Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rehearsals have started

I flew Tuesday to L.A. to start rehearsals for the tour.

La-La land is as beautiful as ever...I really love L.A....not sure I'd ever want to live here simply beacause I hate traffic and it takes so freaking long to get anywhere. The hotel we're staying at is nice, and for the first time, we each get our individual rooms, or suites in this case. We've all had fun hanging out and being back together. It really is cool to see how well everyone on the tour gets along with one another. We just really enjoy being's rare you get 10 singers who are as talented as this group is and not have egos raging...but even the people who made it the furthest are just as normal as when we started all this 9 months ago.

I gave a couple of teasers before, but let me give you more to whet your appetite. Then you can discuss what you think the teasers mean.

The show opener is something that has never been done on the idol tour. I can't give details quite yet, but I'll put it this way, we are getting it started in a really hip, cool way...literally nothing like it has ever been done on the tour.

The guys are doing a group number doing another thing that has never been done on tour before.

So, discuss those two.

The way the tour works this year is a little different than past years. More on that later, but the solo sets are being done in a different way than before. I think it'll be much hipper the way we're doing it this year. There's also not a lot of group numbers, which I've heard there were several of in past years.

Rehearsals are going well. Everyone is pumped up and excited because forr the next three months 4-5 nights a week, we get to be with the fans.

It's going to be great.


Ji said...

whats your #1 music love?

Singing or playing the electric

Carmen said...

I am so glad things are going well with rehearsals. I can't wait until the tour. I will be one of the lucky ones to see it the first night it opens. I will be there with my official Fro Patro shirt.

You mention how well everyone gets along. That really came through when all of you did the interview on Larry King. Ya'll all seem like good friends and that is really going to help make the show a huge success.

Take care of yourself.



ChrisSligh said...


I would say that my first love is singing...I mean I can't imagine being just the guitar player in a band and not singing. But I have to admit that in my mind, the two go hand in hand...I want to play while I's just more natural that way for me.


georgia girl said...

Of course the tour will be hipper this year. Blake is there.

Amanda Jones said...

OH man, i cant wait for the guys song..those are always the best...Blake said something about all yall playing instruments...thats going to be great. I get to see yall twice once in nashville and the other front row in Memphis....cant wait to see it good luck with rehersal.
God Bless,

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Now I can go to the San Diego show since I just found out that Kelly Clarkson cancelled her tour. So as bummed as I am about that, I am happy that I get to go to your tour.

Badpacifist said...

August 18 seems so long away. Maybe i will be able to get fro wigs and glasses for my family by then!

ron said...

yeah, Blake says the guys would play instruments like a band. There seems to be many duets this year, according to Melinda and Blake.

Caro said...

Will you (and the other performers) be allowed to sing any of your original songs on the tour this summer? I heard that you co-wrote some songs together.

risalea said...

Chris said:
"The show opener is something that has never been done on the idol tour. I can't give details quite yet, but I'll put it this way, we are getting it started in a really hip, cool way...literally nothing like it has ever been done on the tour.

The guys are doing a group number doing another thing that has never been done on tour before."

HMMMMMMM....Well, I'm going to guess the opening has something like fireworks or lowering y'all down from the ceiling.
And I'm going to guess the guy number has y'all playing instruments.

Am I right? Guess I'll have to wait a month to see.

I can see that you are more comfortable with your guitar, and I bet that was different not having it when you were on AI. I hope we get a chance to hear you play as well as sing.

LA/Hollywood is pretty cool. My brother lives in Temecula, CA, so when I was visiting a few years ago, we made the trip into "town" so I could see the sites. Of course, I embarassed him to death when we saw a crowd of reporters/papparazzi surrounding someone on a sidewalk and I yelled out the car window, "Hey, are you famous?" (I couldn't resist.)

Have a great time! Risa R.

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see the tour. Especially Sanjaya !!! You guuys will be awesome!

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

The tour sounds really cool. Can't wait. So you love LA? The traffic is horrid!! I live south of LA about an hour or so away. The traffic isn't any better down here.
But all in all, LA is a pretty cool place to live. A lot to do. Have you gotten to see any of the sights? The beach is nice but pretty crowded. You picked a perfect week to be here..the weather is awesome. Any chance you & some of the other idols might come to the Yahoo taping of Kelly Clarkson on Monday? (hopefully it won't get cancelled) The offer is still good for me to buy dinner...

