Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Downhere - Ending Is Beginning

You must, must, must check out this album.

Downhere is a Canadian band transplanted to Nashville.  They're one of my favorite bands ever...one of my biggest influences.   You'll hear that immediately when you hear this album.  It just came out today and it is their best work yet.

I was up till after midnight listening to it this morning!  It's melodic pop/rock with inspirational, well-written, non-cheesy lyrics.  If you like Chris Sligh, you will LOVE this album.

Go now and you can thank me later!


Cathy Storms said...

I am so adding "Don't Miss Now" to my ipod for my treatment music. I love it so much. I can hear their influence in your music. They are awesome....
Now if I could just get "Faith Begins" on my treatment music list..
Thanks Chris for sending me Downhere's way....

Mike Jenkinson said...

Agreed. Don't Miss Now is a great song.

My review here:


Amy's Purple Poodles said...

HEL-LOO! And you thought the poodle woman was gone! My computer went kaput after all the problems It had it just died-at least I didn't crash my hard drive. That's why no one's heard from me. I've had to catch up on all the blogs I missed.

Did you get the e-mail letter I sent you? I also wanted to tell you I'm blown away by the way your brain works and the things you come up with (the requiem blog)You must be a genius. Life inside Chris Sligh's brain-there must be alot going on there. I can't wait to hear what becomes of this! I also loved your response to Brad (the Like A Virgin blog)I loved how you said you are not here to judge but to love. I'll have to wait until I go to my brother's house to listen to the Downwhere music-I have dial-up.

Kathy: YOU need another Chris concert?! I haven't even been to ONE! Maybe you, Candy and DJ should find a way to drag Chris to COLORADO. I was bummed because none of his "Stripped" shows are coming to Colorado. Then I found Amy Grant was on tour-and she wasn't coming here either! I'm devestated because I've been waiting forever to see her again. OOOHHH! The fur's gonna fly now-purple poodle fur, that is!

Hope everyone is well, including Teddy. I can't remember whose mom had home damage from Ike, but I hope your mom is getting the help she needs. Hearing about the hurricane was horrible.

Christmas music-I love Amy Grant's Christmas CDs. Also Lonestar, Twila Paris, Josh Groban, Anne Murray, Sarah McGlaughlin (not sure of spelling) My favorite songs are Silent Night, In the Deep Midwinter, O Holy Night, and O Come, O Come Emanuel.

Enough yakking

risalea said...
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risalea said...

Amy, did you see the shows scheduled for this week in Montrose (26th) and Littleton
(28th) Worth the drive...don't know where you are in CO, but you should definitely try to make it!

Chris, DUDE, (trying to sound like DJ), you are so right about Downhere...awesome group!

Hischild said...

I discovered Downhere about 6 or 7 months ago. I immediately fell in love w/them. Didn't know they had a new one coming out.
Thanks for the alert, Chris. I'll give it a listen right away (tomorrow).

Went to see "Mamma Mia" tonight. Mostly enjoyed it. Was never a big ABBA fan though it is nostalgic for me, seeing they were big around my high school years. I've gotta say Pierce Brosnan singing reminded me of Clint Eastwood in "Paint Your Wagon".
Stick to drama, guys. Meryl Streep is uber-talented.

Lovely new avatar, Risa.


DJ in AL said...


Hey, Risa's right! How far are you from those shows?

You have to go! Let us know which one you are going to, we will want to hear all about it complete with pics!


Cathy Storms said...

Yeah Amy, as DJ and Risa said. Chris has two concerts in Colorado this weekend. Looks like it might be the end of the back to school tour. It would be awesome. You should really try to see at least one of them.
As Risa said, it will be well worth the drive.

Anonymous said...

Clint Eastwood singing in "Paint Your Wagon" was kind of rumbly, and nice!:-D MMm! But then, Ive always been a bit of a Clint fan. Maybe it's me.

I've heard good things about "MammaMia" from some people, like, raving about it. I'll definitely rent it, as I enjoy all those actors, and musicals in general.

As Amanda is no longer with us, I do need to remind you all, October 24th is not only my birthday, but will also be the *happiest day of the year* because HighSchoolMusical3 is coming out! This will be the last one in the series, so don't be ashamed to go and enjoy with someone you love. I know I will be!

Ah, musicals.

Good luck, and positive thoughts to Cathy, for Friday. Teddy should be getting sprung from the hospital today, too.

HstryQT said...

Cathy we're thinking of you here as you begin treatment tomorrow. *Hugs*

DJ in AL said...

Yep Cathy,

You know how I feel, I'm there with you in spirit and praying for a smooth treatment with no sickness!

Call or email me/us after. Love ya girl!

Lori, did Teddy go home yet? Everything still peachy?

tyson said...

I hope this messages finds you well. Congrats on your success with "Empty Me." I hear it ATLEAST once a day on the KLOVE Station here in KY. Let me know if you are in or around KY in the future. Also, if you get a chance.. stop by: http://www.groupcard.com/c/MelindaDoolittle and wish Melinda a Happy Birthday! I'll be sending it to her on Oct. 6, the day of her birthday!

best of luck to you!

DJ in AL said...

Chris and all,

In case there is anyone who doesn't know by now, Cathy is starting chemo treatments this morning. Knowing this community like I do, I know you will all join me in saying a prayer for Cathy that she will find herself with all the courage she needs and that God will send her comfort and strength during the treatment.

