Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back...Back in the Saddle Agiiii-hin

Sorry if the blog has felt neglected. Pretty much everything has been neglected, I guess. Just go nothing going on at the moment. A few shows here and there, but still waiting for this record deal to finally be done. Who knew a major label deal could possibly take this long. These are the guys that have been doing it for 50'd think they'd know how to get it done fast, huh? LOL... is good. Follow on twitter..I do pop up there a little more often just b/c of the amount of words needed to put something together over there!

All discussion!


sandmoran said...

Chris please let me know
next time you play a show here
would love to see you

DJ in AL said...

All is forgiven, haven't written you off yet! Thanks for putting in an appearance. I'm guessing all this slow stuff is driving you fairly nuts. Hang on dude...................

risalea said...

Sandy, you'll have to do like the rest of us do...find it on the internet. You can find a schedule at

BTW, Chris, there doesn't have to be earth shattering news for you to post. Really. We're incredibly easy. LOL