Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Secret Brotherhood of Secret Brothers

Well, it's 8:30am. I haven't woken up this early in a while, except on Sunday.

Yesterday, the guys debuted their group number for the rest of the cast and crew. It was exciting, and it went really well. I think this section, being that it's something never done on the Tour before, could be a highlight. Then we basically went throught the entire set list in order.

It's funny because all season long, everyone involved with the show would talk about how great this bunch was....we genuinely like each other, we get along, we don't have a diva in the bunch (well, maybe every now and then, but for the most part no divas)...there just isn't a lot of drama in our group. We thought that surely past years were probably like that, too...that producers and crew were just being nice.

Then we got into rehearsals. Literally by the third day we were able to run the entire set from top to bottom. Our tour producer has been blown away...said usually it isn't till the second week that we can even get through the whole set. The video producer (for the little clips they show during the show) and I have gotten to be friends and he was saying that he's never had this much fun on an idol tour...that everyone is fun to work with, he hasn't gotten any divas, and, most of all, everyone is really funny. He thinking about putting together a 2 hour movie of outtakes from these videos.

Basically, the jist is this: we are having a ton of fun. Everyone is learning their stuff and the set is starting to gel incredibly well. I've heard that the first few shows every year are not too tight because everyone hasn't had a chance to run through stuff from top to bottom...we're running stuff from top to bottom 3 days into it. So, I think that the Sunrise, FL people are going to not only be the first to see the show, but they're going to get a good show, too.

Well, I'm off to a meeting about that big offer. Gonna investigate some more and see if it's truly worth putting off my record.

On that note, though, I should tell you guys that, for some odd reason, I've been writing a ton lately. I haven't had enough seperation to figure out if the songs are great yet, but the ideas are flowing. Now that I've got Pro Tools up and running, it's VERY NIIIICE! In betwen my songs, I run into the room where I have my studio set up and lay down demos for new songs. Yesterday, it was kind of cool - one of my frends was sitting at the piano in the hallway at the studio and was stuck on a chord progression he was working on (he's not really a piano player), so he asked me what I would do with it (he had like a 3 chord progression). We went into my studio room, laid down a drum loop and proceeded to put together a really good song. It will probably be on his record - we have to finish it, but I've written long enough to recognize a great idea.

Anyway, life is good.

And to the core group - I love you!



Sandy said...

Good luck to you! I lived in Greenville once upon a time. :)

DJ in AL said...


Great post.

Your core group adores you! (I know, I know, assuming I'm in the core group-whateva!).

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Oh I really can't wait for the tour. I am so excited. Good luck on whatever offer you have. I know it must be something wonderful.
From one of the core group, I love you too....

jenlar said...

"He thinking about putting together a 2 hour movie of outtakes from these videos."
You are kidding... really? I would pay any price for this!

I'm so excited about your deal, whatever it is. There is not a single member of the top ten who I don't adore, and you all deserve so much happiness. *jenlar goes off into rainbows and butterflies land* Anyway, spill what you can (info, not beverages) and we can't wait to hear the full details! We *do* love donkeys, after all.

Carianne said...

I am so excited for the tour! The guys number is going to be wonderful - I just know it! I have a couple of questions that I hope aren't too invasive and are things you can answer:

1.) You said "The video producer (for the little clips they show during the show) and I have gotten to be friend"... what does that mean "little clips during they show during the show"? And by show, are you meaning AI or the Tour? I guess I'm just confused - sorry!

2.) Are all the songs on this tour going to be covers, or are we going to get to hear some original songs from you guys?

oh and by the way, I've figured out what your offer is: You're going to be David Hasselhoff's personal assistant. It's okay, you don't have to tell me I'm right. We all know I am.

Angell said...

Chris, I've been following along with your blog, but not commenting. I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to hear that things are going well, and I'm hoping to be able to work the show when you come to Toronto.

Break a leg on tour and have fun. :D

Akari said...

Y'know, I may not know you guys personally, but from what I have seen throughout the seasons, I think you really a tight bunch this time. :)

Movie outtakes? Be nice and share!

Oh... And you are playing with us again with the "friend" mention. I am betting Chris Rich, but who knows. Man, I feel like a detective.

Good luck on the offer!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Phil's putting out a record?

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Have a nice day, Chris.

This islander is going to bed.

Peace. :)

sandmoran said...

You love to tease us
I, for one, love the teasers
they make me wonder.

Whatever happens
we'll be here to share it too
celebrate with you.

