Tuesday, July 24, 2007

10th Place

So, I thought I'd share a little bit about what I'm learning. Obviously it's important to find what one needs to learn as they walk through life.

1) One thing that I learned over the last few months and am simply being reminded of now is that it is okay for people to be better than me. I have been a big fish in a little pond for a long time, and when I see that there are performers who perform better than I, there are singers who sing better than I...well, honestly, at first it was somewhat hard to take. It was a humbling experience. Every night of the tour is a humbling experience for me, and I believe that is great. It is also challenging to become better at what I do. And, instead of being defensive about someone being better I feel freed to support them in being better than I...it's actually quite a freeing experience.

2) It should be obvious, but it seems that people don't think of it like this: I came in 10th place...I am close to the bottom in popularity of the top 10...simple right? Certain performers get incredible responses every night. I feel like I am challenged to go out and make new fans every night. Then when I see, as I did in San Diego, a group of like 50 people all wearing Chris Sligh t-shirts, I am excited and feel lucky to have fans. The reviews that I've seen of the tour have all been very kind to me, but ultimately a review is just a review and one person's opinion. I just have to go out and play as well as I can for 10-15 I'm on stage every night and then enjoy the ride...and hopefully show people a glimpse of what's to come.

3) This is the most fun I've ever had. The one downer is that Sarah isn't a part of this. I feel like I get to make a living with no pressure. Some contestants have pressure to perform at a certain level. Most people don't remember me, or remember me vaguely from the show, so it's a blank slate...I just have to go out and do my thing. Others have expectations to live up to. I set up my studio in the dressing room in almost every city and during the show, when I'm offstage, I work on demos. So, almost every day, I'm being creative, working out song ideas, helping other contestants with song ideas, recording demos, then on top of all that I get to go out in front of a crowd bigger than anything I've played before and will probably ever play again. This is fantastic!

4) Ultimately, I have to make great music to sell records. Before American Idol came around, I had several labels after me. If I had signed with them a year ago and not had American Idol, what would have sold me was the music. Coming in 10th place is great because I have the experience of being a part of this whole amazing process and to make great friends, but there are no expectations on me, other than to fail. So, in September-October when I hit the studio, if I can make a great record, then it will be the music that sells itself, as opposed to hype from the biggest show on earth. Now, granted, AI has definitely aided in making great fans...but it's the music that will do that talking, I hope. And if I don't make a great record (God forbid) then Darwinism goes into effect.

5) I have also learned that there are going to be some ultra successful contestants this year. Just take my word for it...I have heard songs coming from people that I never expected. It's going to be huge!


Kevin said...

Hey, if your songs are half as good as they are on TACOSB, and word-of-mouth holds up (and it usually does), I'm sure you'll have a successful album. I'd bet that, if they want to, every single contestant on the show this year will have success.

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Great blog - really puts into perspective why so many of your regulars like you and get your vibe - and why some people never will.

Just don't sell yourself short - sure others on stage may get bigger repsonses - they were on the show longer than you - had more time to build fanbases - and yes - maybe they are better performers/singers in this genre.

But you will not be in this fishbowl much longer - right now everything you do is compared to the other contestants - but once the tour is over - Darwinism will prevail - as you put it. I doubt your future will hold expectations of rapping and performing group musical numbers with flashing lights and media hype every night.

You're a singer/songwriter, and if you make great songs and they can find an audience - then you'll be on the way to fulfilling your dreams - which may or may not be in line with what others want for/from you.

I learned a long time ago that success is defined within yourself - not from what others who don't even know you think or expect. I feel like Confucious or something - but stay true to what you do and who you are - and you'll be fine.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

xangelglitterx said...

ONE LOVE.................

HstryQT said...

Great blog, Chris! It's good to write out the lessons you've been learning as you're learning them - that way you'll never forget.

You make a good point that you won't have to battle the high expectations that the other idols will. You just get to go out there and make an amazing album - and surprise people! (Well, you'll be surprising some people - the rest of us will be going "Told you so!")

