Monday, April 30, 2007

Traveling Wilbury's

This next week is going to be crazy busy. I literally have something every night this week. I do have the days off so I may be able to spend some time blogging, but I am not sure. Usually, blogging is my end of the day ritual. Usually I don't post it till the next morning, but I love to come back at the end of the day and relax myself to sleep by blogging a little bit. A lot of people give me a hard time about it, but you know my whole life I've always spent time writing as much as possible - I think it's important.

My wife says that I like to be in trouble. Maybe that's the case. I don't think I actively do stuff that I think will get me in trouble, but I do a lot of things that get me in trouble, so maybe it's a subconscious thing. I took psychology in college, but I'm no psychoanalyst. I'll leave that up to the professionals.

I sang at a close friend of mine's wedding on Saturday night down in Aiken, SC. We drove down on Friday night and we went to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I got to play guitar for someone else, so that was kind of cool. A lot of people at the wedding gave me and the soloist a hard time - Chris Sligh from American Idol is playing guitar for someone else singing?!! I just thought it was hilarious. I really love playing guitar, so it was a ton of fun. I also sang an original song of mine called "Vessel" from my very first album 7 years ago, and I sang "The Prayer" (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion) with my friend's brother's wife. It's always fun to go back and sing a little classically, so "The Prayer" was a nice reminder of what I used to do.

After the wedding, we went to the reception, of course, and it was super nice...they had a full buffet with prime rib! I love me some prime rib, yo. I ate too much, then the program started. They had me sing a couple of songs for everyone, so I sang "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne (it was their favorite performance of mine from the show) and a song I wrote and sang for my own wedding called "Beautiful". It was really cool to sing for one of my best friend from college and it was a touching wedding.

I should say, however, that I am not a big fan of weddings. But this wedding was pretty nice.

After the reception we drove from Aiken up to Spartanburg where I went to a show at Wild Wings. The band played really really well, though the lead singer of the band was a little under the weather. But the band was really, really tight. The band didn't get done playing till like 1:30am, so it was 3 before Sarah and I got home. I was a bad boy and slept through church...but I've got a lot of stuff this week and I am still trying to get my voice completely back. So, sleeping was the only option. I felt bad for Sarah though. She had to be at church at 8:30am. That kinda sucked. But we did get a pretty good nap yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I'll try to keep up with stuff as best as possible.

Oh, yeah - you can still buy the album online at Amazon. We've sold a lot of copies so far, so we're very happy! A lot of people really, really love the record - we'd love you to love the record, too.

Peace and love


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Your fans still love you and trust me you're gonna have alot longer than 15 min.

DJ in AL

TimeYUPunishMe said...

For a while, I thought you're gonna be with the Traveling Wilburys. I think 2 or 3 "members" are deceased.

I like The Prayer but I prefer the version of Josh Groban and Charlotte Church.

You are opinionated and I think that's what get you in trouble. I should know, I am opinionated too. I speak my mind.

You are bad for sleeping in the church. LOL I must admit, I do that too sometimes.

Fair dinkum, don't worry too much.


Laura in CT said...

Dude, you're gonna be EXHAUSTED by the time the tour comes around!

It sucks that you have to constantly defend yourself...especially to people who really don't know you and can be nasty because we're all anonymous on a blog comment board. Just know that the people who REALLY read and understand your blogs get it and still support you. Don't get disheartened by the negativity. Just be you.

And now I have a question for you: Which do you love more, singing or playing guitar? My "guy" started out playing guitar and then got pushed into lead vocalist even though he really didn't want to be. Now he LOVES to sing (and will given the slightest opportunity LOLOLOL) but his first love will always be playing. So I'm just curious as to which your first love is.

Peace, love, and music...


Cathy Storms said...

You are so cool..You do have a busy week..Stay stong..Your fans love you..Keep blogging, I look forward to it everyday. Its the first thing I look at every morning.

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure that it's that you actively seek out things that will get you in trouble, as much as everyone else is too concerned with staying OUT of trouble, watching their mouth, and covering their back. You don't seem to care as much about that (not that you don't care at all, you obviously know where the line is) and in my opinion that is actually a good thing.

Hopefully you're well aware that in spite of the constant negativity, you still have a lot of support. You're an honest person who speaks his mind intelligently. Sure, that will gain you a lot of crap from people who are too ADD to actually pay attention, but I'm convinced those who actually listen and read will find value in what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Sligh! I think it's wonderful that you are willing to perform for your friends! I am a singer myself. I sing with mariachis (a mexian band) and when I get the opportunity to perform, I don't have to be asked twice!

