Sunday, June 22, 2008


Blake Lewis announced recently that he was dropped from Arista.  From what I understand in talking with him at the finale this year is that 19E is still on board and are very loyal to him and his I doubt you've heard the last of Blake Lewis.

Blake, in my opinion, made a record that was just enough left of center that it didn't quite work in the mainstream, though I still think this record could've and should've been one of the bigger records of this year.  If "Know My Name" had been the first single, I believe it would've been a smash and then "How Many Words" could've been the hit it deserved to be.  But Clive, in his omniscience decided that "Break Anotha", my least favorite song on the record, should be the first single.  The moment I heard the song, I had a feeling that A.D.D. probably wouldn't recover - bad first single usually leads to the album not doing great...and unfortunately, I ended up being right.

However, let's put it in perspective.  He has sold close to 300k.  In today's music culture, that is fantastic for a new artist.  I think he'll end up with an indie label, making great records for years to come.  And from what I've heard Blake saying, it's where he'll be more comfortable.  If he can put together a hit for his genre, I think it's gonna be great!

I'm excited and disappointed at the same time for Blake.  Blake is a good friend who got screwed by the major label system.  Say what you will about the guy, he's a talented musician and is remarkably creative.  If anyone deserves to have a career in music, it's Blake.

So, rest in peace, Audio Day Dream.  Blake, here's to the future!  It's looking good!

ETA: By the way: the way that record deals work, is that every album is an option.  A normal record deal is 1 option + 4.  Each option is the label's choice.  An option can be a year.  An option, if an album is ultra successful can be 3 or 4 years.  Most of the time, an option on a new artist comes up right at a year from when they first signed, which was the case for Blake, when the artist and the label decide on if they're going to make another album.  It was also the case for Katherine last year, as well as Taylor.  Though news didn't filter down until later in the summer, Kat knew in May last year when I saw her that she was going to be leaving her label and going fact in May of last year, she already had an idea of where she was going to end up.  It wasn't announced until August-September that she had been officially dropped.  Blake signed in June of last year.  It wasn't announced until September.  You'll notice you haven't heard an official announcement from Arista yet.  Why?  Because it takes a while for a record label to get around to that stuff. make clear...Blake did NOT get dropped sooner than any other Idol ever.


Cathy Storms said...

I think Blake is very talented also. I know he will find a label that will let him be the creative person that he is. Clive Davis really needs to retire. He tried to stop Kelly from releasing "My December" also. Sometimes I think its better to come in less than 2nd on AI. It sounds like they really control the top 2.
I also wish Blake the best...

Carrie said...

Man, I'm not even surprised. He really will be better doing his own thing. His true fans will stick with him. When you make second place it's usually because you're really popular on the show but once it's over you lose some popularity because a lot of kids watch the show but don't really invest in the competitors.

Normally I'd have a better response for this but I'm so freaking tired right now.

risalea said...

Well, that's too bad. IMHO, AI doesn't have a great track record with their top winners, save Kelly and Carrie, and I have a feeling their success had a lot more to do with their talent and guidance from elsewhere rather than 19's input.

I hope Blake finds his niche.

chamilton said...

Good Luck to Blake. (Is he the beat boxer Guy?) I have to be honesr after Chris was voted off I was so upset I really didn't finish out the season. I am so disappointed that I can't come to the picnic especially as it gets closer but I am excited for all of you that are gettin the chance yo go. However, I am going to Oklahoma City to see Chris and I need some help. I know that I can count on you guys so here goes.... I got some window chalk for my car and I wanna know which would be better to put on the back window of my car. "Sligh"ding to OKC to see Chris Sligh or Running Back to OK to see Chris Sligh. I am also taking suggestions. Please help me in my nerdiness. Take care guys


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I didn't care for Blake on AI with the exception of a couple of performances and I didn't like his cd. I really have disliked how he has come across in public, in interviews and such since. He is an obnoxious, crass, young man who is so full of himself the arrogance just bursts out of him. He's much more of a star in his own mind than in anyone else's, talent aside.

If he wants a career in music, I hope he finds it. But, I hope he learns how to shut his mouth sometimes and how to be a bit more diplomatic when he opens it. Either way, I won't be giving him any of my money. He's already shown me he doesn't deserve it.

risalea said...

Love the "Running Back to OK to see Chris Sligh" one. A play on the album title and you got his name in too, means promotion. You may be heading for the PR world, Candy!

Of course, now, all the picnic girls are thinking, "what can I put on my car on the way to Nashvile?" LOL

HstryQT said...

Blake is lucky to have a friend like you who will be honest and at the same time positive and uplifting - your post mirrored my thoughts exactly.

I had the feeling Blake would have a similar situation as Taylor Hicks; both didnt have an OBVIOUS musical genre that was radio-friendly. I felt for Blake when reading his blogs about how hard it was to get the stations to play him. Gotta be tough. Whereas someone like you, Phil, Carrie Underwood, even Elliot, have an obvious place in radio-land. Blake'll be fine, Im sure.

End ramble. :)


ChrisSligh said...


I can understand your sentiments...I saw an interview a while back where Blake talked about how he had become bitter, realized it and turned it around. I would suggest giving him a second chance, not necessarily from a musical standpoint. The last coupla times I talked to him, he seemed like he was coming back around to the guy I met almost 2 years ago!

I think anyone would struggle to be humble in the situation they find themselves in at 1st and 2nd on America's biggest show ever. Sheesh, I came in 10th and had to wrestle those same stupid thoughts. As a musician, no matter how successful or not, it kinda comes with the territory.

But I think time will tell that Blake is a great musician, a great guy and simply made some PR mistakes along the way. Maybe I'm just an optimist, but I see the good in everyone.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm always open to changing my mind, so I'll pay attention to what happens. If he convinces me, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

Carrie said...

Oh one more thing though, Chris. No matter how well you speak of Blake's fans they are pretty territorial so while I don't think you said anything bad in this post about him, there's a possibility you may have some backlash. If not, awesome, because we know how close you and Blake were, especially way in the beginning of the show. Obviously you don't wish anything bad on him. You've defended him when he's made stupid remarks, insulted people and well, acted like "Blake" so I appreciate that. I'll never forget how he made my sister cry at the restaurant and maybe you were just being nice, but I'd like to think it was because you felt bad that my sister was so upset.

Heather said...

