Saturday, April 07, 2007

Q & A

All righty. Let's give this a try.

Someone suggested doing a Q & A, so let's give it a try.

You give a question, I'll give you an answer.

Ground rules: do not try to get me to say something negative about fellow contestants or the show. Don't ask me about vftw. Don't ask me about conspiracy theories with the show, or any conspiracy theories at all. If you are not a fan of me (or any other contestant for that matter), please still be respectful in your question.

Here is an example of a disrespectful question: "So why are you so fat?" Though you might think it's funny, chances are I won't. Yes, I have a weight problem, but I'm working hard to lose the weight, and have lost 35 pounds and counting. Anyway, disrepectful stupid questions won't get published.

So, ask away. Give me time with each question. I'll try to get to them all.


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steve-o-meter said...

LOL, awesome and thank you!

Will you be on Ellen Tuesday or Wednesday?

ChrisSligh said...

I am taping Tuesday. Airs Wednesday, I think. Not sure. I'm never given any info, honestly.


Anonymous said...

What are your long-term goals as a musician? Do you see yourself eventually going towards Christian contemporary, or continue to stay more mainstream with some Christian influences in your lyrics?

By the way, I love your music and your style of writing! I've been a fan since I first saw you on AI, and am impressed by your unashamed identity of being a Christ-follower. You're too cool!!

Karen Burns said...

Chris, I don't have a question but a statement (no need to post it). I hope you wanting to lose the weight is for the right reasons and for yourself. I understand health reasons and so on. But do it for you. By the looks and sounds of it your lovely wife loves you for you and your fans love you the way you are. But most of all God loves you for the wonderful man you are.
Don't let them big wigs (labels, t.v., movies etc. ) try to change you. Because you are going to go far we have faith in you. Many doors will open, stay grounded. I'm sure your wife will help you do that. LOL
Stay true. Many of us are praying for you, Sara, Adam, and Cole.
God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Do you like Roy Orbison's music?

Anonymous said...

What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you since you've been off the show?

Anonymous said...

Best experience on the show?

Worst experience on the show?

Anonymous said...

What are your biggest fears? I only have one.. lizards, they scare the crap out of me :)

Which HPF song are you most proud of having written?

Love & Hugs,

Matthew Feuer said...

Hey dude, any chance of Half Past Forever doing any sort of national tour anytime soon, after the Idol tour or anything? I really, truly love the album, it's incredible.

Mon said...

Have you always been funnY?

Do you think Adam Sandler is funny?

Mon said...

Can I ask another question? :)

If you're not a musician/singer, what do you think would you be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I have 2 questions if that is ok. How long have you been a Christian?


Does your beautiful wife sing?



Carrie said...

Do you plan on going to any more of the Idol shows just to root on your friends? (Not just the top 2 show, EVERYONE goes to that.)

IknowIam said...

Ok I gotta know. Whats your favorite movie of all time? And if you say Legally Blonde, I'll have to kill you. :D


Rebecca Rose said...

Will you be on Regis & Kelly show this week?

Will you and Half Past Forever come to the Midwest to perform a show sometime in 2007?

Thanks for being on Idol and I am so glad we all learned about your band. (I did vote my fingers off for you and Gina.)

Kimberly said...

Were there times on AI that you wondered, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Brin said...


Do you think David Hasselhoff cried when you were sent home?


BTW, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I have a podcast about breaking into the music industry. I'd love to do a quick interview with you. I have some music production questions for you.

If you're interested, my email address is bitzofbrin at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance! All the best in your career.


Anonymous said...

In the various theme weeks you participated in, can you describe what goes into the mechanics of choosing songs? How were the themes presented to you and do they give you a list of songs to choose from?

For example, the Gwen Stefani week seemed fairly vague to me as a viewer. Was there a list of bands she supplied or the show supplied...or a list of songs?

Anonymous said...

What kind of training and coaching does the show provide for the contestants at each step in the competition. You've talked about helpful producers, but are there people employed by the show to help the singers with vocal coaching, arrangements, choreography, and presentation.

Brad said...

(i'm assuming you'll get this sunday afternoon, so here goes...)

how was your return to your home church for easter??

Carlie said...

Chris, what is your favorite song of all time and why?

Anonymous said...

Will you be putting out another video blog soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Did you read the American Idol boards while on Idol and do you still do so?

sumarie711 said...

Hi Chris!

You say you aren't given alot of info about appearances, etc. Do you have "people" assigned to you by American Idol during the show and /or once you leave the show? Like...agent, body guard, stylist, etc? If so, can you give us some insight on all of that?


Anonymous said...

Are you planning on becoming an American Idol "voter" now that you are off the show? You don't have to reveal who you are voting for, if you don't wish to.

Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks for taking time to do this!

Congratulations on your weight loss! Always such a tough thing to do, so major, major props for that.

Question: Did you perform for your church's Easter Service, and if so, what did you sing?

Question: Do you have plans for a tour of your own (or HPF) before the AI tour kicks off?

Question: Does Sarah sing? (I've always wondered that!)

Question: From where do you draw your song inspiration? Do lyrics, melodies, etc., just pop into your head? For those of us musically challenged, the thought of that creative process is beyond comprehension!

Again, thanks for taking time to answer Q&A. I'm sure you have far better things to do.

Happy Easter!

Regencymiss said...

Do you mind signing autographs/taking pictures?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you voted off, but thrilled to see you are doing so well nonetheless. I was wondering: it sounds like you knew that "Every little thing..." was going badly; did you consider switching songs? Was it too late?

Badpacifist said...

First, let me say that your God given talent which you have worked hard at is an inspiration to me and my family, we are so proud and happy for you. You made this season of AI fun for us and we loved your courageous song choices. My question is , will it be possible or likely that after you sign with a big record label will this label also be able to put out HPF's Take a chance so that we can get you on the radio in major markets? As a follow up I sent a manager of many states for k-love radio the info and the free download info for Communion song which his sent on to his HQ. Are they able to put that on the air?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Great blog - I really enjoy reading it. Good luck with the weight loss!

I think I read earlier that you wished you could blog during AI, but obviously couldn't due to contractual obligations...

What CAN you tell us about the reality of being on AI? What did a general week involve - did you go out often - were you mobbed?! If you're able to tell us anything it would be amazing to have some insight into that world. If not, totally understand!

Tally said...

Do you forsee yourself doing music again at SeaCoast?

IknowIam said...


Do you like...

Coke or Pepsi? Chocolate or Vanilla? Superman or Batman? Hulk or The Thing? Wings or Threes Company? Windows or Linux? Microsoft or Mac? Duck season or Rabbit season? Paper or Plastic? Star Wars or Star Trek? King James or NIV? Simon or Garfunkel?

These are very relevent questions!! I must know!! =D



P.S. You dont have to answer these if you dont want to. Just thought it would bring something new to the table! =P

Anonymous said...

Speaking of weight, you can easily blow it off with, "I'm a rapidly recovering anorexic", or "My blind friends call me beanpole". Either way, I'm glad you have the will power to be doing something about it.

Anyway, my question is, have you thought of writing a book about your life experiences. Your background, being as diverse as it is, blows away mindsets as I have read the comments on your blog's.

Jane said...

For us desperate-to-see-you fans in S.C., do you have any venues lined up yet with Half Past Forever and will you be posting them here and/or on the band's website? Thanks,


Alexis Jacobs said...

What was three lessons learned from your experience on AI?

Nicole Wilson said...

yay for ellen. holla! we love you and her show. can you tell us a little more about your wife? she's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just curious if you have seen the Tunnel Vision parody on you-tube. My kid plays that thing like four times a day. I know I laughed very hard and was very impressed at the video when I saw it. The guy obviously worked really hard on it and loves HPF. Did it make you laugh too?

emily said...

For the theme nights, did most of the contestants choose a song they were already familiar with? It must be hard to learn a brand new song in just a week.

and Happy Easter!

ChrisSligh said...

My long-term goals as a musician are to simply become better at what I do. American Idol was a great experience because I literally grew leaps and bounds through the experience.

Eventually, I'll move slowly from being an artist to being a producer, developing young talent and hopefully producing some of the biggest artists on earth. Also, by the time I'm 50, I want to own or be president of a record label.

ChrisSligh said...

I've never really listened to Roy's music, though what I have heard has been great...several people have mentioned that they hear some similar stuff between our voices.

