Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Song lyric

Hey guys, this is a new song I wrote. I'd love to see what you guys think and see if you can get what I'm trying to talk about.

Check it out:

words and music by Chris Sligh
(c) 2007 kindacrazy music

She's got a way about her
There's no way to ever doubt her
And nothing breaks my heart
Nothing breaks me heart like her, oh...
She's got a way about her
There's no way to live without her
Like a drug your system needs
She'll never give release
Until you've given in
To all the lies she's living in

And it's easy
To let her in and never let her go easy
Still giving in is harder than you know

She's got a way that kills me
But something about it thrills me
Like forbidden love exchanged
It’s enchanting and it’s strange,
But it feels so good
Just like I thought it would


You know I’ve fallen back and forth:
She’s pretty and obscene
She’s everything I’m running from

Then she’s everything I think I need
She’s the all I’ve turned my back on

But she’s most of what I’ve done
She’s the pleasure I run back to

But she leaves me lifeless and alone



Anonymous said...

Okay, you're either talking about fame or about Haley in her hotpants

*hee hee*

IknowIam said...

This is the orginality that is Chris Sligh! Another amazing song!

The word "she" could mean so many things though. I'm just trying not to compare it to your other songs.

Good luck,


bmorebamma said...

don't think it's about haley for crying out loud, there has always has to be a comedian around, ha ha YOU ARE NOT funny pal. btw i can't figure it out . mr . sligh you seem to make this song writing stuff look easy. btw this is for anonymous , who doesn't seen to have the balls to reveal themselves. bmore's rant stops now .

jon said...

This is more fun than sleeping!

Carrie said...

....... Do we get any hints?

Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Does this stuff just flow out of you? Brilliant lyrics - just trying to figure out the style you'd play it in. Could see this as a slow acoustic ballad, or a "Tunnel Vision" rocker -
For me - "She" is whatever temptation you try to deny yourself. IE Sin.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...

Is this song about addiction to pornography? I've read it a few times .... and this is what finally clicked in my mind.

ChrisSligh said...

This is one of those that I don't know if I have to explain and give my meaning to it...I just want to see what you all take to heart from it. I know what it means to me, and I'll give that later...but I'd love to see what it means to everyone else, so post away.


cynrama said...

If it were written by anyone besides you I would say it was one of those emo love songs, but since I know it came from your mind to my eyes I would say it's more about sin...that's what i would relate it to anyway. Could be about the roller coaster that you've been on since the show. Can't wait to find out what you were really thinking when you wrote it. Depending on the arrangement of the music I think alot of people could relate to the song in alot of ways.

Sherri said...

I was thinking Pride....or fame.

I like it! Actually I love most of your lyrics. I love songs that different people can take different things from. I have always been a fan of lyrics that remind me of a specific time in my life. Your songs really do that for me.

vivian from missouri said...

sorry to hear you're under the weather, hopefully on the mend--fell off the chair with your comment about G.W. and Rich Little. Oh, about your health---Zicam really works--seems like your life will be pretty hectic for the near future, just something to think about. Like the song, a little darker---sounds to me like its about success or fame. Wanted to post about the album and some of the "critiques" cracked me up--sorry, Chris, but I really DID love it---all the songs , some more than others and one of the really cool things about it for me is that it has something for a lot of different music lovers--soaring anthem type songs, sweet love songs and some hard driving stuff. Stay well.

IknowIam said... idea...its obviously something that's not good for you, but still something that seems right.

Make up your mind dangit! I don't think that deep!! lol

awilliams said...

Wouldn't think it's necessarily fame per se but more the struggle with our human nature and the world in general - more specifically the conflict between Whose you are and what you want to be.

Just know that the road you travel is not an easy one. It's filled with the lusts of the flesh, the eyes and boastful pride of life.

Talk about going out on a limb! Chalk it up to the mother in me. If it counts, I have faith that God will direct your path and the choices you make will be the right ones.

ChrisSligh said...

Some people have gotten close to my thoughts on the song, but here's the thing: I want to write music that means something to me, but I want to write music that means something to you the listener...and it may not necessarily be the same thing, and that's okay. Paul Simon would never give his meaning to some of his songs, but they were songs that meant many different things to many different people.

