Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The next phase of this blog

So, there were more posts here that I have decided to remove just for my own peace of mind. No, the producers of the show did not ask me to take anything down. I have taken stuff down of my own volition.

Over the last week or so as I've taken some time off from blogging (I had someone else administer the blog for a while) I have tried to figure out what the next phase of the blog is. Here are some thoughts.

When I started this blog, I was a nobody who no one knew. My blog was just a place for me to write and express myself and be stupid and attempt to be funny for my friends and family. I love writing, and am admittedly not incredible at it, but I love to simply write about life. As I came back from the show, I took the same attitude I did before, not realizing how many people were actually coming to the blog every day. So, I was writing for family and friends and instead ended up writing for a bunch of strangers who don't know me and don't know where I am coming from. It was naive and a little stupid on my part to write the same way I did before. So, over the last week it's been impressed upon me that I really must deal differently with my blog than I have thus far. I know, I can't win for losing - fans are gonna be upset that it won't be the same, and I'm really sorry for that, but I'm trying to make the best decision for me that I can.

The blog will still happen, mind you, but the content will be very different than it has been.

One thing, too, that has been impressed on me is this: I am writing about life. The contestants on the show and the show are a huge part of my life right now. However, as I talk about my friends, I have been accused of name-dropping and fame-whoring. To most people, they assume that the world has ended for me because I came in tenth place of American Idol. I want to laugh at those people because they don't know what's going on behind the scenes and they don't know me and the determination with which I lead my life and career. But at the same time, I have to stop and think.

A wise man once told me that perception is reality to the person who is perceiving it. I think it's hilarious that people think I'm name-dropping when I mention Phil or Gina because they are some of my closest friends in the world...but then I realize that they are famous, more famous than I, so if a person is trying to read into something it would be easy to read into that. However, in regards to this decision, I will not stop talking about life because of some people's screwed up misconceptions. Truth to those people is sad, but untrue. If I wanted to name drop I'd talk about the celebrities by name who freaked out when they met me. But those stories are not for the blog, they are for close friends, because they understand who I am in real life....not on blog life.

Another thing I've thought about is this: negative things that friends and family understand will not be understood by thousands of people reading it. It was my bad to assume that people would get my heart, but then I stopped and realized this - most people who are reading my blog have never met me and never will. They've never gotten to sit down and talk about life and love and people and just hang out. They don't get that bitterness is something that I overcame 7 years ago when I dealt through some stuff that had happened in my life. They don't know that my heart beats for friendships and relationships and connecting with people. And it is arrogant, in a way, for me to assume that people get that. So, this will change - I don't dwell on a lot of negativity, but I have been negative and it has been taken in a way that I didn't desire...but I realize that that is my fault not anyone else's.

Finally, I realize this about myself. For a long time, I could care less what people thought about me, except for fans. In fact, my whole life has pretty much been one long "I don't care" to a lot of people. Before the show, if you came to a HPF show, after the show, I would hang out for hours talking and hanging with fans. The fans are the most important thing...if I can connect in some way, then those fans are going to make it to the next show possible and they'll buy the next record and they'll tell friends about me. So, on a very small level, I worked hard to please every fan I could - I realize fully that fans are who make a difference...they are the difference to making dreams come true and me working at BMW. So, I've always gone out of my way to do what I could to win over people.

What I didn't realize as I went into the show is that I was taking the same attitude with now millions of fans that I took with hundreds (and I use the term fan loosely to define anyone who came across my blog or commented on me anywhere). I took the attitude of trying to win everyone over. It has been impressed upon me lately to simply go back to being myself and people can simply choose whether to support me or not. But me trying to win people over does nothing except waste my time and theirs. They will make their choice, hopefully, based on the music. Hopefully the music will be great. At shows, I will still work my tail off to hang out with fans afterwards and make them know that they are the difference.

But chasing down every bad comment about me is stupid, arrogant and just plan dumb. Thankfully, I haven't commented on every one, but I've commented on too many.

So, there will be some changes, but the next phase of this blog will be better and exciting.

Once again, thank you to the real fans for the support and love. I am undeserving.


steve-o-meter said...

Aha! You turned the comments on! Awesome!

I think, no matter what you decide to do with your blogs, your fans are going to accept it and adore it.


sandmoran said...

Here we are; your fans
and now you are stuck with us
through your whole career.

You'll go through phases
your blog will go through phases
so will your music.

We will all grow old
(some of us sooner, ha ha)
We'll still be Sligh fans.

Go out there, Chris Sligh
do whatever you need to
stay strong and stay true.

You've won us over
you had us from the first "Kiss"
others don't matter.

Yes, we support you
here's something you may not know
you support us too.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog only for a couple of weeks, and I was disappointed to see that it was going the way of another of my favorite blogs, Graycharles. I enjoy your thought process Chris, and I hope to continue getting to look into your brain here and there. Oh yeah, I really like your music too. Don't let the idiots get you down, I think you're a smart man and all of your decisions to date have been good ones in my humble (but correct) opinion :-) Take care and be peaceful.

DJ in AL said...


I think many will say they saw this coming, and there was absolutely nothing you could do to stop it. Your celebrity and success and everything that comes with it, is now your new reality. How you deal with this may be as important as how you deal with the success itself.

Your fans will love you for whatever reason they currently love you, blog or now blog.

