Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Song Lyrics

ETA:  Poorly Written Love Song is up on's the 2nd song.  It's a rough demo that was recorded live in the studio with no editing yet, so know that going in...I was sick so my vocal's not great.  But I'm really excited about this song and I think you'll get the idea!  Hope you enjoy.

Poorly Written Love Song

Words and music by Chris Sligh

Everything I say
ends up sounding so cliche’

It’s all been said way too many times
Everything I write
ends up sounding far too trite

Love can’t be conveyed with word and rhyme

But I guarantee I’ll try

I - I love you

I - I love you

It’s just three words

But it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard

So I’m giving it to you

I’m screaming it to you now

I love you

You’re worthy of
the best things I could say of love

But everything I say you’ve heard before

As phrasing fails,
I hope your heart’s not underwhelmed

‘Cause words are just a part of something more

So, here goes my best tries:


I’m trying for metaphors

But my best tries still leave you bored

And I’m out of similes

So, I guess you’ll have settle for this, baby:


You Are the One

Words and music by Chris Sligh

All I need is to believe we can be free,

But life is moving on too fast 

Love won’t change anything but who we are

And who we want to be

Why do we pretend we’re doing better than we are?

I guess the act we put on makes us feel

Good or bad, the feelings make us know that we’re alive

Even if it isn’t real

All I need is to try and see on through

But the pain we feel’s not passing

We try to change everything but all we really do

Is try to change our futures

Every move of queen and pawn 

A desperate chance to find 

A way out of the maze
we call a feeling 

But feelings make us feel 

Like life is coursing through our veins

Yet leave us reeling from all the life they’re stealing

You are the one

You are the one

You are the one

That changes everything

Change my everything


All I need is to see the way we were

But life flies by with every blink I’m taking….

Comatose, I’m sleeping through
the best years that I’ll get

And every smile from you that I keep missing

I’m waking up, I’m coming back to life
here in your arms 
There’s something shifting

Something’s shifting in my heart, baby…



Carrie said...

Lyric wise I like the second better but they're both really pretty. I guess we should be thanking Sarah for inspiring you! I hope we can hear those sometime, I bet they're great.

risalea said...

I don't know...I'm not feeling the first one. It's got a catchy beat, but I don't see it on an album. Maybe for a TV project?

I like the lyrics...need to hear the music for "You Are the One". Cause without the music, I'm trying to make a tune up in my head, and I'm sure that's not good for your lyrics. : )

I hope you hear something soon on "Here Comes Goodbye." I have absolutely fallen in love with it. That's got CMA song of the year written all over it.

OK, Chris, we're going to chat on the site this Thursday, June 12th at 8 central. I have no idea what time that is in Cancun, but if you can spare a minute, drop in. You can tell us some more about these new songs. : )

ChrisSligh said...

I should warn you guys that my next album will definitely be incredibly over the top WAY different than RBTY and TACOSB. It may not be like Poorly Written Love Song, but it may.

I have all these different ideas and songs rolling around in my head that I kind of wonder if the next album is going to be really, really poppy. Like piano poppy.

OR...I have the idea to go to the opposite extreme. Like Radiohead or Sigur Ros stuff. I'm struggling. Shoot...maybe I'll make a double really poppy and one really out there. Who knows...all I know is that I am deliberately stretching myself songwriting wise to not write the same kind of stuff I wrote for the last 2 albums!


Carrie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

Maybe not getting it, but the second song sounds like 2 very different songs...

Thought you may be interested in seeing an interview with Chris Martin from Coldplay. It aired on a Canadian national show called The Hour, hosted by a very funny & smart guy, George Stroumboulopoulos.

I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and humility in how Chris Martin speaks of his craft and his efforts to keep creating new work.

Check it out at http:/

Am sure you and Sarah will enjoy it.
Cheers, Shalom

risalea said...

Change is good. It was just a little unexpected!

Hischild said...

It's me (clarissa) with yet another title and pic. I think I'm cyber settled now.

Poorly Written Love Song is GREATLY written!!! Reminds me of Chris Rice lyrically. I love your versatility. New sounds are great! You don't want to be pigeon-holed (ala Bob Denver as Gilligan).
I'm excited about this news. Gotta say I'm hoping you go in the piano driven direction instead of electronica. I have tried but just can't get into Sigur Ros and the like. But, hey, I'm just one person. Follow your desires. I certainly won't abandon you. I'm your fan forever no matter what kinda of sounds you crank out.
Hope you're sunning in moderation and relaxing in overload!
Getting a bit giddy w/thoughts of picnic-ing dancing in my head.
See you soon!