Btw, the song is an acoustic based pop/rock mid-tempo ballad. Wow, that's a lot of words, but it describes it perfectly. I can't wait for you guys to hear it.


Carmen said...

Love the lyrics. Here are my thoughts on what the lyrics mean. To me it seems like you are talking about a sin that someone has become addicted to. Even though it seems that this sin brings pleasure or happiness,(wickedness never was happiness) it really doesn't because the person is no longer free. They have become tied and bound to this addiction. The person goes back and forth from trying to live their life without committing this sin or addiction to just doing it because it feels good for the moment. Every time the person gives in to the addiction or sin, a little piece of them dies. The person also feels guilt and remorse for what they are doing. After they have committed this sin, they feel empty inside.

Nique's Nana said...

I think it's about fame. When do we get to hear it? Love the lyrics.

Brenda said...

Well, your lyrics made me think of the temptress in Proverbs 5, 6, & 7.

Kingdom Assignment said...

It's anything that rules you, that takes precedent over where your thoughts should really be, it's a drug that you can't shake, it's Haley in hot pants :-) it's anything that replaces God in your life, it's a secret that haunts your mind and you can't get away from it, it's fear... fear destroys creativity.

Thanks for posting on my blog Chris!
See you at the WELL DONE AWARDS May 30th 2007 Leesa

Anonymous said...

This is fun. Is it called 'Postcard To L.A.' ?
Take care, Chris.

Anonymous said...

umm...looks a bit like a Billy Joel song..."she's got a way about her"...I'm sure the music is way different...but still...

She's got a way about her
I don't know what it is
But I know that I can't live without her
She's got a way of pleasin'
I don't know why it is
But there doesn't have to be a reason anywhere

She's got a smile that heals me
I don't know what it is
But I have to laugh when she reveals me
She's got a way of talkin'
I don't know why it is
But it lifts me up when we are walkin' anywhere

She comes to me when I'm feelin' down
Inspires me without a sound
She touches me and I get turned around
She's got a way of showin'
How I make her feel
And I find the strength to keep on goin'
She's got a light around her
And ev'rywhere she goes a million
Dreams of love surround her ev'rewhere

She comes to me when I'm feelin' down
Inspires me without a sound
She touches me, I get turned around oh oh oh

She's got a smile that heals me
I don't know why it is
But I have to laugh when she reveals me
She's got a way about her
I don't know what it is
But I know that I can't live without her any way

-Allie- said...

I write too and really respect musicians who don't just sing or play but also write their own material. I just think it's so much more personal to connect with your own words (well, for me it is). Anyway! My favorite part, although I like the whole song in general, is this - "like forbidden love exchanged, it’s enchanting and it’s strange." <- so awesome. I'd love to send you one of my songs to get your feedback sometime but I don't know if you would be up for that!

TimeYUPunishMe said...

An obsession.....a craving......something you want to have or do but would be a transgression....

Jenn K. said...

same subject matter as "Scum Sweetheart" by Audio A., right? =P Well done!

steve-o-meter said...

I definately think Fame...or sin...what sin? no idea

ooor...maybe it's just a simple song about love....hmmm, you could be tricking us!


lauralunatic said...

I think someone has already said this, but I think 'she' is supposed to be sin...?

Anonymous said...

Could be fame, fortune, Faith, family relationships, love of your wife?

Or perhaps, as I believe Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Anyhoo, love the new lyrics. Can't wait to hear them put to music.

Keep the Faith,

ChrisSligh said...

I'd like to point out that I do know the Billy Joel song, but this song has a completely different vibe and point to it. His is a "sappy" love song (by which I do NOT mean cheesy, but simply good and sappy) - my song, though it includes one phrase from his song, is somethng a little deeper. However, I will admit, I love Joel's song.

Anyway, it's interesting to see what people are reading into it. I love that a lyric I write can be taken in different ways. It just shows how cool the world is: we all don't have to think the same! And that's what makes like better.


Badpacifist said...

Can't wait to hear the music are going to rock it I bet. Would she's pretty and nineteen be too much of a stretch for what you are trying to convey?

Badpacifist said...

