Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Friends are friends forever...

Well, sometimes. But I do think that the great thing about my involvement in the show has been the fact that I made a lot of really, really great friends. Someone asked me about my friendships, so I thought I'd delve into them a little more. Now, I should say that of the top 10, really the top 12, I was and am friends with all of them. But, as with every other situation, you are naturally drawn to certain individuals. Those certain ones became some of my best friends:

Phil - Phil is probably my closest friend on the show. He and I met in my audition in Memphis - we both made it through the cattle call round about the same time of night and he made it through with a guy from his band back turns out it was a Christian band and I heard him talking about it so I asked him where he was from and he told me Jacksonville. Then I showed up in Hollywood and he was my roommate. Really wierd, right? The first night in Hollywood, he came up and said, "I'm probably going home tomorrow and I need you to do well so I can say my roommate was the American Idol." Little did either one of us know, we'd both make the top 10. We worked through some tough stuff at the beginning of the top 24, but after a few days, we were back to being tight. We just come from the same kind of background, and we have a lot in common, including who we have worked with and been around in the music industry - it's really wierd how many parellels our lives have. I, of course, bet him $50 I was going home, and I won. He is so humble in that he never thought he would make it further than me. The whole time I've thought he had one of the best voices I've ever heard, so I wasn't surprised at all that he made it further than me. Anyway, upcoming, I hope to write songs for him and with him as he moves into what I think will be a very successful career - especially if makes a country, he's sounded so good the last coupla weeks, hasn't he? And, if/when he gets voted off, we're going to take a nice vacation with him and his family.

Gina - I was actually a fan of Gina last year on the show, and was disappointed to see her cut in Hollywood last year. Then this year I saw her in Hollywood again and was actually a little starstruck. She sang "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" and so I went up to her at lunch and asked her, "So, have you every really loved a woman?" She was kind of dumbstruck and was like, "No, not like that...I mean, I don't have a problem with that, but no, I haven't. I have a boyfriend." I was like, "Well you sing it like you have." It wasn't that I was trying to be risque - she just sang the song well and intepreted the lyric like she had really loved a woman. She sang an incredible version of that song, and I went up and congratulated her, and for some reason from that point on, we were really great friends. Sure, like every friend, we had our moments, but it was like big brother-sister rivalry - and that really describes our relationship the best: we're like siblings - we both are in committed relationships that we both plan on being in forever, so it frees us up to be platonic friends. And Joe, her boyfriend, is amazingly cool - he's a guitar player, too, so that makes him awesome. I love to just hang out with Gina and Joe, and I'd love to write songs with her and for her...I think of all the contestants, she's one of the most marketable right now....she just needs to figure out what she wants to do and it's going to be great.

Blake - Blake and I met through Rudy, who I was very close to. Blake and I met the first night of Hollywood, and Rudy, Blake and I were virtually inseperable the rest of the week. When we got to the top 24, Jared Cotter and I were originally roommates, but he couldn't take my snoring, so he moved out and switched with Blake. It was great being roommates with Blake - he really was the coolest roommate in the world. The thing about Blake is that the way you see him on tv is exactly how he is in real life...he is just smooth. He rarely gets mad, rarely raises his voice...he's just smooth. What people don't realize with him is that he was raised with a great work ethic and has had to work hard for everything that has ever happened to him. American Idol isn't just an overnight success for him - he's worked his tail off to get where he's at. I'd love to write with him in the future, but let's be honest, his style is a little different than mine - it'll be cool to see what we could come up with for him. Btw, he is a good songwriter, and a good guitar player...he really is a great musician. I can't wait to hear what his record sounds like.

Chris Rich - Chris is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. There is not a pretentious bone in his body. He is comfortable with who he is and doesn't have an ego to throw around to get his way. He and I met in Hollywood but it was during the top 24 that we got really close. He and Blake are really tight, so the 3 of us would hang out in Blake and my room, just goofing off, acting stupid, writing songs. Chris Rich is seriously one of the best songwriters I have heard. There were a couple of times when we would have a bunch of people in our room and the songwriters would pass a guitar around and sing our songs. Chris sang like 3 that will be HUGE hits when they come out...they're that good. I would love to write with Chris - our minds seem to think alike songwriting wise. I think the top 10 tour is going to be great to see what kinds of music comes out of writing with all these guys. Chris is going to make a fantastic record, I think. And it won't sound anything like J.T.