I agree with Tom in ATL - don't underestimate yourself because of audience response on tour - they had longer to form bigger fan bases. I think that you're one of the most talented singers in the group, and you proved that on the Idol Results Finale in the Beatles medley! :)

See you soon!!


DJ in AL said...


As always Tom says what I want to say, and says it better-darn him. I know this tour is critical for you and your career, but it won't always be like it is now. How great will it be to go on tour and have nothing but Sligh fans in the audience? You will know that those fans will be there because they love you and your music and I believe, like what you stand for.
I don't know how you see your future, but I hope you are visualizing a satisfying, challenging career in many facets of the music business.
For me, I can't wait for your next record and I hope you tour. However, if your career takes a different direction then, your fans will support you. See this is not an Idol blog, this is a Chris Sligh blog, we come here because we love you.

Just keep on going out there and doing what you do, you may be surprised how many fans you pick up along the way.

Hang in thered dude. 10 is ok in my book.

risalea said...

Chris, I'm so glad you are seeing your supportive fans out in force. (and now I'm really sorry I didn't have a Fro patro shirt to wear the night of the concert here...probably other tightwads out there like me, too! LOL...I'd rather spend the money on your next CD)

If you aren't getting as big of an audience reaction, at least on your solo, I think it has to do with the audience not being as familiar with that song. It certainly has nothing to do with the performer or the performance. You rocked in Little Rock!

I don't know if there are "better" musicians when they get to your level....I think everyone brings his/her own strengths to the table and it's more a matter of differences in style. And if this is any consolation....some performers attract a really really younger fanbase....from what I've seen on here, you've got a fanbase that is going to hang in there next year and the next (and we have our own credit cards and don't have to use mom or dad's to buy your music! LOL)

We love ya'! Ok, I'm in Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar...I found a Curves 4 blocks from my hotel, and I'm going to run down there and work out before awards night. Take care!! Risa

xangelglitterx said...

ONE LOVE....................

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, all of the above have just voiced what I would have said to you.

If you don't make a good record? How can you even think that? Your next album will be just as, if not better then your first.

Everyone I talk to that followed AI remembers you and always refers to you as the curly haired guy with the awesome voice and agree that you should have gone on further.

I hope that Sarah will soon be able to join you. Right now being so far away from her makes it hard for her to be with you.

Chris, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and so much is waiting for you when you get there. Keeping you in my prayers -



Tom in ATL said...

Hey Dude -

Just a couple more observations - I've read a ton of reviews for the tour - and almost everyone of them has singled out your performance and noted that you had a great voice, should have gone farther, will eagerly await to see what you do next, etc. These are primarily reviews/blogs from people who went to the show to see others - but came away remembering you and liking what they hear.

There are plenty of singers/bands who are mega successful who wouldn't get the time of day from an Idol audience - let's face it - you made it this far in spite of really not being "the Typical".

How well do you think Mute Math, or Third Day, or Ryan Adams, etc. themselves would be received on this tour? Most of the people come to watch the people they saw on a TV show, and you were on it less than the other people on stage.

And to echo DJ's comments - Idol may have been the vehicle that opened our eyes to you and your music, but we're your fans and will be long after your Idol days are behind you.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Marleybone said...

A third of the way through the tour. Time to think and reflect.

In my heart of hearts I know that you will write music that will change peoples lives. Tom in Atl - your third paragraph (first blog) says it all.

We supported you back when, and it only gets better.

I hope the Philly fans don't disappoint. I have a feeling they
will make your feel real welcome!

Carrie said...

For once I have nothing to say. I loved this blog and didn't expect it, which makes it all the better. I'm glad you're having a good time on tour and don't worry about the cds; I know a good portion of us will be buying yours, and probably more than one copy.

DJ in AL said...


Dude, I continue to adore you. Chris, he's spot on.

ChrisSligh said...

Hey guys,

This blog wasn't a downer...in fact just the opposite. I'm excited about what's been going on! Thanks for the kind words, but the point of my blog was to say that I'm excited. I get to make a living doing music. Almost every day, I'm setting up shop, making demos, writing songs, and then on top of that I get to go in front of 10-15,000 people and do all songs that I love! This is exciting!

