Monday, May 05, 2008

Some review snippets:

"Fans of Chris Sligh during last season’s American Idol recognized in him something the show had never previously had — not just a bright contestant capable of wising off to Simon, though he certainly was that, but a rocker with an omnivorous musical appetite and a flair for the unexpected. Running Back to You shows what Sligh didn’t have time to do before being voted off. The songs, many written pre-Idol for Sligh’s band Half Past Forever, clearly come from a Christian perspective, though they’re still full of wit and intelligence. And the arrangements aspire to pop grandeur: Soaring string runs, burbling synthesizer riffs, edgy guitars, and Sligh’s occasional flights into falsetto make Running the most musically ambitious of any post-Idol album". — Brian Mansfield USA TODAY


  • "Running Back to You gets off to a running start as the first track, “Arise,” thunders in with a drum lick that kicks you right into the song – a strong, radio-ready rock piece featuring a full band sound, driven by Sligh’s easy-to-listen to vocal delivery. “I’m Clean” follows, still in a strong, mid-tempo rock mode, and proving that Sligh can write memorable, hook-filled songs that have plenty of opportunities for funky guitar licks as well as full, commercially viable production values. Sligh doesn’t compromise the rock and roll, even when the lyrics get very explicitly Christian, as they do in “I’m Clean,” where he sings, “Love is just a picture of your glory / And my best tries at love have fallen short / I pretend these dirty clothes are holy / Knees patched up with grace from you, Oh Lord.” Make no mistake – the lyrics on this album are boldly Christian in nature. Sligh has clearly made a decision to be bold about his faith on this project, even though the big ballad, “In a Moment,” and the rocker, “Waiting For You,” could easily cross over to mainstream radio and, I think, get considerable attention.

    From the straight rock of “Love is Raining down,” to the ‘Eleanor Rigby’-like string accompaniment of “Loaded Gun,” Chris Sligh is a powerful, expressive, credible rock/pop singer and has crafted a well-rounded debut project that shows us that there’s more behind that cherubic appearance than meets the eye. Hopefully, he’ll be running back to us again soon."
    - Bert Seraco

  • Soul Audio

  • "Running Back to You is a rather impressive piece of work. Back in February of this year, Sligh released "Empty Me," his first single, to radio outlets. The song, simply put, is a made-to-be modern worship hit. The Chris Tomlin-esque melody and passionate lyrics of putting aside pride really do the job of setting the tone for the entire album. From tracks like "Arise" to "Something Beautiful," Sligh constantly praises God for his mercy and sacrifices. "Let You Know" could even easily find its way to the top of the contemporary pop charts.

    Love is unquestionably one of the main focal points of this record. "Love Is Raining Down" speaks for itself, and Chris cleverly and thoughtfully compares love to a "Loaded Gun," while at the same time manages to make the track the most unique one on the album. The combination of the orchestra that plays throughout along with Sligh's voice add an unexpected twist that is sure to make "Loaded Gun" a fan favorite. One song that you can absolutely not pass up is "Vessel," the closing track, where chilling vocals and an incomparable message add a great finishing touch to the disc.

    It truly is amazing how open Chris Sligh is about his life and faith on this record. This is a spectacular accomplishment for him and is definitely worth a listen all the way through (especially for fans of artists like Jon McLaughlin and Brandon Heath). In fact, this could be noted as one of the best records of 2008 whether or not it receives the attention it very much deserves. And don't be surprised if it garners a few nods at next year's Dove Awards either."
    - Logan Leasure

  • Jesus Freak Hideout

    Carrie said...

    All of these great reviews, wow. Well then I guess my saying the CD is amazing is unneeded? I'm so proud. Actually, I'm listening to it right now.

    Do you still want us all to type up reviews? Are you going to make a certain post just for that or do you want them anywhere?

    Don Chapman said...

    I'm glad somebody got the Eleanor Rigby similarity!

    Anonymous said...

