birthday... Jan ( a family friend) posted a poem on her caring bridge. For those of you who knew Amanda, maybe it would be nice to stop by over there and leave a nice message for her mom, Tammy.

I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to put in a link for Amanda's site.

DJ in AL said...


Pig at a tea party? Priceless! Prompted me to read your blog, good stuff and real. I feel your pain about gas prices. Your horses are beautiful, don't envy you your dilema to keep them or not. Sorry you are faced with thinking about that. Never feel like a pig at a tea party here. If we ever make you feel like that, call us out. We get pretty full of ourselves sometimes. We do all the posting to keep things going around here but it would be nice to hear from some new folks, truly.

Putting out the call to Rosalee again, anybody seen her? GDA, you keeping up with her this week?

Emilyboo, I think you are right it is Amanda's birthday. Hard to believe she has been gone 3 months.

gdahimself said...


Regarding Rosalee, I don't have a definitive answer. The last we communicated was about going to the Hamden show.

The Hamden show was do-able if I had more than four days notice. It wasn't on the MySpace schedule and didn't get or see Rosalee's email on it until late.

gdahimself said...


" the pig at the tea party"
There has to be a more generous way to express not being comfortably in the know.

What happenned to all bully, all the time?

Cathy Storms said...

Pig at the tea party...I love that. Yep, we have all felt it a time or two thats for sure.
But as DJ says, if anyone ever feels like that, call us out.
And ask questions...We all love to put our two cents

Yes today would have been Amanda's 22 birthday. Thanks to Risa for reminding me... My thoughts and prayers have been with Tammy (Amanda's mom) all day.

DJ in AL said...


Thanks for the update. I haven't seen her around here lately and I have been missing her. I hope she is ok. Sorry ya'll missed Hamden hope you aren't picking up my bad timing karma, lol.

....sending out search party for my girl Rosalee.......

dj in al

risalea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
risalea said...

Going to the caringbridge has been too painful for Tammy, so I don't know if she'd see your message there. I'd suggest sending her a message through myspace.

The caringbridge link is:

Gosh, I'm exhausted. A LOOOONG day at a school today. Hope y'all had a good one.

Lori, I haven't responded, but hope you know Teddy and you and Danny have been in my prayers as y'all approach his surgery date.

Rosalee, you're missed!

GDA, BTW, Alabama may never be the same after getting a dose of DJ and I together. It's a good thing we're not in the same might be upsetting to the cosmic order of things. LOL

Pig at the tea party...does that have anything to do with putting lipstick on a pig? : )

OK, that's all for now. Later, friends!

Carmen said...

I have to agree with Risa, Cathy & DJ's sentiments. Please if your are just reading this blog and havn'et posted before, please please post. We love it when new folks stop by to chat. We want to get to know all of Chris's fans. So just jump on in!!

Thinking of you & the baby right now. You know your fmaily is my prayers. I know first hand how scarey it is for Mommy when your first born has to have surgery at such a young age. NOt easy.

I am missing you! I hope all is well with you & Harry.


EmilyBoo said...

I keep meaning to say that I'm praying for Teddy's surgery as well, but I don't know the background. Why does he need surgery? If I missed a discussion about it, does anyone know where it is? Or did y'all talk about this at the picnic?
Feeling a little like a pig at a tea party... :P

Cathy Storms said...

emilyboo~Little Teddy is having his ureter and part of his kidney removed. He will be in the hospital from 9/22 till 9/23. Check out Lori's post on this topic number 14 down. I always miss the upper comments also.
I think its because the topics change so much in each

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris and Everyone,

Am on catch up reading here. We took a month and travelled to New Mexico and then out to the Ventura to meet up with family, meandering back up the coast to Vancouver.

Was still in N.M. when Chris played in Kansas ... but read about that just now. We were in 11 States in total, driving over to Kansas would have been so easy. It never entered my mind that I'd be that close... Kansas seems way 'east' to my Coastal brain.

Note to self: check tour dates PRIOR to road trip.

Good to read news. Love the Fro travels. Lori, Teddy will be sent love from here.

