Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jason Castro

I got to hang out with Jason Castro last night for a few hours.

Seriously, what a great guy.  We have mutual friends and mutual friends of friends, so I had gotten his number a while back and reached out to him the week before he got voted off.  He was leaving L.A. as I got here for Crystal Cathedral and he was getting back to L.A. as I was leaving for El Salvador, so we decided to get together when I got back.

So, after my plane trip yesterday and his dance rehearsals (you remember how much I loved dance rehearsals finale week last year), we got together and ate dinner and hung out.

I also shortly got to meet Carly and Kristy Lee...both were very sweet.

Anyway, I won't get into details....but the guy is a great guy and I had a lot of fun getting to know him over a couple of hours!


Cathy Storms said...

How cool....He seems like a really sweet guy. You must be back in LA. Perfect timing..the weather is beautiful.
How was your trip?

robyn said...

i always thought he gave off very positive vibes. I also thought that was part of his appeal. glad you two got to meet since you have mutual friends and interests and all.
Can't wait to see you on finale night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
listen to HIS radio out of greenville and heard you on there with rob and kristen... You are awesome and I love your music, plan on catching you in concert when I can..... Jason was our favorite on the show and something about him is what drew my family in.... Sorry this was the first year for us to watch, but had I watched last year, you would have been my favorite.... Thanks for confirming what my family felt about him being a nice guy. Praying for God's will and purpose to be done on this earth.
Tiger GA.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're such a sweetheart reaching out to Jason like you have. Seems like you really "got" him and his music since Day 1. He is so unique and talented and many of us feel that Idol is just the beginning of huge things for him in the future. Glad to hear you're successfully navigating the waters of the music industry Post-Idol yourself. Hopefully, you can give Jason good, sound advice as he works to do the same. You are truly a beautiful person! God bless & Good Luck with CD Sales! (I'm going out to buy your CD this support!)

tina said...

Sligh, how fun! Very generous of you to reach our to Jason. I hope you were able to give him some good advice. He was my fave this year, but I don't get the sense that he's very savvy in the music biz.

I can't wait to buy your album. Good luck!

Brenda said...

Hi, I'm glad to hear about your meeting with Jason. He wasn't my favorite, nothing against him personally, but I LOVED his performance during Dolly Parton week!

Carrie said...

I really liked Jason in the beginning, but near the end he either stopped being serious about the competition or just made some poor choices. Either way, he has a great recording voice so I still respect him as a musician.

Kyle988 said...

Two of my favourite Idols - you & JC!

JC seems like such an awesome, awesome guy. He's totally underrated talent-wise as well.


Hanna B said...

You won't get into details? Why not? We wanna know...what did he eat, how did he look, what songs will he be doing, did he like the dance rehearsals? ;) Thanks for reaching out to him. He needs grounded people in the business to help guide him. He didn't give up on Idol; he realized AI is more into $$ than true music. That didn't fit his style. Good luck to you on your career too!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who "get" Jason, could gush about him all day. Please share more details with us!

Anonymous said...

Will you be in the audience for Idol's final show? I loved you on Idol and have been lurking about watching your career since. (in a good way) Loved your commentary on EW of the whole Idol experience. I'm so glad that you connected with Jason. I had always thought you would get along.

Anonymous said...


He said in an interview that towards the end, he couldn't fall in love with any of the songs. He wasn't familiar with the songs that were cleared - "it takes time to fall in love" and time was ridiculously limited. He felt like he was giving mediocre performances and that was really, really frustrating. It wasn't enjoyable because he wasn't doing his best and since he couldn't do anything about it, instead of getting worked up, he decided to try and enjoy it all anyway and take everything less 'seriosuly'.

Chelsea said...

I ****ing loved you on Idol & now, now I ADORE you. Thankyou for reaching out to Jase. He's one of the best things that has ever happened to AI. A kick up their butt (though they pretend not to notice). You are awesome. Your voice, your charisma, your personality. Both of you are class acts.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, that sucks lol. But you and JC absolutely rock.

Charis said...

Chris! I read on Idol Chatter that your CD was the highest selling CD of its genre. Congratulations!

Thank you for extending a hand to Jason. The kid is mad talented (he was my favorite this year) but looks like he could use some advice about the music business (and who better than the music savvy Chris Sligh?)

Again, congrats on your success!

tina said...

Yes, I too would love more details, if you can provide them without giving away any confidences. Would never ask you to do that.

Anonymous said...

Chris, firstly, you rock.

