Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Studio Blog 4 (12-5-07)


I woke up and headed off to the studio. I am tired...this week has been packed with a lot of stuff. 3 long recording sessions in a week, plus a show, plus pre-production. Then tonight I leave for Greenville, SC for a show tomorrow morning for the Meyer's Cancer center, and then tomorrow night I'm getting with Don to work on string arrangements and to hang out a little bit. Friday we're then waking up early and heading off from Greenville to Chatanooga, TN to sing for my cousin's wedding. Then, after the morning wedding, Sarah and I are driving back to Nashville, and at 7pm a private plane is picking, Sarah, Ash and I up at a local airstrip and we are all flying to Pensacola for me to play a solo acoustic show for Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola that just worked out at the last minute. Then Monday & Tuesday of next week, I have 2 more tracking sessions at the same place I've been at for these 2 sessions. So, it's 8 days of craziness.

But it's good craziness.

Anyway, I picked up Ash and we headed off to the studio. We got there around 10 and immediately started to load stuff from my hard drive to the session tracks. We are working on "I'm Clean", "Love Is Raining Down" and "Waiting For You" with Will Owsley producing, and Will likes a lot of the pre-production stuff I have in the demos, so we just imported some of the synth and keyboard stuff into these sessions. As soon as I walked in the door, we quickly took care of that.

Right as we were starting on the first song, my manager, Mitch came in to hang out for a while. Mitch and I have gotten to be great friends, so it's always nice to have him around. He was playing skippy at work to come hang out and listen for a while.

Jim Bogios, the drummer for Counting Crows now (and he's played with Sheryl Crow for years, as well as Dixie Chicks and several other major bands), and I hung out for a while as Will got stuff hooked up and ready. Seriously, Counting Crows has been one of my favorite bands for a long time (at one point they were all I listened to) and Adam Duritz has long been a songwriting hero of mine, so to have the drummer that Adam picked for his band playing on my record is an honor and extremely awesome! And on top of all that, Jim Bogios is just a cool, laid back cat who's just a great hang.

Will had lost a bunch of stuff because his Mac crashed so he hadn't had a chance to work out his bass parts, so we decided that today would be just a Jim Bogios day.

The first song we started on was "I'm Clean". We took a couple of minutes to make sure the sound were great and then Jim started to playing. After the first take, we had what we needed. For safety's sake, we took one more take, but when we comped the two takes together, we used the first take and something like 2 bars from the second take. Amazing.

Session players in Nashville are incredible players, but for the most part they are very safe's really hard to talk a session player into just rocking out, which is good...for the most part you want session players to not detract from singer/songwriter they are playing for. Jim, though, can do that, but comes from a band situation where he's able to show off a little more, which was exactly what I was looking for. He came in and just ROCKED the FREAK OUT!!! So much energy and so in the pocket. I'm in love with Jim Bogios's drumming.

After we finished with "I'm Clean" we immediately went into "Love Is Raining Down". As we were taking the first pass through the song, a rack mount broke on Jim's drum set, so we took an early lunch. Mitch, Steve (the engineer), Ash and I walked down to an Irish pub for lunch while Jim and Will ran off to Fork's Drum closet to grab something to fix the drum set.

We ate and and ran back to the studio. Soon after we got back, Jim and Will got back and we immediately started tracking. For the loops we decided to create live loops with Jim playing, but do some wacked out EQ and compression to make it sound distorted and loopy. So, we decided to break up the drums and "loops". We first took 2 takes of drums and had all that we needed. Once again, Jim nailed it like crazy. Then we took 2 takes of the "loops" after Steve had changed a bunch of settings and now we're comping those together to make a track.


We started working on "Waiting For You" about 30 minutes and we have what we need. Simply incredible. Jim Bogios went in and nailed an extremely complex drum part in 1 take. I seriously have never worked with a drummer as freakishly great as Jim. We're just listening and comping and then I'm going home. Shortest studio day yet. Amazing.

I can't wait for you guys to hear this.


risalea said...

We can't wait, either!

I know you're tired, but it's a good tired, I bet, when you're getting that much accomplished. And have you found that working out is really giving you energy for your music sessions? I always feel better when I go, and am always ready to kick myself for ever skipping.

Your excitement over Jim's participation in your session is palpable. It sounds like you are having a blast! How does that old Gloria Estefan song go..."turn the beat around, love to hear percussion!" LOL

And you've got one lucky cousin!

rosalee said...

Did I miss something? What's "Waiting For You"? Is this just another name for a song we know?

Folks - check out the fansite. Info is starting to come in on Chris's New Year's Eve gig:

Carianne said...

