Sunday, May 18, 2008

iTunes + Reviews!

Hey guys,

I'd love for everyone who has bought the album and has seen the blog to leave a review over on iTunes.  Then, once you've done that, I'd love for you to copy the review over into the comments here.  This is the review blog I mentioned a while back!

Even if you didn't buy the album on iTunes, if you have an iTunes account, just sign in and leave the review!

Thanks so much!!!


Cathy Storms said...

I left my review as soon as the album came out. It said something like this...The best album to come out this year. Chris's songwriting ability is so awesome and his voice is so beautiful. Whoever buys this CD will not be disappointed.
I would also like to add that this CD has something for everyone. Not just a Christian album but a rock and pop album also.
Chris, I love this CD so much. It is one of my favorite albums this year. I still can't decide which is my favorite song on it because it changes everytime I listen to it.
I really like "Beautiful". It still reminds me of an old "Yes" song, "owner of a lonly heart",which is one of my favorite yes songs.
Like I said, no favorite...Love them all..

lutherjw said...

I posted this review at iTunes the first day the album came out... Here it is, copied and pasted. :p

"Amazing *****

Having been a fan of Sligh since American Idol and Half Past Forever, I've been eagerly awating his debut solo album, and it certainly does not disappoint. Though a few of the tracks are re-done from HPF's album, they are just as great as ever. From the up tempo Cry Tonight to the beautiful melody of Vessel, this album truly shines and is a perfect example of a great Contemporary Christian Album. Sligh understands what his fans want to hear and delivers."

risalea said...

OK, iTunes doesn't like me or my computer (I've tried to download the software numerous times without success), but this is what is going up via my daughter's iTune account today:

"Running Back to You" is probably the first album I've ever bought that I love every single song. Everyone is a keeper. Seriously.

Besides showcasing Chris Sligh's amazing vocals, this project also highlights his spot on songwriting skills. His meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies combine to make magic for the listener.

This is one of those albums where downloading one or two songs just won't do. You must get the whole thing. And a second one to share with a friend. It's that good.

DJ in AL said...

Easy assignment, will do tonight!

Looks like I missed alot of stuff this weekend, figures!

Glad to hear from you Chris,
sending you love from DJ in AL

DJ in AL said...


I meant to tell you B'ham has finally gotten "on board" WJDC in B'ham has put Empty Me in their rotation and play it all the time. I don't listen to this station but I was talking about you to a new employee at work and she said,
"wait a minute, I have heard that song on the radio".....did my heart good! Anyway she loved the song and is planning on buying the CD.

rosalee said...

A Home Run From Chris! *****

Chris Sligh's debut album as a solo artist is a highly polished work that showcases his strong, rich voice and amazing songwriting talents. It presents "two sides of Sligh" - (although a Christian album, approximately half of the songs could be considered to be mainstream). He writes from the heart and sings from his soul. The songs, ranging from ballads to up-tempo numbers truly demonstrate his versatility as an artist. The handful of songs brought over from his album with his old band, Half Past Forever, have been rearranged. It is hard for me to pick a favorite song. "In a Moment" has the potential to become a classic wedding song. "Empty Me" is a very powerful song, currently climbing the Christian music charts. "Potential" is a sweet song, as is "Vessel", which is the perfect song to close out the album. The songs, often fully orchestrated and seeped in layers of sound on this record, may be performed live by Chris in a simple, acoustic arrangement, or he may rock out with his touring band. For example, "Loaded Gun", which has an edgy, "Eleanor Rigby-like" quality to it on the CD, was given the rocker treatment when performed live. Chris always gives his all in his performances, whether for a recording or live. In short, this is another remarkable album from a remarkable man.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you's what I wrote.

I have been watching Chris's career since I discoved him on American Idol. He left too soon. I love, love, love this album. Chris has great talent. Keep it up Chris. Forever a fan here.

DJ in AL said...

Great review Rosalee! It would be impossible to top that.

rosalee said...
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Cathy Storms said...

As DJ said, great review Rosalee.
Couldn't have said it better myself...In fact, I'm trying to talk hubby into renewing our vows or my son to get married so we can use "In a Moment"...Perfect wedding song. There are so many perfect songs on this CD and I listen to it everyday over and over. It's not very often that you find a CD that every song is really good. But this is that CD. There is not one song on this CD that is not a potential hit. I can't wait to see Chris in concert and hear these songs performed live. I just hope everyone can hear him over me and my grandaughters since we already know every word to every song and we seem to sing loud and really off

rosalee said...

Hey People!

Let's show Chris some support and copy those iTunes reviews over here!

Anonymous said...

Chris Sligh's freshman album after "American Idol" is out of the park, a definite homerun! "Running Back to You" is for listeners who like contemporary Christian music, but also for those who like a good love song. From the soaring notes of the title cut, "Arise (Running Back to You)" to the heartfelt plea of the lyrics of the current hit single, "Empty Me", this record has something for everyone....even a beautiful, touching love song called "In a Moment" that Sligh wrote for his wife.

Don't miss this one, folks! Enjoy "Running Back to You" and catch Chris Sligh on tour this summer as he makes his way across the country. Even with the price of gas, it's worth a drive to see him in concert.

Anonymous said...