I have actually gotten a better reaction on tour than I expected, to be honest, so my words were not at all complaining...it was just some observations and some experience from which I'm learning.

And though I won't point out individuals, there are a few people on this tour that I think are better singers than I. There are several who I think are better performers than I. I say that with the utmost of respect for those people, not in any way to tear them down. I don't think of myself as much as a singer/performer as I do a songwriter/musician, whereas I think of most everyone else as great singers. It's not a downer thing...it's an exciting thing to be able to realize there's freedom in accepting your place in the world.

10th is a GREAT number.

I could not be happier.

Peace and love,

DJ in AL said...


Ok, well good, I get that. But just so you know, you need us? hey, we come running. Whatever you need!

HstryQT said...

10 *is* a great number :).

Carrie said...

I like 10 because if you were 11 or 12, the tour would be a bit boring. Even if you think people are better than you or not, watching the guys perform as a group, it's you who made that performance amazing. (And maybe Phil, too.) The only thing that really could have been better than 10 in my opinion was 9 or 8, etc... but I don't think that it really matters where you place in the end.

And I definitely didn't see this blog as complainy at alll. To me, I read it as a positive revelation, which is why it made me happy.

Badpacifist said...

Can't wait for yours...can't wait for theirs and hoping you never have to ride in a car with Lindsay Lohan to any events.

Nique's Nana said...

OK, my bad. I feel better now. I'm happy that you're having a great time. Like I stated once before, Chris, did you ever in your wildest dreams see yourself doing this? What an experience to have lived, and the exposure, how priceless is this?

BTW, thanks for the shout out to your San Diego Fro Patorers!

I'm kicking myself in the butt because I didn't think to drive the hour and a half to Anaheim to meet you again - argh!! How silly of me.

SIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Glad to hear it's all good - I guess your fans (at least this one) are more defensive about you than you are.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Karen Burns said...

Chris, you have more fans than you think. Some may not have the t shirt and some of us were unable to make the tour. But we are behind you, what you have and are going to give us more of, and that is your God sent voice and music.
What matters most is you are doing what you enjoy the most.

God bless

Carmen said...

I just want to say that I think you are a perfect ten.


Anonymous said...

I saw you in Phoenix and had a sign saying "Sligh is my Guy" but we were in the 34th row -- so I'm sure you didn't see us. I have to tell you there were so many of us cheering for you and you really sang the heck out of TYPICAL - I think partly because of your exposure of this song - Mute Math is climing the charts with this song. In my opinion - you sing it better.... I love you voice -
A friend in Arizona

LLL said...

just poking my head in to say that i really admire your attitude toward everything that's gone on this year. and also that i'm very much looking forward to seeing you on friday! :-)


p.s. don't know if you happened to see it, but john mayer gave mute math a major shout-out in his blog the other day: http://johnmayer.com/blog

GirlyGirl45 said...

Chris, I'm just hopping on and off and not reading through comments. Just want to say thanks for sharing your thoughts on what you're experiencing right now. I LOVE your insights and the way you write. I've been hearing a lot of incidental praise of your singing and your performances on the tour, and the reviewers have been nearly consistently favorable, from what I've seen. In fact someone on rickey.org who has not been a fan of yours reported after the LA concert that she'll be buying your CD. So while we talk of non-Sanjaya fans being "Sanjaya'ed" at the concerts, you've got your own superpowers, my friend.

What comes through in this particular entry is just a mature perspective on where you're at, being comfortable with who you are (my sense is that this has maybe not come easily for you over the years), recognizing the work ahead of you and your expectations of yourself, and simply enjoying the spectacular ride you're on right now. And, once again, I'm amazed that you're somehow setting up shop in the dressing rooms and WORKING on your stuff in between a grueling schedule--ambitious much? yet, you're also collaborating with your mates. Have fun, Chris, and thanks for writing (and keeping us guessing on #5)

amandarhea86 said...

