Monday, May 28, 2007


So, Sarah and I have the blessing to be able to take a little vacation. Finally. I've been saying since I got voted off that we were going to take a vacation, and we finally get to take it. And I'm excited.

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a lady who owns a house in beautiful beachy location who was a huge fan of the show. She and her husband go to the same church (in a different location) as we do, and they offered us the use of their house for a vacation for free. We just had to pay for plane tickets. So, we of course took them up on it and Friday we'll fly down for a nice trip away. We'll be down there for about 9 days, hopefully recharging my batteries for the tour.

We had a huge tour meeting and I'm even more excited now about the tour than I was before. Obviously I can't give you guys specifics quite yet, but know that the tour is going to have some really, really great moments. I can't wait for everyone to see what Simon, the tour producer, has put really is a freaking great show. And the stage set up is bad to the bone. And this year will feature something that has never been done on the idol tour before. Yes, I'm giving you a teaser. You need to get tickets to is going to be awesome.

Anyway, back to my vacation.

Sarah and I are going to take some much-needed time away to recharge our batteries and spend some time alone. We need that. I've been sharing my life with the world for a few months - we understand that it comes with the territory, and we're both excited that we get to share my life with the world, but at the same time, Sarah and I need some time to recharge. The next few months will not be easy. The tour is going to be awesome, but we will have to be apart most of the time, once again, so that will be tough. She is going to travel to several shows here and there, but she'll be at home most of the time I'm on tour. So, this is our little fling before being apart.

I can't wait.

I'm in Laguna Beach now till Friday. We get a little vacation here, too, so that's nice.

Anyway, I'll try to keep up the blog as best I can, but I apologize in advance if I don't get to comments quickly. This is my time away, after all. Hope you all understand.


Sarah said...

Have fun on vacation and get some rest! You deserve it!

I'll see you guys at the second show in Tampa, for sure! Probably a couple other times as well.

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, I', so glad that you and Sarah now get to spend some quality time together. Your vacation time together shoud be 100% just the two of you and us fans should not expect you to be thinking about blogging to us during this time. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. We'll all be here when you get back.

I've never been to an AI concert, so your little "teaser" has got me so exicted. I can hardly wait for July 19 to get here.

God bless you and Sarah and have a fantastic vacation.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I am so happy for you and Sarah. This time together before the tour will be very important to both of you. My first husband toured with a band for most of our married life and I know first hand how hard it can be. That's not why he is my ex-husband though.
Laguna Beach, you dog, that is a beautiful place to be. I'm less than an hour away from there. You picked a good time, the weather is beautiful.. Blog when you can, but we faithful fans will be here when you get back.

Anonymous said...

I believe the "spoiler" is, the stage is done, in the round. ie like Def Leppard's 1987-8 tour(if you remember who they are hahaha)

-From someone who looked at buying tickets

vivian from missouri said...

that is absolutely great news--how nice of those people to do that for you and yes, you do need time together away from all the hoopla. This is going to be a tough time for Sarah especially I think, and an exhausting/exhilarating time for you. As I have said before I am new to AI and I have wondered what the draw is and aside from the competition and participation (voting) aspect of it I think it is because we no longer have what used to be called Variety shows that involved musical/dance numbers perhaps some comedy and some straight music----a la Sonny and Cher and the others that I remember watching. MTV just doesn't count in that respect. I have watched the finale several times and that is the conclusion I came to---it was a great show except for the Golden Idol segment which seemed cruel---the Sgt Pepper medley was fantastic and so feel good, all the musical segments were and I think the county is missing that. Oh well, Have a WONDERFUL time. Be well

Anonymous said...

have fun on your vacation!

rosalee said...

Hasta la vista! Adios! (LOL)

Have a great time!

LLL said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, Chris! Thanks again for keeping us all in the loop. I can't wait for the tour this summer, although I still have to figure out where I'm going to see it, since y'all aren't stopping in Vegas. Boo. ;-)

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Bought tickets to three shows and I'm forking out $400 for another set of tickets. Call me insane, but I really can't wait to see the tour this summer.

Alyssa said...

I saw the top 10 on Larry King Live the other night & I thought you guys were all so great. Plus the top 10 seems to genuinely all like each other! What was it like doing Larry's show?

Alyssa said...

I saw the top 10 on Larry King Live the other night & you guys were so great together. There seems to be real chemistry between the 10. What was it like doing Larry's show?

Much Love.

Elaf said...

