Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Guys, thanks so much for making my release day so great!

It looks like the album is selling extremely well (for the market we're in), so thanks for making it great for me!


Cathy Storms said...

I am so excited for you. You never need to thank us, we need to thank you for taking us on the journey with you. And for giving us this awesome CD.
Have fun tonight at your CD release party. Wish I could be there...

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you're having the time of your life, Chris. It warms my heart to know you'll be with good friends tonight to celebrate.
And it's really fun to know now the rest of the world will see what we've all been knowing for over a year: You're WAY more talented than that tenth place finish!

EmilyBoo said...

Thanks for the awesome CD!

robyn said...

I moved this from the previous post comment but just because I was so psyched I wanted everyone to know it...

Fellow Sligh Lovers!!!

I am SO psyched this morning!!!
My cd's were awaiting me by my door when I got home from work yesterday so I, of course, tore into them immediately! But on my way to work this morning, just before inserting one of them into the slot, I tuned into HIS radio, which I found a couple of weeks ago, being totally disenchanted with K-Love for not ever playing our guy....AND...they were playing Empty Me!!! AND....Chris was there chatting away about all kinds of stuff!!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

Hey he said he used to shave his head all the time aboout 3 years ago! He didn't know his hair was all that curly...ringlet curly...til he grew it out again! Ha! And when he was really little he had fine blonde hair...that's exactly how my son was and is. Isn't that strange how hair can be so different like that? I wish I could've seen him with a shaved head!!! Maybe we can talk him into showing us a pic of it? How 'bout it Chris?
Wow, I'm having a GREAT morning! I don't even have to put my cd in my boom box here at my desk cuz HIS keeps playing stuff from it!!!
I LOVE it!!!

Bye guys! gotta work now....


robyn said...

Oh, and thank YOU for such a GREAT cd...I have been listening to it over and over...and I loved hearing you on HIS this morning!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!


Nique's Nana said...

Yes Chris - thank you, for giving us another awesome cd, and for bringing us along on your journey.

chamilton said...

I got the CD on Monday night(Preordered and autographed). It has not left my CD player. It is wonderful. I have to say thank you. I have been listening to KLOVE waiting to hear you, Although I did hear the interview you did with John and Sherry I have never heard your songs on the radio but... I have started listening to KLOVE all the time now and I have began to repair my spiritual relationship. Thank you.. The CD is wonderful you are wonderful. Congradulations you desearve every bit of sucess that you have gotten and every bit coming your way.

risalea said...

Hey, blogger friends! Hey Chris! Hope yesterday was fun for you as the CD was released, and hope you have a blast at your release party!

Home safely after almost missing a connecting flight in Dallas, and then having to change planes because the one we were on had a leak! (and just thanking the good Lord they found it before takeoff!)

I am patiently waiting for my CD's. I think someone was watching over me so I didn't have to explain my purchase to hubby via cell phone. LOL

I had a fabulous lunch with Cathy. Even though it was our first time to meet in person, it felt like I was sitting down and visiting and catching up with an old friend. She's a gem. Just makes me more excited about the picnic and to meet more of you.

OK, unfortunately, got to get some work done, so take care folks! Risa

DJ in AL said...

Chris, dude, you made it happen all by yourself! It's called talent. Ok, so having adoring fans doesn't hurt, but, it's all you baby, it's all you!

Stand tall tonight!

Sending you props and love from DJ in AL!

Welcome home Sis! Patiently waiting on my email with trip details. Did I say patiently?

Badpacifist said...

Do you ever feel like a kid who has set up a goal in his back yard. For years you have been trying to kick your ball through that goal. Then came Idol and you kicked that ball through the goal past the street and over the river. Most days you are so happy you finally kicked it through the goal. There will be days when a small part of you will just want your ball back but today I am sure glad you kept kicking at that goal.

Carrie said...

Yay! I already will have two, which is nothing compared to what some people were buying, but like I said before I NEVER buy more than one copy of an album ever so this one is special.

Carrie said...

PS Check out my new picture everyone.

