Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bigger and better things

While things in my personal career are going incredibly better than I could've planned, it's time to focus on what will happen between now and when I get to be on my own outside of American Idol again.

The American Idol Tour!!!

I know, I know - I've caught a lot of flack from certain segments of the population for actually wanting to be a part of this. I've been told it's cheesy. I've been told it's humiliating. Look, the way I look at it is this: anything can be cheesy if you allow it to be. I know nothing about the American Idol tour. I've never been to a tour date, I've never seen video except of Chris Daughtry singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" on last year's tour. I'm literally walking in with a blank slate for the tour. So, in my mind, this year's tour will not be cheesy. It's all in the mindset.

Plus, I happen to know a little bit of how production will be. And it's going to be really cool.

Will I do things that I normally wouldn't do (i.e., choreography)? Yes. But I actually enjoyed the choreography (not much, but a little) on the show. The only reason I didn't enjoy the choreography is simply because of time constraints. I'm chubby, so I'm not a natural dancer, so only have a couple of hours to work out a dance routine was a little scary for me. A lot of poeple thought I was hating on the dancing while I was on the show, but actually when I watch back the tapes I wasn't angry or pissed about doing choreography, I was just thinking really hard of what came's hard to smile when you're thinking hard about "dance moves". Hopefully the several days of rehearsal we'll have before the tour will solidify any choreography in my mind. And it will be as fun as choreography for a non-dancer can be.

Honestly, from what I've heard from the production staff, this tour is going to be so different than past tours and the changes that are being made are going to make for a really great show.

Plus, you won't be able to see Blake or Chris, Cake fans, except for the tour.

So, c'mon out, people!

Tour dates are on


Callie said...

How different will it be this year than last? hahaha. I cannot wait -- you have me all pumped up!! I do, however, have a quick question. Will we be getting an AI6 CD like previous years? Keep rockin!

Niki said...

I wish I could... I live in England, and when I checked the dates, they are all after when I'm scheduled to come home to visit. Drats.

Just means you guys have to come over here to perform, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the tour 3 times last summer, the only thing I didn't like was it was the same every night. You seem like a pretty smart guy- let's keep it fun & change it up :D

Anonymous said...

i am totally interested to go! i would like to meet a celebrity there too.. only one way to go.. VIP!!! let's hope i remember the napkins.. ;)

Bianca age 12

Anonymous said...

Yeah I plan on going this year..last year sold out on me to fast ..and well this year I dont see any Dallas Tx dates so I might be outta luck dude...but love the blog and good luck to you man...

risalea said...

I think it sounds like a lot of fun. You'll find that the Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR area will give you guys a warm reception. Don't forget, you and your travel buddies have an open invitation for a home-cooked meal while you're here (a healthy one, of course!), and we'd be glad to show you around if you have the time. Our 29th wedding anniversary is May 20th, so our present to ourselves will be our AI tickets that go on sale May 19th. We've got July 13th circled on the calendar! Have a great weekend.
Risa R.

Anonymous said...

Stop acting like you would be anywhere or people would care about you outside of american idol. If there are so many offers why cant you name any? Most people do not even remember your name. infact no one outside of american idol knows who any of you as contestants are (with the exception of sanjaya) so you are anyone else should stop acting like you're above the show. if you're above the show just what did you try out for? stupid. i doubt you have much air-time in the finale. your attempts to be funny fell flat and anytime u would say something that you thought would get you in trouble you have to go back and apologize (telletubies). its a cycle for you. i must admit i love this trainwreck blog though.

rosalee said...

Have fun with the tour. Just try not to let it exhaust you. I'm sure you'll have plenty of great tales to tell along your journey.

Carrie said...

I think the show is going to be awesome but man, shush on the Cake. I'm going for you and Blake!

Also for that anon comment; Wtf? Clearly they do not understand that you can not name offers while under a CONTRACT.

ChrisSligh said...

Anonymous, please let me answer your comments 1 by 1.

1) I've never acted like anyone would know me outside of American Idol's help. I'd challenge you to find any comment in this blog or from interviews that would imply or say that. I owe American Idol for the exposure.

2) It's funny that you should say that since today alone in IHOP for breakfast I had over 30 people come and ask me, by name, for my autograph. So, I'm having a hard time believing they don't remember my name. However, I go back to that I do owe that recognition to American Idol. And the reason I can't name the deals I'm working on is because that's how show business works...things are confidential until they actually go through. I would ask you how old you are, but it's easy to tell that adulthood hasn't hit you yet since you don't understand something that basic.