Now, there were several in the top 24 that I loved and have friendships with: Rudy Cardenes - he and I met in my 2nd audition and became close friends; and Sundance Head - we got real was really tough to see him go.

Anyway, those are my closest friends from the top 12 and 24. I said several times in interviews that the best part of the show was forming relationships. Fame and fortune, if I'm ever afforded those things, will pass away. But a great friendship can last forever.


IknowIam said...

Thanks Chris!

Dave Davis said...

Chris -- I wondered if you had seen my blog. I made a few posts about you and it sent my numbers through the roof. Thanks for that. I even got a coment from the guy over at FFTW. Hillarious. I prayed for you during your time on the show...just for your spirit.

Anyway, you did a great job and you go to a GREAT church.
Dave Davis

Anonymous said...

Wow ... you are power blogging tonight! Every time I check back in at your blog, you've got something new. Lol.

Glad to hear about your friendships. Life is about connection .... yes, everything else will fade away. So glad you "get it".

Hey ... it was cool watching Jack Black sing your audition song tonight on idol. BTW ... did you see the shout out he gave you on The Tonight Show? He said the "chubby guy" was his fav. Woot, woot!

Peace out.

Sarah Lee said...

Hey Chris! I just wanted to let you know that I loved you on AI! I think you have a great voice, and from what I've read so far on your blog, you're a great song writer too! :)

One of the things I love so much about this season is how close all the contestants seem with each other. It's great that you made so many friends through this experience; good friends are hard to come by sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Do you know who the others are close with? It seems like Melinda and Jordin are really close.

Fie said...

hey chris...awesome blog. I'm glad that you're continuing to share with the world the talent that you obviously possess.

Loved you on Idol and thought that you livened the show up!

Much love all the way from Malaysia!

TimeYUPunishMe said...

To the last sentence of your blog, AMEN.

Friends that are friends forever are REAL friends.

Abo Dja Naunong said...

Never thought I could come across your blog =) Keep making music dude!

Beth Milbourne said...

It was good to see you and Sarah the other night. Sorry you were feeling so crappy. Hope you are back to your jovial self soon.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am glad to hear that the contestants are "real". The ones you talked about are some of my favorite. From a viewer standpoint it is nice to know that sometimes what you see on screen is what you get.

CarolMWL said...

Hi, Chris, having a danged hard time posting. I'm CarolMWL. Anyhow, you mentioned some 'tough times' among the finalists. I'm curious to know what kind of tough times happened. It's interesting, 'cause you guys were all sort of sequestered together during a very intense period of time. What sort of things got on nerves, etc? Don't use names, of course, if you don't want to, but I'm curious to hear what sort of arguments happened. Thanks!

kyler422 said...

It's very interesting to read about some of the personal relationships formed on AI. Admittedly, this is the first year I have closely followed the show from the start, but I have to say, it seems as though this group is very tight-knit overall. Having good, close friends is really important to me, so (at the risk of sounding cheesy) it warms my heart to hear you made so many good friends during your time there.

It's also cool to learn a little more about how these people are in "real life." In most cases we only get to see the edits that the producers think we want to see, so your glimpse into more of the personal side of things makes for interesting reading.

You seem like a very genuinely nice guy, Chris. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Heather :)

Anonymous said...

Chris.....I to hate to fly. I guess it's because I don't have control of the plane. Anyway I read your song lyrics. It's amazing that you can take something so simple and make a masterpiece out of it. We all have our ideas about who or what you were writing about, but I would like to think it's about your wife you so adore.

I look forward every day in reading your site. Stay true to yourself.

Cynthia said...

I really noticed last year the great bond all of the performers had. I think that happens when everyone is kept sequestered to a certain degree. You can form life bonds with others. I know Bucky showed up at Elliott's signing in NY the day of Elliott's Cd release. Bucky and Kellie also went to a Daughtry concert. Ace co-wrote INO with Chris D. Kat, Kellie, Bucky, Ace, Chris D call each other often. Ace and Chris D are working on a project together. Lisa Tucker and Kevin Covais are featured on Paris's CD... Hopefully everyone this season will continue to bond once the tour is over...