Heeey Chris. The first one to comment :) The time is almost midnight in sweden. I'm writing a paper, and the deadline is tommorow morning. I read ur blog every day and I love it. Love to read about your life. I'm maybe going to the states next year, work as a au-pair I think. We'll se what happens. Anyway, have a great vacation! Love, Elaf

x-ray chick said...

Chris, do your wife a favor and don't blog while you are on vacation. Have fun and don't think about us.

Anonymous said...

Does WADE ROBESON have anything to do with it?

ChrisSligh said...


Sorry - I hadn't posted comments yet - you were close to first, though.

Thanks for all the encouragement,'ll be nice to get away. I think I'll have internet down in vacationland, but we have plans for most days. I usually only spend a few minutes a day moderating, so it shouldn't be a problem. Plus, if cool stuff happens, I'd love to let you guys know about it.


littleladybug said...


That's so sweet of you to think of your fans when you should be resting and spending time with your wife. You know we will all be here when you return, just relax and enjoy yourselves and don't worry about us, we all love you.....

bmorebamma said...

hey mr. sligh enjoy your vacation , here's hoping that you and the mrs have a great one . and don't worry bout posting in here we CAN wait until you're done;)

Badpacifist said...

Hmmm....candle lit dinners. Walks on the beach. Serenading your sweetheart. Inspiration is afoot. So we can expect a baby about March? Little Simon or Simone Sligh. You can't really post this one because it will start a silly rumor when I am just teasing you. Take care of her... Sligh the career will slow down one day but marriage is a covenant between you, her, and Him. I pray for your success in all these areas. Peace and love

jenlar said...

Chris- Don't worry about us! You just take some time off and enjoy your vacation with your wife. You have more than earned it. Special thanks to your sweet wife for supporting your career and sharing you with the rest of us!

I'm jazzed about the tour, but y'all won't be in Georgia 'til September! It will be our kids' first real concert (the Wiggles don't really count, do they?) and they are beyond excited. Spoil us if you can! ;)

In the mean time, we just saw Dolly Parton (yaaay!) and are volunteering for World Vision during AtlantaFest in June (Newsboys, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, and more) and 311 in July. It's a music-packed summer indeed!

Have a blast on your vacation!

risalea said...

That is absolutely marvelous! What a wonderful Christian lady to offer the use of her home for you and Sarah. Beachy is fun...don't forget your sunblock! and use this time to rest, relax, and recharge. You both deserve it. Sounds like you've been enjoying your weekend as well.

Oh, let me recommend a movie to you both if you haven't seen it--might be something fun to see while you are's called "Waitress" and stars Keri Russell. It was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly. Adrienne is also in it. She was tragically murdered in NY last fall, right before she was to start distributing the film. A terrible loss of an extremely talented actress and writer. The movie is so good. I think you'd both enjoy it. A bit of a chick flick, but not so much that you wouldn't like it, too.

Take care and have fun!!! Risa R.

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

Why apologize?
IF you and Sarah need the time to refresh, recharge and reconnect, make it a full fledge vacation and suspend all this for the duration.
You have largely been available to the public for most of this calendar year.
At this point maintence of your marriage should supersede all else for at least these nine days given the up coming tour schedule.
Any opposition should be told to piss off but phrased in a much nicer way.

ChrisSligh said...


I've come to really appreciate you, man.

You made my day with that one.

It's an apology to simply let the fans know that I love this forum and will miss the interaction because I think it's really important. But am I sorry? Of course not. So I guess it's not really an apology, just an explanation.


bmorebamma said...

btw gda what state or county do you call home.???

Kelly said...

Have fun on your vacation! Now I can't wait for the tour even more... Too bad it doesn't come here until August 27th. Relax on your trip; you really deserve it!

Anonymous said...

The aforementioned lady is not necessarily a big fan of the show, but she is however a HUGE fan of Chris Sligh. She is probably more excited about Chris and Sarah staying in her house than they are!

She is also quite grateful to Chris for providing a much needed distraction in her life at a time when she needed it most.

Have a wonderful vacation!


The aforementioned lady

kara said...

That sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

Callie said...

Enjoy your vacation! you deserve it!

Carmen said...

I am glad that you are getting away with Sarah. You two have a great time and forget about posting. Your fans understand.

The lady & her husband who offered their your home are indeed very kind people.

By the way, you looked much healthier(not so tired) on Larry King than the last time I saw you in S.C. I really think that being out in California and hanging with your friends has been good for you.