3) I've never acted like I was above American Idol, and I haven't seen other contestants act like they are above the show. In fact, with my comments in this blog, I pretty much said I wasn't above American Idol and that in my mind nothing has to be cheesy - cheesy is a mindset and when I was on the show, I took what media called cheesy and tried to have fun with it. So, by definition, that would put me on the opposite side of being above the show.

4) I probably will have a short amount of time on the finale because I came in tenth place. There are nine people more important to the competition than me, so that's how it works. Your deductive skills are amazing, honestly.

5) I never apologized on the show. Not once. I explained myself a couple of times but never apologized, so please get your facts straight.

6) I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for giving me another hit. I win. You lose.


Anonymous said...

that other 'anonymous' person is a tool...

regardless of how 'cheesy' this tour could be, I'd do it and so would any body else....when your an old bag, you'll look at your life and smile...'anonymous' will probably cringe at his/her life....

rawk on,chris

Anonymous said...

that comment was hot ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow Chris.. you sure could handle Anonymus! i love how u were there right with the answers. Anonymus, sorry but i think Chris knows himself a lot better than you or I do. Let's trust his answers and keep this blog clean :D it's meant for compliments and clearifying. Where'd you get your info btw, Anonymus? i can hardly call them even 'facts'

Bianca age 12 (but surely not THAT anonymus :D)

Dana said...

Oh, I would love to see you when you come to Greenville! But, alas, the tickets are so high and plus we're going to see Taylor Hicks just a few weeks before. Hopefully, though, you'll do a solo tour later???????

Carmen said...


I can't wait for the tour to come to Florida! I plan on getting tickets to all three shows here in Florida if I can. Heck, I might even be willing to drive all the way to South Carolina to catch that performance!

Of course this year's show is going to be different. You are in it! With all the incredible talent that will be performing this year, the tour is bound to be fantastic! Can you tell what my mindset is about the upcoming tour? I am pumped!

Personally, I was never able to tell that you had to really focus on your dance moves. You seemed very natural. Throw in a couple of those awesome jumps you do and trust me you will impress the audience. Dude, you can really jump! I was very impressed with your jumping abilities. I played center for my High School basketball team and I know a good jumper when I see one.

Jacksonville, Florida might be Phil's hometown, but remember this, there are going to be some major Sligh fans in the audience when you play here Looking forward to the concert!


Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Just wondering why you even give the Anonymous Naysayers the time of day. Just some constructive criticism - take it for what it's worth - but you do show a pattern of responding primarily to the negative posters. You're the dude whose performed in front of 30 million, had some of the most memorable lines ever on the most popular show in the US, have an incredible record out, will be touring the country, have record deals being tossed at you, etc. Captain Anonymous's claim to fame - now that you've been baited into it - is that Chris Sligh responded to his post.

Couple of specific questions about the tour - please let us know (if you're able to)
1) Can you pick your own song on the tour, and does it have to be one you've performed on AI previously (or can you melt our face with Know, In a Moment, How Long, Waiting, etc?)
2) Will the full AI band we see on TV be the band on the tour?
3) Can you play an instrument (I.E - bring your guitar) on stage while you perform?
4) How many songs can you perform during a tour? And does the fact you finished 10th out the 10 invited mean you get less stage time, than ...gulp....Haley or Sanjaya? (That would be a crying shame).

Keep on trucking brother - we're all proud of you - I'd love to see Anonymous wet the bed if he was asked to sing in front of 30 million.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...

I haven't gone to the AI tour since Season 1 but I look forward to going this summer. I wonder how much more the tour costs this year! Every season it goes up in price. There's no way I can miss out on seeing you so I'll be there. I'll be at opening night in South FL and also the show in Wisconsin because I'll be visiting a friend at that time. I'm really looking forward to see you play guitar.. and dancing of course! ;)

P.S-Thanks for signing the auto for me when you saw Carmen!

Love & Hugs,

Sarah said...

I went to the Season 4 tour, and I didn't think it was cheesy at all....But I didn't walk in expecting it to be. Anyways, I cant wait to see all of you guys, its gonna be awesome.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys are all excited about the tour. That's cool. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I'm glad that the contestants seem very upbeat and happy about it. Honestly, I had some reservations about taking my kids to the tour this season because of all the negativity and hostility of this season. I really don't want to attend if there's going to be any booing or other such ugly nonsense. My wife will probably look into tickets and arrangements this afternoon.