For me, I happen to think your music is terrific. As an added bonus, I found your blog and a glimpse inside your head and heart. I don't know you, but I'm guessing if I met you under ordinary circumstances I would call you friend. That may be naive on my part, since well, this is just a blog. But it's my perception. And well you have a pretty good handle on what perception is.

So, I'm going to say what I always say, keep doing what you do! You will always have a fan in AL.

Anonymous said...

sideburn here.

rawk on with your bad self, chris.

you can't please everyone...not even your "fans"...so continue with what cha do.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

You are so cool. I can't wait for your new blogs. I love reading them. They are the highlight of my day. As Kay says, your fans will accept the new blog and embrace it. It really is a shame that it got so out of hand.

Kevin said...

Hey, whatever you do, I'll still be your fan. It's like that song, "I'll Stand By You".

kara said...

Chris, you are an amazing person! I love when you put yourself out there like this. I think you write honestly and from the heart. You make it clear that you are not about fame and fortune, but about people and relationships. It's a shame that you feel that you can't be yourself in the same way that you used to be. Keep praying and putting God first, and you will figure out how to be you in this new context. It is just a huge change, and change can be hard. Hang in there and know that your fans love you and appreciate your candor.

IknowIam said...

I wouldn't say you're undeserving. For instance, you're definitely more down to earth than most people would give you credit for. And you're alot like my best friend, he's could care less about what his personal community thinks about him (to an extent). You know, the attitude that you described about "I don't care". Well he has that attitude. But he cares about what complete strangers think of him. He's a deep thinker and most importantly, he's honest.

You're honest. You don't try to appease anybody for your benefit. That's a very good quality in any person. Sure, you'd like to make everybody happy, but who doesn't?

You're good to your fans.

risalea said...

I agree with Kay. Your fans appreciate the access you have given them, whatever form your blog takes on. You're very wise to ignore the negative and look to the positive. I hope the feedback that your fans give you lifts you up during the hard days and make the great days even better.

Take care, Risa R.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that a lot of people treat you like "that guy on American Idol who now is blogging." Deep down inside you are "a blogger who was on American Idol."

Carmen said...

Wow, I can tell you have put a lot of thought into this. I am so glad that you realize that you cannot make everyone happy or that everyone will understand your point of view.

I am also glad that you are going to still take the time after your shows to connect with your fans.

Chris, rest assure of this, your real fans "get your heart". Anyone who has ever taken the time to really read your blog and listen to the things you have said, knows that you have the love of Christ in your heart. Your concern for relationships and people really came across during your Q&A on the 11th. I walked away from that with the realization that no matter how much fame & success you have achieved, (and will continue to achieve) that you are one of the most grounded individuals I have ever met. That you get the purpose of why we are here. A lot of folks go their whole lives and never get it. I know it took me until I was in my mid thirties before I started to understand.

Finally, I want to say that you are a fantastic writer. Please don't sell yourself short in this department. You have the remarkable ability to share your heart with others through the written word. You can make people laugh, ponder, cry and yes, even get annoyed by taking pen to paper. That is a gift that few folks have. Keeep up at it. I know that I am not alone when I say that I look forward to reeading the things that you have written here on your blog.

Peace & love,

My favorite scripture.
John 15:12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

cynrama said...

I just enjoyed it while it lasted. I knew it was falling apart though, but it's not your fault. You just can't be yourself around strangers. It's the way people percieve you that matters...like you said. Anyway, I still love you! God bless.


cynrama said...

oh and I meant to mention that I'm excited for the new changes and hope that it will make for a more enjoyable access to your fans....

Lydia said...

Chris, I'm praying for you. I am proud of how you are handling all of this, and I am so glad I have gotten to know more of your heart through all of this. I know American Idol was just one small step in the grand scheme of who you will become, and I will be watching to see where you go next. Truly, enjoy the journey.

ChrisSligh said...


I could not have put it better myself. I am a blogger who was on American Idol. Perfect.

Thanks for the support, guys,

HstryQT said...

I love this part of Sandy's Slighku...

You've won us over
you had us from the first "Kiss"
others don't matter.

Like many have said, we'll support you no matter what! I've always thought the negative posters should just be ignored. People continue to hear you, and love you. Those that don't take the time to listen aren't worth trying to "win over." :)

My mother in law is a perfect example of this. I've been trying to get her to listen to your cd for awhile now, but when I won in the Look Alike contest she started showing off the picture to everyone and listened to your "old" HPF songs (which were posted on Kay's site around the same time as the contest winners). She said she listened to them all day and then ordered the HPF cd. See? All they have to do is take the time to listen!

Can't wait to see where the blog goes! I'll be happy when you haave the time to talk to us instead of the negative posters. :)


lucy mcaahn said...

Do you like Elliott Smith? I think he was the best musical artist to ever exist.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Chris ~ Love the comment that Sandys slighku says. You had me from that first kiss on the auditions. My son was a finalist in the look-a-like contest (he didn't win boo-hoo) anyway, it got everyone at his work listening. Come to find out most of them were already fans but were not aware of the HPF cd..Now they are listening. So yes all it takes is for someone to listen. You have an amazing talent with your voice & your writing.

Badpacifist said...

Now you're talking. Good to see that you see this so clearly. Now we don't have to worry so much about your sanity! We know we are important to you, you have made that clear. You don't have to answer to all the silliness. We on the blog get you and all the anon's with attitude don't. Too bad so sad. Blow 'em a kiss and move on.

bmorebamma said...

lol yep i have been saying that fo quite sometime that ya can't win , so while you decide what happens next . i hope that you can continue , but if not . it's been fun:(

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

There was rising concern that your unannounced or explained silence might be of greater misfortune than mere frustration. Welcome back.