Nicole said...

This is making me excited to see the tour and I probably won't be going and this is my favorite top 10. NOT COOL.

Jacquie said...

"The hotel we're staying at is nice, and for the first time, we each get our individual rooms, or suites in this case"

... does this mean Cake won't be sharing a room? :'(

Nique's Nana said...

This one is for Cathy Storms. Have you bought your tickets to the San Diego show yet? I had a pair of tickets for re-sale on Ticketmaster because after buying them, I found better seats and purchased a second pair. The first pair sold yesterday. When I saw that Kelly Clarkson cancelled her summer tour, I wondered if you were the one that bought my tickets. Of the ones that were selling, mine were the best as far as seating area and cost.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I assume you will be playing the guitar, that will be cool. I heard Blake sing on the View today, he has a great voice, I hope on tour he does both straight up singing and beatboxing while using his loop pedal, because that will make the tour really awesome. Hope your have fun on the tour and continue to blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sligh, please, please, PLEASE give us some Cake news!! Anything!

bmorebamma said...

looks like everyone is enjoying themselves , and the hard work is just begining, yea my friend lives out there , he wants me to visit, it's been awhile. but my parttime job is the reason i can't go right now:(

HstryQT said...

I've heard some rumors that what is "different" is that it's a rotating stage - Les Miserables style. That'd definitely be different, but I doubt that there's any basis for that rumor.

It actually makes me sad that there won't be as many group performances - I hope that doesn't mean that you won't be performing as much. Will everyone get equal performing time this year? (Except for the exception of Blake and Jordin, I'm sure). Can you tell us that? We don't want you just in one or two songs because you're 10th - you deserve MORE stage time because you got robbed during the season. tee hee :).

Have fun hanging out with the crew!!


Brenda said...

I've never been to an AI concert before, so I'm getting really exciting about going this year! I don't think one has come so close to me before, either. I think I have you, Chris, to thank for that! ;-)

GirlyGirl45 said...

Never been done before--
Let's see--Bill Vendall is incorporating you into his latest art installation?? WE ...ARE ... ART. I mean I know Sanjaya was kidding, but Bill seemed quite serious about his work, and I'm guessing he's around somewhere.

Gosh, Chris. You've got me totally stumped, mainly because this will be my first Idol concert ever so your hints about what is different aren't very helpful. So maybe you could give us another hint--pleeeease?? I will send this to my sis-in-law and niece, who are tour veterans. Maybe they'll have some ideas, although I bet Risalea is not far off--suspended from the ceiling, lol. How about parachuting down or maybe working the crowd (hey you did that in one of your Idol numbers, right? it was just a warmup).

SO how goes the choreography, Chris?? are you having fun?

Carmen is a lucky girl indeed--we expect "spoiler reports," Carmen!!

bmorebamma said...

btw one of your crazy fans (in a good way is waiting in bmore). i tell my co workers that iam always one stright jacket away from shepard pratt( local mental hosp here );)

sandmoran said...

Playing instruments
that's been done on tour before
so...another guess.

And my guess would be
an acappella number
to open the show.

Sarah said...

Chris Says:
"The show opener is something that has never been done on the idol tour. I can't give details quite yet, but I'll put it this way, we are getting it started in a really hip, cool way...literally nothing like it has ever been done on the tour."

I Say:
They are learning a dance routine from Wade Robson

Chris Says:
"The guys are doing a group number doing another thing that has never been done on tour before."

I Say:
All The Guys will be playing instruments.

Yupp. :0)
Am I Right Chris?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
I love your blogs. Sounds like you guys are having fun being back together. All these clues about the tour are making me so excited!! Hopefully I will be seeing you in Chicago. Can't wait! :) Have a blast, you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

I second what Jacquie said. Chris and Blake won't be sharing a room???

Sarah said...

I've heard Blake talking about all the guys playing instruments this year, I think that is amazing! Im pretty much excited..

Anways..I have a question, not sure if you're able to answer or not.. but.. do you know if Blake and Jordin will be doing a duet? I'd love that, they sound great together.