I think it's horrible how one has to defend themselves, time and time again because of misinterpretations. Can't please everyone, unfortunately. I never took anything you said about Sanjaya as "bad," and even admired your opinion of him. When you asked for prayers to be lifted on his behalf, I thought that was very kind of you. Ah well...

Also, I told you that I bought your CD and although I am not a "rock" fanatic, I did like most of your songs! It was good to hear your voice again. Hope you continue to be successful.

Be well! R. Romero (Det., MI)

Anonymous said...

There's all different sorts of ways to be provacative; the most interesting way is to be an independent thinker. That's what you are, buddy.

Your frame of reference as not only an industry outsider, but a mainstream life outsider given your ultra-religious background gives you an out of the box perspective. The fact that you are willing to question and to examine what is going on all around you shows an astuteness that I think is hugely responsible for your success on the show and will be the thing along with your voice and god-given muscial talent that will define your success and development as an artist post-show.

Do us and yourself a favor and keep your perspective, but please don't keep your thoughts to yourself.

carolmwl said...

As a purchaser of your current CD, I was wondering how many of them you've sold so far?

Will any major label be selling Take a Chance on Something Beautiful, or will you keep selling it independently?

Whose job is it to keep the sales info for you, and to send the CDs to Amazon, etc?

sandmoran said...

Sleep when you can, Chris
all these people want you now
so get used to it!

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

My favorite all time eats at a wedding was sugar smacked bacon. You could have easily written "So Easy" about that stuff.... I had seen it at a wedding of a friend of mine's - so when I got hitched -I made sure it was on the menu. Just giving you a head's up - if you ever see it - give in and go for it man.

And don't get me started on the Lemon Pepper wings at Wild Wings. I may break out into song (which, admittedly, would ruin the moment.)

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...

Chris....I look forward to your writings everyday....thank you...when I get married (I'm old) I would like for you to sing, but my wedding would be at the BEACH! Have a great week and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Fame appears to be a double edged sword. What the hey ! Illegitimi non carborundum, as we say in this neck of the woods. It's your blog and you can cry ( joke, preach,rant,praise, insult) if you want to. Carry on. It all passes and new stuff follows, so relax, hang on and admire the views.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy "Vessel"...but my favorite is "Lay it down" of that CD anyway...

Tom Neyhart said...

Just some encouragement, not that you need it. Don't give up the blogging because idiots take what you say out of context. Personally I have to much to do in life without looking for blogs to get mad at. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is fun to have a bit of an inside look at who Chris Sligh is.


callie said...

Will the CD stay on Amazon until at least the end of june? I'm hoping to get it for my bday!

Ronni said...

*passes Jolt and Skittles to Chris*

That combo got me through a 27 city tour... lol... oh yeah, and tylonol sinus, because for some reason going city to city to city to city to city wrecks havoc on your sinuses... OY.

Your in my prayers man. It's going to be fun to watch what God does with and through you. ;)

risalea said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend! (and I ate too much as well...A friend invited me to a banquet honoring the top chefs in AR, and different chefs were responsible for each course, of which there were five, all delicious, plus hor'dourves before. Yes, I can relate! LOL)

I LOVE "The Prayer." My fave version is Celine with Josh Groban. In fact, if memory serves, that's how he got his break, helping Celine rehearse that number for the Grammies? with Andrea Boticelli. Did anyone tape you at the wedding? If so, you need to see if it can be put on youtube for your fans. (If that's allowed by AI)

I love that you love to write. I think you're wise to write at night and wait to post in the AM. I've often found after I sleep on something I end up making changes. I'm sure we'll all make it, though, if you have to miss days because of your schedule. We've been lucky that you've been able to write as often as you have.

Take care of yourself, and don't keep poor Sarah out so late! :) Risa R.

Dana said...

Woo! Aiken! We'll get you to Greenwood yet!

Anonymous said...

Chris - I am sure its the Scottishness in you that attracts trouble to you. I am the very same. I mean, I try to fight it but it is as much a part of me as an opinion is to a mother-in-law.

Don't worry too much, you can't save the whole world all at once.

Or of ever you are down about anything, think of the words that dear old Mrs Ferguson told me almost daily in my childhood.

Mum - Son, did you pass the graveyard on the way to school today?

Me - yes mum, I did

Mum - Well that Graveyard is Full of People who would love to be eating brussell sprouts!!