Thanks for loving us
thanks for caring about us.
for everything.

HstryQT said...

Anyone who saw the group on larry king couldn't deny how close this season's group is. And it'll really show on tour. Will you let us know if the funny thing you've been working on with the guys (or maybe some girls too?) is going to be approved for tour? You said that it might be. Keep having a blast :).

And we love you too! (To state the obvious).

Til Later!


livingmercy said...

i am just so excited to see y'all... Sept. 11th in Greensboro, NC

Nicole Wilson

Anonymous said...

Does everyone get to sing a solo? Or just the top winners? Is the show concentrating on spotlighting the top 3 more than everyone else?

I bought tix mainly to see my one favorite, but I like the others. I just hope that the one I like the best won't be just a backup singer because they didn't place in the top 3.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

C - Chris'
O - Outrageously
R - Rediculous
E - Enclave

Ba ha!

It's super wonderful that you and your friends are working so well together. That makes for some awesome shows ahead!

Any wedgies been filmed?

- Mistie - (checks calendar to see how much longer till July 10)

Micki said...

Thanks for sharing with us what's on your mind! I was procrastinating/day dreaming away my day a few months ago and I think stumbled on your blog from a link from a link from a link from a MSNBC link :-). Your frankness and openness (particularly in light of the Idol celebness) is really inspiring. Being more recently from the A'ville NC area (God save me and send me back!), I enjoy supporting local (mostly underground) artists, so I was routing for ya, and wish you (and your friends) luck.

But I remember reading that you don't like props. I'm a grad student in aero-engineering and have the exact opposite problem... if you can see the props moving, you know the plane is working... when its a jet, you have no visual clue as to how the engine is running. Luckily for me flying into that area is always on a prop/tiny plane -- I've been missing the mountains ever since I left and keep returning on props it seems!

Anyway, all the best to you and your wife (who's absolutely gorgeous, and does us southern app women justice)!

risalea said...

"Basically, the jist is this: we are having a ton of fun."

That is fantastic...and we're having fun reading about it! Isn't it amazing that you are going to be able to make a great living doing something you love?! That is a wonderful gift.

"So, I think that the Sunrise, FL people are going to not only be the first to see the show, but they're going to get a good show, too."

So, then, I'm thinking we can expect a GREAT show by the time you get to North Little Rock a week later! LOL I'm sure every show will be great, not only from your descriptions, but by the caliber of talent we were able to see on TV. Maybe this is all coming together so fast because so many of you are truly professionals who have been working on your craft for some time.

"Well, I'm off to a meeting about that big offer. Gonna investigate some more and see if it's truly worth putting off my record."

It's also amazing how a few short months can be lifechanging. You're not only getting to pursue your dream, but have various options as well. I'm sure you have been praying about it, and will continue to, and with input from Sarah and other family and friends, I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you and Sarah. We're praying for you, too.

"On that note, though, I should tell you guys that, for some odd reason, I've been writing a ton lately."

Not surprising at all, considering you're surrounded by music and musical folks at the moment. All those good vibes are bound to get those creative juices flowing.

"Now that I've got Pro Tools up and running, it's VERY NIIIICE! In betwen my songs, I run into the room where I have my studio set up and lay down demos for new songs"

Isn't technology a wondrous thing? I don't know anything about the industry, but I'm guessing that not many years ago, it wouldn't have been possible to do the things you're doing without a full-blown setup, musicians, etc.

OK, break time is over. I'm heading to a Traveler's game tonight. (minor league baseball stadium, extremely close to where you'll be playing at Alltel in NLR)


Julie said...

It doesn't surprise me to read that the rehearsals are going like clockwork- all of you seem to be so hard-working and such good friends. The happy chemistry among the whole group made the season fun to watch. I can like a performer's work even if he's a jerk, but it's nice to cheer for nice people. And I am totally psyched for the guys' group number with instruments.

Outtakes from the videos- do you mean the Poptarts clips? That would kill. They're so goofy in a good way.

Nique's Nana said...

Hi Chris,

No matter what you decide, I hope your meeting goes well for you today.

The video producer is thinking of putting together a 2 hour move of out takes - that would be so awesome. I definitely would buy it.

28 more days and you'll be here in San Diego!

Love you lots - I hope I'm in the core group :)

Anonymous said...

How come Gina and Jordan are divas? Any stories?

amandarhea86 said...

