Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well, I had a great day.

I woke up early, but decided to rest and stay in bed...that was nice for a change.

I went over to Universal City Walk and ate at the Sausage Kingdom. It was worth the nice walk.

I taped Ellen. It was a great inteview that shows on Wednesday so watch out for it. It was a lot of fun.

Then I ran over to see AI. I got to see a lot of the behind the scenes people on the show, so that was great. Then I got to meet Neal Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser). That was cool. I also got to see Tom Lowe for the first time since top 40, so that was great. And with him was BJ, one of the Hippies from Amazing Race like 2 years ago. It was really cool meeting him...he actually chased me down to make sure I saw Tom, so that was really freaking cool.

After the show, I hung out with Phil and Kendra and Phil's brother and sister-in-law Keith and Amanda.

Then I came back to answer Q&A questions.

Now I'm going to bed.


TimeYUPunishMe said...

BJ and Tyler were great.

Sleep well, man.

ipek said...

Hi Chris..

I think I am very lucky because you published some of my mails. If you had not publish any of them I would still feel lucky =) because I know that you are reading your fans' mails =)

Though you are so busy, you stay awake to write comments on what we've written... I dont think another person would do the same thing that you are doing..
I mean- you are sharing your time with your fans and thats so cool!
Knowing that you are reading what we've sent you, gives us vigour to write more (oops thats a problem for you, isnt it? )

Everyday you are meeting with new people, famous ones, rich ones and like that,but you still continue sending us replies... You know some people does not condescend to say ''hello'' to their fans after they became famous. But you dont do that and thats an excessively big extra mark for you in our perspectives..

thank you for being in touch with us=)
**by the way, do you give us permission to wear special Chris Sligh t-shirts??I mentioned it before but maybe you hadnt enough time to read mine...It is okay. We all know how busy you are =)

we love you Chris...

IknowIam said...

I remember being kinda sad to see Tom didn't make it through like the rest of the group.
Its great you got to hang out with Phil again. I hope he doesnt end up in the bottom three this week.

God bless,


carolmwl said...

So cool. I loved the Hippies team on Amazing Race. =) My all time favorites.

Anyhow, what's it like to meet these celebrities? Are they like the rest of us or does fame inevitably go to one's head?

Is your fame a challenge for the you and Sarah? (ie does she think you're getting a swelled head yet? LOL)

Anonymous said...

I was a fan from the first time I saw you on AI. Love your voice and yoru presence. You are an excellent - possibly even great - songwriter. Kudos!!

Reading your last post makes it clear: the life of a rock star can be exhausting.

I think your blog is great, but I do hope you will stop feeling beholden to answer the Q&A section and get back to sharing your thoughts. Perhaps a friend, or someone from CAA, can screen the Q&A to delete the trash and repetitive questions and let you focus on other stuff?

Anyway, you are a very good writer, and I look forward to reading your book. I look forward to reading more about faith, hope, love, and music (in no particular order).
His peace,

p.s. Still listen to the "Endless Love" download on my MP3. Love it!

Marc Lazzeri said...

You're back in LA?

Anonymous said...


I work on a popular morning radio show in Milwaukee. We'd love to have you call into the show some morning when you have time. How do we go about booking some time? We'd love to talk about your experience on AI of course, but also your band if you like. Not sure if I should post my email here, let me know how to get in touch.

Thanks Chris!


Badpacifist said...

Chris, I will make you a promise. If you ever cover Meatloaf's Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad on an album, I will buy at least 20 CD's. Last night after Sanjaya sang my wife and I both turned to each other with jaws dropped and my wife swears the words, "Well I'll be darned" came forth from my lips.

The Son of God became a son of men, so sons of men could become sons of God.

Will said...