Secondly, if you ever talk to him again, could you let him know we (the fans) are aware of AI's agenda and we recognised that this year it was Jason's turn to be thrown under that bus. Could you let him know that his fans appreciate his attitude and dignity towards their biased comments/actions/decisions? We know about AI's little mould, we know they were threatened by JC and his fans. Could you tell him that his I Shot The Sheriff performance was amazing? Especially when he subtly pointed to the judges and sang 'Sheriff John Brown was trying to shoot me down." He's a deep guy. He's very intelligent, very humble, very fun.

Seriously, I'd do anything to meet him and just tell him what a cool human he is.

Terrie said...

Hi, Chris!

You were my AI6 favorite and Jason is my AI7 favorite. I just wish you had made it to top 4 or later. We wuz robbed! I really, really like your new album.

Jason mentioned during an interview that you reached out to him during the competition but he was way too overbooked to contact you. You have experience, perspective and a successful example to offer anyone trying to begin a recording career while staying true to your faith and musical values. How cool that you were able to hook up finally!

I think you would make a great AI judge -- you appreciate a variety of good music, you know the show, and you're flat out funny. Whaddaya say?

Anonymous said...

The judges need to be booted off. You should be one of the replacements. Your album is amazing. Castro's amazing. God Bless ya for reaching out to him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Chris, we want details! I'm a fan who's anxious for his first cd, and I want to know what y'all discussed in regards to music and the music industry. I have not doubt that JC will be successful, and it was so nice of you to reach out to him. Did he say that he's working on some new material right now, or he will be during the tour?

tina said...

Just downloaded your album, Chris. I love it! I recognize some songs from "Take a Chance on Something Beautiful." You're an amazing songwriter. Maybe you and Jason could collaborate on something one day.

Also, while I agree TPTB threw Jason under the bus, he seems optimistic and not at all jaded by his experience. He has a great opportunity and I think the fans should take his lead and not get swallowed up in sour grapes. JMO, of course.

Carianne said...

wow! I haven't been here in a while! School has been getting crazy hectic this past month, but now that it's winding down I can enjoy more fun internet activities instead of just researching papers! :p

Congratulations on the success of your CD! It seems to be doing extremely well, and I'm glad people are liking the songs as much as me!

Jason is my favorite this year, so I think it is great to hear (read) you saying such nice things about him. He seems like a great guy, and I hope he can be very successful.

Deborah77 said...

Chris, Thank you for reaching out to Jason. You are awesome. I'll be picking up your CD tomorrow and your blog is now in my Favorites. You've made a new fan.

Deborah77 said...

Thank you for reaching out to Jason and for your kind words about him. You've made a new fan here. Will be picking up your CD tomorrow and I've added your Blog to my Favorites. Will be following your career from here on in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Jason seems like a cool guy, always and forever.

Good luck with your career.

Cathy Storms said...

Yes be sure and tell Jason that your fans loved him. His "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" made me cry. It was really beautiful.

Hope your enjoying LA and can't wait to hear your stories about your trip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris! I voted for you when you were on the show -- my son said you were his fave. Jason is a really cool guy and I hope you two get to speak again in the future. Good luck on your CD.

clarissa said...

I'm dreaming of a group called Sligh & Castro. The new Simon & Garfunkel! Can you all just hear 'em now???

It's really funny how I never went so ga-ga over ANY AI contestant (or any other celbrity type)until you, Chris, and then the very next season, I do it again with Jason and THEN I read where you guys are going out of your way to meet up??

My imagination runs wild!!! (In a pure & musical way). :o)

Welcome back to the states, Chris. Looking forward to seeing you on the tube somewhere this next week.


Ape said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Chris. But you should go into details! Because Jason's so quiet that he's sometimes a mystery. It'd be nice to know what he's thinking these days.

HstryQT said...

Holy smokes look at all the castro fans! :) Welcome - and if you havent already, go buy Chris' new album! :) I really liked Jason this year too, especially "Somewhere over the rainbow" - he's so humble. Glad you got to catch up w/ him. Yiu reach out to the good ones, for sure- what with Josiah back in January.

And also, to the Castro fans. Be patient - youll get to meet him if you set your mind to it; maybe on the idol tour, maybe later. But he seemsto be such a sweet guy, that like Chris did for us, he'll go out of his way to meet his fans.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris! I heard your song on the radio a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it! Planning on buying the cd. SO happy that you are doing Christian music. I love your voice.

I kind of hope Jason will follow you into that genre, but I pray he will follow as God leads him. It's wonderful that the 2 of you connected. So nice to hear it confirmed that Jason is the wonderful guy he seems to be.

God Bless You!

ChrisSligh said...

