Friday, May 25, 2007

Finale Night

Finale night was incredible. It was an incredible, incredible show to be a part of. I didn't get to see it because of press and stuff after the show, but it was awesome to see from backstage and the group performances had an energy to them that they never had during the regular season...might've been that there so many more people at the Kodak than at CBS.

All the celebs were incredible. I love Kelly Clarkson and her band - in fact the keys player used to be in the original version of Sonicflood (one of the first rock worship bands to be popular). I hung out with those guys for most of our wait time (it was a long day). Her bass player Einar (I think is how it's spell) was the bass player for the Dan band I saw on Saturday night...he was really cool, too. Kelly was really, really nice, too - always taking the time to stop for the Idols and talk when she could.

Carrie's band was really cool, too. The guitar player's name was Ed and he was freaking awesome. We talked for a while about me moving to Nashville and writing songs, etc. I find myself having more fun hanging out with bands than I do with singers...don't get me wrong, I love singers, but my heart is with the band. I love bands.

Anyway, all the celebs were cool. The show ran really smooth. The group numbers were really fun. We all gave Sanjaya a hard time for forgetting some dance steps in the Smokey Robinson was hilarious, Chris Rich and I were doing out little dance routine and we look up and Sanji is just standing there smiling. I almost broke out laughing but remembered the rest of my dance steps, thankfully, then we all died laughing off-stage. Sanjaya was a great sport about it - and we all laughed about different moves that we forgot. As a side note: I just watched the performance over at and you can barely tell (unless you're looking for it) that anyone missed the steps, so the gaffes happened at the perfect times with camera angles.

I guess that's the cool thing about being in something like that is that you know all the little things that happen that no one else even notices or cares about. Missing dance steps was funny to us...most people wouldn't even notice it.

I have to say that, honestly, I was a little jealous of Sanjaya to be able to perform with Joe Perry. I have been a huge Aerosmith fan since I discovered rock and roll. But as Phil and I watched Sanjaya, I turned to Phil and said, "Dude, that guy has turned into the best performer on the show." It was a really cool moment to be able to realize that you've seen someone grow from a kid to a great performer. He's not Blake yet, but man he knows how to work a crowd.

The dressing room was a lot of fun. We got some cool clothes to hang onto, and we all had fun hanging out. Phil, Chris, Blake and I all bought PSP's and several games each so our 19 rep was making fun of us all sitting and playing video games every chance we got.

We pretty much watched the whole show from backstage. It was interesting watching Blake and Jordin running around back stage to change clothes.

My favorite moment of the night (outside of the group numbers) was watching Blake and Doug E. Fresh beatboxing off each other. I thought Blake outdid the legend, but I guess I can't admit that. He was incredible though.

The Beatles number was a lot of fun and I was so thankful to have gotten some solo parts...the vocal coaches were very kind to me. The Beatles are in my top 5 favorite bands of all time, so British Invasion was tough without them. But it was really cool to be able to do the medley, especialy some of my favorite songs from the Sgt. Pepper record. Anyway, it was great.

Anyway, the next few days are busy, so I don't know how much I can write, but know this: all is well and it's been great. I am having the time of my life. Thanks so much to all the fans who got me to the top 10. I am so thankful to you all for voting.


Carrie said...

Thank you for writing this all up. This is honestly the best post I've read from you in awhile.

nicoletta76 said...

You did really well! I think you sounded great in the Beatles medley! I wish you so much success! It sounds like a fun night! Thank you so much for writing about it from your perspective! Congratulations!

French fan from Paris said...

Hi Chris

Sorry my english are very very bad lol

Could you make a concert in France??????? pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read updates about the tour. You all seem so close. What's your favorite video game to play with the guys?

Sam In LA said...

Hey chris!! Thanks for writing this up, its really great to see all of this from your perspective. I just wanted to point out how amazed I am by Idol's ability to make cds sell. Your CD shot way back up with just a couple minutes of you on the screen! I wish you much luck in the future and don't be like other celebrities: Keep blogging :D

Anonymous said...

It was really great seeing you on stage again, I just wish it would have been a little longer! I hope u do move to Nashville...only 2 hr drive to catch a show vs 5!

ettacandy said...

honestly, the best AI finale ever. Very entertaining. You guys SMOKED your acapella number, and it was great that you had so many solos! All 12 of you seemed to be having a great time both nights. It was fun to watch.

Keep up the good work! Enjoy every moment!!!!

HstryQT said...

It's so great to read your "finale experience" - what fun!! And that's pretty darn funny that Sanjaya forgot his steps :).

I wondered if you were a SonicFlood fan - I LOVE them. I am not musically inclined, but it seems that Don Chapman does the same sort of thing that Sonic Flood does by taking hymns and arranging them for praise bands. Very cool :).

Have a great memorial day weekend! (If you'd been at Freedom Weekend, I would've driven the 8 hours out of the way of our OBX vacation to go see it - but that's OK :).

Have a great one!

Fabiana From Brazil said...

Hey Chris, can't wait to hear the news from the tour ;) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I have been enjoying your posts for a while now. Sorry I haven't posted before. I am writing this to you, not for posting on your blog please. I am glad your moderation is on. ;-)

Thanks for keeping us up to date on your career and the behind the scenes at Idol. Between you and Mandisa's blog it has been quite interesting to hear about things from an insider's point of view. I especially appreciated your comments when Sanjaya was voted off.

It was good to see you back on the Idol stage on Wednesday night. You did a great job. I enjoyed watching you, and the others, cheering and rooting Blake and Jordin on throughout the night. I told my daughter I wished they had a double screen up so we could watch your group along with the singers.

Last October you and HPF came to our church in Morganton NC (as did Eleventy Seven that night) to perform in our youth building. I was unable to make it to the concert (I am a youth counselor) but my daughter was there and says you guys were great.