I am thrilled that you are getting to work with such an awesome drummer! A great drummer can make a huge difference in song quality, IMO.

haha I'm glad you consider the craziness as "good craziness" LOL

rosalee said...

Chris -

For how many minutes will you play on New Year's Eve?

risalea said...

Meant to add: Safe Travels!

Carmen said...

Wow, I am so glad that everything is coming together for you on this Cd and that you are getting the opportunity to work with people who share your passion of music. I can't wait until the CD comes out. It will be so cool to hear the final product.

That is so cool that you are going to be in Florida! Too bad you and Sarah are not staying long enough to enjoy the beach and our beautiful sunshine.

BTW-- check out my new avatar. It is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with your name on it. Sooner or later you are going to be there for real.

Cathy Storms said...

Wow...This is so cool. You must be so pumped right now. We can't wait to hear the end product.
Have a safe trip..

Carmen, love your new picture...

Chris, you really have the most awesome fans..

Badpacifist said...

Did you say a Mac crashed? BTW love the myspace studio pics, Page 8 with you bent over the guitar and both of the ones with you, Sarah and the Mac.

rosalee said...

So, Chris - you were at the Macaroni Grill the other night...
I hope you stuck to your diet and watched your portion of pasta...

rosalee said...

Chris's fanbase demographic:

(This link keeps getting chopped off by Blogger, so I cut it into parts. Copy all up through rosaleeNY/ then piece the rest behind it. (Get rid of the space after /rosaleeNY/ before you hit enter).

(Well, maybe in 30 years...)ROFL!!!

(Someone had sent me this birthday card)

Carrie said...

Chris, you can play piano?

(really shouldn't be here right now. soooo tired/busy.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been really busy, but you're doing what you love so that's all that matters.

I see you're coming to FL! You'll be about as far as you can be from me while still being in the same state, but that's okay. Have fun :P

xangelglitterx said...

PEACE & LOVE..............
ONE LOVE........................

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Chris -

Is it normal to have a session muscian come in and Nail their part in ONE take? That sounds like it would be most unusual. But in a good way - obviously you've found the right guy for the job. Keep up the good work.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

debjinal said...


Thanks for posting that link-your pics are really great! So many cool Sligh moments!


Kara said...

It sounds great! It is so cool that you are sharing all of this with us.

rosalee said...

So DJ, do you want that "rockin' granny" pic for your avatar??(LOL)

I got this in my email this morning - Sligh Screensavers!
I'll post it here and at the shrine (fansite). I hope there are no viruses...

HstryQT said...

Rosalee - I figured it out, with the help of Chris' latest Myspace Blog.

Waiting (from the HPF album)= Waiting For You

rosalee said...

Lori - Yeah - I thought that's what he meant, but I had thought that that song was off the table. If that's it, I'm glad it's back in contention.

Carmen - this one's for you (lol):

And btw, Bill Clinton trumps Jenna Bush!!(ROFL)

rosalee said...

I see it's happening again - Blogger is cutting off the link. Here's the link broken up - you'll have to piece it together and get rid of the spaces:

Anonymous said...

I saw the EllenDegeneres and jenna Bush clip on tv today. That was so sweet, how she calls him daddy.:-)
(President or not, I would HOPE the girl would be able to get a-hold of her parents at any time. sheesh.)

I like your excitement about the process in studio--and I love it when you talk about the Nashville musicians! They are some of the best, we hear! Getting it in one take--that's the ticket!

Meanwhile, while you are talking about FLA, I am freezing in this artic wind we've got blowing. The good news is, if it warms up? They say it'll rain for like days.Mmm.

robyn said...

That is so great! to be able to work with someone who played with a group you used to totally only listen to!! must be so unreal sometimes...

Can you tell us what you will be singing at your cousin's wedding? I'm getting married in January and
everytime I listen to "In a Moment" I think of hearing it at my wedding! Anyway, I know anything you sing will be beautiful!!!


Carmen said...

Yeah I actually got to watch that today. I stayed home from work since I had a root canal this morning. I don't know how Chris went on stage and performed in Greenville after a root canal. I am so impressed to his dedication! These things are not fun!!!

And yes Rosalee, Clinton defintely trumps Jenna.


gdahimself said...

Okay Ladies play nice,
be it Jenna or Bill or Peter Max, it's all good.


rosalee said...

GDA - You know it's all in fun, don't you?
BTW, Shalom has left you a message on the fansite in the comments on under the Happy Holidays item.

Carrie - Here's a clip of Chris playing a keyboard (not piano, though):

Hey Chris -
Have you seen the latest? Guitar Tuning for Dummies:

Carrie said...