Chris that was a great blog. You are making fans beyond belief at the show. LR, i sat and talked about you non stop so im sure everyoen around me stopped and listened to you. I cant wait for your cd, i blast your music all the time, im addicted to your voice, its by far one of the most amazing i have ever heard.

By the way sorry i dropped off the face of the earth guys, I was reading a book and couldn't know the ending until i read it. But something funny that happened..i called Gina a dumb butt on the phone. Long story but she took my friends phone when i called her and i was in the midst of yelling at a car. But yea haha...

Love you all.

P.S. still no results back yet.

sandmoran said...

Greenville's little pond
will be missing its big fish;
one that got away.

In the bigger pond
with all of the bigger fish,
some pretty big worms.

You will swim faster
than you ever have before
to catch yourself some.

But please be careful
chasing down those big ole' worms,
don't swallow the hooks!

nicoletta76 said...

Hey Chris! We saw you last night in LA! You did so well! I am so excited that you sang Typical again! Love your version of it. Congratulations on your success. Wish I would have worn a Chris S. shirt now! Oh, well! It is interesting to read what you are learning about yourself! Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that in placing 10th you don't have to live up to expectations like a few others do. All you need to do is go out there every night and be yourself which is exactly what you're doing. Not only have people been impressed with you on stage but offstage as well. It seems that you've been one of the few who have stayed out the longest signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

Your album will be great because you're working your butt off to put out the best album possible. Of course we don't know how well it'll sell but as long as you're proud of it, that's all that matters.

11 days til Milwaukee!

Marleybone said...

Sandmoran - seriously great Sligh-ku.
You could be published - maybe you already are??

Cathy Storms said...

Chris, great blog. I thought you were the stand out in San Diego. Everyone who sat around us were blown away by your performance. If they weren't total Sligh fans when they got there, they were Sligh fans when they left. Not that the other performers weren't good, because some of them really rocked, but I wouldn't have even gone to the concert if you hadn't been there.
I can't wait for your new CD.
Niques Nana, darn, I was looking for someone to go to Anaheim with.
I love you Chris, and thanks for the San Diego shout out.
Cathy Storms

Cathy Storms said...

Chris, you are so blessed. Being able to do what you love, performing almost everynight & still having time to create great music, wow...I don't think it gets any better than that. Other than not having Sarah with you to share it all.
It sounds like you are having so much fun. Being selfish (me), I can't wait for tour to be over so we can have a new Sligh CD.

amandarhea86 said...

Hey Fro patro, im in major need of prayer. i havent been feeling well, my spleen and liver are killing me and i feel like my spleen wants to rip out of my stomach. The bad part is. These are the 2 organs my cancer attacks. I just pray my chemo hasnt stoped working.

Love to you all.

DJ in AL said...


Prayers are on the way-stopping what I am doing.

Be strong.

rosalee said...


We are all with you. Hang in there.

Cathy Storms said...

Amanda~you are in my prayers. Hang in there. All of us fro-patro'ers are with you. With this much prayer & strength you will be feeling better in no time.
I'm passing your name along to my daughters prayer group...

risalea said...

Amanda, I'm praying the discomfort you're feeling is not from chemo failure, but from the chemo fighting hard to kill any cancer cells. And besides that, from the short time I was with you, I could tell you are too determined and focused to let cancer win. Praying now! Risa

risalea said...

Sandy, your sligh-kus continue to amaze me.

Chris, I guess we jumped to give reassurance when none was needed. It sounds like you are using what spare time you have very productively. We can't wait to see the results in the upcoming months.


Carmen said...

My prayers are with you. I am praying that all will be well and that your body will heal Love to you!

rosalee said...

Chris -

You will always be a big fish, no matter if it's a pond, lake or an ocean.(and I mean that in a good way).

You just have to find your niche, whether it be performing solo, with a band, songwriting, producing, or all of these things.