Our youth pastor, John, has been talking about wanting to get you to come back sometime so you could give a testimony about being a Christian in all you have experienced through the last several months and, of course, perform for us again. Just your name would guarantee a full house this time. lol When I told him I had been reading your blog he asked me to contact you to see if it is a possibilty. Of course, we know that your schedule is extremely busy for a while, but if there is any way that you could do it, no matter how far into the future, it would be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work. I just may see you on tour this summer. This is the first year I have been interested in going to an Idol tour concert so I just might make it.

You can contact me at
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Linda Minich

risalea said...

Chris, thank you for taking the time to share your AI experience with us. Looking forward to hearing all about the tour (and seeing you on July 13 in tickets came yesterday!)

Hope you and Sarah have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Summer's almost here! : )

Risa R.

Jenn K. said...

I was so glad to see you had some featured parts, and it all looked like a blast! I really wish I could afford to come out to the tour....

Jenn K. in PA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Chris. I know I've been waiting for a little update on the finale.

You guys sounded so freakin' amazing doing the a capella, all of you completely nailed those falsettos, so nice to see.

Good luck with everything!

Marleybone said...

I posted this before - but you were really great in the finale. We read your musings everyday - but to actually see you on stage again, live, was a real treat. It was just what the fans needed! And Blake was fabulous and a real gentleman to Jordin - helping her on and off the stage. Your friends have a lot of class.

I am not surprised that you connect with the bands. That's the deal with you. You are so versatile, and there will be so many ways for you to shine in the future. When I heard there was going to be an American Idol camp, I thought about how lucky the kids would be, to get to experience you! Not that you won't be extremely busy making deals, etc!

As an aside - a friend of mine was doing a business deal with Reba and I asked him to send TACOSB to her.
(She is close to Kelly.) She sent back a note saying she was looking forward to listening to the Chris Sligh CD!) It made my day. And finally, got center, row 9 seats in Philly for the tour. Be ready for a fan tour de force!

stardust462 said...

It's great to see your perspective from the finale, Chris. I really liked it this year, lots of great acts. I would have loved to see you, Blake, Chris R, and Phil do "How Deep is Your Love" (I think that's the song) like your group did in Hollywood. That would have been awesome!

Emily said...

Hi Chris, you were great in the finale, though I wish you could've had your own song. I didn't understand why Sanjaya got his own song, and Lakisha, Phil, and Chris R. didn't. He did awesome though! He really is a performer!

Susan said...

Hey Chris...I have been waiting for this hear about all of the fun stuff. =o)

YOU sounded really, really wonderful! I was so impressed when I heard you again after all these weeks...your voice is so smooth and did a great job.

Can't wait for upcoming posts sharing all of the fun.

Be well,

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I have a friend that I think knows someone from college that knew you in college(PCC). Yeah, long connection, I know. Listening to that sounds really pathetic now. But, um yeah, my friend Brandon told me that you went to PCC, and you were on American idol, and I thought that was awesome. I live in Korea, and your season won't show in Korea for maybe another 6 mo. So I downloaded it. I think you did an awesome job! And I personally loved it when you teased Simon about the teletubbies thing.

Anonymous said...

You looked very handsome in your white suit, and sounded great! Please keep up the background information. I love hearing whats going on.

June said...

Hey Chris,

I have always been a fan - your voice is amazing! I am enjoying your blogg too. By the way I hope the cool clothes you are referring to is not the white outfit. All the guys need to burn those.

kara said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!! It is very cool to hear about from an inside perspective. I LOVED getting to hear you sing again! You have such a beautiful, clear voice. I am really looking forward to hearing the cd that you put out!

robyn said...

Hey Chris!!

It was SO great to see you on the show!!! I loved your solo bits on the Beatle's medley. Did you get to meet Joe Perry? I love him! It was such an awesome show to watch. Congrats on all the fun you're having, I know it's all so incredible for you. I wish you well on everything and I hope to see and hear lots more of you!!!

Lots of Love


Badpacifist said...

Chris we loved it all and your voice on the finale was like hearing from a long lost friend. Loved your solo's and we could tell Sanjaya did something on that dance number because he did the funny mouth thing when the camera cut back to him. During the Beatles number I saw Gina almost tumble on her way back up the stage and she was cracking up about it. By the way Gina and you sounded good together so if you ever get a chance for a duet song...Hey, we want to hear how Sarah is holding up through all this. BTW We will see you at the Missouri State fair row 13.

GG45 said...

Super writeup, Chris! I'm amazed that you can keep up the blogging with all that's going on. This one's a gem. When you see Gina, would you tell her that I love her version of Stand by You way more than Carrie Underwood's? In fact, with stupid dialup it took me about an hour and half to download Gina's mp3, but it was worth the aggravation (and it finally worked as I was writing an e-mail to Histryqt--she must have been the charm!)

Hester said...

You obviously had a great time at the finale. Thanks for sharing the backstage stories! Sounds like you all really got close. I'm sure that is one of the best things about AI - well, that and national exposure yada yada yada lol. I thought you sounded great, especially in the Beatles medley. You were a perfect choice for the solos.

Very magnanimous of you to look at the Sanjaya/Joe Perry solo that way. I really like the kid, and feel the same way you do about seeing him grow up before our eyes.

Thanks for the interesting blog! I hope great things are coming your way. See you on the tour!

Melissa said...

You were awesome on the show. I'm sure it was a bit easier to perform without the pressure of the competition.

The stars were great, but it would've been nice if they would've given the former contestants more songs like Melinda and Sanjaya got rather than filling the time with all of the celebs. I would've liked it if the show was more focused on the contestants.

I was happy to see Jordin win. She has grown a lot throughout the season. My kids can't wait until she has an album.

Oh, and I agree about Blak and Doug E. Fresh. Blake was definitely in his element during that song. I also loved Jordin singing with Ruben. They sounded great together.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Chris..As I said before you rocked the AI final show. How cool you got to hang out with Kelly & her band. She also rocked the show!! I loved your dance steps. Cherish that night forever. I hope you got to keep the white suit. You looked really hot in it. Enjoy your short time off before the tour. I'm sure you will be really busy getting ready for it. This latest entry on your blog is my favorite so far. Thanks so much for sharing your night with us.

