Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Studio Blog 7 (12-12-07)

Today was kind of different. I woke up early and went to pick up Ash and headed back to the house where I had a meeting with the stylist who is doing the styling for my photo shoot for the album, which I am doing next week. She came by the house and just looked through all my clothes to figure out what we have and what we need. Thankfully, Idol did give me some really cool clothes, so we just decided that we needed a few things.

After that, I went to get a massage. I have been having some serious pain in my back, and have been really needing a chiropractor, but haven't had the time or the chance to get to one. Today, Sarah called at the last minute and got me an appointment with the massage therapist close by...I only got 20 minutes with her but it was well worth it, plus I set up an appointment for Friday. Anyway, the 20 minutes was great.

Then it was over to Brown's house/studio at about noon.

Today was really cool because Brown brought in a guy named George Cocchini who is a legendary guitar player in Nashville. He's actually the guy who wrote and played on dcTalk's "Colored People" (in fact tonight, he showed me how to play that guitar part, which is pretty surreal to learn an influential guitar riff from the person who made it up - weird). Anyway, Brown brings George in to be the "Tone Chaperone". Basically, he brings in a bevy of vintage amps, pedals and extremely expensive, vintage guitars that I play. It's great...the work gets done by George and I just get to tuning, no lugging stuff in and out. It's a great concept.

We got the amps set up and the speakers set up with mics on them and once we figured out the right alignment of speaker/speaker cables/amps/etc. then we got to work (this actually took about an hour and a half to get set up). We decided to start on "Know". I got to doing my rhythm parts and was actually in the pocket. As we all know, I have "rhythmic difficulties" so I was pleasantly surprised that I was in the pocket. I actually only took about 45 minutes to lay down my rhythm parts and we all were excited.

A lot of talking and joking around goes on with these guys because they have all worked so much together. As we finished up "Know", Brown thought it might be cool to add a couple of rhythm parts on the riff during the breakdown and on the outro. We added a really high pitched kind of distortion that cut through the mix really well. Then we did a deeper sounding distortion in drop D tuning. Put all together, it sounded great. Then George suggested putting a jangly part at the end of each phrase, so we pulled out an old Rickenbacker 6-string and laid down a nice little section, basically 1 bar at a time. Anyway, you probably won't even notice when we get to the mix, but all of it give a sonic texture.

As we were finishing up all that, Steve Jones, the president of my label stopped by with Mitch. We hung out for a little bit. Steve was in town for a sales conference for Word Distribution, which is the company that my label is distributed through. They invited me to come and perform a couple of songs and to get the sales team on board with the project and get them excited about it as soon as possible.

We got there and Steve got up and told the story of how we had gotten hooked up with each other and then introduced Brown who got up and spoke for a few minutes, basically conveying his excitement about being on the project, saying very kind things about me and the music...and then he introduced me. I went up to the stage and took a seat, cracked a joke and went into the first song, "Pleased". It went well, I think. Then I gave my testimony about coming to the decision to make a CCM record and then sang "Empty Me". I think it went over really, really well. Like I said, I think this might be our big song for this record.

After we got done, many of the sales reps took pics with me and encouraged me that they thought "Empty Me" was a big hit. That's encouraging because it is these guy's jobs. So, I left that feeling very encouraged and good about our chances of breaking in the CCM market. If you have sales guys behind you, you have a great chance of getting great retail space. So, "schmoozing" is a good thing.

We got back to the studio and worked on "Empty Me" (oddly enough) and laid down some really great sounding big guitar parts that filled out the choruses. Seriously, when it hits that chorus, it just feels huge. I can't wait for you to hear it. Stuff is sounding big and huge and Brown is just doing an incredible job of making things sound really, really great.

I should finish guitar parts tomorrow and start vocals on Friday. It's a good possibility I could be done with my parts of the recording with Brown by next week. I'm step closer to you guys hearing some music.

