Sunday, July 15, 2007

Discussion Thread



Ash Greyson said...

Grape-Nuts... how can they name it that when there are no grapes and certainly no nuts? Why not Peach-gravel, it makes as much sense.

Carrie said...

Can we talk about music? I need some new stuff to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Music? Okay :) I saw Smash Mouth tonight. I've been a fan of theirs since 1997 but I hadn't seem them live before. They were really awesome and Steve is a great performer. He's very talkative and interactive with the crowd.

Have all of you heard The Exciting Mr Brown's songs on myspace? They're an old band that Chris was in for those who don't know. I hope it's okay that I mentioned them in here.. *Hides*

hischildiam said...

Man am I jumping up and down at 1 AM! I finally figured out how to post on here without being anonymous. Have been shut out since the RIP post. Talk about Bob Ueker pressing his nose against the glass!

Anyways, if we're talking music here I'd just like to say "Thank You" to Chris for introducing me to so many new artists. New to me anyways. Found your top 100 list a while back and had never heard of Ben Folds, Ray LaMontagne, Edwin McCain etc. Went to Rhapsody and checked them out. WOW! I was like a kid in a candy shop!

Also was fascinated by your blog post of your musical journey. Having been raised in much the same religious environment as you, albeit 20 years earlier, it really cemented my connection with you.
I also, LOVED SCC's "Dive" when I first heard it! And Bebo Norman is WONDERFUL!

I love stories of fellow believers who run afoul of the "law" and yet end up clunging to grace all the more.

Am strategizing every way possible to meet you in Glendale in only THREE days! Woohoo!

Blessings to ya!


boxcarbecca said...

MUSIC! As Chris mentions, there is the great Ben Folds, then there is this French Canadian chick, Jorane, and I don't know what the heck she's singing, but she plays cello in this magical way and puts so much emotion into it all, and Imogen Heap is amazing, and the folky Ani Difrando is so good that I can even overlook her politics, and Rose Polenzani is just the best poet put to music plain and simple. I just <3 music.

And hi, Chris! I'm really getting all excited about these demos you're working on, and what direction you're going. I keep hearing Christian rock rumors. Normally, that would be a let down for me as I'm not a christian, but from hearing your older music, I know that you keep your music open enough for anyone to relate to, and you're just plain good anyway.

HstryQT said...

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick *wave* hello. I've been keeping up with the posts but haven't been contributing to discussion. We're packing up our house and moving to Indiana in the next weeks so it's been a little crazy. Has anyone ever travelled ten hours with two cats before?

Lori :)

Marleybone said...

Hischildiam - I absolutely agree with your comment about this blog and the subsequent conversations. They have opened up a whole new world for me and made me want to listen and learn. And the depth of the bloggers here is pretty amazing. When you reread some of the posts from people like hstryqt and gdahimself, they are not just Sligh fans, they really know and love music. Would I ever have listened to Mutemath or Luna Halo? Probably not, but I am the better for it.

So last night Jim Boggia was playing in Philly and he is really
entertaining. He wrote the lyrics for "Glory" sung by Jaci Velasquez - who incidentally lives in Nashville. A fun night and a direct result of my newfound curiosity.

You sound happy Chris. Hard work is paying off.

risalea said...

Chris said: (in the comments under this one) "I can't explain how honored I am to have met several of you...thanks for braving the hot and sweat to see me - I am undeserving of such devotion. But hopefully you were paid off by meeting the other idols, too."

I certainly can't speak for everyone, but I think I speak for several of your "seasoned" fans by saying you're pretty much why we were there. (Well, my husband was there because I was there..... though he really likes your music, he's just not into waiting for an autograph. However, he did take the opportunity to go get a glimpse of his girl, Melinda! LOL)

I don't think I've ever waited before or after a show to see a performer. Well, not unless you count the Guess Who in 19....never mind.

Ok, off to get ready for church. Have a great day and another great concert tonight.


P.S. And DJ, I'm waiting with you for another opportunity to see Chris, because unfortunately, the picture I had made with him is the worst picture of me EVER. Can we say, shouldn't have telephotoed? (my fault, Amanda, not yours) I didn't even know I had that many double chins! LOL

Oh, yes, and Lori, while I have never traveled with any cats, my sister made the move from GA to OH with two...I'll ask her for any tips.

HstryQT said...