Ali J. said...

It was so great to see you on the finale. My four year old son goes around telling people that his favorite is Chris Sligh and since he left it's Blake. I agree with you about Blake and Doug E. Fresh. You did a great job on the finale! It looked like fun so I'm glad it was. My dream would be to sing Midnight Train To Georgia with Gladys Knight. One of my all time favorites! Have a great week! I'll be looking forward to see what's going on after the tour.
Blessings, Ali

Anonymous said...

sideburn here...

I agree, hanging with the bands are generally cooler then singers...singers tend to suffer from LSD (lead singer disease)....but then again drummers are another breed as well.

I wonder if Sanji knew just how lucky he was singing with Joe right next to him....I was jealous as well.

rawk on, chris

bean99 said...

I thought you did great in the finale, Chris. I'm a proud member of Team Plaid but you were always my pick for the best singer of the guys and wanted you to go much farther. Your version of She's Not There is getting a lot of play on my iPod.

I'm glad that you've had so much fun getting together with everyone and being on the show on Wed. Good luck with everything! :)

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Amesome job at the finale. Of course I'm a little partial - but I thought your solos really demonstrated just how good your voice is, and I had to wonder if the arranger knew this as well, as you seemed to have more solo parts than anyone else. I know your talent for songwriting, and your love for hanging with bands - but Dude - you have got one incredible voice!

Kelly's performance was really intense and rocked - and Blake's jam with Doug E. Fresh was incredible. And what is Joe Perry taking to make him not age? Dude is what - 58 or something and looks the same as he did in 1985.

How the heck do you get up and sing in front of 160 million people - and could you ever have imagined such a thing a year or so ago?

Peace -

Tom in ATL

lara said...

hey chris! i really enjoyed your number with Smokey Robinson. all of you sounded smooth and sexy! for me, it was the best part of the show! can't wait for your record (oh, plus chris richardson's, phil's, and blake's!)

and can you say hi to chris rich for me?! i really love him! haha.


Anonymous said...

Hey chris, good going man! You sounded amazing on the finale. I am sure you had a fun time. I like the Sanjaya tidbits.

rosalee said...

At the Finale
We finally see our Chris
First decked out in white

Long, dark curls cascade
About his cherubic face
Looking like a star

He takes to the stage
Performing chubby dance moves
To the Motown Sound

He high-fives Smokey
At the end of the routine
What a coup for Chris!

Can't help but wonder
Did David Hasselhoff cry
Over our guy Sligh?

Later, dressed in black
Chris is given some solos
In a Beatles set

Singing his heart out
He supports the cheesy show
In his own Sligh way

His vocals are pure
As he delivers his lines
To the crowd's delight

Once Chris pays his dues
(The Tour will be cheesy too)
He will start his career

A Rock Star at last
In his element once more
Free to be CHRIS SLIGH

meDgrt said...

Hey thanks for the update Chris. You all did so well. I really liked your singing on the Beatles medley... I think you got the lengthiest part... and did really well. And yeah, Sanjaya blew us away. He looked like a seasoned rock star!!! Cant wait for the tour to see all of you again!!!

Aparna said...

Hey Chris!

I'm glad you had fun at the finale. I thought you did an awesome job with the group performances. Your "With a Little Help From My Friends" was spot-on pitch - and your falsetto during the Smokey Robinson number was amazing. As I was watching it, I thought to myself, "Wow, Chris S., Chris R., Sanjaya, Blake, Phil, and Brandon harmonize well together - and they can dance! If they were a boy band, they'd make it big." But I'm sure you guys have other singing plans in mind. Haha.

I wish more emphasis was placed on you and the other Top 12 contestants during the finale (because you guys are the reason why a lot of people tuned in), but it was cool to see the guest performers - and four out of five former idols unite. Glad you had fun!

cynrama said...

The finale was great. It was great to see you on the big stage again. Im really glad your having such a great time. I wish I could see you on tour, but as I've said before - the tour isn't coming anywhere near where I live :(. Lots of love to you!


Nique's Nana said...

Yeah, I got my "Chris fix"! I really miss not hearing from you daily. I know you're really busy now and will be until the tour ends, so I do understand your not being able to blog every day.

Anyway, thanks for giving us the low down on the finale. Again, Chris you were the bomb. It would have been excellent if they had given you a solo like Sanjaya got. But I know AI did that with him because of all the hype during his time on AI.

We're all supporting you Chirs while you're on your tour. July 19th, San Diego - oh yeah!

God bless -

Nique's Nana (Phyllis from Spring Valley)

Anonymous said...

I tried to post my message last night but it didn't work right... So now I try it again.

Hello! I'm Sumi from Japan and I just wanted to tell you you were fantastic last night on the show. I was so excited to see your singing solo!! You sounded wonderful...

Now you all are famous not only in the states, but also here in Japan!!! You should come to Japan with your band sometimes. I will be waiting.

Sumiko xxx

Anonymous said...

Chris - it was AWESOME to see you in the finale. Great show, great performances, and great entertainment! My husband and I are big fans - can't wait to see you at the Bi-Lo!


Robin said...

Thanks for the update. The show was great and you sound awesome. Thanks for giving my fellow Texasn (Kellie Clarkson) props. She is a sweet girl with an amazing gift. Have fun on the tour.


Anonymous said...

My favorite parts of the show was the guys with Smokey, and Sanjaya doing his solo number! You guys sounded FANTASTIC with Smokey! It's so cool to hear about it from your point of view! Thanks so much for sharing!

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I just re-read your entry & found it even more fun. What a night you had. I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan & actually take a lot of heat for it so it was really nice to hear you say that you love her & her band. I always tell people that if you just go see her live, you will fall in love with her. I think its so cool that you got to hang out with all the different band members from everyone's band. They don't get enough credit for what they do. Move to Nashville? You can't stop performing to write music until you do a solo tour.
I agree with you that the top 12 showed so much energy & even Sanjaya was really entertaining. Gina sounded really awesome & so did Haley. You all did. I hope you also got to keep that really cool jacket you had on in the Beatles segment. That was a cool jacket.

pj said...