By the way, a couple things I've been meaning to tell you:
1. Don's orchestrations really added a lot to some of the songs on the finished album. I love the intro to "Cry Tonight" now.
2. Maybe in addition to your "memoirs" you could write a book just about being on AI (fiction or nonfiction). It's unusual to have musical gifts good enough to get on AI and then to be able to write well about it, too. It's a thought.
3. I agree with the person who said you should put up an FAQ on your blog. Good idea.

Hope all is well. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ashley said...

Did you dance on Ellen? You shuld have if you didn't LoL. Unfortunatley my job wont let allow me to see it, but theres always reruns!

I was watching idol last night and couldnt stop thinking about how cute youd be performming to a latin song haha :)

ZackScott said...

Sausage Kingdom. That sounds way too delicious. Is it a monarchy?

"To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making." - Otto von Bismarck

threeputts said...

FIRST (heh heh). Do all the questions need to be asked as a comment in your "Q&A" post? I posted a couple, but hadn't seen any responses yet.

Did some reading about Tom Lowe after reading your blurb about him. Didn't know the controversy (but was surprised he didn't make the 24 with the rest of you guys).

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Good morning!

Just wanna say I was entertained listening to your WNOK interview.

Some parts were really funny, hilarious.

Have a nice day.


Maurrowe said...

Wow, what a day!!!! To me, It even sounds like more fun than still being on AI and having to stress about it every week... but maybe I'm just rationalizing it in my head to feel better? :) idk...
anyways.... I'm so glad you're having fun!!!!!

EmilyBoo said...

You're doing a great job on the Q & A. That must take up a lot of time! I'm looking forward to Ellen this afternoon. Hey, were you in the AI audience last night? I didn't see you.

Glad you had a good day. :)

EmilyBoo said...

Oops! Ellen used to be on in the late afternoon here, but I just realized they switched it to 10 AM and I missed it!

Sarah said...

Im glad you had a good day! Cant wait to see you on Ellen today!

Anonymous said...

Chris I am really excited about ELLEN this afternoon...I set my DVR and can't wait until I get home from work tonight to watch it! Really looking forward to seeing you on tour this summer!!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Are there any other shows that you are going to be on in the near future?

Anonymous said...

I hope you got to sleep in this morning. I sleep in about 4 days a week, sleep is good! Your Ellen episode should be on in a few hours, can't wait to see that. I hope she loves you as much as she loves Chris Daughtry.. I mean, how could she not?

That's awesome you got to hang out with Phil & Kendra. I really hope he's safe tonight. I'm thinking we'll have a 'shocker' with Lakisha being in the bottom 3.. that wouldn't be much of a shocker to me but it would be to America. It's cool that you got to see Tom Lowe again. I recognized him sitting with Shayamali. Too bad you weren't sitting with them so we could've seen you.

I posted a comment for the promotion blog last night that I don't see up but i'll wait and see if it shows up later on. You're doing a great job keeping up with the Q&A's, don't worry about trying to answer every single one right away. Everyone needs to respect that you're doing your best to keep up.

P.S-I should be working on a research paper due tomorrow.. but I felt the need to comment on here first.. looks like I have my priorities straight! :)

Love & Hugs,

Julie said...

Hi Chris,
Just saw you on Ellen. They cut you off :( but you still sounded awesome! I am highly dissapointed that you are no longer on AI but I look forward to where the future takes you and your band. I've been voting for you guys! May God's blessing and provision be upon you and your wife..

Julie said...

I am new to google blogging and so if you got a bazillion copies of my post, please forgive me... I was just typing you yet another one because mine never show up.. And I just noticed the message below...

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

I'm just a little duh!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

So Chris--you need to make a page of pictures of yourself and people who look like you! Kind of a Chris Sligh look a like contest~~!!!! First place winner gets a cd of you and a autographed pic!! Whatcha think??

Carrie said...

Great job on Ellen! I wish they didn't talk to you for only five minutes, but it's great to have the exposure. And not were able to sing, which was perfect!

TeaMouse said...

I just found your blog from , I'm in Canada and I wanted you to know that my husband and I have liked you since the beginning. It was quite the shocker when you were voted off - over some(that will remain nameless - to be nice). As you have so much talent.

