Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Dan Band, Part Deux

Last night a group of us went to see the Dan Band at the Avalon. There were six of us, plus one of the back ground singers from the show, who is also joining us on tour as a background vocalist. This is my second time seeing the band, and for the second time they were incredible.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Dan Band is a comedy band based out of L.A. There is a full band (drums, bass, guitar, keys) then the lead singer and 2 background singers/dancers. Dan is a normal looking guy who wears a mechanic's outfit, while his two background guys wear nerdy glasses, suits and ties. The band then performs all female covers, adding in dancemoves, hand motions and added lyrics. All for the funny.

The genius of the band is that the band proper is incredibly tight, the background vocalists are incredible and Dan, the lead singer has an incredible voice. And the 3 singers are actual really great dancers with inventive, funny choreography. It really is one of those things you have to experience at least once.

Anyway, it was a great night for all. One of the other contestants and I were very tired, so we went back to the hotel while the rest of the group went to a club for a few hours. I was a little miffed because my friends got to hang out with Paula and they met David Hasselhoff (gosh, I still want to make him cry). But, then I remembered that to sing you must have sleep and yesterday all day at rehearsals, I had a terrible headache, so the extra sleep was well-worth my while.

So, things are going great. Thanks for asking.


Carrie said...

Yay, I was wondering how you were going to blog, if at all, while in rehearsals without mentioning names and giving away too much of the tour.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

You are having so much fun. I'm still wondering if you might be going to the Nissan Live Set for Yahoo with Kelly Clarkson & her band?

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

There was recently a photograph of a not particularly cheerful David Hasselhoff. It showed him seated with guy with a rather ample mid-section which was about level with David's head, the tee sheet was screened with "the Man, The Myth" below a portrait of David and below that "Hoff"

The point was you were to write your own caption.

Incidently my understanding is that David Hasselhoff released recordings with reasonably good chart action in Europe.
I wonder if he has ever made any one cry?

Below the URL for his recordings available through Amazon.

It seems "I want to make David Hasselhoff cry" is the singularly most famous thing you ever said.

HstryQT said...

Chris and the Hoff, so close, yet so far away.

When will "America's Got Talent" be in LA (or are they already?) You should go to one of the shows, just to give him a high five. Oh, and the band Jonny Come Lately, on America's Got Talent, is incredible! You should check 'em out on myspace. They're only 15!

Til Later :)


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I just went & checked out the Dan Band. Your so right..They are great. It looks like they are going to be back in Hollywood on the 29th. Maybe I'll drive up & check them out in person.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Isn't the weather in LA awesome right now? You picked one of the best times to be here. Unfortunatly the fires start around this time. My husband is working on one right now down here in San Diego County. So hope you brought allergy pills. The air gets really yukky when there is fires around. Make sure you guys protect those beautiful voices.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Sounds like fun, Chris, and you're wise to pace yourself. Your description of the Dan Band made me remember a group from my college days--Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band. He was an outrageous slob of a guy and was usually in various altered states, but his songs were brilliant, and he also had a very tight band and super backup singers (the Rootettes).

Can you say which backup singer is going to be on tour with you? I saw a couple of them on that Idol show on TV Guide channel.

risalea said...

Googled the Dan Band...I can see why you enjoyed their show. I wonder if they ever venture across the country?....I'll have to be on the lookout for them.

Good for you for doing the smart thing instead of the fun thing. (though it's hard to have fun with a headache). I hate you missed Mr. Hasselhoff. Somehow, I have the feeling he's going to make one of your shows this summer.

OK, heading off to bed....going to early church tomorrow to beat the Father's Day lunch crowd. Will you get to talk to your dad? I bet that's difficult at times, living so far from your parents. My dad passed away in '84, and holidays are the hardest.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday. Hope you get some time to rest and enjoy the Lord's Day. Risa R.

bmorebamma said...

hey i hope all the dads here present and future have a very special dads day;)

rosalee said...

Dogs can Sligh-ku too
And here's their message to you:
Woof Woof Woof Woof Sligh...