I could hug you for that! I almost just cried haha. Let me just say thanks because that couldn't have came at a better time. It was just a little something out of nowhere but it cheered me up.

gdahimself said...

To Rosalee,
From GDA,

"GDA - You know it's all in fun, don't you?"
What no fisticuffs?

BTW, Shalom’s message has been seen, noted, and replied to.

risalea said...

OK, girls, Clinton may trump Jenna Bush, but having Chris Sligh over for dinner...that trumps both of them!

(Well, Ok, that actually hasn't happened yet, but I'm hoping someday! LOL)

Carmen, how's that tooth doing?

Had Christmas Bunco tonight. Always a huge deal...I'm exhausted but it was fun. Our group has played together for a long time...this is our tenth Christmas together. And we still have 8/12 that are original members. Wish y'all were here and I'd share left over tortilla soup and Mexican cornbread with you. It was good! And if you need some good desserts to take for a holiday gathering, let me recommend The Fresh Market. I got several of their various goodies, cut them in half (they're huge!), reassembled on a tray, and they were a hit! (I was good, though, I only ate 1/2 of the 1/2).


Carmen said...

The tooth is better today but I am sure glad that I took the day off. It was a killer yesterday but I managed it without the pain medication. I just hate the way that stuff makes me feel. I stil have to go in on Monday to get the temporary crown. Yuch! I just hate going to the dentist!

Anyway, back to work today with all the kiddies! And yes, Risa, having Chris to dinner defintely trumps them all!!

Chris when you tour, you are going to have to stop & have dinner with all your fans!! You probably could get a free dinner and just about every state!! LOL


Annie said...

I am glad to hear that things are going crazy and crazy GOOD.

We all want to hear from you soon, so when do we get to hear your new work??

risalea said...

Can any of you guys knowledgable about music systems give me any feedback on Bose? We were thinking about splurging for that wave system for ourselves for Christmas, as we want something not so big, but with great sound, but just wondered what else there might be out there before we take the plunge.

And another Christmas CD rec---Josh Groban-"Noel". Lots of the old favorites, but just beautiful. Music to snuggle in front of the fire by with your resident sweetie. : )


Carrie said...

Just because Blake wasn't my "favorite" on the show doesn't mean I didn't like him. He was my second favorite of the males on the show. However, if he is sick then he needs to not strain his voice by yelling his songs which is what he is doing -- not singing them. I understand promotion is important but really you should put your health before that. If he's so worried about losing his voice maybe he shouldn't be jumping around and screaming so much. There's also a difference between energetic and completely off of the wall. He was so out of breath he could barely even sing.

I tend to think that if Blake wanted his album the way he was working on it in the past years he would have his own original songs on there and none of them are on it. Just saying that while he was given a lot of control and that's great, there are some things that he could have done better. But I love his CD for the most part and I don't regret buying it at all. I never said there was anything wrong with co-writing. Some great songs come out of that process when two artists team up.

I wanted to discuss Blake's album with people here who like him but are not his #1 fans or whatever. I know there are some here who like him but obviously like Chris better. I didn't ask for someone to come here and insult Chris and I really doubt that he wants that either.

Carrie said...

Since you seem to have missed what I said, I'm done here.

Sorry for all of this, Chris.

Carrie said...

I like his CD. I like Blake. I'm listening to it RIGHT. NOW.

He just needs to rest because he sounds like crap. Bottom line. I don't know how many times i need to reiterate that. And please, PLEASE do not try and make me look like a horrible person trying to start drama. That is not me. I stated my opinion on something in a blog not even about Blake so really.

Anyway, have a great night, Dan.

gdahimself said...

To Carrie & Dan,
From GDA,

Regarding Blake:
"He's got bronchitis and is still recovering. Plus he had been going on 3-hour sleep each day for many days now for the heavy promotion schedule."

Meeting one's obligations and not being able to perform at your best must be tough, unsatisfying, and disappointing place to be.

Carrie said...

Poor Blake needs some sleep. But everyone who knows me knows that I like him and I'd never outright insult him especially not in his FRIENDS blog, ya know? Nothing I said was meant to be insulting but an observation. It's why I posted it here and not on one of his fan boards where I'd get attacked haha.

ChrisSligh said...


I took off one of your you know I care about Blake and his well-being and for his success. Blake himself will tell you that he is a performer over a vocalist (though I personally think Blake is a fine vocalist, too)...and yes he has sounded tired, but that's because he is tired. Believe me, I have my moments of singing off-pitch because of being tired or sick. I know know know that you didn't mean anything harmful and I personally didn't think your comments were offensive at all, but I removed them for the peace sake.