Anonymous said...

first thanks chris for having your blog it provides great insight . you make your fans feel more like friends that means alot. looking forward to your tour. glad there will be some changes .one can tell you guys are close and like family. looking forward to the duets i would love to see you and gina duet!also melinda and chris R rock/soul God bless you all! thanks again ! janice

kooshes said...

I echo the question about whether you all will get to sing any of your original songs. I'd love to hear some of the tunes Chris* R. has penned, and I do love your music, too!

I also echo the question as to whether you fellas will be playing instruments. How cool would THAT be? Y'all are so multi-talented!

My two oldest sons (aged 24 & 26)moved to Hollywood about 1 1/2 months ago & they love it there, too. They live right off of Hollywood Blvd. close to the Kodak. They don't have cars yet, so they just hoof it or take the bus or subway. But, they're still lovin' it.

Thanks again for staying in touch, Chris! My best to your lovely wife!


Melissa said...

I'm not going to be able to see you guys on tour, so I'll have to live vicariously through all the other fans.

It sounds like it's going to be a great show.

God Bless,

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

This is for nique's nana. No I didn't buy your tickets. I wish I would of known about that feature, but I am such a nerd when it comes to computer stuff. But I am going to the concert. I actually got my tickets today. Where are you sitting? I'm bringing my 2 grandaughters. I am so excited!!!!Chris, thanks for letting us talk to each other on your blog. You rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could see the tour. I'm majorly bummed that y'all aren't coming to Dallas/Fort Worth. I can't understand why not - 9th largest city in the US, home of Kelly Clarkson... and yet no tour stop. (I guess 19E has something against the Metroplex - they didn't bring the SYTYCD tour here either.)

Sadly, I just can't afford to travel to San Antonio or Little Rock. :(


Akari said...

Hey Chris Sligh!
Oh... You are so whetting my appetite with the teasers, and I am not even able to go to the tour since I don't live in the States. It would be nice if you guys can have an Asian Tour, like the guys from Season 3. :)
Good luck, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Cannot WAIT to see the tour Chris!!!! I can't wait to meet you either! Thanks for all the updates! You are awesome!

I saw you walk by at GMA week in Nashville and was like AHHH CHRIS SLIGH but you ran away before I could catch you. I think I was a little shocked to see you. ;)

See ya in a month and then again in 2 months!

HstryQT said...

Did you not post my comment because I was right? :)

Or did you just not get it?

Oh well..

Tell whoever's in the room with you "hi" for me. (Phil? Blake? The cleaning lady?) If it's just you, tell yourself "hi" for me :D.


Carrie said...

Aahh Chris, you little devil! You are such a tease! haha now I'm going to spend my day wondering what your hints mean!

~The guys group number is all of you guys playing instruments, right? I heard Blake say that in an interview, but I wondered how many different instruments you guys collectively play.... or are we looking at 5 guitarists? (haha yeah right!)

~I am absolutely stumped as to what the show opener might be! Just stumped!.... Something that's never been done before.. hmm... NO IDEA!

~ I am curious as to what you mean by "the solo sets are being done in a different way"... They usually just have each contestant come out and sing 2-3 songs and then leave the stage and not come out until the group numbers at the end. Are the seperating their songs and sprinkling then throughout the show instead of doing it in a set lump?

~ Are there any group numbers at all? I am sad to read that there will be less group numbers, as I always liked those! :P

~And lastly (and perhaps the most important comment!!), a handful of fans show up to the concert venues several hours before showtime and even before the busses arrive in hopes that their favorite Idols might come out and sign some autographs. I hope you and the other Idols conider doing this, as it really makes the fans fall even deeper in love with an artist (I can not begin to tell you how many fans Ace Young won on the tour last year after meeting the fans that got there hours early).


Nique's Nana said...

To Cathy Storms - My son (he's 41) will be coming to the concert with me. We'll be in Sec. L3, Row 4, Seats 1 & 2. Maybe we'll run into each other. I'm ordering my 'Fro Patro' shirt today, and Chris, yes, thanks for letting Cathy and I talk to each other on your blog. As July 19 gets closer, I get more and more excited. Also, can't wait to hear from the others that get to attend the first concert.

Chris, will we be able to meet with you and get pictures?