In my opinion, you had the strongest and best male voice on AI this season, hands down. There were a few women who had you beat, but who says there can't be more than one big fish? As far as "performing", there are different types "performance". Some people excel at moving about the stage and interacting with the audience, as with the AI tour routines. You excel with guitar in hand performing with HPF.

I wear my Fro Patro button on my bag and it goes everywhere with me. That button is a conversation starter. However, more people have asked me "What is the meaning of Fro Patro?" than have known it's meaning. There is a vast untapped audience of millions of people who only occasionally or never watched AI. They need to be introduced to you for the first time. Now this is where Darwinism sets in. Remember the first couple of weeks after you left AI? You were in the news headlines, and on radio and TV almost every day. The HPF CD peaked at number 22 (if only briefly). YOU WERE BEING PROMOTED.
In my opinion, no matter how great your music is, you will not succeed unless YOUR RECORD COMPANY GOES ALL OUT TO SUPPORT YOU (PROMOTION PROMOTION PROMOTION). In terms of "survival of the fittest", you must be "promotionally fit" as well as "musically fit".

I'm glad you are at peace with yourself and are having a great time. Hopefully Sarah will be able to join you to get a glimpse of your experience from time to time.

Sandy -

Do you want to copy the Sligh-ku over to our fansite "Sligh-ku library"? It might disappear from here some day...

Badpacifist said...

I have worked very hard so that my love can use her God given gifts. She just got her Bachelors magna cum laude in Radiologic Technology and will spend her next year specializing
in Radiation Therapy. I am a simple man but I know that bad things must be fought. So keep fighting and praying. All of us out there forget at times to give thanks for all we have been given.

bmorebamma said...

awww amanda iam sooo sorry to hear bout your cancer, you WILL be in my prayers, btw your pic is tooo cute, how did you get the nerve to give mr. sligh that kiss on the cheek. lol

Marleybone said...

Amanda - lean on us when you have to.
You know you are in our prayers.

ChrisSligh said...


I'll be praying for you.

Again, guys, thanks for the outpouring of compliments...it wasn't the purpose of the post, but a nice sidebar.


Cathy Storms said...

Isn't it great that all of us strangers have become friends who really care about each other & pray for each other. Without even meeting any of you except for Carrieanne, Niques Nana, & sort of Chris, I feel close to you guys & only want the best.
Chris, you rock...you brought us all together...Your music, your honesty, the way you make us all feel like we are part of something really big.

DJ in AL said...


I prefer to think of it as an outpouring of love!

Cathy Storms said...

dj in al...Yep a definite outpouring of love!!!!

DJ in AL said...


Great post, I ditto your thoughts.

susan4455 said...

Dear Chris, When I heard you on AI the first time what struck me was your incredible voice. I didn't necessarily like your song choices, not safe mainstream music; which was probably your undoing sad to say. The group performance of "Stuck in the Middle" had me humming that for days, I couldnt get it out of my head. I was really po'd when you got voted off; you were my number one choice from the start. I have since bought your CD on itunes and love it! I can't wait to see what comes next. So keep making music, keep having fun, and remember what Liberace told his detractors...."Im crying all the way to the bank".

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I wanted to leave a comment the other day about your creativity on tour, and songwriting...and how great that all sounded. Today, I definitely wanted to tell you that!

I am really thrilled at the creativity you are finding and harnessing, and the growth not only as a musician but a christian. I read all this tonite with such a warm feeling for you--and I know tons of other folks feel the same. Yes, its true that the Tour has to be chockful of lessons and certainly a marathon in endurance of all kinds-- but you are being forged in the fire, and being made more than you ever were before. That is a beautiful thing.

I have heard really terrific things about you, your voice, and your guitar playing, online. The feedback is good, so make sure you take stock of all those shiney faces looking back at you. They might be fans you don't know you have. :-)

Sending love and prayers, along with everybody else--

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, we know that you were not fishing for compliments. We just thought you were going through a rough moment and we wanted to get your spirits up again. Although it turns out your spirits were doing just fine. Nevertheless, as you can see, we think the world of you and have no problem letting you know how much you mean to us. You make us so proud.