By the way...someone asked if it was possible for me to post the new recordings...unfortunately I can't put out the actual produced tracks until the record comes out just for copyright issues. Well, we may put some stuff up on myspace a month or so before the album comes out, but before then, it's not possible. But with that said, I'm counting down the days to you hearing this music.


Carrie said...

I just now realize the other blog was from yesterday and not today but hey two for the price of one or something. Anyway I think you should hurry up and finish that CD because we all really want to hear it.

I like when songs have hidden sounds in them because if you're blasting the song in the car, you're most likely going to miss it, but there are times when I have my ipod on and it's quiet and late at night and those are those times when I always hear new things in songs I haven't before. I noticed that a lot with the HPF album. Pretty cool.

Badpacifist said...

The Beatles used several Rickenbacker models in the early years. Tone Chaperone indeed!, wow. All my loving is one where you can hear it they say. That one guitar is probably worth more than I made last year. These tidbits are awesome Chris.

risalea said...

Dang it, I was going to bed and here I am still. Bright girl that I am, I didn't realize you had put up stuff from yesterday, and now here's today's journal.

It is ALL about the networking, and that is great that you are getting a chance to meet with the folks that can make it happen for you. This is where your sense of humor and personality is going to be a great asset. Well, that didn't sound obviously takes great music. But sometimes great music stays in the rack because it hasn't had the right promotion. Sounds like you and your team are on the right path.

Aren't massages the bomb?! I got my first one in Hot Springs with the hot mineral bath and the whole works. Well worth the money! I'm glad Sarah got you need to take care of yourself or all the mamas on here are gonna' be on your case! : )

We're counting the days, too!

Now I mean it. Night!

Carmen said...

I am enjoying your studio blogs so much. They are an interesting read into what goes into making a CD. With every one that I read, I get more and more excited about your upcoming CD.

I am pleased to hear how everyone was so excited about "Empty Me" when they heard it. Of all the songs that you have posted as demos on your myspace, that one has been my favorite. I also think it has the potential of being a very big single for you

I was watching a Casting Crowns music video the other night (American Dream) and that got me wondering if you might end up making a music video to be released with the CD comes out. If so, do you know which song you will do for the video?

Sorry to hear about your cold and now back ache. Take it an easy. Especially with your voice. I hope that you get to feeling better.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are going amazingly well which makes me even more excited! It's great that you're making friends along the way through this process, just as you did on AI.

I saw the Chicken Soup for the AI Soul book in the store today. I showed it to my sister and showed her that you were in it. She bought it for me for Christmas, I told her she still needs to wrap it even though I was there when she bought it :P

P.S-I still haven't bought a new latop yet so I just deal with this one every now and then. Once I get a new one I'll be on more regularly.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

Thank you once again for the details of the process. As I read the studio blogs, I can't help but think how they will serve as a reference journal, both for when the CD is completed and well into the future.

It makes me wish I'd kept some sort of diary in my 20's. Hard to belive...but memory fades. Anyone else notice that ??? Ha !

Rosalee, wishing you whatever helps to heal your heart. Carrie, my thoughts are with you, as well. I lost my Dad in mid December several years ago, and this time of year is bitter sweet.

Speaking of this time of year, in case I'm not back on here before Christmas, my sincere good wishes for kind and meaningful times for you and Sarah, Chris, and for The Usual Suspects and those they love.

With occasional small exceptions, there is a gentle humanity amongst the writers here that often touches me.

Merry Christmas. Warm Regards.


debjinal said...


Welcome back, we missed you!

To bend a line from a Julia Roberts film,........ I had the strangest dream yesterday,..... that I forgot that I was an adult and allowed the devil to suck me into an ugly drama on your blog and cause me to act like a juvenile, reactionary fool. But when I woke up this morning....I see things are as they should be on the blog.......happy and harmonious!

Have a great and productive day!