You can use that with anything, homework, watching House MD, being stuck in traffic, etc etc

(incidentally, I now love sprouts)

On a serious note, thanks for the continuing blogs, it is really great that you do this and I for one am very grateful that you give your fans this access. So thank you Chris!



Anonymous said...


I am so glad you did not leave a way for ppl to respond to your last post about Sanjaya. That is the only way to end it. Good for you.


to the ppl who leave comments, I have grown to enjoy reading your postive responses as much as I do Chris's orginal posts, Thank You

Anonymous said...

My internet connectivity won't let me even log in so I have to post this anon.

I was just wondering when you say "Wild Wings" do you mean "Buffalo Wild Wings?" I'm from Buffalo, NY so I know way too much about chicken wings... You haven't had real good ones until you've been here.

Anyway I hope you feel better soon and don't listen to haters. There will always be someone who doesn't like what you do but it doesn't matter because a ton of us love it.

Southern Girl said...

I look forward to hearing your album. I wish you the best. By the way, I hate weddings (and baby/wedding showers) too, and I am girl - girls are supposed to love that kind of stuff!

Quincy Jr said...

It's too bad that in life the ignorant don't realize who they are and when they should shut up. Don't give up and don't change. Especially not your humor. That's what draw most people to you originally. And too bad you didn't get to make David Hasselhof cry. I was looking forward to that.

Marleybone said...

I was reading your post at work today and laughed out loud - when you said your wife thinks you like to get in trouble. I was thinking the same thing!

But your explanations are always so sincere. And your fans have come to expect it, no actually I think they love that about you. You say something that is usually absolutely true. I cringe because I know it's going to piss somebody off. I worry for you (sometimes days go by without a blog, sometimes there's a missing blog- the first time I thought I was going crazy)and then you explain away. Then it's off to a new topic
and all is right with the world until.....

I personally hope you never change.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog .... I like that it's focused on you. Thanks for writing ... a great way to stay connected with your fans!

Rock on!

HstryQT said...

It's great you're getting to do some down-to-earth things like singing at weddings before the craziness of the AI tour.

Wish I could go to one of your SC shows, I know you're having a blast!

Have a fun busy week!

Lori said...

I *LOVE* "The Prayer". I wish I could hear how you sang it. You should post a recording of it if you have one. ;)

How's your wife handling all your fame, btw? I was just curious. She seemed so sweet whenever I saw her on TV.

♥ Brin
My Podcast

Christi (aka Maurrowe) said...

It's awesome that you play the guitar...imo, a rockstar isn't a rockstar without his guitar!! I tried to play it before but it hurt my fingers so bad they actually bled. I eventually just gave it up.

I would have loved to hear you sing The Prayer. As much as I like Josh Groban's version, I just know I'd like yours even better.

Hope your week goes well!

risalea said...

Chris, this is not a comment, just some info I've been meaning to send you. I don't know how far from home you want to venture with your band, and exactly what your restrictions are with AI, but we have a place called Juanita's in Little Rock that is host to many up and coming bands. I notice Chris Daughtry played there at the first of April. This is their website:

Risa R.

Paradise said...

Hi Chris, I love reading your blogs, mostly because all the info is interesting, amusing, and you're not afraid to speak your mind. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and I admire all those who are the same. Yes, sometimes it can get us in trouble, but my friends know that if they want an honest opinion, they can count on me. I love your candid opinions, so keep it up. Keep on blogging andlet us live vacariously through you. What an exciting life you have! Don't let the small people get you down. There are still a lot of us that love you!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry things are so crazy busy for you. So, if you don't mind my asking, when are you and Sarah going to take your vacation? It sounds like she is being very cool with you constant go-go-go-ness since leaving AI. But, it is important to chill out for a bit and have some "Chris and Sarah" quality time together to just breathe during this time, you know?

I hope you don't mind my saying this. Know that I'm a HUGE fan of you, Chris!

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

zyDearest Chris,

I have no other way to contact you but to leave you a comment.

First of all you are NOT fat. You are unique, smart and sarcastic. I think you are way too hard on yourself with your self critic and analyse of your psyche.

I think you did awesome on the show and it is a joy to watch you growing as a human being. Keep Going, Chris!!!!

Second I knew from beginning on that you liked Sanjaya. I understand you just fine. I learned one thing in the blogger world as I am blogging for AOL and in the forum world. If people don't want to understand you they never will. You can stand on your head wiggling your ears and plead with them. They won't get it. So if I was you I would quit justifying yourself and quit responding to those who don't get you. After all it is indeed a waste of energy. Speak to those of us who understand you , who see you for the person you are and don't react. Project!