Carrie said...

I deleted my last comment because I'm going on no sleep and not making sense. Anyway... I think it's too early to decide exactly what your next album will be like because I remember you were all "it's going to be mainstream rock!" and then it was more pop/rock and Christian so things obviously change. I like hearing the actual song a lot better than just through reading the lyrics, though.

At first I thought Poorly Written Love Song was kinda countryish with the first few notes. I was a little confused! But it's super pianoy and I like that stuff.

How do you differentiate "piano poppy" from other artists (Sigur Ros, etc) who also include pianos in their music? Sigur Ros, etc being more electronic and then people like Gavin Degraw who are pop? Like I said I'm not awake and now I think I'm getting a headache so it's time for me to sleep.

HstryQT said...

I love Poorly Written Love Song! Youre right, it is different, and its good to stretch yourself in new directions. Itll be fun to see what the next album brings!

Hope youre having fun on vacation! Im sure you are :).

robyn said...

Hey hey hey!!!

I can SO see you as one of the next really great songwriters of our generation!!! You know? like a Paul Simon-y Marvin Hamlisch-y,Burt Bacharach-y... only with a todays sound and feel...churning out great hits for not only yourself but lots of other singers too!! You just have all these wonderful songs rolling around in your head and pouring out of you, it's amazing. I love it!
I love hearing about how it happens and how they come to life through you and your team of musicians...AND I especially love being among the first to be able to get a glimpse as to how it sounds, even a rough draft.
Thank you, thank you!!


DJ in AL said...

Hey Chris, you're supposed to be on vacation remember?

Hmmmmm.....I'm going to keep an open mind on the new stuff. I remember I was resistent to the new stuff on RBTY, so I know better to make snap decisions.

I get what you are trying to do. As long as you are being true to who you are it will work.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

In reading the lyrics I was not too impressed with the first but then when I listend...I really liked it.

ChrisSligh said...

Rose...that's why it's called Poorly Written Love Song.

; - )


risalea said...

Just wanted to let y'all know we have made the First Annual Fro Patro Picnic shirt available to those of you who can't come to the picnic.
To see the shirt, go here:

It will be $15, and that includes shipping. Also, if you'd like to make a donation for St. Jude to be included in our picnic donation, you can do that as well. To order or make a donation, go here:

Thanks to Carmen for creating the design using Chris's album cover for inspiration, and thanks to Chris's management for the idea.

EmilyBoo said...

I see there's a lot of mixed reviews for Poorly Written Love Song. I for one, love it! I think it expresses perfectly how, no matter how hard you try, some things just can't be put into words. Poetry can't do justice to love.

rosalee said...

Love it! Do I detect a little Jason Castro "attitude" in that one (or living in the past as I often do, should I say John Sebastian)? Glad to see you experimenting.

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, would really love it if you would put out a Christmas songs cd and a strictly gospel cd. Oh and how about a cd of 60's/70's songs?

DJ in AL said...

Wanted to clarify, love the lyrics to both songs. I always love the lyrics.

Guess I'm just wanting more of the same until you decide to go in another direction, but you're the artist and I know nada:)

Carrie said...

I disagree. :p It isn't "poorly written" at all. However it just isn't your usual style of writing, if that makes sense. It's simple.

But as was Potential and that's now my favorite song on the CD.

Badpacifist said...

Really like poorly written love song. If you were going to put that in a live set would you put it near the beginning, middle, or towards the end or maybe during band introductions. Just interested because it has fun flowing out from it.

Anonymous said...

Poorly Written Love Song is great! It's a fun song. Makes me appreciate your voice all over again. :)

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA,

Why would you make the next album WAY different than Running Back To You?
I would think that you would want some continuity with the previous album to build on the recent success.

Cathy Storms said...

I like "Poorly Written Love Song". It's kind of got a Paul McCartney wings sort of feel. It's a fun song.
I like the idea that your next album will be totally different. Show the world all the sides of "Chris Sligh".
Just shows how much talent you have both as a songwriter and as a vocalist.

Anonymous said...

Good to read you. Long time no see.

Have been keeping up in fits and starts and speed reading thru...may have missed you.

Hope you are well. Shalom

risalea said...

Hey, GDA and Shalom...good to see both you guys back here.

Anonymous said...

Hey yourself Ms.Risalea,

Want to let you know you are on my Must Meet Someday list.

Love your posts. You have such heart.

Oh, and hello, Chris... just hugging up The Usual Suspects.

Cheers, Shalom

Nique's Nana said...

Poorly Written Love Song - it's a winner! I like it, it's sassy, upbeat and fun.

risalea said...