Yea, I don't think it's exactly a bad thing. They didn't handle him correctly from the start. Wrong single, then the writers strike, and then they REALLY messed up the How Many Words promotion. It's just a little disturbing they gave up so quickly. But, he did blog about a month ago that the label was having some serious issues with Clive being demoted.

I think he will be fine on his ownm, he was so constrained before. He couldn't do much of anything but sit and watch himself fail. It was heartbreaking.

ADD is fantastic, one of the best albums I've heard in a very long time and by FAR one of the best to ever come out of Idol.

It's so frustrating, but he'll keep on trucking, music is his calling

risalea said...

As to Blake's attitude, since it came up, I'll add this...he was more than kind to Amanda at the AI concert meet and greet in Memphis. She was so proud of the pictures she had with him. On the other hand, he was quite rude to me when I was trying to get a picture of the two of them and was a second late whipping out my camera to get a shot of their pose. Basically, he told me I was late, so forget it. And not in a nice way. But because he was so kind to Amanda, I could overlook that. As we know from things Chris has blogged about, handling fame is quite the learning curve. And some folks take longer and have to learn the hard way. Sometimes bumpy roads are the best teacher.

Carrie said...

Risa, sorry to hear about that. I think it's give and take with him because he wasn't too nice to my sister and then a few hours later acted like her best friend. But I'm glad he was nothing but great to Amanda. I think sometimes he tries to be "funny" and it comes out mean but still, I don't hate Blake at all. I just hope that he's learned not to let it all go to his head.

Anonymous said...

"I felt for Blake when reading his blogs about how hard it was to get the stations to play him."
"But, he did blog about a month ago"

Where do I find his blog at? I'm a huge BLAKE fan as well as a CHRIS fan. Thanks!

"I am going to Oklahoma City to see Chris"

I missed out on getting to see Chris in Tulsa. When and where is he going to be in OKC???

rosalee said...

Chris will be in Oklahoma City on June 29th:

Risa -
Nice Avatar.
And I, too, hope Blake finds his niche.... somewhere.

I was also surprised that Arista pulled the plug so fast on him.
(although I felt he had no business making into the Top 2 to begin with)

I'm sure it's hard for anyone in that position to be pleasant all of the time. When people are constantly tapping him on the shoulder, vying for his attention, I'm sure it's just a big blur to him a lot of the time. Some people may be more adept at handling that situation than others, and I can see where someone might get irritable.

(Gee - I hope the picnic isn't one big blur to Chris! (LOL))

black feline said...

i disagree..frankly he's only a one trick pony! and to declared his album best of the year is really the biggest joke i have ever heard in my entire breathing life...pleaseeee!

Nicole said...

Chris, do you know Blake's plans for the future? Have you seen him lately?

i'm not suprised about him being dropped....Break Anotha is horrible and the way he performed or shouted it on every talk show didn't help neither.

Bobbi, so you dont like honest people with actual opinions?? The world would be a pretty dull place if no one said what they actually wanted. Blake is so refreshing and an inspiration because of his confidence and dedication to his music. Chris is right, if anyone deserves a career in music it's Blake.

Badpacifist said...

I bought his CD and listened about five times to it. I did like the songs he did SING and the rest well I listened a few times. His thing truly isn't main stream stuff and isn't really my stuff either. I sure enjoyed him on Idol and yes I think there is much more to him. As far as his attitude, well we all have good days and bad days and many days where people misunderstand us. In my case my tone and intention often don't come out the way I wish. There are also a few days where I am just a complete jerk but at least I am not in the microscope of the general public. So it is what it is and you get what you get.

rosalee said...

Ok, Candy -
I like your Running Back option better than the other one.

Here are a few more for consideration (or maybe a side window)

Chris Sligh or Bust!

Sligh Way or the Highway!

Chris Sligh in Oklahoma City June 29th!

And you can always add:
He Will Rock Your Socks Off!

It's getting late. I give up. I have to go vote at

Jason Castro has edged Chris out of second place.

Heather said...


at his myspace

Hischild said...

I didn't like Blake too much before the top 24. But enjoyed him on the show and his original takes on old songs. Was the first and only performer to actually make me appreciate the skill of beatboxing. However, I don't think I would ever buy one of his albums. Just not a genre I love.

Haven't followed him at all since the show but he was very nice to me and my daughter at our Meet N Greet. Nice to hear he was great to Amanda.

I often think how hard it is to have celebrity status. SO many people (inside AND outside the industry) demanding SO much from you constantly. People judging you on 2nd hand information. Trying to meet EVERYONE'S expectations. That's why I pray for all the AI contestants. Especially the youngest ones. I wish Blake well and hope he can succeed at what he loves to do.

Makes my heart smile to know Chris sticks up for him and that Blake, in all the craziness that is his life, has a Christian friend in Chris.

Carianne said...

I think Blake Lewis has a kickin album (aside from "Break Anotha", which I despise..) and if more people would have given it a chance he could've been HUGE!

Sad. I wonder if I'll ever get to see a Blake Lewis concert...

ChrisSligh said...

To the anonymous posters,

Though I agree there were things that Blake said in the past that were perhaps unfair, if you believe in karma, then no one and I mean NO ONE would get the good end of's just how life one is good enough. Period.

We all make mistakes and no one is righteous. So, though Blake said some things he could've done without saying (IMO) I don't think those things had anything to do with him getting dropped or being successful.


julie said...

I was a Blake fan from day one, so this has been frustrating to watch. Chris, I think your take is dead on- "Know My Name" with the Lupe connection would have been a great choice. "How Many Words" should have been a hit- it's just as catchy and accessible a ballad as "Tattoo."

Maybe I'm biased because I know a lot of people who had only nice experiences with Blake, and because I am NOT a fanjaya, but it always seems to me that he gets a bad rap. After the Idols show I watched my daughter and other kids get autographs from him and four of the others. Sligh gave her a hug, and C-Rich ran back to high-five her, but overall it was clear there were so many people that none of them had time to interact at length with the fans. Still, they were ALL doing their best, yet I heard girls bitching about Blake though he was behaving no differently from the others. Both he and Phil, when asked for pictures, asked the fans to take them while they were signing, so they could get as many programs signed as possible. I didn't hear anyone fault Phil for that, but several girls were vocally annoyed that Blake said it.

I've always gotten the impression that he's susceptible to sensory overload, so I think rosalee makes a good point. People were crowding him and shoving stuff in his face and he seemed really dazed and overwhelmed by that- it's just not as easy for some people to process. Anyway, just want you to know, Chris, that as a Blake fan I love what you wrote, and I believe and hope he'll find an indie niche that's much more amenable to his creativity. His pre-idol stuff was so exciting- there's so much he can do.

chamilton said...