Thanks Risa!

For another nine months, Winnie and Lance (the cats) are still our "children" - they'll have a bit of competition soon though! But we want to make sure they're not miserable on the drive up, since they're so spoiled rotten!

GirlyGirl45 said...

Hi Chris, Hi everyone! Chris, you've worked hard, you've got a lovely voice, you listen, you interact, you're kind--of COURSE you're deserving, so cut that out, y'hear?

Lori, your life must be a major whirlwind right now, but exciting in a good way on many fronts. I take my cat to a cabin with me 6 hours away a couple times a year. I borrow a big crate from a friend that just barely fits in the front seat, and once we're on the interstate he settles right down. I'll email you some other thoughts.

Since we're talking music, I've got a question: do any of you have friends who don't like music? I have 2 friends who really just aren't into it. One isn't into live music at all but will get the occasional recording; the other doesn't even listen to radio (or listens to news radio). It's unsettling for me, because music is almost a fountain of youth or a drug for me. It makes me feel alive, it makes me happy, I connect with it emotionally, and in a live setting I feel a connection with the performers and others enjoying the music. I feel more open-minded and receptive. It's very odd to me, these people who don't listen to music; I feel a little sad for them. Maybe it's like someone being very devout and encountering an atheist? Anyway, any of you know people like that? I love them dearly--they have other qualities (even if deeply flawed in this area, LOL).

Keri said...

Hey Lori

I have moved 12 hours before with 3 cats in a loaded down pontiac. My tips would differ depending on the attitude of the cat. I had one that howled every second she was in the carrier but if you let her out she was happy as could be laying in the back window (and yes I know this is not safe for the cat if I were in an accident but you try listening to continuous yowls while you drive) I had another one that got carsick but dramamine (according to my vet) is safe for animals. I gave her 1/4th of a pill before we left and another about halfway through. She slept most of the way and was fine. The other one was fine but he didn't care about much of anything as long as there was food to be had. My main suggestion would be to take them on some short trips (if you haven't before) and see what kind of riders they are. Hope that helps some!
AKA Radkca

Keri said...

Girlygirl45 -
Believe it or not, I am one of those people. Before Chris I had never felt any connection to a musician or band. I like to listen to the radio and I own a few CDs (I think I have purchased 3 in the last year) but I never felt an emotional pull or connection before. I can't tell you why Chris and his music speak to me, I am not even religous. I think in some ways he greatly reminds me of my brother except with a positive attitude. I am 32 years old and this will be the first ever concert I will have attended. I don't really understand why some people are obsessive about music and others are not - my best guess is that it is just how our brains are wired. Some people are enthralled by stamps, some can't get enough of tax law - different strokes for different folks, as they say.

HstryQT said...

Thanks for the great advice girlygirl and keri :). I'm gonna run some ideas past the hubby.

When it comes to music, I'm very eclectic, and I'm not afraid to enjoy Pop stuff (hence the AI fascination, I suppose). I have a lot of friends who are into Indy bands and that's IT - if they consider a band a "sell out" then they will no longer support them. I guess I see their argument, but I've never agreed with it. I just like music if I like the sound - whether or not it's an indy group starting out -- or a tried and true pop-culture icon! Have you guys come across people that disapprove of the pop scene?


DJ in AL said...


No worries, decided not to end it all in hopes I'll get another chance to meet you again...but the whole thing did leave a scar! If you don't get back to AL just get close enough, hey I checked Nashville is only 3 hours from B'ham, so that works!I am so happy everything is going better than anticipated for you, it shows in your music. I can not wait until you go on tour, and can not wait until you talk about it all! I'm hoping all this "stuck on a tour bus for 90 days" thing won't dim your love for what you're doing, I'm guessing it can get old after a while.

Hstryqt-crating is the best way to travel with a cat for sure. By the way I lived in IN many years ago, it's not too bad. Hope the 1st Dr. appt. went well.

Marleybone, what you said about GDA and Hstryqt, and I will add Rosalee-these folks really know music. Because of that my whole view on music and what to listen to has changed.

Risa-well at least you got to meet him! I take hideous pics so, I know how you feel. No matter, you had your moment, and no doubt there will be others. And Risa, like you Chris is the first artist I have been this crazy about in many, many years.