    I read the review in USA Today - then came here to comment, only to find these other wonderful reviews. You were my pick all along last year - you left way to early. I did however, saw you on tour and enjoyed every minute of hearing your pure voice. One day maybe, Idol will showcase an artist that writes and performs their own material -- then we would really have a SHOW! I am off to buy your CD tomorrow - and I am so impressed with your being true to yourself and the Lord in all of your songs. You could have gone for the BIG money - but you are touching so many lives by sticking to your heart. I still think you are just at the tip of the ice burg! I have to tell you - my son is putting his life back in order after many years of choosing the wrong path -- I sent him the words to your song "Empty Me" which is a song we all can relate to in this world - but he LOVED the words as much as I do. Thank you for reminding us of the important things in life -- ENJOY
    Your friend in Arizona

    Dr. Bob said...

    Whoooo hooooo! Great! Just great. Wonderful reviews. Christ is being held up and will indeed draw all men to him. Congratulations and well done.

    risalea said...

    Chris Sligh, you are too cool for school. : ) These are great reviews. Glad the "pros" recognize what we've known all along.

    And love that the website is up and running!

    Anonymous said...

    Great reading such glowing reviews! I especially love Mansfield's line: "most musically ambitious of any post-Idol album". YEAH!!! Exactly what I've been knowing all along!

    My CD's did not come today. Whaaaa! I'm TRYING to be ever so patient.

    Did you get to see Cathy today??

    Rebecca said...

    Awesome! Congratulations!

    Anonymous said...

    *sigh* *smile*

    Sligh, your voice is DREAMY.

    Just downloaded your CD from iTunes and am listening to "Arise." Obviously this is just the first song, but so far I am thinking of the Half Past Forever CD I bought -- it has a very similar sound.

    Will get back to you after I've listened to the whole thing.

    Badpacifist said...

    Happy release day !

    GirlyGirl45 said...

    Oh, Chris, you must be proud as a peacock. Congratulations! Go strut your stuff and enjoy that tour!

    EmilyBoo said...

    I expected nothing less than glowing reviews. ;)

    I haven't gotten my copy yet! I'll be heading out this afternoon to get it at a brick and mortar store. I can't wait! I don't know why I never pre-ordered it, it's not like I'm averse to online shopping. (I really want the brown t-shirt in Chris's store. I hope it becomes available soon!)

    Blog regulars (and anyone else reading this,) if you haven't seen the new update on Amanda's site, check it out. She needs your prayers!

    Cathy Storms said...

    Chris~Congrats...I am so happy and excited for you. Finally, the rest of the world gets to see what we have known all along. You are an amazing songwriter and vocalist.
    Happy "Chris Sligh Day"....

    DJ in AL said...


    These reviews only say what we, your fans have known for a long time now, you totally rock! Your voice is golden, your lyrics meaningful, your sound completely 100% fabulous! Got my CD, it will likely never leave my player. I love it, and I love you!

    Keep doing what you do Chris, cause you do it fabulously!

    Sending you nothing but love on this Chris Sligh day 08!


    DJ in AL said...


    Sorry, I just realized I copied what you said, didn't read it until I posted. Oh well, great minds and all that.......

    Cathy Storms said...

    Chris~Where can we go to buy the CD other than Itunes?

    Yes DJ~Great minds do think alike..

    IknowIam said...

    Chris, I'm so glad that you're getting excellent reviews!! I just got your album on iTunes and am enjoying very much...

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the picnic next month!! =(
    I wanted to bad to go but I just won't be able to make it.

    Just know that I'm giving the word to everybody I know about this album and so far, I'm getting excellent reactions!!

    Take care and God bless

    HstryQT said...

    "Fans of Chris Sligh during last season’s American Idol recognized in him something the show had never previously had " --- Finally the Fro Patro is getting some credit! hehe. Kidding :)

    ...These are AWESOME Chris and I know there'll be much more to come. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! Yay!!! So thrilled for you - I know you're out there having a blast. And Im so glad today is finally here!

    Its a crazy day for me - Chris' album drops AND I get to vote in the primary AND IT MATTERS for once... weird!

    Hope everyone's having a happy Chris Sligh Day :)

    Badpacifist said...

    So sorry to hear about Amanda latest news. Last night I went to a concert and saw Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the Oscar winning movie "Once". It was wonderful. This morning I had to get up and run out to get tickets to see David Cook this Friday in his hometown. That is if he makes it to the final three. The tickets were free but they asked you to make a donation to the American cancer society so his appearance should raise at least 50,000 dollars for the fight against cancer.