Thanks Rosalee I definatly will use the side window space.

dgmommie, i hope that we will get to meet in OKC that wouldbe awesome.

Chris what are doing up @ 6ish in the morning????? Get some rest I think you might need it....


Kacie said...

Yeah, I gotta say, I love AI as a show, and I have loved a lot of the top people. I loved Katherine McPhee and Jordin Spark's voices, but I didn't like either of the albums at all. I feel like the producers take awesome, powerful voices, and give them sucky, bubble-gum pop songs to sing.

It's really disappointing! I really really hope David Cook isn't put in a similar situation.

rosalee said...

Hey - it's June 23rd!
Happy Birthday, Carrie!

Victoria Sandberg said...

Thank you Chris for that last comment for the anonymous posters. . . well said.

I wanted to say that I gave your CD to a friend (a Christian music fan SCC, Chris Rice, etc.) who had NEVER heard you, not on the show, not ever. She loved the CD and picked "Empty Me" as her favorite so far. . . not knowing that was the first single or anything.

She's eagerly awaiting a concert in the SF bay area. Hope you make it here soon!

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!!

GirlyGirl45 said...

Credit to Blake for making the album he wanted to make. It wasn't the music for me, but he's got his fans. Too bad the singles released from it were not in the order he would have liked. I could look beyond his sourness and bitterness if it were just a bad interview on a bad day. But as Risalea pointed out, Blake proved himself to blow hot and cold throughout the Idol 6 summer tour in his interactions with fans backstage. My niece had a very similar experience to Risa's. So his tour behavior coupled with a series of interviews that included personal attacks and badmouthing of others do not permit me to dismiss Blake's actions as "some PR mistakes." I don't doubt that Blake has musical talents, but I do question his character. I imagine that being dropped by Arista will be a sobering experience for him, and perhaps he will become more reflective than reactive. And perhaps, Chris, you can be helpful as a friend in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rosalee, for the link to where Chris will be in OKC. I called for info (time, price, tickets available?), and they are at lunch right now. I would call back later, but I just realized that the 29th is THIS Sunday, not a couple weeks from now. I'll be in Canada this Sunday. Bummer!

Heather, thanks for the link to Blake's blog. I had that link but totally forgot to check it for a blog.

Chamilton, that would have been neat to meet in OKC.

risalea said...

Happy, happy birthday
On this your special day!
Happy, happy birthday
Is what we've come to say!

Happy, happy birthday
May all your dreams come true!
Happy, happy birthday
From all of us to you!

Have a good one, Carrie!

Carrie said...

Thanks Rosalee, Cathy and Risa!

Chris, where is MY birthday blog post?! :p

Anonymous said...

Chris, this all hits me funny on a bad sort of day-- but I do Thank You and the others so much, for the kind remarks. I believe that the poster HisChild said it best:

'I often think how hard it is to have celebrity status. SO many people (inside AND outside the industry) demanding SO much from you constantly. People judging you on 2nd hand information. Trying to meet EVERYONE'S expectations. That's why I pray for all the AI contestants. Especially the youngest ones. I wish Blake well and hope he can succeed at what he loves to do.

Makes my heart smile to know Chris sticks up for him and that Blake, in all the craziness that is his life, has a Christian friend in Chris.'

SO MUCH WORD. You all know I am a big Blake Fan from way back, but it never stopped me from trying to be a friend to ChrisSligh, or being kind to anyone else's favorite Idol. I was happy to support Chris and his good-hearted, thought-provoking discussions about stuff, and I still am. I like the kindness of his Core Group, and so I think many of us have been gentle in understanding that these S6 Idols are actually friends of his. The personal connection has not been lost on us, who care about them in a personal way.

We can't even guess what having the demands of self and time would be like, in that limelight. We can't even imagine the patience needed to deal with hordes of fans everywhere, and people all wanting something from us. (I know myself, I would have a hard time dealing with that.)I pray for them, and did especially towards the grueling Tour. I try to understand even now, how difficult it has to be in promotion and such, a venture not for the faint at heart.

I give all these Idols alot of credit for going out there, working hard, and trying to make it now in a tough business. Definitely a learning-curve, eh?? If you really care, then you are along for the ride as well.fttaj

chamilton said...

AW MAN dgmommie!!!!! Oh well Canada might be cool too.

Carmen said...


It’s your birthday time again;
It’s true; there’s no denying,
Another year has come and gone;
You know that I’m not lying.

So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say:
I hope this birthday’s the best one yet,
In every delightful way.

So happy birthday to you.
Have lots of birthday fun!
May your birthday wishes all come true,
Even if you have a ton.

Hope you have a great day!!


gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...

I didn't read all the post in depth as I'm work
But regarding Blake;

He's not making music that's everyones' preference.

As he has been dropped from his record company, his probably going to go through a period of re-assessment how is going to continue his career as a musicmaker and public person.

He has been more human than people will accept from someone in his position.

Growing up in public is such a pure, undiluted joy with so many people evaluating, commenting and second guessing almost everything, most who don't have but only glimmer have of living through the experience. Not place most of us would want to be with little or no prior preparation.

Maybe a few opinions tempered with more compassion.

Happy Birthday Carrie

roxysmoma said...

i bought blake's cd and love it. i'd buy another. God gave him incredible talent.. it's a shame that not everyone can appreciate that type of uniqueness. chris.. i'm so excited to have 'happened' upon your cd at family christian bookstore...i bought three and gave them to some friends. i had no idea you were a christian and was so excited to hear your work glorifying God! i'll see you in traverse city, mi for the cherry festival!!

Anonymous said...


I'm a little slow at hearing the new music and heard "Empty Me" for the first time today. One of the elders at the congregation I attend did a talk on it last night at church and what it meant for him and how to treat others, etc. I am teaching a class on love at a Christian camp starting Saturday and wanted something that would help move these 9th and 10th graders spiritually, besides the Word (and this 45 year old messenger). I found my hook in this song. I found the acoustic/piano version on youtube (a friend's wedding) and have spent much of the day trying to buy a recording of it (I like the mellowness of the piano version, expecially for my purposes). Does anyone have an idea of how I can get a copy of that version by Friday so I can take it to camp? Please email at My son is going to try to download it to his ipod, and that might work as well.

Carrie said...