I appreciate your undying love for Blake. But you and your fellow Blakers doing this spamming of anyone who doesn't like Blake's album is sick and twisted and honestly more than a little screwed up. You don't make Blake look better by doing this to the outside world. If a reviewer or person doesn't like the album, it's their perogative. Carrie wasn't disrespectful...she was stating her opinion. You and your friends don't have to try and discredit anyone who doesn't agree. Simply agree to disagree and then proceed to get as many friends and family to convert to being fans of your favorite Idol. You don't have to tear someone down to promote your favorite.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Today's been busy...sorry I haven't been here lately. I'm fighting off a cold and through lack of sleep...hopefully tonight will be a full night's sleep for the first time in a while.


Carrie said...

Sorry for all of that. I didn't think it would start a problem. :\

Carrie said...


Anyway, I have something I want to share with all of you.

Basically the website explains it all, but it's a game where you can donate food (rice) through the United Nations to help out the hungry. Make sure you go under options and have it save your vocab level if you plan on going back to it.

It's a great, positive website and I love sharing it with everyone that I know.

ChrisSligh said...

Dan, are you serious? I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your post is just so over the top I can't imagine it's real.

A) I didn't say Blakers make me sick. I said the way that you and some Blakers spam is sick. There's a huge difference. Simple grammatical deductive logic spells that out pretty clearly.

B) The rest of your post is just silly. It doesn't deserve an actual response.


ChrisSligh said...

Oh, and Carrie, thanks for that website and no I said I wasn't offended...just wanted to keep the air clear.


ChrisSligh said...

Haha...well, thank you for proving my exact point about spamming.

I delete your posts because they are silly and disrespectful.

I and a whole lot of other people would appreciate you refusing to post. My fans don't go over and post disrespecful stuff about Blake when you and your friends make comments about me. Extend the same courtesy, it might make you and your fellow fans look a little better.


Carrie said...

To me, spamming another contestants blog and making fun of them to their face when you are a big fan of Blake isn't defending Blake, it's making him look bad. Especially when said contestants are both friends.

But what do I know? I'm busy it up, what what.

risalea said...

I just want to say I appreciate the 99.9% of the posters who make positive comments. It's such a waste of one's time to wallow in negativity. That's it.

Chris, get some Airborne...I know a couple of folks who swear by it. It seems like you are dealing with colds quite often. Are you sure it's that and not something more serious like asthma? Are you experiencing coughing or tightness in your chest? Don't mess around with that if you're having any of those symptoms.

And on that note, Dr. Ratliff is heading to bed! : )

ChrisSligh said...

Thanks for the reminder, Risa.

On to more postive notes: they have upped Blake's expected sales from 90k to 95-100k. That's exciting! Looks like the Blaker Girls and other fans are pulling through!


risalea said...

Go, Blake!

Carrie, that freerice site is addictive. I got up to 1500 grains, with a level averaging about 37, but I got all the way up to 40 at one point. At the end I slipped to 35, which means the brain is telling me to get to bed like I was supposed to 20 min. ago! I'm going to encourage my youngest to get on here. Great vocab builder helpful for ACT or SAT. (and you do good for someone!)

gdahimself said...

Blake would better served by a well argued defense that is concise and remains on point.

Doing so at someone else's website makes you a self appointed representative which incurs the responsibilty to behave in a matter that reflects favorably on him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems I've missed a lot since wednesday night. I'll be hopefully getting a new laptop on sunday, we'll see. I'm so sick of dealing with this one.

I don't have Blake's album yet.. but I do plan on probably buying it.

Lori-Looks like we're not doing the 3D/4D :( One of the two places we were planning on going to is closed down and I can't remember what happened with the other one. Either way now we won't get to see Amelia again until 3 weeks from now but she's doing well and that's what matters. My sister is now on the 2 week appointments. How's little Teddy doing?

Badpacifist said...

I bought Blake's CD. I actually like when he sings more than the the technohipfunkhop although breakanotha is fun. Not something I would buy normally but I bought it to support Blake. Blake is doing what he does and that alone puts him in a rather unique category that not everyone will flock too. His fans should know and respect that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like i missed a commotion. Glad to hear it!:-P

For those of you who want, AOL Sessions are up with Blake's stuff. Also, YouTube has some very good quality audiofiles:
My current fav--HMW

I hate it when factions fight. People are different, let's just give the nod to that. Even our celeb favorites aren't always going to make choices we would... we have to live and let live.
Enjoy the ride.

