Monday, December 17, 2007


Chris Rich gave me an unexpected phone call today to let me know he was in town and wanting to hang out, if possible. I was in the studio working on vocals (more on that later), so when I wrapped up, I drove home and got Sarah and we went and met Chris and Josh Hoge at a Mexican Restaurant.

It was great to catch up...we've sent several texts back and forth, but it's hard to catch up in that medium. We just talked about what was going on in our lives and with our careers...I obviously can't give details, but he's doing really, really great! It was really fun to just hang out for a coupla hours.

Josh Hoge is the guy who's been on tour with Elliot Yamin for the last several months and also wrote "Know My Name" for Blake (which happens to be my favorite song on the album...well, that and "End of the World"), so it was great to get to know him a little bit. He's a super nice guy who is doing things very similar to how I'm doing it (except more on the mainstream side). I have a feeling you're gonna be hearing his name a ton in the next few months and years...he's really talented.

Also, Phil is doing great! He's going to be stopping by the studio tomorrow to hang out while I do some vocals. He and I are going to be writing some songs together next week after Christmas to get on his record...apparently, he talked me up to his label, which was incredibly kind, and his label wants to hear some country songs! Here's hoping I can deliver with Phil, so I don't make him look bad for recommending me.

Like I said...some of my best friends have come from this AI experience.


Carrie said...

Yay! I thought you liked "1000 Miles" and "How Many Words" I don't even know.

Mexican is good but I hope you weren't cheating on your diet! It must be great to see everyone once in awhile.

My mom was talking about you today! :)

Carrie said...

OH and don't worry about writing songs for Phil -- you'll do great.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your songwriting talent. I've heard lots of your songs and not a bad one yet. Don't worry about writing country. You'll do great!

I'm anxious to see your singing AND songwriting career soar thru the roof!

Love hearing of your connections w/your AI buddies. You were such a special group. I doubt if that show will ever have that again.
Maybe a few years down the road you could all do a reunion tour. This time singing your OWN smash hits. I know I'd be lovin' it.

Carianne said...

Okay, let me start off by saying Josh Hoge? That guy is amazingly talented... I highly recommend you all check out his music. I've been a fan of his since I saw him on tour with Elliott back in May.

Secondly, I am so glad that you still keep in touch with the friends you made on AI. This years group was such a special one to me (I liked so many), and it's great to hear that you all still get along.

Third, I am EXTREMELY happy to hear that things are going well for the other Chris! I think he is very talented, and never quite got the recognition he deserved. I really hope he puts out an album.

And finally, I think it's awesome that Phil "talked you up to his label" lol... I'm sure you will be able to write some awesome songs for Phil! There is no way you will make him look bad!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It's good to hear C-Rich & Phil are doing well. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some great songs for Phil.. no worries.

HstryQT said...

It's always nice to catch up with "old" friends :), and with all of you season sixers so busy now, I know it was exciting to see him. I can't wait to see what EVERYONE ends up doing in the coming year. It's also great that things might fall into place for working with Phil.

I'm sorry I've been relatively MIA lately. Being an over-emotional seven month pregnant woman in the middle of Christmas can be very stressful; I'll just put it that way! Thursday is a huge party at our house, followed by driving home to VA and sleeping at five different houses around the east coast in ten days (only way to appease the family). I'm hoping I survive.

Hope everyone's holidays are shaping up nicely! As stressful as it is, it's still a great time of year.

ChrisSligh said...

C'mon, Lori, isn't pregnancy the easiest thing you've ever done?

J/k of course.

Hope you feel better.

Peace and love,

Cathy Storms said...

How cool. I loved Chris R on AI. I am really glad things are going good for him. You and Phil are going to be a great team. And who knows..maybe a CMA award for best song writer is in your future.
Lori~glad to hear from you. I was getting worried.

ChrisSligh said...