ChrisSligh said...

Hmmmm...maybe just being literally mobbed in NYC. It was wierd...I thought I would kinda be anonymous in NYC, but still got mobbed everywhere I went.

ChrisSligh said...

Best: getting to be friends with my competitors. I was especially close to Phil. Blake and I were very close, as were Chris and I. Gina and I got to be very good friends also.

Worst: Getting trashed by the judges for "Endless Love"...I thought and still think that putting that song to that style is not an easy task, and most people would have never put it together. I loved it...even if they and half of American didn't. I have it on my iPod and listen to it from time to time.

ChrisSligh said...

I'd say my biggest fear is of spiders. Maybe if I had paid attention in science class I'd fear less, but I don't know which ones are poisonous and which ones aren't.

ChrisSligh said...

I'm not sure that a big tour will happen any time soon because of the AI tour, and because it looks like I'll be getting signed on August 23 to a label I can't name at this as soon as the tour is over, I'll be heading to a studio to record the album quickly.

ChrisSligh said...

Have I always been funny?

Hmmm...I still don't think I'm that funny. My best friend Dan is funny...I usually just play off of him. I mean, I guess I've always been able to make people laugh...I was always the class clown.

And yes, I think Adam Sandler can be funny, though I haven't enjoyed all of his movies. I'm real excited about Reign Over Me.

ChrisSligh said...

If I weren't a musician, I would be an actor or I my first dream: a pro basketball player.

I know, I know...I'm white...but I can jump. Or at least I used to be able to.

ChrisSligh said...

I became a Christ-follower at 15, though I didn't really choose actively to live for Him until I was 21-22.

My wife doesn't sing.

ChrisSligh said...

Yeah, I'd love to go to the show, but I'm not sure the schedule will work it out. I'm not sure that I'll be back in L.A. in the next few weeks...I mean I only have 5 more weeks off.

ChrisSligh said...

Favorite movie of all time is a tough question. I'll say Se7en or Crash. There's so many, though...check out my 3 top 10 movie lists, that might help.

ChrisSligh said...

I don't think I'll be able to make the Regis and Kelly show...we're hoping to get on later in the season...we'll see.

-Di. said...

w00t! Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions.

When did the Idols record the studio versions of the songs of their performances in relation to when they performed them?

Did you prefer doing the songs live or doing them in the studio?

If you could have worked with any mentor on American Idol who would it have been?

Finally, what is the air speed of an unladen swallow?

By the way: good luck on the weight loss. I was able to loose 50 pounds for my wedding. I've since gained 40 of them back :-(. I wish you luck. Congrats on loosing 35 pounds! :-)


ChrisSligh said...

Hmmm...favorite song of all time? Man, that's tough. I'd say my favorite right now is either Hyseteria by Muse or Typical by MuteMath. Because they both show great musicianship and have great hooks.

Video blog? Not sure, actually. I'm not sure if I do well with those things.

Yes, I read the Idol boards while I was on the show...I check in every now and then now that I'm off. Mostly now I read what's going on for my friends.

After I'm off the show, a publicist lines up all my appearances, and I just get a schedule of when I have to be where for something.

I will be voting for a couple of people now...mainly for one person, if you "feel" me.

I did perform in my Easter service: I sang one of my worship songs called "How Great", I sang Chris Tomlin's version of "Amazing Grace" and the old hymn "Jesus Paid It All".

I get my inspiration for the songs from life, really. I listen to a lot of different music so I get a lot of inspiration from that. From a lyrical standpoint, I just try to write about life...sometimes more poetically than other times.

ChrisSligh said...

I don't mind taking pictures or doing autographs at all. During the times where it gets a little overwhelming, I remind myself that it's better than working at BMW building cars.

I never considered changing songs from "Every Little Thing". I worked my tail off on that song, and I'm proud of how well it turned out. The judges had their motives for trashing's all right, though...I'm allowed to disagree with them, right?

It does look as though I will be signing with a major label...obviously there is a lot of negotiations to go through, but right now it looks very, very good. It will most probably be solo...the 5 labels that have contacted me are interested in me as a solo artist, but I'm fighting to get the band included...we'll see what happens.

Also, to the same questioner: it is okay for K-Love to be playing any songs they want now.

ChrisSligh said...

TO the person who asked about my weeks on AI...I will be blogging about it soon.

I will definitely be doing music with Seacoast whenever I am home and available.

Batman (Christian Bale, none of the other clowns)
Duck Season
Star Wars

ChrisSligh said...

I am actually working on writing a book right now. I figure that I am signed right now with CAA, the biggest agency in the world...why not take advantage of it.

Fortunately because I'm in a band I am allowed to play some shows WITH the band...but they can't advertise with my name, so if you see Half Past Forever, tell everyone you know to come see me.

Callie said...

--Where are you and Gina planning to go on vacation?
--Do you know anything about what the Summer tour will be like?
--Whats your favorite color?
--I heard you auditioned in both Alabama and Nashville...what's the story on that? (If you're not allowed/wont answer this, perfectly fine :) )
--Did you watch past seasons of American Idol?

Thanksss. Answer all or just one if you'd like. :)


Anonymous said...

Do you reply to fanmail?

Anonymous said...

I'm having to answer as an ANON cause my blog name won't ever let me in. Hmmmmm....

But anyway - your reponses to our questions are AWESOME!!! (Hate to be one of those "blubberers" or whatever our fellow blogger called some of us yesterday...good grief....this is fun!) Methinks this will become overwhelming for you in short order and our ecstasy will be short lived. Drats, foiled again!

Congrats on the potential signing. Don't forget us little ones out here, always stay just as you are!

May you be Blessed beyond measure this Easter Day!

Anonymous said...

PS from one of your earlier posts.
Don't sell yourself short on "Endless Love". I've heard way more positive comments on it than negative. It absolutely rocked more than the original!

No need to reply - but would love to hear EL on your next album.

lauralunatic said...

Where do you all stay (live) at while on the show?

Anonymous said...

Dear chris!!

I AM A HUE FAN!!!!!!!!!!! but i was wondering who ur best freind on idol is???

Josh said...

So, why are you so fat? Kidding, kidding.

Anyhow, My real question is one I asked on your theological..... blog. Was there any part of AI (that you can talk about) that was hard on your Christian faith?

Rebecca Rose said...

Do they let the Idols know how well their studio full length songs are doing with number of downloads and do the idols benefit at all financially from those sales? (if you are allowed to answer the second part)

I really enjoyed all 3 of your songs available on the AI website and they sound great. I thought the arrangement on your full length, "Endless Love" was brilliant and frankly much better than the original version. They are so worth the 99 cent download, people.

ChrisSligh said...

I'll try to incorporate the question in my answer, but it takes too much time to copy/paste the question...sorry...I love to do this, but I only have so much time.

3 Lessons learned:
1) Work hard, no matter how favored you are.
2) Relationships are more important than competition, even if the competition is the biggest one in the world
3) America listens to R, S & P a lot more than I thought.

A little more about my wife:
She is from Inman, SC. She has 3 brothers. She's 5'2" and very petite (I'm 6'1" and not so petite). She worked for six years for an eye doctor and was their office manager, and has recently moved to working solely for our church Seacoast as the director of the children's ministry and the administrative assistant.

I have seen the "Tunnel Vision" parody and thought it was great.

Most of the time, contestants pick songs they are familiar with, but there have been times (i.e., "Every Little Thing" for me) where we have to basically learn a whole new song.

The songs were recorded in the same studio that Michael Jackson recorded Dangerous and Thriller, etc. While I was recording "She's Not There" I noticed 2 small windows about 12 feet off the ground and asked about them. I was told that MJ wanted a place where his monkeys could watch him record, so the studio built a room up above the control room and put 2 windows in so his monkey could be seen by MJ.

Studio or live? I love both. I love being in the studio, but being live is a whole new, different energy that is get to connect with audience.

Bon Jovi was the mentor I was looking forward to the most.

ChrisSligh said...

If Gina and I get to take a vacation together (with our mates of course) it will probably be to some beachy place...we'll see

The tour will be great and my favorite color is blue.

I auditioned in AL and Memphis because you can try out as many times as you want...I wanted to hedge my bets a little to make sure I got to R, S & P.

I have not really watched the show in the past, but the most I watched it was last season...I really liked Chris and Taylor - still do, actually. I think I'm gonna go see Chris play in Asheville, NC later on.