Thanks Carmen and GDA!

Carmen said...

I was very sorry to hear that Blake got dropped from Arista. He is an incredibly talented and creative young man.
I purchased his CD and Know my Name was my favorite song on the album. Personally I am not a big fan of beat boxing but I loved Blake during his performances on the tour. He is quite a showman. I got to meet Blake several times and he was always very sweet to his adoring fans who could be over- whelming at times.
The thing that I liked most about Blake is the love that he has for his family. He is very tight with his Dad and has often publically expressed his love for him. That tells me a lot about the person that he truly is. I think that anyone who expereinced instant celebrity status would have some "bumps" along the way. And let's not forget how people can take things the wrong way and totally blow things out of proportion. We have all seen that happen to Chris.
I think that Blake has a bright and promising future in the music industry.

Carrie said...

Did SOMEONE forget my birthday? AHEM AHEM haha.

ChrisSligh said...

Go shorty, it's your birfday!
Gonna party like it's your birfday
Gonna sip sprite zero like it's your birfday
And you know we don't give a flip
'Cause it's your birfday!

Carrie said...

Haha I had coke instead of sprite but that works, too. Why thank you, Chris! And before midnight, too. I'm impressed.

Hischild said...

Well, Carrie. May I jump on the bandwagon (a little before midnight my time) and wish you a belated happy birthday as you are now into Tuesday. Hope it was great!

Bullyse: Thanks for the compliments in your post. It's nice to see you and so many others here giving Blake some grace. And I LOVED Chris' comments about Karma. Touche!

(calling it a day)

DJ in AL said...


If you will remember I sent you early B'day wishes BC I knew I would forget. I suck:(

Hope it was great!


Carianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carianne said...

haha Sligh's "Happy Birtdhay" message to Carrie was priceless! =D

Carianne said...

haha oops. typo. I meant "Birthday" :p

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Well, here goes! I've just been hanging around in here (I haven't written much-maybe twice. I think you all are cool and wonder how this whole little group got started. Idiot me wants to know what is the Fro Patro and how did it get started? Maybe last summer when I was messing around with my digital camera editing program, going to Yellowstone and South Dakota?
I envy all of you who get to go to the picnic! I would love to see Chris! Have an awesome time! The only place I'm going this summer is dried-up El Paso, TX. We're only going to see my brother and eat Mexican food. The only place that has good Mexican food here is in Denver.i

Cathy Storms said...

Amy's Purple Poodles,
How did this group get started? hmm...Well it all started with the leader of the "Fro Patro" Chris. Through him we have become friends that truly care about each other. And we are all huge Chris Sligh fans. We all have met on this blog basically. Thanks for thinking we're cool..I think we're all pretty cool also.
Wish you could come to the picnic. We are going to have a blast. Fans are coming from all over the United States to spend a day with Chris and other Sligh fans. It is going to be awesome.
Welcome to the group!!

Carrie said...

Yes, I remember, DJ! Thank you! You too, Clarissa!

Mmm I had authentic Mexican yesterday.

xangelglitterx said...

ONE LOVE.........................JS

risalea said...

Welcome, Amy! Piggybacking on Cathy's comment about folks coming from all over the country for the picnic, at last count, we have 10 states represented (AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, MO, IN, NC, NY, TN). I think that's pretty amazing, considering what's happened with gas prices since we started planning our little gathering. Speaking of which, there will be an email sent out to all attendees in the next day or two with some info. Man, it's almost here!

risalea said...

xangelglitterx! I thought about you the other day and wondered where you'd been. I am so sorry you can't make it to the picnic, but glad you are checking in with us! Take care and don't be a stranger (and take a day off!)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I've been enjoying reading everyone's comments over the past few months. Chris, thanks for defending Bshorty. I agree that he has said some unfortunate things to the media that would have been better left unsaid, but from the way you speak of him, he seems to be the kind of person who is willing to learn from his mistakes. I'm still willing to spend money on him. (Risalea, I wish he had been nicer to you though - you seem like a kind person and I hate that he was rude.) At least we know Chris Sligh wouldn't ever diss his fans! Hope everyone has fun at the picnic. I have zero fundage for summer activities other than going to my friend's pool, so I'll miss it. Party on, guys.

risalea said...

No be honest, until this discussion came up, I hadn't thought about it twice. Heaven knows, I'VE never been rude to anyone! (dodging the lightening bolt sure to be coming my way! LOL) Blake was a gem to Amanda, and that's what mattered that night.
We have been spoiled to Chris's generosity of spirit towards his supporters (as we say in the South, his mama done raised him right!) : )

rosalee said...

That's right, Risa - the Picnic is right around the corner.

To Amy's purple poodles:

As legend has it, Chris coined the term "Fro Patro" for his fanbase, using the play on words from "Soul Patrol" - Taylor Hicks' fanbase from American Idol Season 5.

Chris-Sligh.Info is the original Chris Sligh/Fro Patro fansite. The posts on that site go back to early March 2007. However, they were around longer than that. There was a system malfunction on March 6, 2007 and all data on the site was lost. They had to recreate the past history for the site, so the dates on the original news posts and other items only display from March 6th on, even though the information may be earlier than that. If you're looking for history - check out that site. You can browse the forums, image gallery, etc.,as well. is new and has a Fro Patro section within it. Please register - we've got a great bunch of people here! And check out the Message Board. There is a Video Links thread there, including a section on Fan Videos, which contains several old Fro Patro news videos.

I, myself joined Chris-Sligh.Info in April 2007, after lurking for a while. I started commenting on Chris's blog in late March 2007, shortly after he opened it back up (after leaving American Idol).

Carrie said...

I'm leaving for Nashvegas in 8 days!

Hischild said...

9 days for me!

Close enough to start figuring out what I'm gonna wear.

Rosalee cracked me up with:



Cathy Storms said...

I'm leaving for Nashville in 6 days....WhooHoo!!!

Nique's Nana said...

To Cathy Storms, I'll be with you in spirit! I hope you and your girls have the most wonderful time ever. I'm looking forward to getting together with you after your trip to look over all the pictures you'll be taking.

Cathy Storms said...

Nique~I wish you were coming with me. I will be thinking of you. And yes we will get together when I get back to look at pictures and so you can get your shirt...

FREE Phones Great Plans said...

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Good luck to Blake!

risalea said...