Happy Father's Day
From Little Guy and Tucker
To their daddy, Chris

Brenda said...

ugh. I checked out the Dan Band on YouTube. You might have mentioned the language! I was busy laughing and enjoying the videos that had little bleeps in them, wasn't sure what the problem was, but then I got to an uncensored video, and every other word seemed to be the 'f' word. My enjoyment plummetted to the floor... I just don't find vulgarity funny... a word of warning to anyone else who wants to check out the band. It will appeal to some, but not to others.

DJ in AL said...


What a great photo op that would have been, you and David H., oh well I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

Just checking in to say Hi and hope you are taking care of yourself and having a good time. Even though it sounds like your contract is in the works, you never know who is going to be in the audience, so you are wise to rest your pipes.

Keep doing what you do!

Marleybone said...

Sounds like you have your priorities in order, which is not an easy thing to do, when so many new experiences are being thrown your way. Your comment about David Hasselhoff prompted me to go back and look at your AI audition. It truly was wonderful and I am not ashamed to say, gives me goosebumps! For me, because it signifies the beginning of this wonderful journey you are taking (with your fans going along joyfully for the ride). So while you are always thanking us, let me say a big THANK YOU to you! You are a lot of fun.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys are real busy.. and having a great time! Too bad you missed hasselhoff..

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I want to copy what marleybone said..Thanks to you Chris for taking us all on this wonderful journey. Your voice also gives me goosebumps, so thanks again for sharing that with the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I really enjoyed watching you , Phil, and CAKE on AI. This is the first year that I actually got really into it. I just wanted to mention that I see that you are questioned about CAKE a lot.There are two sides to CAKE believers. You have the ones who believe they are boyfriends and you have the ones who believe they are bestfriends. I am the believer of the latter and prefer CHRIS way more than Blake. Although from the way CAKE behave around each other people are questioning their true relationship. I personally think they are just going along with publicity to keep everyone happy. I hope you don't get offended when people ask about them. They're just interesting, is all.

Thanks and I hope to see you on tour August 11th in Columbus, OH.

Deb in TN said...

Hi glad you are having a great time.....the Band sounds like fun entertainment.....hope you got the rest you needed...I know you are working hard to put on a good show for us......

Also, Chris, I know you are a man of God.....Would you please do me a favor and pray for the families and friends of the 6 young people who died last night here in my town of Selmer, TN at the Cars For Kids Charity event...a racecar lost control and plowed into the would be much appreciated....also, please offer prayers for those still fighting for their lives in our area hospitals (some are only 5 and 8 years old) and for Mr Price, the organizer of the event, that the guilt be lifted from his heart....thank you, Chris.

Deb in TN

Lena said...

I know some of the other contestants went to the Elliott Yamin concert in L.A... did you go?

georgia girl said...

I agree with anonymous 4:01 about Cake. They're relaxed and seem to be having fun with it, so their fans do the same. A perfect example of the leaders setting the tone as far as fan interaction goes. I'd quote the exact post the leaders thing refers to, but you deleted it.

And I prefer Blake to EVERYBODY else on the tour.

gdahimself said...

To Chris &
From GDA

Rutles related - music with humour

This seems to be a good point to introduce/reintroduce Neil Innes’ first band prior to his work for Monty Python and work with Eric Idle which developed into The Rutles

The band was led by Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes. Within the dynamic of the band Vivian was the John Lennon and Neil was the Paul McCartney.

Vivian Stanshall: vocals, trumpet, ukulele
Neil Innes: vocals, piano, lead guitar
Legs Larry Smith: drums, tap dancing (seriously, check the liner note of Elton Johns’ Honky Chateau)
Roger Ruskin Spear: saxophone, automatons
Rodney Slater: saxophone & almost any horn you can think of
Bass guitarist changed often until mid 1968 when Dennis Cowan join for the reminder.