Hstryqt, i agree with the Larry King live comment, i just wish the show would of shown us the idols instead of famous people. I know last year the guys where really close, and 3 of them are still close Elliott, Ace and Bucky. But knowing that the guys where close made the show more fun, i cant wait to see how awesome this is goin to be when all yall are close.

Im excited about all the cd's i will buy everyones from this season with out a doubt.

oh and im a noob on commenting here, i was to scared, cause i was a blaker girl and i didnt want people to get mad at me for it. But now, im just a fan of everyone, with a crush on Chris Rich.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, can't wait to see the tour. Like I told you, I love your blog it goes there!! Glad you are having a blast!! Hit me up at my myspace sometime!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update chris ! still puzzled about your big offer my comment for govenor never got that AI 6 is like family helping eachother out! a movie in itself! maybe you can direct and produce one!

ChrisSligh said...

Umm...said specifically who could act like a diva, and I did it on purpose. (i.e., actually read the blog that is being quoted instead of some comment I accidentally let through - that has been erased, I might add) Everyone and I mean EVERYONE (I'm talking in general here, as in everyone in the world) can be a diva at one point or another, and it's not male or female-driven. I know I can have my diva moments, so please don't read into who you think I was talking about. It was no one in particular.

Oh, and I got a little more info on this offer today, and it looks like I probably won't have to put recording off!!! I'll be able to have my cake and eat it too! So I'm even more excited about it than I was before.

Peace and love,

risalea said...

"Oh, and I got a little more info on this offer today, and it looks like I probably won't have to put recording off!!! I'll be able to have my cake and eat it too! So I'm even more excited about it than I was before."

Well, that is super news!
If you decide to go for this, do you have to wait to announce until your AI obligations are complete?


DJ said...


You meant to say pie, right.....have your pie and eat it too?

Sorry, I like pie better.

Carrie said...

This whole diva thing is giving me some interesting images of you guys in drag. Because we all know what a big diva you are, Chris. Just wait until the tour starts. You're going to be demanding gourmet pizza and sparkling bottled water in your dressing room, I just know it.

And obviously I'm being sarcastic.

But the drag thing is still really funny.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I am so happy & excited for you. I feel like a proud mama...I don't know about you or anyone else, but I love being a Diva sometimes. In fact I have my grandaughters in Diva

Anonymous said...

"I'll be able to have my cake and eat it too!"
Your choice of words there is awesome. That made me laugh so hard. Dude, you slay me! No, you SLIGH me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so David Hasselhoff will let you record an album while you're working as his personal assistant? He's too kind! (JK)

I have on more question to add onto my previous two... which you didn't answer, but maybe you can/will answer this one! :) LOL

During the concert, are you guys performing in blocks or are you going to be sprinkled throughout the show? Like for instance, will you sing 3/4 songs, then Gina sings 3/4 songs, then Phil, etc.. or will it be more like you sing 1 song, haley sings 1 song, phil sings 1 song, then you sing ANOTHER song, etc? Did ANY of that make sense? LOL

risalea said...

I am now signing our friend, Chris, up for a 12 step program entitled, "How Not to Comment on Comments About Comments that You Didn't Even Make."

(ducking quickly) : )


Carmen said...

I am so glad that the show is coming together so smoothly. It is always fun to work with friends who are as passionate as you are about the same things. No wonder you are in creative overdrive with your song writing. Your friends and their friendship are helping to feed your muse.

Glad you will be able to take the offer (if you decide to) and not put off recording. I know that there are a lot of us from the core group who are anxiously awaiting for another album from you.

Can't wait until the Sunrise concert. Do you know whether there will be any meet and greets before the show?

Frieden und Liebe

Nique's Nana said...


You are truly "blessed". How often does one get to "have their cake and it it too"? You're always in my prayers.

bmorebamma said...

btw i hope that this offer won't interfere with your cd cus iam very much looking forward to it. there is a lot of talent on season 6, that's why i get upset when season 6 gets bashed. i hope that the outtakes dvd come out i will defently get it. it's a pretty good year for me cus my other idol favs bo bice 2nd cd is comming out in sept. ain't that too cool. ;)

ChrisSligh said...

Good grief people, it's a popular phrase for goodness sakes!

Okay..I get to have my pie and eat it, too.

Good grief!

And Risa, you are awesome.


Kevin said...

Well, glad to see you helped/are helping write a song for Blake. I did some detective work and found that every one of your friends plays piano but him.... FYI, that is not called stalking. ;)

August 5th seems so far away...