Yes, before you ask I meant 19 the company.

Badpacifist said...

She's pretty and obscene...would be better as she's pretty and nineteen. Yes I mean the company 19.
I think its a song about your other love... the music industry. Its a strong love but it can be obscene, and can leave you empty and alone. Unlike Sarah, the business loves you only when it needs you and when you can make it money. You seem to be a very passionate person and I bet you do everything with your whole heart. When you do something with all your emotions, you are out there with full force. Believe me I can relate, and so can many. This also allows you to love, really, really love people and things you hardly know or maybe don't know enough. Maybe your great love allows you to turn a blind eye the bad stuff. Suddenly one day comes along and although you still love this person or thing, you can see without "tunnel vision." (yes some great guy wrote that one too.)

Aletha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Like everything you write, I love this song. I think Badpacifist has it's meaning point on.

I think you clearly understand what the music business is about and the hazards that can befall an artist. I worry that the industry will hurt you or change you as you continue up the ladder of success. I've said this before, I believe people connect with you and embrace you because they believe that what they see is real and true.

Can't wait to hear what you do next!

DJ in AL

Christi (aka Maurrowe) said...

I love it! I REALLY enjoy listening to your lyrics.. they're all so beautiful and captivating.

To me, it sounds like you're talking about the lustful and sinful desires of the world. The things that are so very tempting and fun for our bodies and human desires, but in reality only hurt and eventually destroy us. It sounds like you're talking about how hard it is to be different from the rest of the world and follow God's straight and narrow path. But in reality, The Lord is the only way to true happiness and peace within.

Laura in CT said...

I love it. And hate it because it reminds ME of all the contradictions in "Always A Woman"...and I've been told that's "my" song.

Someone (something) that you really really really want...even though you KNOW it's gonna be bad for you...and that makes you want it even more even though it may end up destroying you.

Pfffft...kinda describes the relationship between me and my man right now (LOL).

PS You know I don't really hate it, right???

PPS Hope you're feeling better from your runabouts.

Cathy Storms said...

I'm thinking its about fame. Although it kind of depends what mood your in when you hear it. Best kind of song..Can't wait to hear it.

robyn said...

OK...I think it's about temptation...whatever those things are that tempt you (or us) individually...they can be considered pretty or obscene (like the love of money)...we may think we need them, we may think we need to run from them, but we give in to some of them just to satisfy a curiosity or an urge even though we don't think it's a good thing to do all the time.

anyway, that's what popped up in my mind....cna't wait to hear the finished version of it!!


Christina said...

This song is amazing. I too sing and write song lyrics. I really admire you for having made it as far as you did on Idol. It must have been hard to have to put up with some of the things that Simon said about you guys. For all of you guys on the show are very talented in your own unique ways.All of you are blessed with God given talent.

rosalee said...

It's about pizza! (just kidding)
I think it's about fame, too.


Anonymous said...

I do like the lyrics but the line shes got a way immediately reminds me of Billy Joel's song. I would play with that line so it's not the same.

Anonymous said...

JMO - There's a lot of icky-sticky love/hate relationships these days, and seems to be the type of love in this song.

Is it properly romantic to refer to the woman/relationship as an "obscene", "forbidden" "drug" that "breaks your heart" and "kills" you?

Don't get me wrong, the lyrics aren't artless, and the song could be a hit, but there's more than one way that a song can be "good", if you catch my meaning.

I'd rather a simple..."Girl, I'm good for you 'cuz I'm good to you. I could live without you, but I'd rather not. I'm your man, through and through, noble and true."

Fan of yours, Good Luck - Ian

debjager said...

Wow Chris,
What a great song! I was actually discussing this with my sister .... I told her right off that this song is not about "another woman" I know how deeply you love your wife.

What is so amazing about the words is that "she" can mean so many things to so many people. This song will touch many people and each one will have their own meaning to who/what "she" is.
I believe it will be a personal experience for every listener. It is like "#1" in the movie "City Slickers" and figuring out what that #1 thing is to each of us.

In reading this, it just enforces what a talented singer/song writer you are .......
I believe this song has the potential of being a big hit! I'm just in awe when I think of all the people you will touch with this song and what they will feel.