I still am not 100% impressed with Phil...yes there are times when his vocals amaze me...but it isn't consistent through-out the entire performance. Maybe a country CD will be his forte...I think though as I have with several this one seems like a finished performer...except for Melinda. Last seasons performaers were much more mature...more of the total package...this year there are good vocals but not so much a total package...with the exception of Melinda. I think with time and practice and maturity some great artists may rise from this season...but I do not think it will be immediately as it was with last season.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a couple of times you referenced how bad your snoring is. I work in health care and would strongly suggest you see a sleep specialist and have a sleep study done. Sleep apnea (when you stop breathing at night) can aggrevate high blood pressure, diabetes, and cause daytime sleepiness and fatigue. My husband is the director of our hospitals lab and can send you information if you want. BTW LOVE the CD! Sincerely, RadKca

Diana said...

It's neat to hear you describe your friends since all we really know of them is what is in those short clips on the show. It's good to hear that they're really that cool on a daily basis as well.

I agree with you that having good experiences and earning success is great, but it the friends you make along the way that last forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, love the blog, LOVE the CD (seriously, nearly every song is amazing on it),

Cool to see who you got close with and how you got close with them. Since you mentioned the Hollywood week a few times, I was wondering which song you sang Accapella during Hollywood week?



Anonymous said...

Yes, I had heard that you were a Christian when you were on Idol. You have a unique voice, along with your off-the-wall sense of humour...would have liked to see you stay on. Maybe we'll be hearing something about you on the Dove Awards.

cynrama said...

Have you ever read the purpose driven life? It's one of my fav books and one of the sections is "We were made for relationships" it's really great to hear you say that relationships are more important than any amount of money or fame. Sounds like you've got your heart in the right place - which is what really matters. God's put you in the position to give a message and an example and I think your doing a great job. Lots of Love!


robyn said...

hey...i'm so glad you have made awesome friendships! I have always found it difficult to make friends. I spent so many years living in a situation that I couldn't bring people into my home and I guess it kinda made me like an island unto myself. Although even when I was a kid I never had much self confidence, which people find hard to believe, because I guess I look like I am a confident person. Oh, well! I'm outta that situation now so I'll have to work on it....

I do agree that we need our friendships even though some of us think we don't need anyone....


Anonymous said...

Chris- You were so awesome on American Idol! I wanted you to win so bad! I cried when you left! I hope you keep singing!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're pretty freakin awesome. I wish we could've seen more of your friendship with Phil on camera like we see with Cake but it's great that you've become so close with some of them. You seem to care more about what others think of your friends over yourself which is too sweet. I had to laugh about Blake becoming your roomate since Jared couldn't handle your snoring. I guess Blake isn't bothered by snoring or stinky feet! :) (Phil mentioned your feet when they said their goodbye's to you) I loved Gina from the auditions in season 5 as well, I was so glad to see her back this season. I really hope we get to hear/see some of what you and the others come up with writing together on the tour one day.

Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Chris, I think its so great that you have made so many friendships during your time on idol. I'm a big 'Bludachris' fan so its so great to hear that the 3 of you are still great friends. The tour looks like it will be really fun in terms of everyone getting along, I just wish Rudy was there too.

By the way how did you like Jack Black's version of Kiss from a Rose? I thought of you right when he began singing lol.

bigmoneygrip said...

That was interesting. You have a view that most of us don't have - having met and lived with these guys. I wasn't as fond of Phil and Chris when the show first started, but as the weeks went on, I realized that I liked them more and more - now from your writings, I can see why. My favorite part of last night's show was when Ryan asked Phil why he was smiling and he said "Because I love you, man" - that was as genuine and heartfelt statement that I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You + Blake = the real kinda cake. ;););)

bmorebamma said...

awww mr sligh , geez that's really good that you were able to make so many new friends. iam kinda the intravert , it takes me a while to to warm up to new people . that's why this is cool. iam NOT shy when iam sitting in frount of my computer and key board. lol

sandmoran said...

Real friends and true friends
for life or for a season,
make this all worthwhile.

love_jordinsparks said...

Hey Chris! That's really cool that you guys have friendships throughout the competition! Do you know who other contestants were close to? (i.e Jordin) Also, what did you think of Jack Black singing "Kiss from a rose"? I thought it was hilarious, and I remembered your first audition singing it!


Melissa said...

I love reading about the relationships you gained through idol. That kind of stuff is much better than the actual show stuff, if you know what I mean.

Hearing you "talk" about the personalities of the people on the show will give me a different perspective when viewing it this upcoming week.

I would love to see you and Phil sing together whether just jamming or on stage. I wish you would've made it to the group performances. You have a great voice.

risalea said...

