Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sales Report

So the sales report came in for last week: 2300!!!

I know it doesn't sound like a ton but it's only a 40% drop from last week, which is great! In fact on iTunes we only had an 8% drop from 698 to 631...again the key is longevity. We're selling a lot of downloads on Empty Me - it's been in the top 10 Christian/gospel on iTunes for 3 straight weeks. So people are definitely reacting to the song.

The finale was fun...I thought Jimmy Kimmel's Seacrest/Sligh joke was hilarious. The Pyps video had me rolling...Iron Man looked great dancing! And I'm glad a rocker finally won!

ETA: Apparently (thanks to Rosalee for pointing this out) Ken Barnes over at USA Today reported that i sold 1100. I just checked with my label and 1100 is what we sold in the mainstream (iTunes + stores) and we sold about 1200 in the CBA (Christian) market. Apparently, Ken just missed those sales.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I bought your album at Wal-Mart about a week ago and I love it! This is the first time I have ever bought a CD without hearing any of the songs first-I loved watching you last year on Idol. I was hoping you were going to sing on the finale last night, but I'm glad you had a fun time at it.

Carrie said...


The finale was great. Not boring at all.

Nicole said...

Hey Chris!

Can you give us more details on the Finale? Whats last years idols up to? Did you get to speak with everyone?


Cheri said...

I just downloaded the entire album and sent links to your website to all my friends. It is really amazing. I know sales will keep growing. I will post about it on my blog as well.
We loved you on Idol..will be looking at tour dates too. Thanks.

Cathy Storms said...

Congrat's Chris..That's really cool. The Pyps video had me rolling also. The Seacrest/Sligh joke was really funny. It's kind of like a shout out at the finale.
Can't wait to hear more about the finale.

Anonymous said...

Chris, saw you on Idol preshow but as with your stay on the Idol show it wasn't long enough....we need more Chris Sligh. You're great on TV. I'm trying to do my part in getting your sales up and to getting you more TV gigs.

ettacandy said...

I'm a longtime lurker and infrequent poster, but wanted to offer major PROPS to you! Not only for the amazing CD, but for your obvious staying power in the idol universe. You not only had a gig at the wrap party, but also were mentioned in Kimmel's routine... which is an indication of the lasting impression you and your music have made. No small achievement - and well done to you!!

And hey YEAH! So glad a rocker won!!!

ChrisSligh said...


Thanks for finally stopping by.

Thanks for the kind words,

HstryQT said...

Longevity is the key! And you'll have it - dont you worry! :) Great to hear the stats!

I LOVED the Kimmel Sligh shout out and the Pyps thing too was my favorite. Ive been a Robert Downey Jr fan since he was on Ally McBeal and his version of "River" is just hauntingly beautiful - if you havent ever heard it, buy it on iTunes. :)

Nique's Nana said...
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Nique's Nana said...

Chris, loved it when they flashed your picture during the Jimmy Kimmel routine - can't beat that kind of publicity.

I bought more of your cd's at the discount price. I will give them away as Christmas presents.

I was about to call it quits with AI if David A. had won - so happy that David C. got it. I'll continue to watch AI.

Caught you on the AI pre-show, you have such a great TV persona - you really need to have your own show.

risalea said...

OK, glad to hear you thought the Kimmel bit was funny. DJ and I had a talk about it. At first we were like what, what do you mean, that's OUR guy you are talking about! Then we're thinking, the exposure, to millions and jillions of folks....for FREE! Yep, short of ax murder, publicity is good.

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Hi Chris,

Your album got a HOT SHOT debut rating. Congratulations!

I didn't get to hear the joke about you. I just saw your pic on the screen. Too bad.

Jack Black as one of the Pips was so hilarious.

Have a great weekend.


DJ in AL said...


Figured you would think the Seacrest/Sligh bit was funny, so I figured it was ok to laugh too:)

Wish you'd share more details about the finale, but I'm guessing you are on the road again and too busy. I also wanted to hear more about your El Salvador trip dude!

Sending you love from DJ in AL!

Jenn said...


I was thinking about doing a post on my blog about how much I LOVE your music. I somehow stumbled across this blog. I get the free weekly Integrity music downloads and that is how I heard about your new CD. Love that you are a follower of Christ and that your music shows it!

Just wanted to let you know that your music is a blessing to me! Praying for you!


Anonymous said...

First of all: I will start by saying this is a great album...
Wow...4100 one week and 2300 the next. Somehow I would have thought it would be a LOT more. Does the 4100 include the presales? (got my signed copy!)
I think this is a great album, though I must admit I like HPF more. This one grows on me whereas HPF had me immediately.
I must be used to seeing the bigger numbers of mainstream albums and was a bit shocked. I am not putting down Chris or the album. Just surprised.
It's going to take a while to get to platinum...I can only buy so many.

ValiantDaughterOfTheKing said...

It's 2301, now. lol

Normally when I buy music I stick with the groups I already know, but for some reason your cd caught my eye and I listened to it. And I loved it. The lyrics are awesome and passionate (oh, and the music was good too.)

Actually, my initial favorite is "I'm Clean". I'd never heard of you at all before - not the hit or about American Idol (don't watch it). Alhough it says you were a finalist on the CD I didn't notice that until I'd already started listening.

I love the way your passion for God shines through. :) Thanks for making the CD, if I ever see another release from you I will probably buy it. I've already started encouraging my friends to get your music. :)

Nice work, keep growing in Christ bro and let the next stuff be an even more awesome outpouring of what God's stuck in you. :P Don't worry about sales, you're eventually gonna get a reward for everything I get out of your music. :P


Anonymous said...

Chris I tried to say hi to you at the finale Tuesday and you ignored me and walked right past :( It was a trip to see you in personthough

ChrisSligh said...

Anon 12:20pm...

I'm so sorry I missed meeting you at the finale...honestly, it's like sensory overload. You have 100 people telling you to do this and do that, and your mind is racing...seriously, I apologize for not stopping to say hey. I really do try, but sometimes, it's a little overwhelming.

Peace and love,

ChrisSligh said...

Valiant Daughter,

Nice to meet you...glad you stopped by! And thanks for checking out the CD. I hope that more and more new fans start stopping by!

Peace and love,

troylaplante said...

I found your CD quite unexpectedly in a small Christian bookstore a week or two ago. I did not know you had the disc out, so I picked it up. I see that you wrote that "Empty Me" was a popular download. When I was listening to your CD for the first time on a road trip for work (I sometimes get a lot of windshield time as a service technician with a lot of geography to cover), I loved "Empty Me" and quite honestly thought it was the best song on the CD. I had not checked your blog in well over a year and wanted to see your latest commentary and what you were doing. As I said, LOVED the tune.

paige said...

I like David Cook but he pretty much sounds like every other rocker. Nothing different. I prefer Michael Johns to him.