Well, I don't think a CMA is in my future, but I'm pretty sure it's in Phil's...I haven't heard his stuff yet, but Chazz, his manager (same company as Mitch) is saying it's incredible. Prediction: Phil's gonna be New Artist of the Year at the CMA's next year.

Just saying.

Anyway, I'm listening to the rough mixes for "I'm Clean", "Pleased", "Potential" & "Something Beautiful" sound incredible. These producers are getting their money's worth.

I'll try to blog today or tonight about vocals.


Cathy Storms said...

Don't sell yourself short. You are an incredible songwriter. With Phil's strong voice & your lyrics...This will be the country CD to buy...

rosalee said...

Hey, Boo Boo -

When you write for Phil, don't go crazy with those major 5ths! (LOL)

Badpacifist said...

Just saw Blake on a TV show taking a real lie detector test. He must be nuts lols. Questions that he answered yes .
Did he like Simon.
Did he like Sanjaya.
Did he hook up with anyone during Idol.

Chris promise us you won't ever take one on a show!

HstryQT said...

Haha your sympathy is appreciated, Chris :D. No worries Cathy, I'm feeling fine. Just a little on the stressed side!

I'm SURE a CMA is in Phil's future! Next year, it'll be Phil at the CMA's and YOU on WoW 2009!! Ok so maybe that's not your highest aspiration, but I just know you'll be on it and I can't wait! :)

gdahimself said...

To Lori,
From GDA,

High Expectataions from the expecting!

For an over-emotional seven month pregnant woman, it sounds like a lot of demands to meet.
Five locations in ten days of activities with how many hours of driving each way. It sounds positively frenzied under normal circumstances.
Don't drive yourself crazy trying to appease the family!

To Rosalee,

Boo Boo?

To Chris,

Keep the country songs interesting, maybe slip in a couple of jazz cords or something novel.

Anonymous said...

Chris-- You sound happy! That's great to hear, even in tone.:-)
I am really glad to hear things are going well for ChrisRich!

I have a soup cooking for tonite's school supper/talent show, and OY, I'm psyching myself up for it!:-) I am feeling some of the stresses of the season too, but the show must go on. Teeth and Cleavage, everyone!
Enforced mingling is not my thing. However, I do want to make sure I am my most Charming Best for the kids. (I can fake-it for small amounts of time, right?)

Take care of yourself Lori. Don't buy into the crazy-making, pleasing-everyone, perfect-christmas thing. Just that you are there, and baby is coming, are reasons to simply be happy. The rest will be fine.

Nique's Nana said...

Don't know how true this is, but I heard on the radio that Phil Stacey was going to be performing at Skyline church here in Lemon Grove (San Diego county) on December 21st.

Carianne said...

haha what TV show was Blake taking a lie dector test on? Who in their right mind would do that?

what radio station said that Phil was going to be in SD?

I too am SURE a CMA is in Phil's future!... I wish I knew some Christian music awards I could say Chris would win! LOL

sandmoran said...

it makes us all smile
to hear Rich and Phil are great
thanks much for sharing

ChrisSligh said...

The Christian music awards are the Dove Awards.


rosalee said...

"Hey, Boo Boo" is a Yogi Bearism. I was referring to a separate email discussion.

Niques Nana -
You are correct! Here's the info on Phil:

And in keeping with today's theme of "Friends", (which btw, it should be a Very Good day for), a little tune:

Anonymous said...

Blake was on Mike and Juliet today, and the guy they were *going* to lie detector test bailed out. So they asked Blake if he would. He said Okay! He thought it would be fun. The M&J show link doesn't show the test as yet, but it was funny. I like seeing him smiling and having a good time.

Apparently these DJs and Reporter types can really throw you a curve now and then--LOL.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Hi, Chris, Hi, Fros--I've missed you. Chris, it's nice to see you reconnecting with some of your Idols buds. i will imagine you texting Sanjaya too, lol. May I just take a moment to say Verizon sucks? If I had a rocket launcher... In fixing my phone, they killed my DSL, and who knows when that will be back online, so I'm sneaking on here from work because I just couldn't stand it anymore. Hope your holiday plans are progressing well. Christmas with my fam was last weekend because my snowbird mother needed to fly the coop early. Hectic to do it all so early, but now it's kind of relaxing!

rosalee said...