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future - what is your CD called?

Josh said...

If anybody could capture Chris on Ellen and put it up on youtube or dailymotion I'd be very greatful.. I can never seem to catch it on air.

littleladybug said...

Chris I saw you on Ellen, you were awesome, I love that song, your version of course...You should have had more time on air though..Did you get to meet Pink? I absolutely love her music....

jstdawnee said...

Hey Chris!

I just finished listening to "Take a Chance on Something Beautiful" while reading the lyrics in your blog. I enjoyed it very much. Buying a copy for myself and my son this weekend off of Amazon.

I did want to share with you something goofy... The night you sang "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne I had been sitting and telling my son, Jeremy, that I wish someone would sing one of his (Ray's) songs. I sent him into the bedroom with the computer to play "Hold You in My Arms" for my daughter Rachel, because she didn't know who RL was. At that moment, you popped on the stage to perform "Trouble"... and my son hi-fived me on the way back into the living room to watch you perform. NICE JOB with that one, by the way.

Anyway... wanted to share that with you real quick. :) Take care... Blessings.... and I'm looking forward to more and more of your music.


Barbara said...

Hi Chris! I have watched all of American Idol this season. I am very disappointed that you are no longer on. You are my favorite singer. You have a wonderful personality and a great voice. I am looking forward to your first CD. I have also enjoyed your appearances on the Today Show, Jay Leno, Ellen and Extra. Good luck to you in your singing career. You are a real performer who does not fall into the box description of the "Idol" performer. I liked you from the first time you auditioned.

lauralunatic said...

On a slightly off topic note, I think Tom should have made the top 24 =/

Marleybone said...

Great appearance on Ellen. Your voice was at it's best! Would it help to contact radio stations in Philadelphia to get interviews, WIRED
96.5 would be great coverage for HPN?
Gina was on there today. Or does it have to come from an AI agent?

Ash Greyson said...

Not sure when you are leaving LA but if you havent hit up "The Griddle" for breakfast, DO IT. It is on Sunset, next to the Directors Guild. Pumpkin pancakes are delish but for something lighter, try a Cobb omelette made from egg whites. If you are into coffee, get a medium french press. Everything there is amazing, ask if Jodi the owner is there, she will hook you up.

Patty MacArthur said...

Chris, Have I some how offended you? If so I am very sorry and never intended to. I ask only becasue my last 3 or 4 posts have not been put on here..I really hope I have not said something to upset you..I've only ever wanted to support you. I have had friends listen to the HPF cd and they loved it it so they have bought it. I have 2 HPF songs on my myspace page, and just would like to keep on promoting you guys. It's something I very much enjoy doing. I just am at a bit of a loss here. I am truly sorry for anything I may have said to upset you...

Rita in MS said...

Hi Chris,
Saw you on Ellen today. You were great!! My only complaint is that it didn't last long enough. It was good to see you perform again because I have missed seeing you each week. Got a little Sligh "fix" today and you sure looked good. Keep up the good work and I know you are going to achieve all that you hope for.
I would love to buy a Sligh T-shirt if they are still for sale anywhere. Any place I can buy one??
Rita in MS

Anonymous said...

I hope you got to sleep in this morning. I sleep in about 4 days a week, sleep is good! It was great seeing you perform "She's Not There" on Ellen, you sounded amazing. Also, you were too cute on Idol Tonight with the faces you were making while standing there :) Can't wait to see you play guitar on the AI tour!

That's awesome you got to hang out with Phil & Kendra. I really hope he's safe tonight. It's cool that you got to see Tom Lowe again. I recognized him sitting with Shayamali. Too bad you weren't sitting with them so we could've seen you.. maybe we will tonight!