Fanmail - hmmm...never gotten any, so I guess I would if I did. Mostly I reply as much as I can to stuff on my blog.

Tara said...

With the last few seasons of Idol, you've lived in apartments instead of the Idol Mansion.

-Did apartment-living impede the contestants' getting to know each other, as you only had one roommate instead of 11?

-How often did you see the contestants you didn't live with?

-Which former Idol contestants have you met?

Mon said...

Hi Chris,

It was nice to hear from you.

Now, I can brag that I got my questions answered. LOL

I think it's funny that you don't think you're funny.

I don't think I am funny also but my friends say I am. It cannot be my looks because I look mean.

Honestly, I think you'll be a good actor. In the mold of Kevin James or Mark Addy. :)

Have a nice day.

Warm regards,

ChrisSligh said...

Where do we live? Well, during the semi-finals, we stay in a hotel in L.A., then we move to condos for the finals. Blake and I were roommates for the semis and Phil and I shared a room in the same apartment as Blake and Chris.

There really wasn't anything that was challenging to my Christian faith outside of just not being able to get to church on a regular basis. My church has messages up at, so I would watch Greg preach almost every week...if you don't like church, you should check out Greg from the comfort of your own's easy and painless, and you don't have to GO to church.

As far as the downloads go: thanks for the shout out. I actually thought "Endless Love" was great, too, but oh well. Um, they let us know but I don't know at this point how well it's doing...I think they tell us at the end of the season.

Apartment living definitely didn't hinder getting to know one another. I mean, you spend 10-12 hours a day with each get to know each other, good and bad. Thankfully, for the most part, for me it was all good.

ChrisSligh said...

Former contestants I've met: Justin, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Caldwell, Brandon Rogers and Stephanie Caldwell.

My Easter service was a great deal of was great to see everyone again.

HstryQT said...

What are some of your favorite praise and worship songs?

(You're so patient and amazing with your fans - thanks for being great!)

HstryQT said...

PS: Would you ever record a worship album?

Anonymous said...

Wow Chris, thanks for doing this - much appreciated. BTW - saw Reign Over Me last week and it was surprisingly excellent. Anyway, my question;

I have a really nasty sore throat that I can't shake - what's your best remedy?

OK, just kidding (I do have a sore throat though..)

Real question is Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bah Bomp Bah Bomp?

(wow, spell check doesn't like that question for some reason)

Ok - if and when you release your first solo album, are you allowed to record songs that you performed on Idol or are there rights issues that have to be purchased? Personally, would love to hear you put Endless Love on your first album, loved what you did with that song.



RSK451 said...

In your "Know" video, I've always been curious as to why you start the video off not facing the camera. By the way I love that song and your whole Half Past Forever CD!

ipek said...

Hi Chris,

As I understood, you will be on tour with AI, right? Can you give me a little more information about it?I dont know the details and the concept of this tour..

Chris I can suggest you,Gina,your wife and your friends to consider coming to Turkey because we have awesome, virgin shores, especially egean shores are excellent...If you really wanna go to a ''beachy'' place.. =)))))

*by the way you are so fuuny, dont deny it pls.
*I think you should not mind criticisms about ''Endless Love''
Everyone likes it because it became more fresh and it sounded younger when you sang it on the show...I like ''Endless Love'' a lot, I put it in my Ipod =)

Chris, who are the musicians that you are influenced from?
Lastly, Chris do you have a dream which hasn't come true yet?

I'd like to see you in Philadelphia in July, but I think it is just a dream...

hugs and love

Carmen said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you so much for this forum. I also want to thank you for signing your CD for me & posing for photos the other day out in front of WNOK. My son, his friend and I enjoyed meeting you. We are really big fans of you & your band. It was definitely worth the drive from Florida to get the chance to meet you. We stayed outside the station and listened to your interview. I think it was your best interview since leaving AI. You were extremely funny. I had hope to see you after the interview but my son told me that I would be crossing the fine line of fan to stalker (LOL) . So we left and got breakfast after your interview was done. Besides, we figure you needed to get some much needed rest & get to spend some time with your wife.

My question for you is how did you like growing up in Germany? Did you go to an American DOD school or a German one? I ask because I spent 7 years living in Nurnberg by the time I was 15. I also went to Dachau (I read your blog ) and was profoundly moved by the experience. It is something that has stayed with me my entire life. I know living over in Germany for so long has given me, I think, a deeper appreciation for America & being an American citizen. Did it do the same for you? Don’t’ get me wrong. I love Germany & the people there. In fact, I was just there in December for two weeks. It is just that living somewhere else, opened my eyes to how much freedom & opportunity there is here in the states and how great we have it here compared to the rest of the world. I am not saying America doesn’t have its faults but I feel truly blessed to live here.

My son & his friend wanted to know if you played WOW or any type of RPG’s. If you do, what server do you use and what type of character? My son also wanted to know if you had ever thought about being a missionary at some point in your life? My son plans on serving as a missionary after high school. Thanks again Chris!
P.S. Our Family plans on seeing your band on the 20th!

Aparna said...

Hey Chris! Happy Easter!

I was wondering two things:

1) If you could have been mentored by any previous idol contestant on the show, who would it be?

2) During the finale, the Top 12 contestants always sing a medley of songs by a particular artist (Season 4 it was the Beach Boys and Season 5 it was Burt Bacharach). Which artist/singer's songs would you like to sing at this year's finale?

*And by the way, I really enjoyed that arrangement of "Endless Love" that you did on Top 12 Night. I think that the judges definitely did not give you enough credit for it.

Phil said...

Chris, three questions for you:

1. Do the contestants get to know the actual vote counts after each week?

2. Do you have your own agent now, or are you working with Idol representation?

3. Evaluate the Nixonian policy of detente, addressing its ramifications on the philosophy of nuclear deterrence. Give three examples. :-) No just kidding. The real question is, do you think Roxie will wait in line at 4 am at a record store the day your first CD comes out with your new contract?

Finally, I thought you might enjoy my review of Take a Chance on Something Beautiful:

“Waiting” (with the intro track “Forever”)- I was totally grooving to the intro. Then I tried to listen to the main part of the song and my face melted off.

“Hero” - This one reminded me a lot of a Mariah Carey song, except that my face melted off.

“Know” - This is probably the greatest song ever written.

“In a Moment” - I have a big, big problem with this song, which is that it’s keyed about 3 steps above what I can wail while in the car.

“Naïve” - Awesome lyrics. I left feeling all “Transcendental.”

“Need” - I love how this song doesn’t let go.

“Rise” - Hey, I think this song might be about Jesus! Cool! I LOVE Jesus!

“Closer” - I’m not sure my face can take much more melting.

“Convenience” - By far the best use of “easy come, easy go” in a song since “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“Cry Tonight” - This is probably the greatest song ever written.

“Somewhere” - WHOA!!!

“Tunnel Vision” - Call me crazy, but I’m getting a definite Celine Dion vibe from this one.

“Gone” - I love this song, especially when you go up the octave on the second chorus. Plus, it’s probably the greatest song ever written.

“Beautiful” - Isn’t this on The Great Adventure by Stephen Curtis Chapman?

“How Long” - Dog, you really made it your own in the chorus. Same idea as “I Can Only Imagine,” but with face melting.

Anonymous said...

Chris, how can I get an autographed picture of you?

Cathy Storms said...

Thank you so much for adding this.
My question for today is..There is this picture of you wearing a t-shirt that says Encinitas on the front. Have you been to Encinitas, California and if so when?

Nique's Nana said...

How can I get an autographed picture of you?

NCFriend (Carol Ann & Family) said...

I asked earlier in another blog entry about songs you had in mind for the different theme weeks, (country, latin, bon jovi, etc), so I'm not sure if you're allowed to answer that or not.

I've got my tickets ordered for the Irmo concert. You may want to tell iticket to take your name off their website.. they have it as "Chris Sligh fom American Idol" and under that "Half Past Forever".

God Bless and see you in a couple of weeks!!!!!

sandmoran said...

Chris, I must ask you
since you've given me the chance,
Do you like Sligh-ku?

NCFriend (Carol Ann & Family) said...

Oh... and after all this time... Has David Hasslehoff even tried to contact you???

K said...