I can't resist this one:

(semi-private joke)

Kara said...

Very cool! How nice to get to hang out with Chris Rich and Phil again. You sound soooo happy!

Carianne said...

The Dove Awards? I love that name! ^_^ Okay, so I CMA is in Phil's future, and a Dove Award is in Chris's future! =D

Thanks for the info on Phil in SD! I *really* want to go see him!

gdahimself said...

To Rosalee,
From GDA,

I know who Boo-Boo is from day one.

Your saying "hey Boo Boo" is like saying "hey little buddy", which didn't make immediate sense.

A referback to an outside communication is like droppimg in mid conversation on a partyline.

We'll remain mystified/confused.

Carrie said...

Saw the lie detector thing with Blake. But I refuse to discuss him here for the time being.

Chris, maybe you'll win a Grammy haha.

gdahimself said...

To Carrie,
From GDA,

I take it the name Blake still haunted by a lingering shadow?

You should probably not answer the obvious.

risalea said...

Evening, y'all. I hope everyone is enjoying the season and further ahead in their shopping than I am!

Chris, that's great you got to visit with Chris R., and super that you're writing for Phil. Hey, they give CMA's for songwriting, you know. And besides that, country music is very cross-over friendly, so don't rule out a performance CMA down the road for yourself. I can definitely see Phil as the next Horizon Award winner.

And Lori, I guess we're going to have to hold Chris down while you beat up on him! I hate to tell you this, though, after 3 children....pregnancy is the easy part compared to parenting a teenager. Can I hear an amen out there? I haven't decided whose raising I'm paying for, but I'm definitely paying for someone's! LOL

I'm heading to Memphis tomorrow to see Amanda. They think she has pneumonia. She's feeling pretty good and sounds good on the phone, but her fever keeps going up and down. She had to have a bronchoscopy today. I talked to her mom and she talked to the nurse to make sure it was ok to make a short visit. (You know Amanda...she'd say come on and bring the posse! LOL)

Anyway, I will take her greetings and much love from the Fro Patro.

Please continue to pray for Steve and Elizabeth Rose, the parents who lost their children in the horrific accident. Elizabeth has broken bones in her neck, arms, legs and pelvis, and Steve's face was crushed, but miraculously, it missed his eyes and no brain damage is suspected. They both have had and face additional multiple surgeries.

I'm now off to TJ Maxx, where I heard they have some deals on Polo shirts, and then back home to do lovely paperwork on my classroom monitoring visits.

Take care, friends! Risa

here i go with all my thoughts said...

Your two favorite tracks on Blake's album are also my two favorite. Woop! I love hearing that you get to see some of the other AI 6 contestants. I am very excited to hear Phil's album, and like everyone else said your songwriting skills are so awesome!


Deb in TN said...

No doubt that you will deliver, Chris...believe in yourself--we all have talent and it's so good of you to share it...

Have a fun time with your sound excited...

I bought Blake's album the other day and already have a few favorites...Saw him on Mike & Juliet this morning...he seemed happy and was so funny! It's no wonder the two of you are both have a great sense of humor...

Sorry to post and run....I just got married last week and what do you know--now it's Christmas...a woman's work is never

Have a very safe and Happy Christmas...Chris and all.

Carrie said...

Deb in Tn, Congrats! :)

My love for Blake is kinda fading but yeah that happens I guess.

Nique's Nana said...


I heard about Phil on Jeff n' Jer Star 94.1.

Carrie said...

Guys I'm....... numb.

My grandpa is dying.

He either has a few months (if all goes well) or a few weeks. I can't... function sorry.

Carrie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy Storms said...

Carrie~Sorry to hear about your grandfather. You are in my prayers.