Chris, when will the contestants be free to announce their own contracts and future plans? I understand that you all have to remain quiet now. But will we hear some news after the tour is over? I'm sure many fans are waiting to hear updates from our favorites. Truth be told, all of the people I enjoyed the most have been eliminated already.

IknowIam said...

When are these kids gonna learn? Chris Sligh always wins. Geez people!

Marleybone said...

I never felt like going to an AI concert before - but this year there is a group of you that really seem like good friends, so I am thinking that will translate to - dare I say it? Tons of Fun! I'm in!

P.S. There is something to be said for choreography being a big part of the AI formula. It translates to
"stage presence" in the quick snippets we see and probably worked against you, because honestly, you really have the voice. (Few can dispute that - except of course anon - props to Carrie!) You could have stood still like Rueben, etc., but I think you like to challenge yourself, which I think is very admirable.

Anonymous said...

Chriss I always remember your name:)

Diana said...

I am so incredibly PSYCHED for the AI tour!!!! I've been waiting for this all season! I'll be at the Columbus, Oh show on August 11 and I am really hoping to get to meet you guys. My best friend and I are going to the venue a couple hours early on a mission! lol Any idea how that works? Do you know if it's even possible for us to get up close enough to talk to you guys? If you can let me know, that would be awesome (although you're probably super busy!)!

On a side note, my parents asked me what I want for Mother's Day (I'm a single mom of 2) and I sent them the link to Half Past Forever's CD on Amazon!! I'm getting you guys for Mother's Day!!! :-)

bmorebamma said...

yay iam looking forward to the baltimore leg which will be second to last . it's the first for this fair city , and iam for sure prayin that the seats at the first mariner arena are reasonable or i might be sittin in the frount row ( bob uker) ;) frount row that is. p.s . iam also looking forward to seening YOU yay yay yay.( time for bamma to calm down now.)

bmorebamma said...

mr. sligh so sorry , but iam bout to beat that dead horse ounce AGAIN!!!!!! ANONYMOUS POSTER at least he said he liked your trainwreak blog , good for them as i was saying the dead horse is......... YOU CAN NOT WIN WITH SOME OF THESE PEOPLE. it seems that folks will beleave what they want , and twist what ever you say around , apparently , some folks have reading comprehention issues lol .

Brenda said...

LOL! Chris, love the way you answered "anonymous." You are the coolest!

I'm thrilled to see that the tour will actually come to Greenville! My son and agreed to forego his Boy Scout meeting so that we can come to the concert. I'm not normally a concert-goer, one Winter Jam was enough for me, but for you I'll make an exception.

Onward and upward!

risalea said...

Chris, I have to second Tom from Atlanta's comments. Please don't give disrespectful Negative Nellies the time of day or space on your blog. At the very least, don't waste your time on someone who won't even identify himself other than anonymous. Loyal blog readers/responders deserve your feedback more than these Bozos. (In my humble opinion, of course!) Take care, Risa R.

Callie said...

I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so I'll try it again:

As far as it goes to Chris singing his own songs (which I would Absolutely LOVE) on tour -- I dont think they're allowed to. They can pick the other songs, but Ace young and Taylor Hicks tried singing their own preidol songs on last seasons' tour and TPTB said no.

BTW --- I love how you're responding to the anonymous posters. It's so professional and made me chuckle at the same time. :)

ChrisSligh said...

Tom from ATL - I totally understand what you're saying. I actually nix about 95% of negative comments but some are so dumb they actually merit a response, albeit a sarcastic one.

Anyway, to those positive commenters - thanks so much. You guys are the greatest fans in the world. I can't wait to let you guys in on the secrets that are happening right now.


ChrisSligh said...

Tom, I'm not sure about being able to choose songs - I am pretty sure I can't do an original.

It's a different band than the tv band, as far as I know. I believe it is the same band as last year's tour band.

I can play my guitar. I will be playing guitar.

I have no idea how much time in comparison to others I will get on stage.


Anonymous said...

i love how i'd look and there are 0 comments, post and then later see my name on the webb!! too cool. next.. to rule the world MUAHAHAHA.. or at least my own. (my cats.. my fish and i guess that starts with feeding them) i'm a nice ruler :D hehe love your music tonsa... PEACE BRO

Bianca ()again()

bmorebamma said...

hello mr. sligh are you in here ????

Anonymous said...

I'm almost positive that the 10th-3rd place finishers each sang the same amount of songs on past tours and I'm hoping that won't change. I think the AI tour gets labeled as cheesy because of the choreography in the group performances. I guess I can see how some would consider those cheesy but I actually like most of the group performances done on the show. Either way this will be the only way to ever see all 10 contestants on the same stage so everyone should make an effort to come out and support their favorites!