Chris, the more I read about you the more I appreciate you. You had a lot of fans on the message board I post on (let's say they measure busy signals;). Anyway, I was surprised to hear that the contestants have internet access. How much did that affect you and the other contestants emotionally, and the choices you made on the show?

I wish you and your family the best:).....and Happy Easter!

Sarah said...

Hey Chris,
What is the best bit of advice a family member or friend has given you throughout this experience?

God Bless, Happy Easter!


AlphaInsidious said...

Before you sign with a major label, are there any more songs that you and the band made that might be released as HPF?

Also, did you ever sing your original songs for any of the other contestants on the show, and were they fans?

Thanks and god bless.

DBlade said...

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer our questions. Wow... that just doesn't normally happen!

I have two questions.

1) Do you think you will have a chance to talk with Kay someday over at the website? I know it would mean a lot to her for just a hello, but any exclusives or question/answer session would also be great!

2) Since you stated that you did read the AI boards... what do you "Honestly" think of all of our silliness and the infamous "Slighcon" that several of us developed on the AI and boards?

Thanks in advance and a Happy Easter to you and Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Chriz... miss you on the show.

Can you share a little about how those of you who are Christian on the show were able to share your faith with one another and lift each other up?

If seems as it there are a fair number of believers in the competition.

Was it more of an ad hoc, grab a bit of time for prayer or were you able to set aside any time when you could pray for one another in a more formal fashion?

With a number of past and present well-known AI finalists being quite open about their faith do you think the show has a unique attraction for Christian to compete?

Anonymous said...

Do you like waffles?

Anonymous said...


Re. you & Orbison...not many people can sing his stuff. YOU can. :) If you've never heard the song CRYING, check it out. I think you could have a chart topper with that song.

Anonymous said...

Favorite contestants from last year?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who is close to who among the contestants that are left? And who were you the most closest to out of the 8 that are left?

Love you Chris, BTW.

Mondi said...

To start off, I want to say, I love you, haha. Second, just wanted to ask, if you could work with any musician, who would it be?

Tyson said...

Describe each contestant(top 12). What theme were you most looking forward to?

Tracy said...

When the Hollywood episode of AI aired, a lot of people said "Chris, Rudy, Blake, and Tom don't need this show - they should just tour as the Beatbox Four. Imagine if they'd had more than 24 hours to practice their alternaboyband routine."

Are you still in touch with Rudy and Tom? Would the AI contract even let the four of you perform together once Blake is done with the show, and would you be interested in the idea?

Ravleen said...

Hi, a few questions..

1.How much does everyone on the show read the various ai forums? And are people ever affected by them (in a positive or negative light)?

2.What were you going to choose for Latin week?

3. Do you know what any of the upcoming themes/mentors are?

4. Who do you think the frontrunners are at this point in terms of the win?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris! This is fun:

1. How important is physical appearance and style to longevity in this contest? Did you ever feel pressure to lose weight or change your look to get more votes?

2. Do the contestants worry about their mass marketability in the music industry? There is a high expectation that the winner must sell as many records as Kelly, Clay, Carrie or Chris Daughtry to be deemed a "success". I know Taylor is viewed as a "failure" by some because he hasn't sold as much. Do you feel any pressure to be a money maker?

3. How helpful was Debra Byrd in terms of vocal coaching?

risalea said...

Do you have patience for really dumb questions? (I'm the one who asked about the lyrics when they were right there on the blog, and then lo and behold, last night, found out when I took out the insert in my CD, there they were again! I told you it had been awhile since I bought one! LOL)

Anyway, thanks for your obvious patience and your willingness to be so open with your fans.

Now a real question...
What can we, as fans, do to help you promote your music? Well, besides the obvious, such as point friends to your CD or buy it as gifts for friends/family. Does it help to send one to a local radio station? I don't know how that process works. I was just thinking you've no doubt got fans logging on here from all parts of the country, and I know from my Junior League work it's all about networking.

Risa R.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
This Q & A is interesting. Thank you for truly being generous with your time.
Have you considered keeping a weight loss journal, that you could then publish ? Am not being facetious...look at Kirstie Alley. Weight loss is of national interest.Even ( or especially ) vicariously.Externally motivating for you, you'd get to use your obvious writing skills and tongue in cheek humour.It would sell like ( excuse me here ) hotcakes ! "Just A Slim Volume"
Any venture that capitalizes on this exciting 15 minutes puts that producing studio dream closer.
Happy Easter Sunday to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I know you're good buddies with Chris R and Blake; was there any funny behind-the-scenes joking around about the "cake" thing?

Looking forward to seeing you on the tour! Take care. Niki

Anonymous said...

A few questions re: Idol staff comments. Miles (the stylist) and Dean (the hairdresser) give regular interviews. Miles told EW about your season: "It's a strange year. They're not fantastically charismatic." Also, Randy Jackson said that the contestants this time are "too serious". Do you agree with their statements? How do you account for the sombre mood?

You mentioned that death threats affected your performance. Also, I saw a video of Sanjaya stalked by paparazzi. What kind of security measures does Idol have? Do you all have bodyguards? Did you mostly stay in your apartments or ever venture into the public? Were you ever fearful (especially after Teletubbie incident)?

What kind of book are you writing? Is it about your Idol experiences or Christianity, etc?

Congratulations on your new record deal! Will your new solo music be similar to your band's or a different sound?

Thank you & take care.

Becca said...

I was a BIG fan of YOU, Blake, Chris, and Phil, and I know they were your friends. Do you still go to the show and visit them or keep in touch with them?

Anonymous said...

I know youve touched on the subject a little bit, but I'm a little curious to know more about you and your beautiful wife. You two are absolutley adorable together. How did you meet? How long have you been togehter? And the fun questions all married people like to answer- when are you going to have kids?! haha

Anonymous said...

Do you/could you ever do requests for people? Say, fo example, I wanted to get a HPF CD but I would die if you could autograph it for me. Or like an autographed photo or something? And you said fanmail; where would us as fans even know where to write you to!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the original of Endless Love, but loved your version. I'm guessing they couldn't get past their perceptions of the original.

Bought the CD.

my question: do you have any regrets?

Anonymous said...

Why are there no live group numbers this season? The pimpomercials are okay, but it was always fun to see the contestants singing on results night with the mentors.

Who was your favorite mentor so far: Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani or Tony Bennett? Who was most helpful or interesting in person?

littleladybug said...

Hi Chris,

I too have a fear of spiders, not because they may or may not be poisonous, but because the have all those eyes and legs I guess.

Anyways, here is my question: Does natural curly hair run in your family? So many women would kill for you curly locks. I myself have pin straight hair, that needs gel and hairspray to give me any kind of body....

Callie said...

What song are you hoping you can sing live on the AI tour? Biggest accomplishment in your life so far? (I think that's been answered before -- forgive if so :) )

Have you ever had a character in a movie remind you of yourself? If so, what character and why?

Of all the songs you've written, which one is your favorite and why?

I dont know if you can answer this question: what process does AI use to determine the singing order?

Melissa said...

Chris, just to let you know, my sixteen year old son is your biggest fan!!

Can you say one positive thing about each one of your fellow top 12?

One question that you don't have to answer because it is about your good friend, Phil. I'm a Philnatic. I think Phil is an amazing vocalist. Was Phil aware of how much his fans care about him and are praying for him?

Actually, my kids and I have been praying for all of the contestants throughout the season and will continue to do so. I know this is all very hard on them.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have the patience to read through the other questions, so forgive me if these have already been asked -

If you had to pick, what would be your all-time favorite band?

Also, in terms of past idols, who was your favorite that you met, or the one who was the most genuine/nicest?

Anonymous said...

When you record your album will it be similar to the music you wrote with Half Past Forever?

Do you think that Idol will let you perform original songs during the Idol tour this summer?

Do you have any plans to visit Canada anytime soon?

Cristabel's corner said...

Chris, I just wanna to tell ya, that i when i first saw u were one of my fav, i still like u a lot, specially for ur attitude towards God, life and music! I have some friends here at the Dominican Republic who know u, like Jairo and Joanna his wife., they live here, but she used to go to ur churhc, they all encourage u to watch us to support u.
Be blessED!
So for u know! DR supports u!

Dave170 said...

Chris, with the album you record with new label, will you re-do "Know" or any halfpastforever stuff??

What songs do you think you will do on the Idol tour??

Are you going to get to sing on "Ellen"??, and if so, can you do any HPF songs??

x-ray chick said...