Girlygirl, I'm with you, I can't imagine not having music in your life. I will say though that Chris has moved me back to going to live concerts, and there is nothing like it.

Ok, well need to go make the best of the rest of this weekend! Take care my fellow Fro Patroers, or Blogger Girls, or Core Group, and to you to too Chris wherever you are.

ChrisSligh said...

HistoryQT, good luck with the move.

Risa, thanks for staying around to meet was my honor.

Yes, I have friends who don't listen to music at's kind of weird. I force them to listen to some music like Sigur Ros or Switchfoot or Muse, but usually it doesn't stick. Maybe I should try something more pop like Britney.

A side note: the Musical Director of the tour actually produced 2 or 3 songs for Britney's new album. Anyway.

I'm gonna post some new music.


Cathy Storms said...

Girlygirl45~so agree with you on music being a fountain of youth or a drug. I'm a grandma (a very young grandma,lol) & my kids and grandkids depend on me to turn them on to new music. Imagine that? I love all kinds of music. Of course I am a dye hard Kelly Clarkson fan so I bought every grandkid & kid I have her new album. I also bought each of them
HPF. I love having them listen to new music.
Tawny~traveling with cats? I guess putting them in a carry all is the best way. I had a beautiful grey cat that was a stray. He bit be one day (not very hard) but I got a horrible staff infection from it & now have a really ugly scar on my leg. We kept the cat because I really loved him. Unfortunaltly he either ran away or joined another family (which I hope).
Concert question, can you take Chris a gift of somekind to give him?

HstryQT said...

Thanks Chris! I also recently found out that I'm pregnant :) Lots going on- if you play your cards right we might name it Chris or Christina. lol. (Kidding - don't think I could convince the hubby).

Good luck with your upcoming shows!!


GirlyGirl45 said...

Wow--great comments about music nonlovers.
Keri, it's very cool that Chris has awakened an interest in you--I envy you that this is your first concert (mine was Led Zeppelin--and I'm not a metal head by any stretch. My brothers were NOT happy to be dragging their 13 yo little sister with them). Anyway, your first concert will be more wholesome, and I hope it's a happy lifetime memory for you (and maybe the start of new musical experiences).

Lori, actually I was kind of a pop snob myself (stuck to rock and indy), but my tastes have become more eclectic as I've aged. My main preference now is instrumental jazz (talk about a dying niche), but I like everything but rap and country (and even Phil and Carrie have me listening to some of that, although to be fair, country has poppified itself over the years).

Chris, yes, I know what you mean--you feel like a friend may be receptive to sampling a little something, and then the all-important "what to pick?" It's kind of delicate. I have to say that as I get older, I purchase less music, and I'm finally understanding the appeal of downloading individual songs to get what you really enjoy (I had thought of iPods as just a whole lot of work to search and download), although I do get nostalgic for all the great album cover art from days past, and there are some carefully crafted albums that really should be enjoyed in their entirety. I appreciate all your music recommendations to keep me broadening my horizons.

Cathy Storms, I KNEW I liked you, and it's so cool that you're the musical matriarch of the family! keep spreading the love...

gdahimself said...

To Lori the History Cutie
From GDA,

Keri’s: “My main suggestion would be to take them on some short trips (if you haven't before)” refers to “desensitization”.
It may be use to read the Wikipedia entry on this.

The URL:

Hope it at least gives some insight.

Another name to the list “Christian”


Badpacifist said...

Federal Reserve....Its neither federal or a reserve.
Numbers 22:21-34 God is funny... to paraphrase this scripture...If your ass won't move their may be an angel in the way.

HstryQT said...

Good point, GDA!

Brenda said...

I may be one of those who (gasp) don't love music -- at least, not ALL the time. When I'm in the car, the radio is playing and I am singing. If I'm not singing, the kids know I'm not happy about something!

However, I am a lover of peace and quiet. I truly enjoy silence. My kids want nonstop music going, and it drives me crazy. My son will have rock or rap going in his room, and my daughter will be playing pop, contemporary Christian, or rock. It makes me want to SCREAM! (which, btw, is a song by ZOEgirl that concerns self-mutilation, but speaks for me nonethless)

I enjoy a variety of music, old and new, but not 24/7. I think it's in the stillness that we hear God's voice.

I first heard Chris sing at Southside Fellowship back in 2003 (I think it was), and I was captured by his voice and the meaning of the song, and that's when I became a Sligh fan.