On another note, how come we haven't heard any of your songs on the radio yet?

Regarding Cathy Storms post @ 7:40, she hit the nail on the head.

Love and prayers to you and all the 'Fro Patro' guys and gals.

risalea said...

OK, you guys may think I'm out of my mind, but how about we play a game I'll call "Where in the World is Chris Sligh?" (Y'all have heard of Waldo, right? Forgive me, but my schoolteacher inner self pops up from time to time) Anyway, here is Chris, going all around the country, but I'm guessing he is not getting to know much about all the places he's visiting, with no time for sightseeing. So what if we take turns, looking up his next venue, and posting some interesting facts about the city?(I wish I'd thought of this before NLR!)

OK, here goes: After an evening break, Chris's next stop is July 27th in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma, which sits on a peninsula in the Puget Sound, is known as the "City of Destiny" and is the 3rd largest city in Washington state, with a population of slightly over 200,000. It was designated by Prevention Magazine as #19 on it's list of most walkable cities. Mount Ranier National Park is nearby (actually not a mountain, but an active volcano).

OK, I'm tossing the ball....add to this, or take on the next one! Risa

michaelwfan_2010 said...

Sligh man..you are amazing, and I am totally glad you went on Idol...because if not for idol, I would not have grown to love the slighanator.

Just watched the new webisode, and you and Phil, and you and Gina had me laughing so hard!

Sligh" I am probably going to drool on Phil's shoudler.
Phil-- smiles for a moment " Yea I am looking forward to that part."

Gina-- starts to pull a hair on his shirt " O wait that is still attached" then she pulls it anyways..
Sligh-- "Ouchhhh!"

You never fail to put a smile on my face!

Love you sligh!

hischildiam said...


Just wanted to say I had the GREATEST time meeting you in AZ. Was blessed to get a Meet N Greet AND then running into Mr. Sparks in the hallway and gaining an invite to the After Party!! What a PERFECT night!

I missed choir practice last Wednesday for the show and tonight I was there relating my awesome story of the concert and I told some about meeting you (my favorite) and someone incredulously asked "HE is your favorite over Jordin???" (You see Jordin is/has been part of "us" - our choir).

That got me to thinking because your type of music (indie rock) isn't even on the radar of my most loved genres. And though I love Jordin to pieces, I feel like I KNOW you. Your blog has given substance to this idol/fan relationship. Thanks for being open and accessible to us.

I told Phil Stacey you were the BEST top 10 EVER! He said he thought Melinda was the best singer EVER on AI. I said I agree but that he was not very far behind. He thought I was sucking up to him and I said "NO REALLY! I MEAN THAT!" He said: "Yeah, I see whose shirt you're wearing!"
I had the "Sligh's My Guy" tank top! We had a good laugh.

So...all that to say, you may not be THE best singer out there but you don't HAVE to be. You're still my ABSOLUTE favorite idol...EVER!

Luv ya!

hischildiam said...

Hang in there, sweetie. And know the Lord loves you and has not abandoned you. Draw near to Him and He will always see you through.

I'm praying for ya!
*big hug*


IknowIam said...

Simply amazing, Chris. Consider your success a blessing from God. You definitely made 10th for a reason. It's a wonderful thing to embrace humility as you have. It truly is a Christian-ly characteristic!
I don't post comments that often, so please take what I say into consideration...And (although you already may have) be thankful for your many blessings. You've already stated that you truly are undeserving, but that's what makes God's gifts so wonderful! Don't you agree?

Take care.


Carianne said...

This blog post is GREAT! I'm glad to hear you're so happy... And hey, 10th is NOT bad at all!

I haven't posted all week because the LA concert killed my foot. It literally swelled up to over half it's normal size! That's what I get for jumping up and down on a broken bone! :P

Chris, I want you to know that I have been to several concerts in LA- 3 AI concerts over the years. The crowd *never* stands, and always has that bored, slightly above everyone feel to it. I felt so bad for the reception you guys got! I thought, performance wise, the LA concert was even better than the SD concert! You guys really brought it -even if it took the crowd a while to get it.