Chris, great post! You sounded amazing in your solo parts. I loved it. Can't wait to see you on the tour. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
Thanks for honoring your fans. You shone! Loved the group performances. White suit a good look. Seem to recall you wore a plain white shirt with jeans on an early show. Classic works.
And The Beatles. Getting better all the time !!!
Fun for your wife to be sharing these moments. Must be surreal. Sensory overload... but bring it on !
Suggestion. Keep a private diary of Your Now. Found from extensive travelling that daily quick few line highlite recap = future vivid recall.
Drink lots of water. Stay buoyant. You are deserving !

ladystyx said...

What a wonderful blog. It was great seeing some of what was going on behind the scenes through your eyes. Keep up the great work and ignore the naysayers. What do they know anyhow? ~smiles~

Toni said...


Thanks for sharing. I really love hearing about it all. I agree that Sanjaya is turning into a great performer. He's lots of fun to watch. We have a young guy at our church who, I imagine, is probably very much like him. Kinda goofy, but loveable, just the same. Except when he's driving you crazy!!

I was a little jealous of him with Joe Perry, too, but its doubtful I'll ever get a chance to perform with anyone famous. Unless, of course, you want to visit and jam with me??!!

I think each and every one of you is a great performer (although I have my favorites, just like anyone else) and I'm really looking forward to seeing you in concert.

I hope they are kind to you again and give you lots of parts to sing.


robyn said...


I thought you looked really handsome in that white suit! Your weight loss is really showing! Those Smokey Oldies were some of my favorite oldies of all time!!! You guys all sounded so awesome singing intro and backup for him!! I was rockin' back and forth and singin' right along!! I can't wait to be there and hear yall on tour!!!

passin' on the love....

Ji said...

Hey Man...I went to Bob Jones 1988 lol. I play too in a worship band and have had dreams where Ive gone back there with my band and did a worship set. Can you imagine? Anyway...

have fun being a celebrity.

FrenchFoodie said...

It was great to hear you again. You have a fabulous voice. I thought you 6 guys sounded AMAZING together. I've always loved Take 6 and that arrangement was wonderful. God bless you on the next part of your journey.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say how spectacularly beautiful your voice sounded in the finale. So clear and strong. Just really, realy beautiful.

Thank you,


Emily said...

I have to say I agree with those who said they wish the finale had been more focused on the top 12 contestants rather than on so many celebrity appearances. In two hours time, we could have easily had a solo or duet from each of the top 6 at least (although that still wouldn't have given me what I wanted most, a song from Chris Sligh. Hey they could've paired up the contestants for duets. A Gina/Chris one would have been awesome!) And I definitely could have doen without the golden idols.

Carmen said...

It was so great to see you back on TV. I thought your performance was one of your best. My sister called me from Houston and said the same thing. She thought your voice was just awesome.

Can't wait to see you on the tour. I have floor tickets for all three shows in Florida. My family & I will be cheering you on.

Now that the finale is over, I hope you get to take a vacation with Sarah before the tour starts. You both deserve it. Keep blogging as you get the chance. All your fans love hearing what is going on with you.


Aletha said...

I had been looking forward to seeing you perform in the AI finale and I was not disappointed. You were great.

If you have any down time, check out the new Powderfinger single on mySpace.

Congratulations and good luck.

DJ in AL said...


Wanted to tell you again what a stellar job you did in the Finale. Your vocals were spot on, I thought you sounded better than anyone, sincerely. The Beatles solo was my favorite and I love you and Gina singing together.

I am so proud for you and hope you are having a blast every minute. I hope you will be able to feed us a little more after things settle down a bit.

Enjoy this time, you've worked hard for it!

DJ in AL said...


Forgot to tell you, I couldn't believe that you were the first Idol our local Birmingham Fox reporter nabbed after the Finale. I thought the odds were pretty low that I would get to see you, needless to say I was thrilled.

Momof3inNY said...

Chris it was great to see you again in the finale. You were great. I love your voice! My kids (ages 7 and 3) were also excited to see you too. Funny a 3 year old knows "Chris Sligh" when she sees him. :) Enjoy this ride - you are fantastic.

The finale was cool - agree with you on Blake and Doug E Fresh. Loved that piece! I was a teen in the late 80's so, it was really cool to see that 'old school' stuff! :)

Congrats to all the Idols, and have a blast on tour. Best wishes!

From a mom of 3 in NY

Anonymous said...

Ok i had mixed feelings about the finale..

On one hand, the top 6 guys group number was amazing.. all sounded good, and wow can you hit thoses notes.. you could really hear phil which was good lol..

On the other hand, I was soo angry!! I have been wating for the finale ever since phil got voted off.. Was hoping for more Phil.. there was barley any phil, and that made me mad. I mean if the 7th place person gets a solo, why not the 6th??? it just didnt make since.. if one gets one, they should all.. plus.. phil is amazing.. enough said, he should have got one... o well...

you sounded amazing!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you sounded great on the solos! I was disappointed that the top 12 didn't get to sing very much! I really wanted to see everybody get a duet, but I thought it really stunk that Chris R., Phil, and Lakisha didn't get one when Sanjaya did. Everybody sounded great though!

Speaking of messing up dance moves...what the heck is Blake doing in this picture?! Haha

Sandee said...

Loved seeing you again in the finale! You sounded great! I wished that Blake had gotten to do a solo besides beatboxing with Doug E. (which was stellar), since he did come in second and all. It seemed that after Jordin "outsang" him (which is crock, cuz they both have good voices in their own way) he kinda got the shaft from AI. Anyway, pray that I can come and see the show, because I really want to!!In Christ-Keep Shining....

IknowIam said...

Dude, Chris, I don't know if you realize this, but the crowd went crazy when you did your solo(s). So did we when we watched here at home. It was freaking awesome!



Poppet said...