Heather said...

aaah! can't wait Sligh! Sounds like fun. So hrmm opener won't just be like one person then I hope...? I always enjoyed the idol tours, but I mean everyone loves actual American Idol and the top 2 or 3 performers the most and you have to wait like 2.5 hours to even see them!

and different solo sets? so assuming no duet in between? LOL not that you can answer. But i'm looking forward to finding out.

dude cheesy group #'s are sooo FTW! lol Season 2 had like 10, it was uh.. interesting!

love reading your blog!

IknowIam said...

Man!! I feel like crap. I'm poor so I won't be able to make it to any concert. Whether it be an Idol concert or HPF... :(

This sucks! Everyone and their grandmothers are going to see you and I'll be at home with my thumb up my butt, doing absolutely nothing!

Do they y'know...sell the shows on DVD or something after the tour?

Again...being poor sucks. Especially when you're trying to pay for college.

Anonymous said...

Chris...wish I could be at one of your tours, but your writing is so vivid that I feel that I will be on stage with you. Will you be able to show pictures while on tour?

kimba said...

I am very sure the subject of your blog has come up among your fellow AI finalists.
I am curious, what do they think of it, and have they considered starting their own?
Have you considered adding digital pics to your blog?
Also...while in town, you have to get down to the Crystal Cathedral, it will absolutely blow your mind!! I know Rev. Schuller would love to have you come and witness before his congregation.

SRD said...

Can't wait for the tour, Chris. I got a quick question for you, though. What advice can you give to anybody who is planning to audition for next season of AI this summer?

rosalee said...

I've never been to an Idols show before but I'll take a guess or two or three...

Show Opening:
It'''s Kelly Clarkson! And she's the warm-up act. No wonder she cancelled her tour - Idol 2007 had to come first!
Nah - that can't be it.

Um, let's try again. Paul McCartney introduces the Idols, singing a short duet with each one.
Nah - that can't be it either. He's too busy.

Let's try again. The Idols fan out into the arena, tossing American Idol Season 6 Greatest Hits CDS into the audience. Everybody gets a copy.
Nah - just wishful thinking

OK, one more time -
The Idols form a human pyramid while singing "It's a Small World".
Nah - No one wants to see that!

Well, I give up on that one.

As far as the male group number, I'll hazard another far-out guess:

They will play instruments, but it will be a percussion ensemble led by Blake:
Blake = voice (no instrument needed)
Chris R - tambourine (there are no nasally percussion instruments)
Sanjaya - Hawaiian hula drum
Phil - military bass drum
Chris S - bongos (in boxers, of course)

I guess I really have no idea. We'll have to wait for Carmen's report to find out....

ron said...

Wade Robson is Choreographing the Tour. that's great news. could you tell us more about what kind of moves you guys will have?

Trevor said...

My guess for something unique is that they are going to allow you to play one of your own songs. Hows that for a guess? :)

rosalee said...

I'm going to take one more guess.
Kay's been MIA all week. Maybe she's in LA....Maybe she's rehearsing to be the MC of the show! That's it! Kay's a star!

Kay, you're going to have to come out of hiding and refute this, or this rumor will take on a life of it's own.

And answer my email! (lol)


Anonymous said...

Well I do know that "Melinder" has said on several radio interviews that she will be doing duets with Jordin, Blake, Kiki, and Sanjaya...Also, Blake said all of the guys will be doing a set playing their instruments...So what can you add to this Chris, everyone else is talking, why can't you?


Anonymous said...

Chris, even if you could post it, please don't post any spoilers about the opening number. Some of us who will be at the very first show really want that element of surprise. Part of what makes it worth traveling and paying that money for. Thanks, man.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I have a really dumb question..Does a group of people travel with you guys to do your laundry & keep the bus clean or do you have to do that yourself? Also, since the tour starts in Florida & your in LA, do they fly you to Florida or do you have to ride in the bus all the way across country? I know really dumb quetions but I was just wondering.

ChrisSligh said...

I will check to see if we can talk about those kind of spoilers, but if I can, I won't post big ones like what the opening number is, but I can talk about who I'm singing with and playing with.