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this will get posted. But, yes, I am the anonymous person who left the "negative" comment on your blog. Um, for what it's worth, dont call me Mr Anonymous because I am a female. But anyway, out of curiosity, why do you always feel the need to "clarify" everything? I could have sworn you apologized for the Il Divo comment to Simon, but since it was actually a "clarification" why do you believe you need to "clarify" almost everything? from the 4 edits of that one sanjaya blog to il divo to getting in a little fight with a teen on idolforums who called you out (just why would you do that if this is just some random kid making up info, and you were NOT leaking info...hmmmm..) among other things..the fact is that when you must go back and "clarify" almost everything you say or think you will have to clarify, it's best not to say anything. As far as endorsements and things, i have definitely heard people talk about POSSIBLE endorsements who were much more famous, but whatever. Hope you have fun on tour since that is the only thing you wanted from American Idol, while there plenty of people who actually were in it to win who were cut :-).

sandmoran said...

So, for the first time,
the A.I. Tour will be at
our Bi-lo Center.

Must be your doing
it's all because of Chris Sligh,
hometown boy does well.

Have to get good seats
a fast-finger challenge to
buy tickets online.

I think you will be
the star of the show that night
in Greenville Ess See.

ChrisSligh said...


Thanks so much for coming back. I actually didn't call you Mr. Anonymous - others did.

There was only once that I clarified on the show. And that "clarification" was because Ryan asked me a pointed question and I gave an honest answer. I wasn't trying to clarify.

I clarify on this blog because I feel like -for the fans who find this blog - they deserve something that the media isn't giving them, so I clarify as best as possible. I can't help that some people take things I say and post them in other places.

The Sanjaya post wasn't edited for clarifications. Before I ever knew that it had been posted all over the place, I edited a few places because I thought it might be a little controversial. It was more controversial than I knew.

And I'll just say this: if you don't like clarifications, then why do you keep coming back here? If I want to clarify something on my blog, don't I have a right to do that?

Finally, I never said I did not want to win it. I've "clarified" that out of context statement nearly a hundred times now. If you're going to make dumb statements, then please get something right. Read down on my blog and you might find how I clarified that.

And just a little hint...I know the contestants and I know who "wanted" to win it (or who wants to win it) and who didn't (doesn't). It is something that is spoken about by a lot of contestants - sometimes winning can hurt you, depending on what kind of artist you really want to be. So, until you have access behind the scenes and friendships with the contestants it might be best for you not to assume to know what you don't know. People are complicated. They can't be brushed with broad strokes.

Anyway, hope you come to the tour. It's gonna be awesome.


Cathy Storms (Seestorms) said...

I've never been to an AI tour but I am going to this one. I can't wait to see you live. Have fun with it & when the tour is over you can show everyone how far you are going to go. Your fans love you so don't ever forget that. Personally, I can't wait for the tour to be over so us fans can get a new Sligh CD.....

GirlyGirl45 said...

Chris, can you explain how this tour will be different from previous tours (other than the contestants/colleagues)? For the first time, I'm tempted to go (credit Sanjaya, Melinda, and you), but I'm 45, haven't been able to convince friends or coworkers to join me, or even my niece, who has been to two AI shows in the past but who is now in her jaded-over it teenager phase, so I'm considering grabbing a kid off the street (or maybe a Fanjayas, Fro Patro Unite ad?!). I do fear the cheese factor and am considering your "it's all in the mindset" comment. My mindset has been changing. Although your marketable music vs. experimental music discussion was oh so many blogs ago, I've been noticing my musical tastes becoming more eclectic. It used to be I wouldn't be caught dead listening to top 40 stuff, way uncool, but the older I get, the broader my tastes. Instrumental jazz interests me most now, although I saw Cracker this week and am having a Pink Floyd retro phase but recently picked up Paolo Nutini. If your HPF group does regional tours, I'd like to check you out (Jammin Java and Iota in DC area would probably be good venues for you). I enjoyed your discussion of your creative process.
About your responses to the negative folks, you'll figure out the balance. At work this week, a young coworker said that his girlfriend was lamenting turning 30 this weekend. We women of certain age told him how much she has to look forward to: you come into your own, have more confidence in who you are as a person, don't take what others think and don't take yourself as seriously. Your career is in a very interesting place right now, and I know you're weighing options and trying to let people know who you are. Just keep it real, and you'll be fine. This blog is a great way to work that out.

beanbean said...

im looking forward to the tour.
You, Chris Richardson and Jordin are the three i most wanna see perform live.