This is so great you doing Q&A. Thanks. Hope you and your wife had a great Easter! Be blessed!

-How do you and your wife stay close when you are so far away?

-Do you still find time to read/study the Bible while on the road? How do you stay close to God?

-Were you ever "attacked" or questioned for being a Christ-follower during the whole AI thing?

-What "trick" has worked the most for you in losing weight?

-What is your favorite non-HPF worship song?

-When you record your album, will it be stuff you write, others write, or a combination of both, and what genre will it be?

Did you ever want to smack Ryan Seacrest?

bmorbamma said...

hello mr sligh , i have the cd it's really good .i play it so much that iam gonna wear it out if that's possible. my fave is gone btw, i REALLY like your singing voice , you may think this is weird, but it's very soothing very pleasent. and you can also be a postive influence on young people like yourself, you can be god fearing ,and have fun.some people seem to think that bening a christian is about bening judgemental. but that's not true, beacuse of the type of music that you choose to expire to.i don't think that's fair only god knows what's in your heart , AND HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT YOU OR ALL OF US WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO.

Anonymous said...

Did you have any idea what songs you were going to sing on possible theme nights once you found out you made it to the Top 24?

As you mentioned that you read the AI boards, did you consider singing any of the songs/artist suggested by your fans and if so which ones?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

risalea said...

Ok, the mom and the teacher in me has to ask this question...
What has kept you from getting those last 3 hours and finishing your degree?

Risa R.

Beth Beutler said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for doing this! I understand you may not answer all of these but here goes:

My questions are:

Will you ever consider doing one more college class to get the remaining three credits for your music degree? (I understand that the degree at this point may not make that much difference--just wondering if being so close to completion would prompt you to go for it.)

Do you feel your presence at the Easter service increased attendance at your church and were you bombarded by people between services? I imagine you hoped the focus would be on Christ, but human beings being celebrity watchers and all, it'd be interesting to know how it went.

When your publicist tells you where to be, do they also make the travel arrangements for you? Or do you have some freedom with that as well as telling them what days you are available to do promotional stuff?

What arrangements did you have to make with the company you worked for in order to have the potential of 15 weeks off? (If you can't answer this I understand.)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Chris...will AI let you sing one of your own songs in the finale? Will you be able to continue your site while on tour? Can you show us some exclusive pictures while on tour and while you were on AI? Can you enter the AI song writer contest?

I played the "Endless Love" version to my dad who is 89 and has a PHD in Music from Columbia University in NY and PHD in Education. He heard the original version and yours and thought your version of the score was excellent.

Anonymous said...

i recently went on the votefortheworst website and read the whole article about the auditions. is it true that auditions take a whole week if you make it through everyday? also do they make you wear the same clothes to each audition to make it seem like everything was taped in 1 or 2 days?

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about your friendship with Blake and Phil and everyone. Do you have any interesting stories of hanging out off camera?

My friend is convinced you are a goon. Have you ever used the Something Awful forums? Was that an FYAD shirt you were wearing on American Idol?

Traci said...


Thank you for your wonderful testimony of following Christ. I was raised in a very similar background and am a pastor/missionary's kid also.

What is your favorite Bible verse?

Traci W.

Traci said...


Thank you for your wonderful testimony of knowing the Lord. I was raised much the same way you were - I'm a pastor/missionary's kid also. Thank you for standing for what you believe in!

What is your favorite Bible verse?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris you rock!
Questions: why did u decide to audition for idol? why only in season 6?
Are you more comfortable performing solo or in your band?

Jason said...

I have been a fan since Berg...Trey Hendon introduced me to that...

Would HPF be interested in playing a show in the Myrtle Beach area?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

I don't have a question. I just wanted to say that you were my favorite from the beginning. I hate that you were tossed off of Idol, but in the long run it will probably be to your best benefit. I bought the HPF CD and love it! You said that Simon said you were going to be a star. Simon was wrong - you are already a star! Keep that wonderful faith and personality shining!

Anonymous said...


Great job on the show. I'm wondering if you could take us behind the scenes of a typical Idol week. I'm amazed that you have time to: do the Ford sports, music medley for the results show, and your own songs. Not looking for novel on the topic, but just an day to day summary.


susieq3c said...

Not that you have any time, but when you do, what books do you like to read? Have you read Blue Like Jazz or Velvet Elvis? Besides your current pastor (well, and Jesus), who are your spiritual influences? I front our church praise band. Would you consider working with bands in the future to help them develop their own style and musicianship (my guys are all unbelievably talented and very young). Looking forward to following your career. Hope to meet you one day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Throughout this season you and Blake have definately been my favorites and I jst wanted to know what you think of Blake as a musician and a person.

Aletha said...

I am in love with the song "She Don't Know" that you recorded with The Exciting Mr. Brown. Is there any way to still get copies of the demo?

Pat said...

Hi Chris,

You mentioned how you became close friends with your top-12 contenders, what about some of the others voted off early like Sundance, Sabrina, and Alaina?

-Di. said...

Hi Chris,

I didn't mean to cause you MORE work. I'm thankful that you are taking part in the experience that is Web 2.0. Now don't you feel cutting edge and bit post modern right now? :-) I hope I did not seem demanding.

I'm glad you and your wife had a great Easter.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I don't really have a question to ask. I just want to say that I think you are wonderful. I have just ordered your cd, and I am looking forward to hearing it.

Love, Stephanie :-)

Lisa said...

I've heard from previous Idol contestants that Simon is actually far more supportive behind the scenes than he is on television. Did you find that this was your experience as well? And, we've already seen some of your comments on how the judges comment on the show, but how are Randy and Paula behind the scenes as well?

And finally, if you could go in to the studio and record a song with one other Idol contestant from this season, who would it be? (As in, who has the musical style that you feel meshes with yours best, and who would enjoy working with.)

Anonymous said...

It was great to have you back on the Seacoast Greenville stage today. You've never sounded better. I can't wait until next Sunday!

Selena Parsley said...

Mine is a comment. I don't really have a question at this point, most of mine have been answered and I am not going to ask one for the sake of asking one. I think it so wonderful that you are answering questions for your fans! What a guy!
Selena & Skipper Parsley

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this Q & A.

Chris, do you have any opinions on how they could do the calling/voting better? Everyone would have to admit that it is messed up.

From my understanding (unconfirmed) the show's ratings are down 10% from this time last season. Even though that it still doesn't make Idol the bottom in ratings by any means... that must show Idol that there is something wrong and they would be unwise to dismiss it.

My husband thinks they should charge per call and/or limit calls. I tend to think that the judges should pick to the top 10 or even have rotating judges. My thoughts on the matter would not cure the voting problem though. So maybe they should have rotating judges and have no voying partisipation. But... I think that they might loose viewers that way too. Hard situation, but I do think that they do need to do something.

What do you think, Chris?

I'm not asking you to speak ill of Idol, I just want to know what you think about the voting and what they should do?

Lisa from Chcago

wil keepers said...

Have you ever seen the movie Ishtar? I would think as an aspiring musician that might be rather entertaining. Or maybe it just entertains less talented middle aged musicians like me. By the way I also sent the comment asking about your group BeeGee song

Chinese Odyssey said...

Hi Chris^_^

You and Gina are my favourites on AI this season, just want to say that you guys have a lot of fans in China now, and I am one of them.

I even had a vision of you singing "Tiny Dancer" and she singing "out tonight" in the final. Have you ever consider that song?

I am listening to your CD right now (not pirate), it's really awesome! Keep up the great work. Hopfully you will sing and perform in my hometown, Beijing one day.

GO!!! 克里斯·斯莱(Chris Sligh)and Half Past Forever!!!

Anonymous said...


Maybe this sound cheesey........but will you send out a prayer for me? I'm a believer, my husband isn't. He left me yesterday. I'm pretty lost right now.


Joy said...

I have a list of questions. Feel free to skip out any that you don't feel like answering.

David Crowder Band or Chris Tomlin?

Planetshakers or Hillsong? (Sorry if you don't actually know any of these bands)

Cold or hot?

Fruit or vegetables?

Garfield or Snoopy?

Okay, now more indepth questions...

I read some of your replies to various questions, and what interested me the most was when you said that you didn't actively start to live for Him until you were 21/22, what held you back?

What would you say to someone who has been struggling with living openly for Him and crumbling beneath the persecutions of society?

