Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 more new ones....

....are up for your perusal at


The titles are "Simple Love Song" and "Love Remains"

Yes, I know "Simple Love Song" is similar to "Poorly Written Love Song".  

Sue me.  [insert smiley face here]

Here's the lyrics:

Simple Love Song

Words and music by Chris Sligh

Sarah’s got a way of shining

Like the sun in mid July and

She’s the woman they all wanna be

She’s got my heart all tied up in a knot 

‘Cause she’s center of my thoughts

And she’s the only one for me

This is just a simple love song

‘Cause being honest with my feelings

Never feels wrong

There’s no other high intentions
Just a way to mention

All I have inside my heart to say
So it’s just a simple love song today

All my life is wrapped up in
The girl who made me love again
And she’s the reason everything is good
I know I’m taking all the easy ways
To say the things I want to say

But I don’t feel bad, even though I should


...the truth is, I’m done,
The best part’s to come:
I’m irretrievably hers
I know it’s not vague
Or poetic, okay?
I’m just trying to get across

My heart to her
That’s all that really matters to me...



Carrie said...

I've been having an off day and just saw this before I was going to call it a night and it made me smile.

You can never write enough love songs for your wife! Very pretty. She must be so proud. What about the lyrics for the other one? Though I like the one you posted lyrics for better because awwww.

Now write one about the Fro Patro. ;)

Anonymous said...

These seem to be more mainstream than ccm.

risalea said...

Of course, there is no sound on this lovely hotel computer, so I'll have to listen tomorrow night, but the lyrics are precious.

OK, I was having major brain freeze last night to say "supercool". DJ, I am surprised you didn't make a comment about that. LOL (I was going to ask you if you noticed I used your favorite word "neat" in my newspaper article Sunday? heehee)

Hooray for getting added to K-Love! I think that is going to play a major role in moving "Empty Me" right along up the charts.

OK, I haven't had much sleep, so I have got to get off this computer. Last day of conference tomorrow. Yea! Y'all take care. (p.s. I have a post about Amanda's service today and some surprise news under the Amanda blog) Risa

Hischild said...

"Love Remains" is WONDERFUL!!! Seems Beatle-esque in many places. Love the horns and the anthemic sound near the end. But most of all I LOVE the lyrics.
Death can't take away what love gives in a day. Indeed.

You gotta record this, Chris and put it out there for the masses.
What a terrific and prolific writer you are! I am once again in awe!


DJ in AL said...

How lucky is Sarah, to have your love for her immortalized in a song?

Geez, some girls get all the breaks!

Sending you love!


DJ in AL said...


You're the "neatest" most supercool chick I know!


Cathy Storms said...

What a beautiful way to say "I Love You" to your beautiful wife.
She is one lucky lady. It is really a beautiful song.

rosalee said...

That's right, Clarissa -
He's got the George Martin touch.

Chris also has a new version of "BrokenBeautiful" up.

Hischild said...

Well Rosalee, I had to look up Geo. Martin cause I never hearda him. Produced all the Beatles albums huh? (except Let It Be)
I've never been much of a person to study the behind the scenes individuals in the music industry but I'm getting more and more interested w/Chris' insiders views that he gives us.

I called Extreme Faith Productions this morning to have a Chris Sligh Promo Pack mailed to me for his 3 upcoming AZ concerts.
So, am brainstorming what I'm gonna do with posters, CD's, DVD's etc. Hm...I can envision it now, me walking my dog w/a sandwich sign on her. AND me, perhaps!!
My kids would just DIE of embarassment!

Carrie said...

VIP tickets for those AZ shows are ONLY $25? Awesome deal. I say make the dog AND the kids wear signs! I'd do it! Even better if you make them all dress like Chris. Haha.

rosalee said...

Clarissa -

George Martin was known as the "Fifth Beatle". Not only did he produce their records - he was also responsible for many of the arrangements. So,when you think about the French horn solo in "For No One" or trumpet in "Penny Lane", or the strings on Yesterday or Eleanor Rigby, you can be sure that George Martin was the one behind it.

risalea said...

Love both of them...The song about Sarah is just cute as can be, and Love Remains is particularly touching to me right now.

Yes, I think a song about the Fro patro is a great idea...of course, you must use everyone's name at least once. LOL

Guys, just a couple more days to register for the picnic. My "to do" list is long and ponderous and I have got to start on it tomorrow! (after a good night's's been a long week and I'm glad to be home in my own bed.). Take care, and Chris, keep 'em coming!

Hischild said...

Ha ha. That's a great idea about dressing like Chris. Only trouble is my kids are no longer little and under my thumb. They are teenagers and have certain things they just WON'T do.

I think I can find a black fro wig for the dog though. :o) Will post a picture if it happens.

Yeah, for the $25 ticket you get best seats, pre-show meet N greets AND some sort of special lanyard!! :o) I'm all set w/tickets for show #2 and #3 but have to decide between the first AI tour concert and Chris' first AZ show. I'm REALLY torn.
May not be able to do EITHER. :o(

Also, I've been meaning to tell you that I'm thrilled you can make the picnic. I remember when you were thinking it would not be possible. Can't wait to see you and the gang.

Hischild said...

I know I've heard "The Fifth Beatle" term lots of times just never filed the name of the guy away in my memory bank, I guess.
I've never realized how IMPORTANT a record producer is to the final sound we hear.

And Risa,
Thanks for the time you are putting in to the Picnic with your already busy schedule. I appreciate you greatly, lady.

EmilyBoo said...

Very pretty love song for Sarah! I'm kind of jealous. But I have an amazing hubby, so not really. :)

I love the sound of "Love Remains," all the backing instrumentals are wonderful! Unfortunately I couldn't hear your voice very well, I don't know if it was my speakers or what? I got the gist of the lyrics on the chorus, but couldn't really make out the words on most of the rest of it.

I have to say, I love the Chris Sligh Productions myspace. I find myself listening to it quite a bit. Every time I get in the car, I'm listening to RBTY, so it's nice to have these songs to listen to while I'm at the desk, something different. Please don't take them down! :P

risalea said...

Thank you, Clarissa...but it is very much a group project! Carmen, Deb (DJ), Cathy, and Lori are my partners in crime and Rosalee has given input as well. I just can't believe we're down to two weeks! It is going to be so great to meet everyone!

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Dude -

Love the vocals for Love Remains - the former "Pop song waiting for Vocals" - I knew this would turn out special. Who is Mr. Finnagin? Awesome.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Hischild said...

Yes, of course, you are right. Thank you to the whole group of yous.
I owe you all!


julie said...

Love your love songs to your wife! So heartfelt and strong.

Jacqueline said...

Love these!