Paul McCartney in returning the favor of the Bonzo Dog Band appearing in “Magical Mystery Tour” produced the recording of member Neil Innes song “I’m the Urban Spaceman”in 1968. The Bonzos wanted the record to sell on it’s own merit so the producer was listed as Apollo C. Vermouth.
I literally just discovered that there is a promotional clip that can be found at You Tube

The You Tube URLs:
“I’m the Urban Spaceman”(1968) -

“Deathcab for Cutie”(1967) one of Vivian’s Elvis Presley parodies from the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” -

“The End of the Show”?, “The Equestrian statue” & “Little Sir Echo” listed as “New Faces 1966” which was the year that they went professional which reflects their original Music Hall stage act -

There are a couple of performances of “Little Sir Echo”, always played for laughs, a song that was at least 30 years old at the time. It is a curious choice as I think it is one of saddest songs ever.

The band name came from a cartoon character from the 1920s named Bonzo the Dog created by George E. Studdy. The website:

To Rosalee

The Yellow Submarine suggestion is appreciated but unusable. It has not been coded for Win XP.
Cie le vive!

IknowIam said...

Yo Deb, my heart and prayers are out to those kids and their families in that accident!

bmorebamma said...

yea that accident sounds really sad,my prayers go out to them. while the saddness continues here in bmore the murder rate continues to rise it's in the 1 30's and it's just june i shudder to think what the #'s will be at the end of 07. btw mr. sligh if you have anytime are you gonna check out any movies this summer , do you like mike moore,his movie bout the heath care in this country looks insteresting. a lot of people don't care for him but i happen to like him. i also wanna check out the new die hard movie , they did some filming here in bmore and i wanna see can i spot they area where they filmed it;

rosalee said...


I've been using those Beatles screensavers for about 5 years now (before Windows XP). However, we have XP now and I'm still able to use them! In fact, the Yellow Submarine one is my current screensaver! I will find out what my husband did to get them to work and get back to you.


Anonymous said...

hi Chris

Don't know whether you read jj's blog of cake story.
He says that "For some time now the guys have been playing coy with the media and their fans in hopes of more publicity...Even getting some of their AI cast members to play along. So my 'inside' source was part of the plot. (A fellow AI member.)"

Do you have any idea who is the fellow AI member as his source? Or is that you? Since your denial of cake dating is almost the same time of JJ's denial.

I just want to ask. Please don't feel offended if this has nothing to do with you.

ChrisSligh said...


Thanks for the kind questions instead of accusations.

The post below me had a questions also, so I'll post the exact same thing I did down there; some of it doesn't make sense in context of your post, but read in the post below and it should make sense:

Before today, I had never ever heard of JJ. I had to google his name this morning along with Chris and Blake's name to even find him.

Secondly, Rickey Hoggard never claimed I was his fact, he denied multiple times that I was his source. Simple reading skills would allow you to figure that out.

Thirdly, the person who gave tmz the picture of Momjaya was someone actually at the party. I know the person's name, but for their sake, I will refrain. Momjaya and Brandon have dealt with it as they see fit.

Thanks for your concern, but it is, sadly, misguided.

Peace and love,

Carrie said...

Some of the people who post comments here make me sick.

And oh no, you mentioned names. Someone might bitch about that now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, Chris. Appreciate it. In the internet accusations are just so easy to make. I think you handled it quite gracefully. Now thinking about it, I am almost impolite to ask you like that, to a certain extent. Sorry about that.

Thanks again, and have fun at tour.

Laura said...

Wow, first, I must say, if your going to make a post, at least leave your name and not be anonymous.

Second, for the one who is asking for prayers for children who died...My heart and prayers are going out to all of those who were affected. I do not know what happened, but I will Google it. God bless the families of those heart aches.

Chris - It sounds like your having a good'll get to meet up with David at some point, I'm sure! I'm also going to have to Google Dan's Band...I've not heard of them before.

Laura from Columbus, Ohio

Deb in TN said...

To "iknowiam" and laura.....

Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words for the families of the victims...they really need them at this time as our town prepares for the funerals.....

Laura, here is a recent article about the accident if you care to read.....thanks again to both of you....

Chris, don't worry about the Cake's nobody's business but Cake's, right.

Deb in TN

cakers said...

we're on to you.

ChrisSligh said...