Hi GDA and new posters. Where is Rosalee ? Hope all is well.


Cathy Storms said...

Hey Shalom~Wondered where you were.
Welcome back. It sounds like you had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing trip. Took the time now because our just turned 15year old son will likely not want to travel with his parents much longer.

As I said to him " Feel free to tell your friends you were bored to tears...but we know the truth "

How could anyone not like days where we left beautiful Santa Fe in the morning, had lunch and visited Roswell & the UFO museum in the afternoon and then made it to the Carlsbad Caverns for the last elevator ride down...try being totally aloof and cool with that kind of day.

His parents work to travel so he's been dragged around since conception. He's off to China in March with his school band. He hopefully won't be TOO cool at 15 1/2 to enjoy the Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors. I would trade places willingly but my trombone skills are sad. On the reserve chaperon and most other parents.

Worst part about amazing trips is the settling back into real life...but already planning the next one.


DJ in AL said...


Should you ever need a replacement for the time you son is too cool to travel, please keep me in mind! What a wonderful way to spend a month, lucky you!

Welcome back, we missed you!

dj in al

Anonymous said...

Sorry dj,looking forward to being just a couple again at some point. :)

Trying to imagine travel with just my partner. Hard to remember.

We of course do keep the son in mind and do make t.v.choices at night,his movies picks and going to a thousand Taco Bell's while wonderful real Mexican restaurants were at hand. That was an enormous negotiation point.

We are extremely lucky to get to travel like we do. Trade off is that real life = my partner working 7 days a week at his own business, myself at various contracts and consulting, but these situations do give us flexibility to travel.

When you work for yourself and take time off,you simply lose that time and money.

We realize that time passes so quickly with a child ...or with each other... so we make the time, spend the money...whether we have it or not...and collect indelible memories,numerous inside jokes and return knowing and loving each other more.

Add good heath, sunny weather, incredible scenery and for us, life doesn't get better than that.

Did hear about a great B&B out your way. :)

O.k. , have yakked enough. Off of this to do work and maybe pay that Visa bill before next summer.


DJ in AL said...


I am 100% sold on your way of life. To some degree I try to live that way too, within the confines of a corporate job. I have an only child, 18 now, and we go through the same thing you do, concessions etc. That said, he still goes on family vacations with us and I forsee him doing that for years to come so I don't mind some of the trade offs we make.

Hey the B&B might not live up to the exagerrated reviews of it's most recent guest!


Anonymous said...

18 ! Good for you. If we can still have the company of the much loved child for a few more years...I won't make Taco Bells the deal breaker. :)

Can't get into work today... obviously. Truly am gone now.


risalea said...

A trip this weekend sounds heavenly, especially with this lovely cooler weather. Youngest son is out of school the next two days for teacher conferences and inservice, but he has to work, so that is that. Good to hear from you, Shalom! Sounds like your travels were wonderful...sorry you missed Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone--
You two talking about your teenagers has me keening here in worry! I have a teenager too at now-16, and she rapidly approaches the stage where she feels her mother is an idiot.
Good times! ;-P

I know what you mean about the "concessions" thing...the things we do for Love. Somehow however? Sitting across from your kid while they happily chomp on a nachos bell grande seems like a small one indeed. We do so many things for those kids, and with a tinge of regret I know firsthand they will not realize it until they have kids of their own. It's worth it tho, to tuck them in at night.

Shalom-- your trip sounds really wonderful. I know your son had a wonderful time.

I am SOOOoo not ready for the Future! I just take it a step at a time, and try to enjoy the days.

Patrice said...

I have embraced the thoughts of having the ten hour paid naps on certain days of my life. Wanting to swap those days with Dolly Parton days working 9-5.Ok, I would settled for instant recliners after a huge meal in a fancy restaurants, and when I say fancy I mean the Olive Garden. I live in Milwaukee, by older brother won monoply and landed in Park Place, NY. In taking a breather from my life, I stumbled from your version of Trouble, to this blog. I enjoyed your opinions on Grace and your witty outlook. I am 28 year catholic gal who has been blessed in many ways by God. The ups and downs have only strengthen my faith. I dabble in singing the blues and other favorites, or by mother's 50th request for somewhere over the rainbow. Chris you have a terrific talent, and your writing is eye opening. Regards -Patrice

Cathy Storms said...