It was great seeing all the contestants again. The girls wre dazzling and the guys (yourself included) were dapper. And oh my! You and Phil both attempted (and nailed) falsettos! I think you both would definitely have stayed longer had you attempted that in the normal competition.

Anonymous said...

Blake did not out beatbox Doug E. Fresh! Blake would hate you saying that too! That is Blake's hero, the whole thing was so Blake could get himself a beatboxing lesson from the original human beatbox. Blake was worshipping the dude the whole time, that's why I love Blake. He wasn't trying to out beatbox Doug, he was paying homage to him.

dontspeakListen said...

Hey Chris !
I thought the finale was amazing , but if you read my blog later on i'll have a post about americanidol finale.. i have a few things to say about it .
I loved seeing the top 12 perform again , it was great. I love reading your blog!!
ps , your an amazing singer!


Anonymous said...

Chris, you were my favorite when you were in the running. When you were voted out, Blake became my favorite. It's been awhile since I'd heard you sing, but to hear you again, you were AWESOME! Thanks for letting us hear you again. Wish you'd been given the chance to sing more those two nights.


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Chris~I was wondering if you got to meet Bette Midler? Someone on Kays website said they did an interview with Bette and you were her favorite & got booted off way to soon. I knew I loved that lady for a reason. How cool is that, to have an icon like her have you as her favorite. The woman has taste!!

Anonymous said...

hey chris, was great seeing you on stage again! thanks for writing :)

Carrie said...

I personally think Blake would be flattered to know you thought he out beatboxed Doug E. Fresh. I never read you saying he tried to outdo him and so here we go again with people making assumptions. I guess you're right, you can't admit how proud you are of a friend without people complaining or thinking he'd "hate you" for it.

Kevin said...

You all sounded great in the finale! I especially liked the group numbers. I saw David Hasselhoff in the audience, and he wasn't crying! I would've thought they might have made a deal out of it, but i guess not. Anyway, you and everyone else were amazing!

vivian from missouri said...

Loved seeing you again and I thought all the guys looked great in the white suits. The solo in the Beatles medley was too little of a great voice but i was glad for anything---you really do have a wonderful voice and it was great to see you and all the others---thought it was strange that the final 12 performed but only the final 10 go on tour, Brandon and Steph would be a great addition to the vocal ensembles. Know you are working hard and crazy busy---keep a level head and sing your heart out. Take care.

GG45 said...

Hi, Chris--I dashed off a quick response this morning, then gleefully shared your thoughts on the Joe Perry/Sanjaya number with my pals, and am coming back now to say thanks again for this post. It's full of rich detail--the buzzing activity backstage that you could watch with relative relaxation, your chuckles over the missed steps, your ability to step back and maturely admire Sanjaya for his accomplishments (and share a laugh over his goofs). I said in the previous post but it bears repeating here that you were just superb in the finale, your solos reminded everyone what an incredible voice you have, and you seemed to be radiating the joy that you express here. September seems so far away, but I'll just have to be patient and hope for glimpses of you and your Idol pals in the media (Larry King tonight, yes?). Enjoy your escapades in coming days, and we'll look forward to your next post.
Oh, and I was intrigued by your comment that your heart is with the band. That's a great thing to know about yourself. To me it means you're a collaborator who values the interaction, as opposed to a showboater, and if so, this is going to serve you and your creative process very well throughout your career.

Anonymous said...

It was awesome to see you on stage again. You sounded & looked great. I loved the group performances but I wish there were a bit more of the final 12. You seem to be in good spirits now so I'm glad! Only about 6 weeks until opening night in South FL :)

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

wow i cried with Jordin when she won! I was thinking about how many different outfits Jordin wore.. i think at least 4.. that night probably like 6!!! wow i try on that many outfits just to choose what i'm gonna wear that day.. and it takes a while!Hope you had the time of your life Chris!!! I loved the little glimpses of you on tv and couldn't help but notice the dance steps were the tiniest bit off - my mom mentioned it - and i followed suit. Hope you had the time of your life! i sure loved watching it... NOTE TO AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7: have a backstage camera for stars and when contestants start changing for multiple songs.. show all the outfits they wore at the end.. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

PeAcE aNd LoVe
Bianca (age 12)

SusanAntley said...

OH SO AWESOME!! Loved this posts! Thanks so much for sharing the time of your life with us.
It was great seeing you on the Finale. You looked like you were so in awe of every moment. It was great.
Got my Tour tickets for Greenville BiLo Center. Looking forward to that.
Hope you and Sarah have a great Memorial Day Weekend.
Looking forward to hearing about tour rehearsals etc.
Susan A

Cari said...

Hey Chris!

Loved, loved, LOVED the guys performance on the finale! I think it was the highlight of the season for me! The dancing was hilarious and the harmony was breathtaking! Were you guys really harmonizing live? and was it fun having to dance, or was it more annoying?

I was at the red carpet earlier that night. I drove for 3 hours and then stood for 3 more hours waiting to see you guys... I saw almost the entire top 12.. EXCEPT you and Phil! you two snuck by without my noticing! grr!

So for your information, you and Phil each owe me a red carpet picture of yourselves now! lol

Callie said...

Hey Chris! I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were on Larry King tonight! Will you be appearing on any other TV shows soon? Keep us updated! :D Callie

sandmoran said...

We loved it all, Chris
squealed every time we saw you
"there he is, there's Chris"!

Saw you on "E" too,
looking good in the limelight
that's where you should be.

We're glad you had fun
thanks for taking us backstage
as close as we'll get!

And you are welcome
for the votes we all gave you
you did deserve them.

Nique's Nana said...

Hey Anon, thanks for sharing the site - I love the picture!

Kay, you should add it to the Chris Sligh Offical fan site.

Nique's Nana said...

Hey everyone, what's up with this?

Sanjaya not Sanjaya????????

Jim said...