Who is your biggest inspiration who has led to you become who you are today?

Thanks for reading this far, and if you choose to, for answering.


God bless,

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am wondering if you think that you tend to overthink or overanalyze things?
Or maybe you are just naturally processing your experience and sharing it with all of us.
I appreciate it though....
But don't let it drive you crazy!
You don't have to explain everything to us, I don't think, but maybe you do have to--for yourself.
I dunno, don't pay any attention to me, I think it's the wine talking....I am an over-thinker though, so that's why I'm wondering I guess. :)

Seriously though, I love your voice and was sorry to see you go so soon.
Take care!

Robert Pooley said...

Hey Chris...
Two questions.... one do you ever get back to Pensacola... would love to have you at our church in Gulf Breeze... Two, by any chance will you be at the ARC conference in Austin with some of the other Seacoasters...

Anonymous said...

Boxers or briefs?

Pistol: Safety Off said...


Been trying to promote HPF on some sites...

My question is, do you think you'll include Gina on a track on your next CD?

Anonymous said...

what do you think of Jon Peter Lewis (season 3)? He just released a solo CD, called Stories From Hollywood. Have you heard it, or any other idols CDs?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite time of year and why?

What's the meaning of life? (hey, someone had to ask!)

What made you decide to go to BJU for college?

Anonymous said...

What was a typical day like on AI?

How much free time did you guys get?

I have heard Idols from the past seasons refer to the AI bubble. What exactly is the "bubble"?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I really liked you on American Idol. It's great that you're taking the time to answer questions for your fans. Okay, I have two questions.

I noticed you like the band Jack's Mannequin. What's your favorite song by them and have you ever been to one of their concerts? That's one of my favorite bands.

Also, how does the song writing process work for you? Do you just sit down and try to write a song, or do you write down lyrics when they come to you? Again, thanks for taking the time to answer these.

Sofia said...

Hi Chris! just recently a found out about your blog while reading an idol forum, I´m from México and we can see AI trough cable in all Latinamerica but the broadcast is three weeks behind USA, so here you´re still on the show hehe but I been following the actual tranmission via internet TV(really amazing!)so I saw when you got voted off and felt sad, you were one of my favorites, you have a great voice,I really like it,tell me, if you were still in AI during latin week, what song would you have sing?(sorry about my english :P)



Anonymous said...

Chris, I just wanted to start by saying that I really like you on AI. I had my favorites in previous seasons but I never "rooted" for someone. Anyway, my question is, seven of the eight remaining contestants say in their profiles that they will thank God or Jesus if they win or they mention God as a hero or something. I read an article stating that God was "missing from AI this season." With that many of the contestants thanking God was there a spiritual or religious tone behind the scenes? I don't expect you to call anyone out and I know you wouldn't. I want my vote to go to someone I know will continue to be a good example and who's music I won't be offended by when they release their own album. Am I safe voting for any of them based on this? That is, except for the one who doesn't mention Him.
I am looking forward to new music from you. I know I won't be disappointed.

in Him,

James said...

When and how did you lose your virginity?

ipek said...

Hi Chris...
How r u today? =)

I think I heard you saying something about playing on bongo in your spare time... -If you want more details about it I can say, you were chatting with Ryan on the show, before your performance and someone called Rebecca asked what you were doing in your spare time. Remember now?-

Is this true? Do you play on bongo as well?

If you do, I''ll be happy to be your fan two times,(not 2 times, more than 10 times I guess) because I have a percussion group and we play together.. Guess what, I play the bongo =)

ipek =)

engr_guerrero said...

hey chris, sup.... i'm a big fan of yours since i saw your audition on idol. Your rendition of "kiss from a rose" is cool...though i didnt get a chance to vote for you eventhough i wanted too so badly, i wanna see you win American Idol. Im not an american and im not in the from the philippines, voting is not available here. i felt so bad when you got booted out, i like you version of "Every little thing she does is magic", i have it in my mobile phone and always plays it and all other songs that youve done on AI. My personal fave is "Endless Love" i love this song.

Anyway, i would like to ask when will you have your own CD(hope you include "endless love") and would it be possible for you to hold a concert here in the would be cool to see you perform live...You're the American Idol for're the best...thanks....stay cool and funny...God Bless to you and your wife... :-)

Anonymous said...

you rock!!!1

Jenn K. said...

Thanks for your willingness to do Q&A---that's just another example of how real a person you are--willing to be approachable and honest rather than trying to create an "image." Much appreciated!

Since it's Easter night and I'm stuck at work, how about a few faith-and-worship-related questions?

1. Favorite hymn(s)?

2. Do you consider hymns to have influenced your musical/lyrical style?

3. Fave personality from the Bible?

4. Fave passage(s) from Scripture?

5. Have you ever given a talk/sermon at a Bible study or worship service? (and what was the topic/passage?)

And a recommendation...since you have an obvious love for humor and for God, have you ever heard of the Christian paody band ApologetiX? They're hilarious! You can listen/explore at (or on myspace)


John and Katie Flanagan said...


My husband and I are dying to know.... have you been to Carolina Fine Foods in Traveler's Rest???? Now that we are living in the Netherlands (hubby doing PhD in Old Testament) we seriously miss the upstate's amazing "greek" restaurants. Carolina Fine Foods is pretty awesome-- but not the one in Simpsonville. If you have't been, you should break your diet for an evening and go enjoy some first class onion rings and a chili burger. :-)

Katie Flanagan

P.S. What about Tanner's Orange? The Palmetto? Man, I really do miss Greenville!!!

TimeYUPunishMe said...

For sure white men can jump. :)

A white man has won NBA's slam dunk contest.

Dirk Nowitzki can jump. Yao Ming can jump. Manu Ginobili can jump. Well, in the case of Nowitzki and Yao, they hardly need to jump to dunk...LOL

Well, I know you're kidding.

I hope your weekend was a good one.


P. S. Have you ever tried singing Mr. Jones by Counting Crows? Man, that song is a killer. Even Adam Duritz had a hard time singing it live. LOL

Anonymous said...

Chris, I do hope you can meet up with Chris Daughtry! Many of us hope your success will mirror his, post-Idol. Please blog about it, if you get to go to a Daughtry show. :) And glad you had a great Easter, with your home church and family.

Anonymous said...

no questions, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all of the songs you sang, in particular, "Endless Love" it was so fresh yet truly an old love song.

Dice said...

Hey Chris,

Are you able to do any radio interviews? I'm PD and Morning Show host at 101.7 the Fuse in Michigan. We play both Christian and Mainstream CHR music (and lots of Mutemath of course :) and would love to have you on the show sometime. Check out the station at
and let me know. Also, would love your opinion on my daily blog. I post an "Idol Thoughts" blog every Wednesday and Thursday at
and I would love to know if you think I'm being fair with your friends :)

Feel free not to post this comment (though I would love the publicity for the station and the blog) I just knew if I posted here it would definitely get to your eyes.

Thanks man,


Anonymous said...


First, a little "admiration"... I hope you can handle it!

I followed you from the time I saw your first audition on AI. Though I haven't purchased the HPF CD yet, I will... and I did download "Endless Love" through the AI website. It's a staple on my MP3 player. Take that, TPTB! I really enjoy your songs and your arrangements and will continue to look for new releases from you.

My question for you today is: will you enter the AI songwriting contest?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - I'm a huge fan and really love your new CD. I'm a friend of Dan and Erin's (Erin's since K-4) and we met my freshman year when Dan and Erin were dating but it's been awhile. So - here's my question. Do you have any contact with the judges during the week? Is it like one big "Idol House" or do you all get your own privacy? Just curious. We miss watching you on Idol!

Jordan Seitler said...

Chris -

I just want to say how impressed and excited my family and I were to see you on this season of Idol. Your sense of humor was just as strong as your voice, and it's always a joy to see someone unashamedly professing their faith in such a mainstream setting; keep it up! I just purchased "Take A Chance" from your band's site; love it.

Question: Were there any other believers on A.I., and if not, did it make things more difficult for you?

Keep up the good work, man. I look forward to seeing/hearing a lot more from you. God Bless!!!

Ben said...

Take a Chance is on the music homepage! Congrats man! It looks like you've fallen off the top 100, but I did my part and bought one today.

Oh yeah, my question. Do you feel like you're in a dream, or did you always think/know you would be where you are, thinking it was just a matter of time?