Deb~You got married last week?

Nique~are you going to see Phil perform on Friday? He's playing with the Mile High Band from Great American Band. I guess that means they didn't win.

Anonymous said...

Spouse's buddy from work says, Denver and the Mile High Band are doing great. Their website has sold out of all their stuff, and Denver is really pleased with all the interest. That is great news, I think. The finale is like this week, so then we'll ALL know who wins!(and yes, Denver really IS that nice a person in RL, I hear)

Hey, and let's hope the Clark Bros pick up a cool drummer and guitar guy like they borrowed the other week! That was Carrie Underwood's guys he was on tour with, isn;t that neat? Nashville is a small world.
Any way you cut it, GABands is going to have a good ending, so I'm happy.

I'm almost dreading the next season of AI. I hope it's a good, "normal" year! One gets invested enough as it is.

Deb in TN said...

Thank you for the congrats, Carrie....

And yes, married last Monday in a small ceremony on my Mother's birthday, Dec gift to her...she would have been 72, had she lived and she adored my fiance...which brings me back to Carrie (if Chris doesn't mind my input...if so, delete, please)...

Carrie, this is hard for me to "talk" about but I think it might help you in some small way....Losing someone you love is never easy and it will have an impact on you for a long time, if not forever...But, however hard it may be, in your case I see one good thing--you have the chance to spend time with your loved one or talk on the phone and say that final are being given that opportunity by God...a lot of people like myself would love to have had the chance you now have before you...

I lost both my parents without Father dropped dead very suddenly of a heart attack...I never got to say good-bye...he was 40 and I had just turned 18....and, again without warning, I didn't have that chance with my Mother recently...she unexpectantly caught the superbug, MRSA, while in the hospital for treatment of a tiny diabetic sore on her foot...I was on my way to Alaska to see her the next day for Mother's Day, but she contracted MRSA the night before my flight and fell into a coma that same night...I didn't ever get to talk with her again and I hadn't seen her in 2 years because of the distance and costs...I arrived Alaska about 1a.m. Mother's Day morning and spent all day Mother's Day, 8am to Midnight, by her bedside while she lay in a coma, unable to know or acknowledge my was hard hearing the doctor tell me on Sunday--Mother's Day--that she would be probably be gone in 48 hours, that she would probably die on Tuesday and without hearing me say "I love you, good-bye" or look at me with her eyes of blue and smile...but my Mother always did things her way and decided to pass that same day--16 minutes past Midnight, just after Mother's Day had ended...I had left her bedside for only a few short minutes...she died almost immediately after I walked out of her brother was still with her but I felt bad because I wasn't there at the moment...I have that regret to carry now....

So, is always going to be do what you have to do to get through it...what I am saying to you is this....death is inevitable, sometimes we get notice, sometimes we don't....regardless, it's never enough time and it's going to hurt....but don't you dare throw away this time you have with your Grandfather by falling apart...Embrace this time....have your cry, clean yourself up, and go spend time with him or call him daily...tell him you love him and make that one last good memory...don't lose this is priceless and and without regret....don't put yourself where I am now in regretting I hadn't gone to see my loved one sooner or called two days earlier...God has blessed you with advance "notice" and an opportunity...don't let it slip by you.....

I wish you peace and comfort in dealing with what is before will be in my thoughts and prayers...I know it's hard, but you WILL get through it...Be strong--for your Grandfather and for yourself--and enjoy whatever time you have left with him.

Elizabeth said...

Josh Hoge is a very talented singer, indeed. I heard him sing with his older brother Will several years ago. (It runs in the family.) Will's been successfully touring for years and has recently signed with a label again. He's quite the amazing lyricist and singer. What a talented family!

Carrie said...

Thank you Deb and Cathy.