When you tried out for Idol, you went there. They did not came to you. They saw you for who you are. Please continue the same thing in your blogs. We get you.

And no you don't deserve mean spirited comments whether they are from 12 year old or from 30 years old. In the long run it doesn't matter how you look it matters who you are and Chris let me tell you something you are one beautiful person.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When did you have time to take that nap? says you were signing CDs at 2 PM at Best Buy on Sunday....

Jill said...

As the wife of a fellow musician and minister. I want you to know that I appreciate the message you send to those seeking a career. You can see that your career is important, but your family/friends will always be worth more than the career. Keep yourself grounded in Christ and have a live life large, putting His face out there for the whole world to see. You have a start that many only dream of...use it wisely. You can "seriously" change this world we live in now and Heaven later...thanks for keeping your stand.

Anonymous said...

Who could fault you for making the choice to listen to a band until 1:30 am so you were too tired to worship God on the Lord's Day? Sounds like good priorities to me! (sarcasm alert)

Good grief.

ChrisSligh said...


Just to let you know the show I was speaking of was a show I sang at...I was the lead singer who was under the was an inside joke, I guess. Anyway, I had 5 shows in 7 days and had been sick. I think Jesus might have understood.

Anyway, sorry i didn't make it clearer.


Anonymous said...

Just curious if you're going to post my question about being well enough to sign at Best Buy, but not attend church?

ChrisSligh said...

Anon 12:21,

I think it was the same weekend as I was sick that I signed at Best Buy. If it was, let me put it this way: God is more understanding than men are.

I had made a lot of obligations that I couldn't rightly get out of. The week I missed from church was a week I had off from leading worship - I had no other obligations other than to show up to church. I was not well and the great thing about my church is that we have the messages online, so I was able to watch the message later that day.

I took care of my obligations at Best Buy (and actually cut them short because of trying to protect my voice and get over whatever it was I had) and went home and slept some more.

I'm not sure why the accusatory tone, but I'll again say this: God doesn't need me in church. If anything I need church for me. I was able to experience the teaching from my house, so it was an easy fix.


Anonymous said...

No accusatory tone - just saddened with bad priorities. Oh well -"God understands and Best Buy doesn't" just sends the wrong message as a Christian in my estimation.

ChrisSligh said...

I'm not sure that bad priorities would be the best thing to chalk it up to in this instance. Perhaps the realistic realization that I was sick and would have hurt myself for a lot of expectations for the rest of that week to attend a church service that I could experience in the confines of my home for one week is bad priorities for you, but for me it is an intelligent use of the tools at hand to make by on a less than ideal situation.

In a perfect situation my band wouldn't have played out on a Saturday night and not get home till 3am when the next day I have church and a business obligation. But my church is blessed enough to have an internet service, so I took advantage of it and made the best of the situation.

Thank you for your concern, but I was able to take part in a church service that week, so my soul will probably be okay.

As I said, God is more understanding than man.


Anonymous said...

it is just interesting that being at Best Buy 6 hours later somehow wasn't going to hurt your voice.

Pretty clear that you chose your business obligation over following a clear command of Scripture that we are to gather and worship together on the first day of the week. I have no problem when someone is sick and can't go to church, but to then later be out signing autographs seems a pretty indicator of messed up priorities. These are the pitfalls of celebrityism.

ChrisSligh said...

Actually, the signing wasn't until 2 pm. So, it was 11 hours later. I didn't skip church to do that.

However, as I said before that apparently you missed: I was able to gather together with hundreds of others via the internet and worship. On the first day of the week.

However, logic doesn't seem to enter the equation of what you're talking about. As I said before - God doesn't need me to be in church. Being in church is a place for me to be a part of community and to hear sound teaching and to serve. I was lucky that week to be able to do all of that except serve and it was a week I had off from "serving".

You can call it the pitfalls of celebrity, but it is no different from a business man being on a business trip over a weekend and not being able to worship in his home church. I was sick. I chose to worship at home with the same congregation and feel that I always do. I left my house for not even 2 hours to fulfill an obligation that I simply could not get out of. In my opinion, with people knowing I am a believer, me canceling this obligation would do more damage to the Kingdom than missing church (especially considering I took part in church at home).

Thank you again for you comments, but it would be nice if you would actually consider the situation and use a little logic to realize there was no wrong done here.

Peace and love,