Like everyone else said, you did awesome. I realy missed hearing you sing on the show. Thanks for all the insights!

bmorebamma said...
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bmorebamma said...

hey anony poster geez . mr sligh was only giving his opinion on the doug e and blake beatboxing . btw the whole show was really good i enjoyed it, even a coworker said that you were good and she's not evevn a fan . i said DUH that 's old news as far as i was concerned .if you and the mrs. are gettin ready to go away for awhile. i hope it's somewhere warm snd sunny .;)

Bianca said...

hey Chris.. just wondering here.. as a fan i would like to know which resturaunt you like best
a.) ihop
b.) old spaghetti factory
c.) the cheesecake factory
d.) claimjumpers
lol i'm curious/doing math homework on survey and it'd be cool to say chris sligh took my survey :D

risalea said...

Well, I got to hear Smash Mouth tonight at Riverfest in LR sing the song done by Sanjaya (Girl you really got me now)I'll have to say I enjoyed their version more, though they can't top his enthusiasm.

And to top off the evening, I got to see the top 10 on the 11 pm second showing of Larry King. You looked good, Chris, and I love the way you always mention your wife and how wonderful she is. (husbands of the world, take note!)

OK, way past my bedtime. Night all! Risa R.

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, caught you and the gang on Larry King tonight. I'm so exicted for you.

Thanks Kay for the heads up on the interview. I thought I had missed it, but Larry King replayed twice, so I caught the second viewing.

Scott Heine said...

Like everyone else has said, it was terrific. You were terrific (loved the Beatles' song, too). And I'm glad you're having a blast.

Carrie said...

Larry King is replaying again at 3 AM EST and I THINK 6 AM if anyone missed it.

Chelsea said...

Chris, great to see you on the finale on did fantastic! I was really pleased to see you got a solo during the Beatles medley. Can't imagine what a thrill that was.

Keep the updates coming, we love to hear from you :)

xangelglitterx said...



ONE LOVE................

Julie said...

I have to say I agree with those who said they wish the finale had been more focused on the top 12 contestants rather than on so many celebrity appearances.

well put. We watch to see the finalists- we've been following their stories and we feel that we've had the chance to see a part of how they work and develop as artists- and there wasn't enough of all of you. Previous finales have had a better focus.

But the good parts were great. My husband and kids and I all loved hearing you sing again, Chris, and all the guys sounded fantastic. (They should have had a Smokey Robinson night- now there's a song catalogue.) And LaKisha and Melinda with Gladys Knight- beautiful. Blake's number with Doug E. Fresh may be my favorite thing ever on Idol. He is amazing.

And once again on Larry King- such a nice group of people, no egos, really fun to watch.

Can't wait to see the tour, when it's all about the top ten.

Anonymous said...


Brenda said...

My tickets arrived in today's mail! As a funny friend of mine would say, "Wootalootie! I'm going to a concert!"

risalea said...

The Larry King interview will replay Sun. night, 9 pm ET according to the CNN website.

Risa R.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I have no idea your true persona.

x-ray chick said...

Seeing you guys all perform made me really appreciate how all of you are talented artists.
I did not like the white suits however, you could see your pockets through the pants... does not look good to me.
I didn't like most of the girls white dresses either.
Can't wait to hear your new stuff (hopefully next year!)
Enjoy touring with your friends.

Christopher said...

Chris, Thanks for the updates. I can't wait to see you guys on tour. I hope I can somehow get your autograph. It'd be the highlight of this idol season for me! Even more so then Blake or Jordin.

Anonymous said...

. I thought Blake outdid the legend, but I guess I can't admit that.


you can't admit something you just admitted? K?

Anonymous said...

Nique's Nana,

You are a hater. Get a life!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad all the contestants had fun! It was wonderful to see you all together for one last time on TV. I especially enjoyed Blake&Doug E. Fresh and Sanjaya&Joe Perry. Definitely the highlights! And the Smokey Robinson tribute was just terrific. I thought all you guys sounded amazing. Well done!

However, I was disappointed that the celebrities overshadowed the actual contestants. We voted for you - the contestants. Not Gwen Stefani's lip-synching via satellite. Or Bette Midler or Green Day or Tony Bennett. I can see that on the Grammy's. Is there a reason these celerbities were not paired in duets with the rest of the contestants?

And while it was nice to see Kelly, Carrie and Ruben again, they already had their AI moment in the sun during their own seasons. I wish this season's contestants could have had their chance in the spotlight too.

Finally, the "Golden Idols" were cruel and humiliating. They should have cut that segment entirely. That poor boy Kenneth Briggs suffers from "Aarskog Syndrome", it's a congenital disease and the public should not be mocking someone's birth defect. He is in my prayers.

Congratulations, Chris. You should all be proud of yourselves. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys on tour.

Take care and God bless.

Christi (aka Maurrowe) said...

It was such an awesome show!! I loved watching the top twelve sing...I recorded it and have been watching it over and over. you guys did fantastic!!! There was so many surprises this year.... I just loved Blake and Doug E. Fresh.... It was totally amazing.

It was so good seeing you again! You sang wonderfully!


Mouse said...

From a Greenville fan, we LOVED you!!!

shadow25 said...

Hey Chris!. I loved your review of the Idol finale. I thought it was great, your group numbers as well as the Blake and Doug E. Fresh Beatbox face-off. The Sanjaya moment with him performing with Joe Perry was awesome as well. He is truly growing as a performer and I feel in time he will be a better performer. I loved your assessment overall. Keep doing what your doing and let us know how the tour is going. I'm curious to see what goes on backstage. You, Blake, Phil ,and Chris Rich playing PSP is funny. I love the PSP. Though, I recommend you guys playing the Wii, when you guys go on tour!. I hear the Wii is so much more fun and I think Sanjaya moving around playing one of the games would be pure comedy (in a good way, cuz' you move around a lot). Not only him, all of you guys. Its always funny to see one, when they are playing the Wii. It'll be a lot of fun.

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Did anyone notice Carrie Underwood straining when she sang I'll Stand By You? It's like she has a sore throat.

Casey said...