Hey, Picnic People! Email coming your way later today with some info for you about next weekend. If for some reason you don't get it, contact us at


bmorebamma said...

ahhhhhhh the music biz, it seems like the talented get screwed , and the crap gets played. iam for he life of me iam figureing why laffy taffy. yahhh trick yaaaaa gets the air time, anywhoo i keep hearing folk saying that mr lewis was a a-hole. to some fans, but he's human . we all have good days and bad days. i have never meet anyone famous,so i don't know how anyone famous WOULD act, but R-E-S-P-E-C-T- would be my #1 rule ,cus you want to treat people the way you wanna be treated.

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

To Bmorebamma,
From GDA,

The (original) Human Leagues' comment on "and the crap gets played":

The lyrics:

Har said...

hi Chris, you only sold 11k album so far. Would you call it karma since you've dissed some of the fellow contestants from last year and this year? Would you say your album is too boring to sell?

Carrie said...


11k is a lot more than many 10th placers and even contestants who have made it further have sold. Keep that in mind. It's not about making the money, it's about doing what he loves to do.

Also, I'm pretty sure Chris has never "dissed" anyone other than Sanjaya (which this has been cleared up) and even then it wasn't as nearly as bad as what Blake or others have said.

I guess you didn't read what Chris said about karma, either. Oh well. Just clearing stuff up.

ChrisSligh said...


Let's see here.

1) I don't believe in karma. If I did, everyone on earth would lose. It's the just how it works. No one and I mean no one - from Mother Theresa to {fill in the blank here} - does enough good to make up for the bad.

2) I've actually sold 15k so far this year. However, if you did a little research, you would find that:
A) I went into the Christian genre
B) I am the best-selling new Christian act of 2008. That would mean that I was successful.
C) I now have had a top 10 hit (Hot AC Christian)...which would mean that I was successful.
D) I'm consistently selling records without touring consistently (summer is the slow time in Christian music),,,which would mean that I was actually being successful.

3) I said one thing about Sanjaya that, though true, was tacky...I apologized for it and have proven over the last 15 months that I learned from my mistakes. I have consistently defended other contestants from my season.

So, to answer your first question in a word: no.

My answer to the 2nd question will come in the form of a question: have you actually listened to my boring album all the way through? If not, should I feel bad about your comments when successful writers and publications like USA Today, Jesus Freak Hideout, CMCentral, etc. (the list goes on for a long time) gave the album glowing reviews? To answer my own question: no.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! You're always welcome here!

Doesn't mean we'll agree with you, but you're definitely welcome!


chamilton said...

Who are you Earl Hickey and do you have a karma list? I would like to think that if there is such a thing as Karma than Chris is reaping the benefits for being a nice guy and a friend. IF you have ever been to any of his sites including doing a little research on this one, you would see that Chris promotes his former AI folkes as well as established artists. As a fan who has had the chance to meet him, he was great to me and my son to the degree that we are traveling 3 hours(again) to see him this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you are stopping by again so that you can read these comments and you are not a person that would just leave a rude comment and never check to see if you got a reply. Take care


gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...


You have been honored, not necessarily worthy, with a reply to a pair of questions, that by rights Chris should of blown off.

If you had been consistently reading, you would have known Chris' view on Karma already.

It is with an exquisite degree of gall and stupidity to ask any recording artist if their album is boring.
I'll assume you are graceless and tactless enough to ask a mother if she loves her child.
Remember this is his preferred way to make a living and putting out a boring album will do nothing but sabotage it.

In short, for most people the answer to the second question is what is popularly referred to as a "no brainer".

While I have been writing a post, you have commented further.
In all fairness how do judge how successful any album by basically a new artist is after 7 or 8 weeks after it’s release?

Proceed thoughtfully through the rest of your day.

risalea said...

Har, I hope you'll hang around and see why there are so many of us who support Chris. We're a family who lost one of our members last week to cancer. Many of us are gathering in Nashville soon to show our appreciation of Chris,(most of us meeting in person for the first time), as well as to honor the memory of our friend and raise funds for St. Jude. Much time and effort has been spent to make it all come together. Folks are spending their time and money to come from ten states to our event. I say that only to tell you that you haven't had the privilege to get to know Chris as we have. Nope, he's not perfect, not by a long shot, but none of us are. I've been on this blog for over a year, as have many others, and I can't remember anytime he has been bitter in his remarks about another performer. Indeed, if he has a fault, it is that he tries to explain himself too much to guys who insult him like you.

We're all involved folks on here...coming to this blog is but a little part of our busy lives. I can tell you we'd not have hung around this long to support someone undeserving. So rather than grab hold of something you may have read on the internet about Chris, I hope you'll see for yourself that he's a good guy, doing what he loves in a way that honors our God that he serves. And that makes him successful in my book whether he sells 100 records, 100.000 or a million.

ChrisSligh said...


Thanks for stopping by.

You've made your mind up. That's cool. I'm assuming you're a David Archuletta fan, since he's the only 17-year old that I "dissed" - even though if you read what I actually said, you'd have seen it was not dissing, by definition.

But success is what you make of it. It's not a spin. To be the best-selling new artist of a genre with only 8 weeks out and sales still holding steady...that's success. It's not mainstream success, it's not what we're going for at this point. This album has a ton of life left to it - and when I said that I thought I could sell 200k it was not the first week or the first guess for that was over the life of a record. The life of this record, if things work out like they have been, could be 2 to 2 and a half years.

So, thank you to the fans who are defending me.

By the way, I had a long all-day meeting with management today and have some exciting details to bring to everyone!

A new post later!


ChrisSligh said...


Just so you know, I removed your comment not because of what you said, but how you said it...cursing simply isn't acceptable on here.


Again, thanks for stopping by.


har said...

No problem, Chris. Isn't Sanjaya a 17 year old last year, too? I got to say it is so sweet to see Sanjaya and David A's career taking off now that Blake is dropped. It is Karma if there is Karma. It will sure strike again, isn't it?

I am not good at those sales numbers. But isn't the opening week supposed to be the biggest sales? The following weeks will get weaker, until the sales is too small to count. That's when you start the next project. For instance, Blake opens at 90k, then begins to sell 5k a week, now he sells 500 a week. By the general rule there is no way that you will sell 200k in the next 2-3 years.

I wonder how much a CCM artist need to sell to avoid being dropped? I do know that in whatever genre 15k sales are not good numbers, and can't be called successful.

Carrie said...

Actually, it depends on if Chris has a single that crosses over to another genre. Right now it's strictly CCM but if he releases "Let You Know," say onto the mainstream and it does well, he'll reach his goal in no time. Even if the song doesn't do amazing it will still be reaching a different audience than it is right now.