By the way, have you had a chance to check out the sligh-limericks? Just thought I would ask.


TimeYUPunishMe said...

Enjoy your vacation. Don't forget the sunblock. :)

If I win the Powerball. I'll let you and Sarah have a vacation at for free. :)

Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

Hey chris..
totally understand gda said no need to guys are still humans ya know...anyways you were great at the finale...i was even impressed with mr sanjaya lol anyways i hope they add a date for you guys to come to Dallas cuz i wanna see this show...anyways get the rest and good luck dude...spend the quality time with that beautiful wife of yours man

amanda said...

Im new to reading your blog Chris but i love it. I respect you and your beliefs, you dont find very many christians that are out there with there faith. Have fun on your vacation, goodness knows you need it. I will be praying for you and the other idols as you embark on the tour....hopefully ill be well enough to catch yall in Memphis.

gg45 said...

Chris--have a fab time wiggling your toes in the sand and recharging your batteries. You've earned this, and good heavens, so has Sarah!

Nique's Nana--July 19th--You're so lucky. I have to wait until Sept 9!!

Risalea--I saw Waitress this weekend as well and enjoyed it quite a bit. Works as a good date movie as well.

Christine said...

Hello Everyone,

I cant go 9 whole days without a blog. If you think I am selfish, I'm not, just addicted. So, let Chris log on a teeny tiny bit if he the mood strikes him. Maybe Sarah would enjoy a nap or a few minutes to herself. No matter how much you love your husband or how much you are going to miss him, 9 days is a long time. (I think that tells more about my marriage than marriage itself. lol


You were great on the finale and on the Larry King show. 10 is good. lol


Annette said...

Well, since I include myself in the list of long-lost-best-friend-blogger-Chris-Sligh-fan, I also wanted to check in with my well wishes for your deserved vacation.

Isn't it amazing the way things have come together for you? For all of us, really - to feel a part of something larger than our own little corner of the world, if only for a moment.

Thanks once again for including us, your fans. Now go off and enjoy your time with Sarah, for life truly is short and time is precious.

I agree, we will all be here when you return.

Much Love and see you in July!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Sarah have a great time on your vacation. After several long and hard months on Idol.. you definately deserve the vacation! Are all the contestants gone home(besides Blake and Jordin b/c of press tour) for a few weeks? When does the tour rehersal begin?! If your allowed to say.

BTW, I bought the HPF album off amazon the other day.. I really like it.

DJ in AL said...


What a lovely thing for someone to do for ya'll and what a lovely treat for her as well!

Have fun and as many have said, your fans will be here when you get back! No apologies or explanations necessary.

Anonymous said...

A bit of advice:

Don't drink the water

Be sure to pack the Lomotil...

Virginia said...

Hey Chris! I hope you have a wonderful vacation! This is my first time visiting your blog so I don't know if you will even read this, but I have an off topic question for you! Is your hair naturally curly like that or did you get a perm or something??? No disrespect to Sanjaya but I totally thought you woulda been the one to pull out all the tricks with the cool hair-do's! Ok sorry for rambling and my bad spelling. Take Care!
<3 Gigi

you're brother's future girlfriend said...

well, well, well . . . chris sligh . . . i knew you once a long time ago when we used to have an occasional lunch together. now i smile every time your face dashes across the t.v. screen from time to time. since j-- mentioned last summer that you were trying out for AI, i've kept you and sarah in my thoughts and prayers. what an incredible opportunity (or should i say "responsibility"?) you have been given!

enjoy your much-needed time with sarah! be refreshed!

Anonymous said...


Call Up LC while your in Laguna!
I hear she's always up for a good time! :0)

Meissa said...

I pray you have a wonderful, memorable vacation. It isn't necessary for you to apologize for not blogging much while on vacation. You and Sarah just enjoy yourselves and spend as much quality time together as you can until your life gets even more crazy.

I wish I could go see the tour. The closest show is five hours away, and I can't afford tickets or accomodations once there, so I'll have to live vicariously through those who are able to attend and share about it.

I will be praying for you and Sarah to have a wonderful, low stress vacation.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

A vacation! Well-deserved. Enjoy Laguna Beach while you're there too. Stay away from those cliffs! Hubby and I went to see Bucky Covington last night and he was great. It is so nice how AI propels you all to stardom and gives you a built-in fan base! If you haven't heard his new album, I really enjoy his Southern Rock style and voice...It's not as good as HPF of course :-)

I see there's another Julie who comments, so I'll become...