Cari said...

hahaha I am so glad you mentioned Cake in your blog! How awesome is that?!

But seriously, I think anyone who tells you the American Idol tour is "lame/cheesy" is trying way too hard to be cool... It's like people who don't like American Idol: I just don't get them.
The tour is always a TON of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing each and every one of you do your thing!

Do you know if there are going to be duets on this tour? (last year everyone did a duet)

C&C said...

The only cheesy part of the tour last year was when Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler sang "You're The One That I Want" from Grease... and they chose to do that song! I guess those two are just cheesy people.

The rest of the tour was not cheesy at all. At one point, all five guys came out with their instruments and played together like a real rock band. It was amazing!

I assure you Chris, this tour is awesome!

Anonymous said...

dont know if this will be posted...but...Are you serious? You completely removed what you had originally said in the Sanjaya post; you didn't "edit a few places," as if you edited five words lol. And why are you gossiping about people who are on there now? Was telling people that someone (who you obviously implied is still on the show) does not want to win really necessary? People are obviously going to assume that Blake does not want to win because I cannot see how it could mean any of the others. I think the idols realize that just getting your name out there does not guarantee anything, and if Blake doesn't want to win, why hasn't he quit the show? Im sure he could find an excuse. hes made top 4 now. Blake does not need people gossiping about how he wants to lose, unless he's indicated somehow that is true...

ChrisSligh said...

Anonymous poster,

Originally, I had edited the post (I still have it saved here in blogger). I decided later in the day to take it down completely. Better luck next time, though.

As far as your conclusions from what I said...I never said that someone or anyone left on the show didn't want to win. In fact, I never said that anyone didn't want to win. I just said that unless you have friendships with these people you would never know if they are in it to win it or for the exposure, so people's comments about certain people being in it to win it are assinine. Your conclusion there was a stretch, so to place a name with it is an even further stretch. As I said, people are complex and can't be painted with a broad brush.

So, instead of reading into it, take it face value. You or anyone else on the outside doesn't know who was in it for exposure and who was in it to win it. In reality, even I don't know that, because I can't see someone's heart. It's that simple. You are taking something out of context here....I was responding to a particular comment in my answer.


Jess said...

thank you for your blog - i find it an interesting way to get an inside view. i hope you'll keep blogging on the tour. good luck to you.

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I think the concert for the tour will be fun. I really hope its not cheesy, but I'm not expecting cheese, just some good music. And lets talk dancing...just put on some really good music with alot of beat in it..lets see..maybe old bob seager or new Kelly Clarkson..then dance your socks off. If no one is watching think of how much fun it could be. My grandaughters and I shake a rug in the garage when we think no one is watching..funny how it seems to end up on well, have fun with it...

ChrisSligh said...

I got a link to a post over at idolforums that apparently assumed that in a comment I made to an anonymous poster was talking about Blake. People quit reading into crap. Please.


An anonymous poster made a comment about people being in it to win it (somehow implying, I assume, that I wasn't in it to win it - obviously the anon poster hasn't read the fact that I was in it to win it, but never mind, I'm not gonna explain that again). I made a comment back saying that the anonymous poster didn't know who was in it to win in it, so he shouldn't assume that anyone is or isn't in it to win it.

In the comment, I said that I know who is or isn't in it to win it. I did not, however, say that there was necessarily anyone who was NOT in it to win it. I was not implying any certain person is NOT in it to win it. Please take my words at face value. I was implying that the anon commenter did not know, so he shouldn't comment. For the people who like to repost my work over at idol forums, please don't post something just to get a response.

It comes down to this: everyone entered American Idol to do well. Winning American Idol is NOT the only way of winning. Sure, I would have liked to have done better than I did, but I won because success for me is being able to be a full-time musician. Winning American Idol may or may not be what every one on the show (top 12 I mean) wants. That's up to them and for them to release to the public if they so please - I AM NOT trying to steal anyone's thunder. My WHOLE FREAKING POINT was that some idiot posting on my blog who doesn't know the contestants doesn't know who is in it to win it, so they have no right to assume they do.

As I've said a hundred times, I don't do hidden agendas. All 4 of the remaining contestants are my friends. I was not in ANY WAY dissing any of them or trying to bring them down.

Gosh, I get really sick of people being so dumb.


ChrisSligh said...