Meanwhile, I'm more than a little alarmed about the publicity The Golden Compass is getting. My love for CS Lewis and Narnia has me almost queasy, them using that as a platform to deceive. Please check into more information on that movie, and tell your friends--it isn't a good fairytale.

Hope you all are haing a good weekend. Take care of that stuffy cold Chris! I'm fighting it off, meself. Can't wait to hear how your singing gigs went.

rosalee said...

Risa -

Bose systems are very good, but they are expensive. You can hear them at Best Buy. Most of our equipment is on the large side, but we do have small Polk speakers in our den, which are very good.
Harry hasn't kept up with the new compact systems, so he doesn't know much about them. I guess you'll just have to go listen to them and decide for youself.

sandmoran said...

happy holidays
peace, love and tolerance, please
we really need it

Carrie said...

Slow day today. I'm glad you're all enjoying the freerice site. I'm challenging my mom against it and ended up at level 40, but it's HARD. It's going to take me some time to get back to 40. I'm at 36 now and it took me forever to get that far. Haha. I've been playing this in between class breaks and everything for awhile so as of now I have now donated 15480 grains of rice.

Chris, hope you have/had a safe flight.

rosalee said...

Good morning all!

A couple of AI items from MJ's:

Brandon Rogers and Ace Young are both going to be in an episode on Bones on Fox. From Brandon's blog:

Also, here are several commercial promos for AI 7:

rosalee said...

Blogger is still cutting off the link. The end of the link:


risalea said...

Rosalee, here's a mystery: even though the link was cut off on the blog, when I did a cut and paste, the whole thing was in the browser window and took me straight to his post.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. It is crazy busy here (what else is new?!). I'm fixing Rotel dip (what else? LOL) for the church progressive dinner for the teens tonight. Well, not straight's my taco meat version. And I better get back to it, cause I'm supposed to be at my friend's house where the first stop--appetizers--is by 3:00. Take care, Risa

p.s. Chris, hope your church appearance went well this AM, and even better tonight.

Midge said...

Finals are over! I finally get a chance to check up on all my favorite artists sites and I find some twirp posting crap! That's all I'm going to say about that.

Chris, I'm so ridiculously excited about all the work you have been doing during my hiatus. I've cancelled my myspace because it sucks the soul right out of me, so I won't be able to hear your songs until that album drops, but I know it will all be worth the wait!

Badpacifist said...


I have a Sony surround system but never used the speakers. Then I bought the Bose 201's and Bose center channel speaker for the 5th speaker.
This was a few years ago but doing it that way was still cheaper than the actual Bose surround system at that time and it gave me what I wanted.
Part of this was stubbornness because I always wanted the Bose 201's or 301's. Last night I went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and was in the 2nd row. I was ten feet away from some fantastic Gibson guitars and to quote from the movie O Brother Where Art Thou, I have said my peace and counted to three, somehow my next splurge will be one of them fancy Gibson Guitars.

Carmen said...

Girl I have missed seeing you around! I was so bummed when you cancelled your myspace account cause I couldn't get in touch with you. I do understand your reasons though. Email me and let me know what is new with you. Just check my blogger profile. You can email me through it.

rosalee said...

Badpacifist -
I hope you saw my post further back in this section about what I called "Guitar Tuning for Dummies".
I posted a link to a Youtube piece on the new Gibson Robot Guitar. It just came out Dec. 7th. Take a look.

Badpacifist said...

lols Yep sure did see that thing. It would be strange not having to always tune up!

risalea said...

Thanks for the input on music systems, Rosalee and Badpacifist. We're really looking for a shelf system with some portability, but most look like (and sound like) they belong in a college dorm room. That's why I was attracted to that Bose Acoustic Wave, but at that price, I could get a pretty good home theater setup. Ah, decisions, decisions!

Hope all y'all have a great week planned. (and are farther along on your Christmas shopping than I am!)

Take care, Risa

Anonymous said...

I feel you midge about the myspace pain. There is only very few reasons why I got one, and being able to hear the Musics(so many musics!) was the biggeee.

I don't add people. I really don't use it alot. I don't chat, and I'm not about collecting Face-cards for my friend's box--altho it was very tempting for a short time. One day I might dump mine, too.

Still, I built it, and I like the accessibility of certain things.
I toy with making mine Private, but then it wouldn't do Blake any good...meh. It's hard being a quiet sort of dinosaur in a new age world.

Everybody listening to christmas songs on the radio? It's nice to find those odd stations that play it. Here Chris, you can try 92.9.
It makes it more festive, with christmas driving music!