Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Studio Blog 6 (12-11-07)

We got to the studio once again bright and early...10am comes early when you had a 13 hour day the day before. We immediately got to work on "In a Moment". Last night we had gotten the loop and acoustic guitars done for "In a Moment", so we had what we needed to do piano, drums, bass and guitars. Because we had the basic outline for the song already mapped out, and because this song is more along the lines of the AC stuff that these guys normally play, the song went really, really quickly. By noon we had the song done, including punching in everything that wasn't quite right the first time around.

On "In a Moment", we ended up actually keeping a lot of the piano parts that we had on the original, but it's more as a lead part on top of the rhythm, as opposed to THE rhythm part, so it feels similar but not the same as the HPF album's version. The drum part that Dan played was incredible...the real churny part on the bridge sounds so much better with "real drums"...the HPF album was all real drum parts, but we programmed them all to make them sound better. Having "real drums" adds so much harmonically to the part.

Mitch came in from the beginning which is always great...he and I have become really great friends, which is incredible and, I think, rare. After we finished with "In a Moment" we went to lunch at a local Irish Pub. We had eaten there once last week and once again it was incredible...I got chicken this time around though (last time I got a prime rib sandwich).

We went back to work and started on "Cry Tonight". Cry is staying pretty much the same, so we played the demo and immediately got to work. Brown noticed there was a similarity in the notes used in Know and Cry Tonight, so we had Jerry change his basic part on the intro. That was really the only serious change we made. We began work on that song and within another couple of hours we had the track done. Jimmy Lee did some bass parts after the fact, but by 4pm, we had the track done.

And we moved on to the last song for the tracking session: "Empty Me". More and more, as I've performed the song out, we feel like this song has the makings of being a big single for us...obviously you never know how something will work at radio, but people have really, really been reacting to the song, so that is always encouraging.

We began working on the track and took some time to decide on which tempo to go at. The demo was at 70bpm and we tried it at 71 & 72, but ultimately came back to the tempo that we had on the demo Clint and I did a few weeks ago. As soon as we got the tempo set up, the song started to really come together, all the way up to chill bump levels.

As we got to work, Blair and Brown had the idea to make the verses (which start on a minor chord) a little more haunting. So, Blair made the piano part a (and I hate to say this) little more Evanescense-esque. But it worked, really well. And now when you get to the chorus, it just explodes. It really sounds great.

We finished up around 9pm and I headed another studio day tomorrow.


Carrie said...

I didn't really like "Empty Me" when I had first heard it but when you reworked it the first time and I've been hearing it more and more, it's really starting to grow on me. I think whichever song you pick for your first single will be great no matter what.

It sucks comment moderation has to be put back on, but to me that's better than nothing. At least we can still see what you read and give our own comments. Most past Idol contestants won't even do that. Again, sorry for such a bad day on the blog with the comments.

risalea said...

I'm not a bit surprised that y'all think "Empty Me" has big single potential...did your own little test market group here on the blog not tell you the same thing? Yes, we were a little concerned at the changes, but given a little time to get over the previous version and fall in love with this one, I agree 100%!

Any chance of putting the new improved (though still trying to figure out how it could be better!) "In a Moment" up on myspace?

Here's Evanescence trivia for you...Ben Moody, former member, is the son of Ben Moody who was one year behind me at Hall High School in Little Rock. And his dad was hot.(and that is really trivial, I know! LOL)

I'm going to see Amanda in Memphis next Wednesday if, as my mama says, the Lord is willing and the creeks don't rise. I hope she's feeling well enough for a nice visit and that she's able to go back to Target House. Y'all keep her in your prayers. She's got the best attitude. I'm learning a lot from her.

Take care, friends. Got to hit the hay. Risa

Carrie said...

And I just realize that comment made it seem like I hate "Empty Me" but I never did. It just wasn't one of my favorite songs. Like I said though, it's really growing on me. You know what my favorite songs are, or so I'm guessing anyway after the little novel I wrote you that one time.

Badpacifist said...

Having to pick the single on this will be a big decision. I am looking so forward to hearing your feedback on the picking process. Always wondered exactly how that all gets sorted out. Are you getting tired yet? Any brain farts? Am sure it is just as exhausting as it is exciting.

here i go with all my thoughts said...

Thank you for taking us on your journey. I check your myspace often to listen to your music, so I know that whatever you do will be great.

Not sure if someone already posted this, but Amanda's friend Tyler passed away tonight. :(

<3, Megan