The following is to test if my understanding is in agreement with the message you posted.

This blog as created with intimates, meaning family, friends and long time fans, in mind. You have been overwhelmed by the large increase of new fans and acquaintances, myself include, which caused to take step back to re-evaluate because they don’t have enough of a shared history and they are often misinterpreting what would be understood by family and friends. This is taking time from other things to explain what is probably the obvious to the original bloggers.

You have returned from your retreat with new criteria on what you are going to post, how you are going to say it and how you are going to edit it. You hope this re-invention will be an improvement in the long term though long time fans will be disappointed in the short term.

Too many people underestimate the value of your participation on American Idol, that friendships could and did develop among what to the general public were just competitors and your departure from show did not mean they ended. Ergo any reference to you’re A.I. friends is responded to as namedropping, sometimes worse.
Also the show gave you great exposure that helped further your career as singer, songwriter and performer.

You put great effort in maintaining contact and goodwill with your audience, particularly those who go to the live shows and will continue to do so, because it pleases you and it allows you continue with your chosen career. Doing so with every blogger has been taxing, time consuming and not very rewarding.

You have deleted the last ten days because you want to start fresh and have great expectations.

Given your usual stance I am surprise that you didn’t end with “I am blessed” instead of “I am undeserving“. If you were undeserving you wouldn’t have this wheat and chaff situation driving you to distraction.

I’ll go on the tacit assumption that the non-appearance of this entry is because it isn’t at least 90 percent correct.

Peace, Health & prosperity


cynrama said...

I agree, Lori, I think actually responding to the negative posters actually hurt us worse than the posts themselves. It's really hard to let stuff like that roll of your back though, but it would have been alot better if everyone just ignored the negative comments and if Chris just deleted them without word, but we all make mistakes. I fell victim to "getting into it" with negative posters myself so I know exactly were Chris was coming from. I know it's frustrating to have people put words in your mouth especially when your words were from good intentions and others make you out to be malicious for it....I understand. Lots of love!


Anonymous said...

That annonymous person said it best, you're a blogger who was on AI.. not the other way around. I'm glad you're taking such a positive outlook on the blog. I'm ready to see what the new changes will be. You're a great guy and a great writer, don't let anyone tell you any different :)

I can't wait to see you up on stage next wednesday night!

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU CHRIS ... for all you do. I wouldn't miss a day of your blog, and I look forward to its future direction and growth.

Stay strong!

- NZ Fan

sandmoran said...

A.I. on tonight
wish I could be excited
like I used to be.

Hey, those three are great
fine musicians, all of them
wish them great careers.

But my favorite
and my first choice isn't there
neither is my heart.

Brenda said...

I loved top three night!
Melinda, Blake, and Jordin
Put on a good show

On finale night
Chris Sligh will be back, and we
Are in for a treat!

It's all good! Yo, dawg,
These boys and girls are da bomb
Give them a shout out!

Chris, I'm glad I was here when you were just a blogger who was on American Idol. I will miss your from-the-heart sharing, but since I've been here for a while, I understand why you're changing the way you blog.

Excuse me while I go vote!

Susan said...

Whatever you decide will be right and proper and your fans will always be your fans regardless. It has been wonderful that you could share to the extent that you have and for this long.
Looking forward to more of Chris Sligh's Blog.
Always a fan and support,
Keeping you in my prayers,
Susan Antley
Long Point SeaCoaster

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Even without the American Idol stint, I know I would still like you. It's your personality and voice that I like. I would probably like you even if you're a porn actor. LOL

Have a nice evening.


IknowIam said...

Im with Sandy on this. Our favorite isn't there.

Makes me want to pretend to cry y'know? I might be emasculated if I actually do cry. :D


Laura in CT said...

Just saying hi and giving you some love.


bmorebamma said...

mr . sligh this is really a sad state of affairs in this country. when someone goes on a tv show to chase their dreams , and then have to deal with this crap. i was just talkin to stev o she says this a part of bening famous i beg to differ. i truely hope that you will be able to continue your blog. iam one of your fans that discovered you after ai. so iam kinda new to the blogging , hearing your side of things has been great. please don't let the jackels get to you

gg45 said...

Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts as you've muddled through this. You've clearly had some epiphanies, and it sounds like you are at peace with your new approach. Your "youness" really comes through in your writing, and I look forward to seeing more of that. And I've missed you these past couple days--very glad you're back, with a new well-grounded focus.

I really enjoyed tonight's Idol, whereas I've been in a listless Sanjaya-less funk for weeks. I'm with Sandmoran--I can't say I'm excited per se, but I even liked ol' Blake tonight. And several favorites indeed aren't there, including you, so I'm looking forward to "homecoming" next week and will watch with my older bro and sis-in-law. In fact, I'm reconsidering the tour. Life is short, embrace the schmaltz, date or no date! So, did someone mention a site that has a presale? I think that was buried in the night of the 300 posts, which you wisely zapped-black Monday or whatever.

Tomorrow's a new day!

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Nice move, Chris - and I think you'll be better off this way. We're glad to get our Sligh fix, any way you can dish it out.

I know there were alot of negative vibes in the posts and discussions you took down, but there were also some incredibly positive comments and good points that will now be just a faint memory on your computer. But always remember the words of encouragement and support from your true fans (and you know who they are) that went through it with you over the last two weeks. We "get" you Chris - and look forward to the success you are destined to find.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Karen Burns said...

