Monday, June 04, 2007

Going through my iPod

I'm on vacation, getting a tan quickly (well, a burn, too), and one of the projects I have while I am here is to go through my 30 gig iPod and get rid of any music that I don't really care about. I just have not had time to do it lately because of being so busy, and this is a long job: I've been working for 3 days now and I'm only down to the G's. But it's been fun.

I started off by going through and deleting songs that for some reason I have doubles of. There are certain artists who I have their entire catalog on my iPod, so many times Greatest Hits collections will have songs that I have from the real albums. So, unless the greatest hits collection includes a new version or a new mix of the song, I have been deleting the greatest hits version. For instance, I have U2 and the Beatles full I simply deleted songs that were the exact same versions.

After that, I basically have been going through every single song and making sure I love the song and will listen to it at some point. Now, some stuff I'm keeping isn't necessarily stuff that I really like, but stuff that I want to have as a reference. Since I plan on moving into more songwriting for other people and producing other people there is stuff that I will produce and write that wouln't necessarily be something that I would perform myself. For instance, I'm writing songs for a friend who is a country artist right now. I would never sing country, it's not really my thing, but there are so many great country songs, so I have country stuff on my iPod to learn more about the genre and how to write songs for that genre. I have some pop stuff on the off-chance that I would someday write for and produce a pop act. But if it's stuff I could care less about, I just delete it from my iPod.

I have a 30 gig iPod and as of yesterday it was completely full. I have about 10 CDs that I bought recently that I plan on loading on, but I was out of room. So, the carnage had to happen to make room for new music coming in. I may have to move up to an 80 gig iPod, but for now I'll make do.

Oh, one thing that is making it easy to get rid of some stuff is the fact that I have on my iPod ever single song ever performed on American Idol. When I first made it to Hollywood, I went to and found what every single semi-finalist and finalist had performed on the show and put the original version of the song on my iPod. Obviously, a lot of that crap is stuff I would never have on my iPod, so that's kind of's like 600 songs...obviously not all of those will go, but a good majority of them.

So, that's what I'm up to on my vacation.

Well, there's a lot more than that, but the rest of it is really none of your business.

I'm smiling right now.

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