Friday, June 01, 2007

Last Night & Tonight

Last night, Sarah and I got to attend something called the Well Done Awards. Our friends Denny & Lisa Bellessi, who run an incredible organization called the Kingdom Assignment, held an awards show for people who are doing great things for the Kingdom of God.

Bebe Winans and Katherine McPhee performed. Holy crap, they were great. I'd never heard Katherine sing live, and honestly it was one of the best live voices I've heard in a long time. I give that girl credit...she deserved to win 2nd place last year. And she is honestly one of the nicest people you'll meet. Very down to earth and open about things she's going through. Her boyfriend Nick is really great, also. And Bebe Winans was incredible. Wow...he's a gospel legend for a reason.

The awards show included a performance by a dance troupe called the Groovaloos. Their dance routine included a story of one of the dancers being shot and how he recovered to be able to dance again. It was very, very moving. Obviously, being a big boy, I've not done a lot of dance, but working with our choreographer at AI gave me a greater appreciation for dancers, and these guys were incredible. They mixed Hip-hop and freestyle with was really really incredible.

Afterwards, we met a couple of members of the Christian band Kutless. We went to eat with them as well as my friend Josh Griffin who is the youth pastor of Saddleback church. We had a great meal at TGIF. The service wasn't great, but I chalked it up to the fact they had given us 2 wait-people and they apparently always thought the other was taking care of us. No biggie.

We headed home and got some sleep.

Today, Sarah and I spent some time at Fashion Island. That was really fun. We headed back home and got some rest, then went to dinner at Gina's in Laguna Beach, a great Italian restaurant. I got pizza and Sarah got manicotti. Then we headed back to the beach house.

Denny and Leesa had a meet and greet for Sarah and I with people who were at the Well Done Awards. A bunch of people came over and we just hung around and talked. It was great to meet a bunch of interesting people.

We had a great time.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we leave for our beachy place. I'm looking forward to rest and relaxation. It's going to be a great respite before the tour. I'm looking forward to the tour, but 59 shows in like 85 days is going to be tiring. This is going to be nice.

Peace and love

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