Friends are one of the most precious gifts God has given us. I think of my girlfriends and know that my life would be less colorful and special without them. (And what would I do on the first Thursday of the month if I wasn't playing Bunco with them? LOL) The friendships that you have developed will be right up there in importance with the opportunities that American Idol has afforded you.

Risa R.
p.s. that's good advice on the sleep apnea that RadKca gave you. While losing weight often takes care of the problem, sleep apnea can also hamper your weight loss efforts because you are losing so much sleep. So be sure and check it out. (don't you love all these extra mamas you've acquired?) : )

lauralunatic said...

Thanks for this. It's nice to get know about a bit about some of the contestants first hand =]

Jesse said...

hey chris, i don't know if you remember me but my name is jesse garcia. we were in college at bju together. (the mexican dude who you probably didn't think too highly of.) it was funny to see dan rood in the audience (at least i think that was him). i watched closely as you competed on idol & i'm glad you did well. i'd never watched before because i'm not really into it. but i watched this season & voted for you. i'm hope things continue to go well for you. i'm sure traveling this summer is gonna be awesome. if you don't mind i have some private questions to ask you. just let me know where to send them.

IknowIam said...

lol..."hey chris...remember that one guy from a long time ago? Yeah that was me! Let's hang out some time! kay!??"

Man, that stuff cracks me

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, thanks Chris for sharing about your friendships. I love Blake. I hope he wins this.

Rick said...

Thanks for the comments. I think you were right in pointing out the reason this year's show isn't as exciting in past seasons isn't the people, it's the show.

They really are just going through the songs, the judging seems off, and they are not spending the time with this group they did in years past, and the singers have all been basically competent. Yup, even Sanjaya. People just have off-weeks, but that's normal for every season.

Any chance you can do a post about the others who are left?

rosalee said...

Blake seems to by a nice guy. However, in my opinion, he has a weak voice. His beat-boxing makes him more interesting.

However, if you want to hear really good vocal percussion, please go listen to Jeff Thacher of Rockapella.

Jay said...

hey man, i think you're pretty awesome.
i see other people have mentioned it, but definitely get a sleep study done. so many people have obstructive sleep apnea and don't know it, and it can be easily treated.
mine was so bad i would sometimes fall asleep at traffic lights.
take care,

NCFriend (now known as UncommonNonsense) said...


You've inspired me to start writing again! Well, sort of.. right now, I'm just going back through some old (very old) things I've journaled and kept from creative writing classes and things, but at least it's a start. I've also started a blog of my own. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing yourself with us.
If you're bored and need something to laugh at (hahah) check me out:

steve-o-meter said... the Michael W. Smith blog title!

I went to a Lutheran boarding school, and at the end of every school year, in the last dorm meeting...we'd play that song and everyone would cry and hug and say how much they'd miss everyone over the summer.

Ahhh teenage years...gotta love the memories!

sarah said...

They sound like great people. :) Thanks for sharing.

jane said...

(keep trying to post this)

hi, Chris, I was and am a huge fan. I feel you definitely had the best male voice in the competition and was so sad to see you leave the contest, but glad your album is taking off. I have defended and spoken about you on the idol boards positively. One song you performed that I especially loved was trouble. You were so awesome and your wife seems so supportive. I wish you could release it. I also was/am a big fan of Sanjaya and AJ.

I just wanted to make a quick comment. You mentioned your snoring. If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend a sleep study. My (overweight) son snored a lot and took my advice as I also have sleep apnea (and one sign is snoring) and the study discovered he was not breathing 80 times an hour. Can you imagine?? It is a
VERY dangerous disorder, which can kill you without treatment and greatly exacerbates the chance of heart attacks, strokes, etc. It also CAUSES overweight by the resulting sleep deprivation of the poor quality sleep affecting hormones and enzymes and causing people to crave carbs, not know when they are full, and of course, sap you of energy. The provider of my c-pap machine told me his brother lost 60 pounds doing nothing but getting on the machine and the right pressure as he had increased energy and felt so much better. Although you may not have it, it is important enough to check out. If you catch it early, you will prevent many, many side effects and illnesses as it affects one both emotionally and physically. If you have it and get on a machine, I predict that alone will help you with weight loss that you are currently trying to achieve. Many snorers, especially overweight men have it and it makes it harder to lose weight among other things. And do ignore people giving you insults about your weight..they are superficial people who have not yet learned that we are so much more than just the outside (not that there is anything wrong with your outsides, but you are a very smart and reflective person with many positive traits and that is what is important. Indeed, people like that are to be pitied for being hateful, shallow, and with no insight, or common sense. I admire people who are unique, nonconformists and who dare to be different and themselves. Remember these quotes:

“Don't dare to be different, dare to be yourself if that doesn't make you different then something is wrong---unknown

“Champion the right to be yourself; dare to be different and to set your own pattern; live your own life and follow your own star.”--Sparky

Take care,


Littleraincloud said...