Ah!!!!! That was so sweet, Shalom. I'm so sad that you can't make it to the picnic, but hopefully, one day! GDA, that goes for you, too!

In the meantime, let's see how many can come on over to at 8 pm central on Thursday and we'll chat!

DJ in AL said...

GDA and Shalom! Long time no hear from! It's so good to hear from both of you.

Sorry to hear you can't come to the picnic!

Chris, hope you are enjoying your vaca!

Risa, remind me about Thursday night cause I will forget!


Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.

Could you return the favor at:



Carmen said...

Speaking of the Bloggers Choice Award. Chris's blog is now # 2 in Celeb. Blogs. Way to go Chris. Folks if you haven't voted yet, head on over there and vote!

Chris I like the two new songs. I actually LOVE "Here Comes Goodbye" and I agree with Risa--that one has Best Country Song of Year all over it. Can't wait to see who ends up recording it.


gdahimself said...

An interesting offerring which I do like but right now it's an orphan, meaning it would be wildly out of place on "Take A Chance..." or "Running Back To You".

I always thought both albums would benefit from a couple of tracks that weren't as serious as the others, this with it's Tin Pan Alley performance would really be a speed bump in the flow.

I originally thought the voice sounded a little like Elton John. At a slower time signature, it would have been interesting to have heard how Cass Elliott would of sung it.

It reminds me much of this Cass Elliott sung Mamas & Papas song, "Words of Love":

Words of Love by John Phillips
(basic lyric)

Words of love, so and tender
Won't win a girls heart anymore
If you lover then you must send her
Somewhere she's never been before
Worn out phrase and longing gazes
Won't get you where you want to, no!
Words of love, soft and tender
Won win her

You oughta know by now
You oughta know
You oughta know by now
Wods of love, so soft and tender
Won't win her anymore

gdahimself said...

Speaking of the Bloggers Choice Award.
What is the true value of winning?
Except for it being mentioned here, I've never hear of it.

Yesterday I did check and I know that Chris places second, behind Rosie O'Donnell.

Considering when I first heard about it and this moment, the numbers across the board aren't particularly impressive.

chamilton said...

Hello everybody,
I have been so busy at work that I haven't posted in a while but I have been reading and enjoying all of you and your posts. Okay Chris, working on vacation ??? What is up with that? I too am going to see Bret Micheals in September but I think I get the bonus of the rest of Poison too..So how was he? I love The Mama's and the Papa's lyric they are one of the six CD's that are always in the disc changer. I am so excited for you guys going to the picnic you are going to have so much fun. I made my reservations for Oklahoma City the other day so that we can go and see Chris again on June 29. Hope everybody is having a good week and take care all.


P.S. I heard Empty Me on KLOVE last Friday morning. I was so excited you'd of thought they were playing my song on the radio. I was doing the happy dance in the parking lot of the courthouse. WAY TO GO !!!!!!!

rosalee said...

Candy -
I'm glad you heard it on KLOVE. I had written them that I had heard (actually read on various blogs) people complaining that they play the same established artists and songs over and over again and weren't giving enough of a break to the up-and coming artists like Chris. Maybe they're listening now.

chamilton said...

Thank You so much for your reply. I had written to them too since afterall Chris is the reason that I started listening to their station in the first place. I hope that you got as nice of a reply from KLOVE as I did and they said that they would forward my email to the programming department. I hope you are having a blessed day and thanks again.


rosalee said...

Candy -
I got a similar reply from KLOVE.
And the Mamas and the Papas were one of my favorite groups back then. I still have my vinyl records - and two turntables to play them on.

rosalee said...


If nothing else, the Blogger's Choice awards can create some "buzz" for Chris by giving him a little more exposure.
And speaking of exposure,there's ANOTHER contest over at

I had them add Chris's name as a candidate today, so please vote for him over there. You can vote up to 5 times a day in any one category and there are prizes, so read the FAQs on the site.

Christi said...

I love them... ! Especially the first one, the piano playing is fantastic ;) my 2 year old sister came running into the room dancing when she heard it... I think she's a fan, too!

risalea said...

Go to the message board at for the latest update on our friend, Amanda. There is a thread there for her.

risalea said...

Sorry, one more reminder that we will chat over at starting at 8 central tonight (Thurs., 6-12).

robyn said...

I'm glad you heard it! I heard it one time but it was a live version he did while there in the studios. I will have to listen more...I switch back & forth between HIS & K-Love...HIS plays it a lot.

thanks for the reminder of the chat tonight. I wil try to be on there if my family does not distract me and my computer allows the chat site...