You have an amazing voice and I love your style... if you are looking for a producer... I am up and coming with several releases on several labels... Check out some of my music at This is not spam cheers to you and all of your forthcoming success!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I've so got to agree with you regarding Blake & Doug E Fresh. Seriously, favorite idol moment ever. He was so in his element, and you could just tell that he was having a blast. So exciting to watch.

& I've also got to agree about the finale being more focused on um, you know, the top 12. Which would kind of be the reason we watched the season to begin with, no? The producers really screwed up this season by making it more celeb oriented than in the past - esp. because this season's top 12 is the second closest cast yet (right behind season 2). Ah, oh well, their loss.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog entry, Chris! We would be lost without you because you give us all the backstage scoop. I'm glad you had a blast at the finale.

Brandon said...

That was a good finale, but it could have been better if the focus had been on the top 12 and not how many celebrity guests can be crammed into a 2-hour-and-5-minute-long-show.

You guys were great on "Larry King Live". This has been my favorite group of 10 on "Idol" so far. You guys all really seem nice and humble. Ryan Seacrest has said in interviews that you guys are the nicest people that have ever been on the show. Simon has said that previous seasons were full of phony people, ego cases who were rude and didn't want to sign autographs, and cat fights. It's nice to see a group of finalists who actually like each other and appreciate their fans.

I can't wait for when the tour stops in Chicago on August 7. When do you guys start rehearsing for it? And BTW, I am definitely looking forward to albums by all 10 of you!

Anonymous said...

The finale was great, although I agree with the others who have said the top 12 should've gotten a bit more air time. One of my favorite parts was also Blake & Doug E Fresh.. and I think Blake did outdo him! :) It was awesome getting to see you back up on the AI stage and I can't wait to see you live!


the new rebllion said...

WOW! i feel like marcia brady writing to davy jones!! heard you will be in cleveland at peabodys thats awesome! we were wondering if you can make an appearance at a christian teen concert that my son is putting together BY HIMSELF. he's 16 and put together a rock show called THE NEW REBLLION on June 2nd. about 30 mins from peabodys. any chance??? dont even have to sing..but that would be SO COOL!
could you email me???? please??? thanks

Anonymous said...

Blake did not out do the original human beatbox, jeez.

Chris why you have to start these kinda things? I don't think B would like this, honestly I don't. I don't care about your blog but once it's going to make other people who you're going on about uncomfortable...ugh, chris.

Anonymous said...

ohnotheydidnt said you only pretend to be bffl best friendz with blake and you are obbsessed with him

logan said...

hey chris, i rarely ever watched american idol b/c it really isnt my cup of tea, but i watched it with my mom one night, and i saw your performance in Birmingham and i thought you were awesome. I also find you being a minister is a role model that america really needs. I find it humbling that you, w/ your talent and ability choose to us these for God, and not conform to the pressures of the world. I didnt really watch it that much after Birmingham, but when i did, it was always a pleasure to hear your voice. God Bless You, Logan Stansell( 16/m/dallas,tx)

GG45 said...

To the Anonymous 3:49 poster who accused Nique's Nana of being a hater, I can only guess that you are referring to her Sanjaya/not Sanjaya question and the URL she provided. I'm a serious Fanjaya (as well as a Chris S fan, of course), and I can assure you that Nique's Nana is not a hater--I've read many of her comments, and she's good people. Go to the Funny or Die site and find your answer (hint: there is a follow-up video) or search on Sanjaya Bill Vendall. Happy hunting, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

X-ray chick--I got a kick out of why you didn't like the white suits--because you could see the pocket linings. Must be that X-ray vision!

And Chris, I thoroughly enjoyed all of your interviews on Larry King Live, and yeah, Haley was a very good sport.

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Hey Chris,

Larry King talked to you the most. It's like you're the star, the winner. LOL.....Good for you.

By the way, Larry also called Haley, Phyllis. Not sure if he was goofing.

Guten nacht!

risalea said...

Chris, if you haven't been, go over to the fansite to the forums and check the thread..."a new form, the limerick." Except Rosalee has given it a good name...the Sligh-merick. Shows you how creative folks can be with too much time on their hands! LOL Enjoy. Risa R.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris why do you even pay attention to the haters? They just want to piss you off! Anyways I loved seeing you guys on Larry King. Poor Haley! When she said that she was known for no one knowing her name, I almost cried. I hope she didnt feel to bad about it. Also, I totally agree with Blake being the better beatboxer. And so does the majority on Youtube and AmericanIdol boards. Most of them are saying that Blake outdid the legend. So it isnt just you.

Luv ya Chris!! xoxoxoxoxo

vivian from missouri said...

I had no idea that you all were on Larry King til I read it here and I just sat down and turned on the TV and there you all were----how bizarre is that. Nice to see the rapport----comes from going thru stressful times together and you all seem to genuinely like each other---that is so nice---seeing the little clip of the Beatles segment again just reminded me how great that medley was--I did actually see them live on their first tour in the US but I couldn't actually say that I heard them----too much screaming--I was quite put out about it at the time. Hope you have a chance to rest and recoup before the tour starts---enjoy it all. Be well.

Sandy said...

Don't you think Chris and Blake were robbed from the Best Buddies category? Because I do! >:O

tj said...

melissa and I think of you often and are amazed! Keep on living your dream!

Karen Burns said...

Chris, being honest here. I was bored and disapointed with the show. The only interest I had was seeing you perform, and there was so little of that (very good tho) I don't understand why some got to have solo songs and not others or all. I truly think that was unfair. Just my opinion.
I recently had the pleasure of hearing a couple of songs from your HPF worship album 2004, how can I get the album?

jenlar said...

Fantastic recap, Chris. I enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to your updates.

The finale was incredible. I *love* Kelly's rock 'n' roll side. Also, my daughter is Sanjaya's 2nd biggest fan (only because that little Ashley girl has *everyone* beat) and she was completely googly-eyed when he was performing with Joe Perry. Sanjaya is an adorable kid.

Your solo parts in the Beatles tribute were amazing. You've got a really great voice. Any idea what you'll get to sing on the tour? *So* gonna rawk!