Details: I won't go into them, just to be careful... last year I was called all kinds of names for talking about my actual friends...I'm scared to think of how I'd be taken to task for someone who is just a recent acquaintance! So, I won't go into details.

What I do feel comfortable saying is this: Jason is a great guy, humble, knows his place in the world, and is definitely trusting God to lead Him. Which is exactly where a believer should be. However, I would be surprised if God lead him to do "Christian" music. I think God has way bigger - well, maybe not bigger, but different - plans than that.

I don't know a lot, but I do know my way around the business side of the industry. I know contracts, I know managers and booking agents and how all of that works. I've made mistakes over the years of trying to "make it" that I hope I can help anyone younger than me and who's interested navigate the waters of being in the bizness. I come at it from a totally different perspective than almost everyone else they will meet in the industry: everyone wants a piece of them financially and from a fame standpoint. I've had the spotlight. It's cool, but it is nice that the spotlight has been focused down to just those that are fans of me and my music. I don't need anything from Jason (and honestly some of the other young guys I hope to help over the next few years and guys I have given advice like Jason Walker). And from a financial standpoint...every manager and record label they meet with will have a an alterior motive: money. I'm not trying to represent anyone. I'm not trying to sign anyone. I couldn't get money from any of these people even if I wanted to. So, my advice comes without a price's just friendly reaching out.

So, no details, but this: we talked about life and how we're both growing up; and we talked about the music industry. There was nearly 3 hours of conversation that fell under those headings. So, I'm giving you the subjects...but no details.

Finally, I'd like to say hello to all the Castro fans. As you probably have seen from my reviews that I have been a Castro fan since day one. So, thanks for stopping by. I now know that as a Castro fan, I'm in good company.

Peace and love,

clarissa said...

It is wisdom to keep the details to yourself, I am satisfied w/the crumbs (or bare essentials) of your meeting because I must be. :o)
Very nice of you to offer your down the road a-ways advice to him. He's gonna need it, as you know there are many sharks out there smelling blood and he is an innocent.
Can't wait for Wednesday night's show when I can see him again and I'm hoping TPTB heard the outcry last year. This show had better NOT be loaded w/established "stars". It's about the TWELVE!
Hope you have a great time and please fill us in on your El Salvador experience if you get a chance.
Thanks for the legions of reasons to be a fan of yours!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sligh and Castro idea!
I heard your song and think its great! I hope Jason will do a christian music cd some day. Thanks for reaching out to Jason!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris, It was cute because in one of Jason's first Post-Idol interviews he mentioned you calling him and said it was sad because he was so busy he didn't have time to "return a call from a celebrity".
You are wise not to reveal specific "details" about your chat with Jason...obviously, it was a private conversation between you guys. Kudos for respecting his privacy
Thanks for letting his fans know though that there are people already established in the music industry who are "looking out for him". He's young and seems rather naive about all of this so it's comforting to know that he is getting advice from a strong Christian like yourself.
Like you, I suspect he's going to have a "huge" career...possibly along the lines of John Mayer & Ben Harper...but hopefully with faith-based contacts like you he'll be able to stay-grounded and avoid all the sharks out there!
Congratulations to you on your CD coming out and doing well!!!!! It was also good to see you playing ON AI with Blake when he performed earlier this season! I'm definately going to check your music out...
Thanks again for being kind and supportive to Jason. His fans do love him and we love you for it!
Have a blessed day!

risalea said...

It's good to know that Jason's as nice and sincere as he appeared on the show. I'm sure your advice will be of much value to him as he makes decisions about his future career.

We'd love to hear about your trip. And looking forward to hearing how it feels to be at AI from the other side this week.

Take care, Risa

Julie said...

Hey Chris ! First timer here :) I can truthfully say that the only two Idols I was upset about leaving the show was you and Jason. You both sing with your hearts and you don't see that very often. The music industry is no longer what it was, and it's a darn shame. I wish you the best and I thank you for your music !

Anonymous said...

Chris! You are just a great guy. I am hoping you have great success. I'm so glad you post to a blog so I can track your career. I got your CD and it's great but didn't expect anything less from you. I am a big fan of yours.

CFPhilfan said...

Chris, that is so wonderful that you and Jason have managed to meet each other! God bless you for reaching out to him. He is my favorite from this season, and I very much appreciate you seeing that special something in him from the beginning. I am sure Jason appreciated you showing that interest in him, too.

Also, I would like to find out more about your trip, if you don't mind. I didn't have time to read through all of the comments that were left you, but I'm sure many others have asked you the same thing. God bless you and will keep up with things by reading your blog!:-)

savgal said...