Cathy Storms said...

My bad...I put my comment to Tawny when it should of been our own resident history cutie..I have been put of charge of planning a linemans rodeo for the company I work for & I am STRESSING!! I love party planning on a small scale, but for 1,000 people is really hard..
So, Lori, I hope your cats do well on your move. They will probably do better than you if I know cats.

Cathy Storms said...

Hey gdahimself, how come every time I go on Chris's fan page, you have just logged out? Someday maybe we can chat on there.

Girlygirl, thanks..I hope thats what my kids put on my gravestone, "she was our musical matriarch". Now thats a good way to be rememberd...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move Lori! I don't have much expierience with cats but I do know that every cat his it's own unique personality. I'm hoping that your babies are easy going kitties. I'm not sure about everyone else in here but I'm more of a dog person. I've never not had a dog living in my house in my 22 years of life. Question for you all: Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?

Carmen is seeing our Chris tonight. She may also be going to the show tomorrow which would be her 5th show on this tour.

Keri said...

On the music discussion I wanted to ask if anyone else had heard
OK Go. This is one of the very few CDs I have purchased this year.

bmorebamma said...

hystryqt . moving ugh!! , i 've had to move a few times that's no fun, but if the rent keeps goning up here, i will be looking for another parttime job. cus i just lost the one that i was doning . i will try again in sept. but as a co-worker from my fulltime job keeps tellin me i should not be goning for the retail sales jobs of new stores opening in the bmore area. hey anyone from S.D and is excited bout tony gwynn goning into the baseballs hall of fame, he's gonin in with bmores own cal ripkin, they have something in common . they BOTH played for their hometowm teams . cus cal's gettin mad press here in bmore. we have somethin else to be proud of , the johns hopkins hospital is #1 for the 17 th year in a row yay!! and i won't get into the negetive press that will be comming outta here soon (if it has not aready):(

Cathy Storms said...

I'm from San Diego & we are thrilled about Tony Gwynn. So much so that my co-worked named her baby after him...
Cat or Dog person..right now neither. In fact, I don't even have a houseplant right now. Life is crazy!! I love both, but ever since my cat bit me & I almost ended up in the hospital with a yukky staph infection, I'm a little leary of all pets.

Badpacifist said...

Tawny in answer to your query. Got three cats two past 15 years one about 2 years. Always had dogs but waiting for a better house for my next dog because I always get Bouvier Des Flanders. They are a big dog, kind of like a giant Schnauzer on steroids. Cats are great, dogs are great but the grand daughter is a full time job. Thank God the animals don't need dance, piano, and swimming lessons.

rosalee said...

Tawny -

I love dogs and grew up with dachshunds (a red standard followed by a black miniature), but now I have 3 birds (2 cockatiels and a lovebird). I belong to the Long Island Parrot Society. I know that one of Chris' dogs is a miniature dachshund.

Unfortunately, my husband hates dogs. He likes cats, so someday we may get one, but not while the birds are around. I love all animals and even go out of my way to put any insects that I find in the house outside (except carpenter ants, because they can destroy the house).

gdahimself said...

To Ash Greyson,
From GDA,

I recently had passing thought about how you hadn't posted in awhile and shrugged it off as your interest had shifted your attention elsewhere.
Trust you have been well.

Grape-Nuts as name is far preplexing as the description than I once read as how they are manufactured. I wish I could direct to it but it was in book I was browsing one day sometime ago.

Cheerios when first introduced were called "Cheery Oats"

Although I posted it elsewhere,
This would be a good place to shuffle through:
The Oblique Strategies
(over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas) by Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt

Here's two to ponder:
"Not building a wall but making a brick"

"Humanize something free of error"



gdahimself said...


Do your birds love your husband?


GirlyGirl45 said...

Brenda, I absolutely relate to your love of silence, especially when you're in a household of teenagers, each playing their favorite tunes, probably full blast.

Cathy Storms: (smile)

Keri, I've seen bits of OK Go and keep meaning to investigate further, so thanks for the reminder.

Tawny, I've always been a cat person, but I like dogs--I just don't have the confidence in raising them (we always had cats when I was growing up). I live in a garden condo with lots of great dogs, and my cat even seems to have dog friends when he looks out the window and sees them come and go. My favorite dog neighbor is a huge Bouvier des Flanders named Hazel; she's just so gentle and immense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris-
Coming out of lurker mode to tell you Hi! I was so glad to see you come back and check in! awesome.