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Chris, You are so awesome to still be taking time for Q & A with your fans! I am just amazed by all of this fast fame(probably not as much as you are huh? : )) and am loving it. I have told you this before, but I first saw you at SeaCoast Mt Pleasant when they did not tell us who you were until after you sang. Have followed and voted ever since then.
I want to go see Half Past Forever. How do I get a schedule for them? I will get a group up to go where ever. I looked at the bands website (ordered a CD while there) but cannot find a schedule.
Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks so much! Sure hope you can keep on blogging... I am sure it will dwindle as you get busier and busier.
My husband taped Ellen for me today. We just watched that. It was great. Glad you got to see Phil while there...getting ready to find out who is leaving this week shortly. I won't say who I sure wish it would be. Gotta run... Ai is on!
(email -
remember me for guidance where to find hpf schedule. tks!

Pen said...

This is not really on topic, but I don't see where a better place to post it was.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performance of "She's Not There" on British Invasion night. Yours was the only performance to give me goose bumps. I love the song and your performance was wonderful. You didn't sound one bit off the beat (and I played it back several times).

Best wishes to you in your career. And may good things come to you.

mark rodriguez said...

hey chris just want to say i was rooting for you, I'm a worship leader in miami, fl ( and i think it was awesome to see you representing on american idol.... i pray this is just the beginning for you and your family...

keep it up bro!!!

mutemath rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

Mixing it up with Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres?

Doesn't both of these people represent something against your faith? I'm surprised you gave them the time of day.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Chris.
It's Mrs. LaRue. You've done some interesting things since high school. I've been keeping up with your parents since our church supports them but didn't know what you and Jon were up to but your blogs and the tabloids have given me some insight! Glad to see you are happily married - she looks like a sweet young lady.
I'm in AZ and have 3 children now - one boy and two girls. God is good! Hope to see you again some day.
God bless and take care, bud!

Marleybone said...

You know, if you have to be in the bottom two, Haley was lucky to stand with Phil. What a gentlemen. He was actually more upset for her, than for
himself. That really puts Christianity to the test. Thanks for
pointing out what a great guy he is and it seems you have a lot of the same qualities and will remain good friends.

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go anonymous person making such a negative comment and having it slip through the cracks. Don't bring your gay hate here. I assumed no hate was wanted, especially not of your overly degrading type. You must be really proud of yourself for that one. Whatever helps you sleep at night, man.

Ashley said...

Im curious as to your opinion of such matters like homosexuality because of that comment. Personally, I thought it was a bit rude. Not all christians have ill feelings towards homosexuality and just because one says he or she is a follower of Christ doesnt automatically mean he or she is homophobic. I just wanted to know your opinion

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Good morning.

I saw the video of your interview by Ellen but it ended abruptly while you were singing She's Not There.

What happened after you sang?

Have a nice day.


Josh said...

Here's a video of Chris on Ellen for those that missed it! It's cut off at the end but apparently that's how it aired. It was too short! :(

bella said...

I just found your blog after "googling" you. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

I was googling you, because I have missed you since you left AI, and was hoping I could find out more about what you were up to. Off to Amazon we go for a CD!

I'll keep reading, now. All the best. Hope the summer tour finds it's way to Toronto.

Julia said...

I really like Blake Lewis and was wondering if he is as cool in person as he seems to be on TV. PLease comment me back on my site.

Cathy Storms said...

Saw you on Ellen & Idol Talk. Great job...Playing your guitar on the AI tour. Now I'm really looking forward to it. Never had any desire to go to an AI tour but now I can't wait to see you live. Wish your band would come to the San Diego area to play.

Callie said...

Hi Chris. I stupidly missed your appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Does anyone have a video online of it? Or Will you be putting it online? It would make me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think that Sanjaya is good? I don't and I was a Chris fan all the way

Talk to you

vivian from missouri said...

Got the CD and my gosh, you ARE a rocker! Really liked it and happened to HEAR you on Ellen so backed it up and caught the beginning. Are you getting tired of answering THAT question, you are doing it with grace--are the producers asking you to do it? Why didn't you sing one of your songs on Ellen? I emailed her the same question and mentioned what a great CD you have out----I am new to AI so maybe it is not allowed even after you are off.