I'm freaked out.

What will I do?

I'm so freaked out.

Peace and love,

Carrie said...

Seriously those people who believe in "Cake" think that it's REAL and when I asked you to not talk about Cake, it was because I don't want them to come here and harass you. Turns out they went around saying I was a homophobe for saying that, which I'm not. I really think the best thing for you to do is if people come here asking you about "Cake" is to ignore it. There is something not right with some of those people. I've seen it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! I loved you on the show and I enjoy reading your blog. I see you mentioned that you know who it was that leaked the picture and I understand you not wanting to say who it is but could you tell me it wasn't Nicholas Pedro?? It would make me so sad if it was and I'm just wondering...

bmorebamma said...

please don't tell me that they are @ it again dun dun duuuuunnnn. mr sligh so much as for you and your fans having some peace in here so sad, please don't feed the trolls.

Henrietta Cookieface said...

Wow, this thread has gotten a tad harsh since I last visited. And I'm not talking about the "haterz", I'm talking about you, Sligh. Was it really necessary to tell anonymous 12:31 that "simple reading skills would allow you to figure that out" in response to his/her very polite question? Go and get snitty with the rude posters if you must, but for the love of Mike, please treat your fans with a bit more respect, lest you find yourself without any.

H. C.

ChrisSligh said...


I'm going to use 2 names for a short moment.

I am a fan of Chris and Blake the same that you are. They are both 2 of my close friends. We are not on opposite sides, here, people...we're on the same team. I love those guys and, as you are a fan, I am a fan of Blake and Chris.

I did not in any way do anything to hurt Blake and Chris...I may have been a little overzealous in defending their sexuality, but I have never done anything to hurt any of my friends on the show.

Please understand that we are on the same side here. We both want for my friends to be successful in life and in music.

Peace and love,

ChrisSligh said...


I'm sorry you took it like that - I wasn't being snarky to the writer here...if you'll notice, I explained that the comment in this blog was a direct quote from the comment on the post below. My "snark" as you call it was not to the poster here. Sorry you took it like that.

Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

Carrie, you gave me the link to that thread but I didn't bother reading all of it or posting because I'm sick of the BS on there. It really pisses me off that just because we're Sligh fans, whenever we say something about anyone else.. they decide to hate on us and Chris. I love sticking up for him, I've done it a lot but I'm taking the Sligh approach and just letting it go.

On a brighter note, the AI tour starts here in a few weeks! :D

Love & Hugs,

ChrisSligh said...

Look up 16 to posts to my 4:18pm post. Please. I talk about it there. I'm just gonna throw this out there - maybe you should read through the comments before you write another nasty post. There's a lot of info on here that you might could digest.

Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

wth are you guys talking about? Sligh we love you bb. And we know you love us. ;) You did make up the Cake sandwhich after all. We know we're on the same side here. (in the words of Blake) Cake 4 life!!!

risalea said...

These posts about Cake are quite boring,
These comments just leave me a'snoring,
Come on now dear Chris,
Don't post stuff like this,
Don't give in and give them a forum.

Your fans want to hear about you, the AI tour, your family, your music, etc. As far as I'm concerned, the delete button is your friend.

Take care, Risa

Anonymous said...

Do you watch The King Of Queens?

kristi said...

Do you think Cake reads your blog?

Sarah said...

Im really really sorry to see all the hate you are receiving. Chris, dont let it all bother you too much. I really do hope it calms down for you though.

God Bless,

your FAN in Ohio


Thanks for all the tour spoilers! Its really nice of you to share them, we appreciate it.

bmorebamma said...

lol you're too funny but guess what , I REFUSE to stoop to your level "whatever that is" why becuse i happen to R-E-S-P-E-C-T mr sligh's blog and out of that R-E-S-P-C-T. all i will say is have a nice day and may god bless you and yours. R-E-S-P-E-C-T for others something you seem to lack. btw

Amanda said...

Chris all i can say is i admire you for the way you handle this, the more and more i read your post and comments the even bigger Chris fan i become. Im sorry people attack you for no good reason, all your doing is taking up for your friends, but seriously guys this blog is about Chris not Cake.