So, what ever your "she" is in this song, it is beautiful and I hope you will record it for your many fans.
Thank you for the light you share with the world.

Debbie J.

Angell said...

WOW - Chris - I love those lyrics - they are incredible. I can't wait to hear the song when it's got music to it.

selena said...

Sweet Mother of Pearl! Loving that!

Anonymous said...

I think it is about being careful not to get sucked into FAME - the negative parts of it - when you head starts believing too much and you loose your humulity - you can be successful and still remember where you came from...

I have a question - WHEN (not if) you sign with a record company are you going to insist that you are part of the creation process? - I sure hope so - you have a lot to say - and it is nice to have it said in a Christian way...
Your friend in Arizona

bmorebamma said...

hey christy (aka) , geez i like your take on what this song means geez it makes a lot of sense .

sandmoran said...

Whatever she is
she has you now and you her
love her a little.

Marleybone said...

I was actually hoping you would post what the lyrics meant, so I could tell you, you were wrong, lol.

Anyway - I think it is about your love affair with rock music (the fame attached and the choices you have to make) and the conflict of being a Christ-follower.
I use the term "love affair" because you use the pronoun "she"
and because there is guilt associated with an affair, and there would have to be a certain amount of guilt on your part in loving rock music, because of the way you were raised.

This is not new turmoil for you.
It's probably haunted you since you were very young, escalating when you went to BJU.

Let's face it. A Christ-follower is intrinsically altruistic. And that is a tough thing to be in the entertainment industry. I'm not talking about writing a check to a good cause. I'm talking about honest to goodness altruism. Like giving up a song to a competitor in a national singing contest, because they wanted to sing it. I mean, who would be crazy enough to do that?

Look on the bright side. Internal struggle makes for good songs. I mean, where would Eminem be without a messed up life?

It's really part of your charm that you wrestle with this. I think you can be a Christ-follower and a rock
star. What's important is that you keep it in that order.

So - to quote a famous songwriter,
"Don't let go."

risalea said...

Ok, this deep thinking at the end of a VERY long day at school is taxing my brain. But, I'll try. If I had just read the lyrics and didn't know anything about the lyricist, I'd say the song is talking about addiction. And of course, the list of things that we can be addicted to is long and ponderous, from drugs to food, to the material things of the world.

But knowing you wrote it, I'm tending to lean towards the addiction of fame....maybe the pain of having to make compromises to achieve commercial success?

I do think the beauty of a well-written song is that it can mean different things to different people. I feel that many of your songs on "Take a Chance" have that quality.

Great song...can't wait to hear the music.
Risa R.

NCFriend said...

awesome lyrics.... at first i didnt like the allusion ("she's got a way about her"... the Billy Joel line) and it was hard to read this without hearing that phrase as it was sung by him. But the more i disassociate it from that, it gets so much more interesting.
I will look forward to hearing it!!!

sandmoran, cool sligh-ku! ;-D

NCFriend (Carol Ann) said...

Rosalee, yea that's it Pizza!, for me this is about food. For Chris, it could be fame.. (i'm not saying it is or isnt,)... but the cool thing about it.. it reaches people because everyone has a SHE in their lives, like Chris said in one of his replies.

Back about a million years ago, in one of my creative writing classes, I wrote a poem similar to this idea, but it was much more umm.. er.. corporeal... "Do you feel this same sweet torture? Do we share this sacred-sin?"

whew... talk about deep thoughts... well at least old thoughts.... Thanks Chris for sharing this with us.

Ash Greyson said...

Any great poetry should be open to personal interpretation. That is the frustrating thing about "Christian" music. There is often a pressure to infuse a direct message which results in trite lyrics that youth leaders can wrap their head around. The church seems to have forgotten that the bible is an oft poetic book that is surely open to interpretation.

As for my personal interpretation. I would not so much say fame, as I would say life in the limelight without the necessary accountability. I have seen it again and again in the circles I run in. People find joy in the limelight and find less joy in their family, friends, etc. Everyone wants to feel joy, so the pursuit of endeavors to continue getting the admiration of others takes priority over your family and "real" life. I most certainly have been seduced by this at times. I love it when my wife thinks something I do is great but...doesnt she HAVE to love it? There is something about a stranger coming up and either knowing you or your work and praising you that seems to carry more weight than your family and friends opinions.