I'm so out of it. I didn't sleep until 7 AM and it took me 5 hours of crying to finally exhaust myself to the point where I COULD sleep. It's hard because I have no one to talk to about this so I'm having a real hard time. If anyone wants the background;

My grandpa was getting stronger and he told my mom he was going to walk right out of the hospital soon. I was optimistic and happy because in my heart I knew he was getting better. Then the doctors wanted to put a PIC line in him and I thought it would be a good idea, but my dad wasn't thrilled. I saw my grandpa on Monday (3rd hospital visit for me this time around) and he was tired, but he seemed a little better.

Then my mom went last night and my sister came in my room crying. I thought she fought with her bf or something because well, you know teenage girls. But then she said our grandpa had only a few months to live. Then her boyfriend walked in the room too and I we sat there and cried until my mom came in and apologized and she was crying, too.

Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have all four of my grandparents still, but to be honest, and I hate favoritism, my grandpa was high on my favorites list. Of course I love them all, though.

So on Friday, we're going to find out the diagnosis and then be presented with a bunch of options. The cancer spread all in my grandpas stomach and they think it might be in the bone, too. He's had this for SIX years. Anyway, there going to tell us on Friday one of two things;

1. He has a few months to live. OR
2. He has only a few days/weeks.

Then we have to decide if we want him to die in the hospital or at home. And that's where it hurts the most, knowing that no matter what we do, he's going to die.

Part of me feels as if I haven't done a good enough job in keeping faith that he'll be okay and walk out of there like he said he would. Because in the beginning, I saw him and was sure he was dying on us. But then he said he was going to walk out. I BELIEVED him. I feel bad for feeling let down, but i can't blame my grandpa.

He's already been showing signs of death according to my mom. I mean he was put in the hospital be begin with because he couldn't go to the bathroom. He was able to go again, but he's getting fevers a lot and becoming delirious even when he's not on any pain medication. I'm scared as hell, I'm not going to lie. As much as I'd like to stay optimistic, I don't know if he's going to make it to 2008. Honestly if I could I would give back whatever presents my family bought me for Christmas just to have my grandpa for the holiday.

I've done SO good not crying when I went to visit him. I'm going again today, but I'm probably going to end up in the hallway, crying my eyes out. I don't want to upset him or cry in front of him, because always been the kind of guy to get upset/angry when anyone cries.

It felt really good to get that out because like I said before, I have no one to talk to about this. I love my best friends, but none of them were raised religious or can relate to what I'm going through. No one even knows what to say to me and I don't want to feel like I'm trying to get attention. I just need support and love and eventually closure.

Thank you for anyone who took the time to listen.

rosalee said...

I feel for you, Carrie. I lost my first grandparent when I was 20. My grandmother was my first close relative to go. I was in college at the time, and it was pretty traumatic.

Maybe this will help make you feel better. This just showed up on Youtube. It's from the Well Done Awards back in May. The video is over 8 minutes long, and you'll see Chris singing in the second half:

Cathy Storms said...

Carrie~Hang in there. I lost my dad when I was 20.He was in the hospital after having a massive heart attack. Luckilly for me he lived 12 days but I always thought he would get better. The last time I saw him, he told me to go home and get some rest. He felt like he could really get some rest now. He died that night. As Deb said, use this time to spend as much time with him as you can. You won't regret it I promise. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Cathy Storms said...

Deb~you rascal. Congrat's..what a special day and a special way to honor your mom...

rosalee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie said...

Thanks again. I'm trying to calm myself down so I can go up to the hospital. As for TMZ... well the picture is cute? Other than that... whatever, man.

Badpacifist said...

As a Grandpa who is lucky enough to get to spend a whole bunch of time every day with my grand girl aged 5. I hope to be loved that much when it is my time.
We actually had her first discussion about when I die not to long ago and that is on my "my space" page because it got me thinking. She lost her favorite uncle not to long ago to a car accident and I made her a video for her on you tube with Chris' In a Moment as the music. My business is 85% of the older generation as customers. Some of them die alone, afraid, and some even unloved or unnoticed until they are already gone. That would be a shame. I leave their house sometimes knowing that they aren't doing well and knowing it may be the last time I have the honor of being in their earthly presence. You give some a hug, some a smile, a laugh and then you say a little prayer. Then you go and thank God for giving you the time you had with them.