Chris, I am so glad to hear you are getting back to the originality of your blogging. I enjoy reading your journeys, thoughts and deep words.
You are right, we would not been aware of such profound words, and spiritual thoughts if not for AI,and that was just one of the many roads you will travel.
I am looking forward to the wonderful things you are going to bring to us your fans.
Stay true, and bring on more of your humor, you are a hoot.

All my best to you


Anonymous said...

Well dude, quit bitching. You know if you only want family and friends reading you can make it...you know...private? What's the big deal?

Rebecca Lynn said...

Chris, I'm so glad to read this. I was starting to get a little concerned for you, because you seem to (from my perspective - a human on this planet who does NOT know you personally)care too much about what others think of you, and you seem to try to hard to get everyone to like you. As I've told my own kids, not even Jesus enjoyed that! Jesus had plenty of enemies, and people who hated him with a passion.

Good luck to you Chris. I think you're wise to rethink, and possibly restructure this blog. Maybe write one for family and friends (by invitation only?) and another for your adoring fans? That might be one way to share your thoughts in a more constructive way.

Best of luck to you Chris. I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

The thought of Chris as a porn actor is...um...indescribly disturbing on SO many levels, to say the least! :::shudders:::

Ash Greyson said...

Just pour love on those who get you, in the end they are all that matter. It is hard to resist but dont waste energy on the people who dont get you. As far as your blog, I say blog away, I am really enjoying mine, but you might want to restrict comments on some posts that could be problematic.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to be here for the next phase of your blog!

Just to help you guys out, the presale for most of the shows is tomorrow at 10am eastern and the password is 'CRAZYGOOD'. You just type that in on ticketmaster. It's on the poptarts.com site so I'm not making it up. :P

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

So what is the next phase. I think you are defending yourself too much. Be who you are and celebrate it. Sathe

ChrisSligh said...

Thank you again, Anonymous posters. You guys are what makes celebrity worth it.

Anyway, to the rest of the comments: you guys are great. It's been interesting as I've thought through stuff to figure out how I need to change and be better when it comes to everything.

By the way, Blake's 3 performances last night were, I think his best 3 of the season - "When I Get You Alone" was freaking bad to the bone, and "This Love" - wow. All 3 of the finalists were incredible last night...one of the best shows of the season - but Blake's were special for me...really great.

Anyway, I am traveling today, so it may take a little bit for comments to show up.

Peace and love,

ChrisSligh said...

Btw, Lucy, I love Elliot's music, but I'll be honest - I haven't listened to it a ton. I have a couple of his albums and love the Beatle-esque sounds he has throughout...he was a really talented songwriter.


GG45 said...

Thanks, Tawny. Happy travels, Chris!

natalie said...


I enjoyed your pre-Idol blog and hope you get back to more of the same!

Life is short, enjoy it!

GG45 said...

HA! rickey.org has a clip of your workout video with Chris R and Sanjaya--Well DONE, fellas! (I love your 2-handed technique with that handweight, Chris)

Anonymous said...

Chris...I like the phrase you used "They don't know that my heart beats for friendships and relationships and connecting with people." This is how I feel but never had the words to express it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your Kindred Spirit

ChrisSligh said...


That video was so freaking fun. Seriously it took us like 3 hours to get it because every time I grunted when I said "dunk" the three of us would just start laughing. Oh, my gosh...seriously I had forgotten about that in the whirlwind of the last few days of being on the show....that was hilarious. Everyone needs to go over to rickey.org and check out the video.


Carrie said...


Presale sucks a lot but I'm going to get good seats if it kills me.

vivian from missouri said...

been quite for a while but I agree with what most people have said---just be true to yourself and your talent--there will always be people who enjoy putting out negative vibes --who knows why--- I always feel sorry for them and I know it is hard to ignore but you have to for your own peace of mind. I think this is going to be a crazy time for you---sounds like fun, which I am sure it is, but it is also a lot of stress. As you can see by the posts, we are concerned for you so when things get tough, rely on your faith, your family and the extended "family" of your fans because we are all sending love your way. BTW, I agree with you, I though Blake was ourtstanding, certainly the most unique of the contestants---sooooo, we'll see tonight. Be well.

Carrie said...

I'm super upset now because ticketmaster locked me out for trying to get good seats so basically............ I want to cry because I'm only going to meet you and I can't even get seats now. elwqjkletj ticketmaster you hater.

gg45 said...

Keep trying with ticketmaster folks. I had a little trouble this morning but eventually had success. Sooo, my high school niece is not so jaded after all--she, her mom, and my niece's friend will be joining me. My niece was asked to prom yesterday--her first date. The fella apparently suited up in a little armor getup, bowl of live goldfish in hand, and said "there might be a lot of fish in the sea, but will you go to Prom with me?" Awwww, chivalry is not dead, bless his corny little romantic heart! We've never met the guy, but we love him already.

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

I'm in for Greenville - July 10th. Just got my tickets - 4 on the floor about 20 rows back. Seeing the Sligh man in his hometown. I'm geeked. Now I need a few Fro's and I'm set. I may even go buy me some pop tarts.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Chris. You
are loved.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see you on the Idol tour in Greenville. I live in Greenwood so it will be really close. I am real excited.