Melissa said...

It sounds like things are going great with rehearsals and your own creative juices are flowing. I can't wait to see "written by Chris Sligh" in song credits.

ChrisSligh said... I said most of the time when you guess which friend you will be wrong.

It's no use to continually won't get a yes or no out of me...I'd doing this for a reason. Believe me.


amandarhea86 said...

Hey Kevin i read that Blake does play. Wait i have read all the guys do. Dno about the girls. Chris i know your not goin to say who, but its still fun to guess. My friends that dont even read the blog sit and try to guess who your talking about. Cant wait for the tour 20 days till yall are in Nashville.

vivian from missouri said...

people are funny aren't they--but it is human nature to try and figure out the unknown---it is definitely good news that you probably won't have to put your recording future on hold and absolutely wonderful that all is going so well. It was my first experience w/AI and everyone seemed to truly enjoy each other which added to my enjoyment (though you were gone way too soon) so I am really looking forward to the show here in St. Louis. Is there an air of unreality to this for you still or is it becoming more "normal" to be in production for a tour--what a difference a few months make. So much talent is our there and it really is a matter of being in the right place at the right time and,of course, having the best fans. BTW, multitasking isn't something that everyone can do --so sad for them. Be well.

Anonymous said...

EEP! I cannot WAIT till my first show of the tour!!!

It's going to be amazinggggggg!!!

Jeri said...

I have to say that all these posts about rehearsals are really making me look forward to the July 8th show in Jax that I'm going to see, even more so than I was beforehand. XD I'm glad I don't have to wait that much longer.

You are all continuously in my prayers! :-) Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Chris, I know it's silly, but when you say you wanna eat cake, what with all the comments around here lately about a CERTAIN FAN GROUP...well, let's just say it brings bad images to mind.

Luv ya anyway! :)

robyn said...

Hey, speaking strictly for myself, I think we all deserve a diva moment or two every now and long as we keep things real most of the time, you know?

I think you write very awesome songs,Chris. The way you put your words together are thought provoking and hit home for a lot of us. I'm excited that you say you may be able to do this thing and record too!

Again, I ask...Is this thing something that will have you in the public eye a bit? We'd SO love to get some more of you that way too, dude! Anyway good luck on all of it! Enjoy it all! I sure love ya sharing it with us!


HstryQT said...

Well your fans, as well, will be able to "have their *pie* and eat it too!" We'll get to have your album AND see you succeed in other ways - I'm ecstatic for you! (and for me as a fan of you).

I'm such a selfish fan, gesh. :)


PS: I'm watching my tivo'ed Last Comic Standing, and I find myself wishing that you'll magically appear as the next contestant on the stage. You should consider that! :)

Anonymous said...

"He thinking about putting together a 2 hour movie of outtakes from these videos."

Tell your friend we'd so buy this!!

christine said...

Hi Chris and everyone.

It is so great to read up on what everyone is talking about. Rosie O'donnell said on her blog she was meeting with the price is right today.

Great news about the tour


bmorebamma said...

btw mr'sligh you CAN your CAKE and eat it too which means good news for your fans , as far as the bening the diva is concerned WE ALL do have our moments when we will get a little ahhhh hummm . so to the few who don't get it YOU'RE bening the diva , and not payin attention . geez ya can't win with the few around here. "beating head aginst the cyperspace wall" OUCH that ;)

risalea said...

Chris, you made my day and right back at you. : )

On a sad note, the Travelers lost. But the new Dickey Stephens Ballpark is fantastic.

Ok, this is a random thought, but I was talking about it with my sister Junior League friend tonight. Does the AI tour ever do anything with the mayor of the cities you visit...key to the city stuff? We're thinking good publicity for both sides. (my friend is a marketing marvel at a local college). We have another friend in the mayor's office and could probably set it up if it is something y'all ever do. Holler if it sounds at all interesting.

OK, past my bedtime! Night!

sandmoran said...

You may possess it
you may also consume it

href="">click here
it's all yours!

christine said...


I hope that got your attention. lol Rosie O'donnell has a blog site and on it she is able to video herself for about 10 minutes and answer questions from her fans or just chit chat. I havent been able to see you since AI, i did see you on LKL and something else, but it would be great to watch a download.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you may be able to have your "cake/pie" and eat it too.. how about ice cream instead? & Which flavor would you like? :)

I've been to a few random tours on opening night and they normally have a few mishaps so I'm glad that this one probably won't! Only 2 weeks until I see you and the other 9! Hmm, that doesn't sound too nice.. fine, 2 weeks until I see the top 10.