Sending love from DJ in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

It sounds like you are having an amazing time. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Cry Tonight is one of my favorite songs of all time so I really can't wait to hear that. A photo shoot? How cool is that. As Carmen asked, are you going to make any videos to go with the new CD?
I happen to know 2 little girls, one in particular who would love to be in your video. You know your best friend Deliah. She still talks about you all the time. She keeps asking me when you are coming to visit her. You really made an impression on her and shes only 4. She would do the video for free. Just kidding of course....

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris -

Glad to see the blog back to normal. I regret getting dragged into all that yesterday - and inflaming the situation. I Can't change the past - but can learn from it and simply say our friend has seen his last response from me.

Good luck in the Studio - sounds like it's going well -

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Anonymous said...

just catching up, had a friend die December 4 from breast cancer, leaving a 7 yr old son---there is no good time of year to die, I think , but the Holidays are always so emotional anyway--it just reinforces that you have to live EVERY day in the moment. Life is short. At any rate you certainly have been busy and when you are working these kinds of days you really have to take care of yourself-----eat right, try to get as much rest as possible and , of course, wash your hands frequently---guys just don't do this, especially young ones. Zicam really works and so does vitamin C as an alternative-2000mg for 2 days at the start of a scratchy throat or sneezing. Too many years as a Mom & in healthcare. Amazing how much work goes into all of this and your support sounds incredible-it is really hard to wait for this (I almost said album) CD. STAY WELL. P>S> so glad you didn't give that song to Phil.

Jason said...

Chris, thank you for posting these blogs durring your time in the studio. I have really enjoyed learning what goes into making a professional record. I have been excited about Empty me since the first time I heard it, that song has potential to do really really well.

rosalee said...

Thanks guys, for your thoughts and prayers. My uncle went in for some surgery on Monday and he died on the operating table. He was 80 years old and we were very close.

Shalom -
Actually, this blog does a lot to help me heal. It takes my mind off of my problems.

My aunt had requested that all donations go to one's charity of choice, so I made a donation to St. Jude's in my uncle's name.

rosalee said...

There has been a lot of bad karma in my family lately. My father, who is almost 85, was in two car accidents within a week last month. In the first accident, his front bumper was torn off. As he was taking the car to the repair shop, someone came along and smacked him in the rear.

Now he is on a cruise going around South America with his girlfriend. Last night we got a phone call not to worry about him, but that his ship had just collided with another ship. It was in the news. He does not know about my uncle and we won't tell him until he returns.

Cathy Storms said...

Rosalee~my thoughts are prayers are with you...

risalea said...

Gosh, your dad has had his share of bad luck on the road lately, but if he's 85 and going to South America with his girlfriend, I have a feeling he's the kind of active, older person I want to be someday!

Were your uncle and dad brothers?

Carrie said...

Hugs to everyone. It seems like this month is just a tough one. I still don't know what's up with my grandpa. My parents went to go see him last night but I wasn't invited to go along.

badcatholic said...

Hiya Chris Sligh! Thanks for allowing anonymous comments again. "Rhythmic difficulties", har har! Well, we all have our weak spots. Keep up with the jangly guitar fun and hope your back feels better.

risalea said...

Well, Shalom, one good thing to come out of going to moderation again is to see you posting. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Well, I never knew it, but apparently we have a musician in the family. My oldest son who is 27 and married and lives a little over an hour from us, is doing some Christian rap. In fact, they are opening for another group at a church in Russellville. They have cut a homemade CD and are working on one more professional in a studio in the Little Rock area. We're going to hear them tomorrow night. Rap isn't my music of choice, but gotta' support the boy!

Later, friends!

rosalee said...

Risa -

My uncle was my mother's sister's husband. And yes, my father is extremely active - for ANY age.

Hey - what happened to your avatar?Maybe we should give this blog a "facelift". Everyone who uses a pic of themselves should find a photo of themselves from their twenties, scan it into their computer and upload it to their avatar. An instant youthful fanbase for Chris!! Instant rejuvenation!(Heehee)

Since we already know what we really look like, we won't be in shock at the Nashville gathering next year.
However,I myself, am too partial to my lovebird avatar to give it up... (lol)

ChrisSligh said...