Hey guys,

Yeah, thanks for the comments on the cheesy comment. I was NOT saying that the tour is cheesy, I had just gotten comments that it was cheesy. I know nothing about the tour other than this year it doesn't seem like it's going to be cheesy.

Also, I feel like I should explain the comment I made earlier "sometimes winning can hurt you" so that it isn't quoted over and over out of context. Honestly I should've given context before in the post, but I didn't think about it.

Chris Daughtry has said that he was glad he didn't win because in his opinion it could have hurt his credibility. Because of the way that things work with BMG, the person who wins -as we have seen with winners in the past - rarely makes the first record they really want (Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, etc. - they all have expressed concern with making records they weren't crazy about). Clive Davis is a genius and a legend, but perhaps with AI winners, he has taken too much creative interest in making their records, maybe not. That's debatable. Chris was able, for the most part I understand, to make the record he wanted. From what I've understand Taylor did not make the exact record he wanted.

Now, obviously, this is all hearsay from articles I've read. I've never won nor known anyone who's won, so perhaps my comments about winning are out of my league. I'm just commenting on things that I have heard and seen discussed.

Whoever wins this show will have a great career. The 4 singers who are left deserve to be there and are going to be fantastically successful in one way or another.

Hope that helps.


GirlyGirl45 said...

Chris, I understand (sort of) your desire to set the word twisters straight, but you're leaving me hanging me here:

In what way will this tour be different from previous ones?

How much is "group sing," how much is performed solo?

Of solo performances, are you limited to what you sang on Idol, or do you get to do other songs, more suited to your personal style? (I think you answered that doing original pieces is probably out; understandable)


ChrisSligh said...


I'm not allowed to give details, and honestly I don't know too many details any way...I just know that it will be different than past years from what the producer says. Like I said I don't know what past years were like, so I'll just trust what they say.

Sorry to leave you hanging.


GirlyGirl45 said...

Okay, Chris, "different from last year" is about as tantalizing as Ryan Seacrest saying "surprises are coming up....After...The Break." But thanks for answering; maybe I'll get to see those Chubby dance moves, maybe not. And hang in there. Seems to me several contestants (past and present) expressed a sentiment that it didn't matter whether they "won" Idol, by making it to the top 10, they felt they'd won exposure and possibly some signing interest and other offers. I didn't take that to mean they weren't going to do their best. Most people are rational. Don't take the bait, it'll wear you down.

Kelly said...

"Plus, you won't be able to see Blake or Chris, Cake fans, except for the tour."

what does that mean, chris?

ChrisSligh said...

It means exactly what it says: unless you come to the tour you won't be able to see Cake this summer.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us is other contestants will be playing instruments. Will Blake have his BBing rig? I understand if you cannot tell us. Just thought, I'd ask as it doesn't really give too much away since we already know the are allowing you all to play instruments on tour like last year. thanks

bmorebamma said...

there is usually a duet (that is what i heard) fantasia &john stevens did one( example) , do you know the 2 who will be doning that this year

bmorebamma said...

yea mr. sligh you might be right about mr. davis. i heard that kelly clarkston wanted to write her own songs on her current cd. but mr. davis wanted to have his own writers, but kelly stuck to her guns , i heard that even bo bice wanted to write his own songs and have his own band sugarmoney with him but it was nixed, he did get to write one song on his cd . called valley of angels. but there was a little compromize ie the duel disk. btw his cd was not as bad as some people made it out to be.and i hear that a 2nd one is a comming in da fall. and as far as daceing is concerned i love to dance don't do it as much as i would like to , and goning out to a clubs here can be really dangerous.i would like to audition for so ya think you can dance lol

Cathy Storms (seestorms) said...

I know this isn't the place to post this but I couldn't find any other & I couldn't wait to tell you that I just heard that Kelly Clarkson will be performing at the AI finale...You'll get to meet her..Every interview I read about her, she had nothing but really good comments about you. You are too cool.....

tez said...

Chris, I have been reading your blog since it was put back up and I have been very impressed with how you handled yourself lately. Also the whole issue of can a Christian sing Rock music, and what IS a Christian struck a major chord withe me. As I know how you feel about 'fans' spilling their guts to you, I will leave it at that and just say you seem like a very strong person. I admire that. My 12 yr old daughter is dying to see the AI tour this year so we will most likely be in Bham. Look forward to hearing you live. Take care and keep speaking your heart.

KaTrina said...

I bought my concert tickets today.

If I had it my way, the top 4 would have been you, gina, blake, and jordin.

I'm so excited to see you guys in concert! I can't wait! I'm pumped! =)