Cathy, your questions are actually pretty good ones. We have people who do our laundry for us and they keep the bus clean. I know that there are like 7 buses on this tour, so that's interesting. Anyway, we will be flying to Florida, not driving. In fact, on tour, if the drive is more than 6 hours, we fly, so that is kind of nice.

Anyway, hope all is well,

gdahimself said...

Unsolicited observation

With the speculation on the romantic lives of some of the contentants you would think that their ability to sing and perform was incidential not the reason that they are known in the first place.

I guess inquiring minds gotcha know.

How throughly adolescent!


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Chris, thanks for answering my ?. This is the first tour I have been to or have even really been interested in. I'm glad they fly you if its more than 6 hours. If they didn't that could make a really long tour. Thanks for making me feel like I am actually a part of this tour. It's really been fun. And since Kelly cancelled her tour I am so excited that I get to see you in San Diego. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Blake has said that he will be flying out on his off days to work on his album if time permits. Will all of you that are working on albums do that during your off days...which kinda means you don't actually get off days..bummer.

ps - also I know Phil plays keys, you play guitar, rich plays drums and blake plays his pedals...what will Sanjaya be playing in the group?

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

You say you can talk about who you get to sing with & play with..Are you going to tell us or do we have to wait & be surprised? This is going to be such an awesome concert. I am getting really pumped..

GirlyGirl45 said...

More tour hints, Chris, pleeeease!
"I'd have no problem if they were dating, but Chris and Blake are two of the most women-loving men I've ever met." lollol

Rosalee, I like a girl with a vivid imagination--you've got some very good guesses in there. I think Steve-O-Kay is the stage manager and Bill Vendall is the emcee. Or he'll be traveling with the Top10 so he can come out with his documentary--"AI6: On Fiya, Put Me Out"

Anonymous said...

I haven't gone to the AI tour since season one, so I don't have any guesses as to how this one will be different. All I know is that I can't wait to see you, Blake, Phil, Gina & Jordin in 3 weeks!

Love & Hugs,

GirlyGirl45 said...

Chris, I'm not sure if your 7:20 response was to something not posted here or to my comment at 6:36. by quoting you, I was just trying to say that your comment amused me. I just got a chuckle out of it, because I like your sense of humor. I'm really sorry I didn't provide better context to convey that. oh dear.

ChrisSligh said...

I broke my own rule. No names of other contestants, even if the questions are asked.

Sorry. I'll try to do better.


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Don't be sorry. It's your blog,you can talk about whatever you want..Now, more teasers please!!!
I want to hear it all. Have you seen the bus..of course not, they are probably already in Florida. Who cooks for you on the road. I hope its not all resturant food. A barbeque once in awhile would be good. I'm so excited, the way you describe it makes me feel like I get to go with you all..

GirlyGirl45 said...

Oh dear. I feel awful. Mistake 1 was not adding another hard return after my first sentence to indicate two separate thoughts--the request for more tour hints was in relation to your blog and my first post asking for hints because you had me stumped.

The second sentence--your quote--was funny to me (thus the lollol) because I thought it was a good Sligh response, both the first part ("I'd have no problem") because of the nod to "not that there's anything wrong with it" joke/not a joke and the second ("the most women-loving men") because that has been my impression as well, from what little has been in the media, and I have to say I did not follow them in the media much. Although Chris and Blake were not my favorite singers, I admire the friendship that they have--it seems very positive, rooted in their experiences on the show and their mutual dedication to music.

But the two sentences jammed together can be badly misconstrued to mean that I was looking for more hints ABOUT Blake and Chris. Ugh. I see that now. Trust me when I say they hold little interest for me--previous posts probably make that clear. Also, my personal views are strongly liberal and nonreligious, to the point where I felt uncomfortable when I first came to your site

Online communication, especially humor, often is imperfect, and I should have made the effort to be clearer about what I was reacting to and what I meant with my own comments. I realize you don't want to comment further about this on this thread, but I wanted to try to clear the air on my end. If you don't want to publish this, I respect your decision, but I'd appreciate if you'd give some indication that you read this, as in "GirlyGirl, we're cool" or "got it--sort of" or whatever. (or Steve-O-Kay may still have my e-mail; .org works, the other has changed, though) I'm so sorry, Chris; you're a good guy, and I'd hate to think I've upset you. Peace?

ChrisSligh said...