    Nique's Nana said...

    Cathy Storms - has Chris' new cd for sale.

    Did you and Risa meet for lunch. I would have liked to meet her.

    Cathy Storms said...

    I was wondering if it is being sold in any stores besides on line.

    I'm supposed to meet Risa today for lunch on her way to the airport.

    It's a good day...Chris Sligh Day, I'm finally going to meet Risa and I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow....whoohoo!!!

    rosalee said...

    Cathy -
    Why don't you support his site and buy it from there?

    Happy Release Day!!

    Cathy Storms said...

    I've already bought a bunch from his site...Wanted to buy a couple more today for friends here at work...

    EmilyBoo said...

    Cathy, I bought one at target today.

    I haven't really gotten to listen to it all yet because I then had to pick kids up from school, but what I did get a chance to hear is fantastic! It's shaping up to be my favorite album ever!

    Badpacifist said...

    Mjsbigblog has a very nice write up on the release.

    Cathy Storms said...

    WhooHoo!!I got to have lunch with Risa today before she had to catch her plane to go home. We had such a great visit. She is the greatest!! It's so funny, its the first time I ever met her and yet I felt like I had known her forever. It was a great day....

    Carmen said...

    So glad for all the wonderful reviews. It is nice to see that all of the critics are coming to the same conclusion that the Fro Patro came to over a year ago. That you rock!!!

    I haven't gotten the CD's I ordered yet. Might be cause I ordered enough for my class. Probably takes a little longer then just getting a single copy.
    My students had a great time with Sligh Day. They dressed up in matching Sligh shirts. It was really cool. All of them kept getting compliments about their shirts from the other kids in school. It was fun. Now I just need those CDs. They can't wait until they get their own copy.

    BTW-- I purchased a CD from Wal-Mart today. Sorry just couldn't wait. I love looking at all the photos and of course the music was incredble.

    Happy Sligh Day!!

    Badpacifist said...

    Now this is pretty cool in a sort of twisted way
    from votefortheworst

    Chris Sligh's debut album, Running Back To You, is in stores today, so pick up a copy and support him. From what we've heard, the album is really good, and features Chris's signature vocals and songwriting abilities. Sadly, there is no track called, "Hi, Dave." Maybe it's on his next album ;-) You can find the album at a local store near you or online here (Best Prices we've found: $9.99 at iTunes for the download and $10 at his official site for the physical CD):

    Brenda said...

    Loved reading these reviews! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's fascinating!

    btw, I'm the Brenda you met at that mini-concert tonight! I've already got my photo of the pair of us on my blog! Thanks for that! I'm so excited to have your CD in my possession!!! I love exclamation points!!!

    robyn said...

    Fellow Sligh Lovers!!!

    I am SO psyched this morning!!!
    My cd's were awaiting me by my door when I got home from work yesterday so I, of course, tore into them immediately! But on my way to work this morning, just before inserting one of them into the slot, I tuned into HIS radio, which I found a couple of weeks ago, being totally disenchanted with K-Love for not ever playing our guy....AND...they were playing Empty Me!!! AND....Chris was there chatting away about all kinds of stuff!!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

    Hey he said he used to shave his head all the time aboout 3 years ago! He didn't know his hair was all that curly...ringlet curly...til he grew it out again! Ha! And when he was really little he had fine blonde hair...that's exactly how my son was and is. Isn't that strange how hair can be so different like that? I wish I could've seen him with a shaved head!!! Maybe we can talk him into showing us a pic of it? How 'bout it Chris?
    Wow, I'm having a GREAT morning! I don't even have to put my cd in my boom box here at my desk cuz HIS keeps playing stuff from it!!!
    I LOVE it!!!

    Bye guys! gotta work now....


    Tom in ATL said...

    Hey Chris -

    Congrats on all the success and couldn't happen to a more deserving person. It's no suprise that your music is garnering mainstream appeal, critical approval, and touching people's lives. Thanks for doing what you do.

    Peace -

    Tom in ATL

    Susan said...

    I'm not surprised the album (do we use that term any more? is this showing my age?) got great reviews because Chris is such a fantastic singer.