I do believe there are people called to live in the spotlight but at the end of the day, it has to be about their family, their friends and the joy they get from them.

Anonymous said...

The song leans too much on Billy Joel's She's Got a Way lyric. Same line used except for She's got a way that heals me.

Change that and it becomes more original.

Anonymous said...

I've Got it! Took me long enough but I got there in the end

It is obviously you talking about your love for Scotland and all things Scottish. How could I have missed THAT?

"She" obviously refers to the mother country. Nothing breaks your heart like the longing to back there amongst the mountain lochs, the vast forests, the never ending deep fried food....

It is "forbidden" as lets face it, its not cool for an American hero like yourself to give in and admit to the world your love for the most beautiful country in the world, because you may be shunned for doing so and be told by many unthinking locals to "love it or leave it man!"

"Pretty and obscene" - Scenery is pretty and the food is, ok, you get the picture.

"Everythng you need" and "all you turned your back on" - well, if you are like me, you can only go so long before you have to breath in the clearest air on the planet, get a taste of Scotland to bring back with you to modern civilization. But you do turn your back on it again because to embrace it fully would be career suicide. Need I say more than Bay City Rollers?

"She's the most of what I've done" Well, no idea what you were thinking there, but even the best songwriters write nonsense every now and again. Don't worry about it. It will pass. Remember, the Beatles recorded Octopuses Garden. Mistakes happen.

"She's the pleasure I run back to" - ah, McSligh is back! Its like a sickness, an addiction almost. You think you can leave your Scottishness in the past, and move on into the big wide commercial world and ambrace all that is monetarily worthwhile! But no, in the back of your mind there is still Scotland, the hills, the lakes, the sheep, the tweed clothes and the no 1 heart attack rate in the world! No 1 baby! Yeah, in the back of your mind there is always the simple pleasures of a life caught in a timewarp from about 1750. You can't ignore it, you can't store it away in a locker and you can't hide it under your mattress so that your mother wont find it! You have to embrace it and when you do, life is fun again. And the more you do this, the more you run back to this pleasure as now you are an addict, a McAddict if you will.

So yeah, I think you have done a great job in communicating your love for all things Scottish. Great job Chris!

As for the music part of this project, I suggest some mild bagpipes and maybe an accordion or two, just to reinforce the message!


Anonymous said...

Chris,I am a huge fan since your original audition/cattle call. I feel blessed to have found your web site. Please keep posting even after AI is over. BTW, I loved the song. Hope you get a recording contract ( I don't see it not happening as you have an amazing talent that reaches all demographics, ie, my 69 yo father in law wanted you to win and quit watching after you left) and that song is on it. good luck!!!!


dblade said...


Great song lyrics!
I believe as a couple others have, that this songs reference to “she” is fame/stardom/rock star/call it what you will. If I am correct in my interpretation of the lyrics than I accept that we both are struggling with the question of your success. As you know I have been very cynically opinionated. I need to stop that… truly I do!!! However, my reason for cynicism is exactly what I read into this song. The path that you want to be on in your heart, versus the path that others (including cynical fans such as me) want you to take do not mix!
Be true to yourself, friends, and family. Let fame happen on your terms, not that of others! Hope this makes more cense than most of my other rambling!

Anonymous said...

"She's got a way about her" is so closely associated with Billy Joel that you just sound like you're ripping him off if you use it. Regardless of your intentions, that is how it will be interpreted. Save yourself a lot of grief and change the line.

Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond is a genious.

Oh, and I write songs the same way you do.

They just aren't as good as Neil's.



bmorebamma said...

geez anonymous for GOODNESS sakes , it's mr. slighs song for cryin out loud i never made that connection but aaaaaaaaahhhhhh you protest to much . lets see you take a stab @ it come on let me see ya try .iam sure that YOU are the only one in here who has to be the debbie downer around here.

Anonymous said...

I kinda get the idea of pleasure of life is so tempting but once you do it it leaves you lifelss and alone and empty inside:( Great Song i think lots of christians struggle with this ~ julia