Carrie said...

Awww hey guys I probably won't be in the chat tonight.. it's my brothers birthday tomorrow and then fathers day is sunday so my mom and I are running around shopping. I'll try and pop in if I'm around but it might be near the end of the chat.

Ian said...

After hearing "Poorly Written Love Song" I wanted to weigh in: Awesome! It's really catchy, and as someone who's attempted to write songs before I can relate to the lyrics. Keep up the good work!

risalea said...

Sorry, guys, we kept having issues on the chat board. We'll try another night, and go to the fansite if we keep having issues next time. Risa

christopher dugayo said...

you have a wide knowledge in music..hope you could be famous in the music industry.......ThatCom Technology

here i go with all my thoughts said...

Just receieved a message that Tammy is asking for urgent prayers for Amanda. I thought if you didn't already know you would like to know that. Keep on praying everyone!

Carianne said...

The lyrics to Poorly Written Love Song read more like a poem than an actual song; they're beautiful.

risalea said...

Please pray...the news about Amanda is critical.

Hischild said...
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Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris and all the Fro Patro! Long time no post.

Hope all is well - checked out the songs on the production page - "Here come Goodbye" is going to be a big hit for someone. Can defintely see Rascal Flatts getting all over that one.

Was fun to hear the demo for Running Back again (which morphed into Arise on the album). Would love if you could put up a few more demos now that we've heard the finished product - so cool to hear the progression of raw idea to demo to final cut. Especially since some of the final takes sound so different from the original versions.

Probably my favorite song up (and no one else has mentioned) is "Pop Track waiting for vocal" - is that a working title? (Like, duh.) Now you need to go finish that one - it is brilliant and one of the best you've done - IMO. Huge upside on this - I can't get it out of my head...Want it on my Ipod!!

Have fun in Cancun - man they got some cool hotels down there -

Peace -

Tom in ATL

EmilyBoo said...

Wow I just read the latest update about Amanda! I'm praying hard for her and her family!

DJ in AL said...

I'm such an idiot, I posted about Amanda on the wrong topic. So heartbreaking, please, everyone inclined to,pray, pray, and pray some more.


Carrie said...

Praying extra hard for Amanda.

chamilton said...

my heart goes out to Amanda and her family.I am praying for them, I hope that they are able to accept Gods strength and mercy and courage. My thoughts are with this family and the difficult road.Hug your children and loved ones a little extra today and be thankful that you have them.


rosalee said...

So, David Cook sang the National Anthem:

Nothing to write home about....

And it certainly can't compare to this:

Carrie said...

Anyone going to good concerts this summer? My dad just got me Maroon 5 tickets because my birthday is coming up. SO EXCITED! I'm also seeing some guy named Chris Sligh this summer, too. Should be fun.

rosalee said...

June 23rd - right, Carrie???

I just got back from my annual pilgrimage to see Peter Max at my local art gallery. He really had beautiful stuff this year with nothing under $5500. Most were in the 10K-20K range, and some were quite a bit higher.
There was an acrylic on canvas version of that Ascending Angel poster that we all got Chris for Christmas. He wanted 45K for that.

I got to chat with him for a few minutes. I reminded him of the HPF CD that I gave him last year (which he remembered) and that Chris's fans chipped in for the poster that he signed for him in December. Then I showed him Carmen's pics of his friend, Howie Green with the painting he did of Chris's album cover and the pic of Chris with the painting. Peter said that Howie did a really good job on that painting. Then he asked how's business going for Chris. I told him that so far this year he's the best selling new artist in the Contemporary Christian music market.
Peter noticed my "Chris Sligh" handbag and then asked me if I was his mother.... I explained my "relationship" to Chris and then took off because others wanted to talk to him.
Oh man - I must really look my age....

Carrie said...

Rosalee, wow, guess Chris got a good deal getting that print from everyone then!

And yes, that's my birthday!! The Maroon 5 (and Counting Crows!) show is August 18 for me, though, so I'll have to wait patiently but I'm okay with that since I'm skipping the Idol tour this year.

risalea said...

That's funny. I told Carmen she should be carrying her boys' pictures on her purse. LOL

Let me just say none of us look old enough to be Chris's mother. Even though I'm sure his mother is extremely young looking herself...maybe we might look like his very young aunts. LOL So you just put Mr. Max's comment where it belongs--in the round file!

I haven't had a chance to give Chris's CD to anyone famous lately, but I have been sharing them with friends and family and without fail, I have had comments such as "I'm really enjoying that CD," "He can really sing," and more than one comment about his songwriting when they learn he wrote or co-wrote all the songs.