And a deep question. Would you share your thoughts on talent and hard work with respect to God's blessings? I'm sure there are people reading this that don't understand how "God has helped" you.


Matthew said...


I am not trying to be disrespectful, but I am curious as to why you seem to try to dissociate yourself from BJU. I was in school and I believe in the same dorm as you my freshman year of college, but in all of your interviews and blogs you never mention BJU. Any reason? Just curious.


-Di. said...

Good morning Chris,

I'm assuming that you have a computer. Is it a mac or Windows machine? If you have a mac then there are many programs that would make producing a podcast video or audio pretty easy.

If you are on a Windows machine then you can use what's called Castblaster. I've used that to create test audio podcast. This program allowed me to spend the time on pre-production and the actual recording of the podcast.

A great site to host podcast (audio and video) is Podshow +. Here is the URL:

Here is a link to my podcast that podfaded after the second episode. The podcast was actually a project I used to get the job I currently have.

If you lived closer, I would totally offer to produce your podcast.

BTW: I liked the Half Past Forever album when I first downloaded it and listened to it. Now it has become one of my favorite albums. I also bought Mute Math's album from iTunes. I never would have if I did not hear your version of Typical on American Idol.

Thank-you for your time,

Anonymous said...

Hey, music question, what do you think of the band evanescence?

Anonymous said...


By "Stephanie Caldwell", did you mean "Stephanie Edwards"? Just asking.

Love ya, a fan.

Kelly M. Parkison said...

Hi Chris, I work at NGU in the alumni office. It was real exciting for all of us to watch one of our own.

I was wondering if you could not post this...I just didn't have your email. Lavern Howell has been out for the past few days.

I have a random question. I guess long story short, I was on a reality show myself... Amazing Race, and I was under all kinds of stipulations while the show was airing and even after.

I was wondering if you were under contract at all in which you couldn't do a benefit type concert. You may not even be interested, but I will try to explain in as little words as possible!

My best friend was murdered right before I left for the Amazing Race. One of the hardest things I've ever dealt with.

Anyways, I didn't win the race...came close, but didn't win a million dollars. But like I have read in various comments you have made...your experience on AI has helped you grow as a person and I am sure even stronger in your faith. The race was the same way for me. I realized even though i didn't win, I had a huge opportunity set before me to grow the Kingdom and to make a difference in people's lives around me.

When I got back, the Lord gave me this awesome idea to host my own version of the Amazing Race right here in the upstate of SC to benefit abused children. (calvary Home for Children) Reality stars from the Amazing race come each year and participate.

I came across this platform, because my friend Leslie who was murdered was a volunteer there and her family and I are trying to build an additional cottage in her honor to house these children.

It costs about half a million, but there is such a great need for these kids. It would break your heart to hear some of the testimonies from these kids.

But Calvary Home for children, is one of the only shelters in the state that can share the gospel with these children and take them to church. It's an incredible ministry. here is my idea...I would love to set up a benefit concert with your band to raise funds for the home. We can certainly pay y'all a fee for expenses etc. I just ask that it be as minimal as possible, because we want as much to go to the home as possible.

I think it ties in perfectly, because you are a reality star, etc. and I could get some others here just for more publicity from the Amazing Race.

I wasn't sure when the tour started, so I know there might be a timing issue and I figured you might be under a strict contract as well.

So I am writing all of this to see if you are at least interested or do you have any other ideas?

I know from experience you will get hit up for a lot of these types I certainly understand if you decline.

But in the past, I have always gotten a lot of national exposure with my events, because of my reality experience as well as my friends murder was a national new story. (you can google her- Leslie Mazzara)

So it might be some more exposure for your band as well.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks and god bless you in all you do.

Kelly McCorkle Parkison
Assoc Director for Alumni at NGU

robyn said...

Hey Chris!

How old were you when you started to want to sing and write music?

I can't wait to be able to enjoy your style of entertainment again. I miss tuning in to hear you on AI, I always anticipated you and Lakeshia the most. Ya'll were the two that gave me goosebumps the most!

I haven't received your cd yet from amazon, but I can hardly wait! I think I'll order another one for my niece....

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

If you could give just one peice of advice to an up and coming artist in terms of becoming successful and being heard, what would it be?

Thanks for your time,
Billy M.

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on entering the songwriting contest? Are current/former contestants even allowed?

I enjoyed your run on the show, and you should be very proud, but I found something about your presence both in interviews and onstage less and less 'authentic' as the competition wore on. Interesting post about originality below, and I agree to a point, but I find it to be less about originality and more about how 'organic' the artist can appear in performance. Melinda's stagecraft obviously isn't groundbeaking, but there's such spirit and self-assuredness behind it (at least from the time the song starts to the time it ends) that I feel like I'm seeing that 'act' for the first time. Conversely, I thought there was a certain self-consciousness on display when you and Gina performed, like you could see the gears spinning as the next choice of what would look "rockstar-ish" was made... i.e. grab mic stand here, do a little horse stomp with my left foot here (something both you and Gina seemed to fall back on), and so on. Now, that level of calculation might not actually exist, but that ability to transmute performance tropes into something that feels like authentic expression onstage is what I think separates the top-tier from the rest of the field with this group. Singing ability is only part of the equation here, which is why you're absolutely right about Phil's amazing voice and yet being myopic when you ignore his stage presence, which currently consists of either leering into the camera with soul-shattering intensity or holding his arms wide for the money notes. Which is another reason why I thought the Gwen Stefani night was such a wasted opportunity... she's the perfect example of showmanship trumping vocal ability, and yet she's working with the singers at a piano. She should have been workshopping with you on stage, helping break through those performance issues which only get cryptically skewered by the judges in passing and not really, constructively examined.

Anyway, most of the top twelve are really, really talented, and the injustices of elimination order are relatively mild in the grand scheme of things and subject to such a melange of strange forces that it's almost not worth over-analyzing. Good job and good luck.

Karen Burns said...

I saw an interview with your lovely wife, and how she feels about you and your goals and fame. (you can tell she really loves you) How do your parents feel? and what happens to Adam and Cole if you do decide to go solo?

LMcahhn. said...


Did Chris Carrabba's old band influence yours?

cincychick said...

I bought your cd on Amazon, LOVE IT !!!
You talked about doing your own song for AI, but they kinda avoided you on the subject. What song would you have performed if they said yes?? Look forward to hearing more of your music.

tom in atlanta said...

Regarding the songs on TACOSB, have you had those written for years, and finally recorded, or were they put together over a short period of time? The song writing and lyrics are brilliant. My favorite being "How Long" - as it can be interpreted so many ways, especially considering the lyrics of the songs preceding it.

Anonymous said...

Do you see the judges backstage much and talk to them, or do you just see them during your performance on tuesday?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
just wanna let you know that you have many fans in Brazil !!!!
Did you ever think you would get that famous...??? You deserve it!!!
I loved your "Endless Love" version!! Much better than the original...
Best regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

EEEEMommy said...

I read a couple of different sources where it was reported that you only listened to Classical Music for the majority of your life. Do you think that was a disadvantage to you in the competition? (Because of your lack of familiarity with the songs from which you chose to sing.)
Also, what was your childhood experience like in a missionary family? Were you homeschooled or did you attend school in Germany/Europe?
Is it weird that so many people who you don't know anything about, know so much about you?

I haven't bought the CD yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I'm looking forward to getting it! I was a big fan, but I'll be honest that I'm one of those fans who never votes...not very helpful! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you will be pulling out any of the old stuff from Vessel to sing? My wife and I were always fond of "My God". We even had you and Dan sing it at our son's dedication at CBC. Keep doing what you do best.

ChrisSligh said...

Hey guys,

Sorry...last coupla days have been crazy busy. I'm actually in the airport in Charlotte waiting for my plane to L.A. to be on Ellen this week...I think it airs on Wednesday.

On to questions:

Some of my favorite worship songs: I love "Indescribable" recorded by Chris Tomlin, "At the Foot of the Cross" recorded by Desperation band, "Amazed" also by them. And as far as me recording a worship album: I'm not sure that that will happen, but you never know.

To Willie, who asked about what songs I'll record. If I sign a solo deal, I will use some but not all of the songs from the HPF record. I wrote all of the songs, so I can use them...but I'm writing some good new stuff that will be great to add to those.