Can't wait to hear the news!

ChrisSligh said...


Though it may be pointless, since it seems you have it figured out, for the education of all, let me walk you through this.

An artist comes out with an album. Said album sells possibly their biggest amount their first week out. It is pretty probable that their largest sales will come the first week out, if and only if....

A) the artist is a large, known artist whose presells are massive. Case in point, Coldplay with Viva La Vida. Their pre-sales were massive, causing their first week sales to baloon. Usually the next week's sales will be small percentages of the first week sales because of pre-sales.

B) a new artist is heavily promoted,but doesn't deliver with the album's content

C) an artist is heavily promoted but never connects at radio.

D) a label goes through changes and promotion falls off the map, even if A-C are not necessarily true.

The way a good album for a new artist that is well promoted usually works (again, there are always exceptions) especially in the Christian market, is this:

A) the album comes out. If its a buzz artist it may sell anywhere from 3-5k (looking at this year's new artists in my genre).

B) The first single does pretty well, especially if it is what is called a "reactor" single. The single doesn't have to be a smash, it just needs to be a song that connects in some key markets. Though sales have dropped off, the single will continue to sell records in the key markets it is connecting in.

C) The artist releases a second single, that in reality will probably do better than the first, depending on how good the song is. Christian radio (as well as mainstream radio) works a lot off of familiarity. If an artist has charted a single, and it stays on the charts for a while, the name becomes familiar with radio programmers, even if their radio station didn't play the first single. If the second single works for their format, they will many times give it a chance due to familiarity and market competition. And this goes on for as many singles as the label and artist feels comfortable releasing before the next album. It takes 4-6 months for a single to run its course, so anywhere from 3-5 singles is about all one can get to one format off an album (1.5-2.5 years is a long time between albums).

D) With every single that charts it is added exposure for the artist and added exposure leads to bigger touring, bigger touring leads to more exposure, etc. All of this drives sales. If an artist can chart 3-5 singles, you're looking at 1.5-2.5 years of consistent success at sales. In the Christian market, consistent success is about 2k-5k a week. The larger the hit, the larger the sales. Also, with each single that charts, the sales compound. There are people who finally break down on the 3rd or 4th single because they've heard so much of an artist. Having a chart presence especially in the Christian market is HUGE for driving sales.

Now, let's put it into perspective for my career. Let's be honest...I said I thought I could sell 200k based on where I thought I would be in a market that is small. Can I guarantee sales? Of course not! No one can. Is 200k possible? You'd have to be ignorant of market trends to not understand that 200k is immensely possible, but it will take time and work. I would be incredibly happy with 100k. But back to the subject at hand.

I had a top 10 hit on one chart, top 15 on another chart with my first single. Incredible for a new artist. The 2nd single comes out officially August 1. We already have stations begging for the song, "Arise", and many stations that did not add "Empty Me" are on board for "Arise" already. Our radio promoter, feels strongly that "Arise" will probably be a bigger hit than "Empty Me" was.

To follow that up, in January of '09, we are officially going to mainstream radio. We already have mainstream radio asking us when we're bringing the first single. At this point, we're slowly building a groundswell of support for the first single, which will probably be "Let You Know". Though mainstream radio is hardly a given - we'll be lucky to get a few stations to spin it, hugely lucky to have a minor hit - as a few radio stations give the song a chance, the more exposure we have for the album, which again drives sales.

My first week's sales were 4,100. 7 weeks later, we have never fallen below 1,500. Consistency has been key. Because of the single still raising spins and the next single being primed for success, there's no reason to think that sales will drop off significantly any time soon. We're trending this week for a larger week than last week sales wise. Other new buzz artists in the industry are selling 1/2 to 3/4 as much as I'm selling, with bigger radio hits, so again, there's no reason to believe that sales will significantly drop off any time soon, though, they may take a dip as "Arise" takes time to rise up the charts.

In 2004, Aaron Shust came out and sold 4,000 units in the first six months of the album being out. The first single got to the top 20, barely. Then, they released the 2nd single and over the next 2 years, the album sold consistently 2k-5k and is sitting quite nicely at about 230k. Now, the 2nd single for that album was a career song. I don't think we have a "career song" on this album. But his album also didn't have a viable 3rd, 4th or 5th single. Management, radio and label feel strongly that if we get the chance to have a reason to go 5 singles in, that we have the songs that radio could embrace. To sell consistently off of 4 songs is equal to selling powerfully off of 1 real hit.

So, is 200k possible? Sure. Shoot, a gold record is possible. Do I think 200k will happen. I think it's possible. It's very early in the life of this record to even make any fact, if you look back at my supposed prediction of 200k it never was a prediction, I simply said it was possible.

So, I hope all that makes sense.

I don't know a lot. I know my wife loves me. I know I'm pretty good at music. And I know market trends for the last few years in Christian music. So, excuse me if knowledge allows me to be a little more at peace with how things are going than you would encourage me to be.

Again, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to many more fruitful discussions!


ChrisSligh said...


Har, I'd love to know what's going on with Sanjaya...I hadn't heard any news of his career taking off! I'm excited to hear!

And as far as Archie goes...I made it clear that he was not my preference...I never "dissed" him. By saying his performances were boring, it wasn't a diss, it was my opinion. You thought he was great! I didn't get him. I wish him the best with his career. In fact, the people who are picking the songs for his record are looking at a song of mine for him to record, so I wish him the best!

It's kinda silly to get pissed about an opinion I was asked for on EW. I only told the truth as I saw it.

Sorry you didn't like my opinion.


gdahimself said...


I guess “Karma” must include being superstitious and a self fulfilling prophesy if you buy into other people’s negativity.

You really got to get beyond magical thinking.

chamilton said...

Good Morning Everybody,
Leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow!!!!! Going to make the concert a reason for a mini get away with the high light being the concert. Window chalk is ready to go. I would like to say one more thing to our new friend HAR and then I will let it go because some people just can't change thier opinion no matter how much information they are given.. We haven't heard from Chris in a couple of days probably do to his very much needed time off and his succesful career(you know appointments and all)so thanks for bringing him out. Take care all and I am looking forward to new post.


Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Can't wait to hear your news. Today is my last day at work for 2 weeks!! Whoohoo!! Nashville here we come!I leave in 4 days. I am so excited I can't stand it.
Risa~Your comments were great..