Anonymous said...

Sanjaya > you, Chris Sligh.

I think Randy offered up one true thing last night when he commented that Sanjaya is one of the smartest contestants they've had. He's written his own arc for the season. Last night's episode was the conclusion of the two part "Show them you really can sing" episode that he began last week with "Cheek to Cheek." He got their attention with The Kinks, he brought out the Ponyhawk to keep it (and garnered a few "whoa, that wasn't a bad vocal at all"s in the bargain), then, significantly, cut his hair. Just enough so that it was obvious, but not too much so that he can still mess with it. Last night he just sat there and sang, forcing them to comment on the actual vocals. He's the strategist you wish you could have been.

Jeff said...

Chris, were you surprised when Sundance was eliminated from American Idol?

ChrisSligh said... the anonymous poster: you are right about Sanjaya, as is Randy...he's brilliant, and I have given him nothing but props since I've been off the show.

I would like to point out that I never claimed to be a strategist. During the first interview that people took me to be claiming strategy, I actually said, "My strength in the competition, I think, is strategy IN song choice" but because I have chubby cheeks, sometimes I mumble and it came across as "strategy AND song choice"...that was a very frustrating thing as I read blogs and such while on the show because literally my ONLY strategy was to choose great song FOR ME. No one, I believe, can come in with an actual strategy from the beginning...there's so much about stuff that you don't know.

But thanks for pointing out that Sanjaya is better than're right, when it comes to strategy, he is way better than me. I personally would rather be known for singing and being a musician than strategy. But that's just me.


ChrisSligh said...

Yes, I was surprised about Sundance. I thought he gave 2 brilliant performances in a row, plus a certain site was behind him. I was a big Sundance fan, especially the last coupla weeks...he took some time to grow on me, but I consider him one of my best friends from the show now. He really is one of the kindest, gentlest people I've ever met in showbiz.


NCFriend (Carol Ann) said...

I heard it was your birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I disagree that Sanjaya is some evil mastermind genius. He's just a 17 yr old kid who has been swept up by the AI madness. He can't help it that people keep voting for him or that the media is fascinated with him. You really can't predict these things. I'm sure even he's surprised by all the publicity. It's crazy! I guess that's the nature of fame. It's a wild card.

I'm sorry your comments about strategy were misinterpreted. I think that hurt you. Also, there was that fake website everyone thought was you that detailed your strategy for AI. I know now that it wasn't you, but it might have fueled the misperception.

Take care & happy birthday.

ChrisSligh said...

I never said he was an evil genius. I just think, as Randy said, he's very smart in keeping on with things that get him attention. If I had been smarter, I woulda kept up with my witty comments. But I got freaked out, you know.

Anyway, thanks. There was no disrespect intended towards the Kid (my new nickname for him).


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous blogger above, who stated:

"Mixing it up with Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres? Doesn't both of these people represent something against your faith? I'm surprised you gave them the time of day."

I wonder what you would say to Jesus Himself, who hung out with prostitutes, adulterers, traitorous tax collectors, and other people of morally questionable character?

Too many people are connected to God by rules and regulations .... instead of being connected to Him by relationship. It's the RELATIONSHIP with God that transforms us from the INSIDE OUT. It FREES US UP to live out of our true hearts, our God-given identities .... instead of living out of the brokenness of our hearts, or our fractured identities.

It is through my relationships with a few special friends in my life that I have come to understand more clearly what a relationship with God is supposed to be about. In essence, they have been "Jesus with flesh" to me .... loving me the way Jesus would ... and helping me to see what RELATIONSHIP is all about .... and how my Father above loves me, fractures and all. And, as I grow in relationship ... with my God and with other people .... I am discovering more healing and freedom to be who God created me to me. Now THAT is cool!