Heard the album- you were better on the show. For someone breaking into the music industry post-Idol, you took an odd risk by releasing a partial Christian album. That was the quickest way to alienate the majority of the fans you'd accumulated during the course of the show. I was a fan, but I am not a Christian, and am not a fan of Christian music. Also - Copying songs from your other attempts in this industry, proved to be the same reason Taylor Hicks failed to impress with his album. Those prior songs lacked success for a reason- it comes across as arrogant when you dish those out a 2nd time. Sort of "You must not have listened the first time, these songs are better than you think, so listen to them again". Oh well. My overall review, as a former fan: better luck next time.

julie said...

One of your mostly-lurker readers here, Chris- I just got the album, and I love it. I am a fan, and a Cnristian, but not usually a fan of Christian music; this album's an exception. I'll be leaving a review on itunes when I get a chance to write one, and will post it here.

It's kind of cool that some of those VFTW posters support you, but do you ever find the nastiness hard to take? I went over only because I heard you and Phil were posting there, and the viciousness about Jordin's not being a tiny skinny thing and the unhinged hatred for Blake make me really uncomfortable. It's not normal to hold that much ill will toward strangers. There are Idol contestants I don't care for, and I won't claim I never get snarky in the course of casual conversation, but I don't understand the impulse to spend what must be hours spewing that garbage.

On a cheerier note, it was fun to see you on camera at the finale, and again, I love the album!

ChrisSligh said...

7:11pm Anonymous,

I thank you for your candor. Even in disappointment and frustration, honesty is refreshing.

I'd like to answer your frustrations, not to necessarily try and win you back as a fan (you obviously have moved on) but as some FAQ.

1) I chose to do Christian music because I felt I had no other choice from a personal standpoint (non-professional - I actually had choices professionally) I felt the only right thing for me to do was to make a record dealing frankly with my faith. Honestly, there are times I wish I didn't have to make that choice, but it was what I felt personally. I can't ask or expect a non-believer to understand. It was a faith choice, nothing more, nothing less.

2) Actually the reason Taylor Hicks failed to impress with his album was too many genres on one record and a failure to have hit songs. He only covered 1 former song (that I know of) on his official album, though the bonus release I bought had 2 other songs from his record (again, I'm going from memory here, so I may be off 1-2, but I only remember seeing 1 Taylor HIcks written song on the record). I've never had a national release before this album. The HPF album was a limited release that we made using $300 worth of equipment in my home studio. When we made this album, we did as MANY independent artists with back catalog do, we chose the best songs from the past to mix with the best songs of the present to make a record. For instance, Maroon 5 latest album has 1 song that was on their independent record from 6 or so years ago. Are they arrogant for doing that? I would say no. You may disagree. Our view was that we wanted to make the best record with the best songs I've written thus far. That's what this album was. Sorry you didn't like it.

3) You may not like the album, but the reviews, nearly across the board have been good to great. So, I may need better luck from a sales standpoint, but at this point in my life I can't imagine making a better record.

Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and love,

Carmen said...

Here is the review I left. I have done it twice now and have had some problems getting it to show up. Hopefully the third time is the charm.

If you saw season six of American Idol then you can’t forget top ten contestant Chris Sligh. He was the guy with the curly hair and the quick wit, who when he sang just left you saying “Man can sing!” His new solo debut album RUNNING BACK TO YOU is an impressive CD that leaves you once again exclaiming to yourself “That dude can sing”!

Driving beats and catchy melodies make this album irresistible ear candy, yet the songs rise above lesser fluff thanks to Sligh’s thoughtful writing, which communicates his deep faith in God. Sligh is brilliant at packing this album with lyrical substance and soaring hooks. From the opening rocker song ARISE to the beautiful, soothing song of Vessel Sligh‘s powerful voice delivers.

RUNNING BACK TO YOU is a Christian album whose music has crossover appeal in more ways than one. Brimming with conviction and a sense of purpose, it is proof that Contemporary Christian music can be artful without compromising the message.
RUNNING BACK TO YOU is a creative indication of the future greatness that we can expect from Chris Sligh and that brings the listener to the obvious conclusion that he went home way too early on American Idol.

EmilyBoo said...

OK, finally getting around to posting this! I did not mention having been a fan since AI days, since I hoped to make it clear that the album is worth a listen even for non-AI-fans. I wish I could have come up with the words to properly review each song, but, I'm no writer. But darn, now I wish I had at least mentioned "Something Beautiful" (I'm listening to it right now LOL.) OK, my short and sweet itunes review follows:

I love that this is not one of those albums where most of the songs sound the same, and yet even with all these different "sounds," I find all of them extremely listenable. As an example of this, check out the soaring notes of "Arise," the rock sound of "Let You Know," the aggressive yet beautiful strings of "Loaded Gun," and the lovely melodies of "Vessel." If you downloaded "Empty Me" because you liked it on the radio, don't stop there, because there is so much more to love about this album! The lyrics are uplifting without being preachy, which Sligh fans who are not necessarily into Christian lyrics will appreciate (a good half of the songs do not have an overt Christian theme.) This album is well worth the $9.99 price tag and then some.

Jim said...

I just posted the review for ITUNES..I also have this short review in several other review spots! God Bless you bro!

As a big fan of American Idol, season 6 was a great year for Christian artists. Sligh is the third one to release an album following Jordin Sparks and Phil Stacey, and the first one to be mostly aimed at the Christian market. The album is solid from top to bottom and has a good mix of rockers to ballads. Radio friendly throughout, "Empty Me" is climbing the Christian charts. Other highlights include "Vessel" and "Are You Pleased." The "fro patrol" delivers!