Carianne said...

haha two comments:

1.) I love the way Chris handles these haters with rational logic -- can't beat that! Ha!

2.) And I think it's funny/cool that he takes the time of day to respond to someone who so obviously has their mind made up about a matter... I'm sure Chris doesn't think he'll change their opinion, so I wonder what the motive behind the posting is...

robyn said...

Hello all!

Very interesting reading!! I've been preoccupied for a few days... I am getting very excited about the picnic!
Chris, I keep track of how well
RBTY is doing on Billboard and I'm excited about it, too! I can't wait to hear "Arise" on the radio.
On K-Love this morning they played "Empy Me" and then played the version you did in the studio with them that day you were there back to back and it was SO lovely, it just filled me up!!
I have no doubts about the 200k!!
And I'm excited for the mainstream to get a listen to you too!


GirlyGirl45 said...

Wow, a lot more comments since I last visited this thread. i haven't digested all the drama. I stopped by to say that I've been looking into planes, trains, automobiles, and the good ol' Greyhound, and I just can't swing your swell picnic. I would have loved to meet the Fro Patroe'rs and Mr Fro Himself, and baby Teddy (and his mom). But I know you all will party in grand style.

Re the ruckus here, I also want to say that one of the best things about Chris is that he grows and changes as things happen to him. If he gets called on something and feels an apology or explanation is needed, he thinks it over and states his case with sincerity and thoughtfulness. I'm a serious fan of Sanjaya, and I hold no grudges toward Chris and respect the professional friendship they developed on the tour. And although Sanjaya is making good progress with his career, he has a ways to go in pulling his debut together, and that's fine.

Speaking of CDs, I did in fact get yours, Chris, and I've been CONVERTED (NO, not in that way, lol). I had a long ride out to my brother's recently and gave it a proper listen, and it's really a great piece of work. Many of the tunes stick in my mind, your lyrics are beautiful and intelligent, and the music is dynamic (I finally understand your comments about layers). Well done! wish I could see you perform live next week, but perhaps another time. You are at the top of your game. Enjoy every moment.

EmilyBoo said...

An interesting tidbit about the Aaron Shust single Chris mentioned (I'm assuming the single he means is "My Savior My God" from the album "Anything Worth Saying.") Since the dawn of itunes, I rarely buy full albums from an individual artist unless I'm very confident I will like the whole thing (Hi Chris!) but I like compilation albums; the years biggest hits, soundtracks, etc. I have several of the WOW Christian hits albums. "My Savior My God" was on the WOW 2007 album. Another Aaron Shust song, "Give it All Away," from the same album, is on the WOW 2008 album, even though Aaron Shust came out with a new album in 2007. (Don't get me started on how WOW Hits 2008 came out before 2007 was even over... I don't understand that, but perhaps we'll see Empty Me on the 2009 album.) Anyway, it goes to show how long these Christian singles can keep trucking. I'll hear a song on the radio that I love and haven't heard before, and when I go to research it so I can buy it, many times it turns out the song/album was released several years ago.

Completely off topic: I made myself a new avatar because I got glasses... but I may make another one soon because I'm thinking of cutting my hair.

EmilyBoo said...

Oops, my avatar change didn't take affect on that last post... let's see if it shows up now.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

hHey Everyone,
First, I want to say a big thank you to the people who welcomed me to the group and explained how it got started! I went to and registered at the Fro Patro spot.
To all those going to the picnic-I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was there to meet people and see Chris perform live. Have an awesome time and let us who couldn't go all the details.
To HAR, of the few months I have been on this blog, you are the only totally negative person I have heard-to know that Chris had to delete one of your comments due to swear words is just disgusting.
I have not met Chris, but through AI and this blog I've come across such a talented, funny, honest, and sincere person. I remember when he got voted off AI and when he was singing his last song he gave every single contestent left a hug. He even stands up for people like Blake and gives them a second chance.
I have never seen Chris diss anyone on this blog-just give his opinion. He likes David C and I like David A-we have different opinions. I think when a person disses another person they usually insult them (accompanied by profanity).
Chris' CD is the first CD I have ever bought without listening to any of the songs first. Gee, is it boring! It's so boring I listen to it every day. I'm taking it with me to El Paso so I can bore myself to death even before I get to a place that is REALLY boring (I'd let my parents listen to it but I'm afraid my dad will fall asleep from bordom and run us off the road! He's also an athiest and could end up throwing it out the car window!)I'm going to take the CD to my next Creative Memories crop so I can bore everyone to tears!
By the way HAR, have you ever written any songs-both the lyrics and the music? I'm blown away by how Chris does this-it takes creativity, thoughtfulness, and knowledge about music to pull something like this off.
Have you heard of Micheal W. Smith or Amy Grant? They both went mainstream and their songs are still played on the radio. I believe Chris could go mainstream and make it too.
Finally, Chris, I commend you for how you handled the situation with HAR.
P.S.-to HAR May hundreds of large standard poodles corner you and lick you like crazy!

Badpacifist said...

Cyber hug for Har. Momma always used to say that it wasn't my fault for the way I was. She also said something about babies being so slippery.

risalea said...

Tonight while getting together some thoughts for next weekend, I found a journal entry from 9-6-2007on Amanda's caringbridge journal. In it she talked about her upcoming treatment and the importance of finding a cure. She also spoke eloquently, asking everyone to save 50 cents a day for St. Jude until she got to come home for good. Of course, Amanda is home now, in her heavenly home, and I hope we will all remember her request. This is the reason that the Fro Patro decided to donate all picnic profits from Chris's picnic next weekend to St. Jude. Let's keep Amanda's dream of a cure alive through our support of St. Jude. If you wish to make a donation to be included with the Fro Patro donation, there is a link on the bottom of the picnic payment page that will be up through Tues.


Anonymous said...

Oh HAR, you so crazy.

Hey Chris? I think that "I don't know a lot, but I know my wife loves me" would be an AWESOME song title. Why don't you write that one up, dedicate it to HAR and then sell a basquillion downloads? You know that would be a hit! Shucks, I'd buy it, yo.

ArchAngel#43 said...

Chris, I would like to apologize if any of har's comments offended you in any way (although it seems they didn't) I'm a HUGE David A fan I do respect your opinion on him. A lot of us do, so ignore the bad apples. For an Indie label, your album's selling quite well and I would like to congratulate you on that. I would LOVE it if David sang one of your songs.

It's ARCHULETA not ArchuleTTa.