SoCal Julie

cynrama said...


You should spend your whole vacation just letting yourself forget about the whole world except for you and your wife. So we don't want to see a word from you until you come back from your "recharging"!! lol....have fun!

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Are you guys going to be able to come out afterwards to meet fans?

Brenda said...

Echoing what anonymous 11:45pm said. Can Chris or any of you fans who've been to these tours in the past tell us if the Idols are available for autographs, photos, and so forth after the show? (I will need to prepare my teenage daughter who hates to miss her bedtime if we are going to be hanging out late to meet people.)

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you & Sarah get to finally take your much needed vacation. You've been on the run for the past few months and now it's time to relax and "recharge" as you say.. so you'll be refueled and ready to be on the run for another few months! :) Only a little over a month left until opening night in Sunrise, FL can't wait to see you.


Marleybone said...

Chris - have a wonderful vacation.
Should be a lot of fun - getting through the last few months, looking forward to the tour and beyond. You and Sarah can be suspended in time - the perfect "chill". My guess is that no matter where you go, you will be noticed (you really stand out in the crowd in a good way!) so we may be seeing vacation shots in People magazine!

akari said...

Hey, you and your wife deserve to enjoy the vacation. :) You are not at all obliged to keep us updated or to answer some of the stupid questions that I know people have been posting here before. This is your blog so don't feel sorry. Hope that you guys have a great time and have a safe trip!
About the tour, I have never wanted to go so much until now, but too bad 'coz I stay at the other side of world lol.

ChrisSligh said...


I appreciate your concern, but any dealings that I have on that level are between me and the contestant. Please know that things have been taken care of, however.


Anonymous said...

"Bad to the bone," Chris? You're dating yourself with the slang there buddy. :)

tez said...

Chris, Chris, Chris. Leave the blog behind for a week. Trust me - we can survive. You and your wife need some quality, private time together. SHE should be your priority for your vacation! We will be here when you get back. Looking forward to seeing the show in Bham. Take care and draw close to each other!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Chris, I just stumbled across a blog that really is trying to rip you up! I won't even mention the name because I hope his blog doesn't have followers - but my thought to you is - How he heck do you put up with the insults and having people that don't even know you say such horrible things about you and you being friends with the other contestants? You answered back on the blog, but of course, they tried to rip that apart too. All I felt was hate and envy, I think, from so many out there.

I hope you hang on to yourself and your true friends, but most importantly to your faith as you go along in this journey. I think your voice is a gift and I'm looking forward to more music from you for years to come - and I enjoy your blog too...
A fan in Arizona

rosalee said...

Chris -

When you get a chance, head over to the fan site and take a look at the new piece of fan art - it's beautiful! I think Scammy deserves some backstage passes - don't you?

Anonymous said...

After it is all over now, I have to admit after you were voted off my son and I stopped watching until this last week. you were our fav. you rock..I must admit when Blake did "timeof the season" I did get goose bumps but we were so upset that some others stayed on over you. You have a great sound and personalty. My husband said you remind him of the blues travlers. I am sure we will hear more from you and look forward to it. Good luck on your road to great success. Michelle in the one star state!

steve-o-meter said...

Be sure to check out the new fan art by Scammy on the fansite Chris - it's a great one!!

Enjoy your vacation!!


kittyluv said...

We have not heard a great deal about your wife, and you probably want to keep it that way, but does she work? Its too bad that she's unable to accompany you on the tour.

It has to be difficult to be away from each other for so long. Will she be able to go to some of the tours to see you and maybe spend the night?


Annette said...

For a few folks who have asked about AI Tour autographs. Not sure if protocol is the same every year - but at last year's concert in St. Louis, a few "Idols" appeared outside the venue well before the show began, and were signing autographs. Not sure how this works, perhaps it is up to the Idol if he/she wants to take the time and energy to sign? Maybe the Sligh-master can let his loyal fans know if this is the case and if he will be signing.

Also, just an FYI, at last year's concert, they were pretty strict about letting anyone out of their seat to take photographs during the show (understandably), so make sure and bring the telephoto! (This might not be the case at locations other than St. Louis.)

BTW - last year's concert was amazing - well worth the money and the trip. Can't wait to see this year's show since Chris said everyone is in store for some real surprises!


Beth Beutler said...