Hope to get to meet you. Have my fingers crossed.

rosalee said...

gg45 - glad to see that you're going. I got my seats for the Nassau Coliseum - Long Island, NY.
Floor seats, 14th row on Aug 24th. Is anyone else going to the Long Island show?

steve-o-meter said...

Let us know which AI tour show you'll be attending!

Go to this Forum Post and let's see where everyone will be!

-Di. said...

It is a shame that all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch....(Ok I know have the jackson 5 song in my head.)

My point is to not forget about those who have been supportive. Ok, don't forget about me. (Sorry, we've been throwing song quotes at each other at work today.)


Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

Tickets for Anaheim are basically gone..The good seats anyway. I was logged on right at 10 & the only thing left were in the nose bleed section. Guess I'll have to wait to see you when you come in concert solo....I am so disappointed!!!! Guess thats what happens when you live in So. California..

Aparna said...

Hey Chris!

I love that video of you, Chris R., and Sanjaya on the PopTarts website. I bought my tickets this morning for the concert in Hartford, CT, and I'm really excited!

xangelglitterx said...


ONE LOVE...........

Brenda said...

Single mom on a budget here. Are you all getting the pre-sale tickets that cost about $10 extra APIECE for convenience? Because after I went and saw that, I decided to wait for the 19th at 10am to get tickets for me and my 2 teens. But y'all are scaring me into thinking there won't be any decent seats left by then!

We went to Greenville for the WinterJam concert a few months back, and I'm telling you, I'd rather stay home than sit in the rafters. They could have pulled weirdos from off the street and presented them as famous people, and I wouldn't have known the difference.

What to do, what to do *biting nails*

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris

I know you write your blog for your reasons and everyone who logs on writes and reads have their reasons, so do I. I'd like to share mine with you.

In Sept of 99, my father in law had a massive
stroke. He was bed ridden for the next 6 years. He could not be left in the house alone and my husband and I moved into the house to help take care of him. He was depressed, angry and never let a day go by without left us know how much he wished he was dead. It was a very depressing situation to say the least. One week after he was buried my mom called and told me my father was very ill. So, I went to where they lived to help her and see my dad. In the course of my father's hospitialization, my mother became ill and died within 3 months. It was heartbreaking. My father was infirmed, he needed constant care. For the next 15 months I took care of him. Oh what a sweet, gentle, loving spirit he had. He died last Oct. After the furneral my siblings turned against me, blaming me for things that are totally out of my control. I guess because I was in charge, they think I could control my parents illness or deaths. It is totally illogical, but hurts all the same.

Anyway, I have been rather depressed. I found Americn Idol to be such a great distraction. A way to take my mind of things. And then I found you. One night on the show you said something funny and I laughed and laughed. I was so disappointed when you were voted off and so joyful to find your blog. I read it every morning and all the other comments and most days, I laugh and laugh.

I am not telling a sob story just to tell it. Life goes on, time heals. We all go through things. And each day, I get a little better and hold the Lord's hand a little tighter. I'm telling you this so amist all this hoop da la about negative comments and what ppl say about what you write, you can gain a little perspective. Your blog helps ppl. Ppl like me who can use a little distraction, a laugh. Focus on us, not the haters. The haters will find someone else to hate on soon enough.

I often comment on this blog so I dont want to lieave my name. This is a happy place for me to distract myself from my problems. I dont want to bring them here. I just want you to know what is real.

Anonymous said...

Chris - I was a fan from the first time I saw your audition for AI. I found your blog and have really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I hope you get to live your dreams! And I hope you are successful!
A Fan Forever

Alejandro Reyes said...

chris i'd love to connect with you sometime man!

i love what you're doing with your blog. i'm actually an internet marketer.

alejandro reyes

Nique's Nana said...

I'm so jazzed! I got my AI Tour tickets - I will get to see my boy Sligh in San Diego at the Sports Arena.

About last night Jordin, Blake and Melinda. Well, I've always thought that Jordin would win, but after last nights performance, I think she may be going home tonight. Melinda kicked butt!

Chris, I'll keep you in my prayers while you're touring the next several months. Can't wait to see you on July 19.

risalea said...

Ok, Chris Sligh, let me tell you how much we love you. I just paid 167.35 (ARGH!) for two floor tickets on row 19, seats 11 and 12, for July 13 in NLR, AR. I'm not telling my husband how much they cost or he may have the big one right then. LOL I have never seen so many convenience charges and fees in my whole life. Oh, well, I guess it beats standing in line on Sat. morning. Happy Anniversary to me! Take care, Risa R.

Deb in TN said...

Carrie said...
"I'm super upset now because ticketmaster locked me out for trying to get good seats so basically............ I want to cry because I'm only going to meet you and I can't even get seats now. elwqjkletj ticketmaster you hater."

I know......that seems to have happened to me too...boo-hoo! I don't want to sit at the back of the Stadium or climb a thousand stairs only to see Chris as a dot on a stage....guess we need to clean our machines of temp files and cookies and go at it again......those dogs at Ticketmaster!! You'd think they would know I'm not a Scalper because I'm only asking for 2 decent seats, not 8....LOL



Great heartfelt, logical post from you. I've always felt like I understand your heart and personality, first on the AI show and now here on this blog. I think you are very human, very sweet and caring, and very honest. It's hard being darn near perfect, isn't it? I said "near." LOL

I hope you will always share with those of us who are loyal fans your thoughts and forever your heart. It's expected that private thoughts and feelings will remain just that--private, but we fans really enjoy you as a person and an artist. So yes, please just be yourself and I don't think that anything would please us more, so there's really no need to bend over backwards trying. Just be real, be humble, and honest, and your fans will always flock to you while supporting you in anything you do. Count me among those fans. I'm proud to say I'm a Chris Sligh fan and wouldn't want you any other way!