Sending love and good thoughts on this Friday!

risalea said...

To piggyback on DJ's comment, Cathy's treatment starts at 8:30 Pacific time, so if you can especially be thinking about her/praying for her then in your specific time zone, that would be awesome.

Have a great day, friends!

Keri said...

So what happened w/Compassion Intl...did you bail? cuz u told us you were goin to tell more.. y the silence? cmon chris ... talk2us

DJ in AL said...


Alot of us who post here have adopted kids from Compassion Intl. after attending one of Chris's concerts. If you catch a show there is an entire table set up with portfolios introducing the children from which you can select who you like. It's super easy to adopt a child. You complete an app and are given a complete packet of info on the child and will start receiving info from CI not long after. I received my first letter from my child a month ago and it was incredible. If you can't make a concert you can always visit www.compassion.com they will welcome you.

Course he has a mouth and can tell you this all himself but he's pretty busy so this will get you started!

Welcome to the blog!

risalea said...

I thought I'd share that I received a thank you note today from Mike Huckabee, former governor of AR who was a candidate in the Republican primaries earlier in the race. He doesn't live very far from me (though he is on the road probably more than he is home), and I recently sent him a copy of Chris's CD. For those who don't know, Mike was a Baptist minister before he went into politics, and is a musician at heart, playing bass for his band, Capitol Offense, during his governorship and beyond. In it, he talked about how music has been important in his life, Christian music in particular, and that he played with his church's worship band for many years. I thought that was a nice gesture on his part, and it's good to introduce someone else to Chris's music. I did sort of suggest Chris would be an awesome addition to the inaugural festivities in case McCain wins and he has any influence. LOL

Cathy, report in when you can!

Cathy Storms said...

Thanks guys for all your thoughts and prayers. Chemo went off without a hitch. I'm feeling pretty good, a little wiped out and I just had to take a anti-sick pill, but the say they should work just fine. I'm just pretty much out of it but they say by morning I should be fine. One down, 3 to go....WhooHoo

Cathy Storms said...

Good luck in Colorado this weekend.I so wanted to be there for both shows. I have family right between the two so it would of worked out so awesome.
But with this stupid treatment starting today, just didn't work out.
I'm there in spirit.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Risa, Cathy, DJ-I owe you big-time! If it weren't for you I wouldn't have checked the dates because I thought that tour was over. I am going to the Littleton concert. I spent half of Wed. on the computer ordering my ticket. I cant't wait. I'm so excited and hope I get to meet Chris-I want pics too. I am going with my sister-in-law, who knows who Chris is but doesn't really listen to Christian music. My dad didn't want to go to the concert. I'm ludky I'm getting a ride because of the gas money. My dad has avoided going to Denver too much because of the high gas prices. Chris is also going to be at one of the services in Littleton. I would have loved to have gone so I could have seen him twice, but I told myself "you better not push it". My brother works in Littleton and it is a 45 min. drive to his home from there. On his work days it is even worse.

I would have loved to find a way to meet you if you had been able to come to Colorado. I'll be thinking about you this weekend and am glad your first chemo went well. You are very courageous-keep fighting.
Chris-THANK YOU so much for coming to colorado. I can't wait to see you. I'm still in shock because this all happened so fast. Here comes the Purple Poodle Lady!

Anonymous said...

On the music and compassion note-- Blake Lewis and Darude just had a song hit iTunes as part of the Dance4Life album! It's a dance clubby sort of song, very ambient, electronic, but mellow and easy to listen to.(there are nice vocals on it the sample doesn't show, fyi)

If you enjoy new music to work out to, and want to support the cause to help AIDs, please buy the song "SELFLESS". When you can get music and help a cause, it's a win-win. :-)

Cathy Storms said...

glad it worked out for you. Just be sure and go to his meet & greet at the merchandise table and introduce yourself. And now you can pay me back for the hug I gave him for you and give him a huge one from me.
Be sure and buy one of the cool shirts he usually has with him. We will want a full report with pictures on Monday...
Have a great time and yeah I wish I could be there.
Be prepared to get your face melted off!!!!

DJ in AL said...


Glad to be of service and I'm so glad you are getting to go! Take lost of pics and report back to us!

Have fun!

risalea said...

Amy, hope you have a great time.

risalea said...

Beware, Chris. There's some kind of giant pumpkin contest going on in Littleton this weekend, according to CNN. Watch out for runaway half ton pumpkins. : )

Have a great concert tonight and praying for a safe journey home for you and the guys.

Cathy Storms said...

There is a really good review of Chris's album on Trudatmusic.com..or http://trudatamusic.com/raw.
An excellent review...

Amy,have fun tonight.
Chris and band, safe journey's home. And as Risa says, beware of run away pumpkins...lol...

Cathy Storms said...

Found a video on youtube of an interview with Chris and CBN.

Or go to youtube, search Chris Sligh, click on recent. Added 3 days ago by CBN. It is a great interview.....

MaryLou A. Pettaway said...

I was so excited to read what Chris said about downhere's new recording. I was actually able to see them in Oregon and they asked me what was my favorite when I previewed the songs that they were going to possibly put on the new recording. I told them "My Last Amen" I was surprised when they did agree that that was their favorite. I actually discovered them with their song "A Better Way". When I first received my CD I played it over and over. Now I have to listen to it at least once a day. All of the songs are so very good but I think "My Last Amen" is still my favorite. I hope that more people will discover their ministry. I have told many people about them. God bless...