ChrisSligh said...

Thanks to the Archie fans...

And I apologize for the mis-spelling...I type fast and without thinking sometimes!

I'm getting ready to go play my biggest show yet...we expect 10k at Celebrate Freedom for my show!


EmilyBoo said...

Risa (or anyone who knows,)
If I order a t-shirt, does some money go to St. Jude, or does the $15 only cover the shirt and shipping? Either way I will be sure to include something extra for St. Jude. I better try to get my order in today!

Amy's Purple Poodles and other first time posters,
I meant to include a welcome in my previous post, but forgot after reading such a long thread! I hope to see you posting more often!

You've sparked an interesting conversation. I just hope if you come back for more, you watch your language. It is possible to disagree respectfully.

chamilton said...

Hello all!!!!
Leaving to today to be "Running Back To Oklahoma". I am so excited it kinda helps that I will not be able to go to the picnic. Okay so Chris good luck in Dallas home of my beloved Cowboys. I will see you tomorrow WHOO HOO. Everybody else take care and I will be blogging on Monday to talk about all the fun.


Deb in TN said...

Hey Chris, everyone....hope you all are having a good weekend...I just finished reading all here (took several days since I've been away)...and wow, a lot is going on....

I agree with Chris on the Blake situation...I would have much rather seen a different single out there than Break Anotha....there are some good songs on Blake's CD that just didn't get the exposure and opportunity to propel his music upward...such a shame...I hope he does have another opportunity in the very near future...

Want to say that I was saddened when Risa told me of Amanda's passing...she was a beautiful girl and spirit in this world...she will be missed and I do hope her Mother comes to the picnic if she's up to it....looking forward to meeting you all at the picnic...Wish everyone on this Blog could's going to be hot, but fun...I will FINALLY get to meet Chris and if I pass out, let's just keep it on the down low and say it was from the heat, okay guys? LOL Very excited about meeting you all and holding baby Teddy. :)

Chris, I've been listening to the CD and want to tell you that all of it is great...I had 4 instant favorites and one I listen to everyday just to remind me of how my attitude should be....sometimes we forget we can be a better person....Thanks for that...

And, that, to me, is the measure of a successful CD--if it reaches out and changes somebody's's sad that in today's world it's all about the money, but thankfully you have your head on straight and aren't obsessing about becoming an overnight's all about the music and people with you and that's another I love about you...I wish you much success and happiness with this release and I will do what I can to promote it...outside of just buying it and word of mouth promo, let me know if there is anything else I should be doing...if I had the dough, I'd buy a million copies and give them away, but sadly, I've still yet to win the TN

Chris, where are you 9/21....Switchfoot is in town with Third Day & Jars of Clay....I'm thinking about it...

Again, looking forward to seeing you all next weekend...I'll try not to be shy......or too wild and crazy....Get ready to be hugged, Chris! Can't wait to hear your big announcement....Hope the Freedom show is great....Have fun....

Everyone stay cool and enjoy the rest of the weekend....I'll be laid up under the AC listening to my music.

p.s. Chris, I'm a Cookie fan too! :)

risalea said...

Hey, Emilyboo. Because of the cost of the shirts and the shipping, a small amount of those mailed goes to our donation, maybe about $4. Carmen is checking to see what sizes we have left. Email me at and let me know what size you need before you go online to purchase.

rosalee said...

On record sales -

Look what happened to Ringo's "Liverpool 8" -
He only sold 7,000 copies the first week out in January.,0,3871164.story

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris -

All the talk of the importance of which singles are released having direct bearing on the success and longevity of a record - has there been any consideration for releasing "Are You Pleased?" - to me (and others I've played it for) - the most accessible and CCM radio friendly song on your album?

I love ARISE - have from day one, and it's definitely single worthy - but I think "Are You Pleased" would appeal to a larger segment of the CCM audience. I'm sure it's tough to choose when you have at least a half dozen or so that I could see being hits.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

risalea said...

Emilyboo, check your email...I sent you the info you needed.

If anyone else wants to order a picnic t-shirt who is not coming and wants to have it mailed by tomorrow, please order tonight or first thing in the morning. Otherwise, it will be after this week, and we may not have every size. At this point we do have each size available.

EmilyBoo said...

Thanks for your help, Risa! I placed my order. I can't wait to see it in person!

To all those who are attending the picnic, I'm praying for safe travels for you!

robyn said...

Hey Risa,

Is there going to be a throng of people at the picnic? I'm SO anticipating this thing! It's a loooong drive, but we'll be there around noonish. Our shirts will be at the hotel though, right? We're coming in from NC.


risalea said...

Hey, Robyn, I'm sending you an email.

chamilton said...

Hey guys,
Went to see Chrid on Oklahoma last night. The baby got sick ended up leaving for home last night after show, spent some time inthe Edmond Ok hospital and then drove back to Wichita so VERY sleep deprived please excuse spelling and other things. Chris was awesome of course. I still can't get over what a nice guy he is because to me he's famous. My four year old was scared of him (like Santa) because he's famous. I am really sad that I won't be with you all in TN, because you are all going to have such a cool time but if this becomes an annual event, I am already planning for next year. So, I got to show Chris that he is a downloadable ring tone which was so cool. I love my Empty Me ringtone (Verizon). The show was great he sang a new song which was wonderful and he forgot some of the words to Lonely People which was funny. ON a side note... while I was in the 24 hour Walgreens in Edmond OK, the pharmisist noticed my shirt, asked me about the concert and filled Luke's script in like 3 minutes Good things come from being part of the Fro Patro. Take care all going to sleep now for a while. I hope. TAke care.


P.S. ear infection with constant screaming.

Oh and one more cool thing, Chris called me by name and remembered my kiddo (Josh) from Tulsa. Remember here in this house Chris is famous.. So what a charge for us.

rosalee said...

Candy -

Funny you should mention the pharmacist story. The same thing happened to me the last time I was in the drugstore with my handbag. In fact, I noticed that medical people in general seem to notice these things (or at least comment on them) quite often. I've also had comments on my Fro Patro badge and shirt from doctors and dentists. I think I've been to too many doctors lately. (LOL)

Glad you enjoyed the concert. Did you take any photos?

robyn said...

hey Risa,
Where'd you email me at?


risalea said...

Robyn-At the address you had on your paypal payment. Send me an email at with your phone number and I'll give you a call.

Carrie said...

Haha. I guess being in the Fro Patro has perks everywhere. Who knew!