March to the beat of your own drum, Chris. I rather enjoy the sound.

With much love and respect,
Deb in TN

Anonymous said...

I guess anonymous is the way to go. Gets you a better chance for a response. So who else has the HPF in their CD player and are currently listening to it non-stop like me?

Selena said...

Best entry by far!!

This is what the Lord has impressed on me with some of my personal issues. Of course I am not a celebrity, but the purpose God has for me is just as meaningful and comes with a battle of its own. Here is a verse I've been kicking around. I think I will pass it along as you seem to be on the same page:
“Live creatively friends…make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.” ~ Galatians
Selena & Skipper

PS Does music just come to you throughout the day and you write it out or does it come out as you are playing around on instruments?

bmorebamma said...

hey bamma got her tickets , but is having prob printing .$50. @ start but 70 total, anywhoo. i don't go out much so this will be my chance to go somewhere ,or treat myself to something. can i go to any printer or will i have to buy a new one . iiiii gggooootttt mmmyyyy ttttiiiicccc kkkkkeeettttssss OH YEA !!!!!!!!!! so i'll be seeing mr sligh and friends @the first mariner arena in baltimore .;) on september 19 th

Marleybone said...

Row 30 on the floor in Atlantic City.
Chris - you can't miss me. I'll be the black and white dot to the left:)

summerluver88 said...

Hey Chris! I was looking to see what your thoughts are on who should be in the final two. I think that the judges were way too hard on Blake last night. His style and voice is so original, and I think he can put together a great album. So, who should be in the finale and do you guys know what you're singing in the finale and if you're singing with anyone? I'm looking forward to seeing you and everyone else on tour! Good luck with everything!

HstryQT said...

Like many of you I had trouble with ticketmaster. It only let me get nose bleed seats at the beginning and I was in the middle of work and didn't have time to keep trying, so I bought really bad seats.

Then of course when I came home there were awesome seats available, so I bought those also. Now I have three tickets to sell.

I have my tickets available at Stub Hub and I'd love for them to go to a Sligh fan. My tickets are only $50 - which is way less than others are selling for on that site already. Here's the link... https://www.stubhub.com/american-idols-live-tickets/?event_id=388650

Not trying to use this for scalping. Just trying to be helpful for my fellow Fro Patro-ers :).

Now that I got the tickets... it's on to stalking my radio station for Meet and Greets. (Chris, I'm determined!)

:) Good luck to all with your ticket purchases!!


-Di. said...

I'm stunned. Nothing against Blake or Jordan but I'm stunned.

Jordan should be the next American Idol.

Did I mention that I'm stunned?

kimba said...

First of all, you were never a nobody. Nobody is the idiot trying to post negative comments on your blog simply because they are jealous of your success so far.

I blog as well, and when I started out it was just for me. A complete secret. No one knew and I could be alone in my thoughts and feelings. Now, I get a lot of people I know going on and reading, and giving me grief about it. I kind of miss those days. I deleted a lot of postings that meant a lot to me when the secret started getting out.

You obviously have learned many lessons over the past year. Be thankful for them. The fools of the world are comprised of people incapable of learning lifes lessons. Do not, DO NOT let these people harden your heart. If you do, they win.

You have charisma and class. Money can buy a lot of things, but not those qualities that you obviously have you have in multitudes. Be what you are, and stay true to your heart. Trust me, if you do, and stay focused, what ever it is you are chasing will eventually be within your grasp.

As a resident of L.A., and a former studio guy, be careful and go with your gut instinct. We have our share of "feeders" out here who will only want from you and never give back. Listen to your inner voice and you will never go wrong.

risalea said...

Ok, I'm not happy. Melinda did not deserve to be sent home. I think her fans got complacent with all her good judges' comments.

It felt like the Chris Daughtry thing all over again!

Well, I'll look forward to seeing her on tour (And Chris S. of course!)

bmorebamma said...

yea melinda's gone , but don't feel too sorry for her , she'll be just fine my fave left weeks ago . btw mr. sligh are you in hollyweird yet. lol

bmorebamma said...

travling today oops so that means that you're off to hollyweird?????? lol

Carrie said...


TimeYUPunishMe said...

Anonymous....You obviously have no sense of humor. Don't you know figures of speech? Sheesh........tu es mucho estupido...Told you to grow a pair of BAYAG .....LOL

Chelle said...

Hey, Chris!

I just know came across this blog and I think it's so cool that you blog on the same place I do. Just want to tell you that I thought you were vocally one of the strongest male contestants on the show. Think it's soo cool that you and Phil and Chris are all friends. And, also wanted to say I share your issues with making everybody like you. I don't know what it is, but I just can't help myself. It gets to me bad when I know that someone is unhappy with me. Oh well. Just try to remember Jesus is the only one you have to answer to! As long as he and your wife and family are right with you, then nothing else matters.

NB said...


I'm so glad to find this site. I was so sad when you got voted off of AI, and then the next week someone told me about your cd, and I bought it! I've been loving it! I can't imagine someone telling you to not sing one of your songs on the show (although I get why they think that way - silly people). It just seems that the audience would have loved it. I think your songs are so good - creative and, in my probably worthless opinion, every one has a great hook.