Hey Chris,

I don't comment much but I have been staying in touch with the blog. I agree with the others who say don't worry about not blogging while on vacation. As an addicted e-mail queen, I took 10 days or so in February and early March when I traveled to California and "fasted" from e-mail. The world--and I--survived and I believe it was a good experience even spiritually to maintain perspective. So, here's a suggestion. During this vacation, let SARAH blog to your fans if she wants to share what fun you guys are having. Otherwise, "come apart and rest awhile" and truly "unplug."

In my seminars or personal work with people, I sometimes encourage them that "You can't pour from an empty pitcher," so go get some filling by focusing on God and each other. Consider it a sabbatical. :)

Christine said...

Dear Chris

I just watched the video of you and the others, (not the lost others, the american idol others) and all of you were so silly and happy and great. Good for everyone. and by the way.....Simon Cowell is not always rightl lol


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about us.. you earned a vacation, because you worked so hard on idol.. and you were amaizing have fun with your wife.... she deserves it too, for bein a supporitve wife though all this, i know it must be though!

bmorebamma said...

btw i saw you and the gang on access hollywood .you didn't say much i thought too bad. those kids who had cancer their story was very touching, makes you realize what's REALLY important. to bad you couldn't give a shout out.;) gee poor mr stacy woman kissin him on the street IS there any respect of the fact that he is married:(

Jelena said...

Have an amazing vacation. Enjoy it with Sarah.

Can't wait to see you and Sanjaya on tour, in Toronto.


sal said...

Why do you hate Haley so much? Seriously, if I was her I'd kick your ass.

I bet it's the most awkward tour bus ever, niiiice Sligh.

Bianca said...

rest.. i think i need some of that. it IS a school night you know. Hawaii sounds gorgeous and deserted to tourists right now! that should be splendorous (i tried to avoid the oh-so-boring word 'fun') so you rest up and keep posting with detail. So how's your book coming along? any roadblocks or decisions you need help on with it that stopped you from proceding?
PeAcE aNd LoVe
Bianca (age 12)

Srikanth said...


Srikanth here - thanks for your response. I am fine with it and do appreciate your acknowledging whatever needed to be done. My respect for you has gone up a notch higher. You write very well in a lucid manner.

All the best to you and your wife and may your tribe grow. Have a great vacation.


robyn said...

Ahhhh, to relax by God's great ocean!!! What a wonderful way to UNstress....I used to live by the ocean at Emerald Isle, NC....the most tranquil years of my life!!!!
The time will fly by, my be aware of every second!!! Make sure to grab as many moonlight smooches as you can! Ya'll may need another beach vacation after the tour as well!!!

Have much, much fun!!!


Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

I hope the place you're going is laid back and gives you the peace and quiet you and Sarah need. As Jimmy Buffett says - "Changes in Latitudes - Changes in Attitudes" -sunshine and the ocean are good for what ails you. And dude - laptops are not cool on the beach -so leave it in Gville and let us know how it went when you get back.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

sandmoran said...

Chris and Sarah time
taking a break from the world
back in a moment.

Just the two of you,
sneaking away from the fans
and paparazzi.

Better hide the fro
perhaps a beach sombrero
in size extra large.

gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA, 2007.05.30

I’ve read your reaction/response to my previous posting.
I am honored, humbled and a touch mystified, given the number of people you are daily coming into contact with and the number of posters, that I rose above recognition as being a frequent poster.

Presently home and ailing, I’ve been doing random internet searches.
Viewed the AI introduction and audition, and the Larry King appearance of the ten.
Your weight loss has been good for your appearance particularly your face.
Larry King, only saw the excerpt of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” then interviews with you and Gina. You all seem to be having a merry time.

Below a few things to look at during an idle moment but NOT on this vacation

I’ve not found a good image of Julian Lennon’s drawing of Lucy O’Donnell. I guess it was drawn on cheap paper with a high acid content that has yellowed badly over the last forty one years.

The best or least largest image of Julian Lennon’s drawing Of Lucy O’Donnell I’ve found so far.

Wikipedia entry on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

The connection is Lucy is referred to.
Wikipedia entry on “I Am the Walrus”

Marco’s Beatles Page on “I Am the Walrus”

I Am the Walrus Lyrics:

A digression about the above, the first line will be familiar.

