Friday, May 09, 2008

Empty Me on iTunes

Hey guys, I thought this was interesting this morning:

Empty Me is #13 on iTunes Christian songs!

In A Moment is #52!

Not bad! Thanks for your support!


rosalee said...
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rosalee said...

Very cool!

Here's a news clip from FOX Carolina on the CD Release Party:

Rebecca said...

Yay! Congrats!

Nique's Nana said...

Congratulations Chris - this is so cool.

I'm still glad that you didn't get the number 1 spot in AI6. I truly believe that if you had, things would not have turned out as good for you as they have.

On the other hand, I do have to give AI6 props, because if you had not appeared on the show, we wouldn't be here with you.

Everything turns out as it should.

God Bless Chris, I am so happy for you.

Nique's Nana said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:


I love the picture of you and Sarah on the fansite.

chamilton said...

Speaking of numbers.. Has anybody look at the BillBoard chart? Empty me is #16 !!!!!!!.
Way to Go!!!!

Carrie said...

GREAT news!

Also, Happy Anniversary to you and Sarah!

lutherjw said...

Don't forget, the album is at #2 on the iTunes Christian charts! Pretty exciting!

Congrats Chris!

risalea said...


Tickets are now on sale at the 3rd and Linsley site. The link is:

Note that those under 21 will be charged a $5 surcharge at the door (venue rules) in addition to the ticket price. There is also a service fee when you buy online. I was told by Chris's management that tickets would not be sold at the door. They anticipate a sell-out of the venue. So please, get your tickets this weekend, as it will be advertised to the general public next week. Remember that this is a separate admission from the picnic admission. We will have this information posted on the picnic website asap.

Thanks!!! Risa

Carrie said...

vI plan on buying my ticket to the show and the picnic this weekend however, I still have to speak to my friend tonight to see if she is getting off of work. I have no idea if she's going and I can't really afford a hotel room by myself.

That being said... if worse comes to worse, is anyone willing to put me up in their room if my friends back out? I'll sleep on the floor in the corner of the room and you won't even know I'm there, promise. (I'll help pay for the room, of course.) I just need an emergency backup plan.

Nique's Nana said...

Thanks Risa for the heads up on the concert tickets - I just purchased mine.

Nique's Nana said...

Carrie, you can put me on the list as a back-up, back-up for the sleeping arrangements. Right now I have my room reservations made, I've purchased my picnic and concert tickets. I have not made my airline reservations, because there is a possibility that I will not be able to go, but I won't know until closer to the event date.

Carrie said...

Thanks! :) I think my friend is in the all clear and we are going to be booking the hotel tonight and then all I need to do is look for a flight.

Does anyone know anything about will call? IE will the tickets be AT the venue? or at a ticket holding place? Because I'm ordering two and I was wondering if I should pay the extra $4 to have them shipped to me and be sure I have them in my hand.

risalea said...

Carrie, there is a $2 service fee whether you have them mailed via the post office or pick them up at the venue, I believe. There is an extra fee for having them shipped UPS. If you have them held, they will be at the venue. If you do that, make sure you print off your confirmation and bring it with you. Personally, I'm going to have mine mailed to me. I want them in hand.

The link for concert tickets is now up on the picnic website.

WOOHOO! It's happening, it's really happening!

Happy #5, Chris and Sarah! Gaylon and I are coming up on #30 on the 20th. Yes, you can live with the same man for 30 years without killing him. And vice versa. : ) Best wishes for many more happy years together. Risa

Anonymous said...

Wonderful charting news! How does another song chart so quickly after its release when it's not a single??? I mean besides it being a GREAT song? Hm....

And happy anniversary to Chris & Sarah and Risa & Gaylon. Love is busting out all over.

I just gave Chris' CD to a friend of mine for her birthday and saw her 2 hours later. She was raving about it (of course). We just returned home from Bebo Norman concert. Oh what a night! Great singer/songwriter/human being!
If any of you EVER get a chance to see him, DO! You won't regret it.

Charis said...

Hey! Did you read Jason Castro's exit interview on Idol Chatter? He mentioned getting a call from you and called you a "celebrity"! Gotta love that kid :)

Congrats on your success. I LOVE your CD.

HstryQT said...

OK I have a little "people love Chris" story.
My mother in law is an elementary school teacher and she's been playing Running Back to You in her classroom the past week. Well there's this one little girl that sings along to EVERY song and totally belts out Empty Me every time it comes on. So my MIL asked her how she knew the songs and she was like, "OMG I *LOVE* Chris Sligh! He's on the radio *ALL* the time!" My MIL said it was teh cutest thing because she was so pumped up about him and her parents had obviously already bought her the cd.
It's a Sligh movement out there! :) Sligh-itis is at it again!