Hey Chris, as a friend of your in-laws' in-laws (!), I feel I almost know you. A very tardy post to say how much I love "Empty Me", and got chills from watching a clip of you, Mandisa, Phil, Amy Grant and MWS. Awesome medley! You have been in my prayers. Ditto-ing others, want to thank you for reaching out to Jason C. and encouraging him as kind of an older brother, and for NOT telling every detail. He is in my prayers, too, as he navigates that crazy AI world and seeks to live for Jesus. Did I read you will be at the finale???? Can't wait to see it!

GirlyGirl45 said...

How wonderful, Chris! Jason was terrific when he found the right song, and I miss him. My niece (former Blakergirl, lol--her tastes have improved!), is still in severe mourning over his departure. Can't wait to hear about your trip to El Salvador.

Toni said...

Hey Chrs!
Just bought your CD and I can't wait to hear it.
I'm so glad you reached out to Jason Castro, he seems like a very sweet kid who could use some direction from someone like you. Not only are you a celebrity, but you are a wonderful, grounded, trustworthy, lovable guy.
Thanks for being a great role model.

EmilyBoo said...

Wow, that's a lot of Jason fans. Welcome to you all, I hope you stick around and become Chris fans too!

I've really enjoyed Jason on the show. His performances of Hallelujah and Somewhere Over the Rainbow seem to be favorites with a lot of people. I really liked those, but my favorite was Travelin' Through. I look forward to seeing what direction he takes his music and his career taking off.

DJ in AL said...

Chris, smart decison on the details, lesson learned there.
Hope it's not too late to welcome the Jason Castro fans! If Chris says he's ok, then he's ok. Besides, I thought he was incredibly sweet on the show.
Advice from Chris certainly comes from someone who has "been there, done that".

DJ in AL

Andrea said...

This is my first season to watch AI (thanks to Jason himself), but after watching a few of your performances, I have to say I wish I'd caught your time on the show as well. Your personality and groundedness (a real word?) are great to see. I'll keep an ear out for your music. Thanks for sharing about your encounter with Jason and for giving him counsel. God bless!

Nancy (castroholic) said...

I'm another huge fan of yours, who being a bit technically challenged, only got started bloggin' because of my serious Jason-addiction. ;) But the love was always there for you Chris!! Scouts' honor! ^^

I'm so happy you both hit it off and I can see that you have a lot in common! Thanks for offering advice - I was hoping that some great mentors would come forward and lend their support. Jason's such a sweet-natured genuine person. His light shines BRIGHT!! We just want to see him get the recognition and love that he deserves. And we are so thankful to you, Chris!! You ROCK!! And now that you're part of the "dreadhead family" (cuz we always take care of our own) get ready for a big, crazy, boisterous fun-lovin' crowd followin' you wherever you go!! ;) cuz we dreadheads know how to have fun!!whoooOOOPP!! Love and Peace!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your meeting with Jason with us! It was great "getting to know him" this AI season. You both seem like grounded individuals who would hit it off. I saw you on one of the TV guide shows taking about one of the crazy woman you met on the tour, you said that you really loved your wife. That is very refreshing to hear. Jason seems to have his head in the right place also.He was my favorite this year,can't wait to hear more of his music!! Best of luck to you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thats sooo cool!!! Thanks so much for sharing...Jason was my fav this season...probably my favourite idol contestant ever....but u know u were great tooo!! guys like u and Jason really deserve to do well cuz u can tell ur totally geniune and u are soo unique too. And u have loads of personality...hahah its not like i know u guys but its obvious that u do =D Hope Jason makes a CD really soon, i would buy it in a heartbeat...i've already downloaded all his original songs, and AI performances. Please do guide Jason a bit, he seems a little lost, and i think ur advice wud be really good for him. I absolutely lovedddd ur articles on, i always make it a point to read urs. Slezak is great too...u guys get Jason, and that is soo cool. Take care, and good luck to u!! wish u tons of success!!!!

Anonymous said...

I admire you that you are very discreet. Hope some Jason fan would honor it.

I don't like the idea of "Chris and Jason" even though we are happy to know that you have some common grounds - faith and music. The reason is: I appreciate the uniqueness of each one of you.

Lastly, congratulations on your CD success! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I'm from Easley, SC and I was so glad to learn that you are a Castro fan. I'm Dreadhead1817 and love everything about Jason. Thanks for reaching out to him.
I was a huge fan of yours last year and cast many votes your way. Was so disappointed when you were voted off. You, like Jason, have an amazing voice. I haven't bought your cd yet, but plan to very soon.
May God bless you greatly.