I read your Bio and music stuff with alot of interest. I am way-impressed with your musical knowledge and wide spread interests. I'm getting more curious about bands, with so much stuff out there these days. Hearing imput is good.

I am one of the older people out there, getting pulled into a brave new world of downloads and MP3's. Yikes! But I'm doin' it...and You and Blake are the reason I am. You all sound great on the YouTube stuff I've heard!:-) I missed TN, but KY is still a chance.

Sending love and prayers for you all, as you find your ways.


hischildiam said...

To marleybone,
Thanks for a new artist to investigate. I will check out Boggia.
Know what you mean about being all the better for listening outside our normal paths.

I just bought TCOSB at Christian bookstore yesterday and am enjoying it realizing it is probably the ONLY music of its type I own. It is closer to my 16 yr old son's taste (Christian metal, screamo, demonic sounding) than I usually venture however I always desire to be stretched musically. Chris definately broadens my horizons.

My son's music is the extreme I know I could NEVER enjoy. That and Mariachi crap! No sense in even trying on that. ha ha

Also agree w/you about the musical knowledge of posters on this blog.
I think I enjoy them bout as much as I do Chris. It's all good.


Tonight at church we had our own homegrown Christian Praise Jazz band playing. Not usually one for Jazz but I really enjoyed it. Very good quality. They played all types of Jazz too.

Carianne said...

wow! I leave for 2 and a half days and there are all these new posts!

I love the title "Discussion Thread (Discuss.)" LOL cracks me up!

Hecansing said...

I attended the concert in LR this past weekend. It was amazing in every detail, just like you said it would be. Only one criticism, the show could have used more of your music! (BTW - saw on YouTube where in an earlier show you sang "Another One Bites The Dust"; it looked like a show-stopper. I will be anxious to hear why it was dropped - along with Melinda/Blake's "Killing Me Softly" also on You Tube.)

A couple of us waited around at the motel where you AI's were supposedly staying after the LR show. No one seemed to know anything about your arrival, so after waiting until nearly midnight, we left. We were disappointed to not know how to get to do the "M&G". It would have been beyond belief to get your autograph and meet you in person.

Anyway, it was great to see you. We throughly enjoyed the show and we are thinking seriously about purchasing tickets for the show in MO.

Thanks for getting back on the boards. We have missed you.
Keep the Faith,

Cathy Storms said...

For anyone interested, go to Nissan Live Sets & check out the Kelly Clarkson show. It's pretty awesome. My daughter & I were there. You don't know what we look like, but we are in some of the footage. I am so amped!!!

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~just saw an interview that was posted on your fan site about you moving to nashville. Cool..
I remember you said sometime ago that you had lost your wedding ring while playing basketball & that was one of the first things you wanted to buy. You got it!! It looks great. I am really happy that you have a wedding ring on.

Carianne said...

moving to nashville? I thought only country singers moved to Nashville to record albums... I guess I am a bit naive sometimes! :P
(3 Days Till San Diego!)

michaelwfan_2010 said...

Glad to hear he and Phil are moving to Nashville.. Phil and Chris together.. Phil with his family.. amazing

Hearing great things about you on tour Sligh! Keep it up!


HstryQT said...

So Chris you're about to be in the midst of a move as well! Maybe this deep discussion on moving with two cats can somehow be applied to you moving your puppies :). Good luck with everything!

You said Nashville is a great place to raise a family - that's the same reason why Danny and I are heading to Indianapolis. We just couldn't see ourselves raising a family in Northern VA, it's not the same anymore. We're so excited to be in a fresh place and taking such big steps in our lives together - once again, good luck to you and Sarah as you do the same!

Lori :)

PS: Cathy brought up the wedding ring thing. Don't feel bad about losing your wedding ring. My husband lost it three months after the wedding, *I* bought him a new one, and then he lost that one too! Luckily he found it - he had to crawl into a dumpster for it. I tell him he should get a tatoo of his wedding ring that way he doesn't lose it :).

Brenda said...