Chris ... the anonymous poster may be disappointed that you gave Ellen and Neil the time of day ... but you're alright in my book! Keep shining bright!

A California Girl

Nique's Nana said...

Hi Chris,

I've been a fan of yours from the very first time I saw you on the AI tryouts. Was so happy when you got to go to Hollywood. Was so happy when you made it to top 24. Was so happy when you made it to top 12 and was extremely upset when you got voted off way too early. I've gone back several times and watched the videos when the judges trashed you. Have now come to the conclusion that they did it intentionally because they knew you were too good to be an American Idol. Becoming the AI would have held you back from going to the heights that you're headed for.

I have your cd, downloaded all the songs and videos from AI, put all your songs on my IPOD, gonna buy a Fro Patro sticker for my car, etc. By the way, I had asked you where I can get an autograhed picture of you and you said the best way was to meet you. Well, I live in San Diego, CA and unless you're gonna be hear someday, meeting you won't happen. So, I lookd on e-Bay and they have autographed pictures up for bid. Are these authentic? The claim to be.

I'm a big fan of yours, the girls at work call me a "groupie", ha-ha, a 58 year old grandma groupie? Oh well, whatever. I listen your music everyday.

May the Lord always bless you and your wife and give you one of the greatest, most successful careers ever!

Anonymous said...

Any chance we will see some Gee Bees or Bludachris music floating around anytime soon (or later)

NoelleNight said...

You are a lucky guy! I'm sure you know that though! NPH and Ellen are two of my favorite people (along with you of course!) in this world! My only question though on this matter is what did we miss with the interview with Ellen? I was ready to start a campaign because you didn't get to go on when you should have. I know she was in Florida when she would have taped with you so I thought enough attention being brought to the situation would have gotten you there. It happened without my efforts so I was pleased until it aired. I had assumed you two would be very entertaining together but we only saw one question and part of a song. I'd really like to know what hit the cutting room floor.
Enough said there, so...
I want you to know that it is very brave of you to do q&a's! I have a lot of respect for you not only because your talent but your intelligence and Rapier's wit! It was obvious you did some research on all aspects of AI, good and bad. I've never seen a contestant who could make the internet buzz with teletubby research! Or any research that didn't involve *cough* photo's! I'm not sure why there are some who feel as though every word you say or type has to be put under a microscope. I'm a huge fan and I may not agree with every opinon you have but I have mad respect for you for having one! It's sad that you were on a show that the first word in the title was "American" but you weren't allowed to utilize all of the practices that being an American entitles, without heavy scrutiny! I'm not talking about by the AI people but the voters and media. I didn't want to come on here and rant so I'm gonna stop here!
Once again I will say your a lucky man, but you've earned it! I wish you the best in the future! Don't ever sweat those who only view you through narrow-minded haterscope! I along with many others will be here to support you for a long time! Hope to shake your hand at The Handlebar!

(NoelleNight on AI board) from E-town, SC!

If you read the boards what did you think of some of our song choices? Mine were any thing by Blues Traveler, "Possum Kingdom" by The Toadies, "High Enough" by Damn Yankees.

bmorebamma said...

someone here made a comment about your faith and gays. you know what YA NOT GONNA WIN WITH SOME PEOPLE , geez i get in this agurement@ work with a couple of my coworkers the are(SUPPOSED TO BE ) born again chirstians , i like you gave my life over to christ , and accepted him as my personal savior@ 12 years old , i get so tired for this , WHEN WILL WE LEARN , that bening a christian IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE ABOUT PASSING JUDGEMENT ON ANYONE, THAT'S GODS DECISION TO MAKE NOT OURS ,we are not perfect that's why jesus died for us becuse he knew that if he didn't it would be a mess, this is why i get so angry @ the human race , god IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT LOVE ACCEPTANCE,HUMILITY,KINDNESS FAITH HOPE(even though i wonder in todays world ) well that's my rant GEEZ WHEN WILL THE HUMAN RACE GET A CLUE.