I'm really sad Melinda left tonight. I was stunned. I am glad to hear you think Blake rocks, because I have never been hot on Blake, and hearing someone who doesn't appear nuts say Blake rocks helps me not be as sad tonight. Perhaps the world will not come to an end, although I think Melinda has one of the best voices ever on AI.

I have always sensed a heart that loves Jesus under all that hair, Chris. That's the important thing. (((hugs))) from a fellow Christ-lover.

littleladybug said...


I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through,having to deal with all of the stress of success and having to justify yourself every time you turn around.

I salute you Chris on your courage and patience. You are right though, you do not know any of us personally, and we don't know you, yet you take the time to answer questions and have discussions with us.

You are an amazing person. I have to say the highlight of my day is going to your blog and checking for new discussions. You're going to do alright for yourself Chris Sligh! No matter what you do in life....

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who's cousin went to bob jones un. because he was forced to by his parents. But anyway, he transfered out and he said the reason why he left was because it is so intolerant of other religions and races. What's your take on this? Is this true?

gdahimself said...

To Chris
From GDA

And now for something compleatly different.
Because of your favorable response on The Rutles, I made a list of the inter-connections, starting with 1967, of how these people came together. Since it went poof with the purge I don't know if you saw the original posting.
Because it takes up rather a large chuck of space, I'll only post it again if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't going to buy tickets for the tour, but then thought about what an opportunity it would be to see my fav....Mr. Sligh. So off we go to LR, AR on July 13! (Gotta pick some friends now to join me!)

Re the finale, for me personally, though Jordin has a phenomenal voice & Blake's a great performer (IMO), neither of them have the whole package plus the "it" factor. But, oh well, looking forward to seeing you Chris, next week on the show. You do have the "it" factor plus the voice to go with it!

Don't stop blogging - I agree with many other folks who have posted here - your blog is a great read and a fun part of my day.

Take care - God Bless - Keep the Faith and See you in July!

GG45 said...

Rosalee, thanks, and I'm glad to hear you'll be making it to the Long Island show.

NB, you and I are on the same wavelength re Blake, but he's really rallied in these recent performances, and his happy spirit (and terrific folks) really came through in his homecoming clip. I was sorry to see Melinda go, but she's got a great career ahead of her, and I'll definitely buy her music despite record execs'complaints about marketability--they're probably the same fools who think Clearchannel is a swell idea, as they wring the life out of the music industry. I'll be rooting for Jordin, but I won't be upset if Blake wins, either (I would have been a few weeks ago). Won't buy his music, but he's got talent, creativity, and style that will take him far.

Chelle said...


I'm a fellow Arkie, too! What part of the state are you from?

Anonymous said...

Chris, I personally think you're awesome!! Please dont let the haters get you down. You have so many other people who are supporting you! Just focus on them. I love your blog. Please dont get rid of it!

P.S- Jordon should of went home last night. Blake and Melinda DESERVE to be in that finale. They are the best IMO.

nan said...

Chris, I hate to correct you. You said you love writing but weren't good at it. I assume a GOOD writer is someone who gets people to read what he has written. They don't have to agree with the writer or even like the writer. You ARE an incredible writer. I am sure only a few of the people who read your blog comment-and only a few of those comments get posted-but think how many people must read your blog. THAT is incredible! Pardon the bad grammer and punctuation. I am not a good writer.

Toni said...


I feel so badly that things got out of hand and you now feel you have to tone down your opinions and thoughts. I do understand though I will miss those glimpses into your head and heart.

You're a good person and I'm happy to know you, if only in a blogging sense!

I am so looking forward to seeing you on the tour and I do hope there is a chance to speak with you and at least get a pic or an autograph.

Thanks for sharing with your fans.


Anonymous said...

For the anonymous blogger who lost family members and is depressed:

I, too, usually post under a name and am depressed (due to a lost career and health problems, which I will not belabor here). This blog does wonders to ease the pain.

I just want you to know that you are not alone.

lulu said...

can you ask sanjaya if he can be my boyfriend.

lulu said...

i want sanjaya to take me to my prom

risalea said...

Chelle and Annette...I'm an Arkie, too, from the NLR area.
Risa R.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon (12:48)

Thank you, and you are not alone either. It is so odd that laughing about (Oh crap,...I could be in trouble....I am an idiot) or Paula the Cat...or the Sligh-Ku's can weaken the bonds of grief. I think some things take time to work themselves out until your spirit is free again. I am just forever grateful for this fun site. I love to read Chris's writings and all the funny, kind comments.


Still anon

Sarah said...

Woo! An AWESOME top two we have. I love Melinda, and would have loved to see her through. But both Blake and Jordin are amazing.

sandmoran said...

Well, I was wrong, y'all
and the winner of A.I.
won't be Melinda.

I hate being wrong
lost a bet with my husband
who's picking Jordin.

Now I have to go
to a car show with hubby
and I can't complain.

HstryQT said...

Hey Chris, I have two questions. Don't know if you'll be able to answer either of them, or if you have time.

Do you know what song you'll be singing on this season's American Idol cd? What's the theme of the cd this year? Like one year it was Love Songs and another year it was Showstoppers. Maybe that's just info I've missed, but I haven't heard anything yet.

I heard on Good Morning America today that Chris Daughtry will be on the American Idol Tour. That seemed weird and I think I heard the story wrong. Am I wrong? Or are they gonna surprise us?

:) Can't WAIT for next week! Hope you're having a blast in LA!