There was no problem with your post. There were some Cake fans who posted that I mistakenly answered. You were no problem.

Peace and love,

GirlyGirl45 said...

Whew! thanks so much for responding. That means a lot to me--I'm glad we cleared that up. G'night.

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

Save the sorry, we don't need it and I don’t think the contestants named need it either.
You broke your own rule and you are being needlessly hard on yourself for a transgression that is exceedingly minor.
As long as you continue to post these things are going to happen occasionally even with the most exacting proofreading.
It might help if you wait a couple of hours and reread your responses with a fresh perspective to determine if changes are needed before posting.

bmorebamma said...

hey roselee maybe kay is still not feeling well ,she was having a having a ear prob i hope that has cleared up though.

Girlygirl45 said...

To Duck, Anonymous 5:39--I think Sanjaya plays guitar, so that would be my guess.

DJ said...


Not sure if you will see this, but I think I know why Chris is having to be so ridiculously exacting with his blogs. There is a group of psychotic "I don't have a life, so I think I'll stalk and trash talk someone I saw on AI", posters on another forum who are literally obsessed with every word he posts here. I'm not kidding, they disect every word, phrase and sentence he writes and twists it until it becomes unrecognizable. They have spent the last few weeks, and I mean every single day, dogging him. You can't believe the tone of their posts. They almost always resort to appearance attacks or cursing him. Based on the obsessive amount of time they spend on the site one would assume that they have no life to speak of. They liken themselves to "Mean Girls" but I will guess they are more likely to have been the victims of Mean Girls. You can only speculate what kind of people in real life these posters have to be to spread the kind of toxic waste they are spreading on this forum.

Chris has said that he will not post hater garbage here, and so far he's resisted. Having said that, I can't help but think it causes him to be very relunctant to share anything with us. I hope he continues to ignore them, because it has to be said, his fans don't buy into this toxic garbage and we definitely aren't interested in reading it.

Anonymous said...

Chris, have you seen this?

"For some time now the guys have been playing coy with the media and their fans in hopes of more publicity...Even getting some of their AI cast members to play along. So my 'inside' source was part of the plot. (A fellow AI member.)"

The people at TWoP and IDF are saying that YOU are this "inside souce - a fellow AI member".

I just don't understand why you keep doing this, Chris. First Ricky Hoggard, then that stuff about Sanjaya's mother, and now Jonathan Jaxson?

I wish you would mind your own business. Stop meddling with CAKE and Sanjaya. You are an interesting person in your own right, Chris. There's no need to do this.

rosalee said...

GG45 - The problem with my wacky "guess" about Paul McCartney was that I didn't take into account the price of the tickets. For the Idol tour, for those prices, all you could probably get is Ringo or maybe this joker:

ChrisSligh said...


Before today, I had never ever heard of JJ. I had to google his name this morning along with Chris and Blake's name to even find him.

Secondly, Rickey Hoggard never claimed I was his fact, he denied multiple times that I was his source. Simple reading skills would allow you to figure that out.

Thirdly, the person who gave tmz the picture of Momjaya was someone actually at the party. I was never at the party. I know the person's name, but for their sake, I will refrain. Momjaya and Brandon have dealt with it as they see fit.

Thanks for your concern, but it is, sadly, misguided.

Peace and love,

Carrie said...

I saw the fray in concert yesterday and thought of you. :(

bmorebamma said...

hey dj i totally agree with you. that's why i get so po'ed when some of the stuck on stupids come in here . and try to make trouble , so mr . sligh is NOT able to post HIS opinions in his OWN blog FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. geez give me a break.

Michelle said...

wow. people are really going WAY overboard with this "cake" thing. How about we just leave them to their own devices. It isn't really our business how they decide to live their lives in private.

This is YOUR blog Chris, not the home of the cake-fandom. So I think you should ignore all that and never speak of it again.

How have rehersals been going? have the first 2 webisodes up. Looks like it's going to be a great tour and I can't wait to see what it takes to put on a tour!

Best of luck to you and yours and see you on the road!

Angel said...

Hey, Chris. I know this is an odd question, but I'm the type of person who gest curious about random things. Lol.

Did you gys request seperate rooms, or did they just give them to you?

Thanks for giving us the updates. :)

God Bless!