Hey guys,

Just so you know, very soon when we get, we will move the blog over there. It will be a membered much as I hate to do it...unfortunately, we can't ban certain ip addresses or certain blogger accounts, so when we move over to, we will have the ability to ban certain users. I apologize for the inconvenience...I'm trying to keep up as much as I can. Fortunately, I'm in the studio so I haven't had a lot of time.


Carrie said...

Hey everyone here is something to brighten your spirits! I woke up today and my cat was sitting on my bed... in a SANTA SUIT!

risalea said...

Hey, I think we all appreciate the time you give us, Chris, especially with your studio work and just the holiday rush. And we know you appreciate ours as well! : ) And honestly, I'd much rather see moderation than find the "f" word in print.

Do you have a timeline yet for the relaunch of Will that coincide with the release of the album?

Rosalee, what do you mean about my avatar? I changed to that after I went to see Amanda at SJ in Oct. You mean I don't look 20 in that picture? I'm crushed. LOL OK, I'm now looking for a pic to scan now.

risalea said...

I'm trying to picture keeping a cat still long enough to get him in a Santa suit! LOL We must see a picture!

Carrie said...

It sucks that we have to move elsewhere, but it's for the best. As long as you stay the way you are, Chris and talk to us in comments and such as always (time permitting), I'm sure we won't mind the change too much.


It wasn't easy taking pictures. I took a few but she looks kinda annoyed haha. I'll have to upload them later.

BostonIan said...

What's a membered blog? Does that mean money?

You should keep the name, too. "From my mind to your eyes" is a great title.

ChrisSligh said...

What we're talking about right now is that we will have a paid section of the website which will be the fansite. Normally, a fan site is $30-150, we're gonna do it $9.99, I think. Basically, for $9.99, the fans will get the documentary we're making about the making of, plus special podcasts, videos, unreleased demos, etc.

However, the blog will be a free part of the site. You will be able to join for with just a name and an email address. The only reason we'll do that is just so that fantards like our good friend Dan can be banned as soon as they start spamming.

Oh, and just so you know, I've received about 100 posts from Dan today. You guys just haven't seen them. I actually have simply erased them as soon as I see his name...I'm tired of reading illogical idiotic rants from a bunch of idiots who know absolutely nothing of what they're talking about (he's been posting posts from other people, I think)...after about 5 of them, I was like, who cares what this group of idiots think? Seriously.

I think Ash has helped put it in perspective for me the best...he has worked with Hanson for years and says they have received more negative crap than anyone should have to handle, but they deal with it because they know that a bunch of people hiding behind computers can't take away them living the dream. It's the same way here. Some moron posting illogical rants and posts from a pool of soccer moms and tweeners idolizing someone they've never met...well, it really doesn't effect me much.

However, when my wife and friends and some of you guys post something it gives me pause. The problem is, these other people actually think I care, so they spam, spam, spam. Ultimately a bunch of fantards are just that...fantards. You let them be what they are and don't attempt to change it.

So, from now on, we'll simply live and let die.

Thanks for all the support, guys.


risalea said...

Chris said: "I'm tired of reading illogical idiotic rants from a bunch of idiots who know absolutely nothing of what they're talking about (he's been posting posts from other people, I think)...after about 5 of them, I was like, who cares what this group of idiots think? Seriously."

Preach on, brother!! And I'm sure if one bad post slips through, everyone on here is going to keep quiet NO MATTER WHAT STUPID THING IT SAYS! Right, guys?!! : ) Otherwise, 12 step program to keep from responding to idiots for everybody! LOL Risa

rosalee said...

Just pretend the rogue poster is a ten year old (and he may very well be). Would you give a ten year old the time of day? Would you try to reason with him as if he were an adult? Of course not!

debjinal said...



Taking something you said completely out of context...... I'm afraid I may fall into the category of someone who idolizes someone I've never met. However I'm confident that I will actually meet you in 08!

I'm 100% in support of a paid fansite, anything to keep the Sparky's of the world at bay.