Awesome to hear that you've been writing a lot! Keep it up!

Love & Hugs,

xangelglitterx said...




ONE LOVE............

Marleybone said...

Not a certified guess - but an idea.
Now that Justin Long's acting career is really taking off, maybe he relinquishes his contract with Apple and you take over! Free stuff - yeah! (You would be hilarious.)

Kerry(is a philnatic) said...

Good luck at your meeting.. i still think its a movie..thats just me... o well!! OOO by the way... anything you say on here, i take it for what it means.. just thought i would get that out there LOL i know awhile ago, some people took EVERYTHING you said as something it is not.. so i just wanted to say i dont do that LOL yes that was very random lol have great day!

Love yas Chris!

-Di. said...

It sounds like the show will be very entertaining. It is a shame that there are no dates close to RI. I would think that Idol would have gone to one of the casinos in CT.

Anyways, just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the updates.

I'm really happy to hear that everyone is doing well.


Sarah said...

I'm glad everything is going so well!

I've been hearing from a lot of people that this years group of contestants really, genuinly got along. I could tell just by the little bits of interaction we saw on tv that ya'll were great friends. Well, I hope things continue to go smoothly... that 2 hour movie sounds interesting, cant wait to see what happens with that.

God Bless ya man...

Ignore the haters.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say, my wife and I are going to our first AI tour and believe me we are getting teased mercilessly for going! I won't repeat the jokes but I've heard more about cheeze then I can even remember!

I also wanted to let you know that I finally got around to D/L Endless Love from ITunes (speaking of cheezy I'd say the original arrangement was on dairy overload!). I'm more and more impressed with your arrangement of that song and I just wanted to let you know.

I also have one additional question regarding the Concert. I understand that you have to basically do the same thing at each concert, but I'm wondering if the tour managers allow for slight tweaking? One of the reasons I'm curious is we live in Chicago and I imagine there are going to be some big time Gina fans here. Would the show allow her to spotlight more here? This could be preplanned and you could just plan an additional song based on regional preference for a particular Idol? Blake & Jordan spotlights more in Washington, you in Carolina area. Haley in Texas etc.......

I imagine the answer is not likely since everything is so coordinated but I just thought I'd ask if that's a consideration for discussion...

Aletha said...

My imagination is truly piqued by the hints of The Offer - could guess something off the wall like writing a soundtrack for mind-mapping software but I'm hoping it is a movie or TV role. Judging by this blog, you have a very diverse fan base who share at least one common bond - a fascination with all things Sligh. I, for one, would read your book, buy your albums, tune into your TV show, watch your movies and go see you perform live. Glad the entertainment industry realises your potential.

Cake fans - did you read the blurb about Blake in this week's People Magazine? It's the Hottest Bachelors issue.

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

It seems to perfectly lovely (or splendid, if you prefer) time in your life to be you!

While I wish I could be as energetic and focused as you, I hope you are pacing yourself so you don’t burnout by the end of the tour.

Are you all becoming “Triple Threats”? Once heard it used as a theatre term to describe someone who could act, sing and dance.

I am thoroughly ignorant Pro Tools, is the sound quality good enough for use on the album and not just for demos. If the magic of the performance you capture now supersedes any of the formal studio recordings can your exacting standards concede to use them for the finished album?

On the really good song, why can’t be on both records? A CD can hold 75 minutes of information before quality control problems arise.

On the recently introduced concept of the core group, without a way to test the reality I assume nothing. I, being me, tend to assume it is something not yet achieved.

gdahimself said...

To Christine
From GDA

Given some of Rosie O’Donnell’s recent press, it sounds like she should take some time off and be talking to a therapist. Have you read today’s (06.22.2007) News.AOL.Com?

This Really Rosie isn’t “Chicken Soup with Rice”

Incidentally she commented that they don’t want her as host/hostess of “the Price is Right”.

On Michael Moore who is referred to in the above, He has been accused on several occasions of editing and reshuffling the time sequence of the documentary footage he use to fit his opinions not the facts. I.e. making it seem that someone knew something before they learned of it, which makes look like the person in question was ignore information which should have changed their decision making.

gdahimself said...

The Diva thang: When did the word degrade to include the negative attributes of being demanding and difficult?