Anonymous said...

I think I just became a Chris Sligh fan.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Just wanted to let you know that last year was my first year to watch AI from the auditions on. You were my pick from the first time I saw you perform (love your voice and just overall demeanor!), and the show got really boring for me after you left. I'm really glad to hear that things are going so well for you. I did read in your EW stuff how much you liked Jason (who voice and demeanor I also love!), and thought it was so cool that my favorite from last year liked my favorite from this year!
Wishing you the best....

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I saw you on the TV Guide special. Good Luck and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Thanks for reaching out to Jason. He seems to be most genuine person on AI this season.

Have a safe trip to El Salvador!

Dreadhead #1871

Gladys said...

Hi Chris!

You and Jason are my favorite contestants in AI. I thought you were very talented, funny and witty. I'm glad you get to hang out with Jason, he seems like a very cool guy!
How fun it would be to chill out with you and Jason and talk about life and music. =)
Wish Jason and you all the success!!


carlita said...

CHRIS!!!! im so happy you posted this!! I love hearing Jason is a cool guy, and i know u are too :)

ps.... nice layout..i have the SAME one (good taste my brothaa)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you two were able to meet. I always enjoyed you on the show, Chris, you are so funny, and we were amazed at your voice.

I hope Jason does not go genre. I really think he has a bigger audience than that. I loved his Travelling Thru and that is a really good song. But as a nonbeliever, I really wouln't want to hear an album full of songs about Jesus and the Lord, that would be a big turnoff.

I'll check a few of your song out Chris. Best of luck with your album and congratulations!

Peace and Love,
Dreadhead 1856, coconuts4jason
Atheists for Jason

Anonymous said...

Chris - Thank you for such a small glimpse into your conversation with Jason. I know the Castro's personally and I am thrilled that people are finally getting to see the Jason I know and respect. The entire Castro family are wonderful, Jason comes from some awesome parents. He has a wonderful brother and sister and some of the funniest friends. He brightens up any room, and I honestly beleive it is the light of Christ shining through his soul. I think that is why he has touched so many people this year. Thank you for being so nice to him and I'm glad he's meeting cool people like you! Hugs in Him! Kim

Laura said...

Hi Chris. I'm so glad that you and Jason had the chance to get together & talk. I always appreciated reading your reviews at, because you were one of the few reviewers who understood & appreciated Jason on AI. It was so hard some weeks when the judges & so many in the media gave him little or no credit, while I saw so much more. I think Jason is amazing & so relevant, special, & needed in music. Thanks to you & Michael Slezak (who also was a Jason supporter), it was a little easier. I respect you guys for your good taste & for having your own minds. Stay cool & best wishes with your career & everything else. <3

Anonymous said...

OHHH-EMMM-GEEE! You met him...i am his biggest fan and i really need to meet him...if there is any way you can hook me up with should!

Hankie said...

Happy to hear you and JAson got together. Your experience is a gift to the newer kids. Thank you for offering it to Jason. I understand about him not doing a Christian album at this time. There were many non Christians who began to question because of Jason's presence on AI. It spoke to them and I even found my self communicating with a few of them.

I agree God has plans and it seems Jason has made himself available. Hang onto your hat Jason because it is amazing when God has your willing hands and heart.

Chris, good wishes for you in your future, I am off to ITunes now to buy your album.
Hankie, a Jason fan and admirer of yours.

Pam said...

"First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ." Me too, therefore, so glad to see you online and coming out with great music! Loved your voice on Idol and love "Empty Me"....such a plea!
I'm also a dreadhead Jason and his music. Hoping you can say with confidence that he also is a follower of the serious kind! God bless you on this journey....we'll meet someday!!
Dreadhead 2258

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing your meet up with castro. im a HUGE HUGE fan and details would be greatly appreciated, what do you care if people call you names? It'd be great to get insider info and help us better get to know you two!


Anonymous said...

I live in London and I bought your album- it's AMAZING. My entire family adore you and your music. & ever since I first realised you liked Castro, my love for you tripled. You are awesome. You make amazing music, you're adorable, you're funny, you're wise and polite. Stay real, God Bless, Tanya.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Muslim (I love Christ btw, as do all Muslims). It makes sense for Jason not to do a Christian album first thing suddenly but when he does get round to it, I'm sure it will be just superb.

As for you chris, you introduced me to some amazing bands with your song choices on Idol. I followed your career & the music you've made cannot be faulted. Your songs are unreal; real, uplifting, amazing stuff. Just GREAT songs. Fantastic voice as well obviously.

Keep at what you do, you do it so well. Take care,