Yes, I took my camera to the AI concert, just in case there were Idols hanging around before or after, and yes, I snapped photos during the show, plus a few videos. (After all, everybody was doing it!) But here's what I want to know. Why are we allowed to do that? YouTube (which declares that any videos posted must be ones you own the rights to) is full of videos of AI concert performances! Which is great for seeing the ones that have been cut and for enjoying your favorite performances over again. But in my limited experience, it's always been a big no-no to record concerts. At BJU, they wouldn't allow cameras into the operas and other big shows. But now people have digital cameras, and camera phones, and who knows what else, and there are no security people rushing down to snatch them away.

So what is the deal?

gdahimself said...

To Brenda,
From GDA,

Regarding You Tube:
This doesn't answer your question but it may be of interest to read how the band Pere Ubu views You Tube.
Scroll down to the heading "More You Tube"


Brenda said...

Thanks GDA,
I visited that website, and that's what I thought about videorecording. I was pleasantly surprised to read about taking photos:

2. Photos may be taken freely and without restriction during concerts by professionals or fans, with flashes or without flashes, for fun or for no fun. We don't care as long as you stay off the stage and don't bother others. We reserve the right to be totally and absolutely arbitrary. It is our art.

I don't know if all bands or venues feel the same way about photos, but maybe they are.

gdahimself said...

To Brenda,
From GDA,

It has been quite awhile since I had read the page of Protocols & Operations, I had forgotten.

For the benefit of those who haven't read both previous post, the policy is Pere Ubu specific.


At some point I will return to Pere Ubu because I want to review the re-release of "Cloudland" but only have the original issue in hand and haven't received the new one yet.


SoCalJulie said... I've been reading everyone's comments on how good the tour is and feeling kind of down because my hubbie and I are trying to save money and I didn't want to spend a fortune on tickets...but guess what!!!

I just bought a pair of great seats on Ebay for a very good price.

So, I'm going to the concert Sunday in Anaheim!!!! So excited!!

Fro Patro!!!



Cathy Storms said...

yeah SoCalJulie...That is great news.

Cathy Storms

DJ in AL said...

Congrats Julie-you won't be disappointed!

rosalee said...

SoCalJulie -

And don't forget the Pink Glowsticks! (LOL)

risalea said...

For sure, don't leave them in the truck like I did! : ) By the way, found them at the Dollar Store!
And pink!
Risa R.

Carianne said...

Man, I feel like the world's biggest idiot right now!

Tomorrow is the big San Diego concert, and what have I done? I went and broke my toe! Now I'm going to have to hobble around on one foot all day tomorrow! Talk about bad timing...

Oh well. As long as I can meet my faves, I'm sure the toe won't hurt me at all!

Ben said...

Hey Chris & everyone. Just wanted to finally say hello. I have been reading the blogs for a couple of months, but I just now signed up for an account.

Chris, my wife & I are big fans! We were both pulling for you from the first time you auditioned. We both can't wait for your own tour. It was kinda cool to see that you went to Bob Jones. I had actually considered going there, but chose PCC instead (only for a year!!).

Hoping and praying everythings goin' good for you!

rosalee said...

Hi, Ben.

If you're not already a member, come join the fansite at Chris-Sligh.Info. There's a lot of nice people over there as well as a lot of information about Chris.

Nique's Nana said...

For Cathy Storms and Carianne - tonight's our night! Hope we get lucky and get to meet Chris tonight. See you there.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Carianne, sorry to hear about your toe! Tape it up real tight--you'll be fine.
Have a great time, along with Nique's Nana and Cathy Storms.

SocalJ, congrats on the tickets!

Cathy Storms said...

Thanks girlygirl45..I am so excited about tonight.I can't wait. I just hope we all get to meet Chris or at least say hi...

-Di. said...

I saw Genesis on July 10th. Let me tell you that it was a dream come true. I have been a huge fan of theirs for ... many years. :-) They were simply awesome. They played a nice sample of music from their 30+ years. Phil Collin's voice was amazing. They were all very very good.

I'm going to see the Police in Fenway. I'm also going to see Meat Loaf the friday before. I've heard good things about both concerts so I am very excited.

Life is good!
(Happy B-Day to me!)


p.s. Who here has seen the American Idol tour? Should that be it's own discussion topic?

risalea said...

It's the CA Blogger Girls tonight! Well, at least the San Diego chapter! I know you ladies will have the best time ever. Do any of you live near Temecula? That's where my brother and his family live. I've only gotten to go to CA one time, but it's a beautiful state. Have fun and crossing my fingers hoping you get to talk to Chris. Give us a full report tomorrow! Risa

Brenda said...