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

To Xangelglitterx...yeah I am a core member. All the qualifications fit. That was a crackup & you made my day...

Anonymous said...

I'll be able to have my cake and eat it too!

Oh I love that quote! But I'm thinking CAKE as something totally different. Chris and Blake, oh my dear Lord, yummy. I just wanted to thank you for blogging. I feel like I'm blogging with a celebrity. You get feedback from your fans which will make you a better artist. BTW, does any other contestant blog?

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

When do you all leave for Florida?
My tickets for San Diego came in the mail yesterday so I am trying to hurry it along....
Do you guys get to go home for a few days before you go to Florida?

rosalee said...

Core group of readers
Common or frequent posters
Or Fro-Patro'ers

We're one and the same
United with one main goal:
To see Chris succeed

-Di. said...

I dunno if I'm fly enough to be "core." At any rate here is something highly amusing in so many ways. It'll just make you smile.


georgia girl said...

Y'all? Y'all. MUST go look at that Pop Tarts American Idol Webisode 1 thingy. The clip of Chris S. with Chris R. just made a Chris R. fan out of me. "I'm kind of uncomfortable right now"? I would totally wear that quote on a Tshirt.

Carianne said...


ahh I love that! I think guessing is sometimes more fun than knowing! :P

Kara said...

Sounds wonderful Chris! It is so cool that you guys all get along so well. It sure seemed like that through the whole season. Can't wait to hear about your offer!!

Anonymous said...

You are on! Paula's birthday party!

Kevin said...

I never was very good at guessing games, and I know it's not going to come out of you, so I'll have to wait until the album comes out and you're thanked as one of the composers. The teasers are just that, they tease, but in due time we'll all find out.

God bless,

Carrie said...

Tomorrow is my birthday! Pie > Cake.

DJ in AL said...


Well said.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Laura said...

Chris, your blog is actually becoming one of the first things that I log onto when I get home in the evenings...I'm loving it!

I wished we could get more details on your deal, but its also exciting getting to guess...I know you'll give more as you can.

I do have one question about the tour...will you guys be (or AI) selling CDs at the tables outside of the concert hall....or t-shirts? I guess, I have two questions now....if so, and I'm not trying to get personal, but do you guys get a cut of it? The reason I ask is that if you do not, then I probably would not buy something until you do get a cut....Whatever I purchase, I want to make sure that the money (or at least a portion of) goes to you guys and in your pockets...I think you are SO deserving of everything you can bring in on the tour!


bmorebamma said...

hey rosalee , oops be careful with the common comment that got mr. sligh in trouble, and bamma had to go to the websters dic. to find the def ;)

Christine said...


Hi. I read the article right now. The author seemed intent on comparing it to a tv show when it is just a talk blog. Alot of ppl do not like her....and A lot of ppl do. I find myself liking anyone who doesnt like Donald Trump, but thats just me.


Carrie said...


I don't know what Chris can actually answer about that, but I have read that when the studio tracks were released, they received a cut from the songs that were sold. I hope the same goes for itunes, but I'm not sure. I'm going to assume that if they sell music and their voices are involved, they by right deserve a cut of the profits.

HstryQT said...

So do Blaker Girls have numbers? Like, there's Blaker Girl #1, #2, #17, etc.? That's kind of funny -- while at the same time making me wonder what number Fro Patro-er I would be considered.

Hm. I would graciously place Kay, Sandy, and Carmen ahead of me - but that's about it --- plus my favorite number is 4 anyway.

But we probably shouldn't go there. lol

:D Lori

risalea said...

Good evening, Chris, and fellow blog posters. I'm heading to Ohio tomorrow for a visit with my sis. I'm sure I'll find an excuse to get on her computer and see what's going on, but I may have to go on my own 12 step withdrawal program since I won't be checking as often as I've been able to do at home since I've been out of school. : )

Prayers for a safe flight are appreciated. Though I know all the statistics, flying is not my fave mode of travel, either!

Thanks!!! Y'all are a fun bunch! Risa

gdahimself said...

To Bmorebamma & Roselee
From GDA

Okay ladies, let's get this right.
Our Host, Mr. Sligh, didn't get in trouble. He used the word and I, being my, nitpicking self, pointed out it had some unfortunate connotation problems, suggested an alternate word, then made the mistake of tagging a comment to it which got me in trouble and brought out the anonymous hecklers out.
I thought we had seen the last of this and it had been sent to the archives of oblivion but apparently it haunts us still.
Now let’s see if we can put it back to bed with restraints.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, GDA must be in love with Cake...he said put to bed in the same paragraph as Cake.