It is easy to see the camaraderie and genuine affection among the season 6 contestants. Early on when tears flowed as people were voted off you could tell these contestants had a lot of heart. How cool to be a part of something like that!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I was on another site, blog whatever you want to call it ( and I read something that really bothered me a lot. I was wondering if you could add your view to it. If it is true I am really disappointed in how all of you have treated a 17 year old kid.

I would really like to remain a fan of all of the idols but if this is true, it will totally change my opinion of you all. Please tell me this is all bogus hype.

Following is from

While researching for Sanjaya-stuff on the Internet, I discovered that Sanjaya was not as loved by the cast as I thought. That’s why he seemed to hesitate when asked in his interviews about the other Idols. Instead of “I’m close to so-and-so”, he just says “we’re a family”. I was expecting him to say “Jordin is my best friend!” immediately, but he doesn’t.

Apparently, Gina Glocksen publicly snubbed Sanjaya when she was eliminated. Sanjaya walked up to her but she immediately turned away. This was not shown on TV. Also, again, not shown on TV, on the night Haley was eliminated, no one consoled Sanjaya when Seacrest was toying with him whether he was safe or not (while everyone was friendly with each other). Sanjaya was seen holding his hands to his face alone on the bench and the others didn’t care.

I didn’t know that there was so much resentment towards Sanjaya from the Idols. I’m crushed."

End of quote

Anonymous said...

I hope you never stop blogging because of a bunch of idiots over the internet. I love reading what you have to write and would be upset if you stopped.

Jennifer said...

I noticed that you disabled comments on your most recent blog. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you never stop sharing your honest opinion with the world, despite what a few bitter, spiteful individuals have to say. People who are honest and straightforward are rare in this world, and it would be a shame to let them deprive you of your right to be that way.

Dawn said...

Thanks for writing this!
I'm glad I found out about your blog...a bit late, but anyway I enjoy reading your blogs...I like how you write! [and i'm sorry that you suddenly have to pay so much attention to the way you word things b/c people tend to be incredibly outspoken and jump on others for posting how they feel sometimes.

Anyway-Chris Richardson is my favorite out of those left. Everything I've heard from anyone who knows him/has spoken to him indicated that he's incredibly nice and welcoming, and people like that get so much respect from me...we have enough selfish jerks in the world.

Anyway hope to see you all at a tour date =]
maybeee if i'm lucky. haha.

steve-o-meter said...

I totally agree with anon and Jennifer.

Your blogs are great, and I know that some people are going to be upset by them and I'm SO sorry that people are sending you hate-mail.

Well, don't you worry, you are extremely loved by your fans, and they understand you.

((big hugs))


Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

For what it's worth - the people who are checking out your blog are checking it out because of their interest in you - not the Artist Formerly known as Hulaboy. I imagine the demographics are a little different in your respective fan bases as well - I wouldn't sweat it if you make a couple of pre-teens come unglued.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...


Hang in there, your fan base is growing every day. Like Tom said, so you lose a couple of 12 year olds? This will pass. I am worried though that your blogging is making you very vulnerable to this type of crap.

Keeping doing what you do.

DJ in AL

Anonymous said...

Can i just say I am a sanjaya fan and am not 12 years old. Most people who called you the names they did were likely not 12 years old either, as unfortunate as that may be. He has a big internet fandom (have you heard of the group ohnotheydidnt?) besides the preteens who love him; and many think he does have a nice voice. I just dont understand the 23 were better thing. I just need help with that, because he definitely was better than sundance, antonella, and many others. no disprespect, just sharing my opinions.

Calli's Mama said...

For the record, (and this really has nothing to do with the friends you made but with American Idol, in general)my husband and I loved you all along. I was sad to see you go. I can't wait to see what you do in the future.

I do often wonder how many of the contestants really are friends so I was glad to read this post.

tapeany! said...

hey, chris!!

u rock!!


seriously, man

so, i'm from the phils..

really great place..

u shud bring ur friends over here sometime..

and i love blake:)