WIN! :)

Jesus_Freak! said...

hey! Just wanted to say, that you are incredably amazing. It takes alot of strength and faith to pursue Christ in Hollywood. I just wanted to thank YOU for following God out soly. Your music is such an insperation for me as I grow up in this "new age". Keep on keeping on...God rewards those who trust in Him. Again I pray He uses you in more mighty ways than you already are or could imagine! In His Name,
-Mady 14

The Gang's All Here! said...

Congratulations to you and your wife and may the Lord continue to bless the efforts of your hands! I know at least two boys in THIS house who are anxious to get this CD loaded on their MP3's!

Brenda said...

Hi, Chris!
Congrats on the CD Release Party tonight - I saw it on FOX News; I think the reporter likes how humble you are! hehehe

I'm enjoying my autographed CD from last night's mini-concert, and I've posted our photo on two of my blogs. I need to go post it on the other two! I'm encouraging all my friends to get your CD! So you're right, MJ may need to watch his back; you're on your way to that gabillion CD sales! :-D

risalea said...

I talked with Amanda's mom, Tammy, via email this evening and it's just not good. Tammy is just amazing. I thought Amanda was the strongest person I had ever met, but Tammy is her equal. She is holding on to the Lord and cherishing each day with her baby girl.

Please continue to lift up Amanda and Tammy in prayer.

here i go with all my thoughts said...

The CD is amazing Chris! I haven't commented in a while but I picked up my copy on Tuesday and I felt so proud!! It's really really great. You are an awesome writer and of course the vocals are outstanding!

Carrie said...

Thank you for that. I wasn't super close to Amanda, but we talked back and forth a few times before her cancer came back and even about the picnic so she is definitely in my prayers. I wanted nothing more than to give her a huge hug at the picnic but now I'm more focused on praying for her and her family SO MUCH. Amanda is so strong and just an amazing girl. Believe it or not, she helped me a lot through losing my grandpa to cancer. It's her strength that has gotten me through such a tough time. I'm sure her mother is just as amazing of a person or seems like one from what I have seen her write over on Amanda's site when she has.

Anonymous said...

My pre-ordered CD's finally arrived late this afternoon! I played it for my sister (who is visiting from CA) on the way to church and took it in to choir practice with me. When my friends there saw what I had, they were excited to see it. Some didn't know you were a Christian! But all knew you and were interested. Anyways I was talking an excited mile per minute and I hope I helped make a few more sales.

It's SO nice to have this CD in my hands! I remember back when you first penned the lyric to Empty Me and you posted it on the blog. Later, came the whole song in a fast tempo on myspace. I didn't like the slower tempo at ALL. But I DO love it now. It feels like a baby has been born or something. Yeah, I was there when he first announced he was expecting, ya know!
Thanks for letting us be a small part of the long gestation period, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my heart just breaks for Amanda and her mom. She is on my mind a LOT though I've never met her or spoken to her. Wouldn't it be great to see her posting here again someday soon?
Please everyone PRAY!

EmilyBoo said...

Thanks for posting about Amanda. I'd been wondering how she was doing since the last update was 3 days ago. Amanda and Tammy are in my prayers.

I so want to take my CD to choir and pass it around, but we just had our final practice of the season last week! (We take the summer off and the contemporary praise teams take over all music for the summer.) I'm definitely going to bring it to the music ministers though!

Will there be sheet music available for any of the songs so that we can use them in our worship services?

Dr. Bob said...

I got the CD and it is just great. I really hope that there is some momentum and that it continues to sell really, really well.

It was well worth the wait.

robyn said...

check this out:

• “Soaring string runs, burbling synthesizer riffs, edgy guitars, and Sligh’s occasional flights into falsetto make Running the most musically ambitious of any post-Idol album.” 3 stars (out of 4)
USA Today

and I really love this one:

• ”... he sings with conviction, passion and emotion… the power of his voice and his range may surprise you… Sligh’s voice and the album’s music can appeal to anyone…”
Reviewer’s Rating: 8.5. Reader’s Rating: 10.00

It doesn't surprise any of us!!!


robyn said...