I love Chris Rich and Blake, but man the Caketards can be annoying.

gdahimself said...

appreciation and agreement
a Sligh smile
the core group persist

bmorebamma said...

to GDA you are soooo correct . my bad i worded it incorrectly. :( . but it did conger up a debate, and that's why i brought it up when rosalee repeated it . i just thought about it again , so that's why i said what i said to rosalee . btw hey rosalee wwwwaaaazzzzz uuuppppppp.;).p.s. GDA or maybe iam just like the elephant i never forget, but i have nothing aganist you though , why do you have to get sssoooooo defensive. lighten up dude. life is too short.;)

rosalee said...

GDA and Bmorebamma:


For the sake of the common good, I will refrain from using the word, common, although it is common knowledge that there is nothing wrong with the word commonly known as common. Just use your common sense. It's a common mistake to assume that it's inappropriate, when actually, the word common is quite commonplace. Are we on common ground here?



bmorebamma said...

i happen to like rosie we have something in common , the year of our births 1962 . so she can't be ALL bad. and as far as donald trump is concerned , he had no right to call her FAT, UGLY and the rest of the dispicable names he called her , he may not like fullfigured women but there are men out there who do. we are all gods childern ,and making fun of each other weakness is nothing to joke about JMO,it goes both ways.

Twinkle said...

Fro patroler Kay where are you hiding out these days? miss you at MJ's.

NZ Fan said...

Hey Chris! Break a leg (but not a foot). ;P Have fun. Loving your blogging, as always.

Heather said...

come on now Cake FTW no pie!!! lolollllll

wooo hooo 2 weeks till the tour!

amandarhea86 said...

Whoever said that Chris's blog is one of the first things they read...Im right there with you....and the anonymous person who said cakers can be annoying, I admit i am a caker, but i also admit, some of them are. I think, my mom is about ready to kill me, because i have started every sentence today as, I cant wait for the AI tour, because CHris Sligh said.....HAHA, have a great night Chris and fellow commenters.

ChrisSligh said...

That'll do, donkey.

That'll do.

I love the action figure idea, btw. I'd like to add another saying...well, one word I use a lot:


Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

The collaboration with all the guys seems cool, I can't wait. Sligh you gotta give us some insight on what the ladies are doin too :) Come on man, just a little bit

HstryQT said...

I use "literally" a lot too - and I think I use it incorrectly more often than not. I'm like Anne of Green Gables, using lots of big words, but in the wrong way. It was cute when I was a teenager, but now that I'm 23 and am working on a masters degree - I kind of don't have an excuse anymore :).

Have a fantastic weekend! I'm about to hop on the back of my hubby's motorcycle - woo hoo! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Cakers, Chris will never be able to enjoy a piece of cake again.

kerry(philnatic) said...

Yea.. this is one of the first places i go in the morning.. first it is myspace to see if Phil Stacey left me a comment LOL then it is here... gosh you are a really good writer!!

Carrie said...

.... lmao

I actually want cake today. But of the birthday variant. None of that... mancake stuff.

gdahimself said...

My dear Mr. Sligh and ALL

we all have our set of frequently used words or personal ciches. Off the top of my head I seem to be making over of the word incidentally.

THERE is a point when kidding becomes abusive to the person on receiving, even if you don't mean it to be. We have reached the end point on this. It is time to stop particularly if want to remain part of the core group. Remember were supposed to be the good guys.

To Roselee,

Not meant to be a criticism.
I thought I was setting the record straight so Chris would have to take my bullet.

By the way, what do you think of the first attempt at a Slighku?

To Bmorebamma,

I thought we agreed to leave this thing alone. The better thing would have been to let it go by without comment.

Twinkle said...

The world is a better place today. Sligh is back to Peace & Love.

ChrisSligh said...


Just for eveyone else's sake, let's refrain from the whole core group guys know if you're in the core group (even if you're a new poster)...I think talking about it only makes us look like an exclusive group, and that wasn't my plan when I mentioned it the first time. I don't want for guests and visitors to feel as though they can't post because they aren't part of the "core group". This blog is for everyone to point is that there are not a lot of people who have earned my trust that I will care about their criticism.

Marleybone, I didn't publish your comment, but you've been here for a long time. You're welcome to post and take part in discussions...I'm sorry if it came off as exclusivity...I don't think anyone meant it as such.