Hi, -Di,
A number of us have seen it, including me in Chris' hometown! Those concert reviews/comments were in the previous thread. I also posted a review on my blogspot blog, accessable through my name/link here.

The latest concert comments will most likely end up here unless Chris starts another thread.

Cathy Storms said...

Oh my gosh..The concert was awesome. Started out great spending the day with my grandaughers & daughter, then meeting Niques Nana & Carrianne. They are the nicest girls. Then our 7th row seats turned into 2nd row seats. Chris noticed my girls in the audiance & gave them the thumbs up for their t-shirts. He came off stage & took my hands. After the show we hung around for autographs. When I told him I was one of his blogger girls, he grabbed me & gave me a huge hug. He signed autographs & took pictures with me & my grandkids.
Chris, thank you for such an awesome night.
The concert rocked. I have been to alot of concerts & this was one of the best I have ever been to.
Plus, Chris, you made my grandma coolness go up about 100 percent.

Brenda said...

Wow, Cathy! You are one cool Grandma, for sure! congrats on meeting Chris and getting a hug!

risalea said...

Cathy, that's great! Your granddaughters will never forget the fun night with you at AI. And very nice that Chris acknowledged the Blogger Girls. Way to go! Risa

Nique's Nana said...

I had planned to get to the sports arena early in the morning, but changed my plans and didn't get there until 1:25 in the afternoon. I figured it would be early enough to meet Chris. A small group of ladies were standing around and when I asked if the idols were coming out they informed me I had just missed all of them! I was so bummed out, but I figured I'd stay after the show and try to meet them.

Shortly thereafter, Phil Stacey came walking up to the group pushing his two kids in a stoller. He talked to us, we got picturs with him. He commented on my 'Fro Patro' shirt. I told him I was a big Chris Sligh fan, but unfortunately I had showed up too late and missed meeting him. After taking more picturs of Phil and his family he left.

So I'm standing there talking with Carianne and her family, btw it was great meeting you Carianne, and who do we see walking up to us but Chris Sligh! I was so excited. Apparently Phil Stacey had told him there was a 'Fro Patro' fan out there that had missed meeting him. I got to meet, shake hands, talk to and get a picture with my boy Chris.

Thank you, thank you Phil Stacey for whatever you said/did to get Chris to come out and meet with me.

Chris, you are the most awesome and kindest person. Thank you for making a Nana's dream come true. I will forever remain your most loyal fan.

BTW - the show, it was outstanding. All of the idols perfomed their butts off.

It was great to finally meet Cathy Storms, and to Carianne, thanks to you and your family for offering to give me a poster to make a sign for Chris and for loaning me the sharpie to get his autograph on my TACOSB cd. I came so unprepared.

God bless you Chris - my prayers are with you and the other idols to continue to have a safe and fun tour.

rosalee said...

Cathy -
Sounds like you really had a good time! Are you going to leave a report on Chris-Sligh.Info (and photo link)??

rosalee said...

Same question as above for Nique's Nana...

Brenda, -Di - Check out the fansite for additional Idol Tour info....

DJ in AL said...

Charles Christopher Sligh (my Mom used to call me by my entire name when I was in trouble),

Dude, you gotta come give your blogger crew a little love! We miss you! Give us a little something to get us through the rest of the summer, will ya?

Cathy and Nana, I am over the top jealous that you got to talk to Chris and get hugs, but thrilled for you too, I know how important it was to you.

ChrisSligh said...

Well, last night was awesome.

1) I love San Diego.

2) I got to hang out with 3 blogger girls.

3) The show was awesome.

Overall, it was great.

I'll post something soon.


DJ in AL said...


Thanks man! I knew you still loved us.

risalea said...

San Diego is gorgeous, isn't it? I flew into there going to see my brother in Temecula.

And Chris, feel privileged, 'cause how many of the Idols are met at date after date by the Blogger Girls?! : ) I daresay, none but you!

Thanks for checking in!

Joshua Griffin said...

Dude! Can't wait to see you up in LA. Fun, man. JG

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, I was thinking that you were not in San Diego long enough to fully enjoy our lovely city. I'm glad you loved it. One of my previous bosses who was headquartered in Northern California used to tease us about not needing raises, etc. because afterall we got to live in "God's Country".