Is it too "out there" to ask how my family can pray for you?

Anonymous said...

You guys were great on Larry King! i feel like the top 10 is the closest of all the idol seasons.. alough i must say i think the top 6 has a great bond... you and Phil have to be the best ones though.. Kendra is just amazing isnt she? She is soo beautiful, and her and Phil just have the biggest smiles on this earth! Her pride and love for phil shines through.

I was watching the red carpet on, and when it came to you bein on, they said your wife was behind you... there was 2 women behind, was Sarah the blonde or brunette? Either way, she is beautiful! Sorry for not knowing, I just never saw her on the show. But whichever one(the blonde or the brunette) she is beautiful!!!

oo and pirates 3 is an amazing movie!! I saw the Phil and Kendra lookalikes winners(not a real contest) but this girl i swear could have been Kendras twin.... the guy was bald with blue eyes, but Phil is deffinatly hotter.

but yea which one was Sarah???

o and do Sarah and Kendra talk and hang out like you and Phil do?

HstryQT said...

Chris it's funny that you fell asleep during Pirates III because I did too. We had gotten up at 4am to drive to the beach and by 10pm that night we were dragged to Pirates by my family. Definitely couldn't make it through that one! It was still mildly entertaining.

Is it weird that last night I had a dream about Haley being extremely upset that someone got her name wrong again? I find that weird.

Til later! :)


ChrisSligh said...

Sarah is the blonde.

Kendra and Sarah have gotten to know each other, yes...they plan on doing some of the tour dates together, so that will be fun.


Nique's Nana said...

Chris, I too would like to know if the HPF 2004 worship cd is available for purchase and where would one get it from?

I downloaded Communion Song and since it was for free, I made copies for all my friends (I hope that was ok)and they were all blown away.

Anonymous said...

hey chris was wondering when you go on tour will you be singing any songs solo or is this all a group sing along type deal?im sure alot of people want to know.also can you sing some of your own material like in a moment?

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA 2007.05.28

Just what you need a song scout, but seriously the following Neil Innes song may of interest with url for the mp3 file.
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The message seemed so simple
I stared in disbelief,
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And just as hard to keep
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The mp3 file can be found at:

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get an Orbison song from you on the tour!? I know so many people who want to hear you sing Orbison. :)



whatever said...

so some novice (blake) is better than a legend (doug)? how dare you?

ChrisSligh said...

The finale was a lot of glad that so many of you enjoyed it. I had a great great time.

To a couple of posters:

1) To those wondering, Blake would never say he did as well or better than Doug E. Fresh, but as someone who knows (admittedly) little about beatboxing, I thought Blake was better. It was my opinion. You can have your opinion, too, it's all right. But me saying it doesn't make it true, it makes it my opinion. In other words, I thought Blake rocked it.

2) Blake and I are not best friends. I never claimed as such. He and Chris Rich are extremely close. They got close during Hollywood week and it makes sense...they have a lot in common, just as Phil and I have a lot in common. I definitely was closer to Phil, but I think it's a misunderstanding that just b/c Chris and Blake make Cake doesn't leave room for other friends. Honestly, all of the top 10 are friends of mine now. Sure I'm closer to Phil than anyone else, but I still count the other 8 as some of my closest friends. I don't understand why people feel like they need to inform me of my relationship with Blake when they've never met Blake or me.

3) Me saying, "...but I guess I can't admit that" about Blake's beatboxing was on purpose. I wish I didn't have to spell stuff out, but some just don't get it, I guess.

4) I have never claimed to be best friends with Sanjaya either. I have gotten to know him a little better and have realized more and more that he really is a great kid. All the idols went to a restaurant on Sunset called Ketchup and we (Sarah, my brother and I) sat with Sanji and his mom and sister and it was great. Phil and Kendra sat with us and we had a really great time. Later on, we went and saw Pirate III at 11:50pm - I fell asleep several times and I think I missed key parts of the movie because I had no idea what the crap was going on half the time. Anyway, we had a great time. Sanjaya is a great kid and I look forward to spending more time with him on tour.

5) Larry King was great - dude, I can't believe I can say I got to go on Larry King live. I did feel bad for Haley since Larry called her Gina like 10 times. But otherwise, we had a fantastic time on the show. I thought that all of the contestants did a great job of promoting themselves and the tour....that's what it is all about.


Kristen said...

As much as I wanted to see you make The Hoff cry, I will settle for Bette Midler making Jerry Springer cry.

Anonymous said...

You rock, Chris. Sounds like such a fun time at the finale. You were awesome during the medley. :)

So, you said "Cake" in reference to Chris & Blake? Isn't that their "couple" name? lol

Anonymous said...

Chris, did Simon like Blake and Doug E. Fresh? I can't see simon understanding something like that.

ChrisSligh said...

Seriously, ontd, look I love you, but quit posting the same freaking comment over and over again. Please. You guys are great at what you do, but I can't have the language here on my blog. I appreciate you love Sanjaya, but seriously look through the whole of my blog and I've shown a lot of love to Sanjaya - and deservedly so. Please, you guys do great at what you do, and I'll try to do well with what I do, and we'll call it even.

Peace and love,

mtymouse said...

I love how great of friends all 10 of you seem to be, it comes across in every interview and appearance you do- and I say, in your blog entries as well. For anyone who questions that, they are just dumb. I say, ignore them.

Thank you for these updates :-) I can't wait to see you on tour! (Oh and have a great vacation, after dropping a couple hundred on a condo at the beach recently, a free house seems really great to me)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were great on the finale. I heard you sing and remembered why you were my favorite on the show. I do have the HPF cd and listen to it all the time too. Have a wonderful vacation. Sadly, I will not be able to make the tour this year. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun for you all. Also I wanted to know if Fro Patro met Soul Patrol? Did you meet him? I'm a huge fan of his too. Thanks

bmorebamma said...

hey japan "cyper waves " that's a LLOOONNGGGG way, the land of the rising son . that's really cool to know that mr. slighs fans are far and wide. all ages ,races etc..