Peace and love,

Girlygirl45 said...

Chris, I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air your blog was last week, on a day when fans of a certain other someone were having a bit of a meltdown over a post from certain someone's said relative. I imagine you "get that," but I'll get a chuckle if you have to play a guessing game of your OWN, heehee.
I do have a guess on the fellow at the piano, and I'm going to guard it jealously, because if I'm wrong, I don't want to lose the image. Anyway, I enjoy picturing you having spontaneous collaborations with each other; what a great time this is in your lives.

And what a thrill to be able to have your pie and eat it too! (growing up, we always had birthday pie instead of cake--go pie!) Savor the moment, heh heh.

It doesn't surprise me that your rehearsals are going so well--you're such an outstanding group of musicians and people. Anonymous 9:23 raised a very good question about whether playing in a contestant's home town means any tweaking of the show (my guess is that it doesn't, but I think I'd be happier either way it's handled).

Risalea, you're priceless: "I am now signing our friend, Chris, up for a 12 step program entitled, "How Not to Comment on Comments About Comments that You Didn't Even Make" I love that!!

GDA and Sandmoran, wonderful Slighkus, as usual.

Xangelglitter--nicely done! not sure I pass; I may have a little work to do on an item or two ;-)

radkca said...

Personally - I think the big offer is for a VJ Or DJ gig. How cool would it be to host your own show - discovering new artists and sharing them with everyone!
Oh and Chris - I wanted to add a prayer for the firefighters and hope maybe after the tour you could do a charity show for the families?
On a different note - anyone here going to the Sedalia show? Let me know and maybe we can get a group together to hang out and scream 'CHRIIIIISSS' outside the hotel!
Love ya'

amandarhea86 said...

hstryqt, haha i do that to, i use big words, that i dont know the meaning to just to make myself look smart....but i just do it around my family caus ethey dont know what they mean either.

Hey guys i know im new here and all, but lets try to go a day without mentioning the term Cake on Chris Slighs blog. Hope yall dont take that as rude, i dont want to make people mad. cause i like yall alot, alot better then the little fan girls i have to deal with.

Love Amanda(counting down the days till idols in Nashville)

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

It appears we need a new topic to work on.

Now the self serving request.
Take another look at my 10:49 AM, gdahimself posting to see if it can advance the discourse. Of course ignore the last bit.

Be of good cheer!

SoCalJulie said...

Wait...have you been offered a spot on The Bold and the Beautiful alongside former AI constestant Constantine Mouralis? You'll have to practice your pandering to the TV cameras if that is the case.

Seriously, I am glad to hear that you will be able to record/write music at the same time as your mysterious wonderful opportunity.

Oh...and I finally figured out how to stop being anonymous...yeah.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! :)

Twinkle, I heard that Kay was sick but I'm not sure if she still is.

Chris, will you get to go home with the day off between Jacksonville & the Greenville show? I know yoy miss your doggies.

Marleybone said...


girlygirl45 said...

radkca and socaljulie, love your guesses on the offer!

Amanda, very good challenge to us all about going a day without mentioning ... (I accept!)

bmorebamma said...

to rosalea lol it's common to be common . but iam a common poster here lol. to gda geez lighten up for crying out loud . right now iam too tired to argue with anyone,cus i just came from job # 2 . and to mr. sligh about the core group debate . thanks for settin the record stright. :)

gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosalee said...

Bmore -
I'm glad you see the humor in it.
I also see that you morphed me and Risalea into one
That's ok - we think alike anyway.


rosalee said...


About the Sligh-ku
You must count the syllables
On each of the lines

I liked the sentiment, but these are the standard Sligh-ku rules that we use:

Line 1 - 5 syllables
Line 2 - 7 syllables
Line 3 - 5 syllables

BTW, you didn't answer my question from my last post under Rehearsals II:
Are you a member of the fansite? (Chris-Sligh.Info) If not, join up!

Wouldn't it be neat if Mark Volman and Chris did a "father/son" act together, with Chris singing a Turtles medley and Mark singing an HPF medley?


bmorebamma said...

oops rosalee iam so sorry for the gda huh , i don't get your question. maybe this one is way over my head

gdahimself said...


It was an attempt to lighten up that isn't yet fully realized.
The idea was to have you take the pleasant experience that you have accumulated from the blog and let you mind review them and play with them.
It is a misfire that is going back to R & D.
hope liked the walk to island before it broke down.