Chris, I thank you for taking the time, time that I know is scarce for you these days, to come here and talk to us. I don't know why it's important, I just know that it is.

Sending you and all love from DJ in AL!

ChrisSligh said...

Sorry...I really meant obsess as opposed to idolize...but semantics. I think (and hope) that the difference is that you wouldn't go and flame another contestant/artist in order to try and make your contestant/artist look better. It's the M.O. of these fantards. Blake hears about this stuff and mocks these people...he loves his fans, but hates the bullcrap. I can't put words in his mouth, and won't, but I can almost guarantee that Blake would find his fan's actions despicable. But what can you do?

Seriously, I don't need or want you to defend me over at twop, even if the mods would let you. I appreciate it, however, more than you know, that would defend me. However, as I said, fantards are live and let die.

I think ultimately that is the best attitude.


Cathy Storms said...

I like the idea of a paid fan club so to speak. I have been a member of Kelly Clarksons for a few years now and I get presale concert tickets, meet & greets, invites to performances for fan club members only. It's actually pretty cool.
Are you going to have a store on your site?

gdahimself said...

Ain't it grand that this needs to become kind of a gated community with a guard to filter out the obsessed and maliciously behaving from the appreciative, if not awed.

It's always disappointing and disillusioning but ultimately expected that the exceptions will eventually tear down the honor system and create the need for progressively tight regulation and limited freedom.

Cie le vive

debjinal said...


I know what you meant....I was just trying to elicit a response from ya, sorry...I'm human.

And hey, I love you man, but I just don't see myself crossing the line over into that obsessive na-na land over you:)...or anyone for that matter. Got too much on my plate, that kind of obsession takes a ton of time.

I also agree with you, I think Blake would be embarrased by some of the comments that have been made supposedly on his behalf.

Anyway, have a great weekend-go get your shopping done!

risalea said...

I don't know....I might worry about DJ. When she missed you after the AI concert in Birmingham, then couldn't make the Oct. trip, I think something snapped. In the interest of avoiding future therapy, it is a must that she meet you in person in 2008! (ducking quickly to avoid the flying missile coming from AL to AR!) LOL You know I love you, DJ! Risa Siobhan said...

I'm glad to have found your blog through Bloggers Choice Awards. I love your style, and specifically your sense of humour/sarcasm. Looking forward to hearing your album, thanks for the heads up!

badcatholic said...

"Some moron posting illogical rants and posts from a pool of soccer moms and tweeners idolizing someone they've never met"

Well, I'm a soccer mom who adores Blake and will never meet him, but I hope that doesn't make me an illogical idiotic idiot or whatever.

You are probably better off with a gated community of paying online fans. Until that subdivision opens, I'll enjoy hanging out here for free in the hood.

ChrisSligh said...


Sorry...hope you saw my note to DJ...I meant to say obsess. Idolizing someone isn't a bad thing. When you obsess over every word said by that person or about that person to the point that you spam...well, that's when the line is crossed.

I love my fans here...I love my joint fans with other contestants, like yourself! But as I said before, I would hope that my fans would be able to not spam another fan's site because of whatever reason.

And, for context, the reason I wrote that to begin with was because I had literally erased over 100 posts in a few hours of a certain poster who was posting a bunch of bullcrap copied and pasted from a certain forum that was basically a bunch of illogical rants, and, from what I understand, this certain forum is frequented by soccer moms and tweens. Sorry, I should've posted the context.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


badcatholic said...

No problem Chris. Thanks for elaborating.

debjinal said...


I had very dark moments after knowing Chris was actually looking for me in B'ham. Course, he thought I was a guy so when I found that out it dimmed some of the excitement. Ha!

You know why I couldn't make the Oct. trip, vaca with hubby you-trouble maker!

See we must be sisters sep. at birth, this is how sisters act!

I'll be emailing you shortly, sis!

P.S. Chris I knew exactly what you meant, I was just trying to get you to talk to me.