I was extremely shocked and saddened as I'm sure many of you were by Tim Russert's passing. I'm a news junkie and he was such a premier journalist. The world has truly lost a great newsman and a wonderful person.

For those who haven't made it to the chrissligh forum, Amanda's brother, Matt, has made it to Memphis, which was a blessing to her family and especially to her mom, Tammy.

Later, friends. Risa

rosalee said...

Risa -

When my next door neighbor saw my bag, he said that Chris could be my younger brother (noting the wild hair and the glasses). You can be sure that I felt a lot better with that comment. (LOL)
I guess he would have had to be an "accident" for that to have happened! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I need to start posting more >.< I've been reading but not saying much.

I read the news about Amanda on her site, I knew she had been going through rough times lately but I wasn't expecting that :( I hope she's somehow able to prove doctors wrong as she has many times in the past but I also realize her body is so tired from fighting almost 2 years.

risalea said...

Well, coincidentally, I got this response from my sister-in-law in CA in an email today:

"I have the Chris Sligh cd in my car. I LOVE IT! I especially love #10, Loaded Gun. I love the violins and I guess I'm now a new fan."

So guys, if they can hear the music, they will fall in love as we have. Chris, how do we get the CD in more stores? A brand-new Walmart supercenter opened here the middle of last week, and I looked specifically for the CD and couldn't find it. It is available online, but I think the public needs it in front of them.

I'm out of town the next 4 days....not sure how my computer situation will be and I've had trouble posting on here from my BB, but I'll do my best. I'll have major withdrawals if I don't get on here in that length of time! LOL Again, keep Amanda and her family in your prayers.

risalea said...

Amanda passed away a few minutes ago. I don't know anymore than that at this time. Please pray for her family, and for her dear mom, Tammy, who kept such a vigil with her all these months at St. Jude.

EmilyBoo said...

I just came from Amanda's Caring Bridge to see if anyone had reported the news here yet. I'm conflicted... happy for Amanda's end to suffering and that she is with her Heavenly Father; sad for the emptiness her loved ones will feel. My prayers are with them.

DJ in AL said...

I am with Emilyboo, torn as to how to feel. What I know for sure is that the world has lost a fighter, a sweet girl, with a heart of gold. My heart is broken for her family.

Sending love to her family and to all who loved her.


Carmen said...

We miss you Amanda.! This blog won't be the same without you. You have been such an inspiration to all who knew you. God gives us examples on this earth of how we should live our lives and Amanda was one of the best examples.


Hischild said...

Just read her CaringBridge page. So sorry to hear of Amanda's passing. She was such a sweetie. My heart goes out to her family and all those who knew and loved her. Wishing I could have gotten a chance to meet her in person on this side of heaven.

Carrie said...

I am so upset right now that I can't even see clearly enough to type this up. Amanda was just amazing. I will NEVER forget her.

Carrie said...

And Risa, my heart really goes out to you as well as her family because you're the one who has been able to attend concerts and such with Amanda as well as visit with her while others haven't. Hugs to you as well. You're really great for everything you've done for such a great girl.

Nique's Nana said...

So sorry to hear of Amanda's passing. I loved reading her blogs. My sincerest heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family.

To heaven's newest angel - you will be missed hear on earth, and we are so lucky to have met you here and for some in person - sending you love and blessings dear sweet Amanda.

Anonymous said...

My respectful condolences to Amanda's family and to Risalea and other Fro Patro members who have lost their young friend.


rosalee said...

Thank you, Shalom.
Amanda loved life. She will be missed.

Carianne said...

I heard about Amanda's passing last night, but was too heartbroken to say anything then. My prayers are with her family as they struggle through this time of grief. The world has lost a truly special person, but Heaven has gained one amazing angel.

Did you all see Chris Richardson's poem for Amanda that he wrote on his MySpace yesterday? So touching. She has touched so many lives...

Carrie said...

Man. I'm sitting here crying because I just now found out that I could raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and have been wanting to do an event FOREVER... but this month has been crazy for me and now the event is on Friday and there's no way I can raise the minimum $300 by then. :[ Maybe next year. I even offered to resell my Maroon 5 tickets in exchange for the event but my parents don't want me to do that because I never go to concerts.

Oh and check my blog I put up a huge directory of click to donate websites so you can donate to a bunch of stuff free -- with a daily click.

rosalee said...

Amanda Funeral Info:

Roller Farmers Union Funeral Home
1601 E. Johnson Ave.
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Visitation 5-8 pm Tues.
Service 10 am Wed.