Hey Chamilton,

I started listening to K-Love to hear Chris and fell in love with it too. Started listening to it all the time. BUT, I really hated that I never heard our guy Chris played. SO, that's when I found HIS radio. They DO play Chris there and it is very uplifting also. you should check it out. I don't know where you're from but you can go online and find stations in your area. I'm glad I did and now I switch back and forth between them. I got to hear Chris on there live yesterday morning promoting his new cd and telling stories about was very cool! It made my day!


rosalee said...

There are a ton of reviews (and some interviews)here:

DJ in AL said...

Chris and fellow Fro Patroers,

Totally off point but wanted to share with you something my coworkers found amusing. We had a fire alarm go off about an hour ago, as we've never had one and had not been notified that it was a drill, we were all pretty sure it was the real deal. BTW we are on the 12th floor. Anyway my office is the closest to the doors leading out of our suite so I had time to run to my office and well I'm a girl, so I'm not leaving without my purse no matter what. I had to think really fast about what else I wanted to take as I was being rushed by my friends so I grabbed my purse and 2 son's graduation picture....and yes you've probably guessed it by picture of me and Chris taken in B'ham last month.

Needless to say it generated quite a buzz and I was happy to explain to everyone who asked why it was critical that I grab it. Heck it took me a year to meet Chris, there was no way I was going to lose any evidence of that meeting!

In hindsight I could always have made a copy from my my disk or pulled a copy from my harddrive, but in the heat of the moment, all I knew is I had to have my Sligh pic!

Just sayin.

DJ in AL said...

Oh and it was a false alarm.

Carrie said...

Hahahah DJ. :)

risalea said...

You are cracking me up, sister.

(I'd have done the same thing. Priorities, priorities! LOL)

And another gentle reminder....folks, please get your picnic reservations in asap, especially if you want the opportunity to have your own pic with Chris like DJ :) We are very privileged that Chris has set aside this time for us...have you seen where he's headed the next day? Click the link on the front page of Chris's blog for more information on the picnic and accomodations.

Chris, any word on when your tickets for the concert that night will be available? I'm getting lots of questions on that subject.

Later, blogger friends! Risa

Kevin_in_Augusta said...


Thanks for today's concert at the Vineyard of Augusta. You made my daughter's day! she has been a fan of yours since early on in American Idol and was thrilled that you were here and that you were a Christian artist.

don't know if you have time to do much reading, but in Jack Hayford's book "Pursuing the Will of God" (on Pgs 79-80) I just read a passage that echoed your testimony regarding turning down man's rewards in favor of God's.

Keep growing! We love what you are doing!!!

Carrie said...

I'm not sure if my reservations for the picnic have even been made?

risalea said...

Carrie, don't have a record of you paying by check or paypal. That's what I meant by reservations. You still have plenty of time...we are just encouraging everyone to be making their plans, especially in regards to accomodations. They are holding the block of rooms until 3 weeks before the event. Risa

The good news: The CD's arrived!

The could have been bad news: Husband was home and opened the box, surprised to see his wife had gone Chris Sligh CD crazy.

The great news: When told we bought them for the youth group, he was like, "Oh, OK."

Yes, there are still surprises in marriage, even after almost 30 years. LOL

I know that there are kids in that group that are going to have their hearts opened to Christ because of Chris's lyrics.

chamilton said...

Hey Robyn,
Thanks I am going to look for the station. I live in Kansas so I am hoping that I can find it in here in the bible belt. Just in case I can't I have signed up for the KLOVE music advisory board and I bet you all can guess my first suggestion for the play list. Thanks and take care.I watched Chris sing on the Dove Awards and they had a clip of him on a show called "the Kitchen Sink" does anybody know when that was or the air date?

rosalee said...

The Kitchen Sink aired back in mid-November:

Badpacifist said...

I will be listening to Chris's CD on my way to the David Cook's hometown concert tomorrow. Neener neener!

chamilton said...

Thank you Rosalee. I found it and I loved it. I am so proud for him. What a wonderfully talented guy. Thanks again

rosalee said...

You're welcome, chamilton.

To Chris and Sarah -