Thanks for referring to me as a "girl" when I could be your mom twice over - LOL. However, I did feel girlish when I met you. I was so star struck.

I wanted to stay after the concert to see you again and the other idols, however, my son who so graciously escorted me to the concert had just come in from spending the week in L.A. (had to be on the set of his movie that is in production) and he was so tired. He almost fell asleep during dinner. I had to get him fast.

Kick butt tonight in Fresno!

Why all the back and forth from SoCal to NoCal to SoCal to NoCal? That's crazy.

Bear hugs and kisses to you -

Carianne said...

Chris Sligh:

1.) The show was awesome!! I've seen your tour songs on YouTubem but that is NOTHING compared to live! I was hopping up and down on my foot practically the whole time! "Thanks for the memories" "typical" and "Crazy/HeyJude" were big time highlights!

2.) it was SO great to meet you! I just wish I could've thought of something cool to say... I was so nervous and had so many things running through my mind that I hardly said anything!

3.) It really was kind of you to come out a second time just to meet Nique's Nana. I know a lot of celebs wouldn't have been so kind, but it really does mean a lot to the fans.

4.) Dude, you *always* need to carry a Black AND Silver Sharpie, just in case... I do :P

nique;s nana & Cathy: It was awesome getting to meet you in person! You two are so sweet and your enthusiasm is so contagious! I'm glad you both got to meet Chris! ^_^ I wish you could both come to LA with me on Monday to see the show all over again!

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~same as Niques nana, thanks for referring to me as a blogger girl. I am also old enough to be your mom.
Your concert was AWESOME..I am still on such a high from it. You are truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. The love you show your fans is really amazing. You make us feel so special.
My 4 year old grandaughter Deliah is in love with you. She has told everyone at her preschool today that Chris Sligh is her best friend. She found a spider today, named it Chris & carried it around with her all day today. She has changed all of her stuffed animals name to Chris. She only listens to Kelly Clarkson until now, now she only wants to listen to Chris. Thanks for making my grandaughters & my daughter for feeling so special.
Everyone should go to one of the concerts. It really was one of the best concerts I have been to. Everyone sounded really good.
Oh yeah, I still love the white suit.
Thanks again Chris, you really made your San Diego special.
Cathy Storms

Anonymous said...

Carianne, Nique's Nana & Cathy-That's awesome! I'm glad you all got to meet up with eachother and Chris. I agree that this tour is awesome. I'm counting down the days until my 2nd show in Milwaukee. :)

Cathy, that is too cute! Your granddaughter sounds adorable. Chris has fans of ALL ages.

Carmen said...

Cathy, Carrianne & Niques Nana,

Sounded like you girls had a great time! I am so glad that you got the chance to meet Chris and meet up with each other.
I agree with you that the tour is fantastic. Even after five shows, I still would love to go to another one!
Go Blogger girls!


bmorebamma said...

sounds like everyone had fun in S.D. and some GOT to meet mr. sligh, that's too cool i still waiting til the tour get's to bmore in sept. i hope that everyone stays safe while on the tour ;)

risalea said...

Well, this Blogger Girl is headed to Dallas tomorrow after early church for the Mary Kay Seminar. I don't know what my computer access is going to be like at the hotel, so I may have to go cold turkey until Thursday. ARGH! I've got to get a laptop!

Y'all be good! Risa

Nique's Nana said...

To Carianne, check this site out: They talk about the cake you made for Blake.

Nique's Nana said...

Here is a re-cap from someone (Michelle) attending the San Diego show, with links to her pictures and videos

She's a Blake fan, but gives a good review.

Nique's Nana said...

To Carianne - awsome pictures and great commentary. I sure wish I hadn't shown up late (just missing them). How's your toe doing?

michaelwfan_2010 said...

Good to hear from you sligh... and to nique's nana, thanks for all the links! You're awesome!

Carianne said...

Nique's Nana: Thanks for the links! That Idolforums recap is actually my sister's :P she put the pic of the two of us and Chris because we didn't get seperate ones (which I'm regretting now)...

I think my sister got a couple of pics of when you were meeting Chris, and I think my mom got some video. I'll find the links and post em for you if you'd like!

Nique's Nana said...

Carianne - please do send the links to pics and video, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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