And to the person asking for prayers for the people affected by that car thing, my heart and prayers go out to the victims, there families and the community.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Please forgive some of the CAKERS for their behavior. Some of them want so bad for CAKE to be a couple it's pathetic. I am a CAKER who believes in their best friend relationship (not a sexual relationship). I hope Chris and Blake know that there are two sides to the CAKERS who will support their careers no matter what! Sometimes ignoring posts is the best way because,like you said some people will believe what they want to believe even if you explain the truth to them till your blue in the face. BTW I think your blog's awesome. At least us fans have an actually idea of what the idols are doing from time to time!!

Keep on rockin' and we'll see you on tour!!

DJ in AL said...


Since you haven't been here in a while you can't know the kind of garbage Chris and all of his fans visiting this site (to hear about
CHRIS), have had to endure. I think if you were to read some of the earlier posts you might get some kind of idea. Cut Chris some slack, he is actually doing a pretty good job of deflecting this crap.

Chris, dude, keep up the good job. Remember that you have a large fan base and we love you and we don't give a rat's patootie what haters post on other forums about you.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Risalea, I could not have said it better or with such panache. You're great!

rosalee said...

For GDA (and any other interested parties) -

Those Beatles Screensavers are all usable on Windows XP, including Yellow Submarine and Sgt. Pepper. It installs as your machine's DEFAULT screensaver.

For Yellow Submarine, just download the screensaver. Then run the Yelsub.exe component. The Yelsub.scr component will appear in WINNT. I believe there are other related files that will appear in WINNT/Softdisk/SSStudio and WINNT/control.ini.

When you look at the Control Panel (Desktop Properties (Display Properties/Screensaver)) the value in the window will be NONE. The screensaver title will not appear in the dropdown list of screensavers.

I am assuming that to delete the screensaver, just overlay by installing another Beatles screensaver, or delete the components (files starting with yelsub.*).

I hope this helps. Let me know if you encounter any problems.


elizabethny said...

chris wrote: Please understand that we are on the same side here. We both want for my friends to be successful in life and in music.

delurking to say i agree and i hope you know there are many cake fans who would never dream of approaching you about it or putting you (or any real life friend) on the spot in any way.

it was cute and romantic when two contestants on "survivor" fell in love. when it seemed that might be happening to idol contestants we were already fans of for their talent and personalities, we thought it was awesome. we were cheering for them the same way we would have been if we thought (random pairing) brandon and gina had fallen in love!

and we're fans of them and you no matter what. thanks for being kind.

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Don't really care or understand the fascination with "cake" - the whole thing started over an acknowledged photoshopped picture, correct? I respect both Blake and Chris as artists - but there seems to be a legion of fans who want something to be that obviously isn't.

I just have a hard time figuring out why the delete button isn't being used when the subject comes up. Especially since you know these guys, and the whole subject is a figment of people's imagination. No matter what you say or don't say - you can't win. It's your blog - but man I'd let this stuff go and be discussed on some Hollywood gossip forum and stay out of it.

Just my two cents worth -

Peace -

Tom in ATL

DJ in AL said...


I so agree, you always say what I am too mad to say eloquently.

gdahimself said...


1) You all got to quit this CAKE thing. It is not THE Cake blog or even a cake blog. Let it go or go elsewhere if this topic is of such all consuming passion.

2) Chris had stated earlier that he doesn’t want to comment on other peoples private lives and too many of you keep asking questions that if he were to answer would transgress the sovereignty of privacy of friends lives.

3) Let’s see if we can get back to the adventures of Chris Sligh’s travelogue of his life as a public person, performer & musician and stop posing questions that he should not have to consider or comment on.

4) I know that this redundant but maybe with enough repetition the point will be made.

Lena said...

Since we're talking about Cake, I thought I'd put my two cents in: I never thought Blake or Chris R were gay... but I am still a Cake fan. I think most of the cake fans don't actually believe they're gay, since most of them also secretly hope that Chris R or Blake will meet them and fall madly in love.