Thanks so much for two awesome shows! Wish I could go to more!

amandarhea86 said...

Hey everyone, thanks for all of the prayers. I called my doc at St. Judes still no results, i told her about the pain i was having and she told me i need to go to a doc or an ER soon. Im feeling pretty good right now, but that is the oxycodone talking lol. But thanks again guy. I truely am thankful for all of you. Thanks Chris.

oh and bmorebamma i dno..i just said it and he was like ok, lol. It was a great momemnt.

ChrisSligh said...


I was wondering where you were....haven't heard from you in a while...thanks for commenting.

And thanks, again, guys,

GirlyGirl45 said...

Amanda, we're all with you. I hope your body is fight, fight, fighting against those cancer cells, and in the meantime, enjoy the oxycodone. Hope you're feeling better.

risalea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
risalea said...

This is a random post, but wanted to share this with Chris and all the blog friends out there.

If you are dieting, you may want to skip this next post.....if not, read on.

If you guys are ever going through Greenville, TX (not SC, LOL), which is about 50 miles or so north of Dallas on I-30, you must stop at a place called "Mary of Puddin' Hill."

It's a little hole in the wall place (exit 95, easy to miss if you're not careful, sits on the access road) but they ship goodies all over through their catalog and online sales.

They make a killer pecan praline pie that Dr. Phil calls his favorite dessert. And they make divine fruit cake. Now, you may not think divine and fruit cake belong in the same sentence, but this is unlike any other fruit cake you've ever had. It's full of nuts, and comes in several different kinds.

And they have pecan crunch, tons of chocolate items, you name it.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it to y'all. It used to be a tradition for a friend of mine, Kathy, and I to stop there after every Mary Kay Seminar on the way home. Kathy died in a tragic fall 4 summers ago, and this was the first time I'd been to Seminar and to the shop since her passing. It was bittersweet, but brought back fond memories of visiting there with her.

Just wanted to share with y'all. Their website is www.maryofpuddinhill.com. (and no, I don't own stock in them, but I wish I did! LOL) Risa

sandmoran said...

just a little thing
one of Fro Patro's youngest
with a great big heart.

fighting huge battles
we can only imagine,
a smile on her face.

how happy we were
to hear her Idol stories;
she got to meet them.

and all of us smiled
to see the pic when Chris Sligh
got Amanda's kiss.

amandarhea86 said...

OMG im crying i just got back from the hospital and i see that...and its the sweetest thing ever. Thanks so much for that. You just made me feel so much better.

Im back home guys, they gave me even more pain pills and i have to go back to St. Jude's next week. thanks again for all of your prayers. Love you all.

Keri said...

I don't know about any of the other venues but I thought I might warn you that Sedalia, MO it will be OUTDOORS. It is gonna be hot and humid so start figuring out now how to strap ice packs on under your clothes now! I would like say how happy I am that you are having fun and aren't getting so worn-out that you can't appreciate the experience. You are just a class-act kind of guy and thats why we all love you!

Amanda - Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

AKA Radkca

-Di. said...

Dear Chris,

This was the first year of American Idol that I felt emotionally vested in. A strong part of that was your performances. I became a fan the second I heard your version of the Seal song "Kiss from a rose." Even though it was from that horrible excuse for a Batman movie, I still really like that song. Seal rules!

Your voice + Totally awesome Seal song = There was no way I would not have noticed you. I don't think I'm alone in this.

For what its worth, I interpreted your post not as a complaint but as a "wow this is teh total roxors!" or "this is super special awesome." (That's a Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series reference.)

I have a question. It is in reference to your comment about making great music to sell records. How do you define success in the area of selling records?

The reason why I ask is because there are artist I like who have a modest core group of fans but their singles are rarely top 40 material. (e.g. Michael Penn, as far as I know he's a one hit wonder.)

If you put out an album that you feel is the best music since Mozart and for some reason it does not sell, in your opinion would that mean the song were not as good as you thought?

I'm just feeling philosophical. I know that you do not have a great deal of time.