Awww..teenagers...Mine are all grown now and I really do miss the hustle bustle of having them around. I didn't realize how much I would miss it till they grew up and moved out.
So to all of you with teenagers, enjoy them, every minute of it. It passes much to quickly. But then comes grandkids and it changes everything. Grandkids are Gods promise that life goes on. They really make all of the teenage trouble years worth it.

Welcome Patrice....Hope to see you around this blog often.

risalea said...

Cathy said:They really make all of the teenage trouble years worth it.

OK, Cathy, I'm going to hold you to that, the next time I'm ready to throttle my lovely 17 yr. old! : ) I made poor Gaylon face parent-teacher conferences today by himself. I've done it for the last 23 years (the length of time I've had kids in school) and I decided I was bailing and leaving Gaylon with the last hoo-rah. He survived. LOL

Hi, Patrice! Welcome!

risalea said...

Chris, just a note to say I talked with my sister, Cindy, and niece Madeline got her t-shirt and wore it to church last night and to school today. She was the hit of the 4th grade. And my aunt stock went way up.:)

DJ in AL said...

CHRIS, DUDE, where are you??????

and while I'm looking for you, might as well send out an S.O.S. for Rosalee too.

Feeling orphaned around here.......

missing my celeb and webmaster tonight in AL.....

Carmen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. We have missed you here on the blog. Glad your travels were safe & your are back among us.

Welcome! Always love it when new folks find this blog and post. Thhough I love my picnic girls it is always fun to have a fresh perspective. So please continue to post.

I hope you are MIA because you are spending some much needed time with Sarah. Maybe even doing a couple of "honey dos" around the house. Please post when you get some time. We are all missing you & Rosalee.


HstryQT said...

Thank you all so much for your encouragement! You guys always make me feel warm and fuzzy, even when I'm not able to stop in every day.

Thanks for clarifying for me, Cathy. I appreciate you staying on top if things in my absence :D.

To give a little background to the rest of the Fro Patro who don't know details: Teddy has a second ureter on his left kidney, which is extremely dilated (backed up) and at constant risk of getting an infection. It's actually a blessing this is an "extra" ureter - I joke that we prayed an extra ureter into him while he was in the womb because we've known he had some sort of kidney issue since he was 20 weeks gestation.

His ureter is now the size of his large intestine - the ultrasounds are quite scary. He's a special case because the ureter is attached to a weird spot on a sphincter muscle, which makes it more complicated. The entire (extra) ureter is going to be removed as is part of his upper left kidney. Good news is he'll have 1 and 3/4's working kidneys. (Most of the left kidney will be saved and have functionality).

We have an awesome doctor; one of the best in the nation. But it's still super scary to have your little one be taken from you and put under and go through surgery. I'll be fine when it's over and he's bounced back but right now the anticipation is killing me, to be frank. Trying to keep up the positivity and not watch too many weepy primetime doctor shows.

Sorry so long. But I appreciate the thoughts and prayers so much and I wanted to fill in the story for those taking the time to pray for Teddy and our family.

Surgery is Monday morning and we'll be in the hospital until Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.

Love and hugs to my fellow Fro Patro-ers. Thank you for being there for us during this.


Anonymous said...

Our elder teen went out with some friends tonite, sort of on a mission to help cheer up one of her friends. It is difficult, knowing what to say or do sometimes-- her friend's mom committed suicide last week. It gives a teen alot to think about, but I think I prefer my Youngest daughter's solution: she sent her a teddy bear with a note on it that said, she was sorry for her loss.
*hearts her*

Funny how real life comes calling, even when you don't wish it to. I am getting practice, stretching those apron strings. :-) Nice to hear how other women I respect have made it, and paved the way for me to follow.

EmilyBoo said...

Lori, thanks for the background on Teddy's situation. You, your husband, and Teddy are all in my prayers!