HstryQT said...

PS: I think that GMA was just talking about Daughtry's tour for himself. They just said it really weird. So forget about the second question. :)

Lena said...

Hey Chris! Was it a fun reunion yesterday? I noticed some of the contestants were in the audience, but I didn't see you.. were you there?

Can't wait to see you on the finale next week!

bmorebamma said...

the ai tour is comming to balto, md on sept 19 .so before the gang comes here . there are some insteresting fact's bout the place this ole baltimoron calls home did you know that kiki was a resident here in md , but i hear that she's moveing to texas a very famous song written by some dude named scott key was written here. oh say can you see... at a place named fort mchenery we have a lot of famous peeps who live(ed) here oprah spented 14 years here as a local reporter before she went to chicago ...... the rest as they say IS history jada pickett smith . and even cal ripkin, babe ruth called or calls this place home the first lady speaker of the house of representatives nancy.p was born and raised here. sorry i can't spell her last name. juan dixion the nba ball player was born and raised here, is aunt is the first female major here egar allen poe lived and died here , and on his b-day someone always leaves a bottle of cognac at his grave . ( they never seem to catch whoever leaves it), quote the raven NEVER MORE!!!!

we are the other ciy by the bay ( chesapeak that is). we also have johns hopkins hospital , and universtiy of maryland hospital 's shock trama

and the venue where you and the gang will be appearing is called the first mariner arena, (also known as the balto civic center , they changed the name is locatated in the heart of downtown.

well that's all for now if i think of any thing i will post it .

gdahimself said...

To Anonymous, the final caretaker of her father in law and her parents.

From GDA

If your siblings left you with the total responsibility for your parents and gave your time and best efforts while they did very little, possibly nothing, then they don’t have the RIGHT to say anything negative.

When any of them start to complain, or make charges, ask them why they weren’t there when hard choices needed to be made and action was required.

I hope your husband was a true helpmate then and your supporter now.

Annie said...

Chris, you are awesome. Ever since my husband and I watched you on Idol, we became fans. You do what you need to do and answer only to yourself (and maybe your wife too. teehee.)

You lead with your heart and that is what I have taken away from all your blogs.

christine said...

"Preteen girls, grown women, all screaming and waving signs in front of the KCPQ-TV studio like a plane was passing over their desert island"

A quote regarding Blake Lewis's homecoming. How great is that.


Lynne said...

Hey Lulu,

Would you be willing to share him? Please, please, please!

Anonymous said...

Dear GDA
Thank you,

My husband, his family, my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, my parents friend's and church family have been very supportive. I am doing better everyday. Time heals.

When my siblings talk about me behind my back,playing monday morning quarterback, I ignore them. I can not make 7 ppl who wanted 7 different things happy. I am just not that powerful, I prayed for a long time and finally it was impressed upon me, " Be still and know I am your GOD." I gave this all over to the Lord, He knows I did the best I could.

In the meantime, I need to be happy. So, everyday I count ten things I am grateful for having in my life. I cant always feel happy, but I can feel grateful and when I feel grateful it makes me happier.

As silly as it seems, this site is on my gratitude list, Phrases like "Beauty is powerful in wicked world" or I got my tickets, I'm so happy or Check out the look a like contest, such simple pleasures.
We are not hurting anybody here and neither is Chris. Chris isnt guilty of what they are jabbing about. You know it and I know, we are reading the same stuff the haters are. So let the haters say what they will and eventually they will just go away. Let this site be what it is, a place for sharing and joking and simple pleasures.

Is this site the most important thing in the world? No, But It is a beautiful distration

Annette said...

To Chelle & Rosalea,
I'm from the NW corner of the state - yep, WM country. Good to hear from you. Maybe we'll see each other at the LR show!

I have said this before, no one would ever guess me to be a blogger, or a blog reader,(or a groupie!) but somehow Chris's Christianity pulled me in from his first day after leaving the show. There's gotta be a reason for that. I just really feel that this blog is serving a true Christ-centered purpose.

Go Hogs....

bmorebamma said...

to the anon poster who has to make the tough choices involving loved ones. yea i was in that position myself , but i had to do it without any help. and due to the fact that iam a very private person ,i THOUGHT that i could handle it alone but couldn't and the guilt didn't help either becuse this person was there for me always , i broke down, that was really scary. eventually they died i WAS sad but more so relieved , cus their suffering was over and i didn't have to watch them go through it anymore .

Chelle said...

Annette and Risalea,

I'm from the southeast part of the state. From a very small town with a big tradition in football. So cool that we all ended up on this site. I haven't decided if I'm going to the tour stop in LR yet. It's very very tempting!!!

bmorebamma said...

speaking of meet and greets . i just heard on the radio that they are giving away tickes & meet and greets ai in the pakgage of course i would never get THAT lucky, but i hope that everyone that is... steve- o and hstryq will get to meet mr .sligh in your respective home towns;)

bmorebamma said...

well... mr sligh i forgot their are even MORE famous peeps i FORGOT you said @ your audition that you wanted to make him cry ..guess where HE'S from that's right he's a local from a place in balto. county called towson md, he also was on the soap the young and the restless, but i heard that ounce he left he's never looked back , but iam sure he STILL has family here. micheal phleps the swimmer is also from here , he's from towson also , there have been several olmypic swimmers from here. who have won metals , he also was in a compt earlier this year where he won more metals, i can't wait until next year and see how many metals he will win. that's all for now unless i can think of something;).