ChrisSligh said...


I am praying for you. Both my grandmothers died within 6 months either way of Sarah and I getting married. It sucks. There's nothing easy about it. And my grandfather just got diagnosed with Alzheimers, so he is slowly slipping away.

To all of everyone else,

I received my Christmas present today. Sarah and I don't do a tree or anything yet, so presents get opened as we get them. Hope I didn't ruin anything by opening it before Christmas.

But...thanks so much. Wow...Peter Max actually signed something to incredible.

Seriously, thank you for the poster. It is awesome.


Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I'm so glad you and Sarah got the present and that you love it. I've been holding my breath wondering when you would get it.
When you mentioned that you made some of best friends from your AI experience, I know that includes us.
I also have made some amazing friends from your experience on AI and I am so blessed and thank you so much for that.
I am wishing you and Sarah a very Merry Christmas.

rosalee said...

Chris -

This is as much a housewarming gift as it is a Christmas present.

The poster should be framed. Do NOT scotch tape it to the wall or put thumbtacks through it. And do not let your dogs pee on it. It is a collector's item. You will pass it on to your children.

Find a nice place for it. Angels go with anything!(lol) Let this be your introduction to fine art. And read up on Peter Max!

Glad you like it!

ChrisSligh said...

Here's my it a poster or is it an actual print? What exactly would I call it?


debjinal said...


Just reading about your Grandfather,I am so sorry. As others have said, be by his side as much as you can,it will mean so much to both of you.

I'm sure you realize Rosalee was the mastermind behind the Peter Max print -we think she did a great job and it sounds like you agree.

I think you would call it a print. If you think of your fans when you look at it, then you will make us very happy!

Merry Christmas!

rosalee said...

Sometimes poster and print are used interchangeably, but I would call it a poster. It is a reproduction of an original painting. The Peter Max Studio also calls it a poster.

rosalee said...

Also, posters sometimes are associated with advertising. If you consider the Peter Max name and logo printed on the bottom, maybe that's why they call it a poster?

On the other hand, posters don't necessarily have to have advertising....

I give up. I guess you'd have to search the internet to find the answer...

Cathy Storms said...

Yes Rosalee was the mastermind in your present & she rocks....Once you get it framed & hung, send us a picture of it.

debjinal said...

Rosalee-I love you, but honestly I don't want to see this crap from TMZ-they seriously suck.

rosalee said...

They're lampooning, DJ, because that's what they do. Nobody takes them seriously. For example, they said something about Chris "singing at least ONE song"... Well, Chris is scheduled in the 10:00PM - 11:30 PM slot that night, so what do they know?
And the pic is funny! (in my opinion)

ChrisSligh said...

Haha...the TMZ thing is no biggie...I guess to be really worthy of being a star you must wear no underwear, drive a Ferarri, have multiple spouses (at the same time) and get drunk enough to drive so that you can be arrested while smuggling crack under your leather seats.

Sorry...if that's what it means to be cool, I'll take the uncool route.


Carrie said...

Like I said in the other blog, THANK YOU everyone. Not many of my friends have been saying much to me and it feels like no one cares but that isn't the case here, so it means a lot to me.

Also it doesn't matter if people forget to put on underwear, I guess, just don't be going commando in a skirt, Chris.

rosalee said...

Did we really need that visual, Carrie? (LOL)

debjinal said...


I don't care what you call it, it's simply mean spirited and I for one am not interested in seeing it. Guessing I'm not the only one.

Chris, I'm with you, if that is the criteria for "star" status, I think you should pass.


rosalee said...

Ok, DJ. I took it down. (But I bet he gets a few more visitors to Westerly that night)

ChrisSligh said...


Thanks for the really is just funny to me.

No problem at all.