RSK - I started off the Know video facing away from the camera because the director of the video wanted to give the image of me being alone, writing the song, then slowly bringing it to life with the band...I never quite got it, but did it anyway.

As far as the tour goes: I don't know a ton about the tour, but the top 10 all get to perform in some facet, so that will be very nice.

If you read through my blog, you'll find most of my major influences. As far as dreams: sure there are dreams that haven't come true yet - I haven't made a million dollars yet, I haven't had a number one album yet, I haven't owned a record label yet, I haven't produced a #1 record lots of dreams are still in the works.

To Carmen: I didn't got to DOD schools, but I did go to an English speaking school and it was a great experience. To your son: I don't play any WOW or RPG's...the closest I get is Hitman, the PS2 game. I haven't gotten to play in a LONG time, though.

Aparna, I would love to hang out with and pick the mind of Chris Daughtry. He seems like a true artist and a great songwriter, plus a great performer. He's a different kind of rock than me, but he's great at what he does. And I'd love to do a medley of Queen songs...I'm a huge Queen fan.

Phil, you're a dork, but I love the review of the CD. To your questions: 1) We don't know the votes. 2) Until August 23, I am under AI rules and management, unless they decide to sign me, which has never happened for anyone past #4 I believe. 3) What the crap is that?!! lol.

Cathy, I have never actually been to Encinitas...just a t-shirt I got from Old Navy.

Nique's Nana, you can get an autographed picture in a variety of ways....usually you have to meet me and have me sign something.

Carol Ann, I was going to do "Kiss to Build a Dream on Last Week", "Smooth" by Santana this week, "Live Like You Were Dying" next week, and "We Are the Champions" for Inspirational week...that's all the themes I know. And, no, the Hoff hasn't contacted me yet.

Sandmoran, I love the sligh-ku. I gave it a shoutout in tvguide, for goodness sake!

Sarah, the best bit of advice I've gotten is just to be myself. Cheesy, I know, but great advice.

Alpha, HPF doesn't really have any more completed songs in the bank, though we do have demos that might get released. And there were several of us songwriters who would show off our songs. Alaina is an incredible songwriter, as is Chris. Blake is a pretty good songwriter, too. We were all fans of each other's stuff. Chris and I wrote a coupla songs together. Blake helped write one with us, too, so that was cool.

More later.

Patty MacArthur said...

Chris, Speaking as a huge fan of yours, my question is... If you could go back in time on Idol, would you change anything? If so what would you have done to change things?

Anonymous said...

Just a couple questions...

When you met him, was Justin's hair everything you thought it would be and more?!

If you didn't tear them up or burn them after you got done reading them, would you put any of the hate mail you got in a book for everyone to see how crazy people are about AI?

Would you ever do a cover of Kissed By a Rose on an album? The audition was awesome, I love that song.

Last question,

Will you be preforming at vespers anytime soon?

Thanks Dean

Anonymous said...

do you plan on meeting all of your fans on tour? i've wanted to meet people after the concerts last season and they didn't meet us. some just walked away. It's sad and i'm hoping you come and meet all of your fans.

carolmwl said...

hello, Chris,
A comment first. Everyone (almost) thinks they can write songs. But in my view, not many write songs that are good. You write good songs. You write songs that stick in the memory, the way songs should.

My question: Can the band appear with you and sing behind you on any of these tv shows you're appearing on?

Also, is dancing a challenge (ie difficult) for you? I'm thinking of the tour. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Do you know what cities are going to be included in the tour this summer? I hope you guys come to Charlotte!

LMcahhn. said...

chris, i didn't understand the david hass or teletubeis joke, could you explain them please?

Cathy Storms said...

Chris you are the coolest. This Q&A forum is so informative & entertaining. Can't think of a question right now, just wanted to tell you thanks. Oh, and I Don't Want to Cry Tonight is my favorite song of all time...Have fun in LA

Sunset~Lover said...

Hey Chris,

I had asked before on another post (before you did a special Q & A) about why you don't wear a wedding ring? I think I saw that your wife wears one. Just wondering if there was a reason behind it.

Oh, and loved your lil bit on Best Week Ever. Sad you lost to a photo though!!

mrmrsmiley said...

Hey Chris,

It was great getting to see you perform on American Idol, I really enjoyed it & looked forward to seeing your performance each week.

Sorry that you didn't make it further.

I especially loved your performance of Typical by MathMute.I love the way you performed it.
I've been constantly singing it ever since I heard you perform it.

I want to learn to play it on guitar and sing it, but cannot find the chords, any chance you might have them. By the way I am a novice guitarist & singer, I want to learn for the pure pleasure of it & share with family & friends.
I have no dreams of becoming a professional, I am too old for that.

If possible could you email me the chords, I'm not very hip with the blog thing. You might post them here & I might not find them.

I hope that you have a very successful singing career & fill your life with happiness.



stephie3 said...

How many worship songs have you written? I would love to hear you singing in church but the bad news is I live in Michigan. After listening to Communion Song about 50 times in one weekend, my family is thirsting for more. My nine year old son asked me "Where is the rest??" SO.....I know others have asked similar questions, but is there any way we can get our hands on some more Chris S. worship music? Live at Seacoast recording or something???

IknowIam said...

What is your middle name? I think its Garfield!

-Norman said...

We met a couple times and we have a mutual friend Scott PItts. I realized i knew you about the the third week into the show, but couldn't place it a nd tehn finally it hit me I knew you back in 96 at both schools though you probaaly don't remember meeting me and its been 7 years now since we have been out school, but I thought it was really cool that you got on AI. It is my favorite show and awesome that fellow believer out the pcc and bju bubble sang on world wide tv singing sec songs ooh,lol . Anyhow 'm sorry you didn't go further I ha dyou winning. You Gina and blake are my favs this year and sorry both are gone. I told all my friends I knew you and to vote. My husband has a recording studio and has a good ear as well produced many churches cds. I got your hpf cd its great and I can't waite for your new cd to come out as well as see the show when you come to florida. Vanessa ferdinand Warren

Maurrowe said...

OMGOSH YAY!! This is too awesome! Thanks for allowing us to post Chris! It's great to be able to interact with you.

First of all, Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm so happy for you!

I wanted to thank you for everything! This season of American Idol would have been NOTHING without you. Your voice is awesome and you are such a great person! You're definitely my favorite contestant to ever be on AI.
Last year... I really liked Chris Daughtry. But he has really disappointed me by getting that 2 foot long tattoo across his back-_- I want my Idol to be someone I can look up to... LIKE YOU!

Me and my family are very strong Christians...I am the oldest of 7 children. My mom has homeschooled us my whole life...I'm graduating next year. so anyways, I really appreciated your homeschool comment! It really bothers me sometimes that some frown upon it. I LOVE it and plan to homeschool my own children one day.

Also, 4 of my cousins went to PCC... They were all homeschooled also. In fact, my grandparents have 22 grandchildren that are all homeschooled... it's pretty cool.

I got HPF's CD today and have been listening to it constantly... I am totally loving it! I love it even more knowing that you composed most of the songs on it!

Ok and NOW for my question.. I hope no one's asked it yet :-/

---Will you keep your fro now that you're done with Idol?--- I sure would miss it so. :*(

Love ya Chris! I'll be praying for you. and GO FRO PATRO!


Sarah said...

Hey Chris! First of all, I want to say that I got Half Past Forever's CD and it's amazing! Now I have a couple of questions...

- Are there any past Idol winners or contestants that you really admire?

- Is there any contestant or any contestants that were cut during Hollywood or during the Semi-Finals that you would have liked to see make it farther?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

ihaveatoe623 said...

Chris, Have any major record companys contacted you for a record deal?
And I've heard in some of your interviews that you've been asked to be in movies or tv shows, are there any specifics on that?

Aletha said...

I'm in love with the song "She Don't Know" from the Exciting Mr. Brown mySpace page. The link to purchase the demo doesn't work. Is it still available and how would I go about ordering it?

Sherri said...

Chris I was wondering about the music nation contest....if you won a deal with that contest where you could get the whole band signed, would you go for something like that? I really enjoy the whole band together, but would buy a solo CD if you released one too.

yay questions said...

1) Do you get a chance to record yourself rehearsing for Idol and hear it back or do you just have to rely on others' ears and your own feel for it?

2) Really? You only get 20 songs to pick from???

3) Do things sound different in the live theater than they do when you watch them back on TV? I've heard they do.

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