Jane Taylor’s poem “The Star” (AKA “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

The site for “The Beatles LOVE”, the soundtrack for the Cirque Du Soleil show

Unless the schedule charges, on Tuesday, August 28 The American Idol Tour will be at the Continental Airlines Arena in E. Rutherford, NJ.
The area is known as the Meadowlands. If you expect to see an expanse of rolling green fields, you will be disappointed. It is a rather swampy area not without it’s charms but not what most people usually expect the first time.
I trust that either they put you all up at a nearby hotel or get you all out of mid-town New York early. The more events occurring at Giants Stadium, the Meadowlands Racetrack, and the Continental Airlines Arena, the more likely traffic is going to be congested and slow moving at rush hour on Route 3.

Goo goo gajoob

To bmorebamma

New Jersey

Carrie said...

Have fun tonight & on vacation. You'll need it because tour is going to be WILD.

Christi (aka Maurrowe) said...

I hope you guys have a great time!!! I'm so glad you're getting some time-off from all the chaos. I'll ttyl!

Anonymous said...

If you hate Haley so much DONT TALK TO HER. I'm sure she woudn't mind.

bmorebamma said...

hey gda new jersey ok , i have another ????? are you goning to see the ai tour?????? if so when & where.

bmorebamma said...

oops looks like i shoulda read your post MORE CAREFULLY, i just glanced saw my name and asked the stupid question , IF i would have read THE WHOLE POST my ???? WOULD HAVE BEEN ANSWEWED DUH. DOH. geez iam a big dork;)

bmorebamma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bmorebamma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bmorebamma said...

ok mr. sligh looks like it's three strikes and IAM OUT so you are not a recipient NOR are you performing. you are making an appearance. STILL that's cool. anywhoo i linda feel like a BIG OLE IDIOT. the same kind that i denounce. so you can delete that 2nd post also. i HOPE I GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME" hangs head". feel like the biggest IDOIT ever.:(

Clay said...

Hey chris, that is great that you are getting some time off from everything! Obviously you are a Christian, but I was just wondering what other contestants on the show, that you know of, claim to be Christians? I was just wondering becuase it seems like there are many that have had a background in Christian music.

feqwbd said...

Finally you are paying your wife some attention. You are lucky to have her.

Henrietta Cookieface said...

Don't forget to clean
Your vacation house, or else
No invitey back.

Tip your waiter well
You are famous, after all
And can afford to.

Sunscreen is your friend
Enjoy the seafood buffets
Beware of bad shrimp

Anyways, have fun
The beach is freakin' awesome
As, of course, is Blake.

ChrisSligh said...

To Anonymous & Sal,

Not sure where you ever got the idea that I hate Haley. Haley has actually become a good friend. I like her a lot. I really think it's hilarious that you would have gotten anything but love for Haley from anything I've said. As a matter of fact, the only thing I've said about Haley is that I felt bad that Larry King called her Gina...if anything that would mean I actually cared for her.

To Feqwbd,

I agree. I, however, have specifically not mentioned my wife in the blog because our private life is our private life. We have a lot of experiences that are ours. Music & entertainment stuff is to share with you...Sarah and me are for us.

Peace and love,

bmorebamma said...

hey clay i think that mr. sligh may have already answered your question. looks like larry king is gettin senile . geez poor haley. i guess she will have to wear a name tag that says hello my name is.......... haley for cryin out loud

bmorebamma said...

geez sal get a clue you're comming in here trying to start trouble as far as the tour is concerned i hear that the 5 males and 5 females get seperate buses , that means there will be 2 buses.and as far as mr.slighs personal life is concerned , WHY YA WANNA BE SO NOISEY. what goes on between him and is wife is none of your concern. geez PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

Kudos awarded for keeping the reel and real disparate and exclusive.
Confidence and contentment is sustained by a reciprocal bedrock of love.
Those who have that as a given know that beach holidays are the icing, not the answer.
Wishing you both much laughter.


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Your leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Just wanted to tell you to have a great time & get lots of rest.
We will be here when you get back.

Just a person said...

Chris....I Love you! <3 <3 <3 <3

risalea said...

OK, had my teaching retirement reception this afternoon, so I'm in a really good mood and had to compose a limerick.

Chris and Sarah--a trip to the beach,
Sounds like it will be a real peach
With the waves and the sun
And loads of great fun
Some R and R's just within reach!

OK, it's lame, I know it. : )
Take care, Risa R.

Deb in TN said...


Have a great vacation and enjoy your time with your lovely wife. Like many others have said, don't worry about blogging; worry about sunburn, Sea Urchins and sand in your pants. Hope you are spared all of that; lol. Most importantly, keep safe in your travels and on vacation.

And kudos to the very nice lady who offered you a temporary piece of paradise.

Have fun!

Deb in TN