I'm really glad that the tour is going so well.


sopranini said...

Praying for you.

Your next recording adventure I'm sure will be super-duper-knock-out-fabulous. 10 is an awesomely great number to be, yes indeed. 10 toes, 10 fingers, 10 commandments, 10 bowling pins, to reduce something by 1/10 is to decimate it (you decimated AI ha ha!), you're a perfect 10!

Fro Patro,
What does 10 mean to you?


gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA,

To some degree you make coming in 10th sound like you are the AI stepchild. Be mindful of how many tried out and that you got as far as did and probably could have placed higher. Some of the reviewers thought that if you got to perform on the competition as do in the live show that you would have placed better.

I think that anyone doesn’t remember who are probably didn’t watch AI until late in the competition.
Last night I watched “Born to Boogie”, one the comments made about Marc Bolan was he always saw himself as star and would put as much in performing for the recording engineer and producer in the studio as he would playing Wembley. So I guess that helps to build a fan base if you approach all performances this way.

I find it difficult to believe anyone attending any of these show, who didn’t expressly go to see you, is expecting you to fail. I think they welcome being pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Former AI alumni have had a very erratic success with their post show careers, you could surpass them all.


Marleybone said...

Sopranini/Chris - ten is a great number - Ten was the name of Pearl Jam's debut album (not too shabby), Bob Derek was a ten (but Chris you have cooler hair) and check out Powers of Ten Day!


Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris -

Can you share with us the pressures and differences between performing on stage with AI live - and performing on the show - when maybe there are less people in the studio audience - but you are being critiqued by the judges and know there are millions watching on TV?

Peace -

TOm in ATL

GirlyGirl45 said...

Excellent question, Tom in ATL--I'd love to hear from Chris on that, too.

gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA,

If memory serves, you commented that you didn't connect with the the AI studio audience as well as you wanted to.
Is your connection with the audience on tour as good as you wish or at least better?
Does it vary depending on how many Chris Sligh fans are known to be in the audience? Part of you wrote above would suggest that this an influencing factor.

It sounds like you are at least comfortable on stage, which I assume helps.


rosalee said...

Mistie -

What does 10 mean to me?

I don't know - it's all Slighchological! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

about being 10th? I think that the minute you opened your mouth, you blew away people. I also agree with GDA in that you were 10th out of hundreds of thousands of people, and that is NOT bad, nope!

When we heard you on Finale night, Spouse was all over it, and said something like, "Gaww! That guy can SING! He's awesome!" Something like that. People are still saying it I'm sure, every time you go up there.

10th isn't bad at all. No worries.

Midge said...

Hey Chris...and all posters.

I'm quite the lurker, however, I read all the time. It's just how I am.

I just wanted to echo a lot of what is being said here. Your voice and personality is one of the few that really stand out in this huge thing they call American Idol...in my opinion of course.

Something has been mentioned about you not connecting with the crowd...or something like that. I get lost in the responses. Anyway, I saw you in Houston, and I really couldn't disagree more. Maybe it was just my friends and I, but we completely adored every one of your performances...and that's coming from people who aren't really set on their favorites...so, a little less biased. I think it might be hard sometimes with different crowds because well, there is such a huge variety in those crowds as far as age groups and such. I'm guessing you are going to see a HUGE connection once you start touring on your own..which I'm completely and utterly looking forward to. That's all I got...


ChrisSligh said...

Thanks Midge...I actually thought Houston was one of my best shows. What I'm working on right now is the professionalism of giving it the same energy in every show. Sometimes it's easier than others. Though I don't think of myself as anything like Taylor Hicks, he, from what everyone on the production side of the tour says, was the perfect example of always being 100% energy...he always gave a show. I have a long way to go, but I feel like I'm starting to get to a new peak in performing and connecting.

Peace and love,

Midge said...

No problem Chris...and I'm glad you felt the love from Houston, because we were definitely trying to make sure you guys were aware of the love in the air (heh). :) Good luck on the rest of the tour and your future success. You deserve it all.