Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Paula has left Idol...

I posted this over at twitter...thought I would post it over here with a little more comment...

Paula quit American Idol. I think probably more out of frustration than anything else...but she's gone and Fox has confirmed that she is gone. Ugly situation. I would imagine that Paula's move was of desperation, trying to get more money. But what I think she didn't realize is that Fox views Idol as bigger than anyone. Bigger than contestants. Bigger than judges (though the deal with Simon proves they value Simon a great deal). Bigger than Ryan.

I wrote up a jokey version of what I thought the conversation probably looked like over at it is:

Paula: "If you don't pay me 1/10 of what you're paying Simon I'll, I'll dance away! I'll even choreograph it to be joyful!"

Fox: "Okay. Make sure to make a video of it and put it on youtube. Btw, we own youtube, too, so we'll be making money off u there, too."

Paula: {takes drink from coke cup, sighs as she stands up and claps her seal clap, single tears drip from each eye} Brilliant performance!

Fox: No, we're serious. We own youtube. And the video of you dancing away from Idol will seriously make us money."

Paula: {now frantic} Wait, you mean you're actually GOING to let ME leave?

FOX: {long dramatic pause}{in high-pitched voice} awk-weeeeeeerd.

I think that both Paula and Fox are making a huge mistake. Fox needs Paula...I think they underestimate the chemistry of the original 3 judges...and Paula needs Fox...I mean seriously did you guys see the Bravo series? She needs Idol.

I love Paula. The judges have nothing to do with the contestants with the exception of Paula. Paula actually cares for the contestants. She sees us as more than advertising dollars. And that was refreshing. To echo what Phil Stacey wrote in an earlier blog, I feel for the future contestants who don't get Paula's love.


Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I'm sorry to hear that she's gone. She's a big goofy, but so am I. :)

I thought she was great to the contestants (the "kids," as she called them). And they (you) seemed to love her, too.


risalea said...

Wow....Kara stays and Paula goes? Chemistry counts and this scenario doesn't have it.

Badpacifist said...

I agree..Paula is important to the mix. Without her it won't be the same. Is there any save Paula's seat movement on the web yet?

Cathy Storms said...

I'm sorry to hear that Paula's leaving and Kara is staying. She's a little out there (Paula), but she will be missed.

DJ in AL said...

I totally agree-not a huge Paula fan, but I don't think the show works well without her and as you say I think she is the only judge that shows any interest or compassion for the contestants-never knew if it was sincere but always hoped it was.

No doubt Idol will go on, and on, and's too big of a cash-cow for Fox.

I dearly wish someone would write a tell-all one day about Idol and expose the show for what it is.
That's a book I would run to buy.

Happy Hump Day!

Kacie said...

Phil has a blog? Where can I find it?

rosalee said...

Paula is a personality and should have been kept for the show. Kara is a very dull substitute. Like Risa said, the chemistry just went out the window.

Brenda (BBC) said...

I agree, big mistake. The original 3 judges were different enough to be interesting and entertaining. Removing one and adding another who is a combo of the remaining two is simply redundant.

HstryQT said...

Loved your input Chris; was interested to hear your thoughts after we discovered the news via Twitter in the limo coming home from the concert last night. Seems everyone thinks its a negotiating ploy gone bad, on Paula's part.

MJ has posted my recap (complete with Sligh plugs) and its already getting a positive reception. If you take the time to read it, leave a comment (because it's somewhat long-ish).

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Hello All,
I know I haven't written in a while. Been too busy e-mailing people. Idol will not be the same without Paula-like many have said, she seems to be the only judge who really cared about the contestants and showed compassion for them. Personally, I think Idol peaked at season 6 and has gone downhill from there. I think Chris should write a book about Idol. You could call it "American Idol: The whole Dirty Truth-Find out what REALLY Goes on When the Cameras Aren't Rolling!

Chris-I hope your ankle is better. Its good to hear from you. Please don't stop posting on the blog! Hope you got your cards from my parents and I. I love Wouldn't Change a Thing!

Carmen-HELLO! Where are you? Did you get my e-mails? PLEASE, please write me back! Or else-you know what will happen-I'll send out the poodles! Don't forget-I know where you live!


Rae said...

I am a little sad about it, but I didn't feel like last season was living up to the Idols of the past either, so I feel like this is sort of the beginning of the end. (Hope that isn't a downer to anyone - just my 2 cents!)

risalea said...

Amy, found out Carmen's computer is on the blitz. And her big screen TV went out. She doesn't have internet on her phone. Technological turmoil at her house at the moment.

Great recap, Lori!

risalea said...

Oh, and happy birthday to my 27 year old beautiful daughter, Lindsay! Wait, if she's 27, then that makes me....hmmm...let's start again...happy birthday to my 17 yr. old beautiful daughter, Lindsay!

(I can live with that one! LOL)

And STILL no Paula. I kept thinking they'd come to a meeting of the minds (or the pocketbooks) today.

gdahimself said...

"Victoria Beckham is to replace Paula Abdul as a judge on American Idol.

The former Spice Girl begins filming the new series this week after fellow judge Simon Cowell got her on board.

Posh has agreed to guest in at least two episodes and will make an estimated £155,000.

Pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria, 35, will join Cowell, Randy Jackson and songwriter Kara DioGuardi for the series which begins tomorrow." - Celebs

Hischild said...

Well! That's very interesting, gda!
Had not heard that but I don't know Spice Girls, so I'll reserve judgement.
Was thinking today that the auditions will have Paula present, making decisions and from then on out she'll be GONE! Wierd!
She sure bugged the heck outta me sometimes but I will miss her.

web development said...

so nice its a bumper for me and American idol...

risalea said...
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sandmoran said...

Paula on Idol
was like a cute lil puppy
not yet quite house trained.

-Di. said...

I'm sorry to see her leave. She provided a view from